“Most Awesome Wall of Air Conditioners” in Fuzhou

Fuzhou's "Most Awesome Wall of Air Conditioners".

Fuzhou's "Most Awesome Wall of Air Conditioners".

From Xinhua, QQ, ifeng:

“Most Awesome Wall of Air Conditioners” appears in Fuzhou

August 11th, the outer wall of the Fuzhou Dalijiacheng Building is densely covered with air conditioner compressor units, the entire building’s outer wall having over 500 air conditioning compressor units attached in total and still increasing, and has been called the most Niu “Air Conditioner Wall” in Fuzhou history by city residents. As it is understood, this building is 25 floors tall, without central air conditioning, and is rented to companies and businesses to be used as office space during weekdays. Photos: 2001 August 11th, photograph of the Fuzhou Dalijiacheng Building outer wall where nearly 20 meters of the outer wall covered with air conditioner compressor units. [click to enlarge]

"Most Niu Wall of Air Conditioners" in Fuzhou, China."Most Niu Air Conditioner Wall" in Fuzhou, China.

Fuzhou's "Most Awesome Air Conditioner Wall"

The following video of the above Fuzhou building is one of today’s most viewed videos on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku, having reached over 400k views so far since being uploaded yesterday.

Comments from Youku:


There are still plenty of empty spaces…


I’m only concerned about power/electricity consumption~ Isn’t central air conditioning capable of saving more electricity? Various selfish mentalities~


Even this is reported????? Is it interesting [worth reporting]?


It isn’t about selfishness, central aid conditioning needs to be designed and installed throughout the entire building, and isn’t something one or two small companies inside can control.


There are people downloading even even this!! Haha


Why isn’t central air conditioning installed?


Having lived in Fuzhou this long, I can’t believe I haven’t discovered this.

老鼠爱太阳: (replying to 492392761qq)

Didn’t it already tell you that it has all been rented to small individual investors/tenents?

缺德⒐4埘绱: (replying to 492392761qq)

Because central ventilation ducts weren’t built when they were built the building.


In accordance with energy conservation, the colder it is inside, the hotter it is outside. No wonder the streets are unbearably hot.


Be careful of them falling down and hitting people…


This video, this host, this day and age, using such classical music to accompany a fucking video of air [email protected]!


How is this niu? There just seems to be a little more than usual, what’s is so interesting for you to film? It has been there for so many years and you’ve just discovered it. 汗 So are you going to go to a parking lot and film, calling it the most niubi parking lot? Other people will think you’ve never seen a car before. 汗


How is it that a building without central air conditioning pass building inspection?


This is very normal!! You can’t even be heard clearly, what are you doing uploading this?


You guys are wrong. This is actually an aircraft. When the air conditioners are all installed and simultaneously started, you will discover this building beginning to slowly move forward…


If all of the air conditioners are on at once, what happens to all the air conditioner water?

Another video, shorter, a little funny, and perhaps with more appropriate music:

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?


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