Motorcyclist Hits Truck, Flips 360° & Lands On Feet Unharmed

Chinese motorcyclist hits truck, flips 360° and lands on his feet unscathed.

Chinese motorcyclist hits truck, flips 360° and lands on his feet unscathed.

This video has already been viewed over 1 million times on Tudou and over 1.3 million times on Youku. The somersaulting motorbike driver has been dubbed “Brother Gymnastics” or “The Gymnastics Emperor” by Chinese netizens. There is much debate on whose fault the accident was and why the man involved has yet to come forward. Others just think it is really cool that he came out unscathed.

On YouTube:

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In another video, reporters talk about how the video has become so popular on the Internet yet Brother Gymnastics has yet to come forward. The driver of the small truck, Mr.Mei, is interviewed and says:

At the time, the steering wheel suddenly jerked out of my hands, and I thought that he must have died. He asked for 200 yuan off me, he told me to compensate him 200 yuan. I said ‘did you hit me or did I hit you?’ I said this surveillance camera here filmed it.

After the accident Mr.Mei called for the police but the motorcyclist left and now hasn’t come forward in three months.

Comments from: Tudou:


Very good flexibility.
Not becoming an athlete and winning honour for the country
is a waste of such a good [physical] potential.


I feel a little bit sorry for Mr.Mei!~~~~~ Because he…didn’t actually flee…but rather he went to the PSB [police station]!


This is called a safe landing??? The guy fell so badly, and you’re TM standing on the side filming making sarcastic comments.


So TM niu B, I can’t stop my two hands from leaving a comment.


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So awesome, that driving speed + reaction speed……


So who hit who then? How can the presenter make such a reckless description/determination?
Journalists [记者 jizhe] truly = prostitutes [妓者 jizhe]


So its really true that all young guys diligently exercise/practice kung fu.


In my opinion, he didn’t violate traffic laws. Reason: Please take a look at the ground at the top right of the video which has a reflection of the traffic lights. Cross roads have many different situations not always going straight forward. So on its own there is no way of being sure, but watch the video to the end and pay attention to how the vehicle traffic changes with the traffic light.


Actually its very possible that they just collided by chance..
I’ve seen similar things on TV before and they were just by chance as well.


Just like me… I’ve done this before while riding my bicycle…except I fell into the roadside ditch. I somersaulted into the ditch on the opposite side.


Obviously this has been practised before! Incredible.


What isn’t yours will not be yours in the end, the motorbike was stolen.


So amazing, I’m so envious, is he from the Shaolin temple? A Kung fu master!


The little truck ran the red light, and so should take the bulk of the responsibility! After 3 months and the motorbike driver hasn’t reported this to the police, I guess the bike was stolen! That or a motorbike-riding thieves!


No helmet, and no drivers license is another possibility.


The views of young people are muddled, it isn’t necessarily a stolen motorcycle.


Not necessarily unscathed. Some people appear fine after traffic accidents, but suddenly die after going home and going to sleep. They look unharmed but their internal organs may have been damaged, like internal bleeding. This somersaulting man may just be like this.

Life-saving acrobatics. chinaSMACK personals.

Written by stubear

Stewart is an Englishman, from Cornwall to be precise. He studied Chinese in England and Nanjing before going on to do a masters degree in China. He would like to think he knows all there is to know about China but has actually found the more time he spends there the more baffling and confusing it gets. Through the medium of Chinasmack he hopes to contribute to the sharing of modern Chinese life to the world; and in the process constantly improve his Chinese.

  • SuperJun

    kung fu IS real!

  • Jay K.

    damn so close to gettin the sofa!

  • Taking a fall like that means Brother Somersault had to be in shock, a state of being in which your body is screwed up and you act all funny, like acting normal after an escape with death. He is not “fine”.

    Could this be the incident that will change driving habits and attitudes in China? Nah. But, awesome ragdoll physics all the same.

  • bert

    Why is everyone “brother” or “sister” that? Quite tiring now. Lack of imagination.

    Look a man that can drink through his nose. Let’s call him “Brother Elephant” or some other boring name.

    • 水溶C100

      It’s a standard way to refer to people you don’t know. Like dude, guy, buddy, friend, mate… etc.

      Chinese internet forums also use grandpa, grandma, little brother/sister, little friend, uncle, aunt. The title is usually in reference to the person’s age or social status/respect.

      You can call me,
      Know-it-all Brother….

  • Bakery

    Fucking cool if he did stay on his feet, but can’t really be sure from the video. At the speed he was going he must have either slid a hell of a long way on his feet or ate road.

  • Peter

    With all the insane driving and accidents in China – it’s statistically much more likely that you will see this kind of thing here than in other countries. If you were to have more cameras all over this countries, I bet you would see some amazing things, and more terrible.

