‘Most Hardcore Nail House’ in Middle of Road Demolished

Luo Baogen's house is being demolished.

When the Wenling government in Zhejiang province decided to build a road for their train station, they began to tear down the houses in the way. However, one house owner, Luo Baogen, refused to move, because the government would only compensate him 250,000 yuan for his 4-storey house which cost him more than 600,000 yuan to build and decorate. Standing conspicuously in the middle of the newly paved road, Luo Baogen and his house soon went viral on the Chinese internet, with the Chinese media calling his home “the most hardcore nail house”.

Recently, Luo Baogen finally came to terms with the local government, and the house has been demolished. Here’s the news about the demolition…

From NetEase:

Zhejiang Wenling’s Most Hardcore Nail House Demolished

November 30 at 6:35pm, after repeated discussions with the local government and his relatives, Zhejiang Wenling Daxi County Xiayangzhang Village homeowner Luo Baogen signed the demolition and relocation agreement. That night, the demolition began. In the morning of December 1, the house was officially demolished.

Luo Baogen's house is being demolished.

Luo Baogen's house is being demolished.

Luo Baogen's house is being demolished.

Luo Baogen's house is being demolished.

Luo Baogen's house is being demolished.

Luo Baogen's house is being demolished.

December 1 morning, Zhejiang Wenling’s most hardcore nail house was demolished.

Luo Baogen's house is being demolished.

The inside of the house has become a mess.

Luo Baogen's house at night.

Removing company's workers are moving Luo's family belongings.

A worker is working on the house for demolition.

A moment before the demolition.

A moment before the demolition.

November 30 night, on site at Zhejiang Wenling’s most hardcore nail house. Luo Baogen and the government reached an agreement on demolition, with the government employing demolition workers to work overnight, demolishing the building floor by floor from top to bottom, as well as hiring a moving company to transport Luo Baogen’s family belongings.

Luo Baogen and his certificate of land for his house.

Luo Baogen and his certificate of land for his house.

November 22, Taizhou Wenling, “nail house owner” Luo Baogen’s land certificate.

The house stands on the road in front of Wenling Train Station.

The nail house on the road in front of the Wenling Train Station.

The rice Luo harvested this year is storing at home.

“Nail house” owner Luo Baogen makes a living farming on land he rents, with the rice he harvested this year stored at home.

The house stands on the road in front of Wenling Train Station.

The house stands on the road in front of Wenling Train Station.

November 21 afternoon, on the unopened road in front of the Zhejiang Wenling Train Station, a 4-storey building stands in the middle of the road, with two rooms still occupied by residents. Although the road hasn’t officially opened, some cars passing by must go around the house to continue on their way.

Comments from NetEase:

谁删操谁老妈一次 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

Such a big house, and the interior decoration isn’t bad either. If [they] only compensate 250,000 yuan, it’d really be a loss, so no wonder he doesn’t want to move! Leaders, would you move if it was your house?

白菜帮子V [网易河北省廊坊市网友]:

By the look of it, the interior decoration is not bad…

西岚妖歌 [网易广东省深圳市网友]: (responding to above)

What a shame, so nicely decorated but now demolished.

网易浙江省金华市网友 ip:122.243.*.*:

With this kind of interior decoration, who dares to say 600,000 yuan isn’t enough compensation?

hbycxzhs [网易浙江省温州市网友]: (responding to above)

If it were me, I’d ask for at least 2 million yuan in compensation.

床上男人 [网易内蒙古网友]:

An agreement has already been reached, yet still having to come work late at night, it’s so tiresome being leaders.

