Nanjing Brother and Sister Live in Trash Pile With Dogs

Nanjing Brother and Sister Live in Trash Pile With Dogs

Recently a Nanjing netizen went to visit 2 kids who have been seen wearing dirty tattered clothes, living in a filthy polluted trash pile, and playing next to rusty dog cages. When they are hungry they eat scraps from the trash pile or even dog food, and when they are thirsty they drink water from the dog bowl.After some investigation, he discovered the children are staying with their grandfather, who isn’t willing to give them up for adoption even though he doesn’t have the means to properly care for them.One netizen said “What a tragedy! The ancient capital of 6 dynasties has become a city of bad news”.
Source: Netease

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  • DD Bear!

    so, poor people better not make kids.
    coz most people make kids for themselves, not for kids.

  • Vance

    Where is the rest of this family?

    • David

      In China the parents are often elsewhere trying to make a living and leave the kids with the grandparents to raise. However, not normally in this kind of condition, even if the parents are in a different town to work. You would think they would be sending money home to the grandfather to support the kids. This is the problem with little news clips you do not get any real information.

  • Foreign Devil

    Do they not have child protection services in China that take kids like these away? Also if you can afford to feed like 4 dogs, you can probably feed your kids.