New York Youth Hold Naked Party, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Young New Yorkers at a Naked Party in Soho.

From NetEase & ifeng:

New York youth hold nude party to release stress

In New York, some young people are promoting nudism, hoping that nudism will no longer be held in contempt and condemned by the elderly. November 19th local time, forty of New York’s most fashionable 18-40 year old groups gathered in New York’s Soho district, celebrating the first anniversary party of nudism in the United States. Naked, the people talked, laughed, and drank alcohol. Nudists also hope that even more young people will join this kind of “natural/naturist” movement through this kind of method.

Young New Yorkers at a Naked Party in Soho.

Young Americans at a naked party in New York.

Young Americans at a naked party in New York.

New Yorkers at a naked party.

New Yorkers at a naked party.

Group photo of Americans at a nudism party in New York.

Comments from NetEase:

你亲爹临死前说 [网易湖南省网友]:

If I were to go participate, and then shamelessly got hard, would they throw me out?

V字仇杀者 [网易广东省广州市天河区网友]: (responding to above)

If you went to participate, and then shamelessly did not get hard, they [the women] would throw you out!

V字仇杀者 [网易广东省广州市天河区网友]:

The editor is a bastard, adding mosaics [censoring the photos] after finishing looking himself.


There has been nudity [in many NetEase content] these past few days, and all of them have mosaics. The editor is too selfish!

水晶公主的魔法衣间 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Mosaics is also a kind of stress.

寡妇村牛村长 [网易广西防城港市网友]: (responding to above)

If there weren’t mosaics, would you dare look?

警告你艹你没资格代表我 [网易湖南省长沙市网友]:

Why does the guy in the middle of the last photo have a little darkness [pubic hair] down there? Little children who don’t know the truth request explanation.

MvMv0 [网易天津市网友]:

If this were in China, you couldn’t avoid being called perverted/deviant and behaving indecently!~~~~~

soothxu1 [网易福建省福州市网友]: (responding to 寡妇村牛村长)

The first photo has a highlight [uncensored exposure], look for it yourself.

毳主义万岁 [网易黑龙江省鸡西市网友]:

If they’re supposed to be naked, why are they still wearing anything???????????????????????????????

Comments from ifeng:


Americans have already regressed back to primitive society! Ugly Americans!


The reporter is talking nonsense: There aren’t that many people in total, yet saying “Naked parties has become New York young people’s new method of releasing stress” [the title of the ifeng article]! Trying to stir up trouble!


Maybe I am just a layman, but I don’t think being naked can release stress. These people [may be doing this] because of their sexual needs or for stimulation or simply because they are sick. These days, everything is naked this or naked that, as if being naked can solve any problem, but it only shows that you are sick.


What do you do if Old Number 2 [one’s penis] gets hard? Hahaha


How can a deteriorating/degenerating country lead the world?


If you were human you wouldn’t do this, because humans are a high-level creature, have a sense of shame. Only animals/beasts and similar lower level creatures would expose themselves to each other, and without any sense of shame…


I admit I may be ignorant, but I really don’t understand how a bunch of people with their asses exposed packed together relieves stress. I’d rather do push-ups to relieve stress.


Even with Asian faces, in China this would be considered group depravity [licentiousness, fornication].


Freedom also needs limits. I don’t approve of this kind of behavior, and would much rather see reports of aspects of people’s lives.

What do you think?

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  • Trooper

    naked on the sofa…

    • That’s what the plastic covering is for.

      • theelemur

        Let’s see what the black light reveals.

  • John Smith

    American ? Mostly they don’t look American.

    • Dave in Macau


      • Rebecca Smith

        How is that racist, you fucking twat? It’s true.

    • DRaY

      Yeah , where are the fucking native americans.. All I see is a bunch of pasty out of shape white ppl, and 3-4 unidentifiable races.
      Oh yeah, Just John…. trolls belong under bridges not on message boards. ….. and oh yeah GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!

      • mr. weiner

        Was that you get in a pre-emtive “fuck you” Dray? What ever next? Smart “fuck yous” , bunker busting “fuck yous”, muliple re-entry ” fuck yous” [that last one sounds kinda kinky]

      • Just John

        You fail.
        Just John and John Smith are two completely different people.

