Nanjing Sanitation Workers Strike, Dump Garbage on Streets

Garbage dumped on the streets of Nanjing following a strike by city sanitation workers.

From NetEase & Mop:

Nanjing sanitation workers stop work, dump garbage onto streets

November 16th, some of Nanjing’s sanitation workers stopped work [went on strike] with garbage on some large streets in the Gulou District having no one to clean up, and some sections of the streets having garbage dumped on them by sanitation workers, affecting the area’s sanitation and road traffic.

Garbage piled on the streets of Nanjing due to protests by the city's sanitation workers.Piles of garbage on the streets of Nanjing, China as city sanitation workers protest unmet wage increases.

As it is understood, the reason the sanitation workers have stopped working is because they are unhappy with how they are treated, and that the relevant government departments have dragged their feet on the performance-based wage reform they promised. Photo is of November 16th morning, where garbage was dumped by sanitation workers throughout Nanjing’s Gulou District.

Nanjing city sanitation workers demanding an explanation at the Nanjing City Visitors' Reception Center.

Photo is of November 16th, where sanitation workers are at the Nanjing City People’s Visitor’s Reception Center demanding an explanation.

Comments from Mop:


Haha, well done, the key is that they’re not afraid of being fired–it won’t be worse than it is now.


Must appreciate the hard work of sanitation workers.


Hang in there. So you [government] look down on them, right? So you excessively squeeze them of their labor’s value, right? Definitely hang in there.


What the sanitation workers are doing is not advisable, but it can also be understood! May I ask if people weren’t forced to the point of no return, who would be so extreme? From this we can see how wrong the relevant departments of the Nanjing ZF are!


Striking and not sweeping [up garbage/litter] can be understood, but dumping garbage is indeed going too far. This completely turns sympathy into anger.


For this kind of thing to happen means it should be asked: Why would the sanitation workers go on strike? People with the lowest income don’t have any ability to protest, all they can do is use this method to express the dissatisfaction in their hearts. Just one meal for the bureau director may be one sanitation worker’s yearly wage, maybe even more. I support the sanitation workers.


Why only report that they’ve dumped garbage, without mentioning a single word of their demands and reasons? If the right to speech is completely monopolized by the officials, what else can they do apart from taking action?


They are indeed very niu.


The Nanjing people are happy now…officials are going to suffer now, having to think about whether they should give money to their mistresses or to increase the sanitation workers’ wages…


The treatment of sanitation workers is indeed poor, having to wake up so early in the morning, the work being both dirty and tiring while the wages are indeed very low.


Why do things have to get big and serious before someone comes out to deal with them? What’s wrong with society these days? Sigh.


Support, the Heavenly Kingdom’s unions cannot only organize to go watch movies, and should do more of this kind of real action, and give those in power a whack.


Let’s see if you look down on sanitation workers again! Go eat garbage!


It’s already been resolved, wages were increased, and even gave them an extra day off!!!

What do you think? Do you support the sanitation workers? Their actions?

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  • hooots

    I fully support sanitation workers and they can crash on my sofa anytime

    • firebert5

      Just be sure they don’t “trash” your house! (Cue annoyed groans!)

    • firebert5

      Just make sure they don’t “trash” your house! (Cue groans!)

    • Must be “temporary workers”

  • ODB

    I like where this is going

  • hooots

    There is a place in my city where for some reason, the way they deal with garbage is…….. all the lowest ranking chefs of the restaurants around bring their garbage bins to this spot. They proceed to dump it into the street then sanitation workers shovel it into a garbage truck. There is literally a 9 foot pile of garbage in the middle of the street and people must walk through it. How can we do this better? (they aren’t even on strike…)

  • bigbull

    well done sanitation workers, china needs lot of wokers with this kind of atitude. kudos.

  • Interested

    Occupy Nanjing street movement. (nanjing street is in shanghai)

  • MrT

    One day while wondering around the back end of a city i come across the same scene in the above photos.
    I was quite shocked, the whole length of the street all this rubbish with rats running around every where.
    I asked around why all the rubbish and I was told it was developers trying to get hold of the land , knock down the buildings and put up some new apartments. They were doing there best to make it as horrible as possible for the people to live there so they would accept less compensation and go.
    Local government involvement todo that.
    Also it looks like that all year around in Naples…

    • Foreign Devil

      Really? And I thought Naples was supposed to be one of the most beautiful places and happiness capital of the world. . if it is a trash heap like that I will be sure not to go.

  • Ray

    Now imagine the rest of China’s sanitation workers following suit, then whole of China will be filled with garbage.

    • It already is mate… has been for years.

      • sunkissedgoddess

        ditto. one of the dirtiest places I’ve been. It’s somehow part of the landscape now.

