Nanjing Stray Cat Rubbing Its Paws Together Amuses Netizens

A stray cat in Nanjing, China seen seemingly rubbing its paws together.

A stray cat in Nanjing, China seen seemingly rubbing its paws together.

The following video on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku of a stray cat in Nanjing seemingly rubbing its paws together for warmth accumulated over 410k views within a day (at time of translation) of being uploaded…

On Youku:

搓手猫网络爆红 网友称又萌又可怜”>Rubbing Hands Cat Goes Viral Online, Netizens Say Both Cute and Sad

Comments from Youku:


难过 Seeing this kitty, I sadly say, such a cold day, I hope there will be a nice person who will take it in.


This cat’s eye has a problem.


I admit I’m very dirty. When I first looked at what this cat was doing, I immediately thought of a certain happy activity that men all know.


Sigh, it’s certainly because its stomach hurts so it’s rubbing it with its paws. You [other] viewers are truly disgusting.


It is masturbating…


So sad, it’s probably because it’s not feeling well. 难过


Doesn’t look like a stray cat, it’s rather fat.


What kind of JB background music is this? A song from a hundred years ago, and still using it?


It’s clearly a diseased cat. Too sad. And you guys are making fun of it. Such is humankind. 难过


Humankind deserves to be extinguished!


Looks like he’s jacking off, not rubbing/wringing his hands [for warmth].


Is there no one who went to take it in?


Completely floored!! This cat is obviously sick, and these people are still laughing, humans…


Only care about filming… Give it a home… Then you can film it to your heart’s content.


The kitty must be a stray cat, most likely uncomfortable somewhere, just one look and you can tell it has suffered a hundred torments.


Viewed 21 times, ding’d 70 times, cai’d [downvoted] 17 times, what’s going on…? [This comment was made near the beginning, by time of translation there were many more upvotes and downvotes.]


Must downvote this. Sorry for using dirty language but this is a 2B video with 2B background music. Just look at how badly abused this cat is. Look at its face. Rubbing hands cat? Sigh… Animals will always be more pitiful than humans.


It’s obviously diseased. It can’t even open its eye.


Did it hurt its paws?


Is it me who is perverse, because I keep thinking what this cat is rubbing is not its hands…

妇女之友001: (responding to above)

It’s obviously because its balls ache.


I’m jacking off, what are you all looking at/why are you all watching?


Definitely jacking off.


This cat, its stomach must be ill, and you all are just fucking filming it. Did no one contact the local animal protection society? An animal is sick, and you guys are laughing like it is a joke!


From the looks of it, it’s probably either hurt or hungry. Those of you standing around and watching, did no one take it to go see the doctor/veterinarian?

Before the above viral video led so many Chinese netizens to mistake the cat as possibly masturbating, the cat appeared in a set of images posted on popular Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo where it quickly became a trending topic

From Sina Weibo:

@甜蜜小兔兔: [Nanjing] I’ve always felt this kitty looks lovely, is adorable, who will come over whenever a person goes near it and squats down. This morning while riding my bike past it, I saw her rubbing her hands [paws]! Really…it really was rubbing its hands! It put its two hands on its tummy, just like a person, rubbing its left and right hands alternately. It’s two little feet were placed together, cold. All of a sudden, all sorts of feelings came into my heart. The outdoor temperature in Nanjing right now is -2 degrees Celsius. And her little body is on the freezing ground.

A stray cat in Nanjing, China seen seemingly rubbing its paws together.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Completely hearbreaking. [泪]


Those passing by, give it something to eat, at least! Of course, it’d best if you can find her [a home?]–It’s too dangerous outside. Such an adorable cat!

甜蜜小兔兔: (the original poster)

[Responding to] @税后五百万翻番:Sigh~~ I didn’t have any food on me at the time, so I told her to wait for me there at noon and I would bring her food. Hope she could understand.


If I were in Nanjing, I’d definitely take her home.


May I ask where in Nanjing?!


So cute~~~ Someone please adopt it.

甜蜜小兔兔: (the original poster)

[Responding to] @shineooooo: At the Zhongshanling area here in Nanjing, does dear want to give her a home?


Without looking at the text, this cat’s pose looks so amusing, but after reading the text, my heart is truly pained~


A cat that knows how to rub its hands together, a face like that of a lucky cat!! Whoever adopts it will get rich!!


Both cute and pitiful.


It’s pregnant! What more, its facial expression looks a little like it isn’t feeling well! Who says its cute! It’s so heartbreaking! [泪]


The kitty is cold too, Being a stray isn’t her fault.


Is the person taking the photos that lacking in kindness? Won’t take it home?


