Black Foreigner Fights Chinese Girl, Gives Crowd Middle Finger

Photographs of a fight between a Chinese girl and a male foreign national in Nanjing following a minor traffic accident.

Photographs of a fight between a Chinese girl and a male foreign national in Nanjing following a minor traffic accident.

From QQ & NetEase:

Male foreign national has fight with girl on Nanjing street, is beaten up for giving bystanders the middle finger

June 16th afternoon around 6:10pm, on the slow lane next to the Deji Plaza on Nanjing’s Zhongshan Road, a Chinese girl and a male foreign national got into a fight because of a minor traffic accident. This reporter came to understand that the minor traffic accident between the two was escalated by the male foreign national, that he raised his middle finger towards the surrounding urban residents, and some bystanders had a physical altercation with him. After the incident, Nanjing police quickly arrived and controlled the scene and took those involved away for investigation.

Numerous bystanders at the scene of the incident

After the incident, this Xiandai Kuaibao reporter very quickly arrived on the scene. At this time, the entire north-south slow lane next to Deji Plaza was stopped with some people even standing on the flower beds to in order to watch what was happening, and many people taking out their mobile phones to take photos.

A visible wound was behind the girl's ear, still bleeding.
A visible wound was behind the girl's ear, still bleeding.

Parked not far away was a police car and there were many police officers on the scene. A short-haired girl was surrounded by several people, with blood visible behind her left ear. Looking closely, there was an wound the shape of an arc, about 4-5 centimeters long, relatively deep, and was still bleeding.

To the side was a middle-aged woman, who apparently was the girl’s mother. She said the girl is surnamed Zhang, and that she herself rushed to the scene after the incident occurred. According to the girl’s mother, it was a “laowai” who hit her daughter. A blue colored electric moped was on its side in the middle of the road. City residents say this electric bike belongs to the “laowai” who attacked the girl. Afterward, the girl brought the police officers next to the electric bike, picked up an electric bike lock, and said she was hit and injured by this bike lock.

This reporter learned from the city residents on the scene that the male foreign national had already got on a police car and left the scene.

Wounded girl: He smacked me with the lock

The girl looks less than 20 years old. She says at the time she was riding her electric moped in front and that laowai was riding behind his moped behind her and then the two bumped into each other.

Whether or not the girl suddenly braked or changed directions, the girl didn’t say. She claims that after the bump, the laowai‘s mouth was immediately filled with expletives.

Hearing this, she turned around, looked at him, and yelled back at him in Nanjing dialect. Then the laowai hit the back of her moped and overtook her on the side, but while overtaking her, he turned towards her and spat on her.

The girl says she then followed suit and spat on him once, “then I was preparing to leave, but he then used his moped to block me.” The girl says the other party very quickly then picked up the moped lock on his moped and swung it at her, hitting her behind her ear.

There were many witnesses on the scene and one woman who says she work at a shopping mall on Xinjiekou was very upset, “It wasn’t a big deal, just a bump, the laowai went too far.” She says that the girl didn’t hit back after she was hurt, and the laowai began calling friends. The girl grabbed onto the laowai‘s belt and wouldn’t let go, not allowing him to leave, and also called to tell her family.

The male foreign national, his friend, and the Chinese girl still in a deadlock.
The male foreign national and the girl still in a deadlock.

Police: The girl might have gotten injured during the pushing and pulling

So just what exactly happened? The members of the crowd that this reporter spoke to weren’t very sure themselves of what exactly had happened, although they saw that the girl was wounded and bleeding, and someone said the laowai was yelling at people in English.

A female city resident told this reporter that when she arrived at the scene, there were several male city residents surrounding that laowai, with one of them hitting him with a bike lock, while a rather tall white person was next them trying to break it up. During this time, the laowai that was being attacked wanted to run towards the Xinjiekou rotary but was blocked by others.

Yesterday evening, this Xiandai Kuaibao reporter contacted the Xinjiekou police station and the police said that according to their preliminary investigations, the two mopeds had indeed bumped into each other.

