Nazi Chic Cosplay, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Nazi chic” is a term that describes the use of Nazi imagery, paraphernalia or fashion either for the exhilaration of breaking taboos or for sensational shock value, but not for the express purpose of sympathizing with the ideology of Nazism.

Cosplay is a popular phenomenon in Asia where practitioners dress up as characters from their favorite manga, video games and anime. However, while rare, cosplay in the style of Nazi Germany military personnel has become somewhat prevalent and has been documented as early as 2000.

This recent interest in Nazi cosplay is likely inspired by such Nazi-themed anime and manga like “URDA: The Third Reich” which tells a story about Nazis using time-travel to change the outcome of World War II; “Kekko Kamen“, in which a naked masked superhero fights corruption at a school against such adversaries like an S+M-themed Nazi dominatrix; “The Cockpit“, in which it is a Nazi Germany that wields the world’s first atomic bomb; “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade“, in which Japan is taken over by Germany at the end of WWII; “Kishin Heidan“, in which aliens invade Earth during WWII and form an alliance with Axis powers; and “Hellsing“, a manga about a Nazi group called “the Millennium” that relocate to Brazil after the end of WWII and become vampires.

Nazi cosplayers often don’t comprehend the historical implications of the uniforms they are wearing. When asked, they would respond with “We’re not racist, we just like the fashion. Really.” Nazi cosplaying occurs in Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea, all places that though were directly involved with World War II didn’t experience the same impact of Nazi culture as the West or haven’t come to appreciate the sensitivity that Westerners may have towards Nazi imagery. Of these three places, it is in Japan that a manga version of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” has been published.

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From MOP:

My SS military uniform and bridal veil~Everybody, be nice now~\(^o^)/~

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Cosplay featuring a character dressed in a SS Nazi officer uniform and a character dressed as "Chi" from the anime "Chobits"

Comments from MOP:


Ignorantly NB.


Mighty LZ! [Aren’t your wedding pictures] so just like cosplay pictures? Which manga is it from? Heh heh, the girl is very similar to the one in “Chobits“; blond-colored hair is excellent, but I feel that black hair is even better. The boy [in the pictures] is also very interesting.


I like the white wedding dress; it’s very beautiful~~


I really don’t know how to describe this couple. To say you are mentally retarded doesn’t seem appropriate for your age. To say you are 213 would be a little insulting to the meaning of 213. So, in the end I won’t be describing you both but instead wish for you: That the guy will forever remain a virgin, that the girl also forever remain a virgin, that you will be hit by a card when leaving your house, that you will be electrocuted when you bathe, and that for all of your offspring, the boys will from generation to generation forever be slaves, and the girls will from generation to generation forever be whores.


In dressing up as a SS officer, this SB groom looks like a security guard.

gwntmk: (responding to above)

Ding; but it is not that we are looking down on security guards, we are only looking down upon [the man in the photographs]. Look at how that guy is smiling; which SS military personnel has a disposition like that?


Quite handsome.


Have [him/them] dragged out and shot! Fuck!


An orphan of a Nazi war criminal, perhaps?


LZ, if one day these photographs of yours reach Europe, please don’t say that you are Chinese.


What’s the difference between this and someone wearing a [Imperialist] Japanese military uniform to take photos?


Asshole, your ancestors just rolled over in their graves.


There’s nothing bad about it; in fact, “Nazi” is originally transliterated from the German word for “socialism”. It’s very appropriate.


LZ, do you know just how many Jews were killed by the SS of the Nazi party? Six million. To let Jewish people see this is the same as wearing a Japanese army uniform in front of Chinese people.
[I] just finished watching “Schindler’s List” and I recommend the LZ do the same. You will find out just how ignorant you are.


The German military’s character must be acknowledged, the Nazi’s actions must be completely denounced. Is it because they didn’t invade China that the LZ is so audacious as to engage in this kind of cosplay? Would you go to Germany and try this? It’s just like wearing the Japanese Imperialist Army uniform in China to take wedding photos. How did West Germany’s first appointed Prime Minister treat such behavior? You can check for yourself.


People who have had water enter their brains.


The LZ definitely doesn’t have a small JJ, “that’s for certain“


For this kind of thing in the future, it is best not to get photographed.


Lou zhu will one night be kidnapped by Mossad, and and be anally raped.


Ignorant + boring!
I pay my respects to the over 50 million victims!


This guy is either Japanese or NC.


Ignorance is too frightening!


Fuck, mental retard, don’t you know what the SS was responsible for? Your father must really regret not ejaculating you onto the wall!


Worthless people do worthless things; a bunch of retards!


It has a bit of creativity to it…


Mighty; I also want to take these kinds of pictures.


What the hell is this?


Just one word: niu.


You ought to put on a Japanese officer’s uniform, stand in front of your grandfather and salute! And then kneel down and kowtow…


From first glance I knew the LZ would be cursed at by countless people… and sure enough he was.


Lou zhu, you are really fucking talking nonsense, how come you don’t wear a mourning dress for your photos? You fucking fascist!!!! Maybe even your grandfather was in collaboration with them, [which explains why] you are such an embarrassment! What a disgrace!!


Really at a loss for words, that you would even take these kind of photos out and show them off, aren’t you just looking to be yelled at? Be careful of being struck by lightning!


Please under no circumstances ever say you’re a Chinese person, really. Chinese people’s reputation in the world was already just average, so please don’t make it worse.


The Israeli special forces are watching you now, you bastard.
A photograph taken during the "three anti-campaign" of China in 1951
[A reference to the “three anti-campaign” of 1951; a movement issued by Mao Zedong to rid the country of corruption and enemies of the state. The three “anti’s” to be rooted out were: corruption, waste, and bureaucracy.]


The photographs themselves aren’t bad; it’s just a pity you didn’t choose the right outfits, and your peace awareness is poor.


SB, do you know what “fascism” is?
If you don’t know, then go home and ask either your two grandmothers, your own mother or even any female member of your family if they enjoyed being fucked by the Japanese bastards.
Stupid cunt, may you either never have children or that the children you have are born without assholes.
Oh and by the way, your wife [in the photos] looks even more like a stupid cunt than you. Truly a pair of real stupid cunts.


It is a surprise that there is this kind of NB on Mop.

What do you think? Of Nazi Chic? Of the Nazi uniforms?

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  • Pong Lenis

    Ignorant scum. But good to see the largely negative local reaction.

    • Interested

      In reality, it did happen.

      No matter which side win, China always ended up on winner side.

      • B-real

        The Japs were there too, along with the French along with the US. Everyone played both sides until they figured out which side the world didn’t like.

        • Bruce Tutty

          Not everybody.

    • reaver

      It just means China needs more world history and to spend some more time on the European side of WWII. It is no reason to call them scum, just stupid cosplay. Now Chinese Neo-Nazi would be really ignorant and scummy.

      • Just John

        Well, tell me, where are you from?

        I am an American.

        I learned about WWII, and about the Nazis.

        You know what I did not learn about?

        Nanking. Japan’s battle against anyone outside Pearl Harbor and us launching attacks because of that, ending with two big bombs.

        Wonder how many Europeans know about the Japanese side.

        Does anyone know about the Italian side? It seems they are pointed at as part of the “Axis of Evil”, but really, nothing much is discussed about them.

        You honestly think it is only the Chinese who do not learn an entire world history?

        What can you tell me about the first Sino-Japanese war?
        The second Sino-Japanese war?

        Korean/American police action?

        Vietnam war (Police action) (And yes, many probably know about this)?

        How many other wars am I leaving out, because they were not something that I was really made aware of?

        I could tell you about the Civil war, the Indian wars, the Spanish-American war, but even these are vague, and they are my own countries wars.

