“Most Beautiful Police Flower” Saves Suicide Jumper Girl


From Sina:

Yesterday at 1pm, a young female climbed atop a building at Tongzhi Street and Qinghua Road in Changchun City wanting to commit suicide. Firefighters and local police tried to persuade her but she refused to come down.

At a crucial moment, a female police officer who was driving by volunteered to climb onto the building’s roof and find a way to get close to the female. Over one hour later, this female flipped over the side of the building, and at the critical moment, the female police officer reached out and grabbed her firmly.

However, after saving this life, this female police officer consistently refused to disclose her name, and there were many opinions amongst the onlookers regarding this female police officer’s identity. Just who is this female police flower? Presently there are no detailed information, but we believe a follow-up report will bring the people this good result. Police, a position/identity that has become estranged and distant from the people in recent years, has once again earned some warmth through this beautiful police flower.

As a police officer “passing by”, she could have pretended that nothing was happening like many other people, even like many other police officers. However, due to her care for life and respect for her occupation, she still had the courage to stand forward and while risking her own safety save this young female. This is the kind of police that is in the hearts of the people!

The one thing worth our satisfaction is that the journalist recorded this female police flower’s beautiful appearance and her life-saving actions. In the midst of netizen discussions, the one thing that has not changed is what this female police flower has been called: most beautiful police flower! Now let us keep in mind the respect we have for this female police flower while we view the thrilling life and death pictures of what happened!

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The young girl wanted to commit suicide because of a problem she had with the boss of the restaurant she worked in.

The original high quality photographs from NetEase:











More pictures of Wang Yuhui, the “most beautiful police flower” from Sohu:


Wang Yuhui


Eyes with tears of joy.

Comments from Sohu:


Police flower sister, I am truly moved seeing this report. Without consideration for your own safety or for the consequences of failing to save that person, you are the most adorable person. I feel all police should learn from you! People like you are too few these days. You are the most beautiful police officer, everyone loves you! I wish you a life of peace. Wang Yuhui [the name of the police officer, discovered later by netizens] sister, I wish you and your family happiness!


Having been through the toughening of military training, having a kind-hearted character, and having the courage a police officer must have, this kind of police officer is our country’s wealth, able to carry the trust of the people. It is because the Republic has a daughter like you that it can feel pride. I sincerely salute you!


Moving! A true police officer of the people!


This is the responsibility of the police, the same as a doctor who saves the life of someone who is about to die.
The media should not take these very normal incident and magnify the hype!


Truly unbelievable, there are good police officers!


Pretty girl police officer, in order to save a stranger, acted bravely and selflessly, risked herself to save someone else, after finishing this report, I am truly moved. If society could have more police officers like this, maybe public order would be a bit better. I really admire this female police officer. She shed tears and used sincerity to go move that girl, and in the end successfully saved her. However, I still sweat for her. If that girl had not been saved, what would have been the result? —–Passed off as a negotiator.
——Not permitted rescue.
——In order to become famous.
The first series of complaints will blow at her from all directions, and I do not know if she has the strength to bear it all. Fortunately, she has been blessed, and good things happen to good people. I will learn from her, and upon meeting this kind of thing, I too will be bound by duty and rush forward in front.


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Well done!
Although, as a police officer, you still should not keep long nails. :-)
[the female police officer broke three nails when she saved the suicide girl]


It is not because you are a police flower that you are adorable and worthy of respect, but because you are a model pure and pleasant Northeastern woman! I represent Northeastern men in saying that we admire you! We love you!


That restaurant owner and customer, you guys almost ruined two people’s lives, over a cell phone, was it worth it?! Where is your conscience?


Also police, yet such a distinct contrast with the “duo mao mao” [hide and seek] police…


Known as the most beautiful police officer, after seeing the pictures she is indeed truly very beautiful. Right now her heart is also this beautiful, truly consistent inside and out, glorious and magnificent.

