Negligence Results In Zoo Tigers Killing Intruding Black Bear

Negligence Results In Zoo Tigers Killing Intruding Black Bear
A young black bear being kept at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park was killed by a pack of 10 tigers after worker negligence allowed it pass through two iron gates which separated the enclosures of the two species. The three-year-old cub had only recently been moved into the zoo, and was believed to have entered the tigers’ enclosure after being frightened. After surrounding and killing the bear, the tigers shared their prey. One netizen suspected the tigers hadn’t been adequately fed, as normally they don’t attack in packs, and asked the zoo workers not to steal their food.

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  • DD Bear!

    poor bear!
    how painful it could be!

  • Jahar

    An adult bear wouldn’t be fending them off either. As for being pack hunters, no they aren’t, they aren’t pack animals at all. They are normally solitary. But this isn’t solitary and this isn’t hunting, it’s feeding. They are probably used to eating together.

    • KamikaziPilot

      Agree, I’m not sure why “pack hunting” was brought up at all. I can see the tigers killing the bear if they thought it was an intruder and posed a threat, even though a cub, but when the tigers ate the bear it does suggest the tigers were underfed. Another things is that I’ve never seen that many tigers housed together before. They all look full grown too. Usually it’s only 2-4 tigers in one enclosure.

      • Necrogodomega

        I didn’t mean that an adult bear could defend from that many tigers, but maybe one or two it would have a fighting chance.

        As for “pack hunting” that’s what the netizen said. I was simply agreeing that tigers are not pack hunters. The article slightly implies they worked together to kill the bear ( After surrounding and killing the bear, the tigers shared their prey). That kinda hints that they hunted it together.

        I doubt hunt is the proper word, but you can understand the meaning implied. Also, I don’t really think tigers are share, share animals, so it’s a bit odd they would share the kill.

        • KamikaziPilot

          I’m kind of confused as to the point you’re trying to make. Are you saying the zoo worker purposely let a juvenile bear into the tiger enclosure to let the tigers eat it? I also fail to see the need to bring up “pack hunting”. Yes, the tigers behavior isn’t normally what you’d see in the wild but in the wild you don’t have over 10 tigers in such a small space. A bit odd the would share the kill? What do you expect? The tigers to fight to the death over the kill? My point is that since the tigers ate the bear instead of just killing it they were indeed underfed and there is also incompetence on the part of the zoo worker for letting the cub into the tiger enclosure. Or are you hinting the worker purposely let the bear into the tiger enclosure?

          • Necrogodomega

            What bub? I re-read my comments and I”m not sure how you’re getting that angle.

            I NEVER meant to imply (to you) that it was anything other than total worker negligence that allowed such an event to happen. Also, probably poor design, why would you house tigers and bears so close to each other? I would think that would perhaps agitate each species.

            YES, I”M AGREEING that the tigers were probably underfed which is why they would share the kill. That is what I’m saying. That is EXACTLY what I’m saying.

            As for pack hunting, if you would read the article the ARTICLE mentions pack hunting and the netizen comment mentions it. That is why I mentioned it. That’s the reason to mention it. I mentioned it again in my second posted cause you asked about it and I said that I mentioned it cause it was in the article.

            So, hope that clears things up for you.

          • KamikaziPilot

            Okay I think I get the general idea of what you’re saying.

  • David Fieldman

    Ban all zoos, especially in China. Most zoo workers do not have adequate experience to handle emergencies of any kind, and many have proven to be negligent and in dereliction of duty when emergencies do arise. When will the horrors and catastrophies, both human and animal, come to end in this country.