        • Jon

          You didn’t learn about the Japanese invasion of China in your high school history class? I remember that.

          • Just John

            Well congratz. We might have seen a short paragraph, but if we learned anything about it, it was either so diluted or so short that I can’t remember actually learning about it.

          • donscarletti

            Seems strange not to mention that bit of history, especially given America’s unique position in that engagement. I think nuking 2 cities for the loss of a few warships in Hawaii would seem a bit extreme.

          • Just John

            Don, feel free to look at my earlier comment where I mentioned two big bombs. I wasn’t talking about napalm. Also I was commenting more about Nanking, and Japan’s involvement. Of course we learn about our involvement with Japanese, but not Japanese involvement with others.

            And trying to sum up the reason to “a few warships” would not be intellectually honest.

        • Tom

          Sorry but i am European. Holland. Yes we learn about the Japanese side of the war. Ok granted we were at war with them as well at the same time of course from Indonesia. But as a child they teach history from different stand points. History is not black and white. The winners are always seen as the good guys since they write the history books that will be used in the classrooms. All lower states of the US used to be Mexico, hey guess who won and see how, Texas is now US territory. China has conquered many territories over the years and with the exception of a few places this is going fine, but it is not like it has always been this way. Most likely if the Germans would have won we would be so used to it right now if they would run Europe without all the bad things they did back then.

        • lonetrey

          Actually I went to school in New Jersey in USA, and I personally did learn about it, but only because I had an interest in how my heritage of China fared during WWII.

          I did hear about Nanjing too, and for some reason, it struck me harder than the Nazi’s Holocaust.

          Personally, I think it’s best not to hold grudges though. This article is just distasteful cosplay, but it’s not as evil and depraved as so many people takes it out to be…

    • Some guy

      Actually, alot of people on Baidu are supporting these people

      get mad ignorant communist :)

  • hoots

    These people will regret this as they should. Great to hear netizens call these people out on being ignorantly offensive on so many levels. Let’s leave the Nazi costumes in the closet next time.

  • Anon

    Try this one, someone do a Chinese dub over version with lyrics too. Heil ze Fatherland !

    • Llanero

      Cool song. Nobody can deny that the Nazis had great fashion sense.

      • Dr. Jones Jr.

        The fashion sense possibly due to Hitler being an art student at one time (albeit not a terribly successful one). The architectural plans drawn up for Hitler’s (and Albert Speer’s) redesign of Berlin are also quite interesting from an art historical perspective, if a bit… over the top.

        • Llanero

          Yeah true. I remember learning in history class that Hitler was big into architecture and and his younger years he developed a plan to completely redesign the city of Vienna.

          • JJ

            I’ve been looking at the pictures of the uniforms more closely, and have discovered several innacuracies in all the Nazi uniforms pictured. They are not very good copies. When hugo designed the originals, he incorporated several designers ‘tricks’ to create optical illusions (long legs, wide shoulders, manly chests, etc), which these uniforms are mostly lacking. Not that it matters. The point being that the uniforms were consciously designed to look ‘imposing’ and ‘cool’. I’m not a Nazi nut, I’m a fashion student!

        • JJ

          Nazi uniforms were designed by Hugo Boss, and Boss company has been trying to minimize that connection ever since.

  • Anon

    Hard to believe this guy can be completely ignorant if he has multiple uniforms and cosplay buddies. Probably one of those Chinese who admires Hitler because he was “a strong leader” who “did a lot for his country.”

    • Bill

      The most ridiculous thing (aside from the obvious) is that he found a German Shepherd and two other idiots to cosplay with him!

    • A. Nuran

      …and believed Chinese were sub-human filth fit only to be slaves of the Master Race

  • Dumbasses. Also, is it just me, or does this girl look like she’s about six years old? Especially in that second-to-last photo. WTF?

  • 2-cents

    Should do a japanese general cosplay.

  • TomTuttleFromTacoma

    Yeah these guys are retards. But where is the outcry for people in the West who wears the Japanese Imperial rising sun imagery?

    • Bill

      +1 Above Comment. My thoughts exactly.

      Alas WW2 only needed one scapegoat to pin all the murderous deeds. Plus the US needed the results from the Japanese human experiments, so obviously they can’t criminalize them… that’d be hypocritical.

      • Just John

        Overgeneralizing Americans again?

        I guess you forgot, we dropped the bombs on Japan, not Germany.

        • Bill

          I don’t think you quite understood my comment, because I portrayed Germany, Japan, and the United States all in a negative light. Please digest the material before returning with inane comments.

          With that said, I am a US citizen and very proud of this nation. Tough love and acceptance of our not so glorious historical moments will make us stronger.

          • Just John

            Actually, your mistake is how you allude to the fact that the US as a whole demonizes Germany and buddies up to Japan.

            I would say you have this bass ackwards.

            Keep in mind, I am not talking about the government, and I could give a shit about Obama and his administration other then wanting to see them GTFO.

            You look at what happened during the earthquake and tsunami, followed by Fukushima. Look at American’s messages on youtube. Look at the followup comments. While, again, they do not represent the whole, it shows you that Americans saying “It’s Gods punishment”, or “Remember Pearl Harbor”, etc, that float around is one sign that there is more bad feelings associated with Japan then with Germany.

            I don’t see the calling out of Germans like my fellow country men did to the Japanese. I would say overall, there is less tolerance and more hatred for the Japanese then the Germans, probably because Germany, while part of the western powers we directly opposed, did not become directly involved with us, although we did become directly involved with them. It was the Japanese that attacked us, and I think, just as the Chinese still feel that hostility towards the Japanese, I think Americans, as a general sentiment, feel more hostility against Japan too.

            So, I did read your words, and yes, I can comprehend. We “criminalized” the Nazis (Read Criminalize, meaning arrest, detain, sentence, etc), not the Germans as a whole, while at the same time, as a country, we criminalized the Japanese, not the Germans (Don’t believe me? Just do a history collection for how many Japanese were placed in “internment camps”, a practice that was not as heavily seen for Germans, Japanese/German=110,00/11,000:

          • Cz

            Also worth bearing in mind is that more Americans report themselves as being of German ancestry in censuses than of any other ancestry (the runner-up being Irish, of course) – somewhere around 20% these days I think, much greater than any other group. Japanese Americans are far, far thinner on the ground. Not surprisingly, there was therefore plenty of support for the Nazi regime in the US prior to American intervention in the war, both at a popular level and at higher levels, political, financial, material, and logistical. Also, a lot of Nazi scientists and doctors were taken to the US after the WW2 to work on various secret programs relevant to the Cold War. These facts help to explain why there has been intense demonisation of figureheads of the Nazi movement (especially Hitler), while the narrative about the conflict with the Japanese has remained rather ‘faceless’ in comparison.

    • Anon

      Do you really think that wearing one of those without knowing about it is equivalent to full-on Nazi cosplay?

      • Bill

        I redact my earlier 100% support of the original comment. I agree with Anon in that there is a significant difference between the “Rising Sun” emblem of Imperial Japan and the German Nazi uniforms. My issue is not with the Rising Sun graphic, but rather the differential treatment of two Axis powers who both committed significant atrocities during WW2.

      • brotherrivercrab

        let me ask you something; forget about the full-on Nazi cosplay, would it be acceptable to walk the streets of North America or Europe wearing a swastika tee shirt?

        • jiayi

          Why is it whenever somebody criticizes Chinese you have to bring in an American comparison? Stop trying to shift the subject matter. I know it’s difficult but try and stick to the article and the Chinese people included, not some other news story about an equally stupid Westerner.

