Nanjing ‘Chengguan’ Stepping on Street Vendor Angers Netizens

City Management personnel seemingly stepping on an illegal street vendor's neck during enforcement.

City Management personnel seemingly stepping on an illegal street vendor's neck during enforcement.

From NetEase:

Nanjing city management temporary worker “accidentally” steps on street vendor

This morning [June 27th], this reporter saw a piece of news on microblogs about a chengguan stepping on [pressing down on the ground with his foot] a street vendor/peddler at the bottom of the Nanjing Hexi Wanda Building. This microblog post also included an eye-grabbing photograph. A city management official actually stepping on a street vendor? Many netizens were in disbelief. The moment this microblog message was posted, it was quickly forwarded and spread online. In response to this, the Nanjing Jian’ye District Xinglong Street City Management Branch said: “This enforcement personnel is not a chengguan, is only an assistant [temporary worker], and only accidentally stepped on the street vendor.”

Netizen’s original expose: Chengguan steps on street vendor at the bottom of the Hexi Wanda Building

The “Chengguan steps on street vendor” microblog post attracted the attention of the entire city

Around 10pm on the evening of June 25th, “September舌甘” was driving past the area around Hexi Wanda and saw some people gathered below the Wanda Building. Looking closely, one person unbelievably had another person under his heel, and it just happened to be on the other person’s neck. Outraged, she quickly took out her mobile phone and took a photograph, and posted on her microblog: “This is what China’s chengguan are like, outrageous, below the Wanda [building], please forward.” The moment this microblog message was posted, it was soon reposted and forwarded by “龙虎网我新闻”, “JSBC突发新闻记者”, and other microblogs.

Some netizens immediately thought of the recent news of chengguan carrying off a street peddler’s watermelons: “Chengguan are just like bandits, casually taking and walking away with a watermelon peddler’s watermelons!”

[Note: This refers to a video of another “temporary worker” assisting chengguan confiscating the four watermelons a street peddler was selling, but it was later revealed that this video was recorded by the chengguan themselves to document he enforcement and the watermelons were later released back to the street peddler.]

Microblogger “@大大大路遥” said “This is too inhuman [disrespectful]!”

“@史光头” could not understand: “Just who gave you the guts to use this foot? Just how much hate does one have to have to do such a thing!”

@夜未央fang: “I wrote about the chengguan problem in my graduation thesis. Most of these instances of bullying people are the result of the poor characters of chengguan personnel, so the key is to introduce people with better character [into the organization].”

Another microblogger “邪惡的老錢” said: “Ai you wei, chengguan sure are niubi, if they’re this bold, they should go fight Vietnam and the Philippines.

The City Management branch office replied: “It was an assistant who accidentally stepped on the street vendor.”

This reporter saw on the photograph that under the faint yellow light, next to a three-wheeled barbecue vendor’s cart was a man using his foot to step on another man’s neck, the man who was stepping wearing what appears to be an enforcement uniform. However, one cannot be sure. The microblogger said there is a closer photograph that proves that this man is a chengguan, but it was inconvenient to post it. “Even if it really is a chengguan officer, they will still have this or that kind of excuse. I just want them to be civilized in their enforcement. I’m not going to comment any more!”

Through this reporter’s investigations, around 10:30am yesterday, at the boundary between Jian’ye District’s Yanshan Road and the Gulou Software Park, there was indeed a dispute that occurred between a street vendor and enforcement personnel.

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The Jian’ye District Xinglong Street City Management Branch Section Chief Chen Lin said that yesterday night they received many calls from city residents complaining about there being too many street vendors and peddlers doing business at the intersection of Hexi Yanshan Road and the Gulou Software Park. So they carried out a joint task force operation to restore order there. During the enforcement operation, there were disagreements.

“The street vendor at the time was brandishing a knife and cut one of our men on their head. A fight broke out between the two, and during the struggle to wrest away the knife, the street vendor fell down. Our man lost his footing and accidentally stepped on that street cart vendor, the angle of which just happened to be photographed by a netizen passing by.” Section Chief Chen Lin also indicated that enforcement these days is indeed difficult. When they receive a report from city residents, they have to take action, and there is bound to be disagreements and trouble during the process of enforcement.

A member of the Political Work Section of the Jian’ye District Public Security Sub-Bureau said that afterward, the assistant and the street cart vendor were brought to the police station to deal with this incident and it was confirmed that a fight had happened between the two. The street cart vendor had refused to comply and the assistant wanted to confiscate the street cart vendor’s things which the street cart vendor resisted. “There was indeed a physical struggle during the conflict but no one was cut.” This reporter also attempted to get in touch with the barbecue cart vendor but the street vendor wasn’t willing to give an interview.