Comments from Sina:


She is going to be hot [famous]…this society…


Skin, body, both are very good! emoticons|E___6249ZHYXSIB|开心~


I say: She did what she is supposed to do, it is only that there are fewer public servants these days who actually do their jobs! emoticons|E___6012ZHPPSIB|顶~


I salute this “most beautiful police flower” who saves lives but does not give her name! There are fewer and fewer people who stand up for what is right in this society, so let those who wear the police uniform learn from you well.


I have discovered that China’s police officers only have the ability to look and there are only a few who are able to really do something.


Seeing this report only proves that this kind of police officer is too few.


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Police flower sister, you are the most beautiful in everyone’s eyes.


[This female police officer has] given the people a little feeling of warmth towards the title/occupation of police officer!


This is what should be. Taking taxpayer’s money, doing some superficial work, and suddenly she is the same as a hero! Also that Sichuan female police officer who breastfed a disaster area little child immediately being promoted to chief, breaking all the rules! How unfair to so many women who are prostitutes, giving their breast milk to men to play with and drink. All they get is grief and scolding!


There should be more proper reporting of society’s matters. More critical reporting of officials’ shortcomings will help the society become more harmonious.

There is another English report by Elaine Chow at Shanghaiist. However, I think she mistakenly thinks “police flower” is a special nickname that NetEase give Wang Yuhui. Actually, “police flower” is a common nickname for any pretty police women. “School flower” is another example of this nickname for pretty schoolgirls or female schoomates. This is the reason why Wang Yuhui is called “most beautiful police flower” because of her heroic action which make her special from other “police flowers.”

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  • VeerLeft

    Great Work Officer!!! I commend you!!! We all appreciate the work you do!!!
    The Clean Up Crew

  • Glen

    Yay! I like happy stories. Sometimes there’s too much anger,injustice or gore over here. (Sometimes all three!)

  • Is this story conjured up by the CCP?
    Can someone either verify or dispel this?

    • Joe #2

      Even if it was made up, it’s a good thing if it encourages the other police officers to act more like her.

      I agree with the other poster who was glad to see good news from China for a change, after all these other stories about military issues and whatnot.

    • ST

      I know that Tongzhi literally means “comrade” but lately it is slang for gay. Yes? Any Chinese that can confimr this?

      Back in the day, hearing Li Peng say “Tongzhimen Hao!” on National Day in his girly man voice was always a hoot for me.

  • 555

    Sina chats always devolve into sex jokes regardless of the topic.

    • Coppice

      Don’t put Chinasmack down just yet, we can do lame sex jokes just as well as anyone else!

      *clears throat*

      “Such a noble act; the girl has become a woman. Time to put a ‘de’ infront of that ‘flower’ methinks.”

      (although she only really looks attractive in the last picture; all the more reason to deflower rather than seduce then, lol…)

  • sneakay

    In the last picture of the 3 officers and girl on the roof it looks like one is pulling her hair and that they are pressing her to the ground.

    Does anyone else agree? Not to promote any rumors of police brutality (China has enough of those), but it does not seem that they are saving her life in that picture as she is already away from the edge and one officer has a hand grasped in her hair.

    • ST

      Looks like he’s grabbing her hair to me. However, in the heat of the moment they are trying to make sure she doesn’t go over the edge (and perhaps take the police women with her) so they grabbed what was available. I don’t see anything negative in it… they did a good job to save the girl.

  • Yong

    Wow, she has some strength holding on to that girl like that.

  • yeah seriously, police flower got some death grips and she has a hooked nose.

  • Teacher in China

    I don’t know what it is in Chinese, but “beautiful police flower” is a ridiculous phrase, made even more ridiculous by how often it’s repeated here.
    How about “heroic police officer”?

    • ST

      I think a more appropriate/accurate translation would be “Police Beauty”.

      • Diu La Sing

        How about “Police Babe”

        • Teacher in China

          Seriously? Heroic, yes. Babe, no.

