National Day Holiday Top Destinations to be Korea and Japan

National Day Holiday Top Destinations to be Korea and Japan
According to booking data, this year’s National Day Holiday’s most popular foreign destinations for Chinese tourists are set to be Korea and Japan, with numbers going to Japan increasing by over 40% since last year. Numbers going to Hong Kong are expected to decrease by about the same percentage. The October 1 to 7 period is anticipated to be the first time numbers leaving mainland China will exceed 4 million, with travel prices up 16% from usual and 4% since 2014’s National Day Holiday. One netizen said that if war were to break out between China and Japan, those visiting Japan would absolutely be traitors.

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  • WghUk

    Lol travelling to Japan on National Day. Slap in the face for the Communist Party?

    • helsic

      I was thinking the same, quite ironic isn’t it?

      • Chaz

        Maybe the Japanese can take to the streets and burn/turn over/smash some Chinese made vehicles? Oh, wait…

  • Claude

    Japan has a collective sigh of relief. “Yes, the Chinese are coming!”

    • helsic


    • James

      i came on your mom

  • Zappa Frank

    we hate japan! we hate japanese!….. where are we going to buy stuff that don’t kill us? ….Japan!

  • Foreign Devil

    Glad that more and more Chinese are able to travel internationally for vacation. Even Canada gets more Chinese tourists every year and is slowly making it a bit easier to get travel visa.

  • guest

    I guess Japanese visiting China would be traitors, if war broke out, but I don’t know that mainly people who go holidaying in war zones…..