New Rules For Nannies in Shaanxi Province

Tao Yanzi (陶燕子) in the TV drama "Nanny."

From Sina, “New Shaanxi Regulations Force Nannies to be Mistresses”:

No tight fitting clothes, no heavy make-up, no nail polish, no flirtatious glances or living together with guys. These are the new codes of conduct for nannies in Shaanxi Province.

The Home Services Association in Shaanxi Province also provided specific details for these rules:

  • Pay attention to hygiene and her appearance and wear proper jewelry;
  • Should not dress too casual or too tight;
  • Should not have long nails or polish them;
  • When talking to the client, she should look at them right in the eyes, should not cross her arms or have her hands in her pockets.
  • It is recommended that she speak in Mandarin and use proper language, should not curse or use obscene language.
  • Should not share a room with the opposite sex;
  • Should not have friends over for the night or stay out with no good reason.

The new codes of conduct also make it a rule that a nanny should not abuse their clients or gossip about them, should not try to borrow money from the client or ask for gifts . When leaving the house, they should voluntarily show clients her bag in order to show her respect.

Tao Yanzi (陶燕子) in the TV drama "Nanny."
Tao Yanzi (陶燕子) in the TV drama "Nanny."

Comments on Sina:

The new rules were probably made by the authorities’ wives, not themselves.

Why not just lock the guys’ underwear? That will be more effective.

Since when does the government get to decide what people can wear and what they can’t.

This is hilarious.

The problem of our government is that they are too bossy, which necessarily lead to an oversized government and then corruptions. Consequently, they will end up with nothing but a bunch of useless rules.  Sometimes the government can’t help but make rules, because their own powers are not well-regulated.

It’s easy for people to judge. Do you know it’s very common in Shaanxi that the nanny is also the mistress. These women from impoverished areas are willing to sell themselves just for a little money, which already causes a serious social problem. Chinese always stress on conscience instead of regulations. It’s time to make some changes. I hope this time the government of Shaanxi province can work out some practical and effective solutions.

Let’s not make it a big news. They’re only regulations. I don’t think most people regard nannies as future mistress.

People don’t need to be treated specially but equally.

No regulation can change a nanny’s pursuit for a better life. If she is good enough, why can’t she replace the wife? Assuming everyone is wise, we should let the husband choose. We can educate people to obey the law, but can’t tell them what is good for them and what is bad. After all, setting moral standards is not the government’s business.

It’s inevitable, we have a wide gap between the rich and the poor.

Seems like everyone has their own understanding of this news. I work in the service industry. To be honest, I’m glad they made these rules, because it’s also protecting the nanny. For example, no sharing the same room with  the opposite  sex can prevent most molesting issues.

Several middle-aged women walk past a nanny referral agency in Fuzhou City of Fujian Province.

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