Netizens Criticize Extravagance of ‘Two Meetings’ Delegates

Chinese netizens have been identifying and criticizing the luxury goods worn by delegates to the annual "Two Meetings" of the NPC and CPPCC.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

As Chinese politicians and people’s representatives gather for the annual “Two Meetings” (or “Two Sessions”) of the National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Chinese netizens have been analysing the participants’ outfits. Whilst some attention has been given to ethnic minorities’ traditional dress, most of the discussion has revolved around the amount of luxury clothes and accessories on display by committee members.

From MP Life:

2012 Two Meetings Representatives’ Extravagance PKs Fashion Week, netizens jokingly call it “Beijing Fashion Week”

I don’t know when it started, but the national political assemblies we all pay attention to have turned into “Beijing Fashion Week”. It all reminds me of the colourful, bold Louis Vuitton scarf Song Zuying wore last year! The 2012 People’s PCC began on the 3rd March in Beijing, with many famous people participating in the conference as representatives. The representatives were bedecked in gold and silver and not without the world’s top luxury brands on hand. I, for one, am sure these aren’t shanzhai goods! When the wife of the US President participates in national conferences, she just wears regular, second-rate or third-rate brands like J.Crew. It’s easy to then see that the quality of life and taste of our kingdom’s people’s representatives are leading the world!

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

‘Who took this photo? Which department do you belong to? How can you photograph a representative like this?!’ CPPCC committee member and Heng Da chairman, Xu Jiayin turns up late and is besieged and chased by journalists. His Hermes leather belt was revealed by a fellow netizen to retail for 20,000 RMB.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

Yang Lan carries a Marc Jacobs handbag, approximately 8,500 RMB.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

4th March, Zheng Mingming carries a Louis Vuitton bag. US$2,080, retails in China at approximately 25,000 RMB.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

The representatives might dress simply, but the details are extremely respectable, am I right? Liu Yingxia carries a Dior bag from the Granville series. A fellow netizen revealed a large-sized bag from the Dior Granville series retails for more than 20,000 RMB.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

Councillor Zheng Mingming carries fresh flowers and a Hermes Birkin bag. Due to Zheng Mingming fame in the beauty world, changing Hermes bags is quite normal. The Birkin needs no introduction, it’s the favourite bag of celebrities and rich women. The rectangular Birkin retails for more than 100,000 RMB.

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Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

CPPCC committee member Li Ruiying’s glasses are from Dior. These black-framed Dior spectacles are classic! The exact same pair of glasses sell on Taobao for 1,650 RMB.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

Li Xiaolin, Chairman of China Power International Ltd participates in the conference accessorising with a Chanel necklace. Chanel’s other long pearl necklaces retail for approximately 6-8,000 RMB.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

6th March, Han Hong carries a Bottega Veneta men’s leather tatting briefcase.

Fashionable NPC representatives and delegates.

CPPCC committee member Song Zuying wears a fur coat, on her feet she wears Chanel’s Autumn-Winter collection gold chain boots to participate in the conference.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Motherfucking National People’s Congress!!!


So should they wear athletics vests to go to meetings?


Can the name be changed to “Luxury Brands Representatives Conference”?


They also have jobs, so can’t they buy the things they like? Furthermore, they use their own money to buy it. Maybe some people think members of the CPPCC should dress plainly, that they shouldn’t wear this or wear that, but does everything think everything will be good just by wearing rags? As long as they wholeheartedly carry out their responsibility, that’s enough. The country’s developing, people are living better, so don’t make this into a thing.


People’s representatives, represent the people. Motherfucking


These fashions have been sinicised/China-fied so much that this isn’t your ordinary shocking. None of them look like anything [fashionable], and yet they all look to be genuine goods!! Look at the lady in red!!


Milan and Paris have fallen to their knees.


They can also represent a part of the population.


Looks like it’s the annual China Fashion Week!


You’re supposed to go to the conference to represent the people, not to show off your wealth.