        So please go back to your bridge where you belong.

      • Rebecca Smith

        Really? So you are so fucking stupid you can only identify white people? LMAO WHAT A FUCKING RETARD !!! What about that big fat black bitch? You can’t even recognize your own kind? Why are you so fucking stupid? You call the whites ‘pasty and out of shape’ (here’s the racist right here DRaY – the racist, who hates whites and can’t identify any other race)

        That woman in the woolen Peru hat might be native American-an Inuit, then I see east Indian, Arab, a Jewess, an asian man who appears to be Chinese. Some older man who might be

        I would love to know the ethnicity of that older man with the hairy as hell body and the balding hair on his head XD XD yeah he’s white, but is he italian-what? Hysterical.

        Most of these comments are from idiots of EVERY race.

    • 平凡人

      How should Americans look like? DAA.

    • da mao houzi

      Not all americans are fat and ugly.

    • Capt. WED

      YOU KNOW THIS GUY IS RIGHT. Judging from the picture alone I could tell that the white people in this “party” are a bunch of EUROFAGS (they’re drinking wine, true ‘Mericans never drink that shit) maybe one or two “faggots” trying to get some that dirty and hairy eurotrash dairy. Rest of it are just a bunch of foreigner students (basically will be bombed in a few years anyway if not outed as terrorists before then). IT IS OBVIOUS this is a libertard university OWS faggotry party. (Bob Marley said something about building church and university; basically FUCK THAT SHIT).


      • Dave in Macau

        Cool story, bro.

      • Justin

        Yeah, hanging out with naked girls. That is so gay.

      • ShenzhenGuy

        Totally Agree. The women are probably all lesbos

  • Dave in Macau

    Funny how many negative comments there were from the Chinese readers.
    It seems there is still a deep sense of shame associated with one’s own body in China despite the lack of religious Puritanism. Furthermore they seem to tend to associate nakedness with sexual activity, the deviants!

    • Xiongmao

      Yeah, it’s kinda funny since they’re generally very open about spitting, farting and making all sorts of other bodily noises, and taking a crap without closing doors and stuff like that. I’ve often heard “I’m going to take a shit” before someone gets up when out for dinner in a large group of mixed company. I don’t consider myself a prude but can only conclude that they see things a whole lot differently than we do on some issues. Sex and nudity are still big no-nos though.

    • Sure. Being brought up with that kind of thinking, equating any nudity with sex/shame, will eventually mess with your mind. Hence the comment that ppl feel they’d be unable to be there without becoming aroused. The comments about animals reflect the extreme end of the shame scale.

      It’s not a ‘Chinese’ thing, most societies have conservative people in denial. I don’t personally holiday in nudist colonies or whatever, but I also don’t go home and tearfully shame-f*ck myself and self-flagellate after a trip to the beach either.

      • guy somewhere in china

        Can’t remember ever seeing a level-headed, intelligent comment on Chinasmack. Kudos mate.

        Very well said about it not being a ‘Chinese’ thing. Conservative halfwits (and liberal half-wits) are found in every nationality.

  • Anon

    These are really the “most fashionable” people? Mostly a bunch of ugmos. Chinese online media really is the worst, always publishing “crazy” pictures (usually just stolen from other sources) with little/no/blatantly incorrect context or other information to lead people to conclude “foreigners are nuts.”

    • Weibo is the end-all be-all of the whole “no context/no credibility” reposting thing in which attention-whoring people will post completely non-factual information just for the sake of boosting their pride.

      In this story, as is with all these stories, there is no name of what is going on nor where the source of this information. However, what with the overload of false rumors on Weibo, there could be a time when Chinese finally starting questioning the validity of the information they receive.

      Or not. I mean, there’s a collective pride of arrogence and self-entitlement to lord over non-Chinese. Never mind all the naked people in Chinese news for a flesh-starved audience.

  • Chadwick

    Funny…its all pretty much unattractive people.

    Do I care about naked parties where there is no sex involved? No.

