National Day Tiananmen Square Litter Calculated & Explained?

Garbage and litter left in Tiananmen Square after crowds watched the National Day flag-raising ceremony.

Garbage and litter left in Tiananmen Square after crowds watched the National Day flag-raising ceremony.

The following translations are related to previous news story and netizen comments about 5 tons of litter left in Tiananmen Square by the crowds who watched the morning flag-raising ceremony on the October 1st National Day holiday…

From Caijing:

110k People Watch Flag-Raising Ceremony at Tiananmen Square Leave 5 Tons of Rubbish

CCTV News — on October 1st, 110k people braved rains to watch the flag-raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square and afterward, the ground was covered with trash.

After the flag-raising ceremony this morning [October 1], the garbage left in Tiananmen Square had the ground almost completely covered where it was the most serious. Broom in hand, 150 sanitation workers together with 2 motorized sweepers and 2 garbage trucks arrayed “in dragnet” spent 30 minutes to clean it up. Preliminary estimates shows the rubbish weighed up to 5 tons.

According to the statistics of the Administrative Committee of the Tiananmen Area, around 110k people from all over the country gathered on the square that morning and braved the rains to watch the flag-raising ceremony and celebrate the 64th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Chinese crowds in Beijing's Tiananmen Square to watch the morning flag raising ceremony on National Day holiday.

Garbage and litter left in Tiananmen Square after crowds watched the National Day flag-raising ceremony.

Comments on Caijing


With people from all over the country, of different levels of civilization [education/upbringing], it certainly would be like this. The Chinese government pays no attention to education at all. After dozens of years, everything is still the same.


Infrastructure hasn’t caught up [with economic development], and neither has the characters of the people.


We always believe faith/conviction to be high aloft in the clouds, and never care about the ground under our feet.


Everyone [netizens] only know to jeer and complain, but whether you would’ve also littered under such circumstances or not remains to be seen. And you call yourselves Chinese! As if you grew up drinking foreign milk.


When telling people what they shouldn’t do, they should also be told how to behave [what they should do]. Everyone should be asked to bring a plastic bag, to put their rubbish into the bag, to take it away from the square, and to dispose of it at an assigned place.


Don’t wash our dirty linen in pubic, stop posting it on the internet, and let foreign countries laugh!

Comments on QQ:


5 tons of rubbish left over by 110k people, 5 tons = 5000kg, 110000 people ÷ 5000kg = 22kg/person = 44 jin/person. 110k people went to watch the flag-raising with 50 jin bags of rice on their backs?


Brothers, are you all possessed by idiocy? 5000kg of garbage divided amongst 110k people, it should be 5000kg ÷ 110000 people = 0.045 kg/person. Ding this up.


His math was taught by literature teachers in P.E. classes!

Comments on Sina Weibo:

@鲍迪克: Square Flag-Raising Ceremony Watchers, Well-Done! 1. For safety reasons there are no trash cans on the square. 2. To watch the flag-raising ceremony, one had to start waiting in queue early in the night. Because of the large amount of people, police strictly prohibited people from walking around as they please, and those with rubbish had to leave their garbage on the spot. 3. A residential neighborhood of just a few thousand people produces more than 5 tons of rubbish in one night (filling up 10 large dumpsters), but last night the 110k people in queue in the square only left 5 tons of garbage (45g per head, half a banana peel)!

@贺江兵: The National Day Tiananmen Square Trash Problem: How did it come to 110 thousand people and 5 tons of rubbish? I had taken it for granted that the so-called patriots were of poor character [lacking of public manners or civic-mindedness], but a rumor-refuter said that there were no waste bins on the square yesterday to guard against bombs and it was required to leave rubbish on the square. This morning after arriving on the square after the security check, I indeed saw no rubbish on the square, just a few cigarette butts here and there. My sincere apology: The litter on October 1 had nothing to do with the character of our people but with the management of the authorities! With such strict precautionary measures, just what on earth were you afraid of?

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