The Two Meetings have always had people from every social class/level of society. As long as they made their money morally, why can’t they dress fashionably?

What do you think? Do you think it is reasonable to criticize these delegates for their expensive clothes and accessories?

Written by Alec O

Alec is a university student majoring in Chinese at SOAS, University of London. He's currently in his final year, and despite also speaking fluent Italian and Japanese, he sees his future in China and plans to move (back) to Beijing in the autumn of 2012.

  • Nyancat

    is this supposed to be surprising ?

    • Nyancat

      I thought han hong was a woman?

      • Castro

        I did too!

        either way,,, he/she put the Ug in Ly ! damn. :0

        • Nyancat

          to top it all off she’s using a bag made for men O.o

        • Xiongmao

          How are things back home in Bible-thumping Let’s-Kill-The-Gays America? Han Hong is awesome, amazing singer, openly gay, speaks out for Tibetan interests and is cool as fuck.

          • staylost

            I thought she was a general. She’s got four stars there! Maybe outranks every single American general currently in the service!

          • Nyancat

            haha sry to burst ur bubble but I’m not an american, an I pride myself on being open minded as f**k her to tell u the truth i know nothing about her other than she is a famous singer but she could work on her image a bit. If she’s gay, and speaks out for the tibetans then she’s most definitely awesome, thanks for the info about her, good to know she speaks out for the downtrodden.

          • staylost

            And while we’re talking gays, Mr. Hermes belt-buckle is as gay as they come!!!

          • moop

            i’m pretty sure that she doesn’t speak put for tibet. if she did that she wouldnt have a career.

          • Nyancat

            @Xiangmao if what moot says is true then u have deceived me and therefore ur retort at my comment becomes void, post some valid links to substantiate your claims.
            @staylost hahah yeah seriously the way he runs he makes gays look straight, i lol’d at that picture and the expression on his face, priceless.

          • Dat Ankle

            You act as if there isnt a single openly gay American…

  • sofa!

    • Nyancat

      sry you cant afford this sofa

  • sofa! i want sofffaaaa

  • China Nothing

    Luxury Sofa

  • Rick in China

    Wow, “Zheng Mingming” looks fucking ATROCIOUS. Her taste is horrible, and she would be better off spending a little money buying nicer eyebrows, looks like Cruella de Vil — I’d bet when she opens her bag, a dead dalmation falls out.

  • AnHonestObserver

    I don’t want to sit on an expensive sofa. Although this piece gets a lot of Chinese netizens angry, can they do anything about it?

    • dreeg

      It has already been done – I’m sure a directive has be given to tone down on the luxury accessories – Online outrage appears to be the only way to get things done.

      • kevinnolongerinpudong

        Just telling them to “tone it down” doesn’t really get to the root of the problem….

  • Capt. WED

    fuck. pussy ass Chinese people need to throw themselves in front of tanks, steal jets, steal tanks, convert the People’s Army and overthrow these fucks!

  • moop

    just think 40 years ago they were killing and abusing intellectuals, and destroying some of the last remnants of traditional chinese culture under the direction of mao yeye during the cultural revolution.

  • typingfromwork

    Provincial landlords getting their one time in the year to shine, and you’re not letting them? But they must make you know how much money they’ve embezzled! They’ll do it even if they have to shove all their designer tops and boots down your sorry ass poor throats.

    Remember kids, more money equals more superior.

    • Rick in China

      So positive of embezzlement eh? You’re a jealous fool, like most who comment.

      Many of these people, while they may have embezzled something, are owners/CEO/chairmen of major companies, both state owned and private. Just because YOU can’t afford shit doesn’t mean anyone who can must have stolen their money.

      And re: “more money equals more superior”, what is this even referring to? I don’t see anyone in those photos ranting about their superiority, just because they wear some nice gear don’t assume they’re telling the public they are better than them.

      • Stu

        Leaving aside the fact that ‘major companies’ in China are themselves full of embezzlement…

        These chairmen and CEOs are in Beijing to represent ‘the people’. I suppose it’s nice of them to indicate so clearly that they can do no such thing, but… that right there is a problem.

