Mother Run Over By Cement Truck In Fuzhou

In Fuzhou, China, a crowd watches a terrible scene after a middle-aged woman is run over by a cement mixing truck at a busy intersection.

From KDS:

[2008] December 24, around 11:20am, in Fuzhou City on Guangda Road in front of the Duoli building materials market, a middle-aged woman was lay next to a crosswalk, her lips opening and closing, about to die. Before her eyes were only her mother, her mother-in-law, and her other loved ones’ faint silohettes. Her child has not yet gotten there.

Just 20 minutes earlier, while riding her electrical moped passing by the front of the building materials market, a cement mixing truck with the license plate “闽A21397” suddenly made a right turn and collided with her, running her over, dragging her 5-6 meters. The rescue nurse present said her vertebrae had been crushed, her body broken into two pieces, and she cannot remain alive for long. However, lying underneath the vehicle’s wheel, having lost much blood, she already cannot hear this. She is only 35-years-old, and has one child. She did not want to go, and stayed alive for close to an hour.

Bystanders in Fuzhou look on, a trail of blood behind the concrete truck's rear tire.

Her work unit recently opened a new branch, and told her to go register. After completing the procedures, it was almost 11, she alone rode that out-dated electrical moped, planning to go through Guangda Road. Her home was just across the street, and she would have been home in just another 2-3 minutes.

Eyewitness Ms. Zhang was standing across the street at the time, and after turning her head hearing the commotion, the traffic accident had already happened. Ms. Zhang dialed 120 [emergency telephone number for ambulance] and then ran to the concrete mixing truck, the horrific scene before her made her tremble: A middle-aged female’s bottom half was still underneath the vehicle’s wheel, and she was struggling to get the mobile phone from her pocket, wanting to call her husband.

Ms. Zhang said, at the time, she looked at her watch, it was 11:02. “She said a few sentences, but she was almost without voice. I said, let me call for you. She said, thank you then.” Ms. Zhang helped her dial, told her husband, “your wife has been in a traffic accident, on Guangda Road, hurry and come.” “I did not dare say more.” While Ms. Zhang recounted these things to the reporter, she could not stop herself from crying. “At the time, her lips still had the color of blood. I asked her if there was anything else she wanted to say,” Ms. Zhang continued, “and her expression was still alert, but she was unable to speak, only mumbling ‘her very stuffed, body very hot’.”

Doctors try to keep the woman alive while her husband and family surrounds her.

Just two minutes later, her lips became deathly pale. Only after the traffic police had the concrete mixing truck driver reverse a little did her body be revealed. 11:10am, her mother-in-law arrived, and afterwards, her loved ones arrived one by one. A male wearing a blue jacket was so desperate he became numb. He was the woman’s husband.

Loved ones surrounded her, saying things. A person who could not bear it cried aloud but was immediately pulled aside. The victim was about to depart, do not add more grief to the atmosphere for her. Probably thinking it was too cold lying on the road, her mother-in-law took off her satchel and wanted to place it underneath her head. A person brought a pillow, but the husband still thought it was too cold, so he bent his arm and placed it beneath her head. The doctors and nurses were also busy, and outside the police was carefully directing traffic, no one wanting to go disturb this soon-to-be parted family.

The older Chinese man cries as the victim's husband holds a cell phone and caresses her hair.

The mother-in-law said she was holding on because she also has a child, and under the care of the doctors and nurses, she kept holding on. Her face was becoming more and more pale until it was sallow and waxen. Struggling to stay alive, she has already held on for 50 minutes. The man squatted beside her, pressing his ear beside her mouth, “what did you say? what did you say?” Nobody heard what she actually said, and after a few more minutes, the man finally lifted his head, his face covered with tears. The loved ones nearby, mother-in-law, mother, and sisters-in-law, all began crying.

As she was being covered with a white sheet, the man and another elder knelt beside her, continuously caressing her eyelashes, her forehead, and her hair. The time was 12:00 noon. In just a few hours, it would have been everyone’s happy Christmas Eve. But for this family, it was weeping hoarse beside a concrete mixing truck.

The husband and another elder cry above the Chinese woman who was run over.

Comments from Mop:

“Her home was just across the street, and she would have been home in just another 2-3 minutes.”
In life’s itinerary, there are no announcements of the end,
Tomorrow’s path, no one knows.
Cherish, cherish, and cherish again…

This is love, love is great.

Once again I feel a mother’s greatness.

Rest in peace!

My eyes are all wet.

Tears all over my face…
I pray that there will be no more human tragedies…

Life is great…but also that fragile…

A human tragedy, yet another concrete mixing truck. I am especially disgusted by these large vehicles driving both hurriedly and recklessly.

May you have a happy Spring Festival there alone~
[to the woman, referring to her being alone in heaven]

May God bless you, hope you will be happy in heaven.

TMD what kind of driving was that…

Rest in peace…
To those drivers who drive such large vehicles, I beg you to please drive a little slower and pay attention to pedestrians when driving in busy commercial areas. Yet another human life, yet another mother-less child!!!

No matter who it is, I think in one’s final moments, everyone wants to see their loved ones one more time! Rest in peace…

Comments from KDS:

A football truck again~~
I do not understand why these uncivilized vehicles are not regulated.
[The back of a concrete mixing truck looks like the American football.]

LZ, do not post these kinds of topics again in the future. As a big man, my eyes are all red from reading this…

A vehicle driven by a “hard disk person“, uncivilized, it would be right to crash into and kill the driver’s wife.

So dreadful…I also want to cry.

Only after becoming a father can you understand just how great a mother’s love is…really!

Must cherish every day, every person before us.

I cannot stop my tears…

If it was a child underneath the car, for who would the child hold onto life for over an hour? This is something worth reflecting upon. Parents will always have their child in their hearts, but what about the child?

No matter what this person’s life was like before, just this person’s love towards her family will let her enter heaven.

Why did the report having to be so moving…dammit…

What a shame! I almost cried out loud! It is almost the new year!

I logged on just to cry, also mourning for my uncle who died in a car accident on December 17. 

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