Netizens Criticize Extravagance of ‘Two Meetings’ Delegates

Chinese netizens have been identifying and criticizing the luxury goods worn by delegates to the annual "Two Meetings" of the NPC and CPPCC.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

As Chinese politicians and people’s representatives gather for the annual “Two Meetings” (or “Two Sessions”) of the National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Chinese netizens have been analysing the participants’ outfits. Whilst some attention has been given to ethnic minorities’ traditional dress, most of the discussion has revolved around the amount of luxury clothes and accessories on display by committee members.

From MP Life:

2012 Two Meetings Representatives’ Extravagance PKs Fashion Week, netizens jokingly call it “Beijing Fashion Week”

I don’t know when it started, but the national political assemblies we all pay attention to have turned into “Beijing Fashion Week”. It all reminds me of the colourful, bold Louis Vuitton scarf Song Zuying wore last year! The 2012 People’s PCC began on the 3rd March in Beijing, with many famous people participating in the conference as representatives. The representatives were bedecked in gold and silver and not without the world’s top luxury brands on hand. I, for one, am sure these aren’t shanzhai goods! When the wife of the US President participates in national conferences, she just wears regular, second-rate or third-rate brands like J.Crew. It’s easy to then see that the quality of life and taste of our kingdom’s people’s representatives are leading the world!

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

‘Who took this photo? Which department do you belong to? How can you photograph a representative like this?!’ CPPCC committee member and Heng Da chairman, Xu Jiayin turns up late and is besieged and chased by journalists. His Hermes leather belt was revealed by a fellow netizen to retail for 20,000 RMB.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

Yang Lan carries a Marc Jacobs handbag, approximately 8,500 RMB.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

4th March, Zheng Mingming carries a Louis Vuitton bag. US$2,080, retails in China at approximately 25,000 RMB.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

The representatives might dress simply, but the details are extremely respectable, am I right? Liu Yingxia carries a Dior bag from the Granville series. A fellow netizen revealed a large-sized bag from the Dior Granville series retails for more than 20,000 RMB.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

Councillor Zheng Mingming carries fresh flowers and a Hermes Birkin bag. Due to Zheng Mingming fame in the beauty world, changing Hermes bags is quite normal. The Birkin needs no introduction, it’s the favourite bag of celebrities and rich women. The rectangular Birkin retails for more than 100,000 RMB.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

CPPCC committee member Li Ruiying’s glasses are from Dior. These black-framed Dior spectacles are classic! The exact same pair of glasses sell on Taobao for 1,650 RMB.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

Li Xiaolin, Chairman of China Power International Ltd participates in the conference accessorising with a Chanel necklace. Chanel’s other long pearl necklaces retail for approximately 6-8,000 RMB.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

6th March, Han Hong carries a Bottega Veneta men’s leather tatting briefcase.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

CPPCC committee member Song Zuying wears a fur coat, on her feet she wears Chanel’s Autumn-Winter collection gold chain boots to participate in the conference.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Motherfucking National People’s Congress!!!


So should they wear athletics vests to go to meetings?


Can the name be changed to “Luxury Brands Representatives Conference”?


They also have jobs, so can’t they buy the things they like? Furthermore, they use their own money to buy it. Maybe some people think members of the CPPCC should dress plainly, that they shouldn’t wear this or wear that, but does everything think everything will be good just by wearing rags? As long as they wholeheartedly carry out their responsibility, that’s enough. The country’s developing, people are living better, so don’t make this into a thing.


People’s representatives, represent the people. Motherfucking


These fashions have been sinicised/China-fied so much that this isn’t your ordinary shocking. None of them look like anything [fashionable], and yet they all look to be genuine goods!! Look at the lady in red!!


Milan and Paris have fallen to their knees.


They can also represent a part of the population.


Looks like it’s the annual China Fashion Week!


You’re supposed to go to the conference to represent the people, not to show off your wealth.


The Two Meetings have always had people from every social class/level of society. As long as they made their money morally, why can’t they dress fashionably?

What do you think? Do you think it is reasonable to criticize these delegates for their expensive clothes and accessories?


Written by Alec O

Alec is a university student majoring in Chinese at SOAS, University of London. He's currently in his final year, and despite also speaking fluent Italian and Japanese, he sees his future in China and plans to move (back) to Beijing in the autumn of 2012.


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