      • Alan

        Just because YOU can’t afford shit doesn’t mean anyone who can must have stolen their money.

        Where does your resentment of the poor stem from?

        Even the rich had to come from somewhere , didn’t they?

        I know your not a teacher, and work in business or something technical in Sichuan or somewhere, just curious as to why you defend the CEOs all the time. You sound like a young republican to me!!

        Nothing personal by the way, just curious///

        • Rick in China

          I’m not American, so I’m not a republican – nor do I like their ideals / bullshit from the presidential candidates, and certainly don’t hate or look down on poor people. I do, however, dislike people who hate on wealthy people and make presumptions like everyone who is wealthy is a criminal or generally dishonest person. I’m not rich, but make a fair amount of money / invested wisely, and if I want to roll around in Armani in my Z4 does it warrant automatic assumption from ‘poorer people’ that I’m a wealthy asshole who stole from others? I’d hope the answer is no, in fact I’m an asshole who pays taxes and routinely donates to the less fortunate.

          • Rick!!!

            Beware before it’s too late!!!

            The Creepy Stalker Troll has spotted you in it’s territory. It’s already started collecting your useless tidbits…

            Don’t look it in the eye, for God’s Sake!!!

          • Andao

            In China, it actually does mean you’re a wealthy corrupt asshole. A Z4 might be 4 years average salary in Europe or US, but it’s like 40 years average salary in China. You don’t get that much richer than the average Zhou without playing the system. Or maybe the system itself is broke, but the rich guys all created it, and they are sure as hell not going to let the 99% have any say in it anytime soon.

          • Alan

            I’d hope the answer is no, in fact I’m an asshole who pays taxes and routinely donates to the less fortunate.

            Thanks for your reply. Nice to know you have compassion for others, unlike the self centred canuck who responded to you, who only has compassion for himself and his asian wife…he is the real loser on these boards!

      • Taikongren

        Hi Rick,

        I’m positive most of them didn’t get the majority of their money from embezzlement . They got their money through manipulating institutions to give them free credit, low taxes, and lots of government hand-outs. Which is what happens in the West, but in China, this happens on a bigger scale. The rich didn’t bribe people to get the connections to make this happen BTW. They just happened to dine with / sleep with / trade wives with other people that made it possible for them to get the hand-outs. All legal. All douche-baggery.

        That’s what is. I don’t think Chinese people nor people here are complaining that these “People’s Representatives” are rich. I think they are complaining that they are just douche-bags. They flaunt wealth in unseamly ways not befiting leaders of a country…let alone a nominally socialist country, where in, most of the population is still very poor.

        • baijiansi


      • Mike Check

        Anyone who shows off wealth to the a poor public is telling the public that they, the public, are better than them, the retarded flaunters.

      • typingfromwork

        Yes, when going to a conference dedicated for the policies of the “common people” be sure to wear your best fur, watches and assorted designer brands for the cameras. They are not trying to show that they are better than the public, oh no- they are trying to show that they are better than THE OTHER DELEGATES. The public is already beneath their contempt.

        What you said doesn’t even make any sense. To follow this

        >Many of these people, while they may have embezzled something

        with this

        >Just because YOU can’t afford shit doesn’t mean anyone who can must have stolen their money

        If they’ve embezzled then they have stolen. End of. Unless you have a definition of embezzlement that comes from the Oxford Dictionary of Opposite Meanings. Maybe you think embezzlement means “borrowing for a very long time with no interest”. That makes it legit, right?

        BTW I have no problems with rich people who flaunt their wealth. I do have a problem with scumbag polititians who use their position to missapropriate and embezzle public asssets. You need to take that chip off your shoulder regarding people hating on rich people just because they are rich. I have no problems with the likes of Richard Branson or Warren Buffet- they made their dollar by their hard work and never stolen jack from the public.

        Pro tip- if you’ve embezzled, don’t show it to the rest of the world.

