Nanchang Long-Legged Beauty Disappoints Excited Internet Men

Two weeks ago, someone on posted a topic called “Nanchang Rainstorm reveals long-legged beauty, Seeking the help of human flesh search engines:”

Long-legged Nanchang girl wearing boots walking in flood water

There was a brief news story with this picture about the short rainstorm that caused some flooding in Nanchang, China. In addition, the topic-starter also wrote:

This kind of figure, this kind of elegant leg! This really is rare high-quality goods! I am begging the human flesh search engines, please help me find this beautiful girl!

There were almost 1800 replies.

At the beginning, most of the replies were men excited by her long legs:

If I found her, it would be too late for you…

Just playing with these two legs can take up half the night!

If the topic-starter finds her, let me know! This one is worth 2000 RMB a night.

Such white legs, I like…

She walks very gracefully. I approve…

Motherfucker! That is my girlfriend!

I need to calm down, and do some push-ups

Head-turning ability very high

Men looking at long-legged Nanchang girl circled

Some people thought her long legs were not real:

Fuck, 100% fake, there’s definitely something in her shoes.

There is nothing in her shoes! But there are 3 bricks under her feet!

Is it that her legs that are long or is it her pants that are short?

Her lower legs are unrealistically long. Everyone, don’t be fooled. Her lower legs are even longer than the length between her knees to her thighs. Have you ever seen such a monster!!

Many questioned how the human flesh search engines could find her without a picture of her face and only a picture of her back:

Without even a picture of a face, you cannot search shit~

How can we search without a picture of her face?

Others warned against finding out what she really looks like:

Do not search anymore
Just let it be a beautiful memory
What if she turns around and she is “Fu Rong Jie Jie?” [pictures]

No front picture is even better…
Everyone can just fantasize…

See face = 500 years of regret!!

Maybe when she turns around, she turns out to be “Ru Hua.”

One word: Good!
But, I cannot hope to see her face. I am afraid to be disappointed!!!!
A blanket shaped like a penis

After seeing her legs, I do not dare see her face. I am afraid if she turns around, she will scare a cow to death.

Do not count on seeing the face, you will be disappointed. In this, I have much experience~~~

After 1129 replies, she was found and her face revealed…

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No, it cannot be…

The front must not be looked upon!

How can her face be so big? This was not how it was supposed to be…

Too scary, I better go back to Mars.

Whoa…we should just continue looking at her back…

After seeing the front, my excitement was immediately calmed.

I am very unexcited now….

Whoa, I saw her after I turned on my monitor and it scared me so much I threw up my lunch.

Okay…legs are still not bad!!!

Well, body is not bad.

Wow, you guys were able to find her with just this.

This reporter is too cruel…

Her face has been revealed. In fact, she was found by a reporter.
Luckily, she is not a beauty. Otherwise I would have been heartbroken if she was and I did not find her earlier.

Already found by a reporter. Her name is Bing Bing, from Harbin, 26 years old, married, husband is from Nanchang.

Damn, I was afraid of her turning around. Suddenly, it is as if we arrived in Jurassic Park.

All the perverts’ dreams were extinguished.
That reporter is a heartless bastard. He should have left everyone with their dreams~

Not bad, still okay to insert.

The internet is truly formidable.  With just a picture of a person’s back, the internet can find who it is.

She was better before she was found.

Love the legs. Do not love the face.

What do you guys think? Are you disappointed?

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  • DiabloIII

    her legs >>>>> her face

  • Anonymous

    the nasty comments about her appearance are probably made by boys with ugly, pimply faces

    • John

      Speak for yourself.

  • Rob

    Clearly there are huge differences between Chinese and American standards of beauty! (Curiously contrary to anthropological studies on the subject.)
    To me, an American, this woman has an attractive face.

  • A Chinese butterface…..

    Everything looks good,,, but-her-face

  • mirko

    Dude she is hot, these monkeys don’t know what they are talking about

    • Scoox

      These monkeys are actually leaving a lot of doors open for us, so let the monkeys deceive themselves.