          So irrelevant -_-

          • brotherrivercrab

            In the article it does contrast the impact of Nazis to the West as opposed to the East; or did you not bother actually reading and contemplate the ideas in the article in your quick knee jerk reaction?

        • hooots

          I hope you’re kidding. Somebody would call the cops.

          • Just John

            No they wouldn’t, at least in the US. You seem to forget that, while they may dislike it, there is no criminal or civil infraction, and most people probably know they would not be looked at favorably for calling the police because they do not like a t-shirt.

            Now for Europe, I do not know.
            It appears it is illegal in Germany at least:
            German Criminal Code (Strafgesetzbuch § 86a) and § 130 (Public incitement).

            Also, keep in mind Neo-Nazi’s. They have been active from WW2 to modern day, because the power of the symbol is more then a small image, it has the power to draw love, hate, peace, violence.

          • hooots

            I know Just John, I’m from the US. I was exaggerating. But, basically 99.99% of everyone that saw you would think you were an extremely hateful person and probably wouldn’t dare talk to you unless it was to say “Hey fuck off you Nazi fuck.” You know that. Or they might just try to kick your ass.

          • Just John

            Sure, I will grant you that.

            Of course, you might be surprised how many white supremecy groups you can find in the Northwest.

          • hooots

            …and I would imagine if they walk around in public with any of their hate garb most people that saw them would probably feel some sort of emotion similar to what I described.

          • Alpha

            “Now for Europe, I do not know.
            It appears it is illegal in Germany at least:”

            Definately illegal, not only in Germany.
            However, if you remove the insignas, the division patch and any part of the uniform appearing to glorify nazism, it’s simply considered to me inappropriate in public but no more.

            Nazis knew how to dress, ok, no argument there. But any uniform has a meaning, and I admit it would be fun to see a moronic cosplayer of that kind walking on the streets, just so that people would actually explain what sense exists in Nazi uniform.

            Oh, and to the idiot (way up) who said that Nazi is german short for socialism, please, just don’t embarass yourself stating incomplete stuff like that: NSDAP (National-Socialist-Democratic-Party, ended up simply as National-Socialist. Keyword to that: lebensraum.)

        • Tengu

          Actually this would be illegal in Germany, no simply “unacceptable.”

          • Just John

            I think these are the laws you are referring to Tengu:

            § 86 StGB Dissemination of Means of Propaganda of Unconstitutional Organizations
            (1) Whoever domestically disseminates or produces, stocks, imports or exports or makes publicly accessible through data storage media for dissemination domestically or abroad, means of propaganda:
            1. of a party which has been declared to be unconstitutional by the Federal Constitutional Court or a party or organization, as to which it has been determined, no longer subject to appeal, that it is a substitute organization of such a party;
            4. means of propaganda, the contents of which are intended to further the aims of a former National Socialist organization,
            shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than three years or a fine. […]
            (3) Subsection (1) shall not be applicable if the means of propaganda or the act serves to further civil enlightenment, to avert unconstitutional aims, to promote art or science, research or teaching, reporting about current historical events or similar purposes. […]
            § 86a StGB Use of Symbols of Unconstitutional Organizations
            (1) Whoever:
            1. domestically distributes or publicly uses, in a meeting or in writings (§ 11 subsection (3)) disseminated by him, symbols of one of the parties or organizations indicated in § 86 subsection (1), nos. 1, 2 and 4; or
            2. produces, stocks, imports or exports objects which depict or contain such symbols for distribution or use domestically or abroad, in the manner indicated in number 1,
            shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than three years or a fine.
            (2) Symbols, within the meaning of subsection (1), shall be, in particular, flags, insignia, uniforms, slogans and forms of greeting. Symbols which are so similar as to be mistaken for those named in sentence 1 shall be deemed to be equivalent thereto. […]

            § 130 Public Incitement (1985, Revised 1992, 2002, 2005)
            (1) Whoever, in a manner that is capable of disturbing the public peace:

            incites hatred against segments of the population or calls for violent or arbitrary measures against them; or
            assaults the human dignity of others by insulting, maliciously maligning, or defaming segments of the population,
            shall be punished with imprisonment from three months to five years.

            (3) Whoever publicly or in a meeting approves of, denies or belittles an act committed under the rule of National Socialism of the type indicated in Section 6 subsection (1) of the Code of Crimes against International Law, in a manner capable of disturbing the public peace shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than five years or a fine.

            (4) Whoever publicly or in a meeting disturbs the public peace in a manner that assaults the human dignity of the victims by approving of, denying or rendering harmless the violent and arbitrary National Socialist rule shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than three years or a fine. (…)

          • Tengu

            My research guru!!!!!!!

        • Kris

          I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, but I do remember official and legal nazi marches in my hometown once a year when I was a kid, on some neo nazi related anniversary. That’s in Denmark (Europe) btw. There is a very very small, but fully legal nazi political party (as well as a communist one). Personally I hate nazis, and I actually don’t think it should be legal, but you have to admit it’s a slippery slope to start banning certain political views…

        • shaun

          If it were a visiting Chinese national wearing the shirt, we’d have to respect his cultural differences and choices. It would be ok so long as the wearer weren’t a White American.

        • Nazi exploitation movies and memorabilia, not to mention serious neo-nazis, are around in the west yeah. In the states, some outlaw biker gangs still use nazi symbols openly in their colors and you can buy them all at flea markets. People get the tattoos too.

          This kind of casual fetishism of it is not uncommon or special.

    • Tengu

      Totally forgot this, but the first time I went to China, was in the winter )(Beijing is lovely in January) , I needed a warm lightweight jacket, waterproof, and windproof so I went to a Snowboard Shop. Found a perfect one, made by Burton.

      Had a “Rising Sun” on each arm, told the kid I couldn’t wear it in China, wasn’t about to try to explain to some airhead.

      I worked for a Japanese company for a while, “Asahi” which means…

    • A. Nuran

      How many do? The thin end of none whittled down to a point. The United States paid a frightful toll fighting the Imperial Japanese from island to island. There was no love for anything Japanese in the US for a long time.

  • The Real Song of the Article

    Love Will Tear Us Apart
    -Joy Division

    I think it is terrible


    • jiayi

      Cool choice bro.

      ‘Nazi Punks Fuck Off’

      – Darkest Hour cover.

  • Say what you will about the tenets of national socialism, but at least it’s an ethos.

    • I mean, as a socialist, I have a few more reasons to dislike fascists than your average neoliberal capitalist. But at least I can admit that Nazis were very well-dressed.

      Also, Hitler made the trains run on time.

      • mr. weiner

        The original quote about making the trains run on time was actually about Mussolini [but that’s just me being a pedantic dick]……I know that’s not how you meant it , but having a wicked dress sense doesn’t exactly make up for starting a war that kills millions and being responsible for the mass genocide of 6 million jews, gypsies, gays and retarded children does it.
        I really dislike it when folks come out with facile comments like that…it’s like saying “the Burma railway really sucked , but at least sushi is really tasty” or “That Rawanda geonocide was really nasty, but I like African music”.
        Sorry if I come of as a little harsh here…

        • That is a little harsh. I’m not attempting to justify the atrocities of WWII. I’m attempting to justify youngsters paying homage to that wicked dress sense. Is that facile, or just too relevant?

      • jeffli

        yes I agree, Hitler did make the trains run on time, so did Stalin and Mao, they are all responsible for the murder of more than 6 million people each!

        As uniforms go yes they were very smart looking so were the Chinese Nationalist party soldiers of the 1930s and 40s.

        People unjustly die and other people forget or don’t care. now STFU!