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At present, the Xinglong Street City Management Branch has already disciplined this assistant: “His evaluation bonus this month has been deducted, and is at home suspended from work. At the same time, we will strengthen education and guidance of our personnel, to be civilized in enforcement.”

Heated discussion amongst netizens: Chengguan steps on street vendor at the bottom of the Hexi Wanda Building


Chengguan are just like bandits, casually taking and walking away with a watermelon peddler’s watermelons~!


How impressive he is!! Stepping on other people, simply a beast!! Those who trample on other people’s dignity shall eventually get what’s coming to them!!! I curse you!!!


How can this kind of person become a chengguan? Strip him of his clothes and let him be a beggar for the rest of his life!


We can say chengguan are all just licended bullies!


I really don’t know by what right these chengguan can be so arrogant and unbridled!


This must be forwarded, this national scum.


Too inhuman~


The characters of chengguan truly can be compared to thugs and hooligans.


I wrote about the chengguan problem in my graduation thesis. Most of these instances of bullying people are the result of the poor characters of chengguan personnel, so the key is to introduce people with better character [into the organization].


Ai you wei, chengguan sure are niubi, if they’re this bold, they should go fight Vietnam and the Philippines[email protected] Chengguan


Human flesh search him out.

Comments from NetEase:

我用脚投票 [网易加拿大网友]:

Just imagine, what would happen if you were to “accidentally step on” a chengguan? Crime of obstruction of official duties!

改造人I [网易广东省珠海市网友]:

You think we’re all idiots…?


Does this posture look like he has “accidentally” stepped on him? It looks to me more like some high lord insulting a slave, crushing a slave underfoot as if her were just a bug!

王圣强 [网易北京市网友]:

Masters, if you think those street vendors and peddlers selling things have affected your city’s appearance, made you lose face, then establish a marketplace for them free of vendor booth/stall fees, so they can gather there to sell things. If you can’t do this, please don’t deprive them of their right to make a living!

Likewise, if you feel the ordinary common people’s homes aren’t as pretty as the villas you live in, then give each of them a villa. If you still can’t do this, then please don’t be like thugs and robbers and go forcibly demolish the small homes they depend on for shelter!

Those ordinary common people are not stealing or robbing, they’re just out peddling to do some small business, and yet they’re treated as if they’ve commit such huge crimes, beaten, smashed, hounded, and killed so they can’t live! What kind of world is this?!

网易黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友: (responding to above)

Brother, you can build a marketplace and they won’t go, because they intentionally want to sell things in busy areas. If it were as easy as you think it is, then everything would’ve been solved long ago. If people didn’t complain and force the chengguan to go deal with these things, who would be willing to spend their day arguing and fighting with people as if it were a war? Just so they could confiscate a few watermelons?

O万岁是老妖O [网易江苏省无锡市网友]:

Every time they try to explain it away, could they just admit fault once and then improve themselves?

尼克chen [网易美国网友]:

Sorry, I didn’t mean to fuck your wife.

fxw1186 [网易山东省菏泽市网友]:

When we can let some street peddlers also accidentally step on the chengguan, we’ll also deduct some of their monthly bonus!
I think these chengguan simply need to be fucked to death by dogs [should just go to hell].


Just how big is that foot for it to have blocked his field of vision [leading him to unknowingly step on another person]…

淡淡竹 [网易江苏省扬州市网友]:

WCNMLGB, I ate this brother’s barbecue not long ago. NMLGB, assistant? Accidentally? Why don’t you TM accidentally go drown?

www嚸cqwawa嚸tk [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Again, a temporary worker! Again, a temporary worker! Again, a temporary worker! Again, a temporary worker! Again, a temporary worker! [协管 xie guan, are typically individuals who are hired temporarily to assist with helping with enforcement, and include workers such as crosswalk monitors.]


Do you know what is the most preposterous thing about China? It’s when we all already know the truth yet they’re still there lying to our faces. Do you know what is the most most preposterous thing about China? It’s when we all already know the truth, and they also know we know the truth, yet they’re still there lying to our faces. Do you know what is the most most preposterous thing about China? It’s when we all already know the truth, they also know we know the truth, they also know we know they are lying to our faces, and yet they’re still there lying to our faces.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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          Everyone underestimates the power of “the sofa”. And yet, story after story, whether the story is touching, funny, sad or even a little stupid, people scramble for “the sofa”. Yes it’s allure is truly powerful. Not to mention versatile. A sofa with the right girl can be wonderful and yet a sofa with the wrong girl can bring even greater joy, truly a demonstration of the dark side.