      I for one think this girl is very beautiful, and certainly far more attractive than any beautiful yet vulgar w*ore whose only goal in life is to hoard LV handbags.

  • Veer Left

    It is sad that people can be hunted down, based solely on their appearance and then ridiculed publicly for it, by anonymous posters who post their ofal under fake names.

    Hey Monkeys! You hunted down this woman by her legs and location. There are videos of college girls gang beating each other for no apparent reason, and a clear video of a demonic woman, who shows her face before KILLING A KITTEN WITH HER STILLETTO HEELS….
    yet you can’t put that bitch on blast?
    This is soooo typical… BTW, I’m sure all the guys that had things to say about that nice looking girls face are all models of male perfection. You know, flat stomachs, bulging muscles and adequate _______…

  • laogao

    i agree, give her some credit…any guy who tries to say this girl doesn’t have a pretty face is surely gay. or maybe they are disappointed with her face because it’s proof that she’s out of their league. if she had long legs but a deformed face, they might have had a chance with her…

    • John

      Yes, anyone who doesn’t find her bordering-on-unattractive face as “hot” as you do is a homosexual. You’ve probably seen three women in your life, and all of them your relatives.

  • Chinamerican

    Holy damn, that picture makes her look like a giant.

    And come on, let’s be fair here – who looks great 100% of the time when a picture is taken by surprise and full-frontal (as opposed to profile) like that?

  • Anonymous

    hell, she’s 100% better than Bai Ling!

  • Kamina888

    Shes not ugly, shes lovely!

  • Anonymous

    If you silly boys don’t think she’s pretty, you could’ve photo-shopped the face of a beauty queen over the original. Image is everything!

  • dave

    I’d call her and be her friend.

  • mark liu

    @mirko & veer left (what kinda of name is this): go fuck yourselfves, you pigs

  • Sexy Fat Buddha

    I think she’s banging hot.

    Those legs do it for me big time.

  • Veer Left

    Mark Liu, you pre-pubescent turd, what have we said that makes us PIGS?
    You obviously have a basic grasp of the language that we are using but not the words that we used.
    Explain yourself Markie.

  • Jeff

    The guys saying she’s ugly are used to spankin’ it to highly photoshopped girls in American magazines…

  • YBN

    Actually, you can take “American” out of there, it’s a worldwide phenomenon.

    Well, anyways, the very fact that they’re looking and commenting at pictures on the net instead of either actually getting freaky with their girl, or being out there trying to get one, i think that says enough about their loserness already… :)

    • John

      Yes, anyone who uses the internet to post replies to a news topic must not be “getting freaky,” whatever that stupid expression means. Never mind that you are automatically including yourself in that category by your mere posting.

  • Bob

    Hell shes not that bad looking

    I didn’t know guys were that spoilt in china. They’ve watched too much japanese porn.

  • Inst

    how do they know it’s real?

  • hghlndr

    @Rob: same reason why people who have not seen many Chinese people think they look alike, and vice versa. The face recognition region of your brain needs a lot of exposure to a category (ethnic group) of faces to tell the difference between them and to make judgments on aesthetics. Those guys on Chinese BBS have seen a lot of Chinese faces and their criteria for beauty (at least beauty worth remarking about) might be shifted towards that tail end of the normal distribution for looks. I think she’s slightly above average looking, not ugly, not symmetric enough for a model. The exaggerated cries of ugly are probably more due to disappointment coming from hours imagining a fantasy face than real cries of “do not want”.

  • Bopomofo

    She’s what we (in America) call a “BUTTER FACE”

    Her body’s hot ….except her FACE!

  • Anonymous

    BUTT FACE – A guy with a hot bod and ugly face. And there are many!

  • fed up with shallow men

    There is absolutley nothing with this girl’s looks. I was bemused when I saw her face in relation to the comments, and apparent disappointment by the ‘beauty’ fixated hordes of horny shallow men who trawled the internet to locate, the head attached to the long desirable legs.

