Black Foreigner Fights Chinese Girl, Gives Crowd Middle Finger

Photographs of a fight between a Chinese girl and a male foreign national in Nanjing following a minor traffic accident.

Photographs of a fight between a Chinese girl and a male foreign national in Nanjing following a minor traffic accident.

From QQ & NetEase:

Male foreign national has fight with girl on Nanjing street, is beaten up for giving bystanders the middle finger

June 16th afternoon around 6:10pm, on the slow lane next to the Deji Plaza on Nanjing’s Zhongshan Road, a Chinese girl and a male foreign national got into a fight because of a minor traffic accident. This reporter came to understand that the minor traffic accident between the two was escalated by the male foreign national, that he raised his middle finger towards the surrounding urban residents, and some bystanders had a physical altercation with him. After the incident, Nanjing police quickly arrived and controlled the scene and took those involved away for investigation.

Numerous bystanders at the scene of the incident

After the incident, this Xiandai Kuaibao reporter very quickly arrived on the scene. At this time, the entire north-south slow lane next to Deji Plaza was stopped with some people even standing on the flower beds to in order to watch what was happening, and many people taking out their mobile phones to take photos.

A visible wound was behind the girl's ear, still bleeding.
A visible wound was behind the girl's ear, still bleeding.

Parked not far away was a police car and there were many police officers on the scene. A short-haired girl was surrounded by several people, with blood visible behind her left ear. Looking closely, there was an wound the shape of an arc, about 4-5 centimeters long, relatively deep, and was still bleeding.

To the side was a middle-aged woman, who apparently was the girl’s mother. She said the girl is surnamed Zhang, and that she herself rushed to the scene after the incident occurred. According to the girl’s mother, it was a “laowai” who hit her daughter. A blue colored electric moped was on its side in the middle of the road. City residents say this electric bike belongs to the “laowai” who attacked the girl. Afterward, the girl brought the police officers next to the electric bike, picked up an electric bike lock, and said she was hit and injured by this bike lock.

This reporter learned from the city residents on the scene that the male foreign national had already got on a police car and left the scene.

Wounded girl: He smacked me with the lock

The girl looks less than 20 years old. She says at the time she was riding her electric moped in front and that laowai was riding behind his moped behind her and then the two bumped into each other.

Whether or not the girl suddenly braked or changed directions, the girl didn’t say. She claims that after the bump, the laowai‘s mouth was immediately filled with expletives.

Hearing this, she turned around, looked at him, and yelled back at him in Nanjing dialect. Then the laowai hit the back of her moped and overtook her on the side, but while overtaking her, he turned towards her and spat on her.

The girl says she then followed suit and spat on him once, “then I was preparing to leave, but he then used his moped to block me.” The girl says the other party very quickly then picked up the moped lock on his moped and swung it at her, hitting her behind her ear.

There were many witnesses on the scene and one woman who says she work at a shopping mall on Xinjiekou was very upset, “It wasn’t a big deal, just a bump, the laowai went too far.” She says that the girl didn’t hit back after she was hurt, and the laowai began calling friends. The girl grabbed onto the laowai‘s belt and wouldn’t let go, not allowing him to leave, and also called to tell her family.

The male foreign national, his friend, and the Chinese girl still in a deadlock.
The male foreign national and the girl still in a deadlock.

Police: The girl might have gotten injured during the pushing and pulling

So just what exactly happened? The members of the crowd that this reporter spoke to weren’t very sure themselves of what exactly had happened, although they saw that the girl was wounded and bleeding, and someone said the laowai was yelling at people in English.

A female city resident told this reporter that when she arrived at the scene, there were several male city residents surrounding that laowai, with one of them hitting him with a bike lock, while a rather tall white person was next them trying to break it up. During this time, the laowai that was being attacked wanted to run towards the Xinjiekou rotary but was blocked by others.

Yesterday evening, this Xiandai Kuaibao reporter contacted the Xinjiekou police station and the police said that according to their preliminary investigations, the two mopeds had indeed bumped into each other.

After the collision, the laowai glared at the girl, and the girl was also rather incensed, picked up the lock on her moped to hit the laowai only to have the laowai reach other and grab her arm, pull it backward, and pulled the girl down. The girl’s injury was probably caused during this scuffle.

Male foreign national raised his middle finger, beaten up by city residents

The police say that after the confrontation, there were many bystanders on the scene, and some mistaken fights also occurred involving other city residents rushing forward to beat up the laowai. However, the assailants very quickly left the scene.

According to a security guard on the scene, when this laowai was taken away by the police car, there was blood around his nose. Many city residents said the laowai raised his middle finger at the surrounding crowd. This provocation made the surrounding crowd very angry. They believe that regardless of what happened, this laowai should not have made such a disrespectful gesture towards other people. A relatively older city resident said those who had gone up to attack the >laowai were male and fortunately the other side’s friend was present to quickly put a stop to it, with the police arriving soon afterward, preventing the situation from escalating further. This reporter learned that at present, this matter is still being investigated.

Comments from NetEase:

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smsh01790 [网易上海市南汇区手机网友]:

Only knowing how to stand by and watch, so of course he would flip you all the middle finger!

岳阳八哥 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Well-beaten. In China, if you lose something, we can help you find it, but if you’re bullying girls, then we’ll kick your ass.

hedawu [网易浙江省湖州市网友]:

All the black devils living long-term, get the fuck out of China!!! [repeated 15x]

网易美国手机网友: (responding to above)

Strongly support [agree]!!! The area around Taojin Road and Xiaobei Road has essentially become an African colony!!! And there are so many woman even giving money to those black devils!!!

老纳出家帽峰山 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]: (responding to above)

Support! The black devils in Guangzhou are really annoying! Even going around in gangs bullying the locals!

网易四川省网友: (also responding to 网易美国手机网友)

On one side we have family planning having the people of this country have less children, and on the other side is a huge amount of illegal immigration into China. Just what will China be like how many years from now???

网易上海市浦东新区手机网友: (also responding to 网易美国手机网友)

Those stupid women who want to marry laowai and give them money and cheapen themselves also bring shame upon the innocent Chinese women…truly shameful!

每天来看他们怎么鱼肉百姓 [网易江西省新余市网友]: (also responding to 网易美国手机网友)

Black devil dick is big.

牧图兮 [网易江苏省南京市网友]:

Being this unreasonable, how could we not beat you up??!! Where is this laowai?? Beat him up again!!


Can the police tell the truth and not lie? What is this about being hurt during the pushing and pulling [scuffle]?

苏州婚纱摄影 [网易江苏省苏州市手机网友]:

The police are already speaking in defense of the laowai.


On the eve of a surge in abnormal slandering/defaming of foreigners, I only want to say… Those below can fill in the rest.

caoxiaobian [网易广东省云浮市网友]: (responding to above)

There won’t be abnormal slandering/defaming of foreigners. The Chengdu laowai who organized people to give way to an ambulance was a good example while this laowai who got rough over a small accident is a bastard and deserved being beaten/hit.


Lousy laowai, big dicks with big tempers to match.
Deserves a beating, a kick to the face should make him honest.

践踏鞑虏 [网易广东省珠海市网友]:

Actually, both in China and outside of China there are human scum and garbage, so, we should stand on the side of whoever is right!


I think with this it is better to evaluate it according to what happened and not who the people involved are. In any place there are people with good/high and poor/low characters.


Well done!!! In the future, whenever you encounter a problem, everyone go forward together!! Beat them up and then leave!!! As long you think you’re doing the right thing is enough!!!
Who cares about the corrupt officials, bosses, second generation rich, laowai, etc. etc. etc.!!! Who can be bothered with all that!!!


“Police: The girl might have gotten injured during the pushing and pulling”
没有这些渣滓,百姓幸福一百倍,洋鬼子老实一百倍。”>Without these scum, the ordinary common people would be 100x more happy, and the foreign devils would be 100x more honest.


Honestly, we really couldn’t beat the laowai one on one, who doesn’t know how to talk big on the internet?


It’s been so many years since our country has opened up, and with so many foreigners having come to China, this kind of thing happening is normal/expected. Just treat it as an internal conflict, don’t make it bigger than it is.


With this kind of thing, it’s always Chinese people who first become physical, as well as not respecting traffic regulations. Really, Nanjing’s traffic situation is really bad, and the characters of the [traffic] personnel there are poor.


Beat him up! These laowai need to be taught a lesson, need to be taught what having manners means.


Recommend that those who attacked the foreign devil be found, and give them an award for doing the right thing.

populace [网易广东省广州市网友]: (responding to above)

Stop talking nonsense, if the laowai really bullied that girl, then he should be beaten up, no problem; But China’s rabble always loving to gather around and watch whenever any lousy thing happens is also really garbage. Do you still remember Lu Xun‘s Medicine? After so much technological and social change, the lousy problem of [Chinese people in] the early last century still hasn’t been changed.


This girl is rather lousy herself, whoever marries her is whoever will suffer. So the other person curses at you and you curse back, that’s fine, but the laowai spits at you and you can’t think of anything else??? You just go ahead and spit back at him??? Tell me, whoever is with her in the future is whoever is going to suffer, right??? Just like my wife, I wish she would die sooner, because the new can’t come if the old doesn’t leave.

FrozenKaos [网易英国网友]:

Foreigners are just ordinary people. There are trash, and there are good people.
Why do we have to use different eyes to look at people just because look different or have different skin color?
Good deeds should not be arbitrarily publicized just because they were done by foreigners.
Likewise, bad deeds shouldn’t be arbitrarily criticized just because they were done by foreigners.

不说会死啊 [网易江苏省南京市网友]: (responding to above)

The laowai that come to China are all poor devils, while the laowai who go to England are all second-generation rich [children of rich families]!

aomen618 [网易福建省福州市手机网友]:

Although the laowai was in the wrong first, but in the end, the girl was also in the wrong.

shawanyi2000 [网易湖北省鄂州市网友]:

A group of ruffians got a temporary thrill in the midst of the group beating under the pretense of patriotism. Then they returned to reality and continued to suffer being ordered around by their masters.

312466438 [网易浙江省台州市手机网友]:

Why is it that every time something involves a laowai the police always help the laowai?

tegmy2001 [网易上海市网友]:

It must’ve been the Chinese person who was wrong. Westerners, especially Americans, they are people with character, noble, they wouldn’t do bad things.

中国万岁哈哈 [网易美国网友]:

Laowai stops cars: Allows 120 [ambulance] to go first

Yesterday noon around 12:00, city resident Mr. Tian was a passenger on the Line 1 Public Bus, accompanying family to see the doctor at Huaxi Hospital. When the bus reached the Wuhouci Street and Jiangxijie Road intersection, there was a lot of traffic and the bus was unable to move forward, while the traffic under the Old South Gate Overpass was particularly jam-packed. A 120 ambulance trying to make a turn into Wuhouci Street was also caught in this traffic, stuck and unable to advance.

Mr. Tian then noticed a laowai had suddenly appeared in the midst of the traffic. This laowai wearing black pants and a t-shirt was actually busily opening a path in the traffic, and Mr. Tian turned on his mobile phone to record this scene.

To allow this 120 ambulance to turn onto Wuhouci Street, this laowai ran back and forth amongst the packed cars on Jiangxi Street stopping cars from both directions. He first intercepted a taxi traveling south on Jiangxi Street, sticking both of his hands out on the car’s windshield, pushing the car backwards with all his strength, using improper/broken Chinese to say: “Don’t come, don’t come, there must be a sick person on the ambulance, let the ambulance first pass.” Afterward, the laowai ran to the other side, intercepted a Buick trying to make a left turn into Wuhouci Street, and also used all his strength to push the car back. This reporter saw in the video that both intercepted cars were all very accommodating.

了无尘埃 [网易辽宁省阜新市网友]:

There are good people and bad people everywhere.

What do you think?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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          Very good story to bring out political incorrect idea.

          Evidence here from laowais and science have proven who are subhuman beijing. Moop fits the pattern most.

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            Subhuman in beijing if you do not understand.

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            I wonder if the scientists involved felt awkward when pitching the research idea to their financial supporters and superiors.

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        Why is such crass misogyny and threat of rape allowed on this page?! I was going to post on the racism shown by the Chinese male commenters towards the Black man- only to then find THIS in the Western men’s comments.

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          Do not be a bystander at a fight. Joining fight is equal to casting your vote. Let majority win = democracy. That is my point.

          Some white idiots think they are above Chinese. But science proves otherwise.

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            ‘Some white idiots think they are above Chinese’ -well, I’m almost 2 metres tall so that’s usually the case. Science will back me up on this one.

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            ps: don’t be a bystander when you can have a car crash.

    • Fu ZhiGao

      Let me re-post what I wrote below since Fauna doesn’t want to answer me:

      Good job Fauna. Couldn’t resist adding that he is black again when the original storyline didn’t say so? There are two male foreigners in that picture and you can’t see who did it.

      I suppose all the race-baiting keeps traffic on the site up, no? Cheers for being so responsible.

      Where in the article exactly does it say that he was black? I’m having trouble finding either the character “黑” or “非洲” in the NetEase version of the article.

      What’s even worse is that the police weren’t sure if she was beaten or not and yet you’ve put that also in the title. Hats off.

      Have anything to say about that?

      • BaoBei

        Noticed that too when I opened up the Netease and QQ articles, there was nothing in the title about the “外籍男子” being black..

        Would like to hear what Fauna has to say about that as well (in all it’s race-baiting goodness), but can’t say I can blame her. We do like to get worked-up here on chinaSmack.. and race is just one of THOSE issues.

        Nice going.

        • The photos show that he is black (the article says his friend is the white person) and that is the reason why many Chinese commenters were commenting about Africans in Guangzhou. I add this detail because it is important to understand the comments. It is because they see it in the photos and that is why they are talking about it. I did not add it to the original text because it is not included. Do not assume that if I do not answer you immediately that I do not want to answer you. Racism is an important part of this story. It is why it had so many comments.

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      That is why you have bunch of pussy laowai vent their anger here at Chinasmack. Chinasmack is designed for these cowards. They can have big mouth here because they are pussies in real life.

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        If foreigners could guarantee an altercation in China wouldn’t turn into a five against one melee or deportation from said country, they’d be vastly less reluctant to slap you. If you’ll be kind enough to sign a waiver I’ll be happy to demonstrate this to you.

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        I set up this account just to agree with you.

        Too many comments are too negative and borderline if not completely racist.
        This is a sad, though I believe not true, reflection on the expats and foreigners who choose to work and live in China.
        Any Chinese reading these comment could be justified in believing the spin that foreigners don’t like China and want to see her fail. We complain about Chinese being xenophobic but what example do the comments set here. After all if we are so much more civilized then we should lead by example, in our actions and our comments.

        Chinese could almost get away with disliking foreigners who come into their country get better salary, treatment and jobs, as they are stuck here with very little chance to escape us. Understand the problem is the first step in solving it.
        We foreigners have the choice to leave tomorrow if we wish, so for us to get so worked up about their ”problems” is kind of pathetic.
        After all is said and done if you don’t like China, if China makes you bitter, if China makes you angry, if Chinese people annoy you, if Chinese culture bothers you, then the logical thing to do is to leave. It’s simple.

        On an other note, I have found reading the negative comments here to be a real downer and in a way reinforces any negative stereotypes I have or had of Chinese people. I would recommend to any foreigner, especially those having a hard time dealing with cultural differences, to reframe from reading the comments on a site like this as it will only make you feel worse and hate/dislike them more.
        When I first came here I felt China was a mysterious place, I was excited by everyday day, I was fascinated by every culture difference and loved meeting new locals so much so that when I went home I was actually depressed, but after the 1000th ‘’hallo’’ and falling in with a really negative foreigner crowd, I grew to hate the place and the people. That wide eyes fondness I had of China was gone and never coming back, in its place was a really dark negative (how will they hurt me next) almost paranoid state of mind.
        I have found that once this negativity takes hold that’s it hard to shake off, my remedy was to stay away from negative foreigners, to not take for granted that thing would go my western way and to try understand that things work differently here so to be prepared for it. After all solving a problem requires understanding it.
        : What I am saying is: get back to the reason that first brought you here, get back the love you had for living aboard in an amazing country get make the happiness that you got from being it and rid yourself of the hate that none of us need.

        Peace and love

        • mr. wiener

          Cool post bro. Seconded

        • The Enlightened One

          I strongly agree with your post.

          Although, a lot of foreigners do end up leaving. Being strongly negative is how they vent their frustration. Notice how a lot of the ones that are strongly negative also didn’t really even bother to learn the culture nor the language?

          They just condemned it all in one quick swoop and set on a mission to convince all other foreigners of the same. I just keep in mind the reason why I came to China int he first place…

          I wanted something different when I came to China and that is exactly what I got. How can you get mad about that?

          • tai wai

            dammitsomuch, you and Bang are exactly right.

            When I first came here, on vacation, I though it to be a beautiful place. So full of life, so different, such beautiful people.

            I considered moving. And one of the first laowai I met who lived here gave me this advice: “Never trust Chinese people. Especially women.”

            I still haven’t been able to shake that terrible advice, and it has been reinforced by bar-going level expats every time I go.


        • Strangerland

          Cool post- I’ll show this to my asian friends so they can have another opinion about westerners. Though maybe they already aware that you can’t paint someone in black and white according to his skin, since they are still my friends despite the whole clash of opinions they have about white people in general.

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          Oh boo-fucking-hoo. Everyday I perform random acts of kindness. I pick up bikes and e-bikes that get blown over. I pick up trash that I didn’t throw on the street. I pick up glass and nails so some kid won’t step on them. I throw a frisbee or a football with the kids in my village. I visit the kindergarten behind my house once in awhile and teach them some basic English. I help people that dropped things off their bikes to pick them up. I buy bags of meatsticks and walk around at night and give them to hungry strays. I have 3 dogs that were all strays and at one time I had 7. I give generous tips to taxi drivers that drove me big distances in really shitty weather. I break up fights. Not just guys beating girls. I give my seats to old people, pregnant women or people holding children. I’ve given hungry people food. Piles of clothes, helped push-start cars…or stalled cars off to the side of the road while their countrymen stand and watch and laugh. You want more? I get paid more money. Too fucking bad. Nothing happens without me in my company and what I do keeps alot of people employed. So you can understand people disliking me for it?

          So fucking sue me if hardly a day goes by that there is never a shortage of people I want to punch in the face.

          But hey…peace, love and granola bars

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    • why did they not beat up the people who forced the lady to abort? hahahahaha china, fucked up country

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    Finally a way to get people to take action instead of just watching…give them the middle finger.

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      That and being a black laowai too….ooh and beating up on a girl .No I don’t know who swung the first blow, but lets face it, all the crowd is going to see is a black foreigner beating up a girl and giving them the finger.
      End result: audience participation.

      • El Puma R.

        Argentina girl would beat the shit of any foreigner and still manage to look hot. And if the guy throws a punch, he’ll be in the hospital within 10 minutes.

        I haven’t seen that in a while, but inferiority complex might be related to this kind of events.

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          ahahah.. all wonderwomen.

      • Notorious

        Mr weiner, that’s what makes the witness account of this a little questionable. This foreigner knows where he is, knows he is outnumbered and yet he would beatup a girl and give the locals his middle finger? Seriously? Sounds a little suspect or like a death wish.

        • Dr. Jones Jr.

          Well, it’s at least possible, you have to admit. We’ve all had some of those days where little shit happens all day, builds up, then you either do (or want to) vent it on whoever happens to piss you off at the wrong moment. I could see it happening–particularly in conjunction with traffic–since you just know that whatever happened with this girl wasn’t the first nasty/shocking thing that happened to the guy on his commute.

          The intersection of Longpan Lu and Daguang/Baixia Lu during either rush hour (in Nanjing) is my own personal hell. One time two motorcycles came zooming at me from the other side of the pedestrian walk, carrying–I shit you not–a chain stretched out between them. Then they try to go to either side of me instead of staying close to one another. What the hell? I started considering the idea of carrying a baseball bat with me on my daily work commute, or perhaps a bundle of rotten eggs. Oh, the temptation.

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            Hahahah, what the fucking shit?

    • hanyucha

      To be fair, he was probably quite justified in giving them the finger. The way that Chinese people act towards black people is disgusting. Imagine you hit a girl on your bike, she probably yells something like: “You black devil, fuck you!” to which the black guy takes offence.

      He gets surrounded by yokels who don’t see things equally as the guy is black. They start saying things like, “The black devil just hit that girl! Goddamn black people come to China and mess with out girls.”

      Let’s say he speaks a little China, all he is going to hear is “Black devil, black devil, black devil!” Given the situation I am not surprised he flipped them off (I am surprised that the crowd even cared).

      Furthermore, I think it is bullshit how the Chinese complain about Africans, when it is Africa that buys up all the cheap Chinese clothes and phones that nobody else will buy, and in the case of Sudan supply a hell of a lot of oil. Chinese better start respecting their black brothers more.

      • mr. wiener

        “To be fair, he was probably quite justified in giving them the finger.”

        Justified? probably yes. Smart?…ehm…that would be a resounding NO!

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      • Harland

        Since when is “hei gui zi” translated as “black devil”? It means nigger.

        • cb4242

          Well, kinda, but hmmmm, not really. Because Black Devil or the N-word it is essentially the same thing, no difference. Anyway, the point is, who cares. I always say, you can’t generalize a whole race, simply because it fits your agenda. When you throw around racial epithets, they are just simply words and you know the old saying about sticks and stones…
          Anyone that attacks someone because of their race, sexual orientation, religion and add to that likes to gang up on people is the absolute lowest life form of human, ignorant trash.
          Which a lot of Chinese are.

      • Bruce Tutty

        agreed…there are a lot of 19th century attitudes…China should be able to mature to the global standard in 50 years maybe.

        • Xiongmao

          Conservative estimate but sure, let’s hope so.

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    This dude’s insane, knowing the mob mentality practiced in this country, he could easily have gotten killed by this people

    PS hope any dads who read this had a happy father’s day!

    • Cardaver

      meant to write this many people

  • donnachadh

    ‘After the collision, the laowai glared at the girl, and the girl was also rather incensed, picked up the lock on her moped to hit the laowai only to have the laowai reach other and grab her arm, pull it backward, and pulled the girl down. The girl’s injury was probably caused during this scuffle.’

    So the ‘laowai’ wouldn’t let the ‘girl’ beat him around the head with a moped lock. Obviously he deserves to be attacked by random racist onlookers.

    ‘The police say that after the confrontation, there were many bystanders on the scene, and some mistaken fights also occurred involving other city residents rushing forward to beat up the laowai. However, the assailants very quickly left the scene.’