    You can’t argue that people who have no shame are animals, that is such an old world way of thinking. If you are to walk around naked every day that is different than just having a naked party.

    Personally, being naked in front of a group of people would not relieve stress. Taking a walk, meditation, breathing techniques are the best ways to relieve stress. If these people can be naked in front of each other…they have no stress.

    • Just John

      4th picture down, the girl with the long hair.
      If you call her ugly, then you are blind.

      Unfortunately, that is the only one that isn’t ugly D’:

  • whichone

    Was expecting Greek Gods, guess that was unrealistic.

    • mr. weiner

      I would suggest that the type of physic some people we’re expecting belong more on the thumbnails of a porno site. This is what normal people look like when they’re naked. This was a nude gathering, not some dioneseian orgy.
      Got to say though , that chick with the glasses and the pigtails reminds me of the nice girl who I met after my university orientation day so many decades ago…ah memories.

  • Song of the Article

    by the Goo Goo Dolls


  • Brett Hunan

    the penis to vagina ratio is skewed in the wrong direction.

    • Total sausage party . . .

  • BlackSugarDaddy

    Hello, AmeriCUNTs and AmericCONs !

    • da mao houzi

      hello nigger boy! you eating some watermelon and black eyed peas?

      • hooots

        Go fuck yourself man.

        • Patrick

          After seeing these photos that’s the last possibility on the list for anyone – even one’s own self. They lead me to a depression that makes me think I’ll never enjoy sex again.

          • hooots

            haha true true. this makes me want to not masturbate for a while. that is quite depresssing. damn. maybe i should fuck a sheep. they seem to be the pimps of the moment.

          • Tengu

            Why do you take a sheep down to edge of the river to fuck it?

            Notice that Chinese girl has those giant red briefs…I’m bringing some thongs over in December…make a fortune.

  • Xander

    some of those folks are the reason clothes were developed….

    • firebert5

      It’s probably some “artsy fartsy” class from NYU.

    • Pvt. Joker

      some of those folks are the reason paper bags were developed…

      TFTFY, damn some fugly people there

      • mr. weiner

        I’m sure you are an Adonis to make such a judgement.

  • guizi

    America naked party vs Chinese sport day vs Korean anger
    America lose big.

    • I dunno. Only one of the three is partying naked; at that point, are you going to “elevate” oneself by dressing up in silly costumes to relieve your stress, or get really angry about it?

      Your comment needs more sarcasm.

  • Mag

    Useless and shameless practices = western culture.These are all in the guise of promoting peace and freedom. Just take a look at the US and the EU now and even a child will know why they are in chaos.These idiots have all been brain washed since young and thought it’s perfectly ok to do these stupid acts and believe everything their wicked corrupted govt. and main stream media said.One should look at the ‘Black Friday’ sales at the shops and see how these people are being turned into crazy and mad mass of people stampede,fighting and grabbing stuffs as if there is no tomorrow.And they called this a mature democratic country? This is the type of behaviour the west is trying very hard to implement into the rest of the world.One must look at the history that the west was built by invading,killing and robbing other countries and if the west is really that successful,why have they fail now? Just google Detroit at present and one will see this sorry state of fast becoming a ghost town.

    • whichone

      “…why have they fail now? [sic]” yeah, that’s the gist of the whole rant isn’t it?


    • DRaY

      Blind devotion & Mindless repetition = Chinese Culture (or as I call it lack of culture)

      Chinese ppl are even more brainwashed than Western ppl. Don’t hate, because there are no good deals in China…. hahah

      I mean let’s study the ideals modern China is built on, stealing ideas from the west, keeping its people uninformed, limiting their expose to the outside, white washing their history. If Chinese people had right this country would break into 10 different countries overnight.
      I would rather be born in the West any day than to be born in China … PEACE!!!

    • dawei

      ” Just google Detroit at present and one will see this sorry state of fast becoming a ghost town.”

      Ghost towns? You really want to talk about ghost towns?

      • da mao houzi

        the difference is that China has an excess of 30 million housing units and america has 30 million homeless.

