Mummy On Shanghai Metro, Waves To Passengers

The Shanghai Metro Mummy.

From Tianya:

This afternoon I rode the Line 2 subway to go take care of some stuff. When we got to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum stop, suddenly a “mummy” got on board. At the time, it started everyone on the car. This “mummy,” upon boarding, everyone took out their cameras to take pictures. The subways these days are really too awesome. A while ago there was Superman, a Deer Man, and now comes a “mummy.” The world really is full of extraordinary things.

Throughout this entire “mummy” incident, it seemed like he was enjoying it 100%, and would greet the other passengers, even attempting to shake hands. “Han!” At the time, he immediately scared a female passenger next to him, and she used a book to block her face! She kept saying to the “mummy” to hurry and go away, that he was too scary. The “mummy” gave very generous performance!

I really do not know if this “mummy” is part of some promotion or doing something artistic.
This is the video I made with my mobile phone, not very clear, and also a little shaky because I almost laughed until I “fainted“. Haha

Chinese guy dressed as mummy on Shanghai subway.

Shanghai subway mummy waves to other passengers.

Comments from Tianya:

Why do I never see these kind of people?!

I definitely need to go ride the subway once in the future.
The Superman last time, Deer Man…

Whatever happens in the Shanghai subway never surprises me…

I thought this was Japan…

Shanghainese people’s lives must be filled with pleasant surprises, often being struck by lightning~

Mummy brother, did you wear underwear?

Shanghai is really “niu!”
With so many awesome subway people,
is the Shanghai metro doing a promotion?!

Deer man, Superman, cross-dresser, mummy, the four gods of the subway station.

囧 It is this month’s Halloween subject…

A schoolmate going to work even after being injured by the subway crowds…

Chinese mummy scares other subway passengers.

Chinese guy in mummy costume on Shanghai subway.

Comments from KDS:

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Use a lighter to go light this punk.

What a waste, that much gauze.


Coming out to scare people, this punk should be locked away a few days.

Escaped from the mental hospital?

Before lighting, help pour some ZIPPO oil on his crotch.

Fuck“, suddenly seeing that would scare someone~
If I saw that, my 10kg computer bag would immediately fly over to bash him.

Artistic, though very rare to see in Shanghai.

Pull off the gauze, and would he become a streaker?

I am no longer happy. I never get to see.

If he can get into the subway station and get on the train like this, what the hell are the subway workers doing?
The several MM sitting next to him are remarkably very calm.

Shanghai metro mummy sits down with other passengers.

Shanghai subway mummy prepares to get off the metro.

Comments from NetEase:

What bad thing did he do?
To be beaten like this?!

The mental institute must be on vacation…

I think he lost a bet! And must perform on the spot!

Did this guy drink too much Sanlu?

I can create news that is even more impressive than this, but who can provide the money? QQ524619057

Superman, Deer Man, “loli” [Lolita?], now a mummy.
Good…is Spiderman next?

Coming out in broad daylight to scare people! Fortunately I was not present.

Amusing, I like, hehe. It seems foreigners’ Halloween is pretty interesting.


I support, people these days are all numb, hard to distinguish from mummies…

Shanghai metro mummy waits to get off the train.

The Chinese mummy exits the subway.

Here are some pictures of the Superman, Deer Man, and cross-dresser mentioned from the BBS (video game bus?):

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Shanghai Metro Superman.

Shanghai subway giraffe deer man.

Shanghai subway cross-dresser.

Shanghai metro costume people panoramic photoshop



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Shanghai metro costume people panoramic photoshop.

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  • krdr

    This is much interesting than girls that want to marry rich guy, so they can be Gabriele Solis.

  • sunset123

    Seemingly it is not a commercial promotion for there is no any particular ad could been seen. Probably the mummy is a kind of action art which is all the vogue nowadays. Anyway it brings fun and certain “smack” to a dull metro trip, doesn’t it?

  • Truth Hurtz

    Either this mummy is wrapped up in Halloween spirit or doing free advertisement for Tiger Balm. Look out Shanghai, its not even halloween yet and there’s already a prelude of the Monster Mash.

    LOL without the ‘icon’.

  • Yang

    Everytime I see “loli” I just think of “laugh out loud” haha

    Really liked the last photoshop though I don’t know why Superman is wearing sunglasses haha

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  • Dolts

    that is not a deer, it’s a giraffe.

  • Cain Laden

    he must have ran away from the hospital intensive care unit and others must be some circus freaks :p LOL!!
    actually i see an artists in the modern city in them. keep it up mate!

  • Hilarious. I used to do this with my friends back in college. I’m surprised in a city like Shanghai there aren’t more freaks like this. I love the bizarre like this. FUNNY!!!

  • Kai

    LOL! That is 100% awesome. I’m annoyed I never run into these awesome personalities either. The best I’ve personally seen was some older Chinese guy who gets on the train and starts speaking in loud English explaining that he is an English teacher (or something).

    Oh wait, I’ve also seen some Chinese Rico Suave guy get on and start crooning loudly. That was a little more freaky though in a sort of shady, sleazy kind of way.

    @ Dolts:

    Yeah, it is a giraffe. But checking the original Chinese posts, it seems like they still call him 鹿人, literally, “deer man.”

  • krdr

    I have new theory:
    He fell in love with a girl, but she rejected him.
    Then he began to hang out with some guys, just to be beaten.
    He was put in hospital, but, after learning that his doctor doesn’t know an word of english,,
    he run away

  • dave

    I think the “superman” is eric wong :P

  • Eric Wong

    Dave…you are wrong. I am enjoying myself on another page trying to knock sense into a few cultivated people, eh? hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Great article! After all those heavy, sob posts.

  • Raab

    I think its high time for another people-doing-naughty-things-in-fun-places post.

  • Veer Left

    This is brilliant!! I love it!!
    Hahaha…I never see this kind of thing on the subway! Love the style

  • dave

    Eric you must check this blog every 20 minutes!

  • The Giraffe Man is just too cool, that pic looks as a Linch movie…

  • krdr

    Maybe guy was heading to Xi’an to fight with Dragon King, and lost his way somewhere near Albuquerque…

  • fireworks

    LOL. Shanghai people call themselves cultured having weird morons dressing up as entertainment characters.

    More like insanity and just absolutely crap.

    pfft. Shanghai people are really bored.

  • Kai

    @ firewords:

    Duuuuude…time to grow a sense of humor.

    Plus, you don’t even know if the guy is Shanghainese or not.

  • jeassy

    it is so funny, it makes me laugh a long time, i guess i should take a subway often hoping to see such a funny thing.

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  • Kaisi7

    OMG That’s too hilarious… lol

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