    Yeah right. More likely they stood around until the police told them to fuck off.

    • Boris

      I’m not shocked. Yesterday I was in a similar position where I was seriously contemplating hitting this guy with my bike lock. Thank Christ I didn’t, or today I may’ve been the subject of a story here. When I first came to China cycling was fun. Bicycle lanes kept you away from most danger. Nowadays the roads are insane. Many bike lanes have been taken away. Drivers are driving like lunatics. There are more and more cars, yet the authorities seem reluctant, or incapable, of enforcing traffic laws. Comments from the netizens here, for the most part, are disgusting. But I’m going to commit a simliar offence: if I saw a traffic accident involving a foreigner and a Chinese person, I would automatically jump to the conclusion that it was the Chinese person’s fault. I’d also assume that the Chinese person would be happy to lie about events so that it appeared they were in the right. Sorry, but that’s my experience.

      • kilroy238

        No reason to be sorry for the truth I feel the same way.

        The other day my wife, who is Chinese, came to me in disgust because here in Tianjin a laowai who seen littering on a subway was told by people he shouldn’t throw trash on the ground and he responded with “Why I’m just doing what Chinese do.”

        So she was even more angry and surprised when I agreed with him. So she stormed away.

        The next day we went out and what did she do. She tossed her garbage wrapper on ground so I reminded her about the day before so she tried to say it was only because there were no garbage cans around. Then I showed her my little ball of trash which was in my pocket.

        For the rest of the day every time I saw Chinese litter I pointed it out.

        After a few hours she got pissed and yelled at me “FINE Chinese are bad people are you happy!”

        I said. “No and Chinese are not bad people but don’t hold this guy out as an example of being an ass when many many Chinese treat their city as a person trash can.”

        That being said my wife also knows how I feel about littering and knows I spank our daughter if I see her throw trash on the ground because I have tried to teach her the values I was brought up with. Throw your trash away in the proper place. You should have show respect for your home, the area you’re in and the other people around you.

        • tai wai

          The other day my wife, who is Chinese, came to me in disgust because here in Tianjin a laowai who seen littering on a subway was told by people he shouldn’t throw trash on the ground and he responded with “Why I’m just doing what Chinese do.”

          Honest response: “You aren’t Chinese. You’re an outsider, not in the in-group. It’s different when you do it.”

          • kilroy238

            Good link and interesting explanation but I’m not much for ressing things up. I prefer to call a spade a spade and say it’s called being a hypocrite.

          • kilroy238


            I’m not much for dressing things up

          • Sponge Monkey

            Because expats see some locals doing things they wouldn’t normally do, doesn’t give them free right to do it in China.

            Especially when foreigners are usually the first to complain about these things. Dollars to donuts the foreigner spotted littering had, at one point or another, complained about someone who littered before.

          • tai wai

            Because expats see some locals doing things they wouldn’t normally do, doesn’t give them free right to do it in China.

            When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in China, do as the Chinese do.

            When in Guangxi, eat some dog.

          • Bruce Tutty

            “Because expats see some locals doing things they wouldn’t normally do, doesn’t give them free right to do it in China. ”

            No, what it means is that nay non-locals see locals doing it and assume its ok.


          Hello Kilroy,

          Where are you from?
          How long have you been in China?
          Have you been in Tianjin the entire time?

          The spitting must drive you insane – HaHa.
          I applaud your efforts and approach.



          • kilroy238

            Hi David,

            I’m from the states and have been living in China for about 6 1/2 years. I haven’t been in Tianjin the whole time but sadly most of the time. On a high note my family and I will be moving to Qingdao soon :)

            As for the spitting yeah it still drives me crazy but it’s not so much the spitting that gets me, this places is dusty you have to spit, but WHERE people spit.

            Just as I said earlier to show respect for others don’t do it all over the sidewalk where people are expected to walk. Even though in Tianjin the sidewalk is for normally parking your car.

  • whiskersthecat

    Haha I don’t even want to read this article. The title is enough.

  • lonetrey

    Tch, because of all the racist chinese netizens calling for “black devils” to be removed from China, I’ve lost all my sympathy for the chinese girl.

    • XiaoHei

      Not everyone is racist there man. The comments above are randomly picked from forums by the admin of this site.

      I’ve been there a few times now. Yes, people stare at you all the time. But, that is just because you’re like the only non-Chinese person among a hundred thousand other Chinese people around you. Having a dark-brown skin tone myself, I often get mistaken for a black dude (I’m South-Asian). However, I’m treated with both respect and curiosity. There are times when I can feel that people don’t like me because of my skin color, but that is not often (at least so far). My Chinese admirers out number the Chinese haters if you ask me.

      • tai wai

        Not everyone is racist there man. The comments above are randomly picked from forums by the admin of this site.

        Are you saying that the admins aren’t fairly representing Chinese “netizens” views on foreigners, but rather they are cherry-picking hateful and inciting comments?

        In effect race-baiting and trolling us?

        But I thought that

        chinaSMACK hopes that translating and sharing the content that is most hot or viral on China’s internet, as well as the comments of Chinese netizens themselves, foreign netizens can better understand a part of China’s modern society and that Chinese people and foreigners are really not so different after all.

        • XiaoHei

          Well, I am not sure if there is any specific agenda followed by the admins, but realistically speaking we cannot expect them to post thousands of comments found on those sites. I believe they pick the most interesting ones or the highly rated ones.

          • tai wai

            “All the black devils living long-term, get the fuck out of China!!! [repeated 15x]”

            I wouldn’t consider that interesting, I’d consider it offensive.

            If it is highly rated? Well, then, they really are racist scum on that bbs, and saying they are no different that foreigners is absurd.

            It’d be like taking comments from stormfront or free republic, and believing that most Americans felt the same way.

          • Dingles

            I believe the Admin has come out and said that they only pick the highly rated comments. If xxx number amount of people are supporting one post, using that selection method does give some sort of consensus of the general opinion towards an issue.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Tai Wai, being black, I noticed a lot of interesting and level-headed comments picked by the admins. You have to take the entire thing into perspective.

            Be a cow, so to speak.

        • Sponge Monkey

          Actually, I was just at the source of the story, my wife says the comments aren’t pretty. Currently about 75% racist, but my wife also mentioned there’s a few trolls that are re-posting over and over …

          Not that we don’t have some pretty vile comments posted here as well…

          • Correct.

          • The Enlightened One


            Normally, the morons scream the most frequent and the loudest because they are desperate not to be alone in their misery.

          • XiaoHei

            There are quite a few videos on YouTube of blacks behaving badly and one particular video where a black dude slaps a white girl on the street and then kicks her feet so she falls to the ground. This is done in broad daylight for no reason. The comments on that video are not that generous either, with the top-rated comments being quite racist in nature. I’m sure the people who wrote them got carried away by the moment and wrote stuff they wouldn’t want to do in real life. Similarly, there are anti-white comments on some videos where whites are shown in a bad light.

            There are racist people in all countries.

          • DeVitaVackra

            Isn’t that “reversed racism” if racism at all? To me it’s just chinese people concerned about their homeland, knowing they have been suppressed by white people before (and it wasn’t a long time ago)? I mean the racists are white people, those are the one you should worry about because they time after time let it run out of control, just see Hitler, the slavery in USA and colonialism. I think the moderators on this site knows this and removes the worst white supremasists. Although I hope they will do a better job and also consider to remove those that only imply racism, because I do not think it should be tolerated at all.

      • lonetrey

        @___@ Relax. I’m Chinese-American, I get the mentality they may or may not have. And I know plenty of great Asians! (do I get to say that nowadays without sounding racist?)

        I’m just saying, do the Chinese netizens know they’re doing more harm than good with their statements?

        • Do foreign netizens know they are doing more harm than good with their statements? Same answer.

          • China always says they want to be supper power, but can they be if they are such racists?
            funny how Africans never mistreat Chinese who work in African countries, never saying that they came to work in Africa coz they are poor.
            Fuck racist netizens and hope they all burn in hell.
            being a racist while you are so fucking poor in your country is stupid.

          • Love China

            No, it’s not.

            We’re guests in YOUR country, that being said how can you justify the way foreigners are treated here in the present day of 2012 ? It would not be justified in 95% of other countries it this were reversed.

            Unfortunately the glass/concrete sky scrappers + highways are going up faster than the people are growing.
            85% of current Chinese locals are not ready for an international community and this is where you’ll see the biggest backlash, everyone here is used to working for foreign enterprises not living with them and this needs to be changed, like NOW !

          • The Enlightened One


            I don’t agree with your point. There is one clear and distinct difference.

            Chinese are from the country of China.

            Foreigners are from…. everywhere else?

            We are not just one group lumped together because from are not from China. So you can’t really rate our comments based on the fact that a foreigner said it. Why?

            Because we have different cultures, educational systems, governments etc.

            To generalize is foolish but to generalize the entire world minus China into one summed up response is just plainly incompetent.

          • jin

            @cheddy, from what i have read on your posts, i can only say one thing, you talk about racism, while youre being a racist all this time. and wait racism doesnt exist in america? it doesnt exist in africa? it doesnt exist in in you? and yeah… which chinese would go to africa……. only those rich people. ofcourse they wont get mistreated, cause they have the power of money.

            talking about racism while youre a racist yourself is stupid.

          • My point is that many netizens regardless of their origin do not know that they are doing more harm than good with their statements. I am not talking about generalizing 1/5 and 4/5 of the world population.

          • The Enlightened One


            I agree with that, unfortunately most people don’t think before they open their mouths… or move their fingers I guess.

          • @Jin i am not a racist, i like different people from different countries, I just wonder why people would go all racist on someone just coz he/she is black skined.
            What did Africans ever do to chinese to be called black devils? did Africans steal your culture or colonize China?

          • jin

            why did they not beat up the people who forced the lady to abort? hahahahaha china, fucked up country

            you said this didnt you? and in the other posts as well, you were clearly insulting china.

            oh and read this.
            the reason china doesnt like black is just like how they didnt like the whites 20 years ago, its just a fase that china is going through. skin color in china is important, as it also decides your rank in the older days (where the rich stay white by working inside and the poor becomes dark by working in the fields), its about the first impression. and i want you all to remember that china is a country that was shutout from the rest of the world untill the 90s. and all of you “foreigners” have no right to insult an entire ethnicity (race would be wrong because we are all from ONE race, the human race), from something that some people does. and i want to remind that it took america 120 years to finally accept the blacks after the slavery abolished in 1865.

          • Robert

            That’s because the Chinese go to Africa to WORK, the Africans come to China to leech off Chinese girls, cause problems, intimidate locals, and sell drugs (if you can call that work)…

          • lonetrey

            D: wait, are you saying my comment was a poor reflection of foreigners?

          • Fman

            Foreigners think a fuck of a lot more, we also have laws in place. china is open season on foreigners, it’s in their culture and history, anything bad happens, blame the foreigners! They can say, cheat and make foreigners loose face at will and it is done so with great zeal.

            Fauna, if you’re an overseas Chinese and you really are so clueless, move China if you believe it to be your motherland and get a clue. Having said that why is it overseas Chinese are so quick to turn their backs on the countries that give them (or their parents) all they have starting with opportunity?!?!? Sickening that is!!!

      • SuperUnhappyCow

        Probably because you’re not as dark as me. Most people here in Taiwan are at least a little hostile.

        • mr. wiener

          You in Taiwan too bro?

          • Fman

            HAHAHA!!! You’re in Taiwan!?! You should hear what the Taiwanese have to say about the mainlanders here… If you think I’m bad, you ain’t heard nothing…. You do get mainland tourists there, right? How’s that going…. word has it their behavior leaves much to be desired… huh…..

          • mr. wiener

            I live in Taiwan and I have no illusions as to what the Taiwanese think of the mainlanders. To my mind it is similar to what the English used to say about the Americans.
            I ask you, just because you hear a bunch of people making prejudiced comments that makes it OK for you to let out your inner bigot? Asians are up front with their racism as that is there culture, not yours. If you ever return home you’d better censor your speech as it could get you into a peck ‘o trouble.

    • Anon

      Why would you particularly feel sympathetic for the Chinese girl in the first place? Think about how Chinese drive, in all likelihood the whole thing was caused by some moronic move she pulled.

      • Is this really you Anon? It can’t be… surely not… no way.

        The amount of times you’ve called me or other users out for such a comment and now you write this generalisation? It feels good doesn’t it? I agree with you but just to remind you of your past self righteous ranting I am going to write an Anon style essay on why you are wrong to do it.

        Wait… oh yeah, my bad… I just remembered I don’t have as much time on my hands as you do.

        TILT time

        • Brett Hunan

          No the “real” anon has a lowercase “a”.

          • Now I feel like a giant tool.

          • Brett Hunan

            Lol… almost got’em.

          • Boris

            ‘Now I feel like a giant tool.’
            Personally I’d settle for a cup of Earl Grey, but whatever floats your boat.

          • Little Wolf

            Shan Pao: No problem……it’s “Anonest” mistake. hahahahahahahahahaha!!! ……..hahahahahaha!!! Get it? An-on-est mistake! hahahahahahaha!!! I kill me sometimes :)

          • SuperHappyCow



      • Xiongmao

        It’s very likely although since he supposedly was riding behind her, he shoulders the blame according to the law (safety distance,, overrules pretty much everything else). It also says one place that SHE was the one attacking with the bike lock, that SHE rode back up to him and spit at him. Thing is? He could be the biggest douche ever, or she could be some half insane Chinese girl looking for a fight, thinking she can get away with just about anything.

      • lonetrey

        Well, in my shoes, most people would be sympathetic because 1 she’s a girl, 2 because I’m also Asian/Chinese and she’s Asian/Chinese, 3 because the foreigner was reported to be rude to the crowd.

        That’s why I said that I lost all potential sympathy. Though she may not have deserved it, there was no chance of being sympathetic after that huge shitshow that both sides displayed. =/

  • Maikoh

    Under certain circumstances, however few, mob action is justified, jussayin’.

  • Rod

    Are all these anti-foreiger/bad foreigner news events a recent thing or is this an ongoing thing? I’ve only been browsing Chinasmack for a few months now, but it seems like every couple of weeks there’s some sort of confrontation in the news.

    • kilroy238

      I think it’s a new thing being pushed in local/national news as a way to distract the people from real issues. Same way fools in America are distracted by gay marriage and flag burning.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Agreed. The more nationalist the country becomes, the more people who think that being patriotic is to despise all from the outside, the more that any words or actions that a foreigner makes will be regarded as critical of China, and the more people will need to act out in order to preserve their precious face.

        • Boris

          I thought things were going to escalate after the ‘100 day crackdown’/ arse-wipe Yang Rui chain of events, but the tension settled quickly. Let’s hope this is a fairly isolated incident. The government is fantastic at turning the people against foreigners, but it can and does also effectively stem the nationalism. It can’t help the government too much if it alienates foreigners within it’s boarders. Any more news on Yang Rui? Perhaps it’s best he’s out of the limelight.

          • This kind of news happen everyday. It is mostly because there is still some attention on foreigners from the recent incidents.

      • Nyancat

        change in the top brass at the end of the year i believe good time to stir up some nationalistic sentiment.

    • Xiongmao

      I think most of us see Chinese people in minor accidents and ensuing scuffles, people yelling and screaming at each other like there’s no tomorrow and couples fighting and the wife/gf beat up in broad daylight on a weekly basis. That’s just not news in China ‘coz it happens all the time, but of course when a foreigner is involved with the current attention we get because of a moronic Russian and a Muslim British-Pakistani with no respect for women, it’s certain to spread like wildfire.

      • Alan

        Muslim British-Pakistani with no respect for women

        Wasn’t he British Egyptian?

  • Very soon China will be hell for foreigners (esp Blacks). Squabbles among Chinese and foreigners have increased very much these days. If care is not taken, China will lose the chance of being recognized as a world player. As a black boy living in China, I know the emotional trauma I am going through. I sometimes conclude that Chinese people think Blacks are from another planet. And if you are not careful, you will be harsh towards them. This black guy might have acted harshly because of emotional issues he’s going through living here.
    Pointing fingers,laughing at you, running away from you,calling you names (thinking that we don’t understand the language), holding their noses (clearly showing that you are smelling). The worst part of it is to meet a Chinese boy and his girlfriend. The boy must do something to prove that he can protect the girl. ( I don’t know if this is Chinese tradition) The boy will surely show the black boy that he’s really stronger and important (racially) than him.

    Chinese are doing far worse things in Africa than what Africans are doing here. But since many African countries have better human rights laws than China, many cases of illegal activities are handled properly.

    Very soon China will be worse than Russia for Blacks. A Chinese baby (5yrs) told me yesterday, that her father doesn’t want her to come near me again. The reason is simple: He doesn’t like Back people.

    I think it will be very easy for blacks to live in Hell than for them living in China.

    • Nick in Beijing

      I’m not black, but I can sympathize with you. Some of my coworkers are black, and complain of these very same things when they come to work. Most of them speak Chinese fluently, and can understand what people say about them reasonably well and the stories they relate make me nauseous.

      One the same note one of my students and I had a long conversation about Chinese people’s attitudes towards black people, and he asked me how he should behave regarding black people. He asked me in what situation is it appropriate to mention that a person is black, what kind of things are acceptable to say when talking about black people. Apparently he had some kind of problem when meeting people recently because he made some comments about black folks that were perfectly normal in China, but seriously offended the people he was talking to (from the U.K.).

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the girl escalated the situation just to try to get a bribe out of the foreign dude. Has happened to me more than once, and if others stories are to be believed, it happens to others a lot (Chinese and foreigners alike, but foreigners don’t have the hoards of family, friends, and classmates to back them up here).

      • SuperHappyCow

        It’s amazing that people have to ask that question.

        “What do I say to black people?” as if we’re from the fucking moon. I’m currently in Taiwan and I most often take vocal shit from kids around 5 years old, but that’s okay, and mostly pretty funny since they’re really small. Adults, I almost exclusively ignore since they mostly just stare at me, or give me girlfriend really dirty looks.

        I don’t think I can stand most of these people.

    • Boris

      ‘Very soon China will be hell for foreigners.’ -I share your concern.
      It seems a foreigner can get into a situation with a Chinese person (more often than not generated by the latter) and if they don’t back down and take whatever is being thrown at them, they risk being assulted by a group.
      If this dynamic increases, many people I know will think twice about staying.
      As for China becoming worse for blacks than Russia, that’s never going to happen. How many times a day do a group of Chinese guys walk up to you, shout ‘n***er’ in your face, and try to get a rise out of you so they can beat you to a pulp? Racism and nationalism in China is sickening, but I can’t see China becoming as dangerous for black people in the near future. Something huge would have to happen to society.

    • M.N

      Brother Justice,i feel you man.You are right and i agree with what you wrote.Judging people just on the basis of their skin color is not the right thing.

      • Yaspar

        Better rethink that. We tried that here in the USA, and the blacks have gone completely out of control, attacking, raping, killing white people in the big cities. China must keep blacks out, and keep the ones that do get into China under constant control, or they will ruin your country, the way they are ruining America.

        • cb4242

          Leave it to the one ignorant person to spout idiotic, mindless rhetoric about something they know absolutely nothing about. Yaspar, you just love to hear yourself talk, don’t you. Lol
          By the way, I didn’t know Bush was Black. Wow!

        • frankie

          your father will be crying blood if he should read the comments being made by his son ,yaspar are u sure it wouldn’t have been better if your father hadn’t wasted his sperm in producing u? i really don’t know what racists have in their brains.continue being a troll,it’s so safe.

        • SuperHappyCow

          No. I feel like it’s mostly banks, corrupt politicians, and multinational corporations ruining America. Probably has little to nothing to do with blacks, actually.

    • Sponge Monkey

      Unfortunately, I have to agree that this does happen. Of the four craziest things that have happened to me in China, two of them were based on the skin colour of the people I was with. I’m not going to get into the stories, we’ve got enough bad sentiment here.

      But I will add, for a population as huge as it is, I am hoping it’s a small percentage. The Chinese in my family and my circle of friends respect people for who they are. We can find racism all over the world, I like to believe that, even though it’s obviously in China, it’s not a social trend among the general population.

      And I do have black friends and colleagues that have been in Shanghai for years and haven’t had any real problems. Hopefully it’s better than hell, and this is just another Chinese growing pain.

      • Discrimination against Blacks in China seems to be normal way of life. A black boy was refused a job simply because he is an African. After a telephone conversation, the Chinese guy was convinced the black guy spoke very good english. what the chinese forgot was to ask the guy’s nationality before the disguised interview. The chinese man being so happy with the guy’s accent asked him to come to the school immediately.
        Then the unfortunate situation happened.

        Ch: By the way where are you from?
        Af: Ghana.
        Ch: Oh Canada is a good country. That’s great.
        Af: No. I said Ghana.
        Ch: I don’t know this country.
        Af: Ghana in Africa.
        Ch: Africa? I am very sorry, we don’t give jobs to Africans.
        Can you introduce a white man to me?
        The Chinese man didn’t feel anything regrettable about what he told the black dude.

        Think about this.

        • Nick in Beijing

          I was thinking about a job change a few months ago, and while browsing the Beijinger ( I saw headings that said things like “native English speaker wanted! Chocolate men please don’t reply!”.

          Disgusting in any country, but I never experienced this before in the U.S., despite some of the racism that goes on there, and never saw that in Japan, although I’m sure it does happen to a degree.

    • Justin

      Oh please. China will soon be hell for foreigners! Exaggerate much? Hmm…it’s a place where any deadbeat foreigner without a college degree can get a (relatively) high-paying job as an English Teacher and pull ass like Don Juan despite age/weight/facial deformities. Really sounds like hell to me.

      Yeah it’s hard on black folk in China. Then again, it’s hard on black folk everywhere, especially in Africa. African countries have better human rights laws than China? You’ve got to be kidding me. Which ones? South Africa, maybe, after decades of struggle against apartheid, passed some human rights laws, but pretty much everywhere else — Liberia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, the Sudan, Somalia, you name it — human rights are getting trampled on left and right and that’s on top of all the violence that’s going down there between various political/ethnic/religious groups. Why do you think so many people flock from places like Nigeria to sell dime bags to tourists on the streets of Beijing?

      They obviously get treated well enough here that it’s better to them than becoming child soldiers for the Janjaweed or the Lord’s Resistance Army. You want to talk hell, go to one of those post-colonial African countries and take a look at all the damage white folks have done there in the past two centuries.