The news mentioned her too today, [she’s] gone viral.


Unwilling to put its paws on the ground definitely means they’re injured!!! Must take her to get checked out at once!!! Does Nanjing not have a decent pet hospital or rescue center?!!!

The trending topic description on Sina Weibo…

On Sina Weibo:

Nanjing Stray “Rubbing Hands Cat” Goes Viral, Its Adorableness Breaks People’s Hearts

A set of photographs taken by netizen @甜蜜小兔兔 of a stray “rubbing hands cat” at Nanjing Agricultural University has gone viral. At the time, the outside temperature was -2°C, and the kitty had placed its two hands on its belly rubbing them together, as if it were trying to warm itself, its cuteness bowling over many netizens. However, experts claim the truth may not be as pretty as it looks, that it may be that its paws are injured, or it is pregnant. As it is understood, this school’s students are currently making arrangements for it to be adopted. One netizen said: “Looks very cute, but is actually very sad.”

What would you do if you saw this cat?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • wafflestomp

    I feel deeply sorry for any animal in China. Before they say the novelty of it’s paws (and thus becoming a superstar) did anyone give a flying fuck about this cat? Did they care when they saw people abusing it? It’s obvious this cat has seen a lot of pain. Fucking plebeians.

    • Wick

      I have a Moroccan friend who swears hands down that animals actually enjoy being eaten by people. It’s hard to digest different people’s views on animals.

  • DavidisDawei

    Nothing cute about this – This cat looks to have been abused/tortured.

    • mr.wiener

      I love the difference in what some people consider cute.

      • DavidisDawei

        Right – I have a funny joke to share, but I’m too tired to type it; please remind me later..Cheers

        • The suspense is killing me. Allow me to enable your hilariousness:

          “Who’s there?”

          • DavidisDawei

            Sorry for the delay….

            When I read the comments of the Chinese above, this joke popped into my head….there are two different jokes (involving a tailor), each quite different…the one that came to mind requires a bit of pantomime (otherwise it isn’t as funny) – so I’ll type out the other one below that does not require as much. I’ll try to put the original onto video and send it your way when I have a chance.

            Ok – Here goes….
            A young man started having tremendous pain in his scrotum and waited a few weeks to see if it would go away before he called his doctor.

            The pain remained excruciating so he scheduled an appointment with his doctor. The man told the doctor he had a pain from “here to here” (using his hands stretching from his left side down to his right knee).

            The man went through a complete physical; afterwards which the doctor sat him down to discuss the results. The doctor told the man he found him to be in excellent health and couldn’t figure out why he was in pain. They agreed to run further tests, which yielded no answers.

            The doctor told the man he was stymied and that perhaps the man should have his testicles removed. The man was devastated. He went home to think about it. He wanted to marry and have a family, but wasn’t sure he could live with such pain every day. The following day’s pain was so bad he called the doctor and told him he couldn’t live this way and would do anything to get rid of it. He was told to come in for immediate surgery.

            The surgery was performed, the man’s pain was gone and he was feeling very good about himself and his decision. As he was walking down the street, his eye caught the sign of a tailor and he told himself that he deserved to treat himself to a brand new suit and walked into the store.

            The tailor greeted him and the man explained he wanted a custom tailored suit. “Excellent, I will need to take some measurements” the tailor said as he grabbed his measuring tape.

            The tailor said “I’ve been doing this a long time, I don’t even need this tape, but I use it just to be sure. You look to be a 46 long jacket.” The man was amused, but he said in response “You’re right, that’s my size”

            The tailor then said, “You look to require 34 seem pant leg and confirmed with the tape” The guy was impressed and said so -“Wow! You know you’re stuff!”

            “Sir, I’ve been doing this for 48 years, I am an expert at what I do” said the tailor. The tailor continued taking all of his other measurements. The tailor gets to the man’s waist and says, “You look to be a 36 waist.”

            The man smiled and said, “HaHa, got ya. That is incorrect – I wear size 30 underwear”

            The tailor paused and said “Sir that is impossible, I’ve been doing this a long time, you are a 36.

            The man repeated his disagreement and the tailor continued, “Sir, I have been doing this for 48 years, I know what I am talking about….you are a big man, If you wore size 30 underwear, you would have pain from “here to here” (using his hands stretching from his left side down to his right knee).


          • “‘Nanjing stray cat rubbing its paws together’ who?”

    • a mouse

      The cat looks perfectly healthy you idiot!

      • mr.wiener

        You just think he looks health and dangerous because you are a mouse,

        • linette lee

          hahah…. lol

  • Terrik

    Dear passengers, this is the last stop of the Internet. Please exit to your left.

