Naked Cannibal Eating Man’s Face Shot Dead By Miami Police

Miami police shoot dead a naked man who was eating another man's face in public on the MacArthur Causeway during Memorial Day weekend.

Miami police shoot dead a naked man who was eating another man's face in public on the MacArthur Causeway during Memorial Day weekend.

From NetEase:

Naked man in America biting man’s face in the street shot dead

China News Service May 27 report. According to a “Central News Agency” report, Miami police said a naked man attacked another man on the MacArthur Causeway ramp, biting off half his face. After the police arrived and gave warnings, the “face-eating man” was shot dead, while the bitten man is in critical condition.

Miami police shoot dead a naked man who was eating another man's face in public on the MacArthur Causeway during Memorial Day weekend.

According to local Miami reports, the incident occurred around 2pm on the 26th, south of the Miami Herald building. A witness said a woman saw two men fighting, and stopped nearby police to deal with it.

A witness says that when this police officer approached, he shockingly discovered that the naked man was actually biting the other man’s head. The police officer ordered the naked man to back away, but he continued to bite on the victim and the police then open fired.

A naked man shot dead by Miami police for biting and eating another naked man's face.

Despite being shot, the “face-eating man” persisted in “eating” the other person, forcing police to continue firing. Witnesses say they heard at least six shots.

“Face-eating man” was eventually shot dead, lying face down on pedestrian path in front of the Miami Herald parking lot. Police asked the newspaper to provide surveillance footage.

Two naked men lying on the sidewalk of the MacArthur Causeway in Miami South Beach in a case of cannibalism.

Two naked men lying on the sidewalk of the MacArthur Causeway in Miami South Beach in a case of cannibalism.

The naked legs of a man who was shot dead by police in an apparent case of public cannibalism in Miami.

The naked legs of a man who was shot dead by police in an apparent case of public cannibalism in Miami.

Miami police on the scene where a naked man was shot dead by police for eating another man's face.

Police say the other man was rushed to the hospital, and is in critical condition. The CBS Miami television channel reports that a police spokesperson disclosed that the victim’s face “has virtually been eaten completely” and is unrecognizable. The identities of the “face-eating man” and the critically injured person are both unknown.

Miami South Beach is currently holding its annual Urban Beach Week hip-hop festival, with large crowds of people, and the freeway ramp was clogged for hours.

Memorial Day weekend traffic in Miami.

Miami police’s Fraternal Order of Police spokesperson Javier Ortiz said the police officer who shot the face-eating man is a “hero”.

He said: “Based on the information provided, our Miami police officer is a hero and saved a life.”

Homicide Unit supervisor Altarr Williams said a man doesn’t have to be armed to be dangerous.

Williams said: “There are other ways to injure people. Some people know martial arts, others are very strong and can kill you with their hands.”

Miam Police vehicles.

Comments from NetEase:

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一夫一妻 [网易北京市网友]:

Are you sure it isn’t a zombie? That it was really shot dead?

网易河北省沧州市网友: (responding to above)

Fuck, I better plant some peas.

网易浙江省杭州市网友: (responding to above)

Step 1, first plant some sunflowers!

网易黑龙江省手机网友: (responding to above)

Step 2, collect sun power, plant pea shooters!

网易广东省惠州市网友: (responding to above)

Haha, only after seeing this did I finally understand.

[Note: The above comments allude to the popular game Plants vs. Zombies]

我到底怎么讲不被删 [网易江苏省苏州市手机网友]:

Resident Evil?

thirteen520 [网易广东省深圳市手机网友]:

Looks like we have to start banning teeth, they’re too dangerous, everyone walking around with a mouth full of teeth, how can we safeguard the safety of the people this way?

网易北京市手机网友: (also responding to 一夫一妻)

If its a zombie, then the person who was bitten will also turn. If this were Chinese police, they definitely would not have shot him dead, because if they did, then they would be severely called into question by the rabble and the victim’s family: They would simply be defenseless.


I came in to see if netizens have linked this with China somehow and then proceed to talk shit.

Yoooooooooooooooooooooo [网易北京市网友]:

This person believes himself to be a dog, I bet its a delusional disorder.


That sick deviant in Yunnan who ate dozens of people has been arrested, how come the news doesn’t allow people to comment on it?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • DiabloKill

    Zombie attack!!