      No doubt Chinese companies are doing exploitative things in Africa, but compared to the West, the overall relationship between China and Africa is far from neocolonial. The Chinese government has given out billions in loans (many of which were forgiven) and issued them with no strings attached, whereas loans provided through mechanisms like the IMF tend to require structural adjustments that almost always benefit the developed world at the expense of the developing.

      • Brett Hunan

        1. Because every non-Chinese/foreigner can speak English, right? Are you a Chinese who was raised/educated in an English speaking country, or a foreigner from an English speaking country?

        2. You act like every African that is studying or working in China is there to escape violence in Africa. Absolutely not true. Yes, some people stay in China, perhaps illegally. Do you think it is because China treats them “well enough”? Most likely it is because they can make more money and then send it home, similar to any other migrant worker.

        3. Forgiven debts and loans with no strings attached? Are you mad? Are you telling me that the “no strings attached loans” didn’t come at a cost? Do you know, exactly, what it is that Chinese companies do in Africa?

      • Ning

        “take a look at all the damage white folks have done there in the past two centuries”

        Well, enlighten us please. Do you mean white individuals, like king Leopold of Belgium the biggest capitalist criminal, who raped his private colony Congo? Or do European commoners, who suffered from colonialism as it downpriced their labor and products, somehow share a responsibility? For being white?

        Are Arabs white/caucasian to you and should they also carry the white mans burden? Afterall, they have been raping and pillaging Africa for 1300 years now, they started the whole slavery thing and are currently continuing it. Even without outside intervention, Africans have and continue being dicks to one another. There’s slavery, war, corruption, and absolutely no rights for women and children. Most African countries have gone down the drain after independence, not because of colonialism but by their own efforts. Or look at South Africa! Apartheid was unfair, but ANC has only turned it upside down and is just as racist. Considering the history of human settlement in SA, the bantus are the most recent invaders. If not for dutch, indian and colored populations, the Khoi-san people would now be extinct. The truth and reconciliation board was a joke, the affirmative action programs are just as unfair as Malaysias ridiculous bhumiputra policy and there’s no protection from the police in SA anymore. If your kid is muti-murdered and there are witnesses, police won’t investigate. The indigenous shamanism and polygamism BS is even protected as cultural heritage. Unbeliavable!

        I agree with you that Chinese business activities in Africa are much better than patronizing aid programmes from the west. One child policy shoulde be exported ASAP.

        • red scarf

          Sorry I just fine this standalone headline over just so over the top

          “Male foreign national raised his middle finger, beaten up by city residents”

          Either he was very brave or a bit stupid, most likely a mix of both.

          Goodness knows that they would think of my auntie if they found out she had to wee in Tiananmen square one dark evening.

          • red scarf

            Ophs wrong place to post.

        • red scarf

          Don’t mix the arab and white slave trade together, Arab was eastwards, White was westwards.

          The white slave trade was kicked off by an African nation, can’t reminder the one but its long fallen, selling prisoners of war to “white countries”

          The arab slave trade made its way into China as well, so by default we can blame China as well. If we want to nitpik we can say oh but in first millennium China they used slaves as well, why can’t the rest of the world use them and undergo social moral changes out outlaw the use them. Also at this time China was acting as badly as Europeans in the last 200 years imperialism, civil wars, genocide, invasions, dominating other countries etc

        • Bruce Tutty

          one child policy exported to a continent with such a high child mortality rate?…firstly it won’t work because the countries governments don’t have the control over them that the China government has over the Chinese people, and secondly it would destroy their populations as war and child morality took their toll.

          The business activies do nothing for the war or famine that these countries have, and China just ignores these problems and goes in to make a profit…Patronizing programs form the west?…business can only happen due to the areas that are now productive, no thanks for China.

          • Ning

            OK I wasn’t being clear of the intention: OCP methods export for population control, cheap available contraceptives and education on health, maybe even fines for having too much kids. War and malnutrition can be avoided if people just take responsibility and care about their children. Having huge families is a safety measure against high mortality, so there’s not so high incentives to fix the society. Nigeria and Ethiopia are schooltext examples of countries that are stuck in a downward spiral, as the economy (despite oil income in Nigeria) can’t keep up with population growth. Africans are grownups and they shouldn’t be receiving sacks of WFP food and second-hand clothes. Dumping western leftovers just destroys their own industries and supports totalitarian regimes.

      • Little Wolf

        “Hmm…it’s a place where any deadbeat foreigner without a college degree can get a (relatively) high-paying job as an English Teacher and pull ass like Don Juan despite age/weight/facial deformities.

        Exaggerate much?

        Stupid fuck.

        • mr. wiener

          “It’s a place where any deadbeat foreigner without a college degree can get a (relatively) high-paying job as an English Teacher and pull ass like Don Juan despite age/weight/facial deformities.”

          Chance should be so fine a thing.

          • Boris

            EF should adopt that as their slogan.

    • Rod

      I know it’s tough not being able to say anything without inciting some kind of nationalist feeling and just digging a deeper hole.

    • Xiongmao

      Are we,, black?

      • SuperHappyCow

        or are w dancers?

    • Notorious

      Justice I am so sorry that you are experiencing this meanness from the people in China, and it does give me a different view of them. May I ask why continue to live in China? Are you American, British or African? It is so sad to live in that situation which made me rethink my visit there when I learned how racist Chinese people are. All of the asians and chinese people I know in the U.S are so nice and really truly decent people so I had no idea that people in China and other parts of Asia act differently in there own country. Your situation is exactly why I would not want to bring my sons there, into such a negative and horrible enviroment. And they are so handsome too (girls of all races chase after them – especially Asian girls), but I forbid my sons from dating non-black females. THey do ocassionally, but they know they cannot marry. Thankfully, they do not like white females at all, and tend to lean toward latina and black. Only asian if she is pretty and even then, they know they cannot date non-black girls because I don’t approve. It would be a dangerous environment for a young innocent teenager.

      I hope your time gets better or you move on to a place where you are appreciated. Just out of curiosity, are you very dark skinned or medium toned as a black person? I wonder what would cause someone to point and run. That is so bizarre.

      • moop

        complaining about racism while dissallowing your sons from being with people from other races….

        • Notorious

          There’s a difference. they are not hurting anyone by not marrying or dating out of their race.

          • moop

            they may be hurting themselves. what if “the one” isnt black? besides, it still instills the notion that we aren’t equal and that only blacks are worthy of their love. it’s not that different.

          • Notorious

            I didn’t raise my sons to be successful gentlemen just so they can take their wealth and share it with some asian or some mexican or some white person. They are going to be a success to not only improve their station in life, but that of the black community. A black woman is worthy of sharing in those riches too. So I really don’t want any non-black woman with my sons. I have made it CLEAR that if any of them have a biracial child I will show preference to my full black grandchildren over theirs. They said I was “Bogus” (teen-speak for being wrong), but I don’t care. I mean it. The only child I would tolerate dating outside of her race is my daughter, only becasue there aren’t enough black men to go around.

          • moop

            ok. that makes you racist. your children sound a lot smarter than you, maybe you shouldn’t make them an accessory to your stupidity and let them live their own lives.

          • Notorious

            My views don’t hurt anyone, least of all white people. I’m not some foaming at the mouth racist. I am not taking jobs away from anybody, denying anyone their happiness, calling anyone names,, I am simply deciding what I want my descendants to be and how I want my family to grow. I am friends to people of all races and would help anyone. If my sons married out of their race however, I would take it as a personal insult. It has nothing to do with anybody else or some perceived wrong that non-black people have done. It has nothing to do with them.

          • Brett Hunan

            Notorious, what the fuck happened to you? I dont remember you being such a moron last year.

            Why do you visit this site? You never have anything noteworthy to say; you call the Chinese writing system “symbols” and “pictures”; you cant speak Chinese, have never been to China; know nothing about China, its culture, or Chinese people; you are a regular and no one has ever chummep-up to you; you constantly and consistantly prove to be ignorant of life outside Chicago and a racist; you are inconsistent; and not to bring up the past, but aside from internet stalking, cb was pretty much right on. Too bad he started using aliases and got the boot.

            If you want to be a regular, why not try adding to the community instead of constantly detracting from it?

          • moop

            you’re potentially denying your sons’ happiness. “racial purity” is a pretty common desire among racists. you are a racist. your line of thinking is racist. your actions of demanding your sons marry within their race is racist.

          • Notorious

            Brett, you have not been paying attention. I was born in chicago, lived there for a time, but I AM NOT in chicago and have not lived there in more than a few decades. I live in multi-cultural “liberal” little college town. I do speak chinese (I am not quite fluent yet), and I am learning to write. I call chinese writings symbols because they don’t use a typical alphabet structure like English and i don’t know what the proper term for chinese writings are.

            What does “chummep-up” mean? I don’t know. Do you mean befriended? I don’t think I made an effort either to be friends and frankly, no one is coming to CHINA smack to befriend a black female. They are here to talk about chinese culture and their experiences in china or simply have some conversations about china. I’m just an observer, a reader, and someone offering another view of life, whether it is welcomed or not. I don’t ask anyone to like my views. I just write them. I started coming here as a matter of research for a project I was working on and stayed because the articles are interesting. Not for you, or to have people +1 my ideas or views. That’s it. Does that answer your question?

          • Notorious

            Moop,,and you are implying that my sons cannot be happy with a black woman. They can make their own choices, they will just have to accept the consequences for them. There is nothing racist about my views and what I want for my family. Our family history has been diluted enough by mudbloods and other races entering our family’s bloodlines. I don’t have to hate anyone or be a racist to want to keep our family intact. Not everyone is jumping at the bit to mix with other people. I can interact, be friends, and all of that but I am uncomfortable when people of other races are in my personal space and home. I don’t want to be looking at that the rest of my life because my son chooses a non-black woman. It would be annoying. Anyone who claims they don’t feel the same way is a liar.

          • moop

            no i’m not. i used the word potentially. you don’t know if “the one” is white, black, asian, or latino, but you still bar your sons from being in relationships with them. you just used the word mudblood, thats not lame or anything. racist.

            unlike some people who maybe make a racial joke for a laugh, you are actually living and plan to live out your racism and are forcing others to live that way as well. everytime you open your mouth you lose more credibility.

          • Brett Hunan

            I meant “chummed-up”.

            Chinese “symbols” are called “characters”.

            Where are you learning to read and speak Chinese, at dance class?

            You post comments because you want people to read them. You want to feel connected to the story and the community (myself and other posters). Don’t bullshit me on that.

            Your views on your children’s marriages are no better than any racist, nationalist, or prick who thinks marrying outside of your own class is unacceptable. I not only disagree with your view, I think it speaks volumes about how you are hypocritical and a dangerous influence to your children.

          • linette


            You should not deny your children of true love in case they do find someone that’s not black. True love is hard to come by. I understand what you are saying about not having enough good quality black men around for all the beautiful intelligent black women. But you can’t stop people when they find love. You will make your children sad.

          • Notorious

            “Your views on your children’s marriages are no better than any racist, nationalist, or prick who thinks marrying outside of your own class is unacceptable. I not only disagree with your view, I think it speaks volumes about how you are hypocritical and a dangerous influence to your children.”
            Wrong. I don’t think its unacceptable because I feel like there is something wrong with people of other races, I feel that way because there are not enough black men for black women. It’s not because I hate anyone. As a black woman, I know how hard it is to find a black husband and so it would truly irk me to know that I have too available sons and they are dipping into some other race looking for women. I would be pissed and offended. So they can make a choice. That’s it. I won’t derail this thread any further with this topic.

            As for being a part of the community, this is CHINA SMACK not BLACK SMACK so no one is here to befriend black people. They are here to interact with other expats and Chinese. So trust me, I am NOT interested in integrating with the community or getting to know anyone here. I don’t tend to remember usernames, but maybe 1-5% of the people here. I wouldn’t even talk to any of the people here in the real world because I find conversations with certain types of people annoying and fake. So I am no more interested online than I am off contrary to what you think. I DO FIND THE STORIES interesting, heartbreaking, and curious. So consider me a voyeur who ocassionally jumps into the fray.

            I read chinasmack for MONTHS before I ever signed up or posted a comment. And even now I tend to read far more often than I write. That is not a person who is interested in “chumming it up” with you. I don’t even make an effort to be liked so i just say whatever the hell I feel, ugly or not.

            Somehow, Moop always manages to accusing me of something which causes me to be dragged into some side topic and I always end up arguing with someone else.

          • Notorious


            You should not deny your children of true love in case they do find someone that’s not black. True love is hard to come by. I understand what you are saying about not having enough good quality black men around for all the beautiful intelligent black women. But you can’t stop people when they find love. You will make your children sad.

            I know. And I am not asking them to choose based on my preferences. I am simply saying there are consequences if they choose to feel some strange raced woman is their preference they will lose the love of their mother. I feel very strongly about that and make no apologies. It’s their choice, and something to lose on both sides – though i suspect they keep certain types of girls at a distance because I am important to them.

          • moop

            actually it you who always says something controversial and usually stupid to boot. this is a perfect example. you care more about the plight of black women than your sons’ happiness? mother of the year award goes too… anyone but you

          • Notorious

            Moop, I would be doing my sons a disservice to teach them any other way. You are ASSUMING also that my sons will in fact, fall in love or choose. I find there are many beautiful young black women out there capable of capturing their hearts, so there is no choice to make.

            Anyway, yes I say controversial things because I speak my mind. I don’t mask my views behind some politically correct bullshit like the rest of you.

            I am not the only person who says controversial things either, all of you do. So let’s not throw stones from glass houses.

          • moop

            “And I am not asking them to choose based on my preferences. I am simply saying there are consequences if they choose to feel some strange raced woman is their preference they will lose the love of their mother.“

            yes, you’re not asking them, you are using coerscion against your children and putting your own happiness ahead of their own

          • linette

            Brett Hunan and moop,

            Please don’t talk to Notorious like that. I don’t know if you guys read her story. She is a single mom and she raised her three kids. From what she was saying she is a very strong hard working woman. I can understand why she wants the best for her kids. Her ex husband mistreated her. I think she just want her sons not to make the same mistake like her ex. She wants them to be beautiful respectable black men who love their women. PReferably black woman like her, who deserves respect and love from a good man. I think that’s fair. She is not asking for too much. It’s not really racist.

          • Notorious

            LAST WORD: I’m done with this side discussion, I’m not trying to make this topic about me. My comment was to justice and not meant to be some long discussion about me. My life experiences have led me to where I am now, and no amount of names like calling me a “racist” is going to change me. Especially when you haven’t walked in my shoes. So enough, time to move on.

          • moop

            “You are ASSUMING also that my sons will in fact, fall in love or choose. I find there are many beautiful young black women out there capable of capturing their hearts, so there is no choice to make.”

            completely and utterly hopeless. the only thing i am assuming is taht your sons would probably much rather be able to date and marry whomever they want without having to worry about whether their imbecile of a mother will scorn them for the rest of their adult lives if they choose the wrong race.

          • moop

            linnette, maybe it is for women’s solidarity that you feel the need to accept and rationalize her behavior, but i don’t. people who do or say stupid shit should be held responsible. when you say something stupid we’ll call you out on it too. that is the way it works. i won’t undulge the pity party for a racist

          • Notorious

            Come on moop,, you are the biggest misognyst here. First word I ever saw you write was “cunt” – straight out of the misogynist handbook. You follow me like CB does and try to pick fights. I ignore you most of the time because you’re worthless, and not worth talking to. I rarely type to you UNLESS you write to me first, and most of the time I just ignore you. With people like Abort and Deport on here, I surely cannot be that big of annoyance. You are just picking a fight like you always do.

            You could give a shit about what I type as it’s just an excuse to fight.

          • linette


            …… maybe it is for women’s solidarity……….

            hahha…I dare you to live a week like a mother taking care of 3 small kids. Go borrow 3 small children from your neighbor and start your day by..making breakfast, take them to school, go to work, pick them up from school, do homework, cook, clean, bath the kids etc..Make sure you go to school parents meeting and doctor dentist check up. Do that for 1 week by yourself without help from your wife. Come back here and post your comment.

            Then you will have more understanding for women.

          • linette

            And while you are doing that make sure you wear a bra. hahahha…

          • moop

            but you are a cunt. infact the word cunt is used to describe people just like you. there is no word more fitting in the english language to bestow upon you. the word “bitch” isn’t strong enough. i would be cheapening the english language to call you anything else. it doesnt mean i hate women. it means i hate you.

          • Little Wolf

            Hey Notorious….You know who uses the term “mudbloods”? Aryan Brotherhood, and other Neo-Nazi skinheads and white supremists. The same idiots that call black people “toads” and “silverbacks”, etc. For you to use that word is hilarious and despicable at the same time.

            I seriously doubt you’re going to find a way to talk your way out of this and there are some people ready to rain hell on you. You’re not going to win. So, you might consider taking a break from this site and come back after some self-reflection. Or you can try to flatter yourself that you’re “sticking to your guns”. This is probably the last polite comment you’re going to get.

          • moop

            my mother raised three children and babysat three more at the same time, while my dad worked 14 hour days. i know what a real woman acts like.

            as for housework, i do more than my wife and cook dinner every day and it’s ready when she comes home.

            your collective mindset is retarded and lends itself to dangerous thinking like racism. women’s solidarity is just a big a joke as men’s solidarity

          • moop

            “i know what a real woman acts like.”
            i dont mean that is their role. i mean i know what a strong woman looks like who takes care of a family more or less single-handidly

          • Brett Hunan

            Notorious, I am glad you have decided to give up on this thread because now I can vent freely without reading your absurdities.

            “this is CHINA SMACK not BLACK SMACK so no one is here to befriend black people.” I have no idea the color of the skin of people I talk to unless they have an avatar or mentioned it in passing. I don’t care what country, race, religion, or background anyone is. If they are funny, intelligent, or generally interested in China, they are fit for this site. By your logic, people who post here are only looking to befriend Chinese people.

            You don’t even understand the underlying principles of why preventing your children from marrying outside your own race is wrong. No point in arguing with you.

            Linette wants us to think about your circumstances, but being a single mom and being an asshole have no common roots. Yes, you are a single mom. Yes, you are an asshole. But there is nothing that ties those two traits together.

            moop just calls it like he sees it. Sometimes I don’t necessarily agree, but I can’t say I don’t admire someone who wont let others skate by on their bullshit crass generalizations and supremacist remarks.

            Again, you post so people can read what you write. This, no matter how else you would like to put it, proves that you are interested in the chinaSMACK community. If you didn’t care about other people reading or agreeing, just write anything you like into your notebook.

          • Little Wolf

            linette: We have have always been friendly with each other since you came here so you might want to think about who you are lecturing and who you think you’re standing up for.

            Notorious is hardly different from millions of single mothers and hardly worthy of sympathy. Last week, a lady in Shaanxi Province had her 7-month old baby forcefully ripped from her body and killed.
            In Hawaii, I waited on a helipad to go to work when I saw a flash on a mountain. A young mother, who waited behind while her family was on a helicopter tour because she felt under the weather, watched her husband, 4 year-old daughter and 1 year-old son crash into a mountain( and 2 14 year-old girls and the pilot) In a flash, she lost her whole family. So boo-fucking-hoo to Notorius who couldn’t make her marriage work. My own parents divorced when I was 6 and my mother raised 6 of us on her own and never went on Chinasmack trying to get herself elected for Mother of the Year.
            Let’s put things in some perspective.

          • Notorious

            Little wolf, FUCK YOU – how much more plainer can I make it? Because you are too much of an asshole to accept that people have opinions and life views that are different than yours? Telling me you are going to “rain hell” on me doesn’t scare me. You are just TEXT on a screen, and nothing more. I don’t go around threatening anyone because I don’t like their point of view. It’s childish and quite simply, shows your lack of mental acuity. People are going to be different from each other in life and see things in different ways. So if you want to get pissy because I don’t want my child to marry someone outside of his race that is your problem. I don’t knock anyone who is able to find love with people from other cultures or races – it’s beautiful, thank you. But I will not change my mind, being ignorant and intolerant only deepens my committment to why I would not welcome someone like you or any other outsider into my circle. You want to be a dick? Bring it. Not going to stop me. And I will come and go as I please on this site so long as the moderators allow me to post.

          • linette

            Brett Hunan

            ……..You don’t even understand the underlying principles of why preventing your children from marrying outside your own race is wrong…….

            Why are you so pissed off about her belief about not marrying outside her race? Are you guys moop and LW and you all married outside your race? That is why you guys are so offended? People have preference you know. I heard the Koreans don’t want their kids to marry outside their race also. Don’t you hate the Koreans? Aren’t they racist also?

          • moop

            yes, i am married outside my race.

          • mr. wiener

            Lordy woman. Sit down and take some deep breaths, now go make yourself a nice cup of herbal tea, camomile would be my preference.
            Then go for a walk. Everything usually seems better after a nice walk. I always look for something pretty to lift my spirits.
            We’ll chat latter O.K?

          • Notorious

            Linette “pissed off about her belief about not marrying outside her race? Are you guys moop and LW and you all married outside your race? That is why you guys are so offended?”

            I was thinking the same thing, that they felt this was some sort of statement against their own personal relationships.

            But then I don’t think they’re that deep. This is how white guys act toward black women in general and they find any attempt to do it. If I were any other race person saying that, they would not be so offended. Like these assholes care about who two teenage black boys want to marry. While they’re up there, perched on their sandbox, with their chests huff out with self-righteous indignation, let’s see how they would act if they wanted to marry their daughters. it’s all fake politically correct rage.

          • Brett Hunan

            Linette, I am married to a Korean woman and my in-laws treat me like their own son.

          • Cardaver


            You’re sounding pretty racist to me (I happen to be a mudblood) … What exactly would your reaction be if you heard the words you’re saying coming out of a white person’s mouth?

          • moop

            and here come’s the victim card. the real victims are your sons and us for being subjected to your stupidity

          • Notorious

            @Cardaver Mudblood is just a sarcastic expression. the blood being muddied and no longer clear or pure. Who cares if I said it? Does it help you know that I would technically be considered a mud blood too? Get your paperbag out. Would it surprise you that one of my sons is fair skinned with hazel eyes? Stop taking my comments so personally. I want grandchildren who are black born from black women.

            How would I feel if a white person said mudblood? Um nothing. I don’t get emotional about what they do or say because white people are irrelevant to me.

          • Brett Hunan

            No, Linette, I was originally irritated by this comment by Notorious: I didn’t raise my sons to be successful gentlemen just so they can take their wealth and share it with some asian or some mexican or some white person.

            Now I am really rubbed the wrong way about this comment by Notorious: “This is how white guys act toward black women in general and they find any attempt to do it. If I were any other race person saying that, they would not be so offended.”