        • Rick in China

          You miss my whole point.

          You are presuming they embezzled and are criminals because they are wealthy and involved in politics. THERE IS NO PROOF OF THAT. It’s all in your mind. Get it?

          I’m saying that some, many, or even ALL of them may have been duplicitous in their collection of wealth – but you, absolutely, are not capable of discerning who specifically was or what they specifically did, so you just assume all of them have been involved in illegal activity. That’s the absolute opposite of fair – it’s presumed guilt based on nonsense! If you truly believe that’s the best way to judge people then I feel sorry for you, and those you encounter.

          • typingfromwork

            You’re giving them waaaay too much benefit of the doubt. Sure, not all of them have embezzled. But that’s a small minority. And those politicians who flaunt their wealth? I’d say a major majority of those have gotten their gains through ill-gotten means. Especially when the official wage for a government post in their position is much, much too small to sustain such a lavish lifestyle.

            Sure, believe in their inocence if you want. But with all the widespread cases of backstabing corrupt officials in China I’d be inclined to call shenanigans. Especially when they blatently show off to all of the world what they should not be able to afford if they had been honest. You think you are being fair. I think you are being naive. You think I’m being judgemental. I think I’m being realistic.

          • fabulous

            How many rich Chinese people, even those who are just moderately rich, even those who just own a restaurant, got where they are through pure hard work and merit.

            Police officer Nicholas Angel was required to turn down free tickets to an amateur dramatics society production in order to maintain the pure reputation of the British Police. How many Chinese police have you met who would turn down a dinner?

            How many times have you been watching Chinese TV programs/movies and said “I can see how she got into acting”, without a little nudgenudge winkwink.

            How many times have you had to do something official (start a business, open a restaurant, pay some tax, send a parcel) and after things started getting unreasonably difficult you felt the urge to give someone a gift. Maybe “urge” isn’t the right word; “compelled” maybe.

            Embezzlement may be the wrong conviction in most cases but to lawyer your way past the fact that most/all rich and powerful people in China are criminals is naive. Most commentators would do exactly the same thing to get themselves into that position, which means that their comments ARE fueled by jealousy and envy, but the fact remains criminal actions are criminals actions.

            Righteousness, unlike self-righteousness is quite difficult.

          • Rick in China

            Zheng Mingming, the horrible looking old lady, is actually Cheng Mingming, look up her cosmetics brand. I think they just mistyped her name or something here. She’s a very successful business owner with a large brand behind her. She doesn’t require ANY government salary to sustain a lavish lifestyle. Is she a criminal? your presumptions say YES. Your presumptions are jealousy-fueled rants with absolutely no basis. Done.

          • Alec

            Rick in China: Zheng Mingming, unless you know something I don’t. o_0

          • simon

            hate to tell you this rick, but you are pretty naive. Pretty much most government officials are involved in embezzlement/other dealings. average wage for government workers in the county level are like 2000-3000 RMB. i would assume higher levels wouldn’t be above 10,000 RMB a month.

            and having an official as a CEO/owner etc. of a private/public money would pretty much guarantee there is bribery involved. It’s the way business is done in china. I would even go as far to say that even foreign MNC’s have some degree of shoddy dealings just to appease the PRC officials.

        • Mike Check

          Also, if you consistently do business with and take advantage of the perks of a crony-corrupt government, your money is dirty. If their money is legal and legit, they are still morons for dressing like they’re on the red carpet when they are meeting to pretend to disucss the future of a nominal communist country.

    • Bruce Tutty

      And you’re stealing resources if you are typing from work.

      • typingfromwork

        I’m literally drowning in a sea of Gucci bags for the amount of resources I’ve stolen.


  • james loh

    these spending less then 30, 000 rmb is nothing a norm. very petty .

  • DRaY

    Are these Cunts political figures??? Can you imagine if all the senators and congressmen in America walked around flossing their shit in people’s faces… hahaha… Gotta love Communism , they get to floss and you can’t do shit about it!!!!! Its like being a black athlete or rapper….. Funny shit , tacky flossy, funny shit!!