    Guys..GET A LIFE! We are supposedly living in a more enlightened era when as someone has already pointed out, we women are now not judged soley on our looks or our ability to be aesthetically pleasing to testoserone imbued brainless males.

    Hmm.. .. I ‘d be very interested to see the faces of all the BLOKES who criticised this young woman’s looks.
    I suspect there would be a few shattered mirrors and not to mention a few deflated egos when the tables were turned, and the girl in question able to answer back and give HER opinion on the men who were so rude about her appearance.
    Nuff said I think…….

  • chris

    She’s hot if you ask me. But nobody did.

  • thiswonderfulwoman

    this is a very beautyfull woman

  • aaa

    How good( or bad) is her face in China?
    Above average? or below average?
    I’d like to hear your opinion (^0^)

  • Dream Scourge

    She’s reasonable cute, her smile looks nice, tho’ she may not be the most attractive person in the world, if you compare her to the average Chinese woman rather than to Chinese models then she rates rather highly, Not that the looks should be that paramount.

    ‘fed up with shallow men’ says it all, tho’ it is rather interesting that the most derogatory comments come from people with asian names.

    • That’s because they are white ass worshippers and have no taste. Chinese or people of East Asian origin are so beautiful…there can be no comparason. Whites can be
      beautiful from 15 – 22 and start to wane fast thereafter. Asians don’t wane until after 55.

      • AnaGia

        Keep your anti-white hate to yourself. Nobody wants to hear it. Thank you.

      • Alan

        Evidence , or what you assert is just a superiority complex.

        Speaks volumes your countrymen admire Hitler and Stalin.

        • AnaGia

          This post is not about bashing on races. So, anyone who feels the need to spew crap, should hold it in.

  • You bunch of guys don’t know how to appreciate a beautiful Chinese girl…she is top of line natural beauty…not the sleazy type white sluts. Come on fellas, she is beautiful.

  • Not a soul vouch for this beautiful girl with cute legs?
    Readers here are not too sophiscated.

  • LiL

    hell ya! Imagine if you were on top of her! your dick would tell you the truth!!!

  • Moi

    I don’t know what your problem is, to me she looks beautiful AND natural, lovely and simple.

    You don’t deserve for a girl like her to give you the time of day, go back to your photoshopped “beauties” you wankers!

  • groupercheeks

    love to have her legs around my leck and eating out her pussy…YUM

  • kitty

    Well, the truth is white men do not know what chinese beauty is, they just jump onto any asian woman they see and say they are beauty.

    she is very very normal looking tbh, and yes, her head is slightly larger than normal. possible “ren yao”.

  • Robert Manko

    This is a beautiful girl, if any scum says otherwise,
    their type of taste belongs to the zoo. Her legs are magnificient and her looks rivals any world class models.
    I should know, I’m a beauty judge. Comments by zoo keepers and gawkers? keep it to yourself!!

  • anon

    I’ll bet the boys making ugly comments about the woman look like pigs and are losers.

  • DisturbedByThisStory

    Ok it would be one thing thing if she put the picture up herself and was like “Omg! What do you men think of my legs?”

    But let me this get straight…

    This girl just happens to be in a photograph that appears on news? Then she gets searched for online by obviously ‘intelligent’ men who want find her and do questionable things just because happen they to admire her legs in a random picture?..

    Uh.. Yeah.. there’s nothing disturbing and wrong about that at all….

    Oh and it doesn’t stop there… These men who have been openly confessing their fantasies about this poor girl’s backside not only hunted her down but had the ordasity to ridicule her picture because she happened to look normal when she never asked for their opinion in the first place?

    Again, definately nothing disturbing and wrong at all …

    Oh and I’m pretty sure these all Internet critics, who I’m guessing are mostly male, are probably quite gorgeous in body and face themselves. Infact they must be popular models who somehow find the time the cruise the web and anonymously express their carnal desires about a random girl’s backside before going on to their next photo shoot.