            Notorious I don’t give a flying fuck about who your sons decide to marry. I care about your absurd hypocrisy, the racist remarks that you make while fighting racism against blacks… and that you insist that you are right and refuse to listen to anyone else. Honestly I hope your sons say, “Fuck you mom, you are a piece of shit and I would rather die with the woman I love than live with you”.

          • linette

            @Brett Hunan
            That’s nice. But I am sure you are aware of the racism also in Korea towards interracial marriages. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean parents are so…like….blaaggg@#% when it comes to their children choice of spouse. Too strict.

            @mr. wiener
            You are late. Where were you? Eating bun and sipping green tea in a Taiwanese café?

            see, I knew it. All of you. So offended. Now if I tell you my mother wants me to marry only Chinese..actually only Hong kongese, you will go nut and call her racist. Hahanah I better keep her away from you. I don’t think it’s racist. It’s her preference. She loves foreigners.

          • Northerner


            I don’t have any friends on the internet either. As you Americans like to say ‘get over it.’

            Do you really expect people not to challenge an idiot parent that states openly that their future love for their children is continent upon the condition that those children marry according to that parent’s insecure, bigoted world view?

          • Brett Hunan

            @ Linette,

            “see, I knew it. All of you. So offended. Now if I tell you my mother wants me to marry only Chinese..actually only Hong kongese, you will go nut and call her racist.”

            Yea, but your mom isn’t on chinaSMACK posting about how racist white people are. There is a difference. There is also a difference in approach. The way you Notorious put it (see my previous post from 15 minutes ago), her sentiments are outlandish and hate-filled.

          • linette

            Brett Hunan

            …… you are a piece of shit and I would rather die with the woman I love than live with you”……..

            hmmmm……….I don’t know. Did you and your family had some kind of fight over you marrying outside your race?

            Sounds like my brother fighting with my parents when he was dating a white girl. He said the same similar thing to my mom.

          • mr. wiener

            Been drinking coffee and making sausage. If your mum was against you marrying a gwai lo I wouldn’t be offended. That’s how people of an older generation think , which is why I find notorious’ comments…surprising.
            Whoever you or notorious’ sons marry I’d hope they are someone funny kind and strong, race should be the last thing you’d worry about [well maybe not the last, but certainly not a priority!]

          • moop

            @linette “@moop
            see, I knew it. All of you. So offended. Now if I tell you my mother wants me to marry only Chinese..actually only Hong kongese, you will go nut and call her racist. Hahanah I better keep her away from you. I don’t think it’s racist. It’s her preference. She loves foreigners.”

            what does “see i knew it” mean? it doesnt prove anything except we’re at least a little less racist than notorious.

          • Notorious

            awww poor brett. Butthurt over my comment. That’s a shame… I was empathizing with Justice, I wasn’t fighting racism when I made my comment, because you can’t fight racism with racism and nothing will change the hearts of men, NOTHING. So arguing about racism is pointless and exhausting. And I didn’t say I was right, I said it was right for US (my family). I’m sorry i don’t bend over and kiss ass or leap like a flying squirrel to mix with other races out of some subconscious need to dilute our “black” genes.

            If you know my sons, they know who gave them life, provided for them, nursed them back to health when they were sick, read them bedtime stories, played hide and seek, took them the park, cuddled them when they were scared of the dark, sang to them, hugged them, watched their school plays, showed up for every football game. If you think they would say “fuck you, mom” over a race issue, that those words would ever cross their lips to me, assume you would be curled into a ball sucking your own dick first because it wouuld never happen. My sons would never disrespect me even if they disagreed. You overstate your own important thinking the universe would ever comply with such a request.

          • Brett Hunan

            No, Linette,

            we had no such fight. My parents adore my wife. The only discrepancy was that they didn’t want me to live so far from home, but I had a business idea and it is working out pretty good so far in Seoul.

            Really though, have you read the dribble that Notorious has written today?

          • Brett Hunan



          • Notorious

            ha, brett I challenge you to show me where I started any conversation saying whites are racist.

            “Yea, but your mom isn’t on chinaSMACK posting about how racist white people are”

            My only comments about race, is that white guys always act like this toward black women. A black woman could walk into a room pleasantly whisper good morning and they will look at her like she said something obnoxious. So yes, it’s even worse when one is having an opinion you don’t like. It’s your problem. What I do with my family has nothing to do with you and yours so who cares.

          • linette

            Little Wolf;
            Very sad about the helicopter thing. That’s crazy. life is too short.

            Why is that your life is filled with adventure? Are you 007? with a guitar…

          • Little Wolf

            Hey Notorious…Fuck you too. I never planned on raining hell on you, I merely tried to inform you that you’re burying yourself in hole so deep, you’re only option is just to shut the fuck up for awhile. But you’re just too goddamn stupid to figure out when people are trying to be diplomatic as possible.

            Btw…I’m mudpeople but I was married to a Swedish woman. Does that count? Now I’m a free-wheeling bachelor. We had a daughter that was the only white person in her school in Bahamas. She can marry anybody she damn well chooses and I know she’s smart enough to not tolerate abuse from anybody.

            You’re welcome to post here all you want, This isn’t my site. But you burned up all your bridges and it’s not going to be pleasant for you anymore.

          • Brett Hunan

            Starting a conversation by making racist remarks towards whites and preemptively defending blacks isn’t a requirement to making crass generalizations against whites. Just because you didn’t start the conversation doesn’t mean you never said what I accused you of.

            Again, Notorious, I don’t care about your family or your circumstances. Search: Egocentrism

          • Notorious

            You’re welcome to post here all you want, This isn’t my site. But you burned up all your bridges and it’s not going to be pleasant for you anymore.
            Cool. I guess everything will be the same as it’s always been.
            *eye roll*

            There’s no burying of anything sweetie, I will never get to kn ow, meet or do anything with anyone of you in life so I could give a rat’s ass.

          • Notorious

            @ BRETT

            Starting a conversation by making racist remarks towards whites and preemptively defending blacks isn’t a requirement to making crass generalizations against whites.

            Can you show me where I made a generalization about any whites in this thread? Where is the racist remark, can you quote it? We’re not talking about some flame war that happened months ago that everybody is long over, we’re talking about today. Show me what I said becuase you’re full of shit. You are seeing things that aren’t there. I said, I want my sons to marry black women. Nothing about whites being racist and no generalizations. You are delusional in this case, home boy.

            Just because you didn’t start the conversation doesn’t mean you never said what I accused you of.

            Show me where. If your grasping straws trying to conjure up some old stuff, I dont’ give shit. If you come at me sideways, I’m going for the jugular and will say whatever I feel will hurt you most. If you dont’ like it, don’t argue with me.

          • An anonymous boy…

            Notorious, technically speaking: no mater who your children marry their offspring will be considered black. If you have any ancestor who is from any of the black racial groups of Africa according to the US census, you are black. Basically the one-drop rule applies. So they won’t hurt the “black” community…because all studies about poverty and blackness are based on this census definition.

            Finally, scientifically speaking race isn’t even defined in terms of Black, White, or Asian, et cetera. It is only defined by clines. Specifically, even though you consider yourself black: your “black” genes might be more closely related to a person who is “white” than a person you consider “black”. IE: your outward appearance does not necessarily reflect your inward appearance such as blood type. So you shouldn’t probably talk about in those terms, as it weakens your argument.

          • mr. wiener

            For someone complaining about the lack of friends you’ve made here , today has been less than a stellar effort.
            Notorious, you have stong opinions and you stand by them, but that doesn’t make them right. Ultimately whoever your sons choose to marry [and hey, that could even be a white guy right?] You preference in the matter is going to matter 2 farts in a windstorm. Love loves where it will, not where you want it to.
            The smartest thing to do would be to give your blessing to any union that happens. It is so difficult to make any marriege last these days, the last thing you want to be is another speed hump on your sons road to future happiness.
            You can tell me to fuck off now if you like.

          • linette

            Brett Hunan

            I read the part
            I didn’t raise my sons to be successful gentlemen just so they can take their wealth and share it with some asian or some mexican or some white person….

            and she said there aren’t enough good black men for all the good black women.

            She doesn’t want her sons to marry outside her race. You can call it racist or whatever you want. NO white, no Asian, no latin. Well okay. So what? Don’t we all have a bit of racist inside of all of us? I am sure you have it inside of you too. I know I have because I am not perfect. I don’t think she is a racist because of this.

            I am going to let my mom come here and post here about laowai. Let see how you going call her a racist..hahaha…..

          • linette

            Hey Notorious…Fuck you too. …………

            I am getting a headache. Too much fucking around here.

            This side is calling the other side racist, and the other side is calling this side racist. Is there a law to decide what constitutes being a racist?

          • Notorious

            Mr Weiner, i would never tell you to fuck off as you have been very respectful in your opinion even if it differs from mine.

          • mr. wiener

            To quote the late Rodney King:
            “Oww! stop hitting me”
            And also:
            “Uh..why can’t we just get along?”.

          • Notorious

            Thanks Anonymous boy, I appreciate your opinion.

            re: “So they won’t hurt the “black” community…because all studies about poverty and blackness are based on this census definition.”
            Yes, but half-white black people are perceived differently, that is a fact. Almost in this low-down sort of favorable way. Bear in mind, speak from experience being of mixed heritage. Now, I don’t want my sons to become successful and take their money into the white, asian, or latino community. Money is going OUT of the black community and none is coming in. Men are leaving and many black women are left to live as single women becasue so many guys feel their lives will be easier latched onto a non-black woman. i want my sons to be a men and not use race as a crutch or try to use an interracial relationship to their advantage.

            They can date ocassionally, just no marriage. When I was 18 I dated a man who was not black, very seriously for a time when I lived in Vegas. He was a 22 year-old white guy and was in the military. I was about three months pregnant when I broke up with him because I didn’t want him to know. He found out and I lied about it, and had an abortion a week later. I felt it was wrong to bring a half-white baby home to my family as it would have added insult to injury. I feel the same way. Just get married properly and have a black wife. End of story,

          • linette

            ……I’d hope they are someone funny kind and strong, race should be the last…..
            Yes, I agreed. Race should not matter as long as I hide him from my mom. Hehehe….Gotta give him a fake Chinese name. Just kidding. I am just human. I don’t know the future. Who knows what’s going to happen to me right.

            @moop. Well…you got offended when people against interracial marriages. You start calling people racist this and that.

          • linette


            …………..Hey Notorious…Fuck you too. …………(this line is not from me to you notorious. I was just copying and pasting it about so much cursing.)

            I am getting a headache. Too much fucking around here.

            This side is calling the other side racist, and the other side is calling this side racist. Is there a law to decide what constitutes being a racist?

          • An anonymous boy…

            Notorious maybe I misunderstand you, but it seems like you are talking more about ethnicity. I feel like you are saying, you want your sons’ children to have a common culture and identity based on a black heritage.

            Maybe you said this somewhere:

            But would you be opposed to your son’s marring a girl from Africa who speaks another language and is culturally different from your own family, but is otherwise considered black?

          • Little Wolf


          • moop

            “He found out and I lied about it, and had an abortion a week later. I felt it was wrong to bring a half-white baby home to my family as it would have added insult to injury”

            you aborted a baby because it was part white? you are dispicable

          • An anonymous boy…

            moop, It’s hard to tell what she means. She could just be implying that added further to her reason not to have a child.

            I mean they did break up before she had an abortion: most likely that is the primary reason including the fact she was unmarried.

          • moop

            read what she said, she gave her reasoning: ” I felt it was wrong to bring a half-white baby home to my family as it would have added insult to injury”. if it had been a fully black child it would still be alive. indefensible

          • The Enlightened One

            ” I felt it was wrong to bring a half-white baby home to my family as it would have added insult to injury”

            While I respect your decision, as it is your decision. I feel pity that you were educated or conditioned to believe your baby has less value because it is mixed with another race. If anything this may be the only true solution to solving racism in the world. If we were all so mixed nobody would care or be able to drop us into boxes.

            Saying to your children that if they decide to love someone from another race or they lose your love is racist. Clear and simple.

            In my opinion, some of the most beautiful and interesting children are of mixed race.

          • Brett Hunan

            No, I was talking about since you joined the chinaSMACK community, not just today. Now I will show you where you made racist remarks. This is what a 5 minute search turned up about your recent past here. (My html sucks, so there might be spacing problems.)

            Everything you wrote in this thread was made clear by this post in that every time you wrote “laowai” you meant “white male”.

            Here is fine example of how you are hypocritical, saying all people are the same.

            Here you write about how white men try to control white women, so white women run to black men. You then go to say “I have nothing against interracial couples”. Well, apparently as long as it isn’t your own blood, right?

            Here (just above) you write about how you would have birthed a child, had the baby not been white. You decided to abort the half-white fetus because it was half-white.

            Here you say “we didn’t invent racism [white people] did”

          • The most funny thing in this comments are the people who always complain about anon but are behaving just like anon right now.

          • Notorious

            lmao @ moop, yeah and I just trolled you with the whole ‘abortion of a white guy’s kid’ comment just to piss you off. I’m not that fucking ignorant you idiot. Just goes to show how stupid people are. Surprisingly, the responses were not as angry as I thought they would be. I just wanted to point out a real show of racism if I were a racist. I don’t have a problem with anyone’s race, that’s just what you do n’t get.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Notorious, I think you’ve flipped your shit.

            You should let your sons come naturally to whichever decision they want to, rather than trying to force them not to marry anyone who’s not black.

            I’ve personally been far more interested in dating black woman than any other ethnicity, but I always run into asian and occasionally european(east/west/american) women who are far more accessible.
            I like to be polite to you. I generally think you’re pretty insightful. But mudbloods? Come on, now. Talking like white supremacists isn’t excusable because we’re black.
            On one hand, I can understand the reason why you would feel incredibly annoyed if you spent your life raising a couple of good children, only to have them marry women that look nothing like you, and share absolutely nothing as far as culture goes. In many cases, their parents may even love the hierarchical culture that most white people genuinely aren’t aware of, and ostracize your daughter in law, probably making them and your grandchildren miserable.

            “Blacks are stupid” “blacks are apes” “blacks commit most crime”

            Completely ignoring the fact that African immigrants, for decades, have been the most educated group of people, beyond Whites, African Americans, Hispanics, South and East Asians.

            Completely ignoring the fact that banks have, and continue to force loans with interest rates that explode into the 20’s, if they live in predominantly African American neighborhoods.

            Completely ignoring the fact that if you were young and black 3 or 4 decades ago, cops would literally arrest you for absolutely no reason, just to give you a criminal record, and if you are black now, it is 1.5x times as difficult to get hired for a job if you have a “black” sounding name.

            COMPLETELY ignoring the fact that the 2007 crash was caused by a very large group of white guys who crashed the economy of the entire planet with a massive network of fraud.

            But no, blacks are what’s wrong with the U.S, not a endemic culture of corruption and not giving a shit. That’s why when your hipster friends make asinine racist jokes, or steal the best facets of African American culture, it’s okay, because we’re totally past that whole racism thing, and if you call anyone out on it, you’re just being sensitive.

            See, lots of people are the system, and many people immigrating to the United States are absolutely uninterested in fixing it, but simply want to be a part of the system. They fucking love hierarchies, and can’t wait to let those in power fuck their women, so long as they get to even touch the wheel of power that manipulates the system. Unsurprisingly enough, the system is constantly against African Americans, even with the president being half black.

            So I can totally understand why you don’t want your kids to marry outside of African Americans, because, to be honest, it’s so blatantly obvious that blacks get proverbially hosed on a daily basis, but people are too lazy to give a shit, and pretend it doesn’t happen.

            On the OTHER hand, please, please don’t fuck with your grand children. That’s just evil. The term mudblood is quite offensive, no matter who uses it. Also, shit like cracker, chink, spic. They’re all pretty fucking awful– don’t do that mkay?
            Also, I hope you guys aren’t mad, because you all seem mad.

      • Northerner

        @ Notorious

        Not enough black men to go around?

        There will be if people like you and your ex-partner keep knocking out two out of three boys per black women before moving on.

        That, along with the abortion, looks like you and he are doing a sterling job for The Race.

        And, think about it, if you can get your sons to take the same approach you’ll be boosting the numbers in no time at all.

      • The Enlightened One

        He’s got you hook, line and sinker.

        I would have to say you are a closet racist. Accept this and move to the next step of healing or deny it and spread the poison to your children, if you haven’t already.


        • The Enlightened One

          Darn, hit the wrong button. I am referring to Brett Hunan and his findings on your posts Notorious.

      • Ning

        Hey Notorius, there was no reply button below but this concerns your racist rant below, coming from a biologist: You are a mudblood. We have seen your picture and I’d say you look mostly white. Race is something else than US census, if you are intereseted in your genetic origins, then take a test. I’ve heard they are popular among US blacks who like to imagine themselves some cultural heritage from Angola, Sierra Leone or wherever the electroforesis finally points. I am a mudblood too, a mix of canaanites and europeans. Race as you imagine it does not exist in science, there are clines and clusters, but if we apply the animal definition of race to humans, there are 9 races: 8 in africa and the rest of us is the ninth. You are not any of the african races, only a mix of western bantu+yoruba and mostly euripid. Why do you value your european heritage below the african? Afterall, the language and culture you live in is european. Your religion is semitic with greek influences. European culture, technology and values are the most succesfull in human history. Be proud of who you really are.

        How would you feel if you fell for some immigrant from Kenya, but his family would criticize your west-african flat frogface, unfeminine frame and apparent whiteness? If your son wanted to marry an Ethiopian girl, who has dark skin but euripid features and genetics? What kind of daughter-in-law is black woman enough for you? What are you trying to repay the community of single black women by betrothing your sons to them?? It’s not your kids’ fault that you were a single mom!!

        About the abortion story… C’mon lady you couldn’t be that kind of monster, you must be lying. Nobody would kill a 12-week fetus for it’s color. Do you know that a 12-week fetus already has a functioning central nervous system? It just grows in size after week 10, otherwise it’s already a perfect little human. It can smile and play with the umbilical cord. I have nothing against plan B pills or stem cell research, but if your story is true, then whoa… you indeed are a woman who would not only forbid her children from pursuing their true love, but also murder them, because of your imaginary race.

        • Alan

          What notorious has started reminds me of one of my all time fave action films, Die Hard with a Vengeance:

          McClane: I’ll tell you what your problem is, you don’t like me because you’re a racist!
          Zeus: What?!
          McClane: You’re a racist! You don’t like me because I’m white!

          Zeus Carver: You famous in L.A. or something?
          John McClane: Yeah, for about five minutes.
          Zeus Carver: Don’t tell me. Rodney King, right?

          Don’t get why notorious is so pissy about who her kids marry, lol.

        • Notorious


          I have already had the test, about three or four years ago through a company called DNA tribes and I know where my ancestry comes from, dating back 500 years. Anything that is not connected to my black roots I have disavowed so it doesn’t make a difference anyway. I could actually show you a jpg of what the findings were but I’ve shown other people that know me, as they were curious about the results so in an effort to maintain my anonymity I would not want to show anyone here. Two west african tribes were almost a perfect match so I decided one of them, the people were a little ugly with irregular features so I must have come from the other group.

          As to my being a mudblood, my picture has not been up for weeks. I consider myself to be a dark skinned woman. So you must be mistaken that you saw it. I consider it an offense to for anyone to consider any of my classic black female features with anything other than black american.

          Would I allow my sons to marry an African? Um. No. We share the same phenotype but they are different from me culturally. I also dislike the way africans treat each other [on their continenient] so I have ruled them out too. I may dislike the way black people in America treat each other sometimes but I’m use to my own culture so it doesn’t matter.

          I am aware that race doesn’t technically exist. Humans are genetically 99.9% alike, we chose to focus on the .1% difference and have used it as a tool to subjugate each other. When I speak of race, i speak of race on a cultural level.

          P.S. Must have missed my comment above about the abortion story. I was trolling when I said that. Made it up on the fly to irritate moop. I am not that ignorant or mean. I love children of all races too much.

          • Brett Hunan

            Look, Notorious,

            I don’t think you need to prove how your roots or DNA or anything of the like. Ning was out of line, and if you feel like you want to hold onto your black roots, no one should ever challenge you for it. I think Ning wanted to call you out on being hypocritical but went about it in a detestable way.

            The whole situation yesterday came about because from your first months posting here you seemed to try and push tolerance for everyone from any walk of life, while recently you have made some comments that were (or at least able to be construed as) racist.

            Do I care that they were specifically directed at white people? No. There are plenty of posters that comment on whites and I have never bothered with any of them. I don’t really feel the need to defend or trample any race because, you do make a point, we are all the same, we are all people. Most problems people have with race are actually problems with culture.

            If you read my first post to you yesterday, it started with “what the fuck happened to you?”

            You are a regular here. You post, from what I can tell, daily. Trolls come and go. This holds you to certain standards in other regular posters’ and readers’ expectations. Regulars who show inconsistency get called out very quickly, which is most likely the cause for so many flame wars with you recently (even those who are consistently crazy, i.e. coala banana, hongjian, etc., don’t get called out by regulars). This is why I ended my first post with, “If you want to be a regular, why not try adding to the community…?” You did, when you first arrived.

            Maybe we all ganged up on you yesterday, but you didn’t make it easy to stop…

            Am I apologetic for name-calling? Yes. Do I understand why you want your well-raised children to be available for black women with few options for good men? Yes. Am I sorry for challenging your view of deciding who your children marry based on skin-color alone? A resounding NO.

            I hope you understand that you will continue to be held to the same standards that you try to uphold. When you say something completely out of character, you will be challenged. However, next time, I will try not to become unruly.

          • Notorious

            Thanks Brett, for articulating yourself like a gentleman and not with anger. I mentioned a while back that after having people randomly make attacking comments out of the blue, and just because the person was either liked or was another guy, no one “ganged” up on those people or questioned their antics. And then when the CB thing happened people snickered or joined in, even though he had clearly crossed line and was stalking even when I wasn’t posting. You all cast stones at me, and much of what CB wrote was HIGHLY racist. People tolerated that, but criticize Fauna for the word “black” in the title of this thread. There’s a double standard here that doesn’t bode well with me. So yes, I lost respect for the community. If i’m going to have people coming after me in a rude way or being disrespectful then I am going to at least EARN it. So I basically troll and irritate people intentionally.

            Otherwise, I am actually very soft hearted and open-minded.