        • Ned

          Well i believe not being the same quote that was quoted, but some what relevance, “its better to have a late train run by socialism than a early train arrive by fascism.” pardon for the translation and im sure many people would take this out of contexts, but in my heart this has always meant to me that the integrity one holds to complete their goal is above all more than how you get there. and again you can say so many things about how Deng zhu xi fixed the road China was going down. but the goal is the same, for the mind washed idiots that still think in cold war terms you need to study Marx(perhaps Mark Steele will help). “imagine” by Lennon is what Marx’s talked about. Globalization is part of it. You have a choice to be a bringer of new ideas or a “reactionary.”

          Im tired of the anti communist argument as socialism equals everything the same. no freedom of choice, or individuality,
          But in fact its media that cause the same riots in Egypt and London. Egypt change, England hold on to the status quot.
          Li Jie Wan Sui!!!

          • Ned

            sorry, these things did not cause the riots, but helped fuel the fire. Can anyone explain the MOB mentality, add to that “social networking” and also social aggravation that is western education of “fighting the man”, that made The London Riot more successful than any riot that the “”suppressed”” people of China have “suffered.” perhaps Public opinion does equal equality. Interesting considering every democratic nation has this problem, but seems to feed the continued force of under the banner of “freedom” when in fact a small group of people make all the choices.
            Bo Ai Wan Sui!!!

          • hexie

            It was Facebook that helped Egypt’s revolution. Facebook is banned in communist China.

        • I think the amount of research these kids could be putting into making their costumes historically accurate might be a sort of accidental education, and there’s a better chance of them stumbling upon stories of those wartime atrocities than moderate liberal dittoheads who have a seizure every time they see a swastika, even if it’s in Sanskrit.

          How about American Civil War historical reenactment? Are the people acting as Confederate soldiers all racist?

          • Just John

            Actually, the confederate flag now is more symbolic for some sort of rebellion (Teenage rebellion, governmental rebellion, societal rebellion, etc.).

            If you want to see an interesting opinion about Nazi Vs. Confederate reenactment, check out this blog post:

            There is also an interesting article on the Germans reenacting the American civil war and links it to the Nazi movements of racial purity and other such things.

            Of course, others call him out, talking about it being the paranoid rantings of a loon (Not exact words here, just the feeling I got).

          • hooots

            This is a reply to Just John.

            I’m from the South, the deep south, and the Confederate flag doesn’t stand for some sort of generic ‘rebellion’. My highschool’s mascot was called the Rebels and we banned the confederate flag from anything associated with our school because…. It still stands for a hateful ignorant racist mindset and I doubt that will ever change no matter what your reading of history. “Southern heritage” my ass. If you break out the rebel flag, just like a Nazi swastika you are looking to piss someone off and probably start a fight. I don’t know how it is in the rest of the country but in the South, where it matters most, that’s the way it is.

          • Capt. WED

            I’ve seen plenty of rebel flags in the south.

          • hooots

            I’m not saying people don’t have them. We definitely do. But, when you fly it you are definitely sending a racist message. No matter what the flag bearer says, that’s exactly what they are doing.

  • 平凡人

    Dumb ass! They have ran out of ideas for wedding pictures, actually the traditional normal ones should suffice. Anyway, why all the creative wedding photos when the number of divorces is increasing by the day in China.
    Prince Harry of British royal family was criticized back in 2005 Jan. when he dressed as a member of Rommel’s Afrika Korps, complete with a prominent swastika armband. Totally insensitive towards the feeling of the Jews as many were murdered by the Nazi.
    If the some neigbouring country started a trend wearing WW2 Japanese Officer outfit with a samurai sword, how would Chinese feel?
    Todayin China, for commercial reasons, people do things without thinking straight, really sad.

  • Pong Lenis

    BTW, this silliness is not typically Chinese. Remember Formula 1?,8599,1728032,00.html

  • DRaY

    WOW!!! Asian people have lost their dayum minds… I just hope there isn’t a KKK Anime, because there would be some ass whuppins all up and down China……. Kids nowadays, GEEEZ

    • pretty sure china is not the mainstream anime media…
      pretty sure that china is not japan….

  • baji

    My cousins had been killed by Nazi soldier. A SS officer kicked my pregnant grandmother in belly. She lost the baby.
    Great costume indeed.

    • GodsHammer

      Looks like my grandfathers uniform. Very nice looking but kind of inappropriate given that Chinese are so very serious about everything Jap-ish due to atrocities committed here by the Nipponese. One would hope that this little tard had no real malice in his heart.

      • baji

        Quite sure that guy doesn’t have malice, just being stupid.

  • hoots

    wow. I was just looking around on chinahush and I feel like I just rolled down a hill inside a Woodstock port-a-potty. Disgusting commenters. Stay classy chinaSMACK!

    • Tengu

      Opening act at Woodstock, “Sweetwater” if I remember correctly…most of it was a blur…so I could be wrong.

      “Santana” had that 16 year old kid playing drums,

  • [email protected]

    ah to live in a country where most people don’t know shit about history or the world they are currently living in.
    On the other hand they get to see ‘count duckula’ ‘growing pains’ and ‘America’s funniest home videos’ so that brings new meaning to the whole ‘developing nation’ thing.

  • sumyonggai

    “illicit widespread criticism and angry insults”?

    Welcome to my black book. Joining you is my my supervisor, who earlier today emphasized ‘setting the right president’ for the start of term.

    • Is this a normal black book, or a little black book?

  • k

    The girl in the last pics looks like a monkey.

    • Tengu

      “I wish Cotton was a monkey. All he needs is a tail.” (Spanky, A Lad an’ a’ Lamp, 1932)

  • jiayi

    Wow. I don’t even…just wow.

    I’m actually impressed by the fact some of the Chinese netizens ALMOST actually know what they’re talking about.

  • lololol so much for knowing about history. The war led to Japan’s 3 all policy, did we really already forget that? The devastation of China seems like it would be something studied in history, not to mention y’know, the whole holocaust thing… *coughcough*

    • Anon

      whyguoren – why be nation’s people (subversive NLP nick)

      The devastation of China seems like it would be something studied in history (China has not been devastated, it was colonised, more NLP)

      not to mention y’know, the whole holocaust thing… *coughcough* (ahem-ahem is going to happen no matter what Zionist intent, our augurs are 3-10 thousand years older – you will however attract the **s)

      The holocaust looks more and more like an act of god to prevent Zion from taking over the USA. More than the supposed 6 million, have died in wars around the world at the behest of the Zionist lobby.

      Was it 600,000 only, because after the 60,000th death someone might have lost count, and decided to add a 0 at the end of it to make it seem worse and justify more murder of more people in the Middle East?

      The former cabal of Egyptian priests who founded the later Israel (way beyond the God sanctioned biblical borders in their own even trying to kill the modern Philistines – Palestinian – and removing their rights to Gaza), need to consider if it was an intentional economic ‘invasion’ into Poland that spooked the Europeans and Nazis by colluding with the Federal Reserve and Masons or if it was truly because Nazis were just that nasty and spoiling for a fight.

  • xiaopengyou
  • MonkeyMouth

    um……retarded. i guess that means i can dust off my mao suit?

    hybrid song of the article:::

    “Hotel California Uber Alles”

    by the Dead Eagle Kennedys (?)

    why doesnt china grow some real balls? at least that first guy had it right in marrying a nice ‘arayan’ lady …what with that silky blond hair, and those…..wait…..
    grow the fuck up, china.

  • GUH

    CCP goons and thugs are more than the SS Brown Shirts.

    Surrealism and absurdity with Chinkie characteristcs can seen eveerywhere in the country, Lao Wai / Gweilo / Ang Mo all agree.