    Yeah… and I’m totally not being sarcastic at all…

  • Smokinbilly

    I think she’s gorgeous, face and legs, I would like to take her as my girlfriend straight away.

  • Bailan

    Pretty girl, with nice legs. I was pleasantly surprised :)

  • Hanerator

    She’s beautiful, there’s no doubt about it!

  • CaliAznGirl

    I totally agree with ‘DisturbedWithThisStory’ and ‘fed up with shallow men’.

    Seeing these comments are an affirmation of why I decided not to date asian guys anymore. I’ve grown up around asian american guys and they pretty much have this same standard for asian women: pale perfect skin, stick thin, shiny long hair, long legs in proportion to their body, look like Aki Hoshino, and of course, smart.

    I don’t mean thin as in 5’3 and 110 lbs. Thin as in 5’3 and 85 lbs. Perfect skin as in glowing poreless baby butt skin. Smart as in you got into an ivy league school.

    It REALLY annoyed me. TRUE, there are girls like that, maybe 30% of my girl friends are like that. BUT, in college, when you lose weight and the pimples go away, you remember these harsh judgments and of course…why date these guys with such superficiality when there are others you can be more comfortable around?

    What’s so strange and funny is that my brother and cousins are probably like the above guys in this article, but they themselves are no Brad Pitt or Edison Chen. I was never encouraged to date outside of my ethnic group, but I am SO GLAD I did.

    Interestingly enough, my ex-bf who was a Japanese rock star lookalike, has started dating this Italian woman who (imo) is very plain looking. However, I think because he grew up seeing asians all the time, he thinks most caucasian women are pretty even though americans would probably think of “pretty” differently.

  • Ray

    Nanchang woman are called the China Dolls of Asia. They have a longer calf area than most stub-legged woman for some reason. They have long beautiful coal blue black hair in the sun and are very precious Han woman. I know for real because I was fortunate enough to have married one I met there. Nanchang is far from a beautiful place but the woman are well known for their loving kindness and upbringing. One thing after the child you are second wheel as they would die for the son if they have one. I have learned to become the boy’s best friend and have eternal peace with her.

    • Rene Donaldson

      That sucks man. You should be first always and they child should come after both of you.

  • joo

    I think she’s gorgeous, not actually my type though.

  • I hate to tell you and really upset the apple cart so to speak. My wife is from Nanchang City. I have spent much time there before we were married and I KNOW this woman. HAHAHAHAHA
    She is a real person. I am American but I have met her and we also have a common friend. The only reason she is out like this is because of the heavy rains like the ones in 2002 in Jiangxi Province where this woman lives. A clue may help visiting either East Lake Park, or Elephant Lake Park. That may help you eliminate some of the over 4 million people she lives amongst!!! Good Luck. She is also NOT MARRIED!!!! Whaaaaaa
    Her legs are very lovely and she is a beautiful young woman. I will not tell who she is because it would make problems for her.
    A few people who made purchases at my web site have seen her name in the hidden pictures. First name ONLY!!!

  • Leo

    As a girl, she still looks pretty hot to me…

    And pfft like any of you netizen critics are getting laid anyway…look at yourselves, devoting your time to finding a girl with ‘long legs’ (which aren’t even long wtf) and when you find her, you say she’s ugly…?

    Virgin alert.

  • M

    not really a butter face. She just looks average

    lol she isn’t even tall in the photo. Maybe compared to other chinese girls. But at most she’s maybe 5’6/5’7 in that photo.

  • AnaGia

    She is not unattractive. In my book, she is still an attractive woman, and I’m no lesbian. The guys are too harsh about judging her. They should look at themselves before they speak up to criticize an attractive woman.

  • Rene Donaldson

    She’s pretty cute. Her husband must be happy. If she was my wife I’d be happy to; I wouldn’t let her out of my sight.

  • Rod

    Ha. The Chinese comments were hilarious. That being said, I’d still hit it.

  • JJ

    I think she is beautiful!!

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