            My feelings will never change on the marriage thing, because like I said, it has nothing to do with hating other people (and I was teasing with the mudblood/race stuff). It really has to do with my own circumstances and for my sons to perpetuate this and selfishly marry outside of our culture, knowing the needs of our women, it’s like they have forgotten their own situation and watching me fight every battle on my own. So it’s an unforgiveable infraction as far as I’m concerned. It’s like saying they dont’ respect our journey. To me, it is saying that they don’t love me. Yes, I take it that personal. In black american culture it is sometimes said that if a black son marries a non-black woman it is because the mother failed him. She was so abhorrent that they lose attraction to all black women because the mother’s example was so poor.

            I also find it funny that everyone ignored the fact that I said that I would not fault or be angry with my daughter if she married outside of her race. Even at almost 16, not a single black guy has ever asked her out, or even acknowledges her They’re too busy chasing all the non-black girls. The ones who do date black girls coerce them into physical relationships, impregnate and abandon them. These young girls don’t stand a chance and feel they have to “put out” to get a boyfriend. Some of them are raised in terrible circumstances and don’t behave anyway, because of the same cycle – not having a father.

            If there is a boy out there that likes them, they will fight like dogs to get the one black guy and he will play them all because they know black women are desperate. My own brother is married to a white woman but he sleeps with black women on the side – lying about his relationships, and using the black women. Again, he is also terrible to his wife, but he chose her. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. So if there’s a good decent young man out there, I want my sons to make someone who truly deserves it, happy. I shouldn’t say no one has asked my daughter out (and I wouldnt’ want her to have a boyfriend anyway. There were two guys who did. Ironically one asian kid who was her best friend asked her out, but she turned him down because he was not tall enough (She’s 5’9″ /1.7526 meters and he was only half her size – his eyes were as high as her stomach) – and now he doesn’t talk to her anymore. the other guy was a tall good looking kid who happened to be a pothead. So she rejected him because of that.

            If these young women choose to have standards they are destined to not find anyone at all because the guys who meet their standards want to marry non-black women simply because society says that non-black women are better. So you have to understand we are taking some major hits. It’s sad. No one would question a native american or call them racist because they breed within their own on reservations due to their own people being wiped out. Black women are in a battle – and it’s survival of the fittest. We are either going to suffer, or we can start teaching our sons to value and marry black women.

          • Capt. WED

            I think it’s “normal” to not want you children to marry someone of another race because frankly everyone does it. The facts are most people say things like I want you marrying a nice young Chinese man, a Jewish man, a whiteman, a blackman, whatever.

            The thing is you won’t always get what you want. What if you boy came home one day with a white girl and says mom this is the girl I want to marry. What you gonna do? Disown him? Let’s see you do that. However, what you can do is seriously fuck with your kid (LOL) so that you increase the likelyhood of whatever that you want outa him. That depends on your own will. For example your son may be too lazy and it takes a lot of will and effort to bend him. Even then you only increase the chance. In life shit happens.

          • Ning

            I think this american view on ethnicity/culture/heritage is an effort to build community identities in a mixed immigrant nation. It seems weird and sorry to offend again, role-playing to us outsiders who don’t make a fuss. Not only blacks, american jews, pale white, can make a show of their ethnicity… But after thinking about it usually admit they are ethnically slavic/baltic, and that the most backwards arabs are what their culture was originally… Most of us westerners share the same secular-humanist, christianity based culture and value system, watching any western-produced film it’s clear that the definitons of good and evil are pretty much the same for all of us. I highly recommend travelling and living outside US. Even in Canada race is not such an issue. Brazil has very different definitions and vocabulary for their diverse population. Maybe you eventually accept your white roots, too, mixed heritage is what makes the americas after all. And don’t give up on China, thinking that they’re all racist :) Angry young men online is not a fair representation of a country. You’ll get attention in China for your color, but they have mostly positive stereotypes, thinking that you are awesome at dancing, basketball and in bed.

          • Notorious

            No problem ning. But I’ll have to pass on your suggestions. I have been out of the country but to the islands. so nice. i do want to take a trip to europe since i no longer want to visit china. i’m just too voluptious though with big boobies and such, europeans look too small and skinny and everyone else so puny, I think i will wait until i am dead skinny again. i don’t want people staring at me.

          • TAKE5

            Notorious, i understand you wanting your sons to marry a Black woman. I but I think your sons will marry whom ever they want regardless of what you think. I can see you have raised them to be strong and to have their own opinion. They will be able to see through that stuff you feed them about their sisters being able to marry outside of their race because not enough good black men around, yet they cant marry outside of the race? If they marry an Asian it will be in-spite of your views not because of them, and if they marry a Black woman it will not be because of your threats to cut off your grandchildren. Hopefully you are raising Black men that are confident and competent to earn a living and make up their own minds about who to marry. I would hope this is your most important job,not feeding the this racial bs.

      • linette

        Notorious, you abortion your baby because she/he is half white? :(
        What about full black?

    • jin

      could be true, or maybe not, how were the asians treated when they first went to america? alot worse than this. people are not used seeing black people in china. and many african countries? maybe few, but not many.

      • moop

        “and many african countries? maybe few, but not many” hahha, how about a WHOLE CONTINENT of african countries (47) you brain-dead idiot.

        • jin

          oh really moop?
          does it really exist? the hrl is just paper with no value in africa.
          how many countries in africa broke the hrl?
          what use is it when theres plenty of african countries doesnt follow it?
          it may say on the map that it got hrl, but in reality it doesnt have it.

        • jin

          oh and angry much? moop cant talk without insulting others? angry moop?

  • eattot

    difficult to say who is fault without video…
    my friend bought a key cam, i will buy one on taobao too.

    • Boris

      It’s obviously the black person’s fault.
      Only a traitor would think otherwise.
      Personally, I’d like to purchase an uzi, but under current laws I’ll probably settle for a stun gun.

      • eattot

        u call me a traitor????
        are u kidding? i am a traitor…..

        • Little Wolf

          It’s sarcasm, eattot. You’ve read this site long enough that you should be familiar with it by now. Don’t let it bother you.
          Hope you’re feeling better today.

          • mr. wiener

            She is nearly back to her old self by the look of her response. Good to see you are better Eattot.

        • whiskersthecat

          “i am a traitor…..” — eattot

          • SuperHappyCow


      • Brett Hunan

        Obviously? We only read about the girl’s side of the story. There was one small snippet that says the girl first tried to hit the guy with her bike lock.

        • Brett Hunan

          Ahhh, maybe you were being facetious?

          • eattot

            i know who your now, your CB

          • Brett Hunan

            eattot, how did you come up with that one? Did you mean to reply to me?

          • eattot

            yes, it’s u , do not deny it.

          • Little Wolf

            Aha! So it is you Brett! Now it all makes sense :)

            eattot: I promise you Brett is not CB. Maybe you’re trying to be sarcastic? If so…it’s a good try but needs work. Keep trying. You’ll get the hang of it.

          • Brett Hunan

            Yea, LW im not quite sure how this happened… What did I do that was able to be mistaken for cb? Also, HAH! Sarcasm is really really tough for my Chinese friends, they are all too gullible to be sarcastic.

            eattot, this is why you are the assistant to Brett Hunan: Cyber Sleuth. You arent ready yet.

          • Little Wolf

            Brett: I just got out of a taxi with nasty Dragon Breath. When I say “got out”, I mean I got in, took a slight whiff, almost puked, yelled “JESUS FUCKING-H CHRIST” and got out and walked back to my office instead.
            We’re sittin on a gold mine….I’m telling you.

          • linette

            Little Wolf

            hahha…dragon breath??? What is dragon breath. Explain.

      • cb4242

        And you base that on….

        • Boris

          …self-loathing from having been born with such a miniscule penis. God -how could you do this to me?!?!

        • Little Wolf

          2 things Mr. Bass Clef: 1 as an alternative fuel. That shit easily packs a punch equal to burning old tires. 2nd is the breath mints industry. Personally, I never go anywhere without a pack of Hall’s Eucalyptus Honey Lemon flavored lozenges as I have become obsessive/compulsive about my own breath and cringe at the thought of that stench floating from my own pie-hole.

          • Boris

            Now I really am confused! I think he was responding to my mock racial douchery, and not the fundamental components of ‘Dragon Breath’.

          • Little Wolf

            Sorry for the confusion Boris. Sometimes comments don’t always show up in the right order and can completely change the comment’s meaning.

            linette: Imagine if somebody ate 5 whole bulbs of garlic…smoked 3 packs of Chungwhas in an hour and downed a bottle of Moutai plus a few spoonfuls of fresh dogshit and you have the dreaded “Dragon Breath”. Pretty much anybody that ever rode in a mainland taxi is familiar with the vomit-inducing stench. And sadly, it’s not limited to men. In Reno, there was a Chinese girl that was an acrobat that performed in the Circus Circus Casino and was in Barnum & Bailey Circus before that. Trust me she knew alot of tricks that could only be performed in private and I was her favorite booty call. She was really pretty too, but had some of the worst Dragon Breath ever and I couldn’t believe my own ears when she would call and I’d have to say…”.uh…sorry…I really got to wake up early tomorrow.”

    • Sponge Monkey

      What’s a key cam? Sounds handy.

      • eattot

        just a tiny cam,like a car key. very similar as a car key.
        my friend bought one around 150rmb, 16G, nice!

        • Little Wolf

          I have a mobile phone I keep on my motorcycle keychain that is 8cm long and 4cm wide (3″x1.5″inches). It’s maybe smaller than the phone in “ZOOLANDER” and also has a camera and mp4 player (though the screen is tiny so it is useless to watch a movie on it) It’s cute.

          • Sponge Monkey

            I want a camera in sunglasses. I looked on taobao, didn’t find anything. Is there such a beast in existence yet? In these times, I would think there’s gotta be.

            Man, Chen Guangcheng could have used that!

          • Nyancat

            try aliexpress you might find it there ;)

          • linette

            Sponge Monkey

            camera in sunglasses……in dark sun glasses like mission impossible, while you on a motor bike. hehehe…

          • This is for Spongemonkey:

            Not only do they have cameras in sunglasses, they have HD versions with lots of memory. I saw this pair a year or two ago, I haven’t gotten around to buying them yet though.


          • whiskersthecat

            Get a GoPro. They’re waterproof (flying spit won’t harm it), shock proof (collisions on scooters won’t hurt it), bomb proof (flying locks on chains won’t phase it) and it shoots in 1080p in super wide angle. Great low-light performance. They’re fantastic.

          • Alan

            I want a camera in sunglasses. I looked on taobao, didn’t find anything. Is there such a beast in existence yet?

            @ SM:

            I’d imagine dongmen in Shenzhen, or the dodgy indian dealers in Chungking mansions in HK will have what you seek. Mobile phone spying devices, glasses with camera and mp3 player built in, they got it all baby!


            One example of many, google is your peng you.

        • Alan

          What possible reason would you have to use this for?

          This is one reason I never stay in hotels in China, and leave talcum powder all over the floor of my flat…..

  • J store

    Good. I hate chinks who cannot mind their own business. They stare, they gawk with their mouths open and sometimes laugh when you tell them to fuck off. I’d do the same thing.

  • bustanmente jones

    sigh, as per usual it takes a group of locals to attack one person…..

    • Interested

      That is how big nation win. It is really fun to beat up one loser by mobs. Pure fun. You have problem with that? So do not mess with Chinese. We like mod style attack. It works during korean war. It works just fine. Next time just finish you off so you kinds even do not have chance to complain here.

      This is called `democract attack’. Majority win.

      • moop

        actually, thats how cowards and the weak fight. and it didnt work so much during the korean war considering the kill ration was like 11:1 or something ridiculous like that, nor did it when little japan came. its kind of strange to be proud of being cannon fodder for a foreign military force because mao yeye thought your lives to be so worthless.

        • Capt. WED

          Really now? Where did you pull that one out of from? If the ratio was 11:1 then 500,000 casulaties for allies that means 5.5 million casualties for NK and PVA? So you are saying China had 1 million troops in Korea, or most of the troops in Korea?

          The term “human wave attack” conjures up the image of wave after wave of humans throwing themselves at enemy fire, not really how it went down.

          • Somethin Somethin

            Yeah when most soldiers talk about having to push 5 foot piles of bodies of your soldiers out of the way so they can continue killing the rest, how do you call that working? Freezing on the mountainside in a pair of Converse and surrendering in hordes, that’s the legacy of your Korea.

            As for your “mod attack” keep it up pussy.

        • Interested

          moop, next time when you died of traffic accident, you know why.

          You want to be hero? you are granted. Talking about cowards. RIP.

          • moop

            go back to 新东方 and ask for your money back. may i suggest rationalizing your cowardice in chinese so at least some of us can understand you?

      • Sponge Monkey

        I didn’t hear you saying that when the students were attacked in Australia.

        • donscarletti

          That particular incident was carried out by a group of teenage thugs and condemned by the media, the government and even the ex Prime Minister apologised for it on Sina Weibo.

          Does Interested need to explicitly condemn it for it to be wrong, or can we assume people in general think that what happened on that train was a bad thing?

      • At least Chinese should stop pointing fingers and calling others to look at people. That will be polite enough. Sometimes they use their head to point at a foreigner when they know that pointing at people is impolite.

        • linette


          And foreigners talk like “Look at that Chinese blablabla..” Isn’t it impolite? umm….stooge.

          • You have begun it. Insulting me. showcase of average Chinese behavior

          • linette

            look at your “Chinese blablabla this and that” mentality. If an Australian or American is doing the finger pointing thing, you wouldn’t say something like that.

            I often wonder if these foreigners hate Chinese so much, then why live in China? Move out. Go back to your country. If I don’t like the people around me, I will move back to Hong Kong.

          • moop

            “I often wonder if these foreigners hate Chinese so much, then why live in China?”

            certainly you’re aware we havent finished collecting gps data and cohabitating with chinese women

          • linette


            What do you mean collecting gps data? What are you a spy?

          • moop

            linnette, do you know who yang rui is?

          • linette

            yeah..that TV host from China television.

          • moop

            if you know who he is then i don’t see where the confusion is

          • tai wai

            If an Australian or American is doing the finger pointing thing, you wouldn’t say something like that.

            They wouldn’t be that rude. And if they were that rude, people would definitively say something about it.

            If your argument is that they wouldn’t say that all Americans/Australians/whatever are rude just because some are, I’ll say this:

            If Chinese people, in general, don’t want “outsiders” judging them for the actions/comments/rudeness of some of them, then they need to stop jumping to defend them. Simple as that.

            Which is impossible. As long as Chinese people see waiguoren as waiguoren (the very word pretty much means “out-group”), they will rush to defend other Chinese (their in-group). Even when they are wrong.


            And, so, the foreigner sees some rude Chinese jerk, comments on it, and pretty much everyone defends that jerk. The foreigner is left to assume that all Chinese are rude jerks.

          • Notorious

            linette, in all fairness – Justice is right. In america no one would point at an asian and say “oh look at that person!” – you can be horrifically disfigured in the U.S. and no one would point at you. Perhaps out of morbid curiosity they will try to steal a peek but will not blatantly stare. If you read Justice’s experience in China as a young black person, anyone with a heart would pity is situation and not attack him for feeling resentment.

          • linette


            In america no one would point at an asian and say “oh look at that person!” – …

            That is not true. In America just like any other countries, many people say racist things in front or behind you. Just this morning walking down the street, three non Asian guys say something “Chinese girl blablabla…” behind me. Why is that when people see an Asian they immediately say Chinese? Just like those Chinese in China saying “Africa man blabla..” behind him pointing at him. When they see a black man they say Africa.
            It happens everywhere.

          • tai wai

            Just this morning walking down the street, three non Asian guys say something “Chinese girl blablabla…” behind me.

            Maybe they were saying “Chinese girls are pretty.” Either way, are you seriously equating the racism a black person encounters in China with the racism an Asian encounters in the US?

            Either way, the argument inst’ “racism doesn’t happen in foreign countries.” Or rudeness. Or whatever. That’s absurd.

            It’s that Chinese are more racist and more rude than foreigners, both per capita and in total.

            Why is that when people see an Asian they immediately say Chinese?

            Perhaps because the majority of east Asians are Chinese, and they have the largest overseas populations?

            Would you rather they assume you’re Japanese or something?

          • tai wai

            I often wonder if these foreigners hate Chinese so much, then why live in China? Move out. Go back to your country.

            And I often wonder if Chinese people realize that “If you don’t like it, you can leave” is pretty much considered an insult by Westerners.

            It basically says “you can’t change things, you have no power here, fark off.” We don’t like to hear that.

          • jin

            the reason china doesnt like black is just like how they didnt like the whites 20 years ago, its just a fase that china is going through. skin color in china is important, as it also decides your rank in the older days (where the rich stay white by working inside and the poor becomes dark by working in the fields), its about the first impression. and i want you all to remember that china is a country that was shutout from the rest of the world untill the 90s. and all of you “foreigners” have no right to insult an entire ethnicity (race would be wrong because we are all from ONE race, the human race), from something that some people does. and i want to remind that it took america 120 years to finally accept the blacks after the slavery abolished in 1865.

      • linette


        You are so dumb. What do you mean Chinese do the mob style attack? The non Chinese people don’t do that? How many time you read international news Chinese student or person got attacked by gang of non Asian. Are you dumb to make a remark like that?

        • Sponge Monkey


          Refering to Yang Rui’s blablabla about foreigners that are with Chinese could be spies. A stereotype that scares the bejezus out of me being married to Chinese with a step son in the army…

          • linette

            Oh…..I see. A bit far fetched but who knows….

        • moonmickey

          In China you don’t hear about other attacks because it doesn’t allow you to play the victim card. “We are poor” “we are a new country” “give us time”. Its all a ruse to play on the mercy and compassion the rest of the world has, yet you so clearly can’t even show for each other!

          Look at this

          Face it, these are really dark times for your country’s image and despite china having many wonderful people, its the asshats that have the voice – and trying to defend such behaviour just digs a deeper and deeper hole of shame.

          • jin

            and what does this proof? moonmonkey.
            this doesnt happen in the western countries? are you saying that these kind of things never happen in the western countries? well tell me, does this happen in the western countries? dumb post. bro

          • Alan

            Reading that article I don’t miss guangdong at all. EVERY apartment window is grilled like that. Living in those blocks of flats is like living in a prison, and if there is a fire, what then?

      • D. Tective

        Didn’t work very well for you in 1989 did it now? How’d those tanks work out for ya?

      • Little Wolf

        You know what’s more fun? Knocking the shit out of the fucking pussies in front and watching the rest of the mob take off because they know that even if one guy can’t fight the whole mob nobody wants to take one for the team. Even ants will sacrifice themselves for the rest of the swarm.

        It’s amazing that a human would boast about “fighting”(?) this way and the only reason the swarm of Chinese came down the mountain in Korea was because they had rifles pointed at their backs. Who brags about this kind of shit?

        • Boris

          LW: Totally off topic, but I followed your link to some tracks you created. Great stuff! I dabble with music myself, and I’d like your opinion on some things I’ve knocked together. I’m not sure how to get it to you, though.

          • Little Wolf

            Thanks Boris :) There’s an email address if you click on my avatar. I’d be thrilled to hear your stuff.

          • Boris

            Cheers! I’ll try to work out how to get it into files I can email.

  • Brett Hunan

    I feel like every time I read a story about something kinda big, Im never shown the full story or an unbiased view. I doubt this is all that went down.

  • M.N

    “A group of ruffians got a temporary thrill in the midst of the group beating under the pretense of patriotism. Then they returned to reality and continued to suffer being ordered around by their masters.”
    Been a while since i read a classy comment,well-written by the Chinese netizen.

    • mr. wiener

      That does show a type of level headed realism seldom seen anywhere , especial on a web page. Well played swanyi2000. Well played sir!

    • Alan

      Then they returned to reality and continued to suffer being ordered around by their masters

      @ MN: This is the only reality they ever really, truly know and admittedly it is pretty sad.

      I have found that Chinese only respect the stick, not the carrot, if you behave like a doormat as a foreigner, they will walk all over you.

      Behave like you are a white man in colonial times, and they will know their place, and you will prevail….

      • donscarletti

        It’s not about skin colour. In China, they love arrogant, self-important Chinese to abuse and manipulate them too.

        • tai wai

          Oh, that’s pretty much universal. Americans love their rich, arrogant, self-important jerks, too. Look at our politicians!

          • Bruce Tutty

            China and American does not equal universal.

          • tai wai

            China and American does not equal universal.

            True. There is China, America… and, uh, Miscellaneous.

  • M.N

    Song of the article
    Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow

  • Sponge Monkey

    As soon as I saw the headline I cringed. Two schools of thought.

    1. Prior to reading the story, I was pretty pissed off. If you can’t control your temper, China is not the place to be, I think. I was once with an American friend who made a HUGE stink over a taxi charging her 30rmb instead of 20rmb. Police showed and everything. It was embarrassing. You have to keep your composure, because when you do something like this, it affects all of us.

    Note: I also felt this as I was reading the girl’s story.

    2. But here’s the thing. The end of the article has an almost entirely different story. There’s no mention of spitting or cutting off or any of this stuff, just that he glared at her and she attacked him with a bicycle lock that he reversed on her.

    So, now I’m really confused and have no idea what happened here.

    Personally, I have lots of friends that ride scooters and bikes, but I prefer to travel by foot, I’m not that brave.

    • Sponge Monkey

      “Why is it that every time something involves a laowai the police always help the laowai?”

      I also think this is part of the problem. I had a conversation just a few minutes ago with someone about this. When you have no real guarantee that the law will protect you in your own home, and then you see visitors coming and “demanding their rights”, I can see how it would create tension between the groups.

      Sad. Make love not war!

      • The Enlightened One

        Well, the reason for that is somewhat simple. I find the Chinese government does like to push anti-western stories as the west likes to also push anti-Chinese stories.

        But while the government pushes these stories, they are quite aware that they are creating a hatred in people’s heart for foreigners that they can use as a weapon if needed. However, events take place in China that can quickly escalate the implanted hatred into Lynch mobs against foreigners, such as this one. These events are unplanned and could cause extremely bad publicity, loss of face and loss of foreign investments (especially if a foreigner were to die in such a fashion).

        So the police are automatically trained to remove the foreigner from the incident to calm down the mob and for the protection of the foreigner. I have heard many cases where removing the foreigner from the incident was the first procedure upon arrival of the police. It does look bad to the public, but that’s the double-edged sword the government plays with…

        • Alan

          @ TEO: Is that why thieves are more scared to rob foreigners because of a more severe punishment being accorded, or is that just a myth?