    • Ma

      You should learn more about Chinese culture.

    • Teacher in China

      Thanks, that’s interesting. It really doesn’t come across in English at all. In fact, it sounds diminutive. Comparing a woman who has just done something so heroic to a flower would just lessen the force of what she had done, it would almost sound like you’re saying “awwwww…you’re such a pretty little flower, look what you did.” I’m struggling to find the exact word here, but I think you get my point. What do modern Chinese people think of such a phrase?

      • Teacher in China

        Cool, thanks :)

  • Chinese cops, now with kung fu grip! Get them while supplies last.

    It is nice to see cops doing something other than sleeping on the side of the road or busting up street vendors.

  • California Guy

    Wow, nice flower! I like her. Did you notice no wedding ring? Do Chinese people wear wedding rings nowadays? Anyway, she probably is single. Not that it matters of course. I couldnt help but notice her hips when she was squatting to help. OMG, that skirt was really straining to hold in all that beautiful Chinese glory. Imagine if it ripped… :) Haode, haode, back on point. Yes, she is a hero. Good for her. Very nice to see someone taking the initiative. But she also has handcuffs… Just imagine she slaps you, then says, “Oh! You are such a bad boy! So naughty! I must surely teach you a lesson!” Hey, it’s my fantasy, but at least it’s a fantasy with Chinese characteristics! :D

    • ST

      I think you will scare more girls away than attract them with that liu mang talk of yours. And no, they don’t usually wear wedding rings.

      • California Guy

        Wow, 流氓? Thanks! I learned a new Chinese word today. Actually, I’m just enthusiastic and having fun. I don’t talk to girls that way. Maybe I should scare some off though, got too many to contend with right now. Last thing I need is 50 baby-crazy Chinese girls chasing me down the streets of Shanghai, ha ha. “Heeeeeeyyyyyy!!!! You said you would give me a babyyyyyyyyyy!!!” Haha. :O

    • Kai

      LoL, silly guy, but you’re alright, man, you’re alright. :)

    • baijiansi

      To California Guy: Maybe she’s just not playing for your team…

      But it’s good to see cops doing their job, she’s what you call “natural police”.

  • California Guy

    I said skirt but meant pants, lol. Wasn’t really paying attention to the fabric. ;)

  • Isn’t this an infringement on personal freedom and the right to self-terminate?

    • Rick in China

      Is “self-terminating” a right, is the question.

      I’ve heard of the “right to life”, but not sure which countries or societies support the “right to death”. I’m not personally opposed…mind you.

      • Celkian

        Some countries do, and some states in the US, but only for the sick that are in horrible pain or can’t be cured. One place i know of simply provides the person with lethal dose of barbiturates. It hasn’t actually caused that big of an increase in suicides with most patients just describing having the pills as “comforting”.
        Unless its for honor, those living in hell, or the doomed its difficult for me to imagine a suicide that makes sense.

    • Joe #2

      > Isn’t this an infringement on personal freedom and the right to self-terminate?

      I don’t think you’ll find such a right recognized much of anywhere. And even if you did have some kind of right to commit suicide, you sure as hell don’t have a right to make a nasty mess for other people to clean up. Japan is smart to fine people for making a mess by stepping in front of trains (which requires lots of nasty clean-up, makes thousands of people late, etc.).

      Frankly, I personally don’t recognize the so-called “right” to die at all. Yes, I do recognize a right to refuse medical care, but that’s something else entirely. Depression is a treatable illness.

  • Awesome! Hooray for 东北人…well, one of them anyway.

  • Ching Chong

    God! Chinese are so fucking disgusting. Please let’s make them all go away. It’s like a nightmare living in the world with these animals. Think of what a better place it would be if they would just disappear

    • Samael

      Don’t feed the troll please.