  • kimiik
  • JSakamoto

    My experience is that most asians who live in asia are so ignorant of the rest of the world it’s pitiful. This is just another example. Whenever I get a chance i try to educate them but sometimes it seems hopeless. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t.

    Although to be fair the US military also killed over 1 million innocent civilians during WWII. The only reason they weren’t prosecuted for war crimes was because they won the war. The most important factor when it comes to war crimes prosecution is if you were on the winning side or not.

    • brotherrivercrab

      Judging from the comments from MOP, quite a few of the Chinese people knows it’s wrong.

    • Tengu

      “Whenever I get a chance i try to educate them…”

      Thank the heavens you’re here to educate the ignorant Asians.

      Always civilian damage during a a war, more than anyone wants. War is a nasty business, dirty, evil and vile. You turn into something you never knew existed, something you can never be erase, you never feel fully cleansed, you suffer a stain that can never be fully washed away, you do things you will never forget, things that haunt you; you wind up with a hole in your soul for what you’ve seen, what you’ve done and what you’ve been through.

      War is never clean, innocents die along with the warriors. War has been like this since the beginning of time, it’s just in “real time” now.

      The flaw in your the argument is the Western Allies didn’t herd people into trains, force them into labor camps, starve them, gas them and burn the bodies.

      A couple of the chimneys at the death camps had a 3 foot thick layer hardened on the inside….it was human fat.

      You sanctimonious shit, you’re comparing the most barbaric and systematic slaughter of a single people with the Allied forces?

      If you’re referring to the 1,000,00 people killed by the bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, keep this in mind next time you decide to “edumacate the masses”.

      There were 7,000,000-13,000,000 Chinese civilians killed during WWII…who was killing all the Chinese civilians?

      Need a hint?

      FYI – Donald Rumsfeld is wanted for War Crimes in Germany and investigations are now being made into Dick Cheney and his possible culpability in the Iraq war. Will anything come of it, probably not.

      • JSakamoto

        I wasn’t trying say i was better than asians from asia, I’m just saying many are ignorant about world issues, especially negative aspects of western society. Just as I am ignorant of certain things they are knowledgeable about. I learn from them, they learn from me. That’s why I enjoy being friends with some of them, rather than just hang out with americans like myself. You’re just way too defensive about my comments.

        There’s no need for the lecture about the horrors of war I am already well aware of them. I never said the Nazis weren’t evil. I ‘m just saying that the Allies committed horrible crimes as well but since they won the war not as many people vilify them for their crimes.

        I believe the slaughter of Native Americans and Africans by Europeans was more barbaric then the slaughter of Jews. There were about 200,000 people killed by the atomic bombs, not 1,000,000. The total civilians killed in Axis countries by American/allied firebombing is usually estimated at over 1,000,000 based on the multiple sources I’ve seen.

        Yes, the Japanese did kill many Chinese civilians. The actual number varies widely depending on the source. Most civilians killed in China were the result of starvation and disease as China was fighting the japanese as well as having a civil war at the time.

        Trust me, nothing will come of the war crime charges against US officials. It’s all for show. Another case where the powerful are immune from prosecution due to their status.

        • Tengu

          Fair enough, but I’m not sure that this “One minute mindset” is unique to anywhere.

          People are more like the dog in “Up”….”Squirrel…!”

          It’s more of a worldwide phenomenon in some ways, attention spans aren’t what they used to be.

          “Just because you kill someone from far away, as opposed to face to face, doesn’t make it any less evil.”

          Brigs to mind the extensive use of drone airstrikes, some kid in Kansas is using a joystick hunting Taliban in Waziristan, “World of Warcraft:Real Life.”

          People are simply desensitized and quite frankly too self centered to worry about any place other than where they stand in many ways.

          Good/evil…debate that will go on forever, history gets rewritten and rewritten, depending on tides of the time.

          Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney…nothing will happen, but they’re the most productive war criminals around. Bush has been in the sack with the Saudis for so long it’s sad.

          Afghanistan, Irag, how can Iran (I’maDinnerJacket) not see that as a US march towards the Caspian Oil Fields?

          Qaddaffi, someone will make a deal with the French and he’ll go into exile, latest is Niger or Burkina Faso, then hop to somewhere else.

          The powerful will always be immune from prosecution…sad state of affairs.

      • Just John

        Actually I would disagree with the herding, labor camps part and, from what I learned of history, starving part, given the internment camps the US used for the “national enemy” (Read, Germans, Italians, and most of all, Japanese).

        But I guess we did skip the gas chambers.

        I do also agree with what J’s “The winning side dictates what is right” concept.

        I do however agree with you Tengu on his whole asinine “I shall edumucate all them savages so they can know the glory of our viewpoints”. This is especially true because I can probably point you to anyone from anywhere and we can find the ignorance, myself included (After all, most people who knew me before I moved here didn’t even know where Taiwan is, and some didn’t even remember the name of Taiwan, and the ones I hung around was college educated, and predominantly international students).

    • Alex

      Sounds like you agree with one of Napoleon’s favourite sayings, that it is the victors who write history. That said; however, there is a distinguishing line between inherent evil and explicit consequences of war. Yes, the Americans and the “allies” also killed, looted and raped, but that was the consequence of fallible men with no honour and integrity; whereas the German Nazis were directly and systematically ordered, through the highest prerogatives, to disregard human rights, human values and they explicitly abandoned treaties, neglected obligation and violated the most basic international laws. It’s not a matter of who wrote history, it’s a matter of fact.

      • JSakamoto

        I agree there’s a line but that line is often subjective and blurred. Yes the death camps were government policy and very evil, that is fact. However, saying that is worse than deliberately firebombing (also government policy) the civilian population is open for debate. Is firebombing (which was mostly to terrorize the civilian population) and raping and pilaging not explicit evil? The answer is not so clear. Just because you kill someone from far away, as opposed to face to face, doesn’t make it any less evil.

        • Alex

          Again, I am not disagreeing with you – and we both know that this topic has been a subject that even philosophers since ancient times in all societies have debated. Evil, terrorism, savior – these are all relative concepts. My hero might be your worst nightmare. But the fact remains that true evil is an action, necessary evil is the reaction – and, for instance, the Japanese invasion of China signified true evil on the part of the Japanese government – whereas, while the Chinese did terrible things too to other Asian societies, in that context they were reacting to a situation that they were given no choice over. America has done terrible things, but in the end, as much as I don’t have much respect for that country, I would still much rather sleep under the American flag than a swastika.

          • JSakamoto

            OK fair enough. I’d also much rather sleep under the US flag than the swastika. At least you seem like someone who is capable of complex reasoning unlike those blind patriots (of any country) who just resort to vulgar name calling and parroted propaganda lines. Peace.

  • Pingback: chinese dressing like Nazis - Stormfront()

  • Patrick

    To be honest I’m more offended by the ugly girl dressed in the Chobits outfit. Yes he’s a stupid kid – but there’s many stupid kids. True there are many ugly girls that dress up for anime, but there are enough hot ones that make it completely unnecessary for her to put us through having to look at this atrocity.

    • Yes. Cosplaying as a “persocom”, “Chobit” is insulting both “PERSOns” and “COMputers” everywhere! What an abomination!

      The Nazi beside her would not approve of such mixed-human/computer ethnicity! Keep humans separate from computers!

      • Just John

        I agree, because as we all know, computers are superior.

        • Well, going “computer hybrid” didn’t work out so well for Darth Vader in the end – well besides being idolized by six year-olds everywhere. And becoming an icon for dildos everywhere.

  • Shanghairen

    Dressing up as a Soviet soldier or Stalin or Mao should be considered just as bad.

