Nanjing Traffic Officer Dares To Stop A Military Car

From Mop, “China’s more handsome traffic police brother (Police VS 南K)“:

This morning at 10am, passed by the Nanjing Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Qianhu Road entrance, and saw a traffic police officer blocking a car with military license plates for running a red light! The military car would not listen to advice!

“Nanjing K” is the military prefix on the Chinese license plate of the black car. Comments on Mop:

Never encountered this kind of police officer, I commend him, the first time I commend a police officer. To sum up what I think of police officers, only four words: “Sons of a bitches.”

Human flesh search them, drag these two people out and put them to death.

I used to not think highly of our traffic police brothers, but after this incident, I will look at them different. Apparently the world does have some good traffic police officers!

So, just because you hang a military license plate, you are so great? Is the Nanjing military subarea also so great? Many people better than you stop for red lights, but you are too great to do so! Everyone expose him! Human flesh search him! I look down upon these kind of people the most!

I am a little afraid if that traffic officer does not handle this carefully, he will be laid off… Of course, it is also possible that traffic officer’s connections are even stronger…haha This is just how China is…

I hope the entire country’s traffic officers will learn from him.

Even though I know there will be no further developments, I still took a look at this.

I bet that car’s military plates are fake, and that traffic officer already noticed much earlier.

Salute. Start the human flesh search engines. Towards this police officer, salute. Only, I am a little afraid for his fate. China, this society….

Two days ago I went hiking, and the foothills were full of military cars. All of them were nice cars… Sigh…corrupt people should be exposed.

The only people in this world who dare to be so obstinate with traffic officers are Chinese government officials. Who told them to be government officials? On one hand harassing female subordinates, on the other hand embezzling public funds, and when there is nothing better to do, bully the little traffic officers. I seriously despise this person wearing eyeglasses, looking at him pointing his finger, he should go point at his grandfather!!!

Nanjing’s police are not bad. To tell the truth, it is not easy being them. Nanjing really has a lot of military vehicles…

In the past, there was a Shanghai seaman who pursued me. In the beginning, we ate together two times. The feeling was so-so, but later when we were eating, he said that when he drives he does not look at the lights, wantonly runs red lights, because the traffic police do not dare to do anything. I immediately felt this person’s character was really poor. From that moment on I never met him again.

Traffic police have no right to handle military vehicles.

I excessively commend this traffic officer! I really admire! At the very least, I do not have the courage to do that! Salute! May you climb the ranks! Those three military scum can go die!

Comments on NetEase:

Arrogant, really arrogant. These family members use the fact that they have some leader [in their family] to be pushy. No surprise there.

Support the traffic police. How can there this kind of soldier? I was a soldier before, seeing this kind of comrade-in-arms truly makes us soldiers lose face!!!

China still has this kind of traffic police officers? Salute, thank you for showing us that China still has hope.

Military vehicle. According to the rules, traffic police cannot block military vehicles.

Nowadays, military cars are too crazy, but how many traffic police throughout all of China are actually like this one in Nanjing? How many years did it take before the military and police investigate military cars that break the rules? Before the investigation, I bet they already knew internally. Once the public attention subsides, they will again come and become killers on the road. They are just putting on a show.

This military car is a [Volkswagon] Santana, right? I say, how could the traffic officer dare to stop him [otherwise]. If it was an Audi military car, would the traffic officer no longer dare to do anything? Actually, it is probably because this car’s grade is very low, and what more, no matter how I look at that license plate, it does not look real.

Comments on KDS:

This police officer does not have the power to administer the law, holding up the military car is breaking the law.

When I see a military car parked on the road at night, I always scratch them or punch in the sheet metal. The military cars here at Wujiaochang [place in Shanghai] all ask for it! Motherfuckers.

Police look at the license plates. Let us see if he would be so daring if a car came around with a 京V [Beijing military prefix].

Uncle policeman saw that this was a fake military car. A normal police officer does not have the ability to stop a military car.

The Nanjing military base should hold a news conference, to give an explanation. Separately, the Nanjing traffic police division should commend this police officer, and promote his rank.

Stupid cunt military cars always drive recklessly on the roads. Harmonious society.

Shanghai police seem to drive honestly on the streets now, basically all wear seat belts, and do not break the rules. However I will not bother mentioning those military cars… It makes sense. The police are basically all Shanghainese people, while those who drive military cars are all “wai di ren.”

Military vehicles breaking the rules~not surprised~police stopping military cars~definitely the first time I have seen that happen~hope it is not just a fake/publicity stunt.

It appears that the traffic officer can take a picture to report the military car, but does not have the right to enforce the law. As to whether they must wear their military uniforms, it appears that it is okay to not wear uniforms when carrying out special assignments. With regards to the military car’s uncivilized behavior I do not need to say much, everyone has already seen before. That military cars have special privileges cannot be helped, but not paying tolls requires stamped approval from above the regiment level (and also must have military plates). However, what happens in practice everyone also knows, so this also does not need to be said. Military cars and the military’s image have all been ruined by a few. Real, low-rank soldiers are still not bad. Regrettable~~

This military car is probably for private use. If it was really for the military-use, definitely a group of soldiers would have come to beat up the policeman. Then the armed forces would surround the traffic police in a state of siege, and the traffic police would only be able to offer a public apology to the military subarea. I saw this a few years ago.

A Santana as a military car? This the police is willing to stop. If it was an [Audi] A8 or A6, would the police be so daring still??

Most of the comments by netizens on the Chinese language internet admired and supported the police officer. This event happened on 2008 October 4. News articles and BBS forum discussions for this incident were still available last night, but were all been deleted from the internet today.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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