    PEACE OUT!!!!

  • Andao

    I think this proves Chinese politicians have bigger balls than anyone. A US Senator would die if he got caught doing this. Essentially all these people are saying “yeah I’m rich and hella corrupt, and you can’t do shit about it”

    And for that, I am admiration.

    • Rick in China

      Are you fucking KIDDING me?

      Look at presidential candidate Newt Gengrich; no wait, look at his ‘standard’ 500k LOC at TIFFANY’S.

      Most politicians in US are very wealthy, ex-businessmen or lawyers, and most definitely are BOUGHT by corporations – please don’t make me explain how this works, you can’t go from peasantry to public office – and just because someone is rich doesn’t mean they are automatically corrupt…

      • Alan

        Difference is they don’t go flaunting it, nor is there a one party state system in the US that allows and encourages and recruits people into cronyism, very often, from the school system onwards.

        • Rick in China

          Cronyism happens everywhere, including your beloved US of A. Bush appointed several people to senior positions with little or no experience, as in the supreme court, head of FEMA, etc.

          • moop

            i doubt he was able to pass a judge with little or no experience with a democrat-majority congress and senate. i don’t like team red or team blue but i’m calling bullshit on that one

          • Rick in China

            Harriet Miers. She was nominated, but opposed by literally everyone. Why did bush nominate her to the supreme court? Because, she worked on his 2000 political campaign and had close relations with him. That’s the definition of cronyism. She was absolutely not qualified, she was a lawyer – but had zero judicial experience and very little knowledge of constitutional law.

            I should have said “TRIED to appoint” in that case, to avoid this comment. :D

          • Alan

            Cronyism happens everywhere, including your beloved US of A. Bush appointed several people to senior positions with little or no experience, as in the supreme court, head of FEMA, etc.

            As I am part american, I do feel compelled to defend myself.

            Even under bush, cronyism was never promoted in middle schools as a means to get ahead, unless the freemasons or skull and bones were actively stalking students?

            How many chinese students do you see with red ribbons and party membership, and thus a brighter future…..the system provides, if you are pretty/smart enough…but what if you aren’t?

            The american dream….or?

      • Nyancat

        I’ll see your newt gingrich and raise you gary locke, noone here said that being rich = being corrupt, everyone’s just saying that being rich + politician = being corrupt which doesn’t mean they’re engaging in flights of fancy. Why are you getting so worked up anyway? Everyone is entitled to an opinion, you’re rick in china not rick from china, and like this CHINESE netizen says:

        You’re supposed to go to the conference to represent the people, not to show off your wealth.

        • Andao

          Rick, shut up. Newt is such a small fry compared to not only other US Congresspeople, but also Chinese politicians.

          “The net worth of the 70 richest delegates in China’s National People’s Congress, which opens its annual session on March 5, rose to 565.8 billion yuan ($89.8 billion) in 2011, a gain of $11.5 billion from 2010, according to figures from the Hurun Report, which tracks the country’s wealthy. That compares to the $7.5 billion net worth of all 660 top officials in the three branches of the U.S. government.”

          And the average Chinese is vastly, vastly poorer than the average Westerner.

          • Foreign Devil

            I was going to point that out too. In China politician means being filthy rich. Not as bad in USA but getting worse. There was time in USA when politicians where first and foremost public servants AND they all held down regular jobs or part-time jobs. Their service to the government was an “Above and beyond” kind of duty and did not provide enough for a living. That is as it should be, so we don’t have jaded career politicians who can do nothing else.

  • Bruce Tutty

    So are we sure these are genuine goods?…or that they paid the same prices as everyone else?


    If any politician wears fur in the UK, their political career will be over!

    David Cameron’s wife Samantha purposefully shopped from LK Benet, a second tier high street fashion chain to avoid controversies, even though she was given clothes by designers (as she went on TV a lot during election campaigns). Even Kate Middleton wears dresses from Zara.