    • Patrick

      I disagree on the Soviet soldier. Stalin or Mao sure I get it. The marching Nazi’s are something that was pretty much galvanized into most peoples memories in elementary school (depending on how old you are). While I’m aware of the history, the Nazi’s really stood out, they personified evil to many and yes, as noted earlier – they had excellent fashion sense. Dashing and evil – hard to beat. And the soviets seemed, oh I don’t know; less cultured, I guess you could say. Definitely they had their moments – but for personified evil – Nazi’s win.

      • Alex

        Perfectly articulated!

      • Tengu

        Stalin had a better mustache!

        • b. prichard

          I was ten! I would’ve been friends with Stalin if he had a ping pong table!

          • Tengu

            Always good to know you priorities….now if Adolph had a tennis court.

    • It’s doubtful that the Allies would have won the war if it hadn’t been for the Soviets.

  • Ned

    sorry, these things did not cause the riots, but helped fuel the fire. Can anyone explain the MOB mentality, add to that “social networking” and also social aggravation that is western education of “fighting the man”, that made The London Riot more successful than any riot that the “”suppressed”” people of China have “suffered.” perhaps Public opinion does equal equality. Interesting considering every democratic nation has this problem, but seems to feed the continued force of under the banner of “freedom” when in fact a small group of people make all the choices.

  • Red Tea

    First of all, I don’t condone their usage of Nazi uniforms in these pictures. And I have read a lot of books and watched countless documentaries or movies regarding Nazi war crimes and such. Never again should we allow them to happen.

    However, I find it really insulting that people are having an outcry simply because they wore uniforms that were a part of history, albeit an horrendous part of it.

    If I were to say that I want to wear a SS uniform as cosplay, people would instantly react negatively and say that I am “supporting Nazi war crimes.”

    However, would I get the same reaction from people if I said I will wear a Soviet Infantry uniform? Bear in mind that the Communist regime in Russia killed more people out of totalitarianism than Nazi Germany, as it is estimated that they have killed between a minimum of 10 million deaths to a maximum of 30 million, which makes it the deadliest totalitarian regime in the 20th century.

    The same thing will also be questioned if I chose to wear a Vietnam-era GI soldier costume, as the Americans also did terrifying war crimes in Vietnam, such as the My Lai Massacre. Yet, it would also not draw the same reaction as the SS uniform.

    Also the same reaction if I chose to wear Shi Huangdi’s regalia. Bear in mind that he made orders to burn books and bury Confucian scholars alive.

    The same could apply in a Knights Templar uniform (The Crusades), a Medieval-era Catholic bishop costume (Inquisition), Viking armor (Lootings and rape), Sans Culottes (Reign of Terror) and Modern US Army (Iraq War).

    I am not saying that the photographs in question are okay. THEY ARE NOT, BECAUSE THEY MADE THE NAZI UNIFORMS LOOK CUTE. IT SHOULDN’T BE. What I’m saying is basically we should only wear the Nazi uniforms for HISTORICAL REASONS. And that we should have too much of a knee-jerk reactions regarding Nazi uniforms.

    That’s all I have to say.

    • Red Tea

      “And that we should not have too much of a knee-jerk reactions regarding Nazi uniforms.”

      • Tengu

        Who doesn’t like Vikings?

        Cassock of the contemporary Catholic priest should be on that list as well….

        • Just John

          So, are you bringing the altar boys?

          • Tengu

            No, I guess little Tengu wasn’t attractive enough.

            Most likely they knew they’d wind up in the trunk of car because of my family…”We make donations, leave the kids alone!” I don’t think they would have had any compunction about zotzing a priest. Just send to Italy for replacement, the Italian priests were banging women. Had a great-uncle who was a Cardinal in the Vatican, he knocked up his housekeeper, they sent her to the US, she had the kid and gave him to a family we knew. She went back to Italy to live with him in the Vatican.

    • TomTuttleFromTacoma

      Don’t forget all those sick bastards who dresses up as Imperial Storm Troopers and Darth Vader.. Those people blew up an entire planet for chrissakes!

    • “What I’m saying is basically we should only wear the Nazi uniforms for HISTORICAL REASONS.”

      Like for white supremacists to commemorate the ideals of a man who advocated racial purity through the genocide of a race of people?

      Your “spinning logic” identifies you as 五毛党, but I never thought someone like you would appear on a story in which ALL the Chinese netizens agree are ignorant jerks. Instead, you are going to defend two people that are never actually identified as Chinese (they could be Japanese!) and advocate for their right to be stupid and ignorant?

      “They are being attacked by whitey! I must protect them! 反抗洋人!“ ===> This could be my greatest accomplishment on chinaSMACK ever: trolling a wumaodang to defend Nazi’s by people who aren’t even Chinese.

      What is the reward for winning teh internets?

      • Just John

        terroir, my SS uniform is still at the dry cleaners.

        Can I borrow yours? Don’t need your SS armband though, I have that at home.

        Anyways, hope to see you at the next rally. Remember to bring your haxxor skillz since we will be purging the intertubes of all racially inferior webz.

        • I don’t think I can get a sitter this time – can I bring my mixed-breed kids to the rally?

      • Red Tea

        “Like for white supremacists to commemorate the ideals of a man who advocated racial purity through the genocide of a race of people?”

        As I said on my statements, I DO NOT CONDONE THE PHOTOS. NOR THE DOINGS OF THE NAZIS. Remember what I said. “First of all, I don’t condone their usage of Nazi uniforms in these pictures. And I have read a lot of books and watched countless documentaries or movies regarding Nazi war crimes and such. Never again should we allow them to happen.”

        What I meant with “historical reasons” is when you decide to show people what a uniform looks like when worn, or historical reenactments. There are people who wear the Wehrmacht’s uniforms, the US Armies’ uniforms and also the IJA’s uniforms for the sole purpose of REENACTMENT.

        Yet, what? We see these uniforms that became a part of history we didn’t want to happen, ALTHOUGH IT OBVIOUSLY HAPPENED. And what do we get? KNEE-JERK REACTIONS.

        It disappoints me that people are scared of uniforms. IF WE ARE GOING TO BE SCARED OF MERE UNIFORMS, WE SHOULDN’T HAVE THEM IN DISPLAY AT MUSEUMS.

        • If we start without acknowledging that you have went against your own word by once saying “that is all I have to say” and now saying more (but, weirdly, not saying “that is I have to say” again), and end by saying that this kid subverts the meaning of the Nazi uniform by cosplaying a series of wedding pictures in which he sticks his tongue out but yet knows enough to do the Nazi salute and so therefore destroys the historical “value” of said dressing up by not acknowledging the significance of the horrific meaning of that uniform, then you still have time to stick your head up your ass. Period.

          While “Nazi win” has furthered the careers of Indiana Jones and the Blues Brothers, I accept no advancement from this obvious victory; I only take pride that I was able to triumph without the use of CAPS LOCK, die equininizer!

          • Red Tea

            “I accept no advancement from this obvious victory; I only take pride that I was able to triumph without the use of CAPS LOCK, die equininizer!”

            And that makes you the obvious victor in this debate? Simply because of not USING CAPS LOCK? Then I could also say that you lose a mile ago because you CONDESCENDED BY USING CHINESE CHARACTERS THAT HAS NO RELEVANCE TO THE DISCUSSION.

            Your logic does not follow.

          • “Red leader to Red Tea, over, come in Red Tea…By god, he’s gone ALL CAPS! He’ll never pull out in time!”

            “Red leader to Red Tea: pull out! Turn your logic sensors back on! Listen to reason, formulate an argument, and debate with others by listening to their comments! I repeat… Dear God! He won’t….”


