Japanese Mayor Denies Nanjing Massacre, Chinese Reactions

Takashi Kawamura, mayor of Nagoya.

Takashi Kawamura, mayor of Nagoya.

News of Nanjing temporarily breaking off relations with its former Japanese sister city Nagoya is spreading on the Chinese internet today. Nagoya mayor Takashi Kawamura had recently denied the Nanjing Massacre happening, in front of a visiting delegation from Nanjing (led by Chinese Communist Party’s Nanjing City Standing Committee member Liu Zhiwei), arguing that his grandfather had instead been welcomed by Chinese people in Nanjing during World War II.

Multiple video clips of news reports reporting the development are appearing on the front page of popular Chinese video sharing website Youku, as well as its most viewed lists. Likewise, the topic is trending on popular Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo, with tens of thousands of mentions and comments.

Comments on Youku:


The Japanese government are dogs. Perhaps it is election time, so they’re coming out to fart again.


Protest again!!? Protest again!!!!!!??? [Refers to the a common complaint by some Chinese that China’s government only lodges protests and never takes action.]


This incident should be escalated to the national level.


Really can’t understand why Nanjing people buy Japanese cars.

YKYX0883534: (responding to above)

Because us Nanjing people understand what we should hate and what is innocent. We can’t wave a cudgel beating everything to death [“paint everything with the same brush”]. What difference would that be with the Japanese back then?


Japan, Japan, the scale of the earthquake was too small.


who cares


Japanese right-wingers think with their JJ after all. Other than that, I want to ding the left-wingers.


Can’t believe Nanjing doesn’t boycott Japanese goods.

wacklau: (responding to above)

Boycott Japanese products? That’s extreme. If you want to boycott Japanese goods, then don’t use any Apple mobile phones, or Nokia, and go use some domestically produced shanzhai mobile phones without any Japanese components. Don’t drive any cars either. In fact, might as well just go live a primitive life.


This is how it should be, with Nanjing people having backbone, and the entire country’s people supporting them. When the Nanjing standing committee member heard the Japanese mayor have this kind of attitude towards the Nanjing Massacre, he should have immediately declared ceasing all diplomatic exchange and association with them. This is also a problem of national integrity, and has no relation to individual character and economic cooperation.


The Nanjing Massacre is something the whole world knows, how can it be denied!


Actually, everyone should calm down for a moment. The reason Japanese right-wingers don’t acknowledge [the Nanjing Massacre] is because our evidence is too little. Based on what can be checked now, there are only 15,000 people who died in the Nanjing Massacre. Why is this? Rather than asking officials to raise their character, wouldn’t it be better for us to find more evidence to prove that they massacred 300,000 people. Having Japan apologize like Germany is what is important. What more, the main reason why Japanese right-wingers don’t acknowledge war crimes is because the main war criminal responsible for starting the war was not executed nor did he admit guilt, and this person is Japan’s “Emperor”. If he were executed or admitted guilt, then Japan would be the second defeated but respected country.


Nanjing compatriots, hello, I want to ask, with Japan hurting your feelings [insulting] like this, can you guys do something? I’m not asking you to go to battle, nor asking you to be angry here like us, I’m just asking if you guys can avoid buying Japanese goods for one month. Can you guys not let them look down upon us. “Being a whore but also claiming chastity” [wanting to be two things at once], can you guys have some humanity? Japan’s hate for China is something I’ll never forget and I will also tell my descendents just what kind of people the Japanese are.


Nanjing’s municipal committee member Liu Zhiwei took 8 representatives there, and when Liu Zhiwei heard Takashi Kawamura say this, in front of the entire welcoming ceremony, he didn’t even react. What more, according to Japanese newspapers, after Takashi Kawamura finished speaking, Liu even went on to shake hands with hi, and even exchange gifts. What does this show? That Nanjing’s municipal committee member not even making a sound means he tacitly agrees with what Takashi Kawamura said.


TMD, so are they going to start denying their invasion of China in the future?


I wonder how many nuclear bombs are needed to sink Japan.


Give me 3000 chengguan and I’ll go destroy Nagoya.


Let’s have 2 more tsunamis, have Japan destroyed, but with all the women remaining, so they can atone for their crimes against the Chinese.


Request that the Nanjing Secretary Liu who initiated the friendly exchange with Nagoya come back and take a post at the Jiangdongmen Massacre Memorial Hall for a year, for additional history and patriotic education. Why is Secretary Liu’s confidence so lacking? Is it because of ignorance or cowardice?

Comments from Youku:


Japanese people… It’s not like we’re asking you to do anything if you admit it, what are you thinking?


We should be tough like this, this is the bearing China should have, and not just protesting, protesting, and protesting some more.


National humiliation must not be forgotten. No matter who, no matter what social position.


Sofa! If China doesn’t have the Nanjing Massacre, then Japan’s Nagasaki and Hiroshima weren’t atom bombed!


Hmph! Not going to play with you anymore!


Let Japan have another tsunami and major earthquake.


Fuck that municipal committee secretary!


A lot of Japanese people don’t acknowledge [the Nanjing Massacre]. One of my friends works at a Japanese company. When watching television in a hotel during a business trip, and a television program about the Chinese resistance against Japan appeared, they said to my friend that it was all fake, and wouldn’t let him watch it.


Strongly demand that the bike of that Japanese guy who is touring through various countries be stolen back, and then return it to him after it is smashed and ruined. Just tell him such a thing couldn’t have happened, because how could it be stolen again after it was returned to you.

Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, 300,000 victims.


Written by Fauna

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