    China’s elite is corrupt to the core. Passion in their wallets and not afraid to show it. I would like to see Wen Jiabao making a speech about corruption where every councillor stands up clapping at the end with Rolexes on their writs. LOL. Irony…

    • Duh

      These are not career politicians who are paid for by public fund.

  • jeffli

    Zheng mingming’s eyebrows look like Sydney harbour bridge!
    But I would never say no to her! :-)
    Li Xaolin looks quite pretty!

    Most people in politics wear expensive clothes, Armani suits and so-on,
    they’re paid too much? So whats new?

  • nereis

    Men without ties, boxy suits, bling bling jewelery, pink blazers?! Wtf is this shit, amateur night?

  • alex

    They all look horrendous… especially Zhen Mingming, kinda nightmarish..

  • eattot

    when a woman is young,no matter what she wears, men all stare at her. when a woman is old,no matter what she puts on, men dont care.
    women show off to women most of time.
    the poorest ones are those who never be pretty but insult any pretty woman.

    • donscarletti

      Li Xiaolin looks about 15 years older than me, but I think she looks nice.

      The last, Song Zuying is about 20 years older than me, she looks either like a very beautiful older woman or a slightly creepy looking young woman, depending on the level of makeup and photoshop involved.

      • mr. wiener

        Many Chinese women do age well. Didn’t see a front view of Song Zuying, I’ll assume she’s not too hard on the eyes.
        The mandarins of old used to have a strict system as to what they could wear, Hoe many dragons on the gown, peacock feather in the hat etc. Maybe they’ll bring in a system that lesser delegates ain’t allowed to have Hemes hand bags.
        Zheng Mingming’s fashion sense is to be applauded , if she was trying to look like a trashy harpy:P

        • donscarletti

          Here’s a nice picture, from a while back.

          Click the “down” button if you want to see what I mean about the makeup thing. But there are plenty of nice pictures where she’s in her mid 40s if you scroll around.

          Anyone here have/had a Miao girlfriend/wife? Do they ever put the silver jewellery on with nothing else? I think that would be totally exotic and awesome.

          • Alan

            Anyone here have/had a Miao girlfriend/wife? Do they ever put the silver jewellery on with nothing else? I think that would be totally exotic and awesome.

            Amen to that brother! Miao girls are totally cute!!!

  • deputamadre
    • themig

      the only thing that should be expensive in beijing is an anti-aircraft defense system. other than that let them drive Cherrys

  • Xiongmao

    Nothing to say but KONY 2012!

  • junior

    many of them remind me of sarah palin; trashy ‘new money’ dresses like this in the west. and a word of advice to the rich in china: many of the brands you seem to treasure, ESPECIALLY louis vuitton, are, in the united states, status symbols primarily to african americans. it’s ‘ghetto chic’, but hey, I guess china is just one big ghetto, and the wealthy are very similar to the american ‘ganstas’.

  • Jess

    I’m more surprised that people can accurately identify specific lines and models of fashion accessories without even so much as a logo.

  • mbm1ame

    do they really believe Michele Obama wears J crew because she can’t afford louis vutton.. seriously?

    • nereis

      They believe she has more of an awareness of how she dresses affects her image in the public.

  • dilladonuts

    Haters gonna hate.

  • [email protected]

    God there are some tacky-looking ladies at this thing

  • Vincent

    Oh my , some of them have really really bad tastes, they just outrageously stack expensive brand -__-.

    That how you end up with a cheap taste even while carrying expensive cloths on your back.

  • Xiongmao

    I love Han Hong, Tibetan, openly gay and proud about it, doesn’t give a fuck about the establishment, speaks her mind and sings like a fucking angel.

    • kevinnolongerinpudong

      Wow, you really have a hard-on for Han Hong. Get a room already!


