Netizens Wage Photoshop War on Japan’s F-3 Stealth Fighter

Recently a Japanese magazine posted conceptual photos of the proposed Japanese F3 Shinshin stealth fighter shooting down a Chinese J20 stealth fighter, along with photos of a proposed aircraft carrier. The F3 Shinshin also known as the Mitsubishi ATD-X, is a concept stealth fighter seen as Japan’s answer to China’s J20 stealth fighter but is not expected to be fielded until 2033.

Likewise, Chinese netizens displeased with the destruction of their prized fighter took action by using Photoshop to create their own fictional scenario of a J20 shooting down a Japanese plane.

Scans from Japanese magazine posted on Tiexue:

Chinese netizens’ response on Tiexue:

Comments from Tiexue:


In 2033…I don’t know if there will still be an island nation called Japan in this world.


In 2033, Shinshin beating the J20 is entirely possible! By then the J20 will be out of date.


Japan’s aviation electronics is indeed much better than China’s, we should comment objectively.


I discovered that Little Japan’s YY can give Korean Bangzi a run for their money.


I thought Japanese people would use Ultraman to take down J20!!!


What is our J20’s real capability, how does it compare to the F22.


The one of the photo is not Shinshin, instead it look like Japan’s version of the F16, if you let me draw [it will be] J20 flying over with Fuji Mountain with a mushroom cloud underneath.


It should shoot down the F35 instead.


That’s obviously an F2. So they destroyed our new fighter, and we destroy their old fighter. The person who made this image is also stupid.



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  • Drag


    • staylost

      It is funny. When I first got here only Mop’s post and mr. weiner under him/her were showing. No drag to be found. I type my comment and after submission, your post pops up at the top. Stealth indeed!

      • Medical Advisor

        It happened to me as well in the previous article. I was enjoying my sofa on the rooftop of my building and after about 2 minutes I found myself in the 2nd place.

      • Drag


  • Mop

    How about I shoot them both down with my sofa.

    • mr. wiener

      Can I be your wingman?

    • Drag

      nah man… i got the damn sofa…

      • mr. wiener

        Nope, Mop got sofa, I’m wingman on the chaise lounge , you can have the poofe.
        Look out Chicom fighters inbound.

        • mr. wiener

          How did Drag get the sofa?. It must be one of those new stealth sofas!

        • Drag

          well u better take a look at my post entry time…. that would clear things….

  • staylost

    It is a bit weird how much psychological impact the strength of armies have on a nation’s citizens. Warlike Germans and Japanese became leaders of peace and environmentalism and liberalism.

    Germany and Japan were both massively belligerent throughout their histories when they had military capabilities beyond most other nations, whereas Russia and the United States, though constantly involved in wars, hold violence only as a necessary threat to back up their strategic dominance in certain spheres of control. I would guess China would follow the example of the empires rather than the nations.

    Is Japan even allowed to build things like aircraft carriers?

    • Rick in China

      After WW2 they were demilitarized, but slowly allowed (encouraged, we should say :D) to rebuild a military. It has always been around 1% of their GDP, but since they’re a wealthy nation – that’s still a lot of cash allowed for military budget. I think recently they booted a lot of (or all?) US military off their shores due to all the rape and violence soldiers were causing with relative immunity, and it affected the housing prices in Guam.. heard something like Guam housing jacked up 40% in a week, but didn’t research it myself.

  • lonetrey


    I thought Japanese people would use Ultraman to take down J20!!!”

    I actually lol’d at that. See that guy knows how to take this all in stride.

      • staylost

        And what?

      • blues

        So…the black dudes are the race-traitors because they’re wearing yukata, kissing Japanese women instead of black ones, and they’re foreigners on Japanese soil…

        How did I do?

      • cb4242

        I saw this movie before, pretty hot, so what’s your point with this, don’t get it or see the correlation?

        • Japanese are so obsessed with Status. They create a fictional F3 as a status symbol. they forget that nobody respects their F-3 or thier women

          • A GUY

            I think Japan is fine.