    • Ma

      -3 Ching Chong says:
      Friday, March 20, 2009 at 1:12 pm

      Which country do you come from ? You look shortage of education, or you country educates people this way ? Shame on you ! Your government should teach your people to be more civilized ! Don’t use animal’s languages any more !

    • Joe #2

      I wish I could vote this lower.

  • fireworks

    one of the better stories so far. good to have a happy ending.

  • VeerLeft

    Dear Ching Chong, SHUT YOUR MOUTH until such time as you are capable of formulating non-racist statements like that.
    The Management

  • lochen

    Hey u asshole Ching Chong, you are fucking gonna be extinct before our shit disintegrates. Go getting sodomised you moron racist!!

  • GuateChapin

    It is very nice!!! cheers for the heroic, Beautiful police flower babe officer…

  • Asis

    Agree with point made by Teacher in China

    Insert act of police professionalism into Chinese discourses machine and out pops a big pink fluffy ball of rubbish. ‘Beautiful’, ‘flower’ etc.

    Reminds me of the kind of talk you hear about ‘Uncle’
    Wen Jiao Bao.

    As the language indicates, I think Chinese society should rely less on the ‘feeling in their hearts’ and more on the facts.

    Kai disclaimer:

    In this comment I have drawn upon generalisations in order to make my point and have therefore not been able to include every individual in China.

    Whilst making this comment I was aware that China is developing at a rapid pace from relative abject poverty and that attitudes are probably slowly changing on this subject and many others.

    This comment was in no way based on a predisposition that the West is superior to China. The author is aware that Western society is far from perfect, and applies the same standards of criticism to her/his own country.

    Whilst making this comment, the author was also aware that having been raised and educated in Western society it is difficult to judge from a wholly objective position and as such, the views can not be said to be made entirely without prejudice.

    This author rejects racism, sexism and any other form of bullying from one party to another.

    No animals were hurt in the posting of this comment.

    • baijiansi

      Hahaha hilarious, although i am not sure why you address it to Kai specifically, i think anyone with an honest will to discuss about China in English would accept your premises.

      • California Guy

        Haha, it’s obvious why it’s addressed to Kai. It’s because Kai is always one to point out over generalisations and problems with someone’s logic. Actually, it’s hilarious. I think Kai is probably the most clear thinker on this board and does a great job of keeping conversations from going into hysteria or racist rhetoric, but the “Kai Disclaimer” is just f-ing classic. Even Kai should laugh. I think…

    • omg

      “As the language indicates, I think Chinese society should rely less on the ‘feeling in their hearts’ and more on the facts.”

      FAIL. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

      • Asis

        PASS. I didn’t say they were ‘mutually exclusive’. Nice one omg.

    • Teacher in CHina

      Nice one Asis :)

    • California Guy

      The Kai Disclaimer is f-ing classic. Haha. No offense to Kai, ’cause he’s super cool but still… just classic.

  • xxxx

    haha “beautiful police flower”.

    chinese language is stupid language.

    • redinou

      not so stupid than your name….

  • Capt. Absurdity

    You know what I think?

    I think because of religion… that there are two CLASSES of PEOPLE, where one belongs in the “US” group and the rest in the “Other,” ALL FUCKING BY DEFINITION!!!

    So at the start this poises no problem, but embedded a spark of hate. Then, after a couple of thousands of year of society evolving, with this religion thing embedded — what we have now are societies transformed and based on the concept of division, of “US” versus “THEM.”

    It may not be apparent, on the surface, due to the supposed morality, ethics, “Political Correctness,” or aka the whole she-bang of “society.” But, get passed the surface and you realize how fucked up everything is because everything was infullenced, transformed (subtle), and affected by millienia of bullshit… with the original “sin” being “religious intorlance,” — all by fucking definition!

    So here we are now … we are all tainted beings.

    Now, one may argue human beings have innate affinities for religion. I say bullsshit. We have affinities for sprituality… to me sprituality is different from “religion.” Religion here is organized; it is something used to dominate and control.