        • Kong

          lol, and there are no homeless in China either; of course not! China also has no criminals or dissidents!

          Infrastructure doesn’t mean anything, if it’s only made to be traded. Chinese cannot afford to live in the infrastructure their country has built. If you care about anything other than GDP, China’s urban planning mistakes are pretty severe.

        • DRaY

          @da mao houzi
          Who has access to the “excess of 30 million housing units”, because I have seen tons of homeless in China.. I used to live in People’s Square (Shanghai) and I saw homeless sleeping on the streets every night. I have seen homeless hordes in Guangzhou and other parts of Guangdong province. Not to mention the people who live in 3*6 sheds built out of plywood and tin, these people can be categorized as being homeless as well. Being poor in China, means you will most likely die poor, being poor in America, you still have a chance to make something out of yourself. Find me one true “Rags to Riches” story in China, that doesn’t involve Western people or a gold digging chick sucking her way into a fortune… I’m sure they don’t exist in this selfishly harmonious country!!!… oh yeah…. GO FUCK YOURSELF

      • Mag

        That’s exactly why people like you read and believe the main stream media.These towns were built for a reason you idiot! Save yourself before it’s too late so you’ll have to find out the real truth why these existed in China.Next time post something which you REALLY know. One will never get the real truth in these main stream news.

        • Kong

          They were built because it was financially convenient to do so. They weren’t built to last, and they weren’t built in the interest of potential residents.

          Understand the meanings of “use value” and “exchange value”, and you will truly understand why a country with so much infrastructure has so many people who cannot afford live in their own place (or anywhere at all).

        • Patrick

          So, please state the reason……

      • Sadie

        Just a friendly heads-up – the Daily Mail is a TERRIBLE source

    • da mao houzi

      it is not the west that has failed, it is america that has failed. Canada is doing very well. America is fucked, they have a false democracy and still believe in god.

      • cb4242

        Do you enjoy hearing yourself talk Bullshit all day or what?

    • Rebecca Smith

      They failed because so called ‘americans’ of today are 3rd world immigrants, and blacks.

  • If I were to go participate, and then shamelessly got hard, would they throw me out? Do not worry nobody will notice a Chinese man with a hard on ;-0

    • whichone

      That’s funny coming from someone named Richard, good one dick.

  • 平凡人

    Just curious, in the last picture, is that “girl”(I assume it is) wearing that funny hat also using a flag to wrap round her?

  • 平凡人

    In the last picture, is the “girl” (I assume it is) wearing that funny hat also using a flag to wrap around her body?

  • Young Man

    I love the comment which says:

    “How can a deteriorating/degenerating country lead the world?”

    This from a Chinese?

    Jesus- two words: Yue Yuem.

    How quickly they forget their international shame:

    • Chad

      Getting a taste of your own medicine isn’t pleasant is it? ;)

  • typingfromwork

    These people are a few decades behind the naturist movement.

    Go to some of the popular beaches in the Mediterranean and people sunbath naked like it’s no thang (and just like here many are of the DO NOT WANT variety). I thought it was quaint how the media reported this like it’s all new and happening.

    Still, if anything like this happened in China it will be 10 over 50 fat and balding officials with 20 whores, and lines and lines of coke.

  • Cultural Imperialist

    Wait… if they’re all naked, how can we tell whether or not they’re hipster douchebags???

    Oh, it’s OK, one of them’s got her knitted hat on. Douche.

  • MadeInChina

    what a cockfest

  • ACE

    Make no mistake,this is one white trash party.

    • mr. weiner

      back to you bridge troll boy

    • ThomasER916

      Make no mistake, you’re really fucking stupid.

      I see Indians, Jews and Asians.

  • Shanghairen

    Real nudists are much older, fatter and uglier than this, if you can believe it.

  • Will I Am

    No thank you. Lost my appetite.

    British or Canadian cuz they’re pasty white. The kind of activity you participate in if you can’t get laid. I’d be looking at the bushes and boobs only. Performance art?

  • Cleo

    This looks exactly like the Nazis home invaded a bunch of envied Manhattanites and forced them to strip. No one looks like they are prepared to be on camera.