    • Brett Hunan

      Most of China does look like that until the sanitation workers come out at 2am and rid the street of the filth.

  • roger dodger

    I get why they’re striking, and its fully understandable but dumping it in the street is actually punishing the citizens not the government, if they just decided not to collect waste like normal waste collecters who strike in other countries do, that would be better. but what if the government decided to ignore them, that would make the people angry, at very likely the waste men.. knowing chinese mentality.

    • firebert5

      It should have just been done in front of the gov officials’ homes. They would get there point across and be less likely to make average citizens angry. Probably would have been a better route.

  • Anon

    @Mr.T’s comment is quite enlightening on the background. This bad behaviour, has counterproductive results, is a waste of effort.

    No lack of space in China. So why bother demolishing existing buildings that cost money to build, and disturb citizens (making the CCP look bad) than building elsewhere in undeveloped China with nary a person or building in sight?

  • David

    I live in Nanjing and experienced this firsthand. These people put up with a lot of shit, literally and figuratively, on a daily basis. They deserve better treatment.

  • wu lmao

    It’s beautiful to see China modernize the way it has been! It’s looking more and more like Europe every day.

    unfortunately it’s Italy.

    • typingfromwork

      They just need a creepy old guy with a perchant for underaged girls for PM and they’re all set!

      • Umm he is the PM mate…

        • whichone

          Are you referring to Wen Jiabao?? Oooh sounds salacious, do share!

  • Chef Rocco

    Fortunately for Nanjin residents, the workers started the strike when the weather is getting colder there, otherwise, flies, maggots and horrible smell, just imagine it…

  • Will I Am

    Way to go sanitation workers! Labor protesting for better wages!

  • 平凡人

    Let the people know, everyone’s role in society is important. Most people in China do not give a shit about sanitation workers, this is indeed a good lesson for them; treat everyone with respect, their role is equally important.

  • Andao

    Chinese friends: You ever notice that the second you start protesting, the government caves and gives you want you want?

    Not implying anything, just sayin’.

    • Anon

      You sure? I see burning and killing in Egypt, and they still have problems?

  • manusan

    There’re a fortune in platic bottle inside.

  • Johnny Basic

    Photos 2 and 3 are actually ‘before and after’ pictures of the same street.

    • Dat Ankle

      No they’re not, different photos of the same street but its not a before and after. If it was, those sanitation workers weren’t doing their jobs.

      • johnny basic


      • Rod

        See comment below (Rod)

  • typingfromwork

    Good for them, I fully support the strike. Hopefully the government will not drag their feet and make Nanjing look like Naples.

  • Xiongmao

    Hmm,, I’m not sure I can tell the difference between Nanjing and any other city. Chinese people are fucking pigs when it comes to trash. They throw everything everywhere with no regards for anyone. I wish a strike like this would happen in every Chinese city so that the Chinese could open their eyes a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy my life in China but there are some things that every civilized society ought to imprint on its citizens.

    • Anon

      Chinese people are fucking pigs when it comes to trash . . .

      a. This means they are not mind controlled.

      b. This means they are not mind controlled but act out retaliating via throwing rubbish because the system is flawed in some ways yet unable to communicate what is wrong.

      c. This means they are mind controlled but ALLOWED to act out act out retaliating via throwing rubbish.

      @Xiongmao, don’t suggesting imprinting because that would be an allegory for brainwashing – which can range from NLP littered media, reducation camps at worst or neurotech methods (cellphone control of human brain signals) which kill democracy and personal liberty as in Article 18 of the Human Rights Charter.

    • Kristine

      I totally agree. They throw trash everywhere, even when there’s trash cans in sight. However, the most annoying thing about it is the hole “not my problem anymore” attitude they have about it. And don’t get me started on the spitting. Civilized…?

  • Leslie

    Totally support these workers! It’s about time some people stood up for themselves.

  • solidarity with the strikers! how about you innovate ways to make less trash, start off by not selling packages of 30 individually wrapped 往一往 snacks that litter the landscape. “garbage wars” are nothing new, when it comes to issues of placing waste incinerators and so forth as no one wants to have deal with trash and everyone says NIMBY (not it my back yard). it is well overdue for the gov’t to buck up and think of a more ecological solution to this filth.

  • Foreign Devil

    Nice to see some labor action in China! Hopefully they didn’t all lose their jobs.

  • Rod

    I think Johnny Basic was being funny

    • hooots

      hahahahahaha true. true.


    That’s rather symbolic I would say, as a country already populated with human garbage….

  • Dr. Jones Jr.

    Call it “Occupy Beijinglu” as Beijing Street is in the heart of Gulou District, Nanjing (where this garbage protest happened).

  • dim mak

    Oh shit


  • Cv

    Good for them….

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