    Hmmm… no shit huh? Aren’t you glad that I’ve just presented views from a 16 year old? Capt. Absurdity traveled back in time to bring you this piece of info, so appericiate it, biatch!

  • Capt. Absurdity

    Well… that is part of it. It is more complicated than that. Life is also about competetion… which also results in conflict, and after millienia, taints the whole fucking world.

    Fuck! Life sucks does it not?

  • Capt. Absurdity

    And those of you saying we can overcome and bridge any “divide” is living in absurdity land.

    What I’m getting at is that this “taint” is in us all… deep … in ways that subtly (and often not) affects EVERY FUCKING THING we do as human beings!

  • Capt. Absurdity

    Wel… it is more complex and more multi-faceted than a simple “taint” of religion.

    I do not deny that there may be slight biological based reasons for “hating” or distruting others not belong to some abitrary classication of “US”.

    The point is… all these subtle affects, combines to form Life.

    So, does the GOOD overcome all the “TAINT.” It is balanced now, but when the scale tips a little in the “TAINT” direction, we get lots of death.

  • innocent bystander

    I’m confused. Were they both interested in the boss?

    Also, I agree with Joe #2. Depending on the situation, I don’t always believe in the right to die. I believe in the right to be reborn!

    This is a story that inspires hope.

  • Ching Chong

    i think i’ll start the “Chinese Suicide Hotline.” Call the number and I tell you “Ching chong, chingy chong chang. Go throw yourself off the roof, you human garbage!”

    • Capt. Absurdity

      Sweet! I concur! You are just like me! We think alike!


      Ching Chong Ching Chong!

      • Capt. Absurdity

        And seriously, fuck the rest of the haterz on this site. They have no sense of humor and also lacking in ability to enjoy and appreciate the finer things in life — such as insanity, for example.

        Then again, the art of hating is like … is indeed a true art form. It is not easy to become a –TRUE– master in it.

        • Billy Joel

          I never got the Ching Chong joke… nothing in Chinese even sounds remotely like that. I would find it funny if Ching Chong meant cock sucker or something… iono

  • pervertt

    ^ Can someone give me a hand to throw this fucker off the roof?

  • Smackdown

    You google ads are terrible, it’s full of ‘get your chinese girl’ advertising and mail order brides,
    you should consider changing to adbrite.

    Ching Chong, are reading your pathetic post you have wasted 3 seconds of my life. Don’t post it.

    It’s a waste of my time, your time and others.

  • Smackdown

    *Ching Chong, are reading your pathetic post you have wasted 3 seconds of my life. Don’t post it.

    It’s a waste of my time, your time and others.

  • The Grudge

    Fuck China! How about that Smackdown? Happy to waste another 2 seconds of our life. One second at a time, I’ll bring you down.

    • Indian


      My son,

      I wanna fuck you mother. I wanna squeeze her boobs. I wanna drink her milk. Send her to me right now.

  • krdr

    It is funny that none of Chinese netizens offered marriage to her already.

    Anyway, her action should be praised. Judging by her posture, she put her life in the risk. It is very hard to hold someone in sitting position. She could fell easily. I hope that suicide girl will find the way to solve her problems

  • nico

    hero in my eyes!

  • Phobe Lexx

    It’s easy to die. It’s difficult to live.

  • Omar

    You know, our world is full of uncertainties – and is it truly wonderful to see that the sprit of caring is alive and well. Being from England I recall during the miners strike in the 80’s, there was mass disturbances and the miners and police were facing each other across picket lines. The miners were throwing bricks and anything that came to hand towards the police lines – whom were incidentally equipped with riot gear. Suddenly a miner collapsed and a lone police officer stepped forward saving the miners life, the medics came and the officer returned to his lines and the hostilities resumed.

    Now sadly the police in England have totally been compromised and have added murder of the innocent to their own list of crimes.

    All I can say is that Wang Yuhui has shown the beautiful face of Chinese’s policing – a completely different version of the false reality portrayed in the western press.

