Nanjing Stray Cat Rubbing Its Paws Together Amuses Netizens

A stray cat in Nanjing, China seen seemingly rubbing its paws together.

A stray cat in Nanjing, China seen seemingly rubbing its paws together.

The following video on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku of a stray cat in Nanjing seemingly rubbing its paws together for warmth accumulated over 410k views within a day (at time of translation) of being uploaded…

On Youku:

搓手猫网络爆红 网友称又萌又可怜”>Rubbing Hands Cat Goes Viral Online, Netizens Say Both Cute and Sad

Comments from Youku:


难过 Seeing this kitty, I sadly say, such a cold day, I hope there will be a nice person who will take it in.


This cat’s eye has a problem.


I admit I’m very dirty. When I first looked at what this cat was doing, I immediately thought of a certain happy activity that men all know.


Sigh, it’s certainly because its stomach hurts so it’s rubbing it with its paws. You [other] viewers are truly disgusting.


It is masturbating…


So sad, it’s probably because it’s not feeling well. 难过


Doesn’t look like a stray cat, it’s rather fat.


What kind of JB background music is this? A song from a hundred years ago, and still using it?


It’s clearly a diseased cat. Too sad. And you guys are making fun of it. Such is humankind. 难过


Humankind deserves to be extinguished!


Looks like he’s jacking off, not rubbing/wringing his hands [for warmth].


Is there no one who went to take it in?


Completely floored!! This cat is obviously sick, and these people are still laughing, humans…


Only care about filming… Give it a home… Then you can film it to your heart’s content.


The kitty must be a stray cat, most likely uncomfortable somewhere, just one look and you can tell it has suffered a hundred torments.


Viewed 21 times, ding’d 70 times, cai’d [downvoted] 17 times, what’s going on…? [This comment was made near the beginning, by time of translation there were many more upvotes and downvotes.]


Must downvote this. Sorry for using dirty language but this is a 2B video with 2B background music. Just look at how badly abused this cat is. Look at its face. Rubbing hands cat? Sigh… Animals will always be more pitiful than humans.


It’s obviously diseased. It can’t even open its eye.


Did it hurt its paws?


Is it me who is perverse, because I keep thinking what this cat is rubbing is not its hands…

妇女之友001: (responding to above)

It’s obviously because its balls ache.


I’m jacking off, what are you all looking at/why are you all watching?


Definitely jacking off.


This cat, its stomach must be ill, and you all are just fucking filming it. Did no one contact the local animal protection society? An animal is sick, and you guys are laughing like it is a joke!


From the looks of it, it’s probably either hurt or hungry. Those of you standing around and watching, did no one take it to go see the doctor/veterinarian?

Before the above viral video led so many Chinese netizens to mistake the cat as possibly masturbating, the cat appeared in a set of images posted on popular Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo where it quickly became a trending topic

From Sina Weibo:

@甜蜜小兔兔: [Nanjing] I’ve always felt this kitty looks lovely, is adorable, who will come over whenever a person goes near it and squats down. This morning while riding my bike past it, I saw her rubbing her hands [paws]! Really…it really was rubbing its hands! It put its two hands on its tummy, just like a person, rubbing its left and right hands alternately. It’s two little feet were placed together, cold. All of a sudden, all sorts of feelings came into my heart. The outdoor temperature in Nanjing right now is -2 degrees Celsius. And her little body is on the freezing ground.

A stray cat in Nanjing, China seen seemingly rubbing its paws together.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Completely hearbreaking. [泪]


Those passing by, give it something to eat, at least! Of course, it’d best if you can find her [a home?]–It’s too dangerous outside. Such an adorable cat!

甜蜜小兔兔: (the original poster)

[Responding to] @税后五百万翻番:Sigh~~ I didn’t have any food on me at the time, so I told her to wait for me there at noon and I would bring her food. Hope she could understand.


If I were in Nanjing, I’d definitely take her home.


May I ask where in Nanjing?!


So cute~~~ Someone please adopt it.

甜蜜小兔兔: (the original poster)

[Responding to] @shineooooo: At the Zhongshanling area here in Nanjing, does dear want to give her a home?


Without looking at the text, this cat’s pose looks so amusing, but after reading the text, my heart is truly pained~


A cat that knows how to rub its hands together, a face like that of a lucky cat!! Whoever adopts it will get rich!!


Both cute and pitiful.


It’s pregnant! What more, its facial expression looks a little like it isn’t feeling well! Who says its cute! It’s so heartbreaking! [泪]


The kitty is cold too, Being a stray isn’t her fault.


Is the person taking the photos that lacking in kindness? Won’t take it home?


The news mentioned her too today, [she’s] gone viral.


Unwilling to put its paws on the ground definitely means they’re injured!!! Must take her to get checked out at once!!! Does Nanjing not have a decent pet hospital or rescue center?!!!

The trending topic description on Sina Weibo…

On Sina Weibo:

Nanjing Stray “Rubbing Hands Cat” Goes Viral, Its Adorableness Breaks People’s Hearts

A set of photographs taken by netizen @甜蜜小兔兔 of a stray “rubbing hands cat” at Nanjing Agricultural University has gone viral. At the time, the outside temperature was -2°C, and the kitty had placed its two hands on its belly rubbing them together, as if it were trying to warm itself, its cuteness bowling over many netizens. However, experts claim the truth may not be as pretty as it looks, that it may be that its paws are injured, or it is pregnant. As it is understood, this school’s students are currently making arrangements for it to be adopted. One netizen said: “Looks very cute, but is actually very sad.”

What would you do if you saw this cat?

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