  • America: viral videos of healthy animals doing adorable tricks or displaying funny habits or personalities. China: viral videos of lions getting pelted with snowballs, diseased cats displaying neurosis, and dogs crammed into cages and stacked into highway bound trucks. Wow.

    • Reila90


    • DavidisDawei

      Interesting Dichotomy Sean.
      Maybe the latest generations of educated people are getting better? I have photos of a girl in Xi’an with her Poodle (giant breed) that she had dyed pink.

      • DavidisDawei

        I found the photos – It’s been 5+ years – but similar to what I recalled

    • linette lee

      The poor cat looks like it has OCD. obsessive compulsive disorder. It can use prozac. Poor thing.

      • wang

        obsessiveness in animals results in it biting its limbs

      • Prozac is for depression.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          qigong also helps.

          • What’s qigong?

          • Lila

            I would love to see someone teach qi gong to a cat. Were you to ever try to post a video so that I could laugh a bit!

    • patko

      I am amazed at how the people in this forum can consistently post negative comments no matter what the content.

      • YahLey

        This website is dedicated to Chinese controversial news. Go to KKK forums and ask why there are so many white supremacists

        • Yeah, really…. side by side comparison of things I read on this very website is negative to put on this website.

        • bert

          What? retard

    • starsky

      China positive videos: of humans singing dancing praising government cosplaying, shaking hands with Russians

      America:negative videos: of humans smoking drugs, hanging with black males, getting arrested by police

      • Brett

        ‘Hanging with black males’ is a negative thing to do?

        • starsky

          as bad as a mouse hanging with a cat, just ask the conservatives from your country

          • bert

            U are truly brainwashed. So now just being a conservative makes you racist? You are so stupid it defies logic and explanation. Do you realize that you said this only because you were convinced it is true by nothing more than a few sentences you read in some Huffington post or mother earth news article? You are indeed a simpleton. Do the world a favor and please don’t vote.

        • Maybe he meant “blackmail.” Haha.

        • bert

          well, American black dudes usually won’t hang with anyone else!

      • anti racism

        you know what?! blacks are also humans!!! your statement is fucking racist!

    • HaakonKL

      Yes, Chinese people got pissed of at those things, didn’t they? Showing that they care about animals.
      <3 China, etc.

      • Yeah, yeah… fair enough. But do you think any of those people would have told those people to stop if they had witnessed it?

        • HaakonKL

          Let’s say that a group of people are in a room, and they hear someone falling down the stairs.

          Do you know how many there has to be before nobody will do anything?


          Isn’t psychology fun?

          • So you’re saying that I should be more careful on flights of stairs with fewer than 7 steps… wow, thanks!

        • YahLey

          This is called “Moving the Goal Posts.”

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Because maybe some people dare to expose the truth about animals in China, maybe to alert people or simply to use it as debasing propaganda,etc.

      If they (U.S govt) showed to their own school children the reality of mass-killing butcher, and ranchers where they kill hundreds of cow a day to make meat, and the whole torture process some animals unfortunately pass, well… it would be an eye-opener.
      there was a place where they picked stray dogs and put on a gas chamber, they simply piled the poor creatures onto a small box and turned the gas on. you could hear their cries/bark untill they were all dead, then they turned the box over [flipped] to put in the next batch of victims. some places beating porks to their death,etc etc if that is not brutality, i dont know what it is.

      that works for other countries as well.

      • Yeah, the difference is, Chinese do all this shit shamelessly and out in the open because 1. nobody lifts a finger to help others (especially animals) here, and 2. even if they did, few people see anything wrong with abusing animals.

        Mwah mwah mwah mwah, America is just as bad, mwah mwah mwah… do yourself a favor and erase everything from your brain you learned in you Chinese public high school. None of it is true.

  • taikongren

    There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this cat. Its not starving. It may have an eye problem or it just maybe very old. It probably does have a sponsor (but not owner)… most stray cats would not get this big (in height or weight) if no one fed it. It maybe be rubbing its paws because it has an injury. But equally likely is an infection. And maybe its just rubbing because that makes it feel more comfortable. Maybe its rubbing paws because it likes the feel of its fur on its paws (like how cats rub blankets and carpets… it’s an instinct). No one knows without examining the cat. People are talking about it without knowing.

    • Dairy

      It seems it is a female cat, because three colours fur cat are femaie. And this poor lady maybe have eye problem, her poor face and abnormal paws….it is not funny…

  • the ace of books

    Life imitating bad art. (Life imitating memes?)

  • B*tches, Leave

    Can someone get these people a proper Sexual Education? First they thought that a Dildo was actually some kind of fish, now they think that the cat is masturbating …

    • Wick

      You mean the male sex toy was some kind of rare mushroom?