    Yes Wang Yuhui is a hero and a job well done.

  • bossman

    Finally someone to call a hero… out of a billion, so few indede these years

  • Ma

    I am pleased to see those guys who insult Chinese.
    Because you show your quality, and show to the world how degenerated you have been. you are trying to tell the world that China is rising, and Chinese people are getting superior to yours. You are insecure so much!

  • Indian

    Motherfucking American and European colorless low life mentally and sexually perverted piece of shits always try to malign Asian… Such motherfuckers white piece of shits must be sliced alive into pieces and cooked for the meals of our dogs. Wait you white supremacist racist fuckers… we have already outnumbered you… you will be extinct soon…

  • kevin

    hats off cop.. :)

  • Chen

    You guys clearly have issues

  • I tire quickly of snide remarks about police officers. It’s an iconic job that attracts youth with an ideal. On the beat, they see the worst of society — things beyond their imagination suddenly facing them in 3D. Some go bitter; others go with the flow, inserting good deeds where/whenever they see a window to do that.

    The job comes at a price: in many a country, officers have one of the top three suicide rates by profession, alongside teachers and, yes, psychiatrists.

    For the joker who said Wang Yuhui had a “hooked” nose, the correct term is “aquiline” and it was worn by the pharaohs of Egypt.

  • Incubus

    Firstly for all the stupid low life western morons that post racist comments in here you are nothing, scum a piece of dog shit on my shoe that scrape into the gutter. Obviusoly your mothers never loved you, and your fathers are 1 of hundreds that fucked your mother.

    I am a aussie guy who loves chinese culture and only date chinese girls cos even im sick and tired of the western bullshit and mentality.

    Our cultures are nothing compared to the vast and long history of china, and we will never fully understand what it is like to be chinese. I have tried my best to fit in and i do a good job and really hope people can start to open their eyes about china and see its true beauty beyond the failings of its government is not a true reflection of the beauty of its people like this chinese officer.

    She deserves a heroism medal for risking her own life to save a young chinese girl.

    Please you would think that a good education would stop people from being so racist, but when you look at americas constantly failing education system we can all see americans with never ever change, they are a war like race and they will not stop till they “own” the world.

    Fuk americans and ignore the stupid cunts.

    Not all westerners are total morons, some of us do care and alot of us do not care what color your skin is and where you are from. Maybe more people should act like asutralians, we are the most mutli cultural county on earth and we do set the standards to all of us living in harmorny despite culture and race. WE CAN ALL GET ALONG!!!!!

    now. someone find out who this girl is and give me her details i want to offer her a better life in australia, i fear she may try to kill herself again :(

  • John Wayne

    Thanks for saving the girl; excellent job Wang Yuhui!! : )

  • Katie K

    I think this really poignantly illustrates a social problem even better than any demonstration could. How sad that a policewoman doing her job should be so surprising and moving. What a statement about the state of their police and government. The Chinese people deserve better.

  • akuma

    I can only say we need more of these people in China, I don’t care about her looks, surely she’s cute and all but what’s within her is what inspired us.

  • Alejandro

    A -pretty- woman, wearing high heel shoes (check the pictures). I live in changchun and over here POlice is nothing better than a bunch of useless traffic officers and corrupt douchebags who work for the mafia, or viceversa. I wouldn’t be surprised if this story is made up by them. On another context.. in any civilized country, every police officer MUST wear shoes thare are fit for the tasks of their jobs. So she’s lucky that suicide girl didn’t drag her down too.

    • two years old, but I must reply…You are wrong. I lived five years in Guangzhou, and police WOMEN definitely do wear those blocky high heels if they choose to. You don’t know shit, fuckhead.

  • Is this staged, or what?

  • Damn! I started dry eyed at the top of this page, and damn if I didn’t have watery, tear filled eyes by the time I reached the end. Wonderful woman cop. I wanna kiss her.

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