‘Most Daring School Bus’ Masquerades As Police in Shaanxi

A school bus masquerading as a police vehicle in Shaaxi, China.

The front of the bus displays “Police” and the side of the bus reads “Justice,” but this so-called police bus in Yulin City, Shaanxi is pulling double-duty as a private school bus for middle and high school students, much to the chagrin of locals. The cost of ridership is 1,000 RMB per semester for primary school and 1,500 RMB for high school which, along with the police decals, has caused it to be branded the “Most Niu School Bus” by Chinese media.

Locals report the bus has been operating as a school bus for the past five years, and suddenly disappeared last November after the Gansu bus tragedy. At that time, all school buses in Shaanxi were required to be inspected and have their time-tables altered in order to prevent overloading. The bus reappeared eventually, though reporters have noted the “police bus” only has 22 seats compared to the 30-40 students registered to ride.

The driver of the bus, Hao, claims the vehicle belongs to the Bureau of Justice, and says that ridership is free, apart from fees collected to pay for fuel and the driver’s wages.

However, the Yulin Bureau of Justice has responded claiming the bus isn’t theirs, but a privately registered vehicle. Reporters looked up the bus’ license plate “陕KD006警” and found that it is used for Volkswagen Santana police vehicles in a different county. Furthermore, according to the model of the police bus, it should be registered as “西安骊山LS6103B”, raising suspicions that a fake plate is being used.

So just who does this mystery bus belong to? Why is it using fake plates?

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The answer most likely lies in the increasingly profitable business of “transporting children safely” (after all, what’s safer than a police bus?). China currently lacks a comprehensive system for transporting students to school, with the usual option being a discounted fare on a standard city bus commissioned for the task.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising if Hao was more than just the bus driver in the end… and he would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling kids reporters!

A school bus masquerading as a police vehicle in Shaaxi, China.

A school bus masquerading as a police vehicle in Shaaxi, China.

A school bus masquerading as a police vehicle in Shaaxi, China.

Source: Huashang News

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