Mummies Dancing In Wuhan For Employment

Dancing mummies in Wuhan, China.

From NetEase:

Summary: Around noon on November 23rd, mummies suddenly appeared on the Jianghan pedestrian street in Wuhan city, and what more, they were mummies who knew how to “space dance.” Lei! After finishing their “space dance,” the two mummies handed out a stack of white paper with “resume” printed on them to the surrounding audience. Asking the two mummies later, they said it was performance art, an appeal for society’s attention to the employment situation of university graduates. Sigh~~~it is hard for university students to find work!

Dancing mummies in Wuhan, China hand out resumes.

The video:

Video also on Youku.

Two pictures of a crowded job fair:

A crowded job fair in China.

A China job fair full of Chinese university students looking for employment.

Comments on NetEase:

Performance art!

There are many different reasons for why university students cannot find work, and the element of society is just one small part. Having high ambitions but little talent is actually the main reason. Not a few university students play around for four years and do not know how to do anything, but come out and complain about finding a good job.

What can you do, work really is hard to find!

Mentally disabled.

I was thinking of changing “rice bowls” [jobs], but looking at the situation now, protecting “rice bowl” [my job] has become the top priority.

Work is hard to find, those who wanted to change jobs now do not dare to. Many companies are making reductions/layoffs, so how does one find work?

Sigh, I thought I would slowly forget the past [when he was a recent graduate], who would have thought that I would accidentally see my past [by seeing this video].

They dance pretty well! The entire SB audience did not know to applaud….even if they did not like it, they should at least have a reaction, right? People these days…everything is numbed. People without character only know how to watch on the sides and laugh…and boast. Sigh, people these days, what can you do? Not even a little concern or a little character at all!!

University students find it difficult to find work? I do not know what to say. What about our elementary students and junior high students? It is not that it is hard for you university students to find work, it is that you guys think too highly of yourselves. Why do you think you university students deserve high salaries and relaxing jobs? You do not have much experience in society, so if you lower your expectations, and are willing to work your way way up, there is no way you cannot find work. At the time, I took worked from a low-level job to the high level job I have now. Right now, I have not a few university students under me, all who just recently graduated, all working as staff on an assembly line.

A bit interesting, like today’s young people.

Sigh, finding work these days is not easy. The two job fair pictures at the bottom are too frightening.

If you have the ability to do performance art, why not think about what you should do [for a job]? Today’s university students are not pragmatic, oneself only having a bit more culture than the average person, and perhaps not even that much more. All day blaming everyone but oneself, only thinking about big things but not knowing how to do anything. No matter what kind of environment society is, you guys will never find jobs. To be more realistic, society’s choice for you is to see if you are able to adapt. If you cannot adapt, it is useless no matter what you are. If you can adapt, even if you are nothing, you can still live very well!
Wake up! After four years of university, ask yourselves, how much time did you devote to your “future?”
Always saying that university education has problems, yes, there are some problems, but you are 20-some years old now and you still do not know what you should do [in life]? If you do not have self-discipline, it does not matter what kind of education you have, you will never learn. Lower your perception of your self-worth, and there is nothing that is beneath you.

Right now supply exceeds demand, and finding a job is not easy, especially university students without experience!
Whoever can think of a way [to find a job], must be smart, or at least they have courage, have creativity.

Right now is a time where there is not enough to go around. Being original is very good, and is good for promoting oneself~jia you~

Pretty novel/creative.
Actually, ultimately it is still China’s education system fault.
I am also in the middle of looking for work, just graduated, and very discouraged.

Comments on Youku:

You two must be freezing to death…

It is rare in China to have people with this kind of advanced/creative thinking. In Korea and japan, there are so many street performances. I do not know why there are so many people criticizing them here. Actually, the ignorant and outdated people are you guys. Likewise born in the same new era, yet you guys are really narrow and shallow.

Why does “city management” not manage this?

Even if I was a boss, I would not give an opportunity to this kind of university students, they do not take work seriously. They are less dependable than the workers in a bar.

Is this funny? Are you distressed?
This is our future, and when we graduate, we will also have to do this.
But there are still SB who are clamoring to extend the retirement age, then what about us?
The ones who deserve our hate are not those who sit on the toilet but do not shit [people who hold a position but do not work and not let anyone else take the job], but those who have shit but still sit on the toilet.

Not bad not bad~~very creative!! China needs creative young people! Especially university students!

Facing today’s society, there are various reasons why employment has become the university student’s biggest difficulty: 1. Have education but not ability, 2. Have ability but no education, 3. Have both but still no job. The sudden economic crisis is also one main reason why one cannot find work. Two mummies appearing may not make people understand, but try to look at it from a different angle. It is to tell everyone to have the mindset of a mummy, willing to face [the difficulty] and not be afraid of failure. We will get through the crisis, and the problems will be resolved. As long as everyone maintains belief in themselves, we will definitely find our own livelihoods [careers/work]. Here I want to encourage all the students who have been frustrated by finding jobs to jia you!

We have dreams, have passion, have the ability to work together and endure hardships. To find work, my schoolmates and I attended one job fair after another from the south to the north of the Yangtze River, often riding trains for over 10 hours and immediately going to a job fair after getting off, spending an entire day there hungry, even waiting 3-4 hours just to submit a resume. After a day of wearing high heels, my feet will have blisters and in extreme cases, even bleed. I know the hardships of finding work, and understand that I am nothing, but my classmates and I have cared and encouraged each other to continue up to now.

It is not difficult to find work!! The difficult thing is thinking too highly of yourself! And, just exactly what do yu know how to do! Just graduated university students only demand high salaries and high pay! There are no companies in the world that want this kind of people! If you want high salary and high pay in the future, try starting from zero!!!

See more Chinese people trying to find employment:


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