  • Alex

    These are the times I wish that the West would have never had any influence in developing these countries. They emulate everything Western (even if they don’t realize it), and yet they have no respect for the West. This is such an outrage, and I am disgusted because these morons don’t even know what that uniform represents. But what should I expect, when current Chinese young people don’t even have respect for their own history…and hardly understand the reality of their own circumstances.

    • Stu

      You’re generalising wildly by saying ‘They’. The commenters above are all criticising the photos, no?

    • Kong

      Ah, the white man’s burden. If only we hadn’t tried to help them, they wouldn’t have fucked things over so much? Ze ze ze, I think you have more in common with these cosplayers than you realize.

    • My comment was eaten up by SMACKbot, so I am late to the party.

      I had wanted to say: the couple in the photos are never identified, and neither are their nationalities. The Chinese MOP netizens all identify them as mainland Chinese, but my impression is that they are not because:

      1) Chinese mainland cosplay sucks.
      2) The background to this area is just about way too nice for mainland China.
      3) There is a lack of overcrowding in these photos.
      4) Of all the ignorance that mainlanders show, “too cool for school” ignorance is not one of them.

      These sound like all backhanded compliments; and if they are readily accepted, then they are indeed. But still, my opinion is that these aren’t mainland Chinese. My guess is that they are Koreans; they have awesome fashion sense and a sense of fun that belies the gravity of the situation.

      • Tengu

        Watson a clue!!! Tell Mrs Hudson to fetch us a Hansom cab.

        No crowd of bemused people standing around with their hands behind their backs?

        There’s not a moment to waste…..

      • JJ

        Actually, I think the photo’s are from Japan.

  • derp :D

    umm yeah, sure, whatever they do, it’s not really our business. If they get shot, it’s not our fault for wearing nazi outfit. Nuff said.

  • MrT

    Dam cool looking!

    • Hugo Boss is always in fashion during any era.

  • Alex

    That little brother would pee his pants and whimper in fear if he would have ever had to face a real soldier – and I don’t even mean one of those pathetic looking Liberation Army wannabes who are only good for military parades – but I mean a real soldier like a former Soviet Spetsnaz or a SS officer. What a douchebag. This is so wrong it’s actually not even cool – not to mention, moron, you do realize that even symbolically the Nazis were the communists’ sworn nemesis, right? I bet you didn’t even know that.


    Chinese men all look like pussies no matter what they wear..
    Actually I feel sad for us, white men…my grandfather who honorably served the waffen SS corps until those ungrateful (toward their european heritage) americans came to kill him, wouldn’t believe how messed is the situation nowadays. We used to dream listening to the music of our great composers, reading the books of our superb philosophers, etc.. and what we have today is this garbage race copying and destroying everything we invented….god destroy everything

    • Tobi

      And you’re just the same ignorant dick as the cosplayers. I don’t want to share the same country with you.


        You can move to China anytime and share your ass with the greatest nationalistic ignorants then

  • Tobi

    The article now reached Germany ;)

    All I have to say is, it is sad, that there are still people, who didn’t learn the lesson of my history. But if there are smart people, there have to be stupid people too, just like the flipside of the coin.

    But I have to admit, just from the uniform, it looks good. Next time, use a Japanese Imperial uniform…

    Greetings from Germany, and don’t put too much effort in denouncing them, they’re just ignorants.

    • You’ve probably read this comment from the story, but here it is again:

      “LZ, if one day these photographs of yours reach Europe, please don’t say that you are Chinese.”

      Dude, you express a lot of patience for this, and it sounds like you are at peace with many things. So I’d like to ask you: How do we educate people from a different mindset about this? It isn’t as if they weren’t affected by WWII, but have just been not taught the sensitivity they should.

      What do you think? Should this behavior be banned as it is in Germany?

  • Cleo

    Thank you for posting this. Der Spiegel STILL does not have a news article reporting the anniversary of Germany invading Poland and starting WW2!

  • AD23

    Once I saw some photos of goth-style marriage pictures. I thought, “wow, people can’t get any stupider than this”. But now, after seeing this, I realize I was wrong. These “Nazi chic” people are ridiculously ignorant and stupid.

  • Qwerty

    Nice Prince Harry costume.

    • And look at him now: he’s still unmarried and no closer to the throne.

  • Geoff A.

    There was a website devoted to this a couple of years back ( It was full of pictures of Chinese kids in their early 20s dressing up as Nazi officers. The best part may have been the dancing pandas holding up signs that read “support!”
    Some of my favorite quotes (from memory) were:

    Happy birthday, dear Führer. Are you happy in Heaven?

    I wish Hitler would come back to life and kill all the Jews and Japanese.

    The website appears to be harmonized now, but I got an email with suspicious attachments right after visiting it.

    • Okay. If those were the quotes, I guess we could rule them out as being Japanese.

      I do get the sense that no one in China understands the term or importance of things like “D-day” and “storming the beaches of Normandy”; but then most Westerners have not heard of “the rape of Nanking”.

      Clearly, we need more propaganda movies. Zhang Yimou, work harder!

      • thinking about it some more, maybe these kids found the magical loop that connected the two opposite ends of the politcal spectrum together of fascism and communism – because they are (theorhetically) two different things, very different things.

        Of course, at some point communism and fascism become the same thing, but that doesn’t mean they are the same thing; so, where along the process do these Chinese kids go, “Hey, that ally of the Imperialist Japanese during WWII with the moustache? He’s okay!”

        The US dropped the bomb (x2) on Japan and ended the war.
        Nazi Germany was working along Japan to create a fascist world domination.
        Kids: pay more attention during the cutscenes of Medal of Honor/Call it Duty.

  • eattot

    no need to be too harsh, just a couple of little lovers want to be cool…hehehe!

    • eattot

      they look good, i would like to have a bf like him, haha!

      • Perfect. You can have your 安全感, and he can send you to the gas chambers with the Jews.

        双赢 = win/win

      • cb4242

        Leave to eattot to make some kind of childish idiotic, no brainer comment as usual. Too bad, you didn’t live under the Nazis, then we wouldn’t have to worry about you annoying the world.

        • eattot

          sorry to annoy your world, but i am happy, hahaha!

          • hooots

            eattot is happy! Let’s not fuck this up guys…

          • eattot,

            congrats on your Nazi boyfriend.
            Being a Nazi, he will love to have many half-master race/half-masked children with you.

          • Tengu

            I was planning on cross pollinating her with Hooots to calm her down…now look what you’ve done, her canines are growing longer…I think her dew claws need to be clipped.

            @cb4242 -No one lived long under the Nazis. (love the Bass Clef)

          • Tengu

            Looks like we’re buying Hooots a Stormtrooper outfit to keep the love alive…

            “sorry to annoy your world”…I told you she was a keeper, that’s classic.

    • I always wondered what exactly “internet trolling” is.
      Now I know :)

      • “Comment beauty”,
        no one has yet expressed outrage yet at eattot’s words, so there isn’t yet any “trolling” yet so far.

        But I think I win the “trolling” awards for this round: I have gotten Chinese 愤青to defend people (who may not be Chinese) pretending people to be Nazis.

        Nazis, of course, were the collaborators to the Japanese forces during WWII. Japanese received aid and technology from the Nazis. If the Nazis won in Europe, after they were done with the Jews they’d come over a give a helping hand in Nanking.

        And. Still. Chinese. Defend. The. Nazis.

        terroir: “FLAWLESS VICTORY”

        • Just John

          Congtraz, I think you just won the internet!

          • mhrr. Tastes like chicken.