  • hanyucha

    Eating the face off the sofa!

    • hanyucha

      with fava beans and a nice cianti…

      • Zappa Frank

        maybe “Chianti”..

        • mr. wiener

          Would “people” be considered white meat or dark? Apparently you have to be careful about the correct wine otherwise you might be mistaken for a SMERSH agent.

          • Zappa Frank

            with meat always red wine, whatever the meat is… that’s my personal rule (but i can see is about the same in tuscany).
            white wine is just for sissy… in fact there’s no white chianti.

          • Ruaraidh

            People are dark meat I believe, the Maoris called human meat ‘long pig’ because in appearance and flavour our flesh apparently strongly resembles that of pork.

            On the other hand I’ve read that light meat is associated with fast twitch muscles and dark meat with slow twitch muscles. So perhaps every human is different according to body composition. I’m certainly never going to know for sure.

          • mr. wiener

            I thought pork was the “other white meat”?

          • Anon E Moose

            Human = ‘Long Pig’

            So that makes it the other, other white meat

            If you don’t believe me, you can ask the U.S. National Pork Council

    • mr. wiener

      Did the policeman finally take him out with a shot to the brain? Witnesses said they heard 6 shots in all. Good comment above:” If it’s a zombie the person who is bitten will also turn”. I just reread “The Zombie survival guide” this week and I’m halfway through “World war Z”…enough to give you the shivers.

  • DeVitaVackra

    Why didn’t the guy bite back, must have been equal opportunity in such close proximity. I also can not understand why they are naked.

    • Rod

      Yes, we are a country that believes in equal opportunities. In the future they will always remember ‘Cannibal VS. Eaten-Face Man’ where equal face eating rights were first established.

    • ed

      lol gotta give it up to chinasmack for all the 10/2 white loser comments. hmm I’m an internet tough guy… I too wonder why the guy didn’t bite back

      as for why they were naked. it’s Urban Beach Week in Miami they were probably both high. love the “experts” on China who probably have never even been outside their own houses in the US.

      you do understand what Urban Beach Week is right? sadly this is probably not the strangest shit that went down.

  • Young Man

    Yeah I always come to Chinasmack to find out what’s happening in Miami.

    What with this and the ‘learn a Chinese song’ articles it’s pretty obvious that this website can no longer be said to operate independently- a couple of negative articles about the middle-kingdom and Fauna will be harmonized.

    • Chunghwa

      “waaah, I want the site managers to write articles that **I** want, their posts don’t meet **MY** standards, wah wah waaaah.”

      • Choonage

        Look at the number of comments on those Chinese song articles. It’s pretty clear most visitors don’t bother to click on them.

        Besides, there’s nothing wrong with posting what you want to see on a website. That’s what forums and comments are for.

        • Mop

          Haha those songs articles are the only ones I don’t read.

          • linette

            I like those songs articles. It tells you what’s popular in China.

  • dilladonuts

    Here comes the excuses and reason’s from the westerners.

    Had this been a situation in China, it would be a bash fest from all sides.

    • staylost

      There’s no excuses, this whole situation is about as surreal as you could get. How can you make excuses for something that makes no sense anyway.

      Fact is, if you’re some strong guy who likes to beat other guys up, undress both yourself and them, and finally, eat off their faces, the USA doesn’t have a lot of plans in place to stop you.

    • 大海

      It’s not our fault! I’m in Canada! We didn’t create the virus… I promise! It was all a mistake… a big mistake…
      But we’re all going to need this:

      Hurry before the roadways and airlines are shut down! That’s all I can say for now!

      • Sean

        That link was broken

    • donscarletti

      There have been isolated incidents of Chinese eating human face before, it’s still not considered a face eating country. I think stories on spitting or industrial espionage would gain more traction with the “fuck China” crowd.

      America is also does not have a vibrant face eating history. I think it’s best to save the America bashing for stories about gun violence and misunderstanding irony.

      • Little Wolf

        donscarletti, please put on your Cone Of Silence (electric winch sound as it lowers onto your head)

        hellohello…testing 1,2,3….ok, I have gotten all my e-mail sites running smoothly now and was unable to recover any correspondence from you. I have added an e-mail address to my avatar for the purpose of communicating offline with members of this forum. I hope to hear from you soon to pitch my proposal. Thanks…. (you can raise your Cone Of Silence now)

  • eattot

    that guy got biten by wild dog before.

