Netizens Angry Shanghai Allowed Swine Flu To Enter China


Yesterday, Hong Kong confirmed the first case of Swine Flu (H1N1) after a passenger arrived in Hong Kong on a China Eastern flight from Mexico that also passed through Shanghai. Many netizens are very upset and angry and blame Shanghai for allowing the plane to enter China.



Comments from Sina:


The whole world is forbidding Mexican airline from entering their countries, but our country up to a few days was still allowing uninterrupted entry to those airplanes from infected countries, even exaggeratingly saying we have the ability to detect carriers.  How is this kind of defense awareness different from dereliction of duty, with such a serious consequence for such dereliction?


To the Shanghai officials who allowed the Mexican airline in: 1. Have you considered that there are some people with ulterior motives who want to bring the disease to China? 2. Can the current detection method filter the virus? 3. If the virus brought into the country by the airplane spreads, how big of an effect will it have on China’s economy, how many people will die, and how far-reaching of an effect on society? To those officials who ignore the country’s interests and the people’s safety, I want to express my extreme indignation, and strongly request the central government to make a thorough investigation.


That the virus can be concealed/in incubation, I already thought of.
Even before hearing the news, I was very surprised to see airplanes still entering Shanghai, what use is thermal sterilization? If the virus is in incubation and not apparent, how can you detect it?
Now it is already like this. These officials, they never learn their lesson, they should have long ago prohibited the airplane!!!


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Upon seeing the news about that flight yesterday I was very angry! It is simply being irresponsible to the people of our country, and the unimaginable thing still happened! With the plane having flown over 10 hours, the other people on the plane definitely were also infected! Dammit. This time the joke is not funny!! BS China Eastern!!..


Didn’t Shanghai do an investigation/detection? Now that the flu has been spread to here, how do we understand/deal with the risks/danger? Who will bear the consequences of what this leads to? The relevant officials really underestimated the seriousness of this problem. This kind of irresponsible attitude makes people disgusted.


It turns out to be truly be as expected! Truly a disaster caused by that flight yesterday! Europe and Japan both canceled flights to and from Mexico and other infected areas, so why did we not cancel Mexican flights entering China? Those airline officials are playing with the lives of the country’s citizen’s and the country’s safety!


Faint, Shanghai to Hong Kong, detected upon reaching Hong Kong, so was Shanghai unable to detect it? The failure of the relevant organizations makes people disappointed. The SARS nightmare was only a few years ago. Pained.


Why hasn’t the Shanghai’s Health Department come out to say something yet?


Truly speechless, and [Shanghai] wants to compete with Hong Kong to be the international financial center? Do they feel stupid now?~


Calm down, so many things that happened in 2008 but China still made it through, nothing to worry about.



Comments from NetEase:

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I suggest canceling from Mexico to China all flights, ships, etc…


How come they have not yet stopped flights from Mexico!!!??? Why!!!???


Shanghai is just a stupid cunt!!!


We should forbid Mexican people from entering. This is not about humanism, this is about an epidemic.


Everyone, when the infected person is not in a fever condition, it cannot be checked, and he will not go get checked, because he himself also does not know he has been infected, so we cannot blame Shanghai and also cannot blame the infected person! Everyone needs to be reasonable.


If we are going to quarantine, we should have quarantined before. Quarantining now is what bullshit use?
This flu has an incubation period, and the most dangerous thing is that this incubation period does not have any symptoms, but can be infectious.
Discovering this example was like this. In Shanghai, they did not detect it, and according to the time reckoning, he was in Shanghai during the incubation period, and came down with the disease upon reaching Hong Kong.
Who was he in contact with during the incubation period? Afterward, who was in contact with who??
Just thinking about it is frightening. Truly a fish who ruined a pot of soup [one thing that ruined everything else].
Shanghai Airport was simply stupid, clearly aware that during the incubation period it cannot be detected yet still allowing the Mexican airplane in.


Stop making excuses for Shanghai…during the SARS time, how many Americans forbid us from entering…not humane? Would letting our own people suffer be humane? Don’t pretend to be righteous here.

Was it a mistake for Shanghai or China to allow the plane from Mexico to enter the country?

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