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  • Jeff

    so what. In NYC the cops step on everyone also

    • because America is the centre of the civilised world and we should all be following that model?


      • moop

        Jeff is just deflecting or trolling

        • anon

          Well, that presumes he’s Chinese, doesn’t it? I don’t think that’s wise…

          For example, he could very well be a desensitized New Yorker who simply no longer finds police brutality to be all that shocking and unexpected anymore.

          • moop

            if he’s deflecting he’s chinese, if he’s trolling he could be from anywhere…

          • anon

            Yeah…and that’s doing things backwards. Instead of deducing motives from identity, you’re deducing identity from an assumed motive. That’s not wise.

            Actually, both aren’t wise but the latter is even less wise. The former suggests profiling, the latter suggests preoccupation.

          • moop

            god you’re tedious. “Instead of deducing motives from identity” the internet is relatively anonymous ANON. how could i make said deductions ? i can’t because of the nature of this site and the internet. i know you’re saying i should just not assume, but i’ll work with what i’m given with. its still a pretty “trolling”-looking comment, not too far from something pada might say, but in the beginning he would throw in some giberish and at the and an “lol”.

        • Jeff

          You fucking assholes I AM FROM NEW YORK CITY so what is this wanna-be mall cop doing that is so different then any city in the word right now?

          • moop

            well for one he hasn’t shot anyone’s dog yet. our lovely swat teams are starting to make a sport out of it

  • Rick in China

    If the guy was packing a knife and attacked one of the chengguan, or even used it in defense when they try to force him away but cut someone up, stepping on him is hardly abuse of force….

    Not to defend ChengGuan, I fucking hate them, but ‘stepping’ on someone to control them after they were just in a scuffle with you/your guys isn’t nearly as bad as a beating, which I would have expected to happen.

    • Chef Rocco

      Well said. if the vendor is in Vancouver airport and fusses around with cops, we would have seen another Robert Dziekański taserized to death.

      • CoBa? (aka coala banana)

        bad comparison ! why feel pity for a choleric fuck ?

        as for china. Its the way it is, cause of chinese people. A nation of 1.5 billion, where 1 billion of them is just pissed cause of the reason that THEY can’t be an official, so they do what they do best, blaming the ones they would like to be. There is a good reason that there are ChengGuan, so someone can do the inconvenient shit and make his self unpopular to reduce the direct hate to the chinese police, which when the worst case happens can come to the rescue…..BS, typical china BS !

    • filabusta

      They’re probably lying about the knife. I’m sure that the guy had a knife there on his cart. They said in one paragraph that he cut the chengguan on the head, and the next paragraph says that nobody was cut. It seems there are three main lies here.
      1. The vendor took out a knife and cut the guy
      2. It was an accident
      3. The guy is a temporary worker

      • firebert5

        Is he from Xinjiang? I can make out the words “muslim brothers” on his cart I think. But I can’t make out if he is just a Han who converted or if he is a migrant worker from the northwest.

        • anon

          No, it just says Brothers Shao Kao or Brothers Barbecue.

          I think it was good that the article included the differing details given by the different departments.

  • Brett Hunan

    Remember when the chengguan beat up the “real” police?

    Chengguan are becoming like the Matrix. They will soon become a self-sustaining entity, surviving on the lives of common people. Even their creators cannot stop them.

    • Rick in China

      huh? Chengguan vs. police? Where?

      • Brett Hunan

        I believe it was covered by chinaSMACK as well, but I can’t find the story, so here it is from chinahush.

        • Rick in China

          Thanks for the link. That’s crazy, really surprised they had the balls to take him to the police station – I’d imagine it will happen again, and the Chengguan will make the same decision, ending up in a true police vs. chengguan brawl, that’d be a sight to see.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Are you using a proxy to see chinahush?

            It seems to be blocked when I tried to open that link.

          • Rick in China

            I’m usually on strongVPN for youtube/hulu ish, so may have.. it works great and doesn’t cost much :D

  • bomber

    the chengguan get a lot of (deserved ) criticism, but to be honest someone does need to enforce these regulations. it’s, like most things here, a systemic and structural issue.
    if they were ticketing and towing illegally parked cars i bet there’d be room for vendors like this guy.