    • Young Man

      Well you would know, sweetheart.

  • eattot

    That sick deviant in Yunnan who ate dozens of people has been arrested, how come the news doesn’t allow people to comment on it?
    this news shocked me so much!nowadays…not sure he ate or killed young boys for organ, i insist execution in china…

    • Dr SUN

      Not heard that story, hope it gets posted on CS.

    • Jon

      A major source of organ trafficking comes from China’s execution policies. Once you create cash incentives for legally removing the organs of the living, corrupt police and corrections departments start looking for fresh meat.

      • donscarletti

        My angle is that the Chinese medical system needs this source of organs to make up for the organs eaten by Yunnanese cannibals.

  • simon

    not a great way to ‘lose face’ that’s for sure

    • the ace of books

      laughing far harder than is appropriate at this comment!

    • Patrick

      You have my respect sir. Well played.

    • [email protected]

      Congrats to you for being able to win approval for joking about someone’s tragic and horrible demise. Now if there was only a child with palsy for you to tease your day would be complete.

      • Christina

        aw appalled, on a website about china, someone was bound to make that comment.

        • [email protected]

          Ordinarily, I ‘might’ have cracked a little grin, but I had already read about this story on the Yahoo News site for Aus and learned that the victim was a homeless man. Because I have a soft spot for the outcasts and social wallflowers of our world I really dislike this story being joked about. That said, I will chill out. It was as a joke and meant to be harmless. I know.

          • Ryo

            Most homeless are homeless because they choose to be. It’s not that hard to find a low paying job that can at lease pay for some kind of shelter no matter how shitty it may be. Wash cars, mop floors, wash dishes, clean windows, pick up trash, etc. Those kind of jobs are always available. I never give homeless people money. Only the severely crippled deserves my sympathy and hard earned cash.

          • [email protected]

            Ryo. You are stupid and wrong. You know nothing of the state of transiency in the US. Get your facts straight before speaking. Oh and you are an asshole and your not wanting to give homeless people money is just a facet of that.

    • Joe

      Damn, I was just about to post that, and just did a check to see if anyone else had said it…

  • D. Tective

    Let me get this straight here: a Chinese guy in Yunnan was arrested after eating 12 people and an American is stopped by police before he even manages to eat one. Explain to me how this is the more important story? Point the fingers at the laowai again, anything to take focus off of the harmonious middle kingdom.

    • mr. wiener

      It is sensationalist true.
      The story I’m still waiting to see is the retired senior party chief in Henan who was taken into custody and now admitted to raping 10 girls. There is precious little information been released on that story and what there is has only been released because it was reported in several blogs.
      I’m guessing the local govt will want to keep the lid on that story.

      • donscarletti

        They let foreigners become party leaders these days? Surely no woman is safe.

    • Chunghwa

      >Chinasmack is a news agency

      How about you get off your high horse and realise that CS writers write as a hobby, not as a duty. Both events were reported in the news in China. CS writers decide to write about one. Oh noes.

      I honestly don’t understand what all the drama is about. Are you guys that uncomfortable when you don’t get your daily fix of CCP-bashing?

      • Chunghwa

        The second half of my post was eaten. Let’s try that again.

        I honestly don’t understand what all the drama is about. Are you guys that uncomfortable when you don’t get your daily fix of CCP-bashing? These writers are by no means obligated to cover every single thing, and merely write about things that they conveniently come across, and wish to write about. Chinasmack is not CNN, Al-Jazeera, Russia Today, Xinhua News Agency, or the Korean Central News Agency of the DPRK, it is not a news website, and if it “misses” something that you’re dying to read about, it’s not the end of the world — go to a goddamn news website.

        • Patrick

          True, but more so this site is dedicated to translating stories that Chinese are commenting on the most. So while one Chinese guy may eat 12 people, I could see where Chinese would be flipping out about two naked laowai in America on in bridge with one eating the others face off. Even I find that to be the more intriguing story in comparison to a crazed local who wanted to save on his food bill.

          • Chunghwa

            Well perhaps those Chinese aren’t commenting on the Yunnan incident. Maybe they can’t; maybe the comments are disabled for those online articles.

