Netizens Wage Photoshop War on Japan’s F-3 Stealth Fighter

Recently a Japanese magazine posted conceptual photos of the proposed Japanese F3 Shinshin stealth fighter shooting down a Chinese J20 stealth fighter, along with photos of a proposed aircraft carrier. The F3 Shinshin also known as the Mitsubishi ATD-X, is a concept stealth fighter seen as Japan’s answer to China’s J20 stealth fighter but is not expected to be fielded until 2033.

Likewise, Chinese netizens displeased with the destruction of their prized fighter took action by using Photoshop to create their own fictional scenario of a J20 shooting down a Japanese plane.

Scans from Japanese magazine posted on Tiexue:

Chinese netizens’ response on Tiexue:

Comments from Tiexue:


In 2033…I don’t know if there will still be an island nation called Japan in this world.


In 2033, Shinshin beating the J20 is entirely possible! By then the J20 will be out of date.


Japan’s aviation electronics is indeed much better than China’s, we should comment objectively.


I discovered that Little Japan’s YY can give Korean Bangzi a run for their money.


I thought Japanese people would use Ultraman to take down J20!!!


What is our J20’s real capability, how does it compare to the F22.


The one of the photo is not Shinshin, instead it look like Japan’s version of the F16, if you let me draw [it will be] J20 flying over with Fuji Mountain with a mushroom cloud underneath.


It should shoot down the F35 instead.


That’s obviously an F2. So they destroyed our new fighter, and we destroy their old fighter. The person who made this image is also stupid.



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