          Personally, I agree with you. The police always extricate the foreigner from the mob as a priority.

          • The Enlightened One

            Yes, it is pretty much the reason why thieves are much more weary to rob foreigners because if it escalates the government will much more severely punish the thief due to causing China to lose face.

            This is why if someone is trying to rob you, you should take extra caution in how you respond because they may step it up to trying to kill you so you can’t identify them.

            I once heard a story from a friend of mine. He was a little tipsy from a night of drinking in China and was scaling the stairs to reach his apartment. While he was climbing the stairs, and reached one of those mid-points… someone grabbed the wallet out of his back pocket and pushed him out the window.

            This was on the 5th floor (as he lived on the 6th floor) and he ended up landing on one of those bike park shelters (like a little house to place your bikes). It broke his fall somewhat, but he still had fractured ribs and other severe complications.

            I don’t know if they every caught the guy who did it.

  • Garbo

    It sounds to me like the girl was at fault. How many times have I ridden my bike and had some local idiot stop abruptly or swerve right in front of me. I’ve been tempted to hit people, too.
    As for taking whatever sh*t people dish out, no thanks. It’s so easy to point out that it is much more difficult for them to go to just about every country. I love using European countries as an example. I tell them I can just hop on s plane and land anywhere in Euope. Whereas they have to pay a lot for their visas and have to pay extra money to make sure they come back to China. That wipes their childish smile right off their faces. Most of the time I am very nice, but if they start the if foreigners doesn’t like it they should leave I say that is fine with me as long as all Chinese people leave our countries.

  • D. Tective

    I’ll believe it when I see it with my own eyes. 200 people who will never “betray” their own people to a “laowai nigger” even if the girl driver was wrong. The girl wasn’t even suppose to be driving FFS!

  • linette

    It just a small fender bender. Why escalate to physical fight? Seems like she hit him with a lock and he grabbed her pulling her off her bike or something. Both of them are crazy. That was dangerous.

    The crowd should not hit the black guy if he did not continue to hit the girl. The crowd should just ignore him for cursing them out.

    • Brett Hunan

      Yea I think he only stuck out his finger because people gathered around and he either felt threatened, or was genuinely angry that so many people were watching but no one was doing anything to stop the girl from freaking out. It is quite common for foreigners to get into trouble overseas because they flat out dont understand whats going on.

      • linette

        What’s wrong with giving people the middle finger? We do that all the time driving here in USA. It a sign language we use to communicate with other drivers.

        • Brett Hunan

          Lol right

  • BlackSugarDaddy

    I like China. It’s a paradise for black people like me . Not only we have cheap labor/food here, we also have numerous easy girls swarming to us. We are genetically and sexually superior… you know what I mean …

    • D. Tective

      I’ve been an English teacher for nearly 20 years; grammar and syntax like that of a Chinese-learner. Nice try, troll.

      • BlackSugarDaddy

        Those who can’t do teach ! ! !
        Teaching is a menial job ,dude. Don’t make this post low again and don’t mention you are a TEACHER !

        • Alan

          Those who can’t do teach ! ! !

          And those who can’t teach, bitch about those who can.

    • linette


      ok..I can see where this is going. more comments from bunch of racist and sexist malebitches. The China girls who get with these laowai must be so poor they will do anything for a dollar. Sad bunch.

      • You are lying bad. Poor Chinese like laowai? Read more. Look around and see the girls who follow Blacks

      • Poor Chinese girls are so timid to move with foreigners. The highly educated ones who can speak english do. Check your facts. Obviously when they go higher and see the ills of Chinese society, they want something refreshing.

        • linette

          The highly educated ones who can speak english….want to get with these cheap laowai like BlackSugarDaddy? Why? They want them to buy them cheap beer?

          • el negro pedro

            You barely speak English, you don’t even know how to use the word “the” correctly.

            THE Chinese tend to takes things too far, like how you since come from such and such place and are semi-educated, stress SEMI, you seem to think it’s OK to be all fucking uppity as shit. Fuck you.

          • Bruce Tutty

            who said they wanted the cheap ones?

        • BlackSugarDaddy

          You are right on the seemingly well-educated girls coming to foreigners . They just come to us and learn English. They would actually buy me dinners and swap liquids to learn the language from me. I feel like am a GOD as a native English speaker in China .

      • Nyancat

        Linette please make an educated comment instead of spouting psychobabble.

    • choloboy

      @BlackSugarDaddy, hey fucking nigger fuck, sexually superior?? why don’t you fuck yourself in the ass since you have a long dick, negro motherfucker!!

      • cb4242

        It seems like a nerve was touched. Very smart to come back, anger and ranting racial epithets for what? Do you feel offended or emasculated? Take a chill pill, calm down and think about what you just said and you’ll realize that you just did a childish outburst.

        • jin

          this cholo guy would be blacksugardaddy himself, as he is one fking big troll thats trying to spread some hate.

    • Abort & Deport

      Do you “people” ever think of anything besides drugs and muh-dik?? Genetically and sexually superior??!! Pfft! Don’t get me started on this nigger baloney. If your head wasn’t stuck so far up your black arsehole, you’d be able to wake up from your jenkum-induced state of slumber and realize that’s a BIG NIGGER MYTH.

      • mr. wiener

        trolling much?

      • SuperHappyCow

        Can I shit in your butt-hole?

  • Capt. WED

    wtf. On one hand you have a gang of people “beating” this black dude up, what does that mean? Like girl slap beating or a beat down beating???

    What would a Chinese national do in America? If it did happen (small chance because Chinese in America stick to themselves and don’t cause trouble; it’s a pretty true statement)….would a crowd of people beat them up? If a guy is beating up a girl then there may be intervention. What would happen in this scenario? I’ve never seen it happen Chinese national getting into a fight/argument then getting beat up cos I’ve never seen Chinese national getting into a fight/argument like this. However I’ve seen videos on the internet of old Chinatown lady arguing with black person. I’ve heard of news of Asian people getting jumped for being Asian. Not trolling ya’ll just wondering.

    Online racists comments… Would you see something like this on Yahoo? Or youtube comments? Either way racist comments are racist.

    Should kick out Chineses nationals out of the west. they’re worthless anyway. cut ties with racist China. Racist Chinese are just so backwards they’re not like rest of the world!

    • jin

      I’ve never seen it happen Chinese national getting into a fight/argument like this.

      1. isnt this a good thing?
      2. nice engrish.
      3. youre not a racist?
      4. “Not—————————- trolling ya’ll just wondering.
      5. nice engrish

  • Capt. WED

    yeah what is up with this crazy bitch. why would she hit anyone with a fucking bike lock those things will fuck someone up. If I were hitting someone with that I would fuck them up bad.

    then what is up with the interventionists? Wait, so I’m confused are they being racist, racist interventionists, or just plain interventionists? All the above? LMAO.

    • Capt. WED

      BUT I TELL YOU the truth I”m in China right now the motherfucking FOOD HERE IS TERRIBLE. What is up with that? 10 years ago it wasn’t this bad but the quality have gone way down. 90% of the fucking places are so shitty now days. Seriously 10 years ago it was alright but now days what the fuck. FUCK CHINA MAN.

      Haha I know you Laowais mad because your surronded by Chinese people all day, so many lol.

      • Capt. WED

        you can make up for it tho by being extra dickish to Chinese nationals in your home country. It’s the only way to win.

        • Capt. WED

          PLUS you can get the last laugh always just think China 1.5 billion fuckers getting ass fucked by the Chinese leaders who don’t really give a damn except getting more and more and more (Bo Xilai, Hu Jin Tao’s family, two-faced fuckers ). But also the westerners doing major ass fucking too by proxy of Chinese leaders! YOU WIN BIG TIME BOY. So I’m not sure why you are mad??? Cos surrounded by Chinese people all the time? Sucks to be you. HAHAHA.

          China sucks.
          Chinese people sucks.

          • Capt. WED

            Fuckin laowai sucks.
            Fuckin laowai land sucks.

          • SuperHappyCow

            LOL wed what’s wrong with you man

      • Garbo

        Thank you for say that. My first trip to China was in 1996 and I came here frequently after that. Te food back then was much better. I find the food in Beijing to be particularly bad. I think Sichuan still has decent food, but Beijing the food quality is just awful. There’s only one place near our house we trust that has decent food.

    • Justin

      Will someone please pay attention to this guy so he’ll shut the fuck up?

    • mr. wiener

      I hate it when you skip your medication.

      • Capt. WED

        what does that even mean you dick?

        • Boris

          It means ‘keep your hair on’, or in Bart Simpson parlance, ‘Don’t have a cow’.

        • mr. wiener

          Oh nothing! really I didn’t mean anything by that honest!
          [mutters under breath:” don”t make eye contact…don’t make eye contact..don’t make eye contact..]

          • Capt. WED

            Sure. Discredit and put down others by claiming they’re insane routine.


            Hit a nerve there about Laowai land? HAHAHAHA.

          • mr. wiener

            Actually is was commenting more along the line of you normally post quite sane and rationally , Then there are times you suddenly put up 3-4 posts one often the other, almost like you are answering yourself and usually cap it off with “FUCK CHINASMACK. FUCK YOU ALLLLL! SUX YAH BOOO !!” [but not this time] for all the world like someone on a massive drug binge.
            Do you actually have some kind of bi-polar disorder, or is it all a big piss take?

        • Bruce Tutty

          it means you are a nut…and you have no sense of perspective.

          There is racism in lots of places, and you think that makes it right?.

          You can find examples of anything, anywhere, but this does not mean they represent what normal or acceptable.

          • Capt. WED

            Idiot! Not my fault that’s what you are reading from my posts. LMAO. My reasons are to preempt those “China is so racist it’s worst racist country evar” by reminding people of racism everywhere. But of course you are right, I’m just a nut. Clearly I’m different from the people here that posted numerous examples of racism in China. When I post the same I’m a “nut” who didn’t take his meds. Double standard much?

            PROJECT MUCH? Hahahaha.

            Why you guys soooooo butt hurt huh? Hit a nerve there? You Mad? :)

          • moop

            why are you gloating like a child? you did nothing commendable or even sane

  • Jahar

    I think it’s funny how serious the finger is here. It’s our(western) gesture, and we don’t really care that much about it.

    Also, if there’s one thing I know about non-chinese guys in china, they generally don’t attack little girls in the street. I’m siding with the guys who say half or more of this story is a lie. Maybe this is why the police always side with us.

    • Mari

      Personally, I was wondering how well-known the middle finger is as a gesture in China. I ask because when I was teaching at a shitty training center in Liuzhou, there was a bipolar foreign teacher there who had a disagreement with me and gave me the finger in front of everyone, and afterward some of the Chinese teachers asked me what the gesture meant. I don’t know if it was feigning ignorance as a way to start a conversation or if they truly didn’t know what it was.

      • Little Wolf

        Mari…my own experience is that most Chinese don’t know the meaning and the ones that do way overestimate how serious we take it. Course, I’m American so I just think it’s funny when people “flip me off” thinking they really stuck it to me. Also….personal experience has taught me that curse words seem to bother people from other cultures more than my own. In Sweden, for example, people tend to fight more with their mouths than their fists, so cussing somebody out is more serious to them. Lastly….FUCK YOU seems to be universal. I know all the Chinese curse words but prefer to stick with the classics since they all know them. Otherwise it will just come out sounding ridiculous,like an angry Chinese screaming FUKKA YOU FUKKA YOU!

        • linette

          So FUCK YOU is universal. hahaha You need to prove it. Ask people from other countries do they know it. The Chinese say FUKKA YOU! hahaha…….you are funny.

        • Sponge Monkey

          Actually, it’s more like “The Fukka You!” I’ve noticed many like to throw “the” in front of “fuck”… making it sound even more silly

          • Brett Hunan

            hah, in Korea the kids always yell “Ahh, SHUT DA FUCK!” I don’t know if they mean to say “what the fuck!?” or “shut the fuck up!”.

          • cb4242

            Ha, funny. Add to that, most Japanese have no idea what showing the middle finger means, let alone F***. But Japanese are ready to pounce on you if you call them “Baka” which basically means really “stupid” if you correctly translate it, but Japanese really don’t have curse words. Most countries do, but the Japanese really don’t.

      • linette

        American use a lot of sign language.
        Like TALK WITH THE HAND stop talking to me. ZIP IT like shut the xxxx up. SLICING THE NECK you are dead. And the classic MIDDLE FINGER they want to show you love.

        • el negro pedro

          Linette you need to shut the fuck up. You are an idiot. I wish you would slice the neck on yourself.

          • Little Wolf

            C’mon negro….take it easy on the girl. Seems to be a little testy around here today. Maybe it’s the weather? It’s like a monsoon here in Hangzhou today. What about your your neck of the woods?

          • Brett Hunan

            Black Peter, that came out of left field…. Of all the comments linette posted today, this one was the funniest.

          • Sponge Monkey

            Yeah this story seems to have people pretty riled up.

            It’s still cloudy but the rain has stopped here in the ‘Hai.

            After reading the comments..

            From the National People’s Congress story…

            original story:

            Alright, enough goofin off, back to work :(

          • el negro pedro

            OK. I will calm down.

            Linette you don’t have to shut the fuck up in my arrogant opinion. Please continue, some people find you amusing. Please continue your circus antics and amuse some more you circus monkey.

            The air is 210, and it’s 31C. Tomorrow I’ll be in California.

            Enjoy enjoy.

          • mr. wiener

            Hot and stick in Taiwan. I hope that Typhoon will generate some good waves, if so I’m off to the beach.

          • Little Wolf

            negro: Thanks for de-fusing the tension :) I grew up in the Santa Ynez Valley, north of Santa Barbara and headed there middle of July. You going anywhere near there.

          • Little Wolf

            EAT SHIT AND DIE WIENER! I’m jealous as hell. Actually, I’ve heard Taiwan has a decent little surf scene. I’ll be heading to my hometown near Santa Barbara in a few weeks and hope to ride Rincon but it’s best in winter. But we have El Capitan Point that breaks in summer. Not often, but when it does, I’ve been told it’s a mirror image of Burleigh Heads by guys that have surfed both.

          • linette

            nice try, you don’t have anything interesting to say. Not trolling with you today.

          • mr. wiener

            LW..That was Black Pete’s effort at defusing? Lordy, it looked more like someone pissing on sweating gelignite.
            Should be perfect conditions Wed-Thursday. There is a shelf of the east side of Taiwan that makes good wave developemeny spotty. But when a typhoon runs parallel to Taiwan like this one is going to it’s tube city. Taking my arse down to Fulong to get me some. Great place up the road from there at Longdong too. Excellent and very climbable cliffs. Must make a batch of t-shirts for the dive shop there this summer:”I love Longdong”. I think they will sell :)

          • Brett Hunan

            Ummm… mr. wiener, sir… can you send some tubage to South Korea? Pretty please?

          • mr. wiener

            Brett, any good beaches in the land of scowls?
            Despite Australians habitually addressing God as an equal we have no control over the weather…sorry.

          • Notorious

            negro pedro you should make a movie for me.

    • Rod

      People always ask questions that they already know the answers to, or that have no answers at all. Most people here don’t think before they speak.

      • Sponge Monkey

        What makes you say that?

        • Rod

          When someone asks you, “Why is your nose so big”, “WHY are you so white?” it makes me think that they didn’t really think about what they’re saying. I mean, there’s no answer to these questions, for anyone from any race. Basically, they’re TELLING me something in the form of a question. Something that everyone can see and everyone knows. I just don’t see the reason behind saying these things other than to vocalize ones thoughts and confirm what they already know.

  • Johnny Basic

    ‘These laowai need to be taught a lesson, need to be taught what having manners means.’

    HA! Good luck finding a Chinaman who knows!

    • Sponge Monkey

      I noticed that one too but decided not to point it out :)

  • fredf

    Only in racist China is this newsworthy.

  • Ngwaa

    Racist stuff happens in china so what?! Lets all be honest, we’ve all seen more racist stuff happening abroad than anywhere else in china. At least in china, its kiddish crap like “oh he’s too black” or “he smells” and whatever other stupid comments they could make. I’m black and I remember in my university days in TORONTO some idiots were calling me a “nigger” and making stupid comments like “where the drugs at?” for no apparent reason. I think if you are willing to live in China, learn to be thick skinned. I applied for jobs as an English teacher and its all fine and dandy over the phone but when i come in for the interview, its like oh sorry, no blacks. I don’t get emotional about it, i know its all business. Chinese parents want to see Caucasians teaching their kids and the school has no option but to cave into that pressure, cuz at the end of the day its all about $$$$.

    • fredf

      Only in China does a guy giving the finger makes international news.
      It is just pathetic and ridiculous.

    • Sponge Monkey

      Well, I’m not sure where in China you were, but currently the company I work for in Shanghai is looking for English teachers, as long as they have a degree and are native speaking English. The company provides pretty extensive training, and has been in business for 10 years. And, no, colour of skin is not a factor.

      How’d I end up plugging my work?

    • cb4242

      Thick skinned doesn’t mean you have to let people insult you or degrade you. That is terrible, but you Canadians are extremely nice people even if a person throws racial insults at you. Most Americans(Blacks) wouldn’t let some person use he N-word right to their face. They’d get a beat down.
      If China wants to be racist and exclude Blacks from everything and every opportunity, that’s on them. China cannot make the claim that they are a fair and just society and good on human rights.

    • Alan

      i know its all business. Chinese parents want to see Caucasians teaching their kids and the school has no option but to cave into that pressure, cuz at the end of the day its all about $$$$.

      You raise a fair point. A guy here asked me to teach kids on the weekends at his training centre, I wasn’t interested, so I pretended I was russian and only knew broken english, he still offered me the work….merely because I looked white enough, (his words)

      Again, racism….never mind if English is not your native tongue, you like white, you get the job….totally sad.

  • tai wai

    Amusing how 90% of the Chinese comments believe the girls story, and not the police report.

    Because it MUST be the foreign black devil’s fault. A Chinese girl would never instigate a fight, or become physical first.

    • Nyancat

      ahhhh i see what you did there :D

    • How often do you believe the police’s report in China? It is strange that many commenters always skeptical of the Chinese police report in so many cases but in this case, they are more willing to believe it.

      • The Enlightened One

        Fauna has a point. I guess the question is, why would they lie in the defense of a foreigner?

      • donnachadh

        The police knew this incident was recorded by bystanders, and knew that it had the potential to attract widespread attention (as it has). They therefore knew that if they didn’t report the incident truthfully they risked their lies being made public. Unfortunately this risk is not something the police normally have to worry about.

      • SuperHappyCow

        All the Chinese and Taiwanese girls I’ve known personally have been physically abusive, and have horrible tempers, but the count so far is 4. D:

        Not a huge sample size.


        I’m truly sorry, but it was necessary.

  • Drewsta

    I know of other Chinese or Canadian born Chinese people in the Toronto & Montreal area who were mugged by black people for no good reason….. but for simply being for being Asian or Chinese… to see another black person in China, get a simple beating for giving the finger is nothing compared to the violence or beatings these Asians (or Chinese) receive overseas due to these “niggas…gangsta lifestyle” which is apparently iconic or considered “cool” to steal people’s belongings. I personally think every country should follow Israel’s stance and ship back these people (if we can even call them people) to Africa… where they truly belong…. These black people seem to have a common denominator in every country they go too…..”nobody really wants them around” unless it is for “entertainment purposes, I.e sports, music or wtvr…” Yet…… we are taught to be tolerant… its about time the Chinese or Asian people step their foot down and not let these foreigners exploit them in their own motherland~! Although, I was born in Canada.. and some people from China would not consider me to be Chinese… I can say one thing.. being yellow and growing up in French Quebec… I have experience racism and insults from the white’s…. hence, growing up you have an understanding of what it is like to be Asian or yellow. The Chinese & Asian’s have been bullied for centuries… from within and outside of their own countries…the last thing you want is something as low class as a black person…telling you off in your own motherland… I bet this is what the Jews are also thinking…..and many others alike…

    (On another note…. these low class problems… as the Israel would call it… China should do the same and ship them all back… whether they are refugees or landed immigrants you don’t want them with their infectious culture and ideas to ruin any great country…”

    Kind Regards,

    Cdn Azn Dude annoyed with the ghetto black “cultural” problems plaguing Canada’s beautiful cities. Let’s hope Canada doesn’t become like the U.S…

    • fredf

      “and some people from China would not consider me to be Chinese”
      And, you are also experiencing racism from Chinese people….

      • Drewsta

        I will say the worst racism.. I have experienced is from white people un Quebec to date… having a brick thrown at you as a child is quite the learning experience…. The racism I have experienced from the Chinese (for being considered an overseas Chinese) does not compare to my childhood stories~! Crazyness!

        • fredf

          I am a white person traveling in China.
          The worst racism that I have ever experienced in my life is from Chinese people in China.

          Every single day in China is a bad experience in racism.
          The large cities in China are OK sometimes, but small city China can be pure Hell.

          • Is that why you are so racist on this website? Because you think it will improve the situation?

          • DeVitaVackra

            Trust Fauno on this one, I’ve been banned twice for speaking the glorious white truth and it didn’t help me at all, i.e. I got banned. It will be better if you squeeze that white little guilt nerve of yours and become a submissive PC preaching goyim. You won’t get banned at least.

          • fredf

            “Is that why you are so racist on this website? Because you think it will improve the situation?”

            No. I just get really tired of hearing so many Chinese people try to claim that “there is no racism in China”.

          • linette

            The site staff are just translating articles. They have to translate those ugly Chinese bloggers comments also. We post ugly comments too. Fauna is just saying everybody is posting some ugly comments and not just the Chinese.

          • An anonymous boy…

            fredf, I think you miss her point: you are being hypocritical. And by saying hateful stuff you are promoting the very thing you despise. Do you think Martin Luther King, Jr. would have got anywhere if he was hate mongering?

    • el negro pedro

      It’s OK to be bullied by other Chinese only! Right Azn Dude!?

      Chinese people are only accustomed to being exploited by their countrymen!

      No blacks! No white Imperialist! CHINESE ONLY! YELLOW FOREVER!

    • Boris

      Growing up in London I learned to keep my head down when I encountered black kids. Just looking at them could be construed as aggression and enough to start a rumble. I hated living in fear on the estates where I lived. In China I had an old black friend (he used to be married to Danny Glover’s sister). He told me how where he grew up he was the only black kid in the town. He had to walk miles out of his way to school everyday, just to avoid getting kickings from white kids that lived in-between his home and the school.
      So don’t give me this ‘Chinese are the victims of the world’ bullshit. There are bullies in every society.
      I used to go to this video arcade just off Chinatown and Leicester Square when I was a kid. It got closed down for a while, which was a shame ‘cos I spent hours there keeping off the street. I came across a newspaper article which explained the temporary closing. The owner and the manager of the arcade -both Chinese -had been tied to chairs in the basement and burned to death. More than likely by the local Chinese triad. It’s well known in the Chinese community in London that the biggest enemy of Chinese there are also Chinese.

