Netizens Annoyed At “Female Firefighter Sacrifice” Headlines

Netizens Annoyed At “Female Firefighter Sacrifice” Headlines
A recent news story detailing the death of a female “firefighter” in the Tianjin explosions has annoyed netizens after they perceived the report to be taking things out of context. 25-year-old Zhang Sumei from Zhangjiakou worked in the logistics section at Tianjin Port Public Security and Fire Control Brigade, and was at home with her firefighter husband when reports of the fire came in. After he left to deal with the incident, the fateful explosions occurred, obliterating her house and causing her to be “sacrificed”. Netizens thought the term unfitting, with one saying her death was simply “accidental”.


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  • MeiDaxia

    I can understand the outcry.

    More of my own: Where the hell is a legitimate STORY on the TIanjin explosion?! Should I just subscribe to Shanghaiist for news anymore?

    • Archie

      This is Chinasmack bro, and the answer is no on both accounts.

      • MeiDaxia

        No on both accounts? I’m not sure what you mean

        CS used to post stories all the time, now they’re just these uninformative blurbs. There’s so much to be reported on with this story in particular, and instead of a comprehensive story, or translation of a news report, etc. we get these bs blurbs with little to no information.

        Is Fauna gone-a?

        • mr.wiener


        • David

          Yes she is and yes you should. Not saying SHL is great but it is still translating stories.

  • KamikaziPilot

    So their house was within blast radius of the explosions? If so there’s a good chance her husband died too right? Since he probably was moving closer to the explosions.

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