    • carmouflagger


  • Super Bunny

    why i do not feel it’s cute???
    i only like tiny animals,small duck, small cats, small puppy,tiny monkeys,small bunny, i think they are cute to me.

  • MonkeyMouth

    Poor kitty…. was gandhi’s pet dog who said: “you can judge a society
    by how it treats its animals”? is that a bit too much Dave Larson for
    any of you?

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Didn’t know Gandhi’s dog can SPEAK.

      • Yes, Gandhi’s dog could actually speak. It was consistently surprised at the pandering that Chinese would often do. It said:

        “Wow, bow bow? Wow, bow bow?”

        • mr.wiener

          Gandhi: “How do the British treat their Indian subjects”?
          Gandhi’s dog:”Ruff”!
          Gandhi: “What is the worth of one indian life for that of a white man”?
          Gandhi’s dog: “‘arf”!
          Gandhi: “should India declare independance”?
          Gandhi’s dog: “Yap”!

          • Both Mr Ed and I were wrong to be neighsayers about you.

            法课,I’ve just lost my one funny joke for today.

          • MonkeyMouth

            That’s fantastic, man. You outta throw gandhi’s poor mutt a weiner, eh?

      • MonkeyMouth

        You don’t read The Far Side, do you?

    • DavidisDawei

      Great reference – My Two favorite Far Sides
      1) “Midvale School for the Gifted” sign posted above the door. Kid with books is pushing as hard as he can and the sign on the door says ‘Pull’
      2) Completely Full Aircraft except for one seat. Guy in the Middle seat looking at the guy next to him in the window seat thinking to himself “Why do I always have the weird ones sitting next to me?” But there’s a bigger, goofier guy (3 eyes maybe) walking down the aisle to the open seat (that will sandwich him)

  • Johnny_Basic

    Arguably the most politically explosive challenge to the Corruption Party of China’s totalitarian (mis)rule in over two decades is being played out as we speak.

    Meanwhile, the netizen sheepleherd squabble and squawk amongst themselves about whether a cute cat is masturbating.

    You’ve got to laugh.

    • starsky

      the biggest issue i heard was the removal of their nation security Czar. as jiang zemin and li peng felt that dude was getting too powerful

    • YahLey

      Sheeple exist everywhere. I laugh with you, fellow American

    • Jean

      Arguably the most politically explosive challenges to the United States are the unending tide of wars Americans love to get themselves into but not out, a massive trade deficit, under-performing economy and massacres of children resulting from a lack of gun control.

      Meanwhile, netizens giggle over Kim Kardasian and Honey Boo Boo, along with articles from halfway across the globe which doesn’t concern them in the slightest.
      Yeah, I laughed.

      • bert

        Jean you are the most obvious sheeple here. Your gun control statement proves it. I hate how liberals are so incredibly stupid and full of ‘feelings’ when it comes to matters of liberty and freedom.

  • Irvin

    China really is getting rich, even the strays get so fat. Have you guys ever seen strays in south america or the caribbean? they looks like skin on bones.

    • [email protected]

      Right, because Chinese will throw away a lot of half eaten food stuff, slops, scraps and just any old rubbish. The streets are lined with refuse. And around street food vendors, it is knee deep. It’s amazing seeing the rubbish that gets chucked on the ground. Cats and dogs don’t have it too bad, except that there are just enough sick and vindictive people in China that will hang cats in parks by their necks, and skin dogs on the street corners in Shanghai that strays do need to worry about that.

  • a mouse

    Why do people think the cat is sick? It appears to be pretty well fed. Also it looks like its just doing the typical cat behavior of ‘kneading’, its just doing it in an odd position (standing up)

  • markus peg

    i didn’t like watching it, i felt like the cat had hurt its left paw.
    i love cute funny animal things but i didn’t thinks this was funny. some of the Chinese comments agree its hurt.

  • [email protected]

    tee hee hee, look mama, baba, jiejie, the sweet little kitty, hee hee, its eye is infected and swollen, tee hee hee, its fur is matted and dirty, tee hee hee, look nai nai, it’s trying to decrease the pain it is feeling in its internal organs by rubbing its sweet little paws against its abdomen, tee hee hee, look baba, look mama, tee hee hee, so precious.

    • a mouse

      Hey dummy, cats do this all the time

      • linette lee

        My cat doesn’t do that. It does it sometime with my carpet but not often. It never does it on his tummy.

        and it’s a beautiful cat. I love cats with tri-color. So cute. It doesn’t look hungry and it’s not afraid of people so I don’t think it was abused. But it looks like it has eye infection or something.