    Reply to zZ斌: How much do you think they make a month…I mean not including their bribe money. Can they actually afford all this luxury from what they make? We havent even looked at their cars or their homes…
    I dont know.. but it doesnt seem to add up.
    What comes up fast can fall fast too….
    China has risen tremendously in the last 20 to 30 years in comparision to any nation in the world……..I am worried The communist party will not be able to hold itself together for too long…I wont be suprised China will break up in to 3 or 4 countries maybe in the next 50 years…..But again this is just an assumption.

    • Alan

      Xinjiang was a country before, and perhaps one day, will be so again.

      • kevinnolongerinpudong

        The only solution is for the people to hang these “diligent representatives of the people” from their overpriced handbags and belts at the entrance to the Great Hall of the People.

  • Lee

    Shouldn’t Han Hong be wearing Tibetan national dress? this seem to the be the dress code for other Tibetan delegates.

    • dace

      I just can’t work out how someone who sings for a living and has never actually done any combat service can have so many ribbons? I know the Yanks, Italians and Russians go overboard with their medals, but they don’t compare to the Chinese when awarding gongs to people who have never fought.

  • Whatever

    What’s the problem? Most of these people are entrepreneurs or involved in bussines, why they would not wear whatever they want if they can afford it? Even with a high-ranking official’s salary it is possible to afford these things…The question is not what they wear but do they do carry out their responsibilities, no?

    • Mike Check

      No, no they don’t.

  • Peye

    Some day they all are going to pass on and nobody will give a hoot what they wore to the congress in 2012. Mind you, I believe it would have been more useful to have spend the money to help some needy kids with school fees or medical aid. So we the people is just a dream. It seems it is still us and them.

  • mp

    “It is important for our leaders to dress fashionably. And it is both helpful and beneficial for workers, and poor and lower-middle peasants to observe and learn about this from us. It demonstrates that they too, with hard and diligent work, can become not only good comrades, but good Communists. I myself have often discussed this with Chairman Mao, who in turn encouraged my own expression of high fashion, as those of you in this courtroom, as well as those at home watching on television can tell.”

    -Jiang Qing: statement on Chinese Communist Party fashion, taken from official 1980 trial transcript-

    • Sunshine

      And we know where she ended up.

  • Sunshine

    Dafuq since when did Song ZuYing become a CPPCC committee member?? What is her role in the committee? To sing and entertain the other committee members!?

    Wait… why am I even surprised?

  • Derek Xu

    Better looking than US Congressmen like Barney Frank (fag).

  • Fman

    A developing country indeed…. The rich are getting richer (as are the officials, they should have posted their salaries along with the prices they’re quoting, guess who’s taking money on the side anyone?!?!) middle class is shrinking and the poor soon to be poorer…

  • Derek Xu

    That Hermes belt says GAY! GAY! GAY!

  • JooksingCBC

    You guys have nothing better to do…. You analyzed their clothes and think it’s suspicious of the brands and their worth? THEY ARE ALL FAKE! I bet they are just knock offs, so who cares?

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  • David Richards

    You guys have no sense of humor, how do you know whether these things are real or fake? As long as they are doing their jobs, it is really cool!

  • Andy

    The Chinese always love to show that money cannot buy good taste,

    But, still, 10k pounds for a f*ck1ng hideous handbag ! Only the Chinese would be THAT stupid as to buy it.

  • Jack

    What incredible sacrifices these humble delegates make… One handbag costs them double their monthly salary! Their children must be starving to death. In their Harvard dormitories.

  • Derek Xu

    What great success the CCP has achieved – these people are almost as corrupt as African politicians.

  • Rincewind

    Everybody in China wears this stuff. Nobody comments because it is all usually fake. Why does anyone believe the these photographs are of real designer brands when fakes are so common.

  • dan danger

    Bunch of greedy money grubbing maggots. Sure their concern is with all the poor dead whale eaters in China.

  • kodi

    Damn they were all in the same place at the same time and we did not airstrike tiananmen and make it look like a terrorist attack? WTF?

  • Why can’t China’s elite NOT have nice clothing and accessories? As far as I know, most American congressmen and their wives don’t wear Walmart.