  • andywattbulb

    Being ashamed of your body is something you are taught to believe and is passed down by your parents. It’s not natural.

    • ThomasER916

      All of those losers should be ashamed. It’s morons like you that settle for ugly lardasses.

  • Will I Am

    Professionally lit and shot. The Middle Eastern gentleman in the first shot is Photoshop’d. Body hair only only a couple of guys. In the second photo the red head is holding something in her left hand what is it? All photo’s are staged so no tits, dicks, pussies or ass show. Douche bag haircuts, ugly people, no black guys. The group shot at the end? As someone mentioned all of the guys would be over 45 with little dicks and big guts.

    The woman in the fourth photo is holding pictures of the event.
    Why is it?

    Probably an assignment for a New York photography school.

    • Pvt. Joker

      you know if they swapped heads in the first picture it would make much more sense why fugly people goes to naked parties.

  • Anon

    Looks shooped to me. Should have put in more filters or granulation, such a fuss over nothing.

  • Foreign Devil

    When I was at Dadonghai in Sanya there was a group of Chinese nudists who would regularily strut their stuff in a more secluded area off to the side of the main tourist area. . . . But because of so much sun exposure they where as dark and Indians or Africans. I think it was all dudes . . didn’t look TOO closely. But it is surprising to see that in a major tourist area of China.

  • SuperHappyCow

    I would tap all of the women there, ‘cept for the asian chick and the heavy girl.

    Certainly wouldn’t let her raise her leg onto my body. What was the dude in the third pic thinking?

    • Fort

      You Would tap them, but chances are they wont touch you with a plank of wood including that asian one and that heavy one

      • SuperHappyCow

        Considering my significant handsomeness, I wholeheartedly disagree. ; D

      • Rod

        Well, American chicks are easy. And seeing as there is some discussion as to whether they’re Americans or “Eurofags”, if they are in fact European, then hell, they’ll do anything after a couple of drinks.

    • Will I Am

      The Asian is a chick?

  • ” If I were to go participate, and then shamelessly got hard, would they throw me out? ”
    Do not worry nobody will notice your “Hard on”

  • Habiba

    ugly seek Americans no self respect what is next you will do
    shame on you. wake up and look at you self what you missing most i think brain,s…

    • mr. weiner

      I don’t mean to critise but who did you learn your English from?was it off a little green guy called Yoda perchance?

      • Just John

        After reading your comment, I went back and read it again in a Yoda voice, and it made alot more sense.

        Thanks for clearing that up.

      • GiannaFox

        It’s ”criticize”, btw.

        • mr.wiener

          I stand corrected , and contemplating the hole the stone made in my glass house.

  • Money Is Power

    ahhhh my naked eyes are blinded

  • Strangerland

    I personally think they’re closeted exhibitionists/in-denials. They must be thrilled at the idea of giving others glimpses of skins.

  • EuroTrash

    Funny comments white is nudeness such a no go in CHina? They blasting about it though still when any whit men goes to toilet, he draws audience.. why can i not pee here without guys sneakingly look at my wiener??? why do we get called Guelo or so and scrutinized for stealing women (well try mouthwash…does the trick) while china ha s all the little misses things , ktv, sauna and scissor free barbershops?? f..king hell get a bleeding life mr china

  • Dat Ankle

    “If you were human you wouldn’t do this, because humans are a high-level creature, have a sense of shame. Only animals/beasts and similar lower level creatures would expose themselves to each other, and without any sense of shame…”

    Oh boy, I hope its sarcasms but if not then boy oh boy.

  • Adre

    I’m always curious why she writes ” Chinese Netizen Recations” like their opinion matters outside of China anyway, and why anyone would care for that matter.

    It’s on the same level as reporting on story and saying “Obama moves to defeat Occupy Wall street ! Preschool students and mentally challenged adults who have never been exposed to real media reactions “

    • SuperHappyCow

      Wait, what? Why are you here? Why are you on THIS site?

  • Meh

    ”Americans have already regressed back to primitive society! Ugly Americans!”

    Lol fact.