            All the complaining self-entitled children in this comments section need to understand that Chinasmack reports on Chinese netizen shenanigans, and is not a goddamn news site. Reminds me of back when Liu Xiaobo was fresh news, and all these 精英 faggots were complaining “OMGOMG WHEREZ DA ARTIKL ON LIU XIAOBO?!?!? FAUNA U DA EVIL!!!!!!!111!!!”

          • mr. wiener

            OK , sorry if I was whining. I know CS isn’t a news outlet, but it does seem to have a lot of detail and reaction to stories that the mainstream media won’t touch or has skimmed over. The Henan, party-boss\rapist has been one of these and I was hoping for more info on it. I promise not to get my panties in a bunch again.

          • Thank you Chunghwa.

            Please also remember that this news was more sensational because there are photos and video, unlike the Yunnan case which was controlled. I think it is also not clear that the Yunnan sicko ate his victims? I am not sure. I only remember that he may have fed the victims to his dogs.

    • Joe

      Read the comment where a Chinese netizen comments that they are unable to comment on the Yunnan cannibal. Thus, it would be impossible for it to be a hot internet story, and wouldn’t belong on ChinaSmack.

  • Castro

    I am glad they shot him dead. Sounds like he pretty much has ruined the other man’s life. If all this is as being represented, then I am glad the police shot him dead.


    • David

      Yes, Swift and Sure but Justice?

      I personally have a difficulty in seeing a police officer judging the face-eating person and delivering the execution. This particular situation must have been completely gruesome and the officer must have been under a lot of stress but surely there must have been a way of containing the ‘zombie’ without killing him?

      Judgement and punishment should, in my view, be delivered independently according to the law. The police took the law in their own hands. Simple wrong!

      • Castro

        Normally I would agree with you. But,,,,,, IF someone has to get physical to put an immediate stop to a violent act, then I hope they do whatever they must to end the attack. Including the use of deadly force if necessary.

        Typically in most societies we have empowered our police force with the duty/right/responsibility to take these actions. Yes, some do over-react and abuse this power, but I believe for the most part they react to the situation at hand and do the best they can.
        Not being there in person, on the scene, at the time of the incident, I freely concede that I am speculating, but I do think the man who was shot dead was acting in a life-threatening manner and had to be stopped then & there. I hope if I am ever being savagely attacked some one will come to my aid and stop the aggressor immediately even if they engage in a bit of overkill to do so.
        Maybe it will impel the next potential physical aggressor to think-twice about his/her actions before an innocent victim suffers at their hands.

  • Dconn

    you just said a mouthful

  • Dr SUN

    Why are they both naked ?

    • mr. wiener

      Well one guy is naked because if you are nuts enough to rip half a guys face off with your teeth, than a bit of public nudity is pretty small beer. As to the other fella we can only speculate.

    • dace

      I bet he took a bunch of bath salts, felt like he was boiling in his skin and went psycho.

    • elizabeth

      Maybe they escaped from some kind of secret underground laboratory running experiments on unfinished frankensteins. That’ll explain their abnormal and savage behavior.

      Considering the bout of bewildering cannibalistic crimes surfacing these days, the culprits could just be humans playing gods with chemicals and what nots.

  • Anonynonymous

    PCP is one hell of a drug.

  • MrT

    that’s yanks for ya, fucked up.

    • Young Man

      A CHinese man has recently eaten 10 people.

      Care to make a bigotted comment about that?

      • Shall I try?

        “Thats chinks for ya, fucked up.”

        Pretty much applicable to every race. Don’t hope for rationality on SMACK.

  • Lee

    Typical Americans.

    USA: murder capital of the world, also home to peados and child molestors

    • Little Wolf

      Well….not typical Americans. You can always pick out the face eaters because they always talk
      …………..down here

    • Deepzen

      Hmmm strange, and yet all the world’s greatest mass murderers have come from Asia….

    • Consider looking up “typical” in the dictionary.

      I don’t think you understand why this story is news. *Retard help: because its not typical behaviour.

      America is not my favourite place but come on, you just made yourself look like a retard in your first two words I have ever read.

    • jeffli

      Oh Lee just bite me an get over with you big gurly gurl!

      Typical Lee-micans

      expects mummy to cut up the meat for him and hand feed him with chopsticks!

      Poooooooooooh! to you!

