New York Youth Hold Naked Party, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Young New Yorkers at a Naked Party in Soho.

Young New Yorkers at a Naked Party in Soho.

From NetEase & ifeng:

New York youth hold nude party to release stress

In New York, some young people are promoting nudism, hoping that nudism will no longer be held in contempt and condemned by the elderly. November 19th local time, forty of New York’s most fashionable 18-40 year old groups gathered in New York’s Soho district, celebrating the first anniversary party of nudism in the United States. Naked, the people talked, laughed, and drank alcohol. Nudists also hope that even more young people will join this kind of “natural/naturist” movement through this kind of method.

Young New Yorkers at a Naked Party in Soho.

Young Americans at a naked party in New York.

Young Americans at a naked party in New York.

New Yorkers at a naked party.

New Yorkers at a naked party.

Group photo of Americans at a nudism party in New York.

Comments from NetEase:

你亲爹临死前说 [网易湖南省网友]:

If I were to go participate, and then shamelessly got hard, would they throw me out?

V字仇杀者 [网易广东省广州市天河区网友]: (responding to above)

If you went to participate, and then shamelessly did not get hard, they [the women] would throw you out!

V字仇杀者 [网易广东省广州市天河区网友]:

The editor is a bastard, adding mosaics [censoring the photos] after finishing looking himself.


There has been nudity [in many NetEase content] these past few days, and all of them have mosaics. The editor is too selfish!

水晶公主的魔法衣间 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Mosaics is also a kind of stress.

寡妇村牛村长 [网易广西防城港市网友]: (responding to above)

If there weren’t mosaics, would you dare look?

警告你艹你没资格代表我 [网易湖南省长沙市网友]:

Why does the guy in the middle of the last photo have a little darkness [pubic hair] down there? Little children who don’t know the truth request explanation.

MvMv0 [网易天津市网友]:

If this were in China, you couldn’t avoid being called perverted/deviant and behaving indecently!~~~~~

soothxu1 [网易福建省福州市网友]: (responding to 寡妇村牛村长)

The first photo has a highlight [uncensored exposure], look for it yourself.

毳主义万岁 [网易黑龙江省鸡西市网友]:

If they’re supposed to be naked, why are they still wearing anything???????????????????????????????

Comments from ifeng:

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Americans have already regressed back to primitive society! Ugly Americans!


The reporter is talking nonsense: There aren’t that many people in total, yet saying “Naked parties has become New York young people’s new method of releasing stress” [the title of the ifeng article]! Trying to stir up trouble!


Maybe I am just a layman, but I don’t think being naked can release stress. These people [may be doing this] because of their sexual needs or for stimulation or simply because they are sick. These days, everything is naked this or naked that, as if being naked can solve any problem, but it only shows that you are sick.


What do you do if Old Number 2 [one’s penis] gets hard? Hahaha


How can a deteriorating/degenerating country lead the world?


If you were human you wouldn’t do this, because humans are a high-level creature, have a sense of shame. Only animals/beasts and similar lower level creatures would expose themselves to each other, and without any sense of shame…


I admit I may be ignorant, but I really don’t understand how a bunch of people with their asses exposed packed together relieves stress. I’d rather do push-ups to relieve stress.


Even with Asian faces, in China this would be considered group depravity [licentiousness, fornication].


Freedom also needs limits. I don’t approve of this kind of behavior, and would much rather see reports of aspects of people’s lives.

What do you think?

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