    • moop

      if the police were actually worth a damn here i dont think people would complain as much. most police taking naps in their cars and doing nothing all day makes the chengguan look that much more aggressive. this society needs to start following rules and the govt needs to establish rule of law. labor costs are rising, and the legal hurdles and environment arent exactly helping to keep foreign investors from staying or coming in

      • Rick in China

        Labor costs are going to kill investment – as menial labor rises significantly it’ll ripple up to people in middle and higher level positions requiring more and more, at a faster rate than exists already. Lots of companies are already moving their outsourcing to places like Vietnam, and off of the east coast – it’s often cheaper to hire higher level positions in the US or Europe than Beijing or Shanghai now. My costs for a tiler for a week ended up being like 7k RMB..not bad for a weeks work, and his cost was a little lower than normal due to an introduction.

  • Cardaver

    Well, in the last post, some chengguan said they were sending their best wishes to Hu Jintao, or something along those lines. This proves all chengguan are actually good people. This perhaps is not a real chengguan, but a temporary worker. Or more likely an imperialist Japanese running dog, disguised as a chengguan to disrupt harmony amonst the Chinese. We should all work together to ignore this story, and all other propaganda and lies being forced upon us by foreign powers trying to take China down

    • Brett Hunan

      Cleo’s lover?

      • hess

        Obvious troll is obvious

      • cardaver

        not sure who Cleo is, but yeah, I be trollin’

        • mr. wiener

          You’d like Cleo, she has a real boner for the japanese and likes putting in references to them whatever the context, or lack there of.

          • Patrick

            I love it, someone announces they are trolling and they are welcomed with open arms.

          • mr. wiener

            gotta respect the honesty, if not the intent.

          • Patrick

            Truly, an honest asshole is much easier to deal with than a dishonest asshole.

  • I’d like to “accidentally” beat the Chenguan to a bloody pulp. Hahaha!

    The Chenguan aren’t police, so why do people here tolerate them???

    • Rick in China

      They’re employed by the government to enforce regulations on unlicensed street vendors in public space. They’re not “police”, but they’re hired by the same government as police in order to perform a function the police aren’t tasked with – what’s the real difference?

      • linette

        I see, you just answered my question. So they are police.

        • Rick in China

          They aren’t police in the sense that they can’t enforce anything out of their specific jurisdiction – for example, if there’s a street fight or theft or something, Chengguan can’t do shit. They are only tasked with enforcing regulations/by-laws in cities. Most of the time it means keeping restaurants from illegally moving tables and shit onto the public street area, unlicensed vendors from selling product in public, managing signs and ‘city appearance’ public structures, stuff like that.. almost like really low-level police with very limited power mostly to keep the public area looking orderly.

          • I really wish they would enforce parking rules since they are simply glorified meter maids…

          • Rick in China

            If they start towing cars instead of leaving 50rmb fines on windows, I’d imagine people would stop parking anywhere they wish.

            Personally, I have black plates, and am guilty of getting away with parking in stupid places which I presume is because of the black plate. Once my CEO was in town, we went to buy some stuff at wangfujing for cold weather (company ski trip), wangfujing was *packed* literally no spots, after driving through it for 40 minutes and the roadside littered with cars the only place I could park was literally up on the sidewalk infront of the mall steps/entrance. He asked, “Wont you get towed or a fine?” .. “Maybe..” — we were inside for about an hour, came out, no ticket – but saw a police on a bike putting a ticket on another car’s window going in the direction away from my car – so presumably he just skipped it. It could be black plates, it could also be if you park *extremely* over the top places they presume you don’t give a shit for a reason, and don’t want to bother…not sure what. Not a habit by any means, but if you drive here I think you’ll find situations in which you also feel you may as well just take part in minor insubordination like this.

          • linette

            So Chengguan are like city inspectors. China needs that. They need to have inspectors to make sure everything is orderly and follow regulation. But aren’t we all complaining that the Chinese don’t follow rules? The Chengguan are very violent and corrupted?

            I say that because where I am from, we also have problem with illegal street vendors. They are selling things and foods and are not regulated without obtaining a legal license. You are protecting the public when you enforce regulation and the things you sell must be inspected. What about sanitation? In many country they will arrest you.
            Some street vendors are very violent too. They scream and attack police.

          • Rick in China

            I think everyone agrees it needs enforcement. I don’t think the government cares much about the sanitation aspect as much as the fact they don’t pay taxes on their profits, though. The reason the public hates Chengguan in general isn’t the fact their job is to enforce, it’s the bullying and swarming tactics on seemingly downtrodden people. The hypocrisy and disgust here is that the Chengguan are essentially peasants, given a tiny bit of power and little or no education, but with that power comes immediate shift in attitude to abuse it upon other people of their same class – peasants. It’s peasant vs. peasant action, and from the government perspective, it’s an excellent idea – keep the lower classes fighting against eachother and they’ll essentially have no time or interest in looking at the larger picture and problems that exist at higher levels.

