Netizens Caption Wang Baoqiang’s Face from ‘Lost in Thailand’

Wang Baoqiang returning Xu Zheng's cell phone in Chinese blockbuster comedy Lost in Thailand.

Wang Baoqiang returning Xu Zheng's cell phone in Chinese blockbuster comedy Lost in Thailand.

泰囧 Lost in Thailand is a recent Chinese comedy film that has unexpectedly become something of a blockbuster. While foreigners outside of China (and many inside) will likely be unfamiliar with the slapstick movie, whose Chinese title is literally “Thai Jiong“, it quickly broke previous China box office records held by, well, James Cameron (specifically, it has beaten Titanic 3D and threatens to beat Avatar) while sending Chinese audiences into fits of laughter.

The movie is about two Chinese businessmen who head to Thailand, racing each other to find their boss under the promise that whoever finds him first will be given the funding required for their respective business plans. Along the way, the main protagonist (who happens to also be the director and producer of the film) runs into the character you see above, played by Wang Baoqing, who appeared with Andy Lau in 天下无贼 A World Without Thieves but became a household name in China through the Chinese television series 士兵突击 Soldiers Sortie. As with previous roles, Wang Baoqiang comes across as the stereotypical rural Chinese peasant, unsophisticated and obnoxious but ultimately earnest and well-meaning, who inadvertently but repeatedly frustrates the protagonist’s plans.

From Sina Weibo:

#Wang Baoqiang’s Super Despicable Facial Expressions#

Wang Baoqiang‘s Super Despicable Facial Expressions in Lost in Thailand Goes Viral, Leading Netizens to Have Fun with PS [Photoshop]

The Xu Zheng directed film Lost In Thailand has been huge during the recent Chinese New Year movie season. While being popular with movie watchers, some of the classic lines and scenes in the film have become the object of spoofs by netizens. Wang Baoqiang’s lines and facial expressions in the film when he first catches up with Xu Zheng to return the cell phone has especially run into all kinds of PS hijinks by netizens: [Captions like] “Are finals coming up? Still haven’t studied yet? Get ready to die! Hahaha.” [and] “Going to grad school? Academic adviser not allowing you to go home? Spend Chinese New Year in the lab then, hahaha.” have netizens laughing.

Have you had 5 days of work?
Did you think the weekend has arrived?
Today is only Wednesday, haha!

This year’s New Year’s Day holiday schedule in China allowed people 3 days off followed by 8 continuous days of work.

Are finals coming up?
Still haven’t studied yet?
Get ready to die! Hahahahaha!

The Chinese school semester is drawing to an end with finals and term papers coming due and students anxious to get home for the upcoming Spring Festival holiday.

The deadline is tomorrow, right?
Finished writing your paper with an all-nighter, right?
The next paper is due the day after tomorrow, hahaha!
At school, right?
Haven’t gone on holiday/break yet, right?
I’m already at home, hahahaha!
Going home for the Chinese New Year, right? Have you bought your ticket yet?
Congratulations! You finally managed to buy one!
But even if you managed to get a train ticket, you’ll get on the train and still be squeezed to death! And if you switch to taking a long-distance bus home, the winter snow and ice will have you trapped in traffic to death! Hahaha!

The above refers to the difficulties experienced by travelers during the current annual Chinese New Year Chun Yun season trying to get home to celebrate the holidays with family.

A Lakers fan, right?
Lost 5 games in a row?
Next game is against the Thunder~!!!

This one pokes fun at Chinese Los Angeles Lakers basketball fans after the team lost 5 games straight with the start of 2013.

About to turn 30 soon, right?
Still haven’t found a man, right?
I already have a wife! You no longer have a chance! You must be frustrated to death! Hahaha!

Finding someone to marry is a popular social issue in China, and the above pokes fun at aging single women, which is particularly poignant around the Chinese New Year Spring Festival holiday season when parents sometimes hope their unmarried grown children will bring home a potential spouse for them to meet.

@王宝强 [Wang Baoqiang]: Gosh netizens are too amazing. I swear on Chairman Mao that these lines weren’t said by me, but I concede that this face is definitely mine!

You can make your own captions using Wang Baoqiang’s facial expressions in Lost in Thailand here.

Trailers for Lost in Thailand:

Lost in Thailand movie poster.

Lost in Thailand movie poster.


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