        • coala banana

          “If the Nazis won in Europe, after they were done with the Jews they’d come over a give a helping hand in Nanking.”

          but isn’t it ironic that it was a Nazi, btw his name was John Rabe, who saved the lives of over 200.000 chinese in Nanking, and isn’t it ironic that it was the nazi swastika flagg which saved their lives ?

          War is not just about who wins and therefor writes the history about it, its also about it who the victims were and how strong they are represented until today (example jews) and what influence they have in decision making and foreign policy (lobbies). I can’t hear anyone complains and keeps on with reminding us that around 25 million russians died under Stalin or more then 30million during the cultural revolution, guess none of this poor suckers is represented by Lobbies. That also counts for the 2 million Vietnamese killed by the US compared to the 65thousand fallen americans.

          BTW, regarding how people dress, or their obsession with their flags ,torches, monuments and alike…they are ALL symbols and a wise man once said that “keep symbols to the simple minded”

          • coala banana

            as a side note, Oskar Schindler saved roughly 1000 jews, he was BTW also a member of the Nazi party, but Mr.Rabe saved 200 times more people then Schindler did. Rabe, a great hero of mankind, is not well known, probably cause he saved 200.000 chinese. If he had saved jews instead I can guaranty that you will find his name in all history books. It shows us that people are not the same when they are born and they are also not the same after they die, it always depends on, who lived, who died and what the person did during his lifetime, in this case it depends on what good they did and which nation/race has been saved.

          • “isn’t it ironic”

            Uh huh. I’d hate to be the “rain on your wedding day”, but you are talking about two individuals who made good decisions in spite of the many horrible decisions they were forced to take, and I am talking about the political factions and the world domination that they were planning on.

            Not to be the “free ride that you just didn’t take”, but if you want to talk about “symbols for the simple minded”, this Asian kid showed his ignorance by having fun in an outfit of an organization that facillitated events like Auschwitz and Dachau and Nanking. That Rabe did a nice thing doesn’t belie the fact that something absolutely evil was going on in the first place: something deliberate, planned, intentional, and done with malice.

            “The good advice that you just didn’t take” should be that while free speech should be a universal right, hate speech and plain idiocy should be identified and criticized.

            Finally, doesn’t the fact that Rabe and Schindler saved so many people just point out the fact that they only saved a fraction of victims, and goes to show the tyranny of evil of the times? And yet, if we don’t remain vigilant and stop something like this from ever happening again, it certainly could. But, “Who would thought it figured?”

    • Boris

      Not quite sure how to take your ‘he he’s. Perhaps a response to the bile expressed in so many of the comments. As for the wedding style of the photos -I like it. I’m sure the irony is completely unintentional as far as the photographer and models are concerned, but it leaps right out at me. I fail to understand why Chinese couples want to dress up in wedding clothes and adopt poses never otherwise struck in real life. People spend a fortune on this nonsense. For many it’s like they’re spending on something they really don’t want to do. Blindly following social pressure. I find the Nazi uniform hugely symbolic. I can imagine some rogue artist taking shots like these and sticking them in the prime positions of photography shops’ display windows when nobody was looking. Unintentional brilliance.

    • hooots

      eattot goin soft on the nazis. what a sweetie!

      • Just John

        Eh, based on her comment, I do not think it is that exactly.

        I think she just does not overly care about symbolism, and is only trying to show that she thinks the guy looks good in the outfit.

        You must admit, if you do not look at it from a symbolic perspective, and only look at it as an article of clothes, it does look snappy.

        • Chicks do dig a man in uniform. Too bad for eattot that the military force behind the uniform helped out the Japanese in WWII. He was on the side that made the rape of Nanking possible.

          Eh. Almost as good as a doctor, has a stable job though his boss is a bit of a tyrant; mom will still approve.

          • hooots

            hahaha sounds like the perfect Chinese husband! Stable job (government job), uniform, probably some sort of military jeep (counts as a car), and a beautiful office in a bunker somewhere (counts as a house).

        • hooots

          haha yeah I know I was just kidding. I just think eattot is getting soft. I think there’s a little love in these intertubes. (Love ya tot) :*

          And regarding the outfit: I was looking at this story with my Chinese coworker and she said, ” I hate these people. This is terrible. But, he does look pretty sharp.” I gotta give him that. If you’re gonna go down in a uniform that symbolizes evil, might as well go down lookin fresh.

        • Tengu

          Lot of good fashion came out of military wear, trench coats, khaki pant, pea coats, bush jackets, my pith helmet!

          Although thy were very snazzy, nothing much they did ever caught on.

          You’re still going to freak people out if you walk into a room with a full length black trench coat and black boots. It’s ingrained in a certain generation, they did “personify evil.”

          Besides, best warrior clothes ever…..samurai, hands down, no uniforms, all individual.

          If you can go into battle with a three foot, lacquer, gold leafed carp for a helmet , you are one bad motherfucker…

          • Tengu

            Forgot bomber jackets…

    • Marsvin

      Hey I agree for a change :D Who cares? WW2 was more than 60 years ago. These people don’t mean any hate against Jews or anything, it’s just cool looking clothes.

  • freddynyc

    This just shows how clueless and low class many from the mainland are…..

  • freddynyc

    BTW I didn’t know the “master race” were the mongoloid variety with pale face and slanty eyes…lol.

    • Interested

      Once upon a time, mongoloid racial types were master race in Europe.

      In most Hunnish and Avar cemeteries, type B is more in evidence than type A. Type A, however, predominates in the cemeteries which are known to have been used by the Huns, type B in those which belong to Avars. The Avar cemeteries contain also, in many cases, intermediate types which show that these people had begun to mix with members of the white stock, either in central Asia, in Europe, or both, and other cemeteries in which the white element is in the majority. The leading classes of the Huns and Avars, however, appear to have kept themselves apart, and to have preserved their mongoloid racial types pure throughout the centuries of their political domination. In the graves which are most richly furnished, and which show that the occupants were men of power and consequence, the mongoloid types are unaltered. The two graves of known Avar heroes contain skeletons belonging purely to type B.

  • 0311

    Aw Look how cute HongJian looks in his new suit.

    • Just John

      Don’t you mean “her new dress”?

    • hooots

      Yeah, Hongjian is actually a beautiful woman. Right Hongjian?

  • tru

    I really don´t understand why people wants use this kind of uniform is and insult, they should read more to know what this uniform means

  • enemy of semite

    Fucking gook bastards.

    • Just John

      Now see Crystal, this is a pure troll.

      Nothing is added to the conversation and the comment is designed only to inflame.

      Now go away boy, you’re wasting my reading time.

      • (Chinese “Ah Q” logic): O come now, good man: he’s obviously talking about the Japanese

        [someone comes over to explain, and “Ah Q” still doesn’t get it]

        [“Ah Q” logic]: Of course that’s racist! I hate the Japanese too!

        [gif of Cpt Picard massive facepalm]

  • Mu

    Actually, what is surprising to me about the photos in China is that there is a strong historical connection between Nazi Germany and the KMT/Chiang Kai-Shek in Taiwan. Maybe people alive today don’t remember that:

  • mp

    Obviously Vivian Stanshall and Keith Moon fans.

  • GGbond

    Wow, what a way to sink lower. Zhoungmingzhou I’m very very proud of you.

  • As usual, the Taiwanese got there first:

    Still n’ all, since the main aim of most young Chinese is to join a real-life party which is essentially fascist, I guess the wearing of fake SS uniforms in cosplay isn’t so bad.

  • Capt. WED

    When me and HongJian take over people like this are the first ones to be lined up and shot. Hongjian where you at?

    • Tengu

      Where you been? Haven’t seen a post in a while. Welcome back.

      Here’s $100, when you line all the Amerikunts up, put me in the back of the line, buy me a little time……..