Mother Chops Off 8-Year-Old Son’s Hands, Throws In Toilet

From Mop:

8-year-old boy suddenly meets horrible disaster, has both hands chopped off, but who is this cruel? Can the boy’s two hands be saved? June 1st International Children’s Day is almost here, and many little kids have been looking forward to this day because they can go do many of the things they like to do. However, in Henan province Dancheng country there is an 8-year-old boy called Chu Chu who can only lie on a hospital bed, unable to move his two hands, because little Chu Chu suddenly encountered a horrible disaster, having had both of his hands chopped off by someone. Hearing of this matter makes people very shocked. Who would do such a cruel thing? After having his two hands chopped off, what kind of fate does this boy face?

Shocked, how can there be this kind of mother.

8-year-old boy Chu Chu's painful expression.
Horrible scene of the crime.
The child's hands fished out from the outhouse.
During surgery.
After surgery.
Chu Chu's adopted mother confirmed to be mentally ill.
Kind-hearted people who came to ollect donations.
The dressings after surgery.
Chu Chu's adopted father deeply heartbroken.
Post-surgery wound cleaning, to prevent bacterial infection.
Chu Chu's extremely anguished expression upon mentioning his mother.
8-year-old Chu Chu's mother.

The old man in the video is Chu Chu’s paternal grandfather describing what happen, how he found Chu Chu bloody and without hands, that he called the police, and where he found Chu Chu’s hands in the outdoor toilet/outhouse inside the excrement. The grandfather reached in to find the hands.

The mother admitted that she chopped off Chu Chu’s hands. The father in the video explains that his wife suspect he was having an affair but says there is no such thing. The grandfather says the mother is not mentally ill at all.

The mother was at the hospital, but later disappeared. Her family says she is mentally ill and she has been found in a mental hospital in Wuhan.

Another video:

Comments from NetEase:


Is this woman still human? Beast.


I wish the child a quick recovery under society’s care/concern!!!


Does his mother have a mental illness? Or just deviant/abnormal/perverted?


I think she will pretend to be crazy/mentally ill. This kind of scum must be punished severely!!!


There is nothing I can say to express my heartache…
Child, you must get well!!!


This kind of woman should also be made to know the pain of losing both hands. Too inhuman.


Fuck, makes my skin crawl! How this kind of woman should die, everyone offer suggestions.


The injury to the body can never compare to the injury to the spirit…


So, for Mother’s Day do not say things like wishing all the mothers under the sky well, but instead say clearly that you wish all the good mothers well.


I am wondering, how can there be someone so hateful? Suspecting one’s own husband of an affair but expending your anger on a child, this is worse than a pig/dog. When you are uncertain, and even when you are certain, you should not expend one’s anger on a child. What does this have to do with the child? This is a problem between you two. I really want to see what that woman’s heart is made of, yet another person blind to law. Let her go to prison for the rest of her life so she cannot come out and harm people.


Pitiful people must have done something worth hating. I believe that little brat must have done something really bad.


#127 floor [the above comment], are you human? What can an eight-year-old little child do that can be that bad? Fuck, use your brain and think. It looks like you truly are inhuman. Even if he did [do something bad], was it worth this? Did you never do something bad when you were small? Should you have had your hands and feet chopped off? If so, you definitely would not have any part of you left now, everything have been chopped off long ago.

Comments from Mop:


There are mothers like this? What a poor child, who knows if he will be traumatized when he grows up?


Passing by at 70km/h…


How can the child bear it? Why did that so-called mother not go see a doctor sooner? There is suspicion that she is just trying to escape legal liability.


No big deal, this is common here in Henan, really.


I think at this time the Party should properly handle this case.

So-called “Party”, at this time you guys only know how to organize comfort and donations.
But why do you guys not suppress this kind of thing from happening?!

Don’t all sufferers of mental illness have guardians who are responsible for looking after them? What they [the mentally ill person] do something crazy, what were these people doing? If they know they are supposed to be looking after these mentally ill people, then how can something terrible like this happen?!

I personally feel that when mentally ill people go crazy and do something illegal, they should still be punished according to the law.


Poor baby! What is more deserving of attention is his emotional trauma!!!
I hope the child will not hate his mother, will not hate anyone, otherwise what has been chopped off is not just a pair of hands but his future!


Mental illness is not an excuse for harming others. We can only wish the child a quick recovery. As a mother myself, I feel pain for the child.


Those suffering from mental illnesses cannot get married.
If they become mentally ill afterward then the legal guardian has responsibility. In the past, I have often seen similar reports: Mentally ill people suddenly going on the streets carrying knives hacking people, with those being hacked being so unlucky. So depressing…


Allowing mentally ill people to live on this planet is a mistake.


If she really suffers from mental illness, if it can be proven that she could not control herself when she committed the crime, then the law indeed will definitely be lenient, or remove the penalty of criminal responsibility. What we should consider and be angry about should not be this this incident itself. Instead, we should pay attention to why a woman with mental illness can gain the right to adopt or bring up other people’s children? Were there any relevant qualification checking institutions responsible? If there were, then did anyone check whether they have any responsibility? Children are innocent, I hope we can slowly perfect our country’s own adoption system and monitoring system.

Do you think the mother is crazy? Or is it just an excuse?


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