    • Gromit

      As opposed to the Ugly Chinese who steal everything and invent nothing?

  • ShenzhenGuy

    This stuff is disgusting. Who would want to be around a bunch of naked people. I sure don’t. The only other naked person I want to be around is my wife if I had one. Other than that – no way. This is liberal perversionism.

  • Gromit

    Amazing how backwards China is. Still mentally locked in the Cultural Revolution. Mao is long dead people.

    • liz

      my be hey Chinese people respect them self which i could not say about this bunch of seek people exposing they ugly bodies
      yuck yuck..

  • nihaoma

    If you are a female nudist, you are liberalizing yourself. If you are a guy, you are a pevert. Nuff said.

  • dim mak

    Nudity isn’t “immoral” you bunch of faggot prudes, go suck a Bible

    But God these people are hideous.

    • ThomasER916

      Typical dickless faggot with a rectal prolapse.

  • insane duck

    First, I’m American, just want to put that out there.

    Secondly: Who cares. This doesn’t go on everywhere, and even if it did, so what. Humans are born naked, so what if they get together in big groups naked? I mean, come on, quit being stupid, people.

    I know a great many of you are from China and are holding onto very conservative views about sexuality, but get over it. Think for yourselves. Start from square one and try to think of why this might be wrong. You know what conclusion you come to if you do that? There’s nothing wrong with it. These people are just having fun, enjoying themselves.

    To the fool who said something about “a degenerated country”: you are quite wrong. A “degenerated” nation can lead the world. Of course, I don’t think we do (we’ve been sucking for a while now), but just because we are sexually liberal and don’t have a huge amount of censorship on things that are considered indecent by some, does not mean that we are not intelligent or advanced. In fact, it means that we are intelligent and advanced. Censorship is just plain stupid.

    • ACE

      First , consider ourselves extremely lucky not to be born as an Xtremely Stupid American! Because it has become the MOST HATED country in the world and that you assholes have the most fucked up War Monger govt. and SHAMELESS culture. Without fail you Fools will always think of yourselves as intelligent and advance BUT ultimately you will end up being OUR slaves! Everyone HATES the HYPOCRITE USA and wouldn’t give a second thought about Bashing,Stomping and Spitting on your graves!!! Now that’s how much the world hates YOU!

      • insane duck

        Hey, I hate America too. Don’t get me wrong. America is becoming a fascist state slowly but surely. It sucks. I hate the fact that we go and invade other countries and waste our money (and yours, since we borrow from China all the damn time). Our government sucks, but at least they don’t censor their citizens, kill people for petty things like drug trafficking, or have a one-party state.

        But, I would rather live here than censorship capital of the world China. You guys don’t even allow shit about time travel on TV from what I hear. Our Music is more awesome (though Europeans beat us there), and our writers are usually a lot better than yours. That’s not to say China doesn’t have any good musicians or writers, but you motherfuckers have a government that censors everything. That’s absolutely terrible.

        But, I will admit this about your country: it’s government is efficient. I like how quickly Hu Jintao is able to get things done in your country. I wish our president could tell these republinazi’s to screw off and just do what he wants to (I think our nation would do a lot better this way. But then we have presidents like George Bush who, with that much power, would ruin everything). I am also fond of your willingness to execute corrupt businessmen (tell me, what would you guys have done to our wallstreet executives if they had crashed your economy? Execute them? Good!). My main problem with your country is it’s conservative attitudes about sexuality and it’s censorship. Throw that away and I would say China is a great nation.

  • Michele

    Photoshop definitely and a bunch of prudish nudists.

  • KopyKatKiller

    Could they have found uglier people to participate?

    • Steve

      They could have, but you didn’t answer your phone ;)

  • Steve

    The human body is a beautiful thing. No shame in it. We are all born perfect, and news flash…we aren’t wearing any clothes at all when we are born. ;)

  • liz

    seek ugly and seek mind like animals no shame …. oh my god where world is coming to…
    am modern and modern thinking but this is so ugly .. they need to be look away to crazy house ..

  • Mr.NickName

    Vote your (eapecially Chinese/Asian) penis size anonymously at

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