    • pockets

      Dear Archie “Drewsta” Bunker

      For someone that is apposed to the “niggas…gangsta lifestyle” Please tell me why did you add the sta to your name?

      Give it a rest buddy, you got bullied, sure it sucks, and it should’t happen to anyone, but time to move on and live your life. Everyone gets bullied from time to time. Even your bully had a bully.

      Being Canadian and the son of immigrants, I would think you would know and act better. based on what you said “I personally think every country should follow Israel’s stance and ship back these people (if we can even call them people) to Africa… where they truly belong….” I have to ask myself, if we start there, where does it stop? I know there are people that would think the same about your family. ie the kids that bullied you when you were younger, because you were different from them.

      “I have experience racism and insults from the white’s…. hence, growing up you have an understanding of what it is like to be Asian or yellow. The Chinese & Asian’s have been bullied for centuries…” WOW, and you have bared the brunt of this abuse and centuries of bullying? have you ever not been allowed to go to school? use the same washroom as the white people? use the same water fountain? had to sit at the back of the bus?

      A lot of racism comes from ignorance, and you my friend are ignorant.

      • cb4242

        You beat me to the quick. I was going to say pretty the same thing.

        “The Chinese & Asian’s have been bullied for centuries… from within and outside of their own countries…the last thing you want is something as low class as a black person…telling you off in your own motherland… I bet this is what the Jews are also thinking…..and many others alike…”

        So what about blacks that have been bullied, not to mention the ones in being bullied in their homeland, you failed to mention low class idiots as yourself, telling you off in your motherland. What do you do Sherlock?

    • SuperHappyCow

      @Drewsta: African immigrants are, and have been the most educated group of people in the US for decades.


      ur kinda dumb.

  • laowai the third

    It’s sickening how much hate violence there is and how disrespectful foreigners are treated in China. At banks, shops, restaurants the people treat foreigners as criminals or just as a money pouch to make a quick buck. Treat foreigners better and the Chinese will be treated treated better. Learn from your own history. Who were it when you were pinned down by the Japanese? It were the westerns who saved you. Who are giving the lower classes means to earn money? The westerns, since the upper Chinese classes wdon’t care about the lower classes. When that little child was driven over on the street and none of the Chinese people helped the child, it was only due to.foreign publication that the rules began to.change. therefore.stop.being dicks to.foreigners and maybe you will get a.better life yourself.

    And if you want Chinese girls not to marry.foreigners, then stop beating your wife’s and stop cheating onThem.

    • Nick in Beijing

      “And if you want Chinese girls not to marry.foreigners, then stop beating your wife’s and stop cheating on them.”

      Hear hear! Well said!

      In addition to that stop making them do humiliating and trivial things, like making your girlfriend tie your shoes for you instead of doing it yourself. How weak and pathetic is a man who can’t even tie his own shoes (see this almost daily here). Stop showing cutesy, stylized flash-animated television advertisements where a good husband forgives his dumber-than-dirt wife for burning dinner and then freaking out, while super husband comes to the rescue!

      • linette

        @laowai the third and Nick in Beijing, stop making racist comments about Chinese men. What do you know? Are you married to one? The Chinese men around me are good men. They are hard working. Many of them are professional capable providing for their family. They take good care of their wives and children. They share house chores with their wives. They are good fathers and husbands. They are loyal to their wives and families. So stop making racist comments about them.

    • D. Tective

      >>>>And if you want Chinese girls not to marry.foreigners, then stop beating your wife’s and stop cheating onThem.

      My Chinese friend said this yesterday: Foreign guys do all the playing around and partying/sex before marriage, Asians do it afterwards.

      • simon

        This post wins.

        • Yes, this is a common saying amongst many Chinese girls. However, the more popular saying is that all men are untrustworthy when they have money (become rich or successful).

          • Alan

            I have actually heard that before from some,note, not all, but some chinese girls.

            The girls who tend to like hanging out in bars, numerous foreign bfs, are another matter entirely….

          • The Enlightened One

            It is 100% true. I have 1000 examples of this… especially with government officials or businessmen (which tend to be rich).

            I know this, because I know a lot of them personally. There is no doubt they do this and it isn’t even hidden well.

            I hear it stems from traditional of rich merchants and even the emperor himself. If you were rich, you were entitled to many women and it was socially accepted. The emperor would have like 300-400 wives and/or concubines.

            Women now are considered even more valuable than before because of the one child policy. So a man thinks that if he can have a few women he is truly “Niu Bi!”.

  • Fu ZhiGao

    Good job Fauna. Couldn’t resist adding that he is black again when the original storyline didn’t say so?

    I suppose all the race-baiting keeps traffic on the site up, no? Cheers for being so responsible.

    Where in the article exactly does it say that he was black? I’m having trouble finding either the character “黑” or “非洲” in the NetEase version of the article.

    What’s even worse is that the police weren’t sure if she was beaten or not and yet you’ve put that also in the title. Hats off.

    Have anything to say about that?

    • moop

      there are 2 foreigners in the picture, maybe she did it to differentiate as to which one is in question?

      • The Enlightened One

        While you make a good point, I think once someone reads the article then it becomes obvious and is not required as a whole.

        When a white foreigner (Caucasian, if you will) does something idiotic, they don’t post WHITE FOREIGNERS BEAT UP GIRL, they normally leave it as saying just “Foreigner” or stir up more flames with using nationality.

        It seems when a black person does something, IT must be included that the foreigner is black for example “Nude Underground Rafting by Chinese girl and Black man”. Now why is that?

        • moop


          • If I did not explain that he is black, would you understand the reason for the comments about Africans in Guangzhou?

          • Alan

            would you understand the reason for the comments about Africans in Guangzhou?

            @ Fauna: What have the Africans (collectively) in Guangzhou, got to do with this 1 incident?

            1 white guy flips off a crowd, does that mean all white people, all over China are a-holes?

          • The Enlightened One

            Yes, I would have noticed it.

            It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that after you read the article and read the comments that they are somehow connected by racial discrimination.

            Westerns are taught to be very racial sensitive (we are taught to be but that doesn’t mean every westerner is) so I do think the majority of the westerners would not require this sort of racial focus in the title.

          • Alan, that comment started many other popular comments about Africans. I translate them because they were popular. If you did not know this involved a black person, I do not think you would know why someone would specifically mention Africans. You do not have to convince me that not all white people are asshole but there are many Chinese people like many non-Chinese people who will make racist comments on the internet.

            The Enlightened One, I do not agree. I have learned from many Westerners that too many of you are not really so racially sensitive especially as netizens on the internet. No matter, I explained why I included black in the title. If you disagree, I cannot change your mind. I only remember when people are selective with their sensitivity.

          • Notorious

            I don’t understand why everyone is getting so up in arms about mentioning the word “black” and accusing fauna. Would it be fair to ignore those comments? If she had ignored those comments and you guys went there and read them yourselves, would everyone be complaining that fauna hid them? It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

            While I appreciate that everyone is trying to defend africans, I think these comments are the most interesting. I don’t like them, but it shows me what some people think.

          • The Enlightened One

            You have given your reason and it may make sense from a Chinese perspective but not to westerners. I am not attacking Fauna, nor suggesting she is racist.

            I am just curious why when a black racist does something, his/her color must be included. This is NOT the only article in example. But with other races, their COLOR isn’t automatically included.

            You are right Fauna, but I mentioned that westerners are better educated in racial sensitivity… I especially mentioned that doesn’t always mean it is practiced. When westerners are racist, they usually KNOW it 100%. I still believe MOST Chinese make racist comments accidentally because they never had this kind of education on how it affects different races.

            I once remember being at a school with an African fellow. He was nice enough. A girl was talking about how she went to Egypt (Chinese girl) and was scared to be out in the sun (most of you know where this is going…) The African said “Why?” She said, “because I don’t want my skin to turn black.” Ouch! I quickly corrected her and told her to use the word “dark”.

            Another example, people in an office where I used to work hated this one Chinese woman. She was quite mean and abrasive. They would call her “hei nu ren” which would translate to “black woman”. Of course, this was meant as an insult. I explained they really shouldn’t call her that because if ever a black American or African employee would to come to the office or even hear them talking… it would be considered quite rude.

            This is exactly what I mean.

          • The Enlightened One

            Sorry not “black racist”, black person. Would really love an edit button! =P

        • Misaki

          Why are people of European descent who were born in the United States called “Americans” instead of “European Americans”? Why? Why??!

          • donnachadh

            They are called both actually, just like people of African descent born in the US are called both “Americans” and “African Americans”.

          • Misaki

            “European American[s]” has about 1/30th the Google search results as “African American[s]”.

            I guess Google is just racist.~

            It is also interesting that no one seems to have mentioned the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case.

    • tai wai

      I suppose all the race-baiting keeps traffic on the site up, no?

      Either that, or she/they just like to instigate things and start flame wars. Again, look at the level of bile and racism in the translated Chinese comments.


      Either the translated comments are indicative of how Chinese (netizens?) generally view foreigners/other races, and the site has failed in it’s goal of proving “that Chinese people and foreigners are really not so different after all” (unless you are defining “foreigners” as “stormfront assholes,” we are very, very different).

      Or, alternately, the comments are cherry-picked to start flame wars and/or drive up pageviews, and the site has failed at honesty and integrity.

      • tai wai




      • You can read how we select comments in our FAQ. Anyone is welcome to check our work. We provide our source links. Since July 2008, I have seen how similar foreigners are to Chinese people. Every day, we receive hundreds of racist and ugly comments by people who hide behind their computer. I learned a long time ago that foreigners are no better than Chinese people.

        • Sponge Monkey

          I have to agree with the “black” comment though. My wife and I looked at both stories, and there’s no mention of “black” from the stories. There is mention of the “white friend”.

          I agree with you, that people can stereotype, no matter where they are from, and I’m sure you get horrible mail from around the world (hopefully you get nice ones too)…

          I’ll tell ya, though… if you hadn’t have titled it “black foreigner” it might not have been picked up by these guys… lovely conversations over here… (for those of you who say China is racist, you should definitely take a look at this)

          • tai wai


            Welcome to Chimpout. A black plague is descending upon civilization. That plague is called the nigger. Here at Chimpout we provide up to the minute nigger …

            You think this piece of trash racist forum that nobody has ever heard of and only ignorant trash cares about is somehow indicative of how most westerners view black people?

            And, further, that this little piece of trash somehow equates with (what seems to be) a majority of users on Netease? Netease is huge. HUGE. Chimpwhatever has “5,392 users” (I checked).

            I think the conclusion is simple. There are more Chinese racists than Western ones.

          • Brett Hunan

            tai wai,

            Sponge Monkey was trying to illustrate that if the chinaSMACK article didn’t have the words “Black Foreigner” in the title of the story, than the racist chimpout group wouldn’t have stumbled onto the story. SM didn’t compare anyone or anything. SM just tried to make the point that “sensationalist headlines catch attention”, sometimes the wrong people’s attention.

          • tai wai

            SM didn’t compare anyone or anything. SM just tried to make the point that “sensationalist headlines catch attention”, sometimes the wrong people’s attention.

            Ah, my bad.

          • NetEase is popular and has many visitors. Just like Yahoo. Do you know how much racism is on Yahoo that I have seen? The funny thing is NetEase does not censor racism but Yahoo does. Does that mean the amount of racism on Yahoo is actually much more than what I see? Chinese racism is not usually censored so you can see a lot of it but foreign racism is censored and I still see a lot of it. I am sure Chinese and non-Chinese are very similar in reality. Why are you afraid of this?

          • Boris

            I’m sure there are as many racist assholes in the West as there are in China. What makes the situation here frightening is that it is state-sponsored -the government uses racism to further its own political agendas. It’s sometimes uncomfortable living in a country where the rulers occassionally find it expedient to use non-Han groups as scape-goats.

          • Alan

            That forum is sickening, but for the chinese, if it is not the black man being rude and shagging chinese chicks, it is the jews manipulating the world markets and destabilising renminbi, it is americans interfering in the pacific, it is the british still trying to police the world, insert next scapegoat ad infinitum…….

            Anywhere but look within, at their own internal problems.

        • Brett Hunan

          Did you originally think foreigners were better?

          I dont even know why you bother telling people how you select comments anymore. I must have seen you write a similar message over 200 times since 2008.

        • tai wai

          I learned a long time ago that foreigners are no better than Chinese people.

          Ah. I see.

          So, the premise that “that Chinese people and foreigners are really not so different after all” basically means that we are all racist assholes?


          Perhaps you need to find more upstanding Chinese people to quote, and you also need to attract better foreigners to this site.

          Actually, I’d wager that if you did quotes fewer poor, pathetic, hateful Chinese people, you’d draw less fewer poor, pathetic, hateful “foreign” commenters.

          But if you want this to be a Chinese-English translation site on the same low level of “Ask yahoo” and youtube commenters, hey, more power to you. Flamewars are entertaining, too.

          • linette

            tai wai

            This site is just China news that are currently popular translated into English for your convenience. You have a brain. You know how to differentiate what is worth reading and what’s not. You don’t have to the read those hateful comments. Raicism happens everywhere. We all know it’s not right, but yet sometimes we still behave a bit like racist. Don’t take it so personally.

          • tai wai

            You don’t have to the read those hateful comments.

            “If you don’t like something, ignore it / leave.”

            Raicism happens everywhere.

            “Westerners are bad, too, so you shouldn’t judge Chinese people.”

            We all know it’s not right, but yet sometimes we still behave a bit like racist.

            “We’re still a developing nation.”

            Don’t take it so personally.

            I don’t. These are pretty much the arguments used in every disagreement with any foreigner, over any reason, ever.

          • Sponge Monkey

            I don’t know who you’re quoting in foreigners are no better than Chinese…… but if you’re disagreeing… I really need evidence

            I’m at a low point

            I feel like I’m in a world of hate

        • Alan

          I learned a long time ago that foreigners are no better than Chinese people.

          So what are you insinuating? There seems to be a hidden message here, as there always is in China, either you hate foreigners, or you don’t?

          Which is it to be?

        • donnachadh

          Yes there are good and bad people everywhere, but racism is a social phenomenon and is more prevalent in some societies than in others. Surely you cannot deny this?

        • Nyancat

          oh you learnt about foreigners from CS so sad :(

          • The Enlightened One


            That would be ridiculous. To judge the people of the world based on ChinaSmack. I certainly hope her interactions with foreigners span further than once going abroad, having a few foreign friends or reading comments on ChinaSmack.

        • tai wai

          Every day, we receive hundreds of racist and ugly comments by people who hide behind their computer. I learned a long time ago that foreigners are no better than Chinese people.

          An, actually, again, it’s a matter of scale. This website may draw, at most, what, 400 comments on a “hot” thread? From less than 50 foreigner? A handful of which are making racist comments?

          This is not the same thing.

          • What same thing? These are two true sentences. I don’t understand your comment. However, I understand that you are upset that I think foreigners and Chinese are similar. You will not change my mind.

          • An anonymous boy…

            I think he is trying to say that percentage wise that the Chinese hateful /racists comments are much greater than in this section. Like say 50% of them are racists/hateful vs like 5% here. I just made those numbers up obviously. Basically he is implying that this is evidence there are more bigoted Chinese than Westerners. He probably did not work out the numbers.

            I always find comments about this subject pretty stupid: because if you want to know whose people have more racist/bigots you would have to do a cross cultural study… tai wai or anyone else, if you are so interested about proclaiming about racism and race: do the study instead of making ignorant comments based on your faulty memory and anecdotal evidence.

            An internet forum/comment section is in no way representative of people. Your opinions are formed on very subjective personal experiences from a few sites you visit. Bigotry exist in all cultures. That is fact. You can’t discern the prevalence of racism/bigotry in people from the internet.

            Obviously comments have a selection bias, comment count doesn’t imply people count, the sample size is too small, the comments might unrepresentative of the person’s true feelings, your basing facts on your memory, using confirmation bias, and an availability heuristic. All of which is completely faulty logic.

          • tai wai

            What same thing? These are two true sentences. I don’t understand your comment.

            I apologize. I should have clarified.

            Chinasmack is not the same thing as Netease, in terms of scale, or prevalence of racism (if “Currently about 75% racist” is correct).

            I saw you argued that Yahoo is large, with lots of racism. This is true.

            Yahoo, youtube, stormfront, free republic, 4chan/b… these are the assholes of the Internet, where people go to spew garbage just because they can.

            Is NetEase also a site like this? If so, this whole argument is moot, since it doesn’t accurately reflect reality.

          • I never said chinaSMACK is the same thing as NetEase. Why do you think that?

            NetEase is a portal website like Yahoo. Youku is more like YouTube. Popular websites of course do not accurately reflect reality but who is saying this? However, popular websites still reflect something about people. Whoever assumes all Chinese people are like these NetEase comments is stupid just like anyone who assumes all non-Chinese people are like Yahoo or YouTube comments. I think this is obvious. But how many people often make this mistake?

            According to logic, you cannot take NetEase more seriously or less seriously than Yahoo. You cannot say NetEase shows something about Chinese people but say Yahoo does not show something about non-Chinese.

            There are many Chinese just like you who think NetEase is “the asshole of the internet” but it does not change that NetEase represents something about many people. Maybe you feel you are better than these people. That is not strange. But no matter what, they are still people and they represent a part of my society and your society which is our society.

        • Arthur

          I think people are taking this out of context. The word could have been left out, but it is obvious that you meant no wrong by it. I might be biased though, because I really like your profile pic and I find a well spoken woman to be very attractive. Damnit, I’m black. Does this comment make me a walking stereotype?

    • Chom

      I agree Fu Zhigao, also noticed that…

  • Nick in Beijing

    The thing that troubles me so much about these kinds of stories, and that differentiates this kind of thing in China from it’s equivalent in many Western countries is the tacit approval of the government of these kinds of actions.

    Govt. wants to work the people into greater nationalism to distract from domestic issues, best way to do so is to work on the xenophobia that so many Chinese people have by proclaiming Western countries (such as the U.S.) as interlopers in Chinese issues.

    Since the media is largely controlled by the state here, the garbage that is said in Chinese news about the outside world is another example of the tacit approval of the Chinese government of xenophobia and growing resentment in society here towards the outside world.

    I had a row with a taxi driver not long ago. He asked what I think about the situation between China and the Philippines. I said I believe the islands belong to the Philippines, and therefore they have the right to patrol and protect the shoal. The cunt was ready to have a stroke, he was so angry, and we started shouting at each other, me demanding who gave China ownership of an island located in the Philippines’ EEZ, and he was accusing me of being an American spy, and other such nonsense, telling me I am too ignorant to talk to him, and that history gives China the right to the shoal and blah blah on and on. I got out of the taxi and refused to pay the 3 kuai fuel charge because as a service provider he failed to provide satisfactory service and walked off and told him he shouldn’t ask questions he didn’t want to know the answer to.

    • tai wai

      I … told him he shouldn’t ask questions he didn’t want to know the answer to.

      No, no, you misunderstood! He already knew the answer. They belong to China. Of course, everyone knows that! Everyone loyal to China, at least. Everyone who matters.

      He wasn’t asking you, man, he was testing you.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Hehehehehe. Maybe he has a kid who was going to take the gaokao and was in drill mode.

        • tai wai

          More like doing his job as a good citizen, testing your loyalty to his country.

  • Volunteer28

    Dear China and beautiful Chinese people; DON’T make the mistake we in the West did and allow these people into your country, they will just assault and abuse your women, attack and rob you, their children will bully and rob your children, they are very unpleasant people, we all hate them and we are angry that they were ever allowed to come into our Countries by our stupid governments.

    DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE WE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Nick in Beijing

      Racist cunt.

    • tai wai


    • moop
    • The Enlightened One

      Allowed them?

      Last I checked, the first migration of the African people was not by allowance. It was by brute force and slavery that they were first introduced into the western lands.

      You are a complete idiot.

      • cc

        I think if you check a little bit more you will find that the blacks put there own into the slave trade.

        • The Enlightened One

          Yes, some may have helped capture their own to sell to westerners or whoever. I don’t dispute that. But they were in no way “allowed”, as if by their free will and choice, to be slaves in western lands.

          I think you went up to a group of African-Americans for example and say they should be grateful their ancestors were “allowed” into America… well… you get the idea…

          • Alan

            Well said.

            Slavery is what turned the USA into the richest country in the world, with all that free labour, anything was possible.

            Of course those white southerners didn’t like it when little old black women refused to sit at the back of the bus, lol.


            Whhhhhyyyyy wonnnn’tttt thattttttt therrrrrrr daaarrrrkkkkiiiiieeee move to the back of the damned bus?

          • moop

            slavery didnt turn us into the richest country in the world. remember that little thing called the civil war? lots of wealth was destroyed and it was followed by a long period of reconstruction and the south never really caught up except in parts.

          • bomber

            Slavery did not turn America into the richest country in the world, industry and conquest did.

            If historical slavery was an indicator of current wealth, the Caribbean would be the wealthiest region on earth, followed closely by Brazil and other parts of South America. The island of Hispaniola brought in almost 10 times as many slaves as the entire United States did. In fact, an historical presence of slavery is an indicator of current poverty.

            Also, the Rosa Parks story is a contrived fable. She often sat at the front of the bus when crowds were small. The historical incident the public remembers was a planned event meant to bring (due) attention to the issue of segregation (which was a good thing.)

          • whiskersthecat

            Truth of the matter is that WWII and the US coming out almost completely unscathed (as far as bombings on US territory) is what made the US the richest country in the world.

            If slavery = flourishing economy, Brazil should have turned out to be the supreme economic power x500.

      • Yaspar

        @TEO, and your point is O (Self-Entitled) Enlightened One? That hardly changes the truth of V28’s post, does it?

        • The Enlightened One


          This isn’t the truth. In Canada (and I believe England), there are very few problems with the black community. Perhaps because they chose to go to these places rather than being stolen from their homes, having their women raped, children beaten and worked to death.

          Perhaps the problem is not so much with the people rather than the system in America?

          • whiskersthecat

            Yeah, it’s pretty crazy how these days we’re raping black women and beating black children to death these days. The black men, though, we don’t really bother them too much. It’s amazing that the US can even function as a nation, let alone the most powerful economy by far, when we have active and open systematic raping and beating to death of black women and children. I am happy that you, Enlightened One, know America so well.

