“Most Awesome Wall of Air Conditioners” in Fuzhou

Fuzhou's "Most Awesome Wall of Air Conditioners".

Fuzhou's "Most Awesome Wall of Air Conditioners".

From Xinhua, QQ, ifeng:

“Most Awesome Wall of Air Conditioners” appears in Fuzhou

August 11th, the outer wall of the Fuzhou Dalijiacheng Building is densely covered with air conditioner compressor units, the entire building’s outer wall having over 500 air conditioning compressor units attached in total and still increasing, and has been called the most Niu “Air Conditioner Wall” in Fuzhou history by city residents. As it is understood, this building is 25 floors tall, without central air conditioning, and is rented to companies and businesses to be used as office space during weekdays. Photos: 2001 August 11th, photograph of the Fuzhou Dalijiacheng Building outer wall where nearly 20 meters of the outer wall covered with air conditioner compressor units. [click to enlarge]

"Most Niu Wall of Air Conditioners" in Fuzhou, China."Most Niu Air Conditioner Wall" in Fuzhou, China.

Fuzhou's "Most Awesome Air Conditioner Wall"

The following video of the above Fuzhou building is one of today’s most viewed videos on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku, having reached over 400k views so far since being uploaded yesterday.

Comments from Youku:


There are still plenty of empty spaces…


I’m only concerned about power/electricity consumption~ Isn’t central air conditioning capable of saving more electricity? Various selfish mentalities~


Even this is reported????? Is it interesting [worth reporting]?


It isn’t about selfishness, central aid conditioning needs to be designed and installed throughout the entire building, and isn’t something one or two small companies inside can control.


There are people downloading even even this!! Haha


Why isn’t central air conditioning installed?


Having lived in Fuzhou this long, I can’t believe I haven’t discovered this.

老鼠爱太阳: (replying to 492392761qq)

Didn’t it already tell you that it has all been rented to small individual investors/tenents?

缺德⒐4埘绱: (replying to 492392761qq)

Because central ventilation ducts weren’t built when they were built the building.


In accordance with energy conservation, the colder it is inside, the hotter it is outside. No wonder the streets are unbearably hot.


Be careful of them falling down and hitting people…


This video, this host, this day and age, using such classical music to accompany a fucking video of air conditioners@!


How is this niu? There just seems to be a little more than usual, what’s is so interesting for you to film? It has been there for so many years and you’ve just discovered it. 汗 So are you going to go to a parking lot and film, calling it the most niubi parking lot? Other people will think you’ve never seen a car before. 汗


How is it that a building without central air conditioning pass building inspection?


This is very normal!! You can’t even be heard clearly, what are you doing uploading this?


You guys are wrong. This is actually an aircraft. When the air conditioners are all installed and simultaneously started, you will discover this building beginning to slowly move forward…


If all of the air conditioners are on at once, what happens to all the air conditioner water?

Another video, shorter, a little funny, and perhaps with more appropriate music:

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

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    warm on the outside and cool on the inside.

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        Happy Birthday!!!

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          ah u are right, i sorta posted multiple replies once and i was accused of samefaging (if that’s how its spelt) so i assumed posting a reply to my own comment was to samefag. I know on which website this particular term is used. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for pointing out my mistake! :) Will save me the embarrassment the next time around.

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          Lets just say that leadership has un”plugged” this word from the acceptable post word list.

  • Rick in China

    Wouldn’t it be much more economic not to mention better for the environment, aesthetics, and valuation of property there to move to central heating rather than have every place outfitted with multiple separate AC units racked outside like this? Seems insane to me from whatever angle you look at it.

    • Joe

      Central air conditioning is not as comfortable as portable AC. With portable you can control the temperature in rooms individually.

      • Tengu

        I have 4 zone central A/C…works great…

        • Brett Hunan

          Yea my parents have a similar system. May be 2 or 3 zones. Anyways, they swear by it.

      • b. prichard

        Have you ever lived in a building with central air? It is far more customizable than window units, which are also monumentally inefficient. Especially for apartment buildings with many smallish units. Even for big interconnected buildings, you just open and close vents at need.

        However, good luck retrofitting a building for central air. It needs to be installed when the building is constructed.

    • yournametobynow

      well, that would require planning and maintainence on the part of the building owners. clearly you know nothing about China.

      • Rick in China

        I’m sitting in a central-air cooled room right now, enjoying the absolutely comfortable and filtered air provided by my Chinese-constructed Chengdu-located Chinese-managed building.

        Clearly you only know about the ghetto.

        • Just John

          Same with me, but it seems like only offices use central air here. Wish my home had it, hate my electricity bill.

  • Cardaver

    Is it the front or the back of the building?

  • mp

    Slow news day? I guess air conditioners on the balcony are as good as laundry. And they drip, too.

  • En

    Fauna: can you change back to the way you were programming the translation before? I used to be able to scroll over the English, get the Chinese and then copy/paste the Chinese into a translator so I could get the pronunciation. But now can’t copy. )=

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  • I actually lost a couple of IQ points from skimming this article….