          • bb

            So Rick, your answer to the lack of law enforcement is to NOT abide by the law? That is just absurd and shows a greater underlying issue that exists here, which is the unjustified Adonis complex that accompanies anyone carrying the merest shred of importance.

          • Rick in China

            Can you be a little more specific, where do you see me saying the answer to “the lack of law enforcement is to NOT abide by the law?”

            People make infractions. People speed. People run red lights. People park illegally. People do things they shouldn’t do. They often get fined for doing so. It happens less when heavier punishments and consequences exist. If you don’t want people to park illegally, tow cars. That’s what I said. Your response is either spawned from a lack of reading entire replies or a straw man interpretation of what I was saying, with absolutely no actual value to the thread.

          • anon

            Great comments, Rick.

  • whiskersthecat

    Are we sure it wasn’t one of the shoe-shining people? Maybe he was just polishing his shoes but had no little stool thing for him to put his feet on. Let’s consider all the possibilities, guys.

  • linette

    What is chengguan? Are they part of the police force? They are there to do what? Maintain security and safety on the streets?

    • linette

      Well, if you are an illegal street vendor, your stuff will be towed away. If you resist and get into physical fight with the police, they will throw you down on the ground and handcuff you. It’s like that in every country. This chengguan bro probably knows kung fu. He didn’t bother to use handcuff. But it don’t look too good stepping on a man’s neck. That is not good practice. They should use handcuff.

      • anon

        Wait a second…did you just ask a question and then answer yourself?

        Something isn’t right here…

    • Brett Hunan
      • moop

        sometimes i think linette and notorious are the same person

        • Brett Hunan

          hah, I would lose all faith in internet forums.

          • linette

            Thank you for the link.

            They are the City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau. So that I guess they have one for rural too? They really separate rural and urban don’t they.

        • Chef Rocco

          not exactly, they just happen to join same AA group and are studying Chinese ‘symbols” together to cure their addiction to race purity :)

        • moop

          seriously. linette is from hongkong but she’s never made a mistake typing english, something most westerners do, she either doesnt keep up with chinese current events or is ignorant of them (boxilai, no chengguan), they both ask questions without looking things up themselves, she’s been posting more since notorious left, and they always support eachother. duhn duhn duhn!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • linette

          What happen ruffy. No one gave you a biscuit today? Why so grouchy? Behave now! If you are a good boy I will let you sit on my lap and give you a nice pat.

          • moop

            you’ve seen me be mean before, so you know i am not angry at all or being mean now. i am just pointing out the similarities between the two of you. the “duhn duhn duhn!!!!!!!!!!!!” at the end should have been a tip off that i am not 100% serious

          • linette

            What similarities? Was Notorious so bad? You men just don’t understand women that’s all. Don’t understand what’s important to us. I understand what she is saying. You men have no clue.

          • moop

            what was wrong with notorious… let me count the ways… she said a lot of stupid shit, makes every issue about race or victimhood, is a racist, and arrogant.

            women’s solidarity is a ridiculous reason to support someone. it is based on collective thinking which is the root of such evils as racism and nationalism.

            its not that we dont understand women (no man every really does i guess), its that we dont understand stupid ones. besides, its not like she is actually capable of saying things that could go over our heads. she lacks the mental capacity. i don’t really want to talk about notorious. i dislike her enough as it is and she isnt here to even defend herself.

          • moop

            i dont mean to say you have the same qualities as notorious. don’t think i am also saying you are “she said a lot of stupid shit, makes every issue about race or victimhood, is a racist, and arrogant.”

            again, i wasnt being totally serious when i made my first comment

          • linette

            Okay moopy, no problem. I wasn’t mad. If I was mad I would troll you. Pat pat kiss kiss truce..

            ….hush hush…I am sure notorious is reading….

          • Wang that!

            Moop… its too late you insulted her so no matter how objective your comment is… she will fling shit at you… look at her response to my comment bellow..

            Like you I made a post that had no mean will behind it and she comes out taking shots… even when you respond to with humor, she still manages to make it her mission to take shots.

            You and I are marked for life…

            With Linette it is case simple case of trying to understand the mentality of a women scorn…

          • linette

            That’s right. Marked you like cattle. On your forehead 必杀.

            You are on my “must list”


        • mr. wiener

          It would explain why she just argued with herself. I prefer to think she has a good and an evil side.

          • CoBa?

            wiener my man…..whats wrong with you guys ?

            Notorious aka frog eye = linette

          • mr. wiener

            What’s that mystery man I’ve never met before?
            No , I don’t think notorious and Linette are the same person. With Linette you just have to apologise and she’s as nice as after that, plus she don’t sege opinions about black people into posts that have nothing to do with them.
            Linette I can deal with. Notorious was getting kind of flaky.

