Nanjing Students Line Up In Winter To Study In Library

From Mop:

I am also [a student] of Nanjing Normal University

Seeing this journal entry on Xiaonei, I had deep feelings…

Although the temperatures during the winters in the south are not as low as in the north…those who have been to Nanjing before can definitely understand that kind of wet cold…so this kind of winter is very uncomfortable…and I pretty much get chilblains every year…. Since it is the end of the semester and time for reviews…the air conditioned [heated] library has become everyone’s first choice…I too have studied by myself in the self-study classrooms here…my feet so cold…that eventually I simply could no longer absorb what I was reading….

Okay…I will begin posting the pictures…

It is many degrees below zero! If you don’t believe me, look at the solid things in the H2O in the fountain. According to people there, the first person in line probably lined up at 5:30 [am], while the library opens at 7:30! The time to the middle [of the line] is 120 minutes! Students note that this is winter, Nanjing’s winter, not Nanning’s winter! 5:30 to 7:30 is what significance?

The line is beginning to move, but the students in the back are still at such a distant place.

In the past, the line was like this.

Now it is like this (Let us look at the below satellite image, this is so professional!)

Moreover, the weather conditions at the time were: Rain and snow, level 3-4 winds.

Respect! Persevering even in the wind and rain!

The big tunnel is faintly visible!

What kind of feelings will the future students lining up feel when they see the spaciousness below the library?

Comments from Mop:


So studious. When I was in university, I never once woke up before 7am…
There are plenty of places to study. Dorm rooms are okay too, put on some earphones, close the curtains…


Ugh, can those students in the back of the line be so stupid as to think they will be able to get in?


There are tests/exams during these few days so of course there will be a lot of people studying. Even the dissection rooms at our medical school have people in them studying, nevermind the library. The library’s door has even been ruined…


Nanjing University of Technology students come to ding your post. The earliest I have woken up is 5:30 to go reserve seats at 6:00. Very miserable.


Come to Beijing.
The students here at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications all get up at midnight on Sunday to reserve seats at the library,
so what is 2 hours,
when we are standing outside half the night also during winter.


The sense of pride/accomplishment for those who line up is not from seeing fewer and fewer people in front of them but having more and more people behind them.


University students are not like what some people say, devoid of any redeeming qualities, because actually studying well is still very difficult!!!


Is this necessary?
If you don’t go to the library, are there no other places for studying???
And the time spent lining up should be wasted just like this???


Everyone, don’t be baffled/impressed by superficial appearances. Normally not studying, specially cramming at the end of the semester, fighting for seats, reserving seats, making it so that the students who really want to study don’t even have a place to put their butts!!! Lou zhu, do you dare deny it??? If you really want to study, isn’t it the same anywhere, cold? This is an excuse!


Good thing brother has already escaped…I am in my fourth year…heh heh.
Last winter I went to line up, but that was after drinking a big gulp of Erguotou [Chinese baijiu liquor] before rushing out…

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