    It;s like taking a picture of a Subway sandwich that was 14 inches instead of a footlong and then posting it everywhere……

    Surely in a country that’s supposed to be diverse as china, there’s more interesting stuff to post on……

    As for the situation itself, either something will happen to cause catastrophic failure in the wall integrity leading to a mass collapse at some point (we all know how the high quality construction in china ages so so well….) or they’ll continue to add more units which will have a massive drain on the local power grid resulting in the local government enforcing a “brown-out”.

    Oh and if you walk underneath, make sure to have an umbrella… Never seen a chinese air conditioner that didn’t drip like a F-117 before takeoff.

    • Tengu

      You have lost a few IQ points since you normally make so many insightful points in your posts.

      It’s so obvious Elijah and I hate to be the one to point this out, but theses were obviously installed to keep the windows from flying out. I think it’s thinking out of the box at its best!

      Great music if it was an aerial view of the Li River not this eyesore.

      One goes, the ones below it will go, a veritable cascade with enough Freon leaked to create a wonderful mist of “…faintly sweet ethereal odour” and “dizziness, loss of concentration, central nervous system depression and/or cardiac arrhythmia…”

      Praise the leakage, it will compensate for the “stealth mode”.

      We always lose a few people to the occasional silent falling gargoyle or in the winter…icicles (tough way to go! Do they lose many to these bad boys?

  • Pong Lenis

    Seems it cools too well since some windows are open.

    • Alikese

      It’s actually too cold in those rooms so they opened the window to let some hot air in.

  • Bob

    The noise pollution…

    I highly doubt they are the nice quiet ones with a low rumbled. More likely a 110dB roar.

  • Jess

    How do they fit and repair these air conditioning units outside very high rise apartments, without these balconies?

    • hoots

      When my air conditioner broke in a hotel I was staying in in Qingdao, they guy just climbed out the tiny window and spidermanned that ho. I had to hand him his tools out the window. Crazy dude.

  • Jess

    I guess it looks tidier having all the aircon units at the back of the building, rather than on all 4 sides.

    But health and safety comes to mind! What happens if one develops an electrical fault and catches fire?

  • Why the central building’s part has much less air conditioners than right and left?

    • Chris N.

      because the building isn’t fully occupied and the central part isn’t facing a stinky tofu stand.

  • Chris N.

    The builders spend a lot of money building big tall nice looking buildings then they cover them in big ass ugly air conditioner blocks which look like the building is diseased with parasites. Not only that, but those metal frames that hold the air conditioners rust and turn black and streaks of shit-color run down the walls and stain the entire building, forever branding the structure as ugly.

  • Tengu

    Pursuant to the previous post, it’s all making sense to me.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to lose 50% of my business property in this lovely location to anyone!

  • Hongjian

    You are now aware why China is suffering under chronic energy shortages.

    These shitty uneconomic and wasteful air-conditioners should be all banned and sold to some SEA-shithole or soemthing. A central air-conditioning would temporarily help, but in the end, China should shift their intense green-energy research on the fields of developing an economic air-conditioner.

    There are less nuclear power-plants, hydropower-dams and solar-farms needed, if the main consumer by quantity, those shitty individual air-conditioner, are finally made less energy hungry.

    But meh. I blame americunts and japfags for this.

    • Tengu

      Welcome back. I thought it was “Amerikunt”, does this mean I have to have my business cards reprinted?

    • Brett Hunan

      We already have the technology for low powered A/C units. I have an indoor one in my living room.

      The problem is that they are expensive. Not to mention, the concrete apartment buildings in China have shitty insulation. If the room is well insulated, a fan could cool that bitch down.

      In my (I don’t know how many meters we have 6 rooms so I guess 140 meters) apartment outside Seoul, the walls have a seven layer sandwich of foam, fiberglass, plywood and drywall. Doors are sealed and windows have triple panes of glass. My air conditioning is on the lowest setting and on a timer for a total of 10 minutes each hour when I am home.

      The problem in China is that, like many of the builders here in Korea, they use the cheapest materials that will get the job done (concrete and single pane glass windows) which insulate like shit.

      Yours truly
      – Brett “Americunt/ bangzifriend” Hunan

  • [email protected]

    Seriously. How frigid do these office girls need to be already?

    • Tengu

      It’s appalling isn’t it and everyone accuses them of being “hot for whitey.” Obviously there are plans in place to correct this.

  • Brett Hunan

    Aircraft comment was funny. Most other posts pretty much agree that air conditioners were so last week.

    In other news… someone tell my why a fight broke out between the Hoyas and Rockets.

  • Foreign Devil

    This is how China will keep Canada and Australia rich by buying our dirtiest coal and tar sands oil in order to waste it on A.C. units like this for their billions. Increasing global warming and the need for more A.C.

  • Koreansentry

    That’s underdevelopment, why didn’t they built internal aircon system?

  • Stardustegr

    i realy want to see the enery grid inside that building if it hasn’t ben upgraded in turn that’s a major fire hazard

  • Is it crazy?!?!