Motorcyclist Hits Truck, Flips 360° & Lands On Feet Unharmed

Chinese motorcyclist hits truck, flips 360° and lands on his feet unscathed.

Chinese motorcyclist hits truck, flips 360° and lands on his feet unscathed.

This video has already been viewed over 1 million times on Tudou and over 1.3 million times on Youku. The somersaulting motorbike driver has been dubbed “Brother Gymnastics” or “The Gymnastics Emperor” by Chinese netizens. There is much debate on whose fault the accident was and why the man involved has yet to come forward. Others just think it is really cool that he came out unscathed.

On YouTube:

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In another video, reporters talk about how the video has become so popular on the Internet yet Brother Gymnastics has yet to come forward. The driver of the small truck, Mr.Mei, is interviewed and says:

At the time, the steering wheel suddenly jerked out of my hands, and I thought that he must have died. He asked for 200 yuan off me, he told me to compensate him 200 yuan. I said ‘did you hit me or did I hit you?’ I said this surveillance camera here filmed it.

After the accident Mr.Mei called for the police but the motorcyclist left and now hasn’t come forward in three months.

Comments from: Tudou:


Very good flexibility.
Not becoming an athlete and winning honour for the country
is a waste of such a good [physical] potential.


I feel a little bit sorry for Mr.Mei!~~~~~ Because he…didn’t actually flee…but rather he went to the PSB [police station]!


This is called a safe landing??? The guy fell so badly, and you’re TM standing on the side filming making sarcastic comments.


So TM niu B, I can’t stop my two hands from leaving a comment.


So awesome, that driving speed + reaction speed……


So who hit who then? How can the presenter make such a reckless description/determination?
Journalists [记者 jizhe] truly = prostitutes [妓者 jizhe]


So its really true that all young guys diligently exercise/practice kung fu.


In my opinion, he didn’t violate traffic laws. Reason: Please take a look at the ground at the top right of the video which has a reflection of the traffic lights. Cross roads have many different situations not always going straight forward. So on its own there is no way of being sure, but watch the video to the end and pay attention to how the vehicle traffic changes with the traffic light.


Actually its very possible that they just collided by chance..
I’ve seen similar things on TV before and they were just by chance as well.


Just like me… I’ve done this before while riding my bicycle…except I fell into the roadside ditch. I somersaulted into the ditch on the opposite side.


Obviously this has been practised before! Incredible.


What isn’t yours will not be yours in the end, the motorbike was stolen.


So amazing, I’m so envious, is he from the Shaolin temple? A Kung fu master!


The little truck ran the red light, and so should take the bulk of the responsibility! After 3 months and the motorbike driver hasn’t reported this to the police, I guess the bike was stolen! That or a motorbike-riding thieves!


No helmet, and no drivers license is another possibility.


The views of young people are muddled, it isn’t necessarily a stolen motorcycle.


Not necessarily unscathed. Some people appear fine after traffic accidents, but suddenly die after going home and going to sleep. They look unharmed but their internal organs may have been damaged, like internal bleeding. This somersaulting man may just be like this.

Life-saving acrobatics. chinaSMACK personals.


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