    • kevin

      Lee t`s see about that…
      Mao Ze-Dong (China, 1958-61 and 1966-69, Tibet 1949-50)

      Adolf Hitler (Germany, 1939-1945)
      12,000,000 (concentration camps and civilians WWII)

      Leopold II of Belgium (Congo, 1886-1908)

      Jozef Stalin (USSR, 1932-39)
      6,000,000 (the gulags plus the purges plus Ukraine’s famine)

      Hideki Tojo (Japan, 1941-44)
      5,000,000 (civilians in WWII)

      Ismail Enver (Turkey, 1915-20)
      1,200,000 Armenians (1915) + 350,000 Greek Pontians and 480,000 Anatolian Greeks (1916-22) + 500,000 Assyrians (1915-20)

      Pol Pot (Cambodia, 1975-79)

      Kim Il Sung (North Korea, 1948-94)
      1.6 million (purges and concentration camps)

      • goodjob

        You forget Gen Gi Khan.(200 million)

        • Chinggis was here

          In Mr G. Khan’s defence, he was provoked by both the Shah of Kwarezm and the Jurchens. The Jurchen Emperor demanded that Chinggis kowtow to him: only matched by Chamberlin’s ‘peace in our time’ and Gumpy Bush’s fascination with ‘The Pet Goat’ as political idiocy. Plus the Jurchen were arrogant, believed they were superior and had been tormenting the Mongols for years (sound familiar?) – so imo the Jurchen were the authors of their own destruction.

          Anyhow back to face eating dudes.

      • Joe

        You forgot ol’ Kubalai and Shanghai Czech

        • Brett Hunan

          Shanghai Czech, haha.

      • Kong

        You forget Queen Victoria of the British Empire (1876-1878)
        10-20,000,000 (In India ALONE, not including the rest of the British Empire and other peripherally affected areas.)

        Including the rest of the British Empire, it stands as possible THE greatest genocide in recorded history.

        • Dr SUN

          Are you sure she was Queen for just 2 years and in 2 years and they conquered 1/3 of the world impressive !!

          • Kong

            I didn’t say she was queen for two years. Those dates refer to famine. Which any amount of research would have told you. I assume the dates in Kevin’s post usually refer to the dates of the events… because they do.

        • Chinggis was here

          Yeah, but what about the roads? Anyhow, to paraphase Mr. E. Blackadder: Queen Vicky’s father was German, she was half-German and she married a German.

          • Kong

            Lol, but whose roads?

        • Chinggis was here

          That was a lead to Monty Python’s Life of Brian and “What have the Romans ever done for us?”

      • Chinggis was here

        Your figures for Stalin are way out. From recollection the two famines in Ukraine were about 6 million dead. I believe Stalin was responsible for the death of 45-70 million of his own citizens

    • jeffli

      “That sick deviant in Yunnan who ate dozens of people has been arrested, how come the news doesn’t allow people to comment on it?”

      Leee? Leeeeeee? ………..Lee TMD!

      WTF you been up to? You crazee bugger! get back to your cave in Yunnan Biatch and muzzle those choppers or we’ll pull out your teeth and claws and you of your bile!

      Could probably sell the bile crystals to some silly Taiwanese witch doctor hehe! …..NOT!

    • Dat Ankle

      So what would you do if you came across a nude man eating a persons face??? Im pretty sure that a pretty good reason to shoot a person after giving warnings unlike when the police shoot an autistic kid for breaking a police officer skin with a butter knife.

    • Silly Rabbit, butt hurt much? There are many nations with higher homicide rates than the US. Try central America, South Africa, or Russia. The rate of homicide in the US has been decreasing steadily for the past decade. Feel better now?

  • lonetrey

    Ahahahaha, laughed at the PvZ posts

  • mp

    You can take the African out of the jungle, but you can’t take the cannibal out of the African. Or something like that… But what I don’t understand is why they were both naked? Oh well, it does get pretty hot in Miami, and they say it hasn’t rained in a while.

    • Little Wolf

      Is it just me or does anybody picture the naked fight scene from “Borat” preluded the actual face-eating part?

      • Little Wolf

        BTW….I think this is the actual “Face Eaten Man” (no guarantee)

        • mr. wiener


        • El Puma R.