Aova [网易湖南省常德市网友]:

The decoration isn’t bad, and by the look of it, it’d cost hundreds of thousands for these several stories.
Now that the agreement has been reached, the cost will be higher in the future.

xinyuanfood [网易山东省烟台市网友]:

So who icompromised??

peipeielephant [网易黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友]:

Such a big house… given so little compensation…

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 冰儿:

What does buying a house mean? It means having a house you can call your own. Yes, that’s what you think. But in China, you don’t actually own this house, it’s only rented to you. Because the house is yours, but the land isn’t, and you only get land usage rights for 70 years (70 years ago was the time of the war of resistance against Japan, but who has seen a house from that time?). Houses under normal circumstances will face demolition or renovation in about 30 years. Which is to say, you spent an amount of money to buy a house, but you’re effectively only renting one. Of course, this isn’t the worst part. The worst part is, several decades later, you find out you’ve been cheated! When a bunch of thugs break into the house which you bought with your entire life’s savings, and paint a big “demolish” on it! Then they throw all your family belongings out of the door like trash, ignoring your desperate begging, and even slander you as a nail house owner on the newspapers. And as you’re being insulted by the masses, that’s when you’ll know what desperation and hopelessness is!

腾讯网友 敏敏:

Over 600,000 yuan was spend when this building was built. Looking at the interior decoration, it’s definitely worth this much money, so the government only offering a little more than 200,000 yuan is too malicious. If this house belonged to a certain departmental cadre, I believe the result would’ve been totally different… so pathetic.

腾讯镇江市网友 基督的信徒:

Does every citizen have to be hurt, get reported by the press, get the attention of the relevant government leaders, and so on before that citizen will get the compensation and fair treatment he/she deserves? This is worth pondering deeply for us Chinese citizens. I hope the new generation of leaders will consider the people, and serve the people.

腾讯宁波市网友 云普 2012-12-01:

According to the report, Luo Baogen and the government reached an agreement on demolition, with the government hiring a moving company to transport Luo Baogen’s family belongings away. Why was Luo Baogen’s house quietly demolished at night? That I just don’t understand…?

腾讯鄂尔多斯市网友 灵境元清:

Is the reporter of this article nao can or something? How did he become a nail house owner? Don’t just go around throwing shit on people’s faces labeling them nail house owners, okay? Do you know the reason [of him being like this] ???

腾讯网友 大鹏:

With this arge of a building, and this kind of interior decor, compensating 260,000 yuan is indeed too little. One can’t even buy a 100㎡ house in Wenling County with 260,000 yuan.

腾讯金华市网友 蓝天:

The nail house owner said he doesn’t have money, but does this kind of interior decoration look like it was done by a family without money? It was decorated like this several years ago, which means the [economic] situation of this family is very good, and his family’s background [connections] must be very strong.

腾讯衢州市网友 天空之泪: (responding to above)

Can your house be decorated 7, 8 years ago still look this new now?

腾讯网友 小倪:

What was the agreement like?

腾讯西安市网友 谁要我:

It hasn’t been revealed to the public? What’s the content of this agreement? Threat? Compromise?

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  • Peye

    I read that he got the money plus a new house and two plots of land,

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Hopefully so. That was a rather nice house they demolished, actually. o_o

  • Ruaraidh

    He supposedly didn’t come under any undue pressure which is good, but on the other hand it’s sad that not coming under extreme pressure should be considered something rare and special.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’m sure having a road built around your house is no pressure at all.

      • Germandude

        Can’t complain about good connectivity though in this case.

      • That was my first thought, too.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    200k-300k Yuan? That guy’s house looks rather nice, judging from the photos. It definitely seems to be worth more than the amount offered… Hope a fair deal was reached for his sake.

    I also agree with one of the comments. There was no reason to label this guy and his home as a “nail house”, I mean FFS they couldn’t even offer him a reasonable price. I wonder who started slandering him… perhaps it was just some internet schmuck.

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Do you really think the gov will compensate him what his house is really worth?

      Get real.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Yeah, I know that lol. But at the very least, the media labeling is something I can’t stand. The corruption and unfair government is one thing (an unstoppable force in China), but the media is a group that something can done about.

        At the very least, even if you don’t agree, I feel like we can say that citizens’ opinions/actions factor in more than when compared to facing the government.

        I hope you don’t misunderstand what I was saying :/

        • donkeykong

          The media in China is entirely controlled by the government.
          How can the Chinese media go against their bosses ?

