Netizens Disgusted At Couple Kissing Openly On Subway



A couple who embraced and kissed openly on a busy train have had a large negative response from netizens. The couple were on line one of the Shenyang subway when they started their display of affection, kissing and embracing intimately as they ignored embarrassed bystanders. One commenter, who believed them to be in their 30s, asked how parents were supposed to explain it to their kids if they witnessed them, whilst another called for penalties for such behavior to be introduced as in the rules of Suzhou metro, which prohibits kissing and hugging in train carriages.

Source: qq

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  • listen China
    if mothafuckers can shit and piss on the train, people can hug and kiss

    • Doge Wallace

      I think most Chinese are also against shit and pissing on trains.

      • Bman

        Haha. That’s a statement I just thought would never need to be affirmed :D

    • WghUk

      Well said. Kissing is not shitting.

    • 42

      you cant hold down shitting and pissing, but you can do without kissing, see the difference?

  • firebert5

    Child: “Mom, why are those two showing genuine affection for each other? How come I never see you and Dad show any kind of care or affection like they do?”
    Mom: “Quiet! They clearly have no idea what a real relationship is all about! Now go study your homework, my insurance polic…I mean, child.”

    • Jahar

      Retirement plan.

    • 42

      Mom: what you talking about, me and your dad suck the living daylights out of each other anytime whenever you are not looking.

      Child: (shocked)

  • Zappa Frank

    that’s china, to piss and shit in the subway is ok.. a couple kissing is not. If you don’t understand this you don’t understand china, go back to your countries and remember that 120 year ago you shamed us and we are still angry about that.. china has 100000 years of civilization…. you don’t understand?

  • 十月码

    First of all, this news source is from QQ News, where there are many crude and crazy netizens, and I don’t like there personally. Different netizens have different opinions, maybe this websites should put more comments about news here. You should go to Sina Weibo to check non crazy/nonsense comments.

    Piss and shit in subway is not welcome, but no one stop them (The reason is rather complicated). And most people won’t feel disgusted by kissing couples. Believe me that’s a common idea in China.

    For this specific news, I can guess why some people feels disgusted. If you checked the origin news source, you would find that them are not just “kissing”. The man is rubbing his girlfriend’s chest and put his hand in girl cloth publicly. And by the way, some netizen (even QQ netizen) says this man shows no respect to his girlfriend.

    • Zappa Frank

      your comment put a different prospective on this new. In effect if is also rubbing chest and so on is not a kind of behavior appropriate, in China like anywhere.

      Could you explain why no one stop pissing and shitting in subway? this is something that really is hard to understand for me. I’ve seen more than one time child pissing on subway seats and the people around seemd to do not show any feeling, like it was a perfectly normal thing

      • Vance

        Is that kind of thing really that common there?

        • Zappa Frank

          i would not say is common, but is not rare. it is also up to the city, in Chongqing is by far more common than in Shanghai. Apparently for chinese children are so innocent that even their pee and poop is not that dirty as well… i was told that was the same in my country 40-50 years ago.

          • What country are you from?

          • Zappa Frank

            italy. i had a discussion just last week at dinner. and i’ve been told that most thing i see here where present also in italy. Of course we didn’t have the subway

        • Amused

          You haven’t lived(or laughed) until you’ve walked through a mall and seen a kid dropping a deuce in front of the LV store while his grandpa holds his hand.

      • 十月码

        The common situation is that you try to stop them and you will get into trouble. The parents may quarrel or fight with you. And the worst part is maybe no other people will help — other people in the train won’t probably, the police won’t probably. There is little trust between people who don’t know each other, and no one want to get into trouble. Of course no one want to be cold blood, but the situation makes you keep silent.

        There is a case happened in 2007 astonished many Chinese, that a collage student helped a slipped and fell down old woman. This old woman’s bone turned out to be fractured, and she dramatically claimed it was the student who made her fell down, and asked this student for compensation. They were in court, and the judge sentenced the student to pay compensation. (For detail and dispute, check this wikipedia link These kind of cases happened now and then.

        • Bman

          I think many of us know that story. It set a horrible precedent that I’m surprised has never been corrected. I’ve also seen the videos of guys jumping in front of cars and pretending to be hit. Really got to be careful who you help here…

      • Bman

        Because its rocking the boat. Can you imagine telling some guy who just dropped his pants on the subway to please not shit there? Can you imagine how bad that could be? What if he laughs, picks up a turd and throws it your way? I’ve done stuff like that before, and it never works out well.

        One day a young guy with no shirt on walked between 2 line-ups at the subway and mocked everyone for lining up. You could have heard a pin drop as everyone just watched him. Stupid me decided to speak up. Ended up he followed me for 20 minutes on the subway, talking closely and loudly to me everywhere I went. I’m not scared of people in general, but when people do things like that, it makes you wonder what they’re really capable of.

        • Vance

          I’m amazed the guy had nothing better to do than to follow a stranger and talk loudly to him. He obviously wanted trouble or else he would not have gone to the lines and talked like that anyways. He was probably hoping you would take a swing at him.

          • Bman

            I’m quite sure he had some mental issues, I mean, he had to. So as unnerving as it was, I just reminded myself that he’s probably suffering enough already. Strangely too, he spoke English amazingly well.

        • Are you sure not the throwing turds part? ;)

          • Bman

            I do pick up turds on a daily basis, however I have never thrown one. I’d just end up cleaning smooshed turds…

  • ytuque

    Nobody would be upset if they were spitting on the train.

  • NondescriptRG

    Rules prohibiting hugging? Is that a concentration camp or something?

  • mr.wiener

    Young love!… older me looks back with some wonders as to how silly I eas then, but with some envy too.

  • 42

    it is indeed disgustingly disturbing to kiss or show exhorbitant sexual affection in public. i can tolerate couples who steal a kiss in a quiet corner, but right in the middle of places with lots of people, is just attention whoring, please get a room!
    it may seem like a cool sexual revolution kind of thing to do, but it is not, it is vulgar, and disrepectful for others aswell as your partner, love and affection should be a sacred private thing to do and not share with the world, unless you are a pornstar.

    and people comparing this to kids pissing, come on these are kids! they dont know better than if you have to go then you have to go, i dont think even parents can do anything about it, the kid will learn to potty train eventually.

    • mr.wiener

      You have forgotten what it is to be young…

  • 42

    For a country that even dont have religions as christianity, its quite interesting that basic values and morals do exists in china, and that comdemnation of such behavior in public is therefore a universal standard of a civilized society, rather rule than exception.

    • Mihel

      The concept of morality pre-dates abrahamic religions by a lot.
      Nothing strange about a country that doesn’t have religions having its own concept of morality.

    • jin

      Actually about 2-4% (not sure if it’s precise) of Chinese are Christians. I know that there’s plenty of Christians in southern part of China. And 2-4% of 1.4billion is quite a lot

      • Vance

        I believe it is 3 percent. I did a rough calculation once and I think it is about 40 million Christians in China. More than in many Christian dominated countries.

  • DIfferent culture. Watching people kissing and hugging is very pleasant for me.
    I once spent all the bus ride kissing with my boyfriend.
    But some can be intolerant. An old lady asked us to stop while long kissing in a park.

    • DD Bear!

      i even saw people fk on bus. they sat at the end of the bus, then…

      • Chris Bullock

        Fk? Feed kittens??

        • DD Bear!

          silly geek!

  • Bman

    I do. It’s not cool to do such things in China. Though hugging isn’t much, it still gives laowais a horrible (more so) name.

  • I laughed at the pole joke.

  • holyfashion

    I rather see people kissing then picking their nose and flicking it all over the least this is confined in their mouths.

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