After the collision, the laowai glared at the girl, and the girl was also rather incensed, picked up the lock on her moped to hit the laowai only to have the laowai reach other and grab her arm, pull it backward, and pulled the girl down. The girl’s injury was probably caused during this scuffle.

Male foreign national raised his middle finger, beaten up by city residents

The police say that after the confrontation, there were many bystanders on the scene, and some mistaken fights also occurred involving other city residents rushing forward to beat up the laowai. However, the assailants very quickly left the scene.

According to a security guard on the scene, when this laowai was taken away by the police car, there was blood around his nose. Many city residents said the laowai raised his middle finger at the surrounding crowd. This provocation made the surrounding crowd very angry. They believe that regardless of what happened, this laowai should not have made such a disrespectful gesture towards other people. A relatively older city resident said those who had gone up to attack the >laowai were male and fortunately the other side’s friend was present to quickly put a stop to it, with the police arriving soon afterward, preventing the situation from escalating further. This reporter learned that at present, this matter is still being investigated.

Comments from NetEase:

smsh01790 [网易上海市南汇区手机网友]:

Only knowing how to stand by and watch, so of course he would flip you all the middle finger!

岳阳八哥 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Well-beaten. In China, if you lose something, we can help you find it, but if you’re bullying girls, then we’ll kick your ass.

hedawu [网易浙江省湖州市网友]:

All the black devils living long-term, get the fuck out of China!!! [repeated 15x]

网易美国手机网友: (responding to above)

Strongly support [agree]!!! The area around Taojin Road and Xiaobei Road has essentially become an African colony!!! And there are so many woman even giving money to those black devils!!!

老纳出家帽峰山 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]: (responding to above)

Support! The black devils in Guangzhou are really annoying! Even going around in gangs bullying the locals!

网易四川省网友: (also responding to 网易美国手机网友)

On one side we have family planning having the people of this country have less children, and on the other side is a huge amount of illegal immigration into China. Just what will China be like how many years from now???

网易上海市浦东新区手机网友: (also responding to 网易美国手机网友)

Those stupid women who want to marry laowai and give them money and cheapen themselves also bring shame upon the innocent Chinese women…truly shameful!

每天来看他们怎么鱼肉百姓 [网易江西省新余市网友]: (also responding to 网易美国手机网友)

Black devil dick is big.

牧图兮 [网易江苏省南京市网友]:

Being this unreasonable, how could we not beat you up??!! Where is this laowai?? Beat him up again!!


Can the police tell the truth and not lie? What is this about being hurt during the pushing and pulling [scuffle]?

苏州婚纱摄影 [网易江苏省苏州市手机网友]:

The police are already speaking in defense of the laowai.


On the eve of a surge in abnormal slandering/defaming of foreigners, I only want to say… Those below can fill in the rest.

caoxiaobian [网易广东省云浮市网友]: (responding to above)

There won’t be abnormal slandering/defaming of foreigners. The Chengdu laowai who organized people to give way to an ambulance was a good example while this laowai who got rough over a small accident is a bastard and deserved being beaten/hit.


Lousy laowai, big dicks with big tempers to match.
Deserves a beating, a kick to the face should make him honest.

践踏鞑虏 [网易广东省珠海市网友]:

Actually, both in China and outside of China there are human scum and garbage, so, we should stand on the side of whoever is right!


I think with this it is better to evaluate it according to what happened and not who the people involved are. In any place there are people with good/high and poor/low characters.


Well done!!! In the future, whenever you encounter a problem, everyone go forward together!! Beat them up and then leave!!! As long you think you’re doing the right thing is enough!!!
Who cares about the corrupt officials, bosses, second generation rich, laowai, etc. etc. etc.!!! Who can be bothered with all that!!!


“Police: The girl might have gotten injured during the pushing and pulling”
没有这些渣滓,百姓幸福一百倍,洋鬼子老实一百倍。”>Without these scum, the ordinary common people would be 100x more happy, and the foreign devils would be 100x more honest.


Honestly, we really couldn’t beat the laowai one on one, who doesn’t know how to talk big on the internet?