    • That’s cool idea, huh.
      Chinasmack could have a section that would be entirely filled with “Funny Road Accidents” videos, and alongside “No-so-funny Road Accidents”.

    • Alikese

      So true, I lived 22 years in America and Europe without ever being involved in a car accident. After being in China for 2 weeks the taxi I was in slammed into the stopped car in front of us and I hit my head on the ridiculous metal cage all taxis have. Bastards.

      • Justin

        I have yet to see a serious traffic accident in China, but the road I live on in Austin had a sharp curve and it seemed like there were accidents there every week from some drunk jackass taking it too fast.

        Also I got mowed down when I was a pedicab driver from behind by some drunk piece of shit who hit me and then drove off leaving me unconscious. At least in China people drive slowly even if they are not really that cautious. And in Beijing they crack down on drunk drivers with checkpoints. Now if they would only start enforcing other traffic violations, things might get better.

        • Also Justin

          Dude, Austin just lowered the DUI intox level. You’re crazy if you think that Austin traffic and Austin cops/Texas State Troopers are more lenient on drunk driving than Chinese cops.

          Anyway, at the same time, glad to meet another Texan.

  • Alex

    That´s a VERY nice aerials this guy did. But he probably fell after getting out of the camera.
    He also seems a little hurt on the leg perhaps_

  • There is no way this guy could feel anything after such an adrenalin rush. It looked like he mechanically walked back to his motorcycle and stood dumbfounded.

  • Eddie

    motorcyclist fault obviously.. lol.

    anyways he got really lucky there

  • Huang Di

    Must be the reincarnation of Bruce Lee. Although only 1% of his skill is reincarnated.

  • Alikese

    The truck driver is clearly a practitioner of the Drunken Fist.

  • xmcx

    I can’t believe some people are so biased as to ask who hit who. Ok the bike went head first into the back of the truck. But you can’t seriously suggest that a young person on a small bike would purposefully go out of his way to ram such a large utility vehicle. Obviously the driver of the utility vehicle put himself in the way of the bike on purpose, endangering his life. Whichever small-minded party is holding the biker prisoner, better release him asap! Or else we shall complain.

    • mrnightcat

      In the UK the truck driver would end up punished for driving away from the accident without a care in the world. Well, if was ever identified, that is.

      That happening in China is just wishful thinking of course. It wasn’t exactly the driver’s fault from what I could see, but I doubt it would have made a difference if it was.

      • mrnightcat

        Correction – yes, the driver was at fault for running the red light.

      • mrnightcat

        Sorry, obviously wasn’t reading properly today. I guess the driver did contact the police somewhat.

      • Chris

        Yeah I found it strange that the driver didn’t stop and even the knob on the other side of the street just stood there watching with his arms crossed. Wouldn’t most people run up and find out if he is OK or at least offer to help move the bike off the road?

  • Type Two

    The pickup driver obviously blew the light and so was the one at fault and yet he still had the gall to question the person he nearly decimated as to who was at fault.

  • Jean

    It is Jackie Chan!!

  • George W Bush

    Son of Chuck Norris?

  • My name is Lee


  • 楚留臭

    Look like this guy knows “軽 功”(an ancient type of Chinese Kung Fu which you can walk on water, and run on trees)..he..he..he!

    • Justin

      Is that the kind of Kung Fu Jesus knew?

  • Nate

    Typical Chinese people don’t even offer to help or see if he is injured, but just stand there and watch with interest…

  • The KID


    Doesn’t anyone notice the person with the white shirt standing back behind the corner watching the whole time ??

    Standing so still, so shook from seeing that. very fucking interesting.

  • ban


    that’s not a 360° jump, but a cartwheel roll, ce kong fan in chinese.

  • Nong

    This is stupid!

    -Nobody knows who is at fault, it is impossible to tell from the video.
    -Nobody in China knows who is at fault because nobody knows the traffic law. Even the police and courts are not fully aware of their own laws.
    -The driver of the three wheeled vehicle goes out of shot but almost certainly doesn’t leave the scene.
    -The rider doesn’t land on his feet but somersaults out of shot, you can see this because his T-Shirt is dirty.
    -The rider of the bike is an idiot, going too fast through an intersection, not looking before entering. Think about this: Valentino Rossi, 7 times world motorcycle champion wears thousands of dollars of protective clothing and a helmet….hmm. At some stage you have to think…do all these professional laowei riders know something I don’t?

    • bobiscool

      or maybe it’s because he’s rich and can afford to be stylish?

      I bet there are times when he’s riding and not wearing a helmet

  • DontDoIt

    this guy fell on his ass really HARD and probably tumbled into garbage cans to save him. he has to be a moron to drive into a truck like that and he’s no kung fu dude. that was the laws of physics reminding us that stupidity can result in flying humans completely out of control

  • something something

    This is what happens when Jet Li has a motorcycle ;P

  • Dan Danger

    where did the drunken van driver go and hide?