New Hong Kong Travel Limit For Shenzhen Citizens: Once A Week

New Hong Kong Travel Limit For Shenzhen Citizens- Once A Week

Shenzhen citizens will now be limited to travelling to Hong Kong once a week, at most. In the past they were free to come and go as the pleased, but due to recent requests from the government of Hong Kong, the Central Government has taken measures to their travel. The policy was made in an effort to relieve stress at border crossings and tourist facilities across Hong Kong, which have been overburdened by the increase in mainland tourists in recent years. Citizens with special family or business situations will still be allowed to apply for multiple entry passes.

Source: Netease

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  • helsic

    Finally a good solution for the recent problems Hong Kong have been facing with too much mainlanders tourists. I think HK it’s too small to contain so much people, it’s good they are controlling the entry.

  • LizHarapan

    maybe Hong Kong can learn from East Malaysia on this part… west malaysian (from peninsular) are required to use passport to enter east malaysia (state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo). apparently, they are treated like foreigners here, they cannot stay in Sarawak for more than 3 months and need a permit to work/stay here. even though we are “one” country but we are protected by 18/20 Points Agreement for Sarawak when we joined Malaysia (Malaya) in 1957.