          • moop

            CoBa= coalabanana?

          • Brett Hunan

            moop, seems like hes back. grammar, sensational theories, and bombarding the boards with posts in such a short time makes me a believer.

            Call the search off boys, we’ve “found” him.

            I guess he finally left China or his previous address because im pretty sure he was IP-banned.

          • moop

            he might be using a vpn and using a foreign ip address.

          • CoBa?

            you guys care too much…why not just lean back, relax, and have some fun…..

    • Wang that!

      Think of them as quasi law enforcement.

      In the US National Park Rangers would an example but they are not responsible for urban law enforcement. They have the power to enforce hunting/fish laws with powers of arrest and handing out fines.

      In Canada they would be like auxiliary police, parking enforcement. They are classified as peace officers and have powers of arrest and handing out fines but no allowed to carry weapons. Difference with chengguan with aux police in Canada is that they are civilian volunteers.

      I would imagine HK has like officials, possibly the Metro Security is one? just an assumption.

      • linette

        What about in Japan? Who maintain and regulate the street vendors and chase them out when they don’t have license? The sumo wrestlers in their diapers?

        • Wang that!

          That’s right! Sumo wrestlers and to correct you it’s referred to as a loin cloth not a diaper… hundoshi to be exact. I can’t believe you had to ask??? I guess you never been…

          Also the Sumo wrestlers don’t have to chase anyone because Japanese generally tend to be very law abiding and follow the rule of law. Besides they can’t run long distances…

          • linette

            Japanese generally tend to be very law abiding, confining, restricting, and boooooooring….

            I didn’t say that. My girlfriend told me.

          • Wang that!
          • linette

            hahaha….You and her are both crazy. Take some xanax.


          • Wang that!

            Nice try! LOL

            He’s an old fart from HK that is pretending to be Japanese.

          • linette

            yeah right..sure. nice try. What is he saying?? He is saying something like I am Japanese..or something?

          • Wang that!

            prove he is not from HK… LOL

            I guess the shit fling starts here?

          • red scarf

            The so called angry Japanese man video is too professional to be true. Look, its black and white and the picture is clearer, more stable than the colour video the women missing her plane.

            It more looks like a screen test for something. No background no context.

          • mr. wiener

            Your..girlfriend? um like good friend who is also a girl, or “girlfriend” as in with benefits?
            Just clarifying, and if the latter, I want details.

          • CoBa?

            the chinese women which missed her flight is popular, same like the HK bus uncle, and the hysteric cunt with the shark fin soup….they all support my 1 punch knock out theory as the best weapon against such fucks. Its just a waste of time trying to calm them down or to have a fruitful conversation. Punch them hard and right on the spot to turn their lights out and you save yourself a lot of time and nerves…chinas problem are chinese people !

      • Wang that!


        lets stop acting like we are 5 years old… This game with you has been played to death. My initial comment was factual and meant to help you get better understanding of the chengguan would be in other countries… simple as that.

        • linette

          Okay wang that! No more trolling. I don’t want you to cry.

          • linette

            If you behave nicer, I will even take you off my “必殺 list”

          • Slam Blam

            I wonder what your comment to him was that made him cry. You sure did a good job ;)

            Wang that! sounds so pathetic and bitter to specifically target you.

            You must have rejected his advances lololol :)))

            If you wanted to know why he has a short fuse, and is always so angry and bitter. The reject’s “fail” attempt at trying to get a girlfriend:


            But seriously, here’s his real life brothers and sisters in action:



            Disgusting angry creatures, aren’t they? No wonder why he wants to pretend to be someone else.

          • CoBa?

            i like the first video. This is the type of girl i like. A little challenge for the banana man ! She either has her menstruation or is not satisfied with his tiny little dick. Either way its about her pussy, which makes her down to fuck. Her BF acts like a dumb ass. Just sexually unsatisfied women act in such a way, out of frustrations and depressions. Regular orgasms are the best medicine for all women….

  • Anus Presley

    “Our man lost his footing and accidentally stepped on that street cart vendor, the angle of which just happened to be photographed by a netizen passing by.”

    Ha ha ha!

    Do these lying pigs really have no shame?

    • Wang that!

      His looks very balanced in this picture… His weight is his left leg.

      “The street vendor at the time was brandishing a knife and cut one of our men on their head…”

      One of our men? where are the others? Also if he was cut in the head, should one hand not be trying to stop the bleeding? or feeling for how bad the cut is?

      • Rick in China

        Maybe he’s off to the hospital?