            You are obsessed with black dicks.

          • A GUY

            I don’t know where your from, but do no women in your home land make porn or are prostitutes? I think most of the world likes Japanese women. They are just like women everywhere a few make porn some are housewives some are doctors. And anyways your the race traitor you black dong lovin queen.

            (I have no problems with interracial sex or the MIG taking three dongs at once)

    • terroir

      If in 2033 all wars will be performed a la PS, I am terribly disappointed to not see any Gundams, Metal Gears or Robotech.

      I guess the current pirated version of PS in China is not yet compatible with cool as witnessed by a 10 year-old boy.

      • staylost

        I think you may be the oldest poster on this site.

        • terroir

          I’ll drink you under the table with cultural references. Since everyone is quoting “Top Gun”, supply the line that comes before this one from the movie:

          “Why, didn’t your mother like you very much?”

          • staylost

            “As an infant, I had a different woman breastfeed me every day.”

          • Brett Hunan

            Google is useful

          • Brett Hunan

            actually, were either of those quotes from the movie? my google seems to be broken.

          • terroir

            @sleigh lust:
            even better than the real thing. You can play on my volleyball team anytime.

            @bread human:
            I’m working from memory here. It’s when Tom and the blonde have a confrontation in the woman’s bathroom. I’m sure this is after “You’ve lost that loving feeling”.

          • Alan

            What no:

            ” I feel the need, the need for speed!”

      • Made In World

        All wars will be performed by PlayStation? Then I guess Japan has the edge!

      • FYIADragoon

        If you read the lore, gundam provides the only logical reasoning for mecha that has ever been given. It saves fuel in space by giving a weapons platform limbs to perform complex movements. Otherwise, if you’re only waging ground warfare, any amount of money you could put in a humanoid weapons platform could be better spent creating a more powerful tank or jet.

  • Jay K.

    “That’s right Iceman, I am dangerous.”

  • pervertt

    Bloody Asians, copying yet again. That Japanese F-3 looks just like an F-22.

    • waihang

      “Blody Americans, copying yet again. That American B-2 looks just like a Horten 229” ;-)

      Northrop Grumman, who also developed B-2, just recently built a copy of Horten 229 and found out it had very good stealth properties, very likely paved the way for what we see today.
      Not only that, the exhaust is on the upper side of the body similarly as B-2 and YF-23 which minimize its IR signature for SAM.
      Below 45 minutes National Geographics documentary, actually quite interesting!

      The Horten 229 (Hitler’s Stealth Fighter) 1

      The Horten 229 (Hitler’s Stealth Fighter) 2

      The Horten 229 (Hitler’s Stealth Fighter) 3

      • waihang

        don’t know the last link didn’t appear it seems..

        The Horten 229 (Hitler’s Stealth Fighter) 3

        • pervertt

          waihang – I’ve already seen that documentary. It’s very good and I think it shows how aircraft designers arrive at convergent designs when trying to solve the same problem.

      • waihang

        Can anybody tell how those Youtube links works here on CS?

        Some links get arbitrarily embedded into the post and opens up as a little Youtube window, while others just stay as a link.

  • Joe

    Shit, son. One more quake near Fukushima and boom goes the dynamite. I think they really have more pressing issues to address than building 5th gen fighters.

  • Made In World

    China is Japan 100 years ago. Lots of money, looking to expand… just waiting for the next stage.

    • Rick in China

      I don’t think China is ‘looking to expand’, except in the sense of owning all egregiously claimed territories nearby their shores / the south China sea. I can’t imagine China trying to invade any country or push any borders back that are already established and accepted internationally……aside from their current claims.

      • Alan

        I’d agree, with the exception of Central Asia/Siberia.

        There they will dominate by economics and population alone, hence Russia scrambling to reclaim what it sees as it’s back garden.

      • waihang

        That’s my feeling too, China doesn’t seem to have a need for a world hegemony, I would say except their claims it’s pretty much “river crab” foreign policy all over, just look at how they have collaborated with the countries in Africa.

