Nanjing Sanitation Workers Strike, Dump Garbage on Streets

Garbage dumped on the streets of Nanjing following a strike by city sanitation workers.

Garbage dumped on the streets of Nanjing following a strike by city sanitation workers.

From NetEase & Mop:

Nanjing sanitation workers stop work, dump garbage onto streets

November 16th, some of Nanjing’s sanitation workers stopped work [went on strike] with garbage on some large streets in the Gulou District having no one to clean up, and some sections of the streets having garbage dumped on them by sanitation workers, affecting the area’s sanitation and road traffic.

Garbage piled on the streets of Nanjing due to protests by the city's sanitation workers.Piles of garbage on the streets of Nanjing, China as city sanitation workers protest unmet wage increases.

As it is understood, the reason the sanitation workers have stopped working is because they are unhappy with how they are treated, and that the relevant government departments have dragged their feet on the performance-based wage reform they promised. Photo is of November 16th morning, where garbage was dumped by sanitation workers throughout Nanjing’s Gulou District.

Nanjing city sanitation workers demanding an explanation at the Nanjing City Visitors' Reception Center.

Photo is of November 16th, where sanitation workers are at the Nanjing City People’s Visitor’s Reception Center demanding an explanation.

Comments from Mop:


Haha, well done, the key is that they’re not afraid of being fired–it won’t be worse than it is now.


Must appreciate the hard work of sanitation workers.


Hang in there. So you [government] look down on them, right? So you excessively squeeze them of their labor’s value, right? Definitely hang in there.


What the sanitation workers are doing is not advisable, but it can also be understood! May I ask if people weren’t forced to the point of no return, who would be so extreme? From this we can see how wrong the relevant departments of the Nanjing ZF are!


Striking and not sweeping [up garbage/litter] can be understood, but dumping garbage is indeed going too far. This completely turns sympathy into anger.


For this kind of thing to happen means it should be asked: Why would the sanitation workers go on strike? People with the lowest income don’t have any ability to protest, all they can do is use this method to express the dissatisfaction in their hearts. Just one meal for the bureau director may be one sanitation worker’s yearly wage, maybe even more. I support the sanitation workers.


Why only report that they’ve dumped garbage, without mentioning a single word of their demands and reasons? If the right to speech is completely monopolized by the officials, what else can they do apart from taking action?


They are indeed very niu.


The Nanjing people are happy now…officials are going to suffer now, having to think about whether they should give money to their mistresses or to increase the sanitation workers’ wages…


The treatment of sanitation workers is indeed poor, having to wake up so early in the morning, the work being both dirty and tiring while the wages are indeed very low.


Why do things have to get big and serious before someone comes out to deal with them? What’s wrong with society these days? Sigh.


Support, the Heavenly Kingdom’s unions cannot only organize to go watch movies, and should do more of this kind of real action, and give those in power a whack.


Let’s see if you look down on sanitation workers again! Go eat garbage!


It’s already been resolved, wages were increased, and even gave them an extra day off!!!

What do you think? Do you support the sanitation workers? Their actions?

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