          • starting

            by leaving china and having babies in america and pissing off the whites and blacks there


          • hess

            thats one of the most retarded laws ever. im gonna get a woman pregnant and send her to all countries in the world with similar nationality laws, then im gonna form my own UN when the kids are all grown up

          • lonetrey / Dan

            There’s always the option of the civilians undermining the media’s credibility.

            The role of the media is to control the minds of the populace. The role of the government is to control the lives of the populace.

            Out of the two, I think undermining the media is a lot more likely than trying to hinder the government .__.

            I didn’t mean that they can actually will change the media, though it’s always an option. It’s more about rendering the media ineffective and useless instead of turning it on their bosses.

      • ScottLoar

        Yes, I’ll get real.

        “Luo Baogen finally came to terms with the local government”, which tells me the compensation finally given was more than the initial RMB250,000 and in line with the practice of many home owners in Shanghai: knowing the government will eventually demolish an area (the city plans are public knowledge and there are scale models of future developments by area) the residents immediately invest in renovations to up the pay-out price. Everyone knows this practice, everyone knows it to be an easy way to gain government compensation. That’s the reality, that’s the practice.

        • Shrewd :)
          And here as a former construction worker I was ready to give him the highest of fives for building such a bulletproof house :(
          Fuck, that house looks like the farmhouse where I keep a 300 kuai per month room where 2 of my dogs stay and I park my motorcycle since I can’t ride in the Hangzhou downtown. For 600,000, I can easily build the ultimate babe-lair complete with cave with a hot waterfall shower, hot tub surrounded by rock formations designed to accomodate a number of Kama Sutra sexual positions (using the rubble demolished from this house as filler for the boulders), waterfall with a sheet of smooth water as big-screen for watching Raiders games from my simulated Oakland Coliseum luxury suite, hydraulic wave for surfing in my living room and stripper pole (not for me…for the chicks that will be helpless to resist the powers of my man cave)
          Anybody else care to add anything?

          • mr.wiener

            A downstairs gun range and fall out shelter might be good. As well as bunks for all your fight-club shaven headed space monkeys.

            Perimeter wire , guard towers , and a punji stick studded moat might also be good for those a zombie apocalipse bent, but it would also be useful to keep away roving bands of chengguan.

          • Not necessary. Wolves will patrol the perimeter and I will have a large aquarium filled with ill-tempered sea bass to gobble up any trespassers and shit them out. (Bass can be really nasty, like piranas) I never played X-box or any of those before but obviously we’re gonna need the super-deluxe interactive everything with a monster sound system. The speakers will be disguised as boulders.

  • mr.wiener

    Song of the article
    The Dead Kennedy’s:” I fought the law”
    I fought the law and…..I won! I fought the law and ..I won.
    Hope he gets to live in peace after this.

    • starting


      oh give me a break this is the same for every countryy. the big crime was he spent 600,000 when he should have spent no more than 200,000 on his house especially if he was using it as a storage bin for grain. Chinese have to learn the lesson which americans and muslims learn and that is dont spend all your moolah on one location

      • Jahar

        yeah, because it’s so easy to buy a house in china for 200k

  • They’d better turn in into National Museum of Forced Demolitions.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Just like the US, 5 minimum wage people working, 15 supervisors standing around watching.

    • linette lee

      hahha.. true. 15 supervisors and 5 workers doing the job that should take only 6 months to do but end up over one year with tons of paid overtime from usa gov’t. hahhah….

      • hess

        it takes over a year cause they actually do a good job, unlike here

      • Sheeple

        At least does 15 supervisors in the USA actually has the proper qualifications to be standing there. And not just political connections.

        Whether they are competent or not is an entirely different matter.

        • dwseppo

          That is why I hate you all. Productivity??

          • fre

            That is only directed at seppos. forgive anyone else

    • Thats not true, you’re exaggerating.

  • A Lu

    He should be sent to a laogai for disrupting the highway’s harmony.

  • linette lee

    wow…the gov’t just build the highway anyway with his house standing right in the middle. It’s a soft way to persuade him he must move or will have to deal with the noise of traffic daily. hahahha…..
    This is a good story.

