National Day Holiday, Globalized Internet Humor

Obama under the flag of China.

Chinese people went to work and school today, Saturday, to make up for the days off they received during the October 1-7 National Day holiday celebrating the 64th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Topical: National Day + US Government Shutdown

Obama giving a speech under the national flag: Temporarily shutting down the federal government, to concentrate on paying tribute to the 64th anniversary of the founding of the Republic [The People’s Republic of China].

Obama under the flag of China.

Topical: National Day + Rubber Duck + Beijing Pollution

@天气预报: #Smog Warning# Going to the Summer Palace to See the Giant Rubber Duck? It’ll Be Hard to See Clearly! Severe smog has covered the Big Yellow Duck with a layer of “gauze”. Many tourists who came especially to see the Giant Rubber Ducky say the smog has made it hard to see the Giant Rubber Ducky clearly. 晕 Today, Beijing’s smoggy weather will continue to get worse as well as persist until the end of the long holiday. Everyone should avoid going outdoors, and the elderly, children, and other sensitive groups should probably remain indoors as much as possible.”

Rubber duck in Summer Palace

Topical: National Day + China’s Holiday Schedule

The facial expression of realizing that today is the last day of the National Day holiday and having to wait 85 days until the next legal holiday.

Crying Zhen Huan
Zhen Huan from popular TV series The Legend of Zhen Huan.

Chinese Internet Memes Revisited: Waist-Length Hair

Male Version: When I get an eight-pack, young lady will you marry me? Applause

Muscle man.

Topical Chinese Internet Meme Revisited: Waist-Length Hair

When their hair reaches their waist, then going back to work would be nice.

Bald stars
From top to bottom: Guo Degang, Ge You, Chen Peisi, Le Jia (Left), Meng Fei, and Xu Zheng.

Chinese Internet Memes Introduced: Farthest Right


[shén zuì yòu]
Literally “legendary farthest right”, this Chinese internet meme refers to a creative Weibo comment that has been repeatedly forwarded/reshared. Given the way Sina Weibo functions, this results in a long string of citations/references to the previous accounts who forwarded/reshared the original post, which is naturally on the “farthest right”, thereby tracing its history.

Ningbo are you OK?

[Translation of the text:]

The farthest right, you are so funny. laugh//@波波的第二人生还是爱喝摩卡: The farthest right. 哈哈//@小白是迷妹: The farthest right. //@我是欢喜陈阿信的草莓甜甜圈: The farthest right laugh //@stan慧慧期待一场旅程: The farthest right hahaha. //@寒马蚤爷请问你要矮油吗: I shouldn’t have laughed. //@霸道总裁马化腾: Spinning, jumping, I keep my eyes closed [lyrics from Jolin Tsai’s song “Dancing Diva]

@村衣: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Ningbo are you OK?A man jumps in Ningbo downpour.

[Note: This picture was taken during the recent downpour and flooding in Ningbo caused by Typhoon Fitow.]

Why does News Simulcast have the most expensive commerical slot?

[Translation of the text:]

→ →//@专栏女作家: → →//@人性之美丽: → →//@李敖说事: → →//@假装吹壳子: → →//@闲闻趣事: //@思想汇聚人生v: Because the people who watch Xinwen Lianbo are gullible/easy to deceive!

@这不是历史: Why are commercial slots during CCTV’s Xinwen Lianbo the most expensive?news-simulcast

[Note: → → has the benefit of indicating forwarding, looking like an emoticon of two eyes looking to the right, and actually being two arrows pointing to the right.]

Globalization of Internet Memes and Humor: Cute Pets

Master~you er huo [idiot]! Have you had enough?? It’s time to take your medicine…

Pet fun 01

Pet fun 02

Pet fun 03

Pet fun 04

Pet fun 05

Pet fun 06

Pet fun 07

Pet fun 08

Pet fun 09

Globalization of Internet Memes and Humor: Obama

Obama overplayed with. _(:з」∠)_ [Most via Jay Leno]

Obama 01

Obama 01

Obama 03

Obama 04

Obama 05

Obama 06
Hello everyone. I’ve arrived.

Obama 07

Globalization of Internet Memes and Humor: Japanese Anime

The people of Area 11 teach you how to infuriate others. Excellent hahahahahahahehehahahahahahahahahahahaha

Wacko 01

Wacko 02

Wacko 03

Wacko 04

Wacko 05

Wacko 06

Wacko 07

[Note: Japan is known as Area 11 and the Japanese people are known as “Elevens” in the Japanese anime series Code Geass.]

Globalization of Internet Memes and Humor: Middle Eastern “Local Tyrants”

The everyday lives of Dubai’s local tyrants. Shock

[Note: “Local tyrant” comes from 土豪金 [tǔ háo jīn] “local tyrant gold”, a recent Chinese internet meme used to describe the new gold-colored iPhone 5S. It can be understood alternatively as “the gold of a local tyrant” and is a humorous stereotyping of the people who would buy such a color iPhone, their behavior, and their characters suggesting a sort of ostentation.]

Dubai tyrants.

Just Because

I want this backpack too haha!

Sb backpack.

[Note: SB = 傻逼 = shǎ bī, stupid cunt.]

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