        • Rick in China

          That’s extremely strategic. African relations is mostly about massive amounts of natural resources, whereas many foreign countries “can’t” build the same relationships due to human rights issues and such.

      • typingfromwork

        True, Japan was trying to imitate Britain in her Empire days. China just doesn’t really care that much for overseas colonies.

    • Chad

      I know right, just look at all the countries China has invaded in the several decades. ;)

      Keep on waiting.

  • Made In World

    Anyone remember the “Top Gun” footage the Chinese government tried to run a couple years ago saying it was their air force?

  • Hongjian


    Japan’s aviation electronics is indeed much better than China’s, we should comment objectively.”


    Licence production =/= japanese indigenous capabilities

    All Japan does is to BUY from the americans (and downgraded shit, ontop of that), while China actually tried to reverse engineer, understand and learn from the russian and french imports they did a decade ago (yes, the last big russian import to China were the Su-27 Flanker aircrafts in the 90’s – after that; no more).

    The result: China is actually producing advanced war-planes with indigenous radars, avionics, airframa, weapons and engines (WS-10 Taihang Turbofan), while Japan can only masturbate to their perceived ‘superiority’ of begging the US for more fighter sales (begged for F-22, but only got that underperforming and overpriced F-35).
    China actually has an indigenous aviation complex producing independently manufactured fighters, while Japan has nothing. That netizen knows shit about reality.

    Similiarily, China has the largest modern (advanced 3rd and 4th generation) fighter airforce in Asia at the moment, while Japan’s entire F-15J fleets were grounded because they are so old that they are falling from the skies by themselves. And as for the F-2… No need to call in the J-20 – the 3rd generation J-8F armed with Luoyang PL-12 active guided medium range missiles are more than enough to make dogfood out of them.

    The Chinese CG showing the J-20 blasting their shitty fatty Falcon out of the skies isnt implying that China’s J-20 is inferior, because it can only kill their old fighters, but it actually implies that the J-20 WILL ACTUALLY BE FIELDED IN REAL LIFE, in harsh opposite to that fantasy gundam/macross project called “F-3 ShinShin”.

    Hell, the Japs couldnt even build a decent F-16 copy without failing so hard that it is laughable… How the fuck do they want to build a Stealth Fighter?

    If there’s anything out in the world that is more corrupted, incompetent, inept and infested by cancerous guanxi than a bunch of Guandongnese people, it is definitely the Japanese Aviation Industrial Complex.

    • jeffli

      little Hongjian, Japan all by itself (a much smaller population) has managed to kick CHinese Butt via Navy battles and ground battles four times between 1880 and 1945! [If it weren’t for Pearl harbour you ‘d be talkin Jap buddy! thats a fact!]

      Even IF today’s china SUXX copies are better, your chief pilots are over age (33y/o <)sky writers and crop-dusters saving face all day every day.

      While Japan currently has the support and influence from an elite and experienced American team with winning experience. (ww1, ww2, Korean war they kicked the chinese army out of north korea (killed chairman Maos son I believe), and protected Taiwan.

      maybe one or two land battles against unarmed Tibetans and students ;-)

      There is no combat ready aircraft carrier, airforce is a comedy of copy of american and russian technology, aging pilots, and fuddy duddy military strategists still "banging" on about a 2000 year old book called "The art of war"

      The computer systems all running on bootlegged XP or windows server or 7! HoooHooHoo that itself is a weakness….one little message from Microsoft and ………Bluescreen Of Death! ha! all birds and skyrockets would be grounded

      then a couple of strategic ICBMs in the right position would put china back in the "QIng Dynasty again"

      So a friendly word of advice to "China John" (and HongJian) – don't screw with other countries… you will just lose again.

      • Hongjian

        So dumb, that you could just be an americunt.