    The most hardcore nail house. :)

  • 404nameNotFound

    Am i the only one that sees that Chinasmack collage thinggy instead of the photos? O.o

    • s4pp0

      Welcome to the seppo circle-jerk. please bring some sense (look at UN votes fo ……….

  • This was on CNN; was the owner compensated for the worth of the home?

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Looks like the Chinese gov doesn’t know about this guy.

  • MrT

    Location Location Location!

  • Daniel Tynan

    Most of the photos are not loading properly. Anyhow. . AFter this image was spread all around the world and on Facebook and other blogs. . . . Chinese officials got embarassed enough to offer him better compensation. It takes such measures.

  • radbab

    > Can your house be decorated 7, 8 years ago still look this new now?
    Hahahaha – yes it can! if it’s not done by some under-paid and over-worked yokels from the countryside. But that’s all you get here. Neighbours are re-decorating for 6 months now with the yokels leaving their cigarette butts on the floor outside our apartment.

  • Slob

    “250,00 yuan?..tell him he’s dreaaamin.”

    -Daryl Kerrigan

  • Alphy

    I had a similar conversation with some coworker of mine this week. Many of them bought houses in China, and I ask them about how land rights affect their purchase. In reply they simply state they have no choice. If they are lucky, they may get to flip their house and get some profit like many have done in the past few decades, but if not they believe the government will extend the land lease or give them compensation or fair relocation package.

    As no one really knows how the government deal with expiring land lease, they can only guess. One guy basically said, if the government don’t give him fair compensation when the times come on the home that his and his’ wife family both invested heavily in he will take to the street. He doesn’t think that will happen as China is rich now, and there will be mass revolt if it is not handled correctly, but ya fun times ahead for China’s property market.

    • Jennster

      I asked my mum about the 70 yr land lease since she owns 2 properties in shanghai and she said it won’t affect it as country gets richer. She said its just old law conjured up in history b4 capitalism. It might not be abolished but won’t be enforced like many laws here.

      • Alphy

        Haha let’s just hope there will be less force eviction story when the time comes. I do believe like your mom, that MOST house won’t have that problem, but without changes in the law, the officials are within their rights to evict and claim the property like many of the eviction story we hear today.

  • fggsd


  • PixelPulse

    It did looked nice inside…. either way, Im glad this ended on a happy note without the owner not having to protest or the government beating him up or shit like that.

  • When I see such houses (this was built in 2002, if I read it correctly) I always wonder, why they can not make it nice looking from the outside. If you see even appartment-blocks here, that were built 20-30 years ago, they look more beautiful.

    This one here looks like a toilet. And not only these. When I was traveling in Hunan, a lot of newly built 2012-houses looked so ugly. I just wonder if Chinese consider such houses/appartmentblocks as beautiful…

    • Jennster

      The new apartment blocks in shanghai and Beijing are very nice and modern looking. Most Chinese who’s been overseas will say this. Western ones are old and ugly with low iq interior design

      • mr.wiener

        Are you saying this about Western designed apartment blocks in Shanghai or Western apartment blocks in general?
        That aside as with all places I guess it’s how much cash you have to splash. Life is after all a shite sandwich. The more bread you have the less shite you have to taste.
        I doubt most people in China are so fortunate.

      • blah

        Yea, I agree, many american buildings are very old (like before the 90s). And some are quiet ugly. Though wtf is “low iq interior design” supposed to mean? If you meant poor interior design, than yea, definitely.

        It all depends on how much the building cost and how bad the architect’s tastes are. A lot of the new apartment blocks in the USA and China are quiet beautiful.

        Even the mcdonald’s and taco bell’s here in the USA are quiet beautiful now a-days after the re-branding efforts and up-class efforts from the last 8 years.

  • seppo

    What did you fight for?

  • Justin

    My girlfriend’s dad is a judge who negotiates with people about removing their homes. He is actually one of the few good judges who refuses to take bribes though people try to send him things all the time.

  • lucifer420

    This is a very interesting article to read. But it is very sad thing that the house destroyed by the authorities. the house owner was a great man, he tries maximum to protect the house. house in the middle of express highway road. thank you very much for this sharing

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