It’s been so many years since our country has opened up, and with so many foreigners having come to China, this kind of thing happening is normal/expected. Just treat it as an internal conflict, don’t make it bigger than it is.


With this kind of thing, it’s always Chinese people who first become physical, as well as not respecting traffic regulations. Really, Nanjing’s traffic situation is really bad, and the characters of the [traffic] personnel there are poor.


Beat him up! These laowai need to be taught a lesson, need to be taught what having manners means.


Recommend that those who attacked the foreign devil be found, and give them an award for doing the right thing.

populace [网易广东省广州市网友]: (responding to above)

Stop talking nonsense, if the laowai really bullied that girl, then he should be beaten up, no problem; But China’s rabble always loving to gather around and watch whenever any lousy thing happens is also really garbage. Do you still remember Lu Xun‘s Medicine? After so much technological and social change, the lousy problem of [Chinese people in] the early last century still hasn’t been changed.


This girl is rather lousy herself, whoever marries her is whoever will suffer. So the other person curses at you and you curse back, that’s fine, but the laowai spits at you and you can’t think of anything else??? You just go ahead and spit back at him??? Tell me, whoever is with her in the future is whoever is going to suffer, right??? Just like my wife, I wish she would die sooner, because the new can’t come if the old doesn’t leave.

FrozenKaos [网易英国网友]:

Foreigners are just ordinary people. There are trash, and there are good people.
Why do we have to use different eyes to look at people just because look different or have different skin color?
Good deeds should not be arbitrarily publicized just because they were done by foreigners.
Likewise, bad deeds shouldn’t be arbitrarily criticized just because they were done by foreigners.

不说会死啊 [网易江苏省南京市网友]: (responding to above)

The laowai that come to China are all poor devils, while the laowai who go to England are all second-generation rich [children of rich families]!

aomen618 [网易福建省福州市手机网友]:

Although the laowai was in the wrong first, but in the end, the girl was also in the wrong.

shawanyi2000 [网易湖北省鄂州市网友]:

A group of ruffians got a temporary thrill in the midst of the group beating under the pretense of patriotism. Then they returned to reality and continued to suffer being ordered around by their masters.

312466438 [网易浙江省台州市手机网友]:

Why is it that every time something involves a laowai the police always help the laowai?

tegmy2001 [网易上海市网友]:

It must’ve been the Chinese person who was wrong. Westerners, especially Americans, they are people with character, noble, they wouldn’t do bad things.

中国万岁哈哈 [网易美国网友]:

Laowai stops cars: Allows 120 [ambulance] to go first

Yesterday noon around 12:00, city resident Mr. Tian was a passenger on the Line 1 Public Bus, accompanying family to see the doctor at Huaxi Hospital. When the bus reached the Wuhouci Street and Jiangxijie Road intersection, there was a lot of traffic and the bus was unable to move forward, while the traffic under the Old South Gate Overpass was particularly jam-packed. A 120 ambulance trying to make a turn into Wuhouci Street was also caught in this traffic, stuck and unable to advance.

Mr. Tian then noticed a laowai had suddenly appeared in the midst of the traffic. This laowai wearing black pants and a t-shirt was actually busily opening a path in the traffic, and Mr. Tian turned on his mobile phone to record this scene.

To allow this 120 ambulance to turn onto Wuhouci Street, this laowai ran back and forth amongst the packed cars on Jiangxi Street stopping cars from both directions. He first intercepted a taxi traveling south on Jiangxi Street, sticking both of his hands out on the car’s windshield, pushing the car backwards with all his strength, using improper/broken Chinese to say: “Don’t come, don’t come, there must be a sick person on the ambulance, let the ambulance first pass.” Afterward, the laowai ran to the other side, intercepted a Buick trying to make a left turn into Wuhouci Street, and also used all his strength to push the car back. This reporter saw in the video that both intercepted cars were all very accommodating.

了无尘埃 [网易辽宁省阜新市网友]:

There are good people and bad people everywhere.

What do you think?


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