Netizens Downplay Suspected MH370 Debris With Hanzi

Netizens Downplay Suspected MH370 Debris With Hanzi

A passerby on the island of Réunion has discovered metal debris inscribed with Chinese characters, or Hanzi, near to where part of a suspected Boeing 777 wing was previously found. The discovery was made in Saint Denis in the north of the French island, which has recently seen debris believed to be from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that had 152 Chinese passengers aboard washed up on its shores. The characters are 兴 and 宜, which are those used in place name Yixing, a county level city in Jiangsu province. Netizens downplayed the discovery, believing it to be the remains of a common kettle.

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  • Zappa Frank

    Yi xing is a shitty place, let’s tell it straight. Why should the malaysian flight has the name of such insignificant place on it?

  • WghUk

    Old news. It was found to be a piece of ladder – Made in China of course.