        “Korean war they kicked the chinese army out of north korea”

        No, it China was kicked out of North Korea, then there wouldnt be a North Korea today. In fact, it was the PLA (or PVA, as they were called in that war) who kicked YOU out from North Korea. That, itself, was China’s victory against the West in a battle for 150 years. That, and the Sino-Indian War, with India’s vaunted “one hundred indian soldiers are better than one thousand Chinese soldiers”-superwarriors Nehru spoke of before the war, all neatly shot in the head and sent back to where they came from, to add insult to injury.

        Japan is a piece of shit. If they were better than China, they would have conquered entire China in 1939, and not be sitting in a stalemate at that time – long before “Pearl Harbour” and the US involvement. The truth is, the japs couldnt win, outside of raping civilians and “winning” against POW’s during those “heroic battles” like human experimentations and vivisections.

        And Japan is still shit, as you – yes – you, the USA are shit, as you even lost against sandniggers and goat-fuckers in Afghanistan, and havent really won a war since WWII (which was actually won by the Soviets, really).

        • jeffli

          Ha won against a bunch of “starvin marvins” in India! well its a bit braver than killing tibetans is it?

          Regarding the korean war why didn’t China help unify korea?
          Chairman Maos son died in that one!

          The point is China did have control over North east China It was an established colony! half the Jap army were north east CHinese and koreans!

          • Hongjian

            China’s political objectives was to create a buffer-zone, so that the americunts wont be able to station their troops directly on the fucking Chinese border!
            When North Korea was saved from annihiliation, China’s objectives were completed. All the offensives after that against the South were to improve the negotiational leverage of China and the North during the cease-fire talks later, and didnt serve any purpose of actually unifying the Korean penninsulla. That the North and the South both wanted a violent unification on their own respective terms, was irrelevant for China.

            Mao’s son died during the war by an american air-raid, but that was all. It just showed how important this war was, for both Mao and the PRC. And even though China’s losses were great, they still stood firm against an technologically and later even numerically superior foe for the first time in Chinese history.
            The Korean War was thus considered a glorious war by China and the PLA, as it was pretty much a coming-out party for a reviving China, and it also showed the USA that China cant be pushed around with, as MacArthur though of doing before.

            As for India; India wasnt inferior to China in any way. They still had British-educated officers, their traditional Ghurka-warriors, and the support of the whole western world, when Nehru invaded Chinese territory with his “forward policy”, probing into contested areas and killing Chinese border-troops, who werent allowed to shoot back by the order of Mao and Zhou Enlai, who hoped for a peaceful solution with India.
            But in the end, when China’s patience was overstrained, the PLA struck back and wiped out 2000 Indian troops within weeks, and threw back their ‘forward policy’, along with the Indian’s perceived sense of superiority.

            An original west-german article of 1971 describing the Sino-Indian War with its political background:


            Even though I doubt americunts could read it, it is still worth to be posted, since it shows pretty much how India was the aggressor, and how China won, even though they fought with both arms tied behind their backs, due to Mao’s and Zhou’s vision of a Sino-Indian third-word union to stand against the West and the Soviet Union.

        • Butt hurt much?

      • Chad



        • AnonymousPh

          AHAHHAHA!.. Approved!!

      • pervertt


        Um, there is this little battle called WW2. China was nominally one of the victors, even though most of the heavy lifting was done by the Americans in the Pacific theatre.

        And the fuddy duddy book you’ve referred to (Sunzi’s Art of War) is still prescribed reading in military academies inside and outside China. Good book, I thoroughly recommend it.

    • jeffli


      “If there’s anything out in the world that is more corrupted, incompetent, inept and infested by cancerous guanxi”

      The Govt. even allows tainted food to be sold to its own military!! You are more misguided than a north korean ICBM!
      Hong Kong English “Yoo stoopit! yeh yoo….. stoopit man! yoo are one chopstick short of your dinner!”” FANTONG ah! yoo goes home an read a book or sumfing”



    waste of Money but why give it to make Chinese People life better when they are so greedy for War the moment they have some coin to spare

    • AnonymousPh

      Yeah, The People of China Are Great, Opposite to their Government Who Is Greedy, Dont Have Commonsense, Small BRains, Scarbrough is 124 NT MILES to Us.. and Yet Claims at Theirs, With Their Fuckign History,

  • Vonskippy

    That’s just stupid, by 2033 China will have stolen a much more modern design then the J20, and maybe in those 22 years they’ll actually learn how to build and maintain it.