        One thing I dislike about this photo is the lack of actual ‘reporting’ around it. It’s a very contextual situation. If you’re going to post a still, give a full account of what you’ve witnessed, not just post something out there without any information as to what you saw before/after – instead the ‘microblog’ just says “This is what they’re like!”…. well, without context, it’s a useless presumption.

        • Wang that!

          You are correct. I am just poking holes in the statement made by Section Chief Chen Lin

    • yangguizi

      Exactly, shame the last guy’s comment above was a bit mistranslated in the original post, he summed it up perfectly:


      What’s the most absurd thing about China? That we all clearly know the truth, yet they’re still there lying to our faces. What’s the most, most absurd thing about China? That we all clearly know the truth, and they know that we know the truth, yet they’re still there lying to our faces. What’s the most, most, most absurd thing about China? That we all clearly know the truth, and they know that we know the truth, and they also know that we know they are lying to our faces, yet they’re still there lying to our faces.

  • wacky

    the picture alone does not tell the whole story behind it.
    this what makes internet quite dangerous, people make comments without knowing the fact. personally i think chengguan is needed to keep the city in order, most of these vendors sells thing wherever they want even on the sidewalk.

    but i think the regulation need to be loosen a bit, perhaps permitting the vendor to sell after 7.30 pm would do, after all street vendor are better than those “street singer”

    • Rick in China

      I absolutely believe the reason ‘street vendors’ are prohibited is their lack of taxable income. They’re earning money and paying nothing to the government on their earnings. It’s not about when or where so much as not paying their fair share to the Great Machine. Why should taxi drivers be taxed, for example, but illegal tricycles profit straight to pocket with no regulation or restriction, no obligation to public safety or property?

      • wacky

        probably, when i was i guangzhou i often saw that even a smallest shop has it. before the guangzhou asian games these vendors are everywhere but one month before the games the government started to clean them up. the irony is that until today they are still not permitted to sell again, while the uyghur selling kebab can stay where they are even during the games.

        • Rick in China

          There are laws making it more difficult to deal with minorities for authorities to abide by – similar to laws governing how they deal with foreigners. Not only can it cause a massive up-stir in minority communities, but it causes a greater degree of risk to the arresting/enforcing authority, and most of them don’t want to take that risk for something like a kebab stand… if they do start a massive incident, they’d be personally blamed.

          • wacky

            that is exactly what is wrong with the system, minority should not enjoy any special treatment like this, they have been exempted from one child policy they should not get any other special treatment because for me, i start to see this as some kind of tyranny of minority

  • Rod

    Did anyone ever think that these street vendors are assholes? I have some dumbass lady selling seeds below my building all day every day, with one of those record/repeat loudspeakers on full blast from 8:00 in the morning to 6:00 at night. I talked to a Chengguan one day on my way to work and I haven’t heard anything since.

    Plus on my way to work there’s like 50 old ladies selling their two eggs and a sprig of lettuce that leave their rubbish and vegetable scraps everywhere and the chicken sellers – don’t even get me started. I celebrate every time the chengguan come out and kick ass.

    It’s not their fault. The government needs to find a better solution than ‘ignoring most of the time, but not ignoring sometimes’. Give these sellers a central place to go, and anyone outside allotted areas gets their goods taken away and their cart impounded.

    • [email protected]

      Rod, your points are all valid and reasonable, these vendors are uncouth and pretty slobbish, but they are human, and trying to scratch a living. I don’t think you would agree that any of them deserves to be trodden on would you? I should also ask: ‘selling chickens’ – where exactly do you live?

      • Rod

        Point taken. I’m in Fujian. My problem with the chicken sellers is that their chickens shit everywhere and then they leave the feathers from the geese to dry in the sun all over the sidewalk.

  • [email protected]

    What an absolute asshole. Hope the bully gets food poisoning and bleeds to death from his arse.

  • Bunny99


    I can say that about my ex girl friend too!

    I think there are different kinds (divisions) of Chengguan – some are ok and some are the guys they call out to “fix” things.

    • dr_barefoot

      Chengguan are just a trick, they are sent to take care of situations that are deemed too unimportant or unseemly for cops to take care of.
      You wouldn’t want cops dirtying their hands and reputation by manhandling lowly peddlers.

  • Lee

    Typical Mainlanders… what else is new.

  • kodi

    I don’t like the idea of messing with guys who are just trying to work to make a living. I like street vendors because you can form a bond with the ones in your respective neighborhood and they will give you deals and share small talk. Its a shame that this government is not smart enough to figure out a way to get street vendors the proper licenses and teach them standards of cleanliness of operation instead of simply outlawing their activities.