          Shit man I just came back from work, I was eating baozi and when I clicked the link I had to stop eating…

  • Vincent

    Lol that was for sure a zombie attack!!
    That story however pop out at a perfect time for the chinese government: did you guys heard that story some days ago about a middles aged chinese guy who abducted and ate several young people, and gave some of their meat to his dog and sold the leftover on the local market as ostrich meat.
    Apparently that cannibal story was “harmonized” and was nowhere to be found in the news in China.

    • Vincent

      well people already commented about it lol.
      Anyway as ChinaSmack enlighten on the news outside China (like here for exemple some news in Miami) we should make a “outside ChinaSmack” to enlighten Chinese people about what’s actually going on in China.

    • Dr SUN
  • The Enlightened One

    I think we should stop all this… which country is more messed up debate. I think we have clear evidence that all countries have messed up people but the Asians always seem to take it one step further lol.

    British guy tries to rape Chinese girl vs. Chinese guy actually convicted of raping girl

    American guy eats some guy’s face vs. Chinese guy eats 11-12 people and hangs the bones from his home while people call him the “Cannibal Monster”

    I mean… yeah everyone has messed up people but the Chinese always seem to take the cake… no?

    • well a little bit of logic and rationality goes a long way. China has one fifth of the worlds people so presumably it also have one fifth of the worlds freaks (more than any other country on earth.) Pretty simple this rationality stuff.

      • mr. wiener

        I’ll forgo the LOL in favor of a nyuk! nyuk! nyuk!

    • Dat Ankle

      Dont expect people to be that sensible on Chinasmack.

    • No.

  • Quarantine the bitten guy A.S.A.P! Do they not watch ‘The Walking Dead’? DUH!

  • k

    Why is this on csmack? It happened In Miami and yah, its bazarre but didn’t the Chinese just arrest a guy for killing like 12 people and eating them? Why isn’t that on here, cause you know it actually happened in China.

    • mr. wiener

      Probably because it was cannibalism with Chinese characteristics, you know, not out in the open for all to see. Foreigners have no shame, they’ll eat someone’s face on a highway overpass rather than try to sell the meat and pretend it is ostrich.

    • Matt

      The point of this is the comments by Chinese netizens about the news article, not the news article itself.

      You and “Young Man” need to get a f*cking clue.

      • Anon

        Yeah, but when the news is non-Chinese and the Chinese take on the situation is not of any particular interest, it’s not surprising that people wonder what the point is.

        The responses I saw seemed to involve conspiracy theories about the police covering up the leak of a bio-weapon. I would assume they were sarcastic, but I read it at the Chinese Global Times, and people there will believe any crazy thing about foreign countries.

        • Not of any particular interest to you.

      • k

        You don’t have to be so rude over a little criticism. I come here to read about events happening in China because they aren’t covered in us media and I really have no interest in Chinese commentary on American news because more often then not its just American bashing followed by hypocritical statements about how China is better.

        • Matt

          You apparently haven’t been here very long, because most of the time it’s the complete opposite.

          Or maybe you just don’t know how to detect sarcasm. That seems highly probable.

          • linette

            What is wrong with the man? He likes fresh meat. He is probably just psychotic that’s all.

        • Chunghwa

          >I come here to read about events happening in China

          If you want the China-bashing flavour, there’s the pro-Green media in Taiwan and the liberal media in Hong Kong. If you want China-blowjobbing, there’s the pro-Blue Taiwanese media and the conservative media in Hong Kong. If you want the party line, there’s Xinhua News Agency and China Daily.

          Here, let me spoon-feed you a bit.

          Like I said, Chinasmack is not a news website. If you’re using it as one, you’re doing it wrong.

  • Cleo

    This is exactly what the Japanese did to Chinese victims in China not because Hirohito failed to feed his goblin army but because these anger excitation rapists were also BITERS to use profiler parlance. Those zombie movie images of zombies looking up from feeding their victims with blood covering their mouth and chin look exactly like archival footage of the Japanese. That is definitely worse than “naked and jacking it in San Diego.” Has anyone else seen the Japanese film Marebito? It is a must see for Chinese, I believe.

  • D

    I’ve heard of people losing face… this this is ridiculous

    • Fu ZhiGao

      Well said!

  • Egolite

    I’m disappointed that you continue to share sensational stories while refusing to print any relevancy like the disappearance of the brother of the blind dissident who sought asylum in the U.S.

    • Matt

      Blame Chinese netizens for not making that a big story, not ChinaSMACK for faithfully adhering to its stated principle of following the biggest news stories. -_-

      Y’all have some serious entitlement issues.