    Nah, it will still be the same knock off p.o.s like everything else China pretends to invent.

  • dim mak

    2033? That can’t be the right date

  • typingfromwork

    > manned plane
    > 2033

    Just a few decades too late to the party, eh? By that time it will be UAVs that rule the skies.

    Same goes for any advanced fighter projects all over the world- China, Russia, the money pits that are the F22 and F35… All shot down by some kid with an Xbox 360 controller.

    • dim mak

      >implying console controllers aren’t clunky pieces of shit compared to ergonomic gaming keyboards/mice

      • typingfromwork

        >Implying I’m not part of the PC gaming master race.

        I don’t even own a console. keyboard+mouse4life.

  • Cleo

    That’s uncommonly rude and intentionally provoking of the Japanese and of course, indicative of their true post-war remorselessness for raping our babies to death. Let’s not donate any more to Japan who will certainly see more natural disasters in the future. It shouldn’t be a part of Chinese diplomacy to act like a woman and feed the enemy tea – it just invites more bullying. Japan needs to do business with China MORE than China could ever need Japan. China should act like it because the general public worldwide does not like a patsy or a wimp. You have to have standards and draw the line otherwise you are LETTING a bully walk all over you and third parties will find that despicable. Do you really expect the Flying Tigers to return and fight your battles for you? Not fair to the John Basilones of the world, is it?

    • Rick in China

      Japan is China’s biggest trading partner. China’s domestic success is based on export and international trade. Your comment about “China doesn’t need Japan” is bullshit, if Japan didn’t exist, Chinese would still be living in mud huts.

      RE: “raping our babies to death” — yah, that’s exactly what all Japanese think, they’re going home after work and watching baby-rape videos laughing hysterically at how they raped Chinese babies to death. You’re right on the fuckin money with that one, GOOD ON YA CLEO. Fucking moron. This is one person who wrote for some magazine who drew a photoshopped image of some semi-amusing product-vs-product between the countries, and your first thought is baby raping..people like you are why the world is mostly full of unstable fuckheads, please cut your balls out now and prevent your spreading of worthless DNA.

      • GodsHammer

        ^^ I am the Hammer of the Gods…and I endorse this message^^

      • AnonymousPh

        ^_^ 100% Approved :)

    • pervertt

      Cleo – something you should appreciate – Japan is the biggest donor of foreign aid to China. It has done so consistently since WW2, and it is not something you hear either government brag about. There might not be quite so much Japan bashing by the Chinese if they realised this.

  • AnonymousPh

    Why Are Those Chinese Netizens Jealous For?? Japan Has More Great Technology Than China, China Is Always Been Copying it Dosnt Have Technology its Copylogy, We Dont Know They Will Try To Copy F-3 Fighter of Japan??.. J-20 is No match For F-22,F-3,PAK FA T50, Even An F-16 Can Easily TakeDown 5 J-20’s At A Dogfight.

  • Mao’s Dong

    lol @ the rice eyes posturing over what for the West is 30-year-old stealth fighter technology while the US about to put ‘Skynet’ online! xD

  • Cleo

    The Japanese have some gall. Japan has earmarked contaminated food to Third World countries to fulfill the Japanese promises for aid in exchange for business concessions. Even Japan’s Asian neighbors went above and beyond in their donations to Japan after Fukushima. Now Japan is retaliating foreign kindness with poisoned food.

    The latest recipients are Mozambique and The Ivory Coast – how do you think the first African American POTUS feels about THAT?

  • monsteret

    oooo,I don’t think Netizens can managed the truth that Japanese make perfectly in people’s welfare,but here , people need to paying there way themselves !

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