    Backward thinking government………….. If they want all the power why don’t they use it to make people’s lives easier instead of act like pricks?

    • anon

      No, that’s not quite it. Chengguan who abuse their power and push around the weak reflects the Chinese government as a whole as much as pepper spraying cops in the United States.

      You have to keep in mind that the overall situation is not on the government alone. Even if you offered licenses and places for people to hawk their wares, you’ll still get people breaking the rules. I think this was mentioned in one of the translated comments above. If the licenses cost money, you’ll have some people who don’t want to pay it. If there’s training, you’ll have some people who think it isn’t important. If you have set places, you’ll have people who will insist on going elsewhere because there’s more people there and a better chance of making a sale.

      What I’m saying is the situation is a lot more complex than “the government is not smart enough to figure out a way…” There are already places in China where people can sell things, but those places often very reasonably involve extra overhead that these people can’t afford. There ARE business licenses. There ARE programs and literature on standards of cleanliness of operation and the like. But these people, often understandably, don’t have the time or means to be legit. They’re just trying to scrape by and they’re going to bend or break the rules they feel aren’t as important as them doing their business.

      • mr. wiener

        I don’t think they can go about business as usual, the chengguan I mean. people are too plugged in now and you can’t get away with stepping on people’s heads, even some MF with a meat cleaver.
        The Cellestrial kingdom [bad joke about cell phones] means that they’re going to have to be smarter with their policing in the future if they want to maintain social harmony.
        I always though social harmony sounded like the name of a barbershop quartet.

      • Nick in Beijing

        The cheng guan COULD pass out such literature as is available on proper practices, licensing and whatnot upon making an arrest.

        There are literally limitless ways in which the system could be updated to support the downtrodden through education and policy making. I think that ultimately what it comes down to is the idea of divide and conquer (or divide and hold as we see here). Moreover it simply isn’t in the interest of those in power to do more to develop the lower classes at a higher speed. It works against national stability since the entire Chinese economy is based on cheap, uneducated labor that are easily manipulated and fearful.

        • Rick in China

          That’s a major and important point – 750 million living in relative poverty support the backbone of the economy through migrant work, agricultural work, menial labour etc – bringing them up and educating them would jack up the costs of literally everything – scaling up through the ranks as cost and salaries rise…it’s already happening, but even minor changes benefiting the poor would have a huge ripple effect through the entire economy which needs them as the foundation.

  • jiayi

    When I see corruption and it makes me angry and outraged I take pictures of stuff then complain about it online, too.

    • anon

      You mean like the people who took photos of the cop calmly pepper spraying the students and then complained about it online?

    • CoBa?

      the ordinary and the poor ass MFers in china are as corrupted as their officials/leaders, the only difference between them is the fact that the ordinary bastard is pissed cause he can’t play corruption games on a higher level.

      The day the ordinary folks in china get more freedoms and maybe even democracy, free elections, will be the starting point of mass killings and uncontrolled riots. Democracy and transparency is not for all cultures and people. Some nations and races are just not ready for it, and probably will never be. China and chinese people are definitely NOT ready for more freedoms and rights. Its not the fault of their government, its the people which suck. Their current form of government is the best they can get and the ONLY way to keep the peace (at least to an acceptable level)….

  • Jahar

    I want to step on a street vendor.

  • Foreign Devil

    It’s worse to have un-employment in China. . will cause more trouble. So let these vendors sell their shit already! THe streets are more interesting when full of vendors rather than illegally parked cars on the sidewalks.

  • linette


    or “girlfriend” as in with benefits?
    Just clarifying, and if the latter, I want details…..

    Girlfriend with benefits. I am bisexual. I enjoy making out with a girl or a man.

    • mr. wiener

      That’s cool, just wanted to know if it was a typo.
      My goodness you are a complicated girl aren’t you? Play music for the local church, interested in getting into a bit of B&D [or you just like the idea of having a man grovelling at your feet] And now an admission of bisexual! Either I’m being led down the garden path [rather well, I might add] or you are the real deal. I prefer to believe the latter as people are much funnier and complicated than they appear at first blush.
      Or perhaps I just have a filthy mind.
      My greetings to your GF. Long may you sup at the furry cup:)

  • linette

    Hahaha…..I am just joking. I am not bisexual. I have never made out with a girl before. I would like to try someday. That is in my bucket list. hahaha….

    • mr. wiener

      Sounds like you are more than a little bi-curious none the less, you are a funny one to be sure.
      Liking you more every time we converse hon :)

  • Mao’s Dong

    Communism dictates all people are the same.

    …same as insects, that is.