  • Ben

    Six shots to stop him?

    I think I need to upgrade my home defense gun.

    A simi auto 12gauge shotgun loaded with buckshot may be in order.

    • Brett Hunan

      You’ll destroy your refrigerator or a lamp with buckshot. Let me suggest a .357 Magnum with hollow points. All the stopping power, no need to redecorate.

      • mr. wiener

        The “zombie survival guide” recommends a .22 as the best weapon for putting down a zombie. It has enough penetration for head shot without coming out the other side. The bullet will bounce around inside the cranium destroying the brain. The lightness of the ammunition means more can be carried, and a silencer can easily be attached to the front.
        The M1 carbine is also good for this reason, although of course stopping power is not a factor in either of these weapons.

    • moop

      get a 12-gauge like the Remington 870-24591 or the Mossberg 930-85320 for home defense. pick yourself a hammerless .357 revolver like a S&W 642 for concealed carry, or a nice compact .45 cal with an extended mag like a sig p245 or an HK USP compact.

      • Chunghwa

        Chinasmack – at times just like /k/, other times a /pol/fest

        sadly I live in a LOL NOGUNZ country, so I can’t go innawoods like the rest of you when shtf.

  • esspiquar

    It would be Resident Evil The Videogame/s,
    and not Resident Evil the movie, to your average young net addict, Chinese or non.
    Whoever made that comment wasn’t thinking about Milla Jovovich, I guarantee it.

  • redgirl

    He ate his FACE.!!! while he was still alive, he was eating him.
    I would have shot him too, then went back for a cannon.
    “Some Fellas Just Need Killing.”

  • h3ll

    seems like this date ended very bad..

  • Lee

    cannot believe it, it’s like a real version of Criminal Minds~

  • And remember kiddies… LSD can produce some very, very bad trips.

    • redgirl

      and trivial also.

    • Luobo

      there is no way that is LSD induced give me a break…if any kind of drug was involved most likely a combination that would include some sort of (meth) amphetamine

    • El Puma R.

      To Matthew and Luobuo:

      Drugs are not bad, people are stupid.

      LSD is absolutely dangerous when is taken by people with ANY kind of psychological problems. Normally it is recommended to take LSD when you’re feeling fine with yourself and with those around you and must be at a friendly and peaceful environment.

      If you take LSD, take it ONLY if you’re already happy with yourself (really happy, not just convinced that you are). Otherwise don’t do it and save yourself some trouble… Better if you find professional assistance before turning into hard drugs or hallucinogens.

      Vlad the Impaler used to have supper sitting in front of his impaled enemies… and I’m sure he didn’t take any drugs.

  • John

    I’m claiming sofa on the spitting foreigner. You KNOW that’s gonna make it to ChinaSmack! Hwark tooei!

  • eattot

    this post is the beginning of …..
    it’s said there are a lot of zombies in lop nor undergroud…hahaha!

    • Joe

      Oh, don’t be so superstitious! Everyone know that you don’t need to worry about zombies until the guys who get bitten rise from the dead!

      • Joe

        Is this what you mean? The Lop Nur Xiaohe site?

        This bronze-age burial site is an oblong sand dune, from which more than thirty well preserved mummies, found in airtight ox-hide bags, have been excavated. The entire Xiaohe Tomb complex contains about 330 tombs, about 160 of which have been violated by grave robbers.[10] A local hunter guided the Swedish explorer and archeologist Folke Bergman to the site in 1934. An excavation project by the Xinjiang Cultural Relics and Archaeology Institute began in October, 2003. A total of 167 tombs have been dug up since the end of 2002 and excavations have revealed hundreds of smaller tombs built in layers, as well as other precious artifacts. In 2006, a valuable archeological finding was uncovered: a boat-shaped coffin wrapped in ox hide, containing the mummified face of a young woman, smiling.[11]

        • eattot

          not xiaohe death bodies…xiaohe death bodies also good too,so we can know why xinjiang people look like white…haha!and from those dead bodies we can see,acient people (white) till now no big difference at looks.not that acient though,haha!
          after the scientist peng jiamu disappeared there without any clues,people all feel it’s a land full of myth.