      • [email protected]

        By starting your reply with an insult, you have already proven your level of maturity = Childish.

  • a mouse

    Has no one here ever owned cat? Or even seen a cat before? Its called kneading. All cats do it.

  • WoRPt

    That’s nothing. I saw a guy doing that a few weeks ago. Nobody thought it was cute though.

    • Doesn’t count when animals do it. If you’ve ever watched cartoons, animals are cute jive-talkers that wear shirts but no pants because they have no genitalia.

      Animals don’t have sex. They are manufactured in a factory and then unpacked on Christmas Day.

  • Red Scarf

    Who says porn is banned in China

    • Exceptions are allowed, it’s a furry.

  • s364646

    hahaha,i mean that is hilarious it’s like” fuuuck man i have such a huge hangover i wanna die”…laugh my ass off :D

  • Jake The Peg

    Does ChinaSmack now have a new propaganda chief censoring all the interesting articles?

    Seriously, I long for the days when the stories here were informative or enlightening in some way.

    • Porn isn’t interesting?

  • Cleo

    I don’t see the cuteness but then I would never have stopped and watched.

  • China Newz

    This cat needs mittens, a home and some Sheba. Then it will surely be warm, happy, and ready for the Spring season.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Pussy was clearly jacking off.

    • 顶. That’s a dude cat. It has something dark and poking out of its fur. It’s not rubbing its “hands” together, but against its lower torso. Cats usually rub up against things to jerk off; I have a friend whose cat did this to a sweater. The sweater was never worn again — out of concern for the cat, of course.

      I hope whomever downvoted you has sent this story to all of their family and children for them to enjoy. This is the biggest troll job I have ever seen, and of course it had to have concerned cats.

  • donkeykong

    Most of China is talking about the horrific pollution in Beijing, but here on Chinasmack we get treated to a story about a cat.

    “Beijing air pollution reaches dangerous levels”

  • Wangling

    This isn’t a natural behavior. My guess is this is a trained behavior, the cat was trained to rub it’s belly to get food. Also, the cat’s right side face is dirty and apparently injured as if it suffered a face slide, unlikely by running, most possible if it launched from a moving car.

    We should have good hope that internet fame will bring happy fortune to this animal.

    • Wow, look at CS fuckin’ I over here! Hahaha. ;-)

  • Ndco

    Chinasmack…. topics are better and better…. after the Lions, the Cat… Any other interesting article to share ? Rubbish

  • A J

    Isnt there someone who can offer a home for that poor thing? Dosen’t anyone in china have a heart?

    • YahLey

      I saw a fat black prostitute pissing into a street side sewer in midtown NYC. Dose not any black ppl have mannas?

  • Anon992

    “… I immediately thought of a certain happy activity that men all know.” (Chinese comments)

    Off topic, but as this comment implies… Chinese girls don’t know about masturbation. Suggesting to a Chinese girl she masturbate is met with a reaction like you asked her to stick her iphone up her asshole. A mixture of disgust and confusion.

    When’s the women’s sexual liberation movement coming? I want to be here when Chinese girls realise that orgasms aren’t just for men!

  • Why do people run and scream when I masturbate on the sidewalk, but everyone thinks the damn cat is cute?

  • Bily

    damn can they just stand there,take pictures,say the cat’s masturbating (do they have mental illness?=.=) & have fun with it? he looks ill & must have been injured. And be alone outside in such cold winter,poor the cat ! TT_____TT fuck the Chinese

  • njren

    That cat hangs out about 150 meters from my house. Ironic that the best veterinary clinic in Nanjing is attached to the university where the cat lives. Doubly ironic that he’s been hanging out on that corner for more than a year and it takes public notoriety (shaming) of viral stardom to spur students to do something. Offhand, I can count up at least 25 other campus resident strays…any help for them?

  • Atomic

    I’m sorry, I have no previous knowledge of feline anatomy. I have never owned a cat nor have I spent a extended amount of time with one.

    This cat looks like it is rubbing its testicles. One could easily conclude it is masturbating.

    The cat does not look obviously injured to me. So I laughed… It’s hilarious to me since the cat doesn’t have any obvious signs of injury

    I then realized that the cat might be female because I couldn’t see any genitalia…

    Not knowing the anatomy of a cat, I assumed it was male.

    Perhaps this could explain the thought process of what many of you are calling “dirty minds”… Rethink what you said, please. Some of us have no idea how cats work, believe it or not.

  • Tolitz

    I feel so sad for the poor cat. Must have been freezing in the cold and been trying to create friction with its paws to generate some warmth. Somebody with a kind heart there in Nanjing adopt the cat please!!!