          • whiskersthecat

            Oops, let me correct a sentence. I only put “these days” in it twice.

            “Yeah, these days it’s pretty crazy how these days we’re raping black women and beating black children to death these days.”

            There, that’s better.

          • The Enlightened One

            Please read the entire post before responding.

            I am referring to how they were treated upon their initial entry to the U.S., when they were slaves. I guess for people like you I should spell it out more clearly, my bad, my overestimation.

          • moop

            don’t canadians and brits have more “problems” with “pakis”? everytime i’ve heard a canadian or brit say something remotely racist it is normally about people from pakistan

          • The Enlightened One

            My bad, England did have black slaves during the 18th century but abolished it in 1807 due to moral issues.

          • The Enlightened One

            Yeah, you are right. Although, I wouldn’t say it is only the Pakistanis. It is also the Afghans and other groups from the middle east. It’s just that people are ignorant and call them all “Pakis”

            In Canada, they also still have a large amount of problems with the natives.

            Interestingly enough, there is also growing incidents with Asian gangs. Been a lot of shootouts in public places with Viet and Cambodian rivals. Chinese Triads are also in the mix.

          • moop

            yeah, i have been reading some news lately out of canada. seems like there has been more violence there lately than usual, but i dont know if that is actually the case or just sensationalism

          • whiskersthecat

            All the shootings and cutting-up-of-victims coming out of Canada that I’ve read about have been by white Canadians.

          • The Enlightened One

            That’s true, white people are at the top of the list of the worst serial killers in Canada. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t people of other races causing big trouble.

            Well, didn’t you also hear about the Asian guy (Korean I believe, but don’t quote me) that went berserk and cut up and ate some kid on a Grey Hound bus?

            I know a personal one. When I was in high school, a dude I knew was into some trouble. One day, he went to some native dude’s place and banged on his door for a while because he owed him some cigarettes. He left because nobody answered.

            Later, on that same day… during the night, he was walking with a buddy. A pickup truck braked suddenly beside them and the native dude they were trying to get the cigarettes from, got out. He was brandishing a knife and chased after them. They tried to climb over a fence, but the little guy (my friend) couldn’t make it. He was stabbed pretty much everywhere, including the temple. His friend climbed back over the fence and the native guy ran off, satisfied with his handy work. The small guy died in his friends arms, over a pack of cigarettes.

            There are clearly, without a shred of doubt, messed up human beings everywhere and of every race.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Whiskers, you’re quite ignorant about anything that takes place in the black community, or the systemic ills forced upon it systemically by the US.

            And I’m not calling you stupid, just ignorant.

    • Canadian_Skies

      Dear, DON’T make the mistake we in the west did and allow Volunteer28 into your forum, they will just attack and corrupt your peace, disrespect and assault you, demoralize your values, and infect your children, he is a very unpleasant person, the entire community hates him, and we are all angry that he was ever allowed to voice his opinion.

      DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE WE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Yaspar

        I agree with V28. Truth may not be nice or pretty, but it is stubborn. As to whether “the entire community” hates him, speak for yourself.

        • SuperHappyCow

          I’m black, and nobody in my family has ever raped or murdered anyone, or been to prison for theft.

          Is it fair to say that I don’t trust white people, because they commit the most rape, slavery, torture, and murder in and out of the US?

          Nevermind. Fuck you.

    • cb4242

      Ahh, the art of mindless trolling.

      • Notorious

        V28 and that other one isn’t trolling. These are their true feelings… sad as they are. This is the face of racism in the U.S. They resent diversity which is the root cause of their issues – even when surrounded by educated black people (like our president, for example) they remain steadfast in their denial. They ignore the facts that whites commit more crime than blacks (typically because there are more whites numerically), but also that the conviction rate is higher for blacks because crime is handled differently by the courts. They conveniently ignore the fact that crime is associated with poverty, and that the most disenfranchised group in any country will resort to crime when they are locked out of the job market. These people who are like V28 lack the analytical skills to properly access why things are the way they are, they only know what they see and that’s color. The poor things. DOn’t be angry, just pity them. Even though they dont’ deserve it.

        • cb4242

          Actually, you are 100% correct, but the majority of racists don’t know that. They are too busy listening to the likes of David Duke, AmRen and all the other comical racist sites that spew garbage all day. I really do pity them, because they think they are superior when in fact, they are totally inferior.

  • xiaohouzi

    There is lot of racism in China from both sides and it may get worse, unfortunately. That said, for those foreigners who have issues living in China, maybe they should consider leaving. I don’t know what the point of staying in a country where one doesn’t feel comfortable. I myself have experienced racism first hand in China and often think about leaving. I don’t enjoy this kind of treatment when i know i would never treat Chinese in such ways. As we all know, China has a lot of bad drivers so it’s better to stay out of the streets and walk over cars parked illegally on the side walks rather than being hit. The seemingly backwardness of Chinese society can easily give a foreigner stress so i always carry valium to get me through a bad day but this is no way to live. Europe, take me back.

    • DeVitaVackra

      Many people have families and can not break up so easily, just because it feels hard. They can not go back to live with mommy and daddy, because they need a house and a work. So they have to stay in China and live there even if it feels hard.

  • The Enlightened One

    I want to say that there are quite a few great Chinese people and also quite a few ignorant and racist ones. This can be said in many different places around the word as well.

    However, I have seen a few instances of racial actions that really made my blood boil in China against black people. Once at a train station, an African male walked up casually behind a Chinese women in a line-up. She turned around, for whatever, reason and was thoroughly horrified… she actually gasped and started saying the man was so dark that it was scary.

    Another time, I was in a cab with a few foreign friends. Our black African-American friend say in the front because he knew the directions to our destination and his Chinese was quite good. It was immediately recognizable that the taxi driver didn’t like him as he scowled and looked back as us Caucasian guys in the back seat and said “Qu na li?”. Our black friend started to reply when he got angry and shouted, I don’t listen to dirty, disgusting “fei zhou ren”. We all got out of the taxi and told him he had lost face for his follow countrymen.

    Other Chinese are very compassionate and kind towards black foreigners. I hope in the future this group overshadows the former.

    • Alan

      @ TEO: Thanks for your post!

      A nigerian friend who I once knew decked a chinese guy for rubbing his arms and asking him why he didn’t wash….while I was appalled at the chinese guys racism, I did feel kind of sorry for him getting decked by a 6 ft something muscley nigerian guy built like Carl Weathers…it was no contest, lol.

      Perhaps introducing a anti discrimination law like HK, as a multicultural city has done, would help, but I won’t hold my breath, nay, not in these parts….

    • Abort & Deport

      Liberals like you need to go and live in Cape Town, Lagos or Detroit, Oakland or Atlanta for 6 months. Then we’ll see how much you love your precious pet niggers. Until then, stop judging other people by your own libtarded Western standards.

      • cb4242

        So going to Bensonhurst, Huntington Beach, Cape Town, Fallbrook and see how fucked up most “racist” whites like yourself prove time and time again, what low life aborted idiots you truly are. How many Blacks do you know? Or do you have a grudge because you got your head knocked in or your girlfriend ran off with a Black guy. If you want to make a point, why don’t you do it without being racially vulgar.

        • Little Wolf

          Huntington Beach? Just a bunch of surfers…unless there’s like a Huntington Beach in Idaho or something.

        • Abort & Deport

          And what makes you think I’m even white? Or anything? Get it into your skull that whites are not the only ones who hate spooks. I’ve seen TNB first hand, but you obviously have only ever lived a shielded life, in your comfy gated all-white community, with no knowledge of savage negro behaviour. I know the beast, and you clearly don’t because it seems to me you’re just one of millions of brainwashed fools who buy into the “we are all equal” hogwash.

          • cb4242

            Oh, I’m sure you are white, not American white, but white or of another hated minority that has an inferior complex and wants to pin everything on blacks. And you talk as if you know everything about blacks, when I clearly can see, you know nothing.

      • moop

        wow, your name is linked to a site called “”. i’m gonna take a leap here and say you’re an asshole

        • Abort & Deport

          I’d rather be an arsehole, than a brain-dead or brainwashed halfwit, thanks.

          • moop

            keep working on that manifesto pussy

          • Arthur

            He should work on the punctuation too.

      • The Enlightened One

        Ah yes, the ugly American.

        The pride of your country. I have met many great Americans that are completely embarrassed by some of their fellow countrymen, namely people like yourself.

        I believe this forum refers to China and this article is about a foreigner having an altercation in China. Please feel the need to bring up America and where I should live in America because it has absolutely no relevance!

  • Abort & Deport

    Send the black bastsrds home. All they do is introduce disease and crime. That guy I assume was a fine specimen of Africunt.

    • SuperHappyCow

      Cand i make a poop in your butt? : (

  • Fman

    Bar the Chinese from leaving China… Seriously…. They DESERVE China, let them rot here… :)

  • Yo Mero

    Simply, if it was another chinese man and the girl arguing/fighting the bystanders wouldn’t even lift a finger. Involve a laowai and they take advantage and beat him to a pulp.

  • Paul Pace

    Niggers are niggers, no matter where you go. They should have killed the nigger to give other niggers in China an example. Niggers are subhuman animals that only understand violence.

    • The Enlightened One

      Paul, how’s the trolling?

      Mommy didn’t hug you enough?

    • Frank Zappa

      you have some problems.

    • cb4242

      I know you feel so embarrassed by your lack of communicative skills, but hey, it’s expected from imbeciles such as yourself. But keep it coming because you and Abort & Deport make me laugh, because there is nothing that you can do about this, but sling words, not knowing the meaning or origin of them and not knowing proper history, but then again most inbreds wouldn’t. lol

  • While lots of people on a China street will look the other way when a toddler is hit by a car, they are more than happy to band together to beat up a black guy.

    How heartening.

    • cb4242

      Great point. How many times has that happened in China? Goes to show you where their morals are and how they feel about children vs race. Sad, sad indeed.

    • fenqing

      CORRECTION: Beating up a black guy who attacked a girl.

      • SuperHappyCow

        CORRECTION: Beating up a black guy who ALLEGEDLY attacked a girl.

        It’s still not quite clear what the fuck happened.

  • This article would have been more helpful if the author had actually followed up at the police station or talked to the people involved in the accident. Right now, all we have to go by are the words of a crowd who are not themselves sure what happened.

  • Yaspar

    I am happy that the Chinese are not so stupid and cowardly to take “the finger” from some black asshole. Good for you, Chinese! You have more courage than the white cowards here in the USA. Best of all would be to not allow any blacks into your country at all. They have terrible tempers, and no manners, and will ruin China if you let them in. I’m just warning you. If you don’t believe me, just look at the damage they have done to England, Sweden, France, Norway, Germany, and the USA.

    • Boris

      -How’s your sex-life?
      -What sex-life?
      -That’s what I suspected.

      • Frank Zappa

        it’s a classic envy of penis…

        • mr. wiener

          What is it with you and your facination with penis’ [penii?]?

          • SuperHappyCow

            Song of the post: Penis Dimension

            DID I WIN?

    • Xiongmao

      Wait,, who exactly was it who ‘let the blacks into the USA’? as you so diplomatically put it. And BTW, I can’t think of any country in the world where you’re allowed to physically attack someone just because they give you the finger. Maybe you ought to read up on your history and law, just to name a few.

    • Little Wolf

      Whoa yaspar…..the “Finger”? Holy shit! Let’s call the church elders! OMG! Some black asshole just gave “THE FINGER”!

    • cb4242

      So Yasper, my ignorant friend, if a white person give them “the finger” it’s ok? Blacks have terrible tempers? Obviously, you have never been to hockey match or to a European Football match. As far as Europe being damaged, I think it started with Greece. lol

  • moonmickey

    All of this racism and foreigner baiting has been intentionally triggered because there’s obviously growing internal problems. Of course most Chinese people aren’t bad spirited by nature but as they don’t have the ability to read English and they are stuck with the constant rhetoric coming through their tv’s. That’s how their nature has been warped.
    The video doesn’t contain enough information about what actually happened and its the man’s statement against what amounts to a lynch mob, the only way Chinese people can fight, as anyone who’s been in China for a while will have seen before, chivalry and honor are alien concepts, a bit like the foreigner trolls that think that when everyone else has left they’ll be some kind of super Marco Polo, well bad fuckin news for you, some of us were here decades ago, it doesn’t happen – you become the target.

    nb. You’ll notice how the supposed “British passport holder” rapist vanished into thin air with absolutely no information about his identity or destination plus a statement from the British Embassy clearly expressing that they’d received no request for assistance from a British national – THAT SHOULD RING MAJOR BELLS!

    Whingers – All the moaning about foreigners being paid more is unjustified because air tickets often have to be bought, money made in China usually won’t go far abroad and anyway foreigners get ripped off in drips and drabs or scammed major time!

    Next – Its inevitable that China’s economy is going to take a hit plus the predicted housing bubble plus sabre rattling plus foreign companies beginning to move to other places such as Vietnam and India, so as any or all of the above happens, things are going to get one hell of a lot worse for foreigners in China. The Chinese worship money and if they suddenly can’t grab more, the powers that be will be working overtime to deflect the anger.

    Targets – Gangs don’t specifically “target Chinese” people abroad, they target everyone with the biggest assaults on Chinese abroad being by other Chinese people. The UK has seen whole Chinese families butchered, students tortured then killed, cockle pickers sent to their death by gangmasters and we aren’t talking single people. People in China are oblivious to these killings. A young couple being robbed by some kids in Australia is sad but let’s be realistic about who’s doing all the KILLING.

    and they have the cheek to call foreigners devils

    • Sponge Monkey

      You’re right with most your points.

      British guy was released. Deported. You can look it up, it won’t let me post the links.

      Interesting comments were that he was let off easy to avoid any diplomatic problems.

    • swat


      You couldn’t have state it any better.


  • ACE

    both of them are named ‘DICK’

    • moonmickey

      Both of them appear in videos that aren’t conclusive and rely entirely on accusations by many but no individual defense.

  • opinionater

    “I’m not black but there’s a whole lot of times I wish I weren’t white” FZ

  • Sponge Monkey

    Ladies and gentleman: Monkey rant after beer # 5 (think Lou Bega)

    Reading over the story, the comments and everything, I think the real story is “What the hell happened?”

    I can’t help but remember what started those horrible riots of 2009 between the Han Chinese and the Uyghur. The whole thing started because of a lie from a Chinese woman who happened to walk into the wrong room and was spooked and embarrassed by some Uyghurs and decided she would declare rape (coerced by her male friend). Don’t jump on me yet, I’m not saying that’s what happened, but it’s something to think about. Plus, I still have Rick’s story in my head too, if you don’t know, ask him.

    It’s not CSI out here. You can pull stupid ass lies and get away with it.

    On the other hand… I’m also pissed off by the comments of racism in China.

    To the black community in China, fine, I admit you have a situation that I don’t understand and will not comment on. But to the white community that says they’ve had to deal with racism in China… c’mon…

    There’s a big difference between racism and violent hate racism, and in 9 years, I’ve never really seen it in Shanghai.

    I am sure when white boy is saying “Oh, boo hoo, China is racist”, the black community is saying WTF? Pointing at someone and beating someone are two different things. I’m pretty sure the white community of China hasn’t felt what the black community of other countries has felt. I know I haven’t.

    Okay, rant after beer number 5 done… if some of this didn’t make sense… tuf!

    • Sponge Monkey

      I promised not to post twice, but I forgot one thought.

      It is CSI out here, they did an autopsy on a cremated guy this week.

      • Sponge Monkey

        And I think it’s Nick not Rick.

      • Xiongmao

        I think they just dusted the scooter for semen, zoomed in and enhanced and that was it.

    • Alan

      I can’t help but remember what started those horrible riots of 2009 between the Han Chinese and the Uyghur. The whole thing started because of a lie from a Chinese woman who happened to walk into the wrong room and was spooked and embarrassed by some Uyghurs and decided she would declare rape (coerced by her male friend).

      @ SM: That whole incident was disgusting imho, and just sheer fear of the other.

      In the same story, one shop owner in Shaoguan said he detested uighurs because they bought beer but would not pay for it, whaaaatttt, like han people never argue over prices or never shoplift. Even on the campus here, all han students, the campus shop had to put a sign up to warn that if anymore shoplifting occurs the police will be called.

      It’s a case of 6 of 1, and a half dozen of the other as always.

      Uighurs bad, scary….Han, good, honest…..

  • Vincent

    There is so many things to say about this event, i don’t even know where to begin, and i am already tired before beginning.

    Frightening to see how a single banal incident can wake up the lowest racists thoughts and racist reaction: it is like some people are constantly on the verge of bursting into rage and hate.

    • Sponge Monkey

      Welcome to Earth.

  • Xiongmao

    Honestly, I hate how news is reported here sometimes. One says he beat her with the lock ( I can’t speak for all foreigners and I’ve never been to Africa, but for most people I know it would take a LOT before they’d hit a woman with a deadly weapon ), another says SHE tried to hit him but was wrestled to the ground and disarmed. Either way, following Chinese and international traffic law the black dude is 100 percent to blame for not keeping a sufficient distance of safety -yes I know that can be hard in China- hence he really shouldn’t have been mouthing off.

    You know, fuck it. There’s so little information and things to trust in a piece like this that it’s virtually impossible to actually begin dissecting it. Needless to say though, if someone flips you the bird you’re OF COURSE not allowed to attack him physically.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    I bet that this is how it went:

    * Girl makes asinine move on road.

    * Black guy shouts something indignant at her for endangering him.

    * Girl shouts something racist back at him.

    * Guy gets on her face for having been insulted by her (e.g. wrongdoer).

    * Girl pushes or hits the guy.

    * Guy hits back and shouts at her.

    * Riff-raff crowd gathers to gawk at the “monkey” having a fight with a mainland princess.

    * Guy becomes uncomfortable and flips them off and tells them to mind their own freakin’ business.

    * Riff-raff crowd vent their racism, blindly nationalistic pride and impertinent interference on the guy by attacking him, regardless of who was in the wrong.

    * Guy and girl are taken to the nearest PSB to “negotiate”. Guy is forced to pay the girl 500-2000 kuai to make amends (e.g. her “feelings” were hurt).

    * Guy is told to behave.

    * Guy arrives at his home even more angry at the PRC than ever, and rightfully so.

    * The girl and the crowd live harmoniously ever after.

    • dilladonuts

      Haha I bet your damn right, or at least very close to it.

      Many Chinese people react just like most crackas when insulted, shocked and in disbelief with the ” how dare you ” look written all over their face.

      • DRaY

        Foreigners need to chill the fuck out!!! Respect the locals.. You disrespect me in my home town I’ll bust your ass!!! REALTALK!!!!

        • moop

          you haven’t busted anyone’s ass since you fell off your 三轮 ya pussy. REALTALK

          • The Enlightened One

            LoL… this was amusing.

            The keyboard warrior was scaring me for a moment before you put him in his place.

          • moop

            i aim to please brudda

        • La Mano Gaucha

          Respect is something that has to be earned, not given away freely…

          As for your imbecilic, empty threat, I won’t lose sleep over it. Just be glad that you will never run into me, whether in your town or mine. REALTALK…

        • Boris

          DRay -I respect you man. No way I’m gonna piss off someone who’s spent so many gruelling years studying the deadly art of bukkake.

    • Bambata

      Well said, this is probably exactly what happened, I have seen it more than once in China. All I can say is that if this ever happens to anyone while in China just wait until your return to your home country and gang up on the unwelcome Chinks and take your revenge!

      • SuperHappyCow

        please dont say things like that :(

        be a cow instead

    • mimomimo

      What I always noticed was if two Chinese people bump into each other on a bike, they both go, ‘oh bu hao yi si, mmm mmm, ha ha, duibuqi….bu hao yi si’ and cycle off.

      Whenever I collided with a Chinese person, they would always get angry immediately and be determined to show it was My Fault to the people around them. Any reaction I have, unless it’s grovelling for an apology with make me look like a Class A knob.

      The best was when I was waiting for the lights to change one day. I’m there on my bike, the cars are going across the cross road (a major road, cut by a minor road). Suddenly, the lights go red, there’s a car of young adults that didn’t make it but is stuck in the middle of the crossing. As I’m crossing, looking anxiously at the car, the driver waved me across. Amazing for China. Or so it seemed.
      As I was right in their path, the driver accerated at me and screamed to a halt right in front of me. I was shitting myself. I thought he was going to hit me. He slammed his hand on the horn while the girls in the car laughed at me. I pointed at the red light and he kept beeping while the bitches in the car kept laughing. I gave them a finger, they gave me the finger back.

      So…. I grabbed my bike chain from my basket, thwacked it down on his bonnet and cycled off as and up the narrow road that intercepted the one I was crossing as fast as I could.

      Sure to onlookers who didn’t see the driver wave me across would have just seen a foreign girl who carelessly rode out without looking (red lights mean nothing in China), almost got hit, but give the driver the finger and smack the car with her hefty bike chain before cycling off. They would have no doubt thought I was an utter dickhead.

      • Uncle Jeebers

        I notice a lot of worrying double standards that you talk about. Chinese treat each other more often in a much more polite way, and all rules go out the window when there’s someone non-Chinese. One example is with pointing and staring, a minor offense which I’m victim to all day every day whenever in public. But you never see Chinese pointing and staring at each other, even the weirder ones or ones with more unusual attire.

        I was just a victim of a kind of street situation not super different from the one this poor Black man experienced. Someone did a big soccer fake fall and did something we can call peng4 ci2 碰瓷. I think my best suggestion for those getting into these street problems aside from calling the police right away is also to yell 碰瓷! 碰瓷! which is people taking fake falls in order to gain something, usually money. And when you yell that you’re saying that what these other people are claiming you did was fake, and it’s believable as it’s super common in China. Maybe this Black man didn’t have great Chinese, as it seems he was losing the street debate long before the cops came. I have better Chinese and didn’t need a lot of gestures, but the guy I was against this time was super loud, obnoxious and making very extravagant claims.

        I’m afraid the climate in China now is not good for non-Chinese. The Party is losing hold and they want to shift focus off of that and onto foreigners – who, if they are ever bad, were let in on their own official policy, no? What does showing one bad foreigner do, other than to say the officials let in a criminal or had no system to encourage better immigrants? People with criminal records, for example, can get into China easily through Aomen.

      • xiaohouzi

        You’re my hero of the day! So many times, i wish i could do that when Chinese are rude to me but i never do. They totally deserved that and a lot more!