          • Joe

            Peng Jiamu (1925–1980) was a Chinese biochemist and explorer, who was lost in the Lop Nur desert. His disappearance sparked a huge highly publicised and fruitless search. In late 1990s, a TV-series named “Searching for Peng Jiamu” was broadcast across the People’s Republic of China. From 2005 to 2007, six skeletons have been discovered and was believed to be his body, but none was proved.

            And now Peng Jiamu is in Florida….

  • Hypocrisy

    “Police said the attacker may have been suffering from a cocaine-induced psychosis. The condition elevates body temperature and often causes those affected to strip naked.” McCarthy-Tribune

    Chinese media reports fail to mention the news report that this guy was probably high on cocaine (LSD or similar) which can cause severe psychosis. The victim is apparently a homeless vagrant who may have also been intoxicated or unconscious at the time of the attack. Still nothing can excuse this kind of beastial behavior.

    • Nyancat

      cocaine is a hell of a drug

      • El Puma R.

        Have you ever taken LSD and cocaine together? they practically neutralize each other turning you into a static numb loser who just wasted a lot of money.

        A lot of people is doing drugs nowadays, don’t need to spice up the story…

  • bscalled

    this is really bizarre news and although it doesn’t happen very often it still makes me think that there are too many mentally disturbed people on the planet and that there should be some form of test to detect & protect the rest of society from these insane people. most of the time these people show signs of their instability yet they are allowed to mingle with everyday people when they really belong in a treatment center.

  • XiaoHei

    I sincerely Thank thee for not posting the photos of the victims face. Anyway, this is terrible for the man who got bitten and I feel sorry for him.

    • Nyancat

      I can’t imagine how this is going to affect him psychologically I mean having ur face eaten by a deranged lunatic, fk’ing hell…

  • Cleo

    We need to parlez with the Black and African communities. It looks like that drug war in America that specifically targeted inner city black youths has been upped with a technological advancement – SOMEONE has created another supporting incident to the Japanese claim that their gentle “honest” peace loving soldiers only behaved so badly towards Chinese families because they were … drugged with the Japanese invention of crystal meth. However, the US has shown that the use of crystal meth leaves permanent marks and prevents you from reaching your full potential as postwar Japan Inc. did. Now black people are once again the target and the alibi with this new drug that makes you behave like a zombie – because there IS archival footage (and the Japanese know it) of Japanese soldiers biting into Chinese bodies and EATING us … raw – but also cooked and sliced like sashimi and forced to eat ourselves. In Canton, my second grade teacher was a young girl when she was running from the Japanese and she saw the stripped bodies with the sliced off buttocks and breasts – she couldn’t understand what that meant until she learned that the Japanese were COOKING the buttocks – marbled kobe beef if basically cow cellulite, get it? The Japanese have continuously creating weird fads that are supposed to NORMALIZE and therefore excuse and mitigate their war crimes. The LOLITA thing was heavily promoted in Japan just like the idea of nerds being too shy to talk to living girls and needing “Real Dolls to excuse … child rapes in China and necrophilia with the most famous incident being the gangrape of Corea’s Queen Min’s corpse as well as the repeated choking and resuscitation rapes that were echoed in the murders made to look like accidents of both David Carradine of Kung Fu and Michael Hutchence.

    There is no way Rwandans would have reenacted the Rape of Nanking with Chinese made 2-dollar knives and the Sierra Leonians as well if there wasn’t a dark FOREIGN force screwing with the serenity of Africans.

    Come on, however bad Black crime is, you KNOW Black people are NOTHING like the culprits of the Rape of Nanking. Africans still shake their heads – they don’t know how their self value could be so destroyed, how this could have happened to them and by them. But the Japanese did NOT do it to THEMSELVES. That’s the thing.

    Who says we “gotta have wa?” – everytime the Japanese go into Korean and Chinese libraries to steal more ancient records, they come across the ancient and accurate name for them as “dwarves” – it’s time to take Ishihara’s plastic surgery away. They need to look like daleks and goblins again.

  • Calling it now. The “naked face eating man zombie” will be a HOT Halloween costume this year.

  • Jonlene

    Abnormal Man!There is a saying:”a good dog doesn’t bite.”He was inhuman and in this way,he was worse than a dog!

  • Ben

    Zombies!!finally they’ve arrived..i’ve long to shoot at their motherfacking head!!

  • chinco boy

    hmm, too bad