Newborn Chinese Baby ‘Roasted’ to Death in Hospital Incubator

A newborn infant in an incubator with high temperature, he was roasted to death when he was alive.

A newborn baby suspected death due to high temperature in incubator.

From NetEase:

Internet Exposes Fujian Quanzhou Infant Roasted to Death in Incubator

According to CCTV’s weibo: Fujian Quanzhou Newborn Infant’s Cause of Death Suspected to be Excessive Temperature in Incubator. Yesterday, Quanzhou citizen Ye Yilong received the sad news of the death of his ten-day-old baby. According to Ye Yilong’s family, because of improper handling by the hospital, the temperature of the incubator was too high and the child was roasted to death. Corresponding photos were provided at the same time. But according to Quanzhou Children’s Hospital, the child died of infections. Currently, Quanzhou health authorities have launched an investigation. (CCTV reporter: Wang Chunxiao)

On July 18, a Weibo netizen posted “Newborn infant placed in incubator, roasted to death by overly high temperature” Quack doctors are in power at Quanzhou Children’s Hospital and treat human lives as no more than grass [have scant/no regard for human lives] and toasted a healthy baby to death overnight! The hospital side shirked responsibility. Doctors and nurses were all hidden from people, even the surveillance video had been deleted. What was “darker” was that the TV station said they dared not report the news. The child was so little, he didn’t even have time to experience the beauty of this world!

A newborn infant in an incubator with high temperature, he was roasted to death when he was alive.

According to a blogger who goes by the name “可爱的腰间盘啊” on Weibo: “Now the hospital is keeping the family members [of the dead infant] inside the hospital and aren’t letting them out. This is the photo my aunt sent me! Checking the milk feeding records, prior to [July] 16, only on the 11th was there a single feeding. Likewise, clearly as a result of the incubator’s temperature being too high, there’s no undamaged flesh on the baby’s back at all. She was only 12 days old, she didn’t even know anything! Quanzhou Children’s Hospital, don’t think that just because the surveillance video is now gone, the records are now gone, the medical records have now been altered, and the doctors and nurses have run away that you are able to “cover the sky with one hand” [hide the truth from the masses]. Don’t think that just because you are a public hospital that reporters dare not investigate, that you can defy every law and regulation. I will call every hotline that I can call. Last Sunday I just talked with the child’s mother on the phone and she said that [her baby] could have been released from the hospital on that day, but the hospital claimed [the baby] caught a cold and couldn’t leave the hospital. Early in the morning on Wednesday, a call from the hospital informed them that the child was dying. During those two and three days, the hospital deleted all they could delete, altered all that they could alter, and when they family was rushing to the hospital, it put on a show with a few rounds of CPR before announcing her death. Because I was not there at the scene, I can only post what I know. The photos can tell everything clearly!”

This Southern Metropolis Daily reporter learned from the Quanzhou City Health Bureau Office that yesterday [July 17] morning, the bureau had sent relevant leaders and experts to the hospital to investigate this incident, the details of which must be reported to superiors step-by-step (before they can be released to the public). Previously, netizen “@可爱的腰间盘啊” exposed that the deceased is his relative’s child, and that Quanzhou Children’s Hospital had refused to discharge the baby from the hospital claiming the baby had a cold.

Related News:

Health Bureau Claims Infant’s Cause of Death Unable to be Determined, Currently Consulting with Family on Autopsy July 18 report: On the morning of July 18, reporters of received a tip claiming that in Fujian Quanzhou, a 12-day-old newborn baby at the Quanzhou Children’s Hospital was roasted to death due to excessive heat in an incubator.

This afternoon [July 18], the Quanzhou Health Bureau and the Quanzhou Children’s Hospital responded successively to reporters of that the hospital was consulting with family members of the deceased about whether an autopsy was to be done to the dead baby. Pictures obtained by reporters show what appears to be large burns on the deceased baby’s back, with the skin having come off. The person who exposed this information claims the baby died on the afternoon of [July] 17 at Quanzhou Children’s Hospital. From birth to death, only 12 days had passed.

Subsequently, reporters contacted the Medical Administration Department of the Quanzhou Health Bureau. A staff member from the department on condition of anonymity told reporters that from yesterday [July 17] afternoon to this morning [July 18] at 9am, staff members of the Health Bureau have been in consultation with the baby’s family, hoping to conduct a medical accident determination or autopsy, but have not yet obtained the family’s permission. After the infant’s death, the body was not placed in the morgue, already affecting standard medical procedure. The staff member also said that until the medical evaluation results or autopsy report comes out, the baby’s cause of death cannot be determined. He says the patients in the hospital’s burn department or the condition of the skin of certain patients with herpes may be even worse than the baby’s skin condition in the photo.

A staff member from Quanzhou Children’s Hospital office told reporters that the hospital couldn’t make a judgment on the baby’s death right now and have already petitioned higher departments for a medical accident determination, with an explanation of the incident expected to be made public by the Health Bureau at 9am tomorrow [July 19] morning. Reporters called the dead baby’s grandfather, but nobody ever answered the phone. Quanzhou City Health Bureau chief Cai Lijing said she was at a meeting and rejected our interview.

But according to the latest reports from CCTV, Quanzhou Children’s Hospital officials claim the child had died due to infection.

Reporters of this article will continue to pay close attention to the incident’s development.

a newborn baby suspected death due to high temperature in incubator.

Comments from NetEase:

[网易江苏省南通市网友] 依旧惘然:

God damn hospital, the baby was roasted black. What kind of fucking incubator is it? It’s a  fucking oven.

[网易河南省洛阳市网友] 骑驴找猪猪:

fucking, many hospitals nowadays put some babies who don’t need intensive care into UICU, which is charged by the hour, with the average income per day being 1000 yuan. [The babies] are kept there for 10 to 15 days. Based on what I know, many newborns parents have encountered this kind of situation… If the child’s family doesn’t know anyone [in the hospital], they’ll only get slaughtered/conned, it is completely opaque [lacking transparency]…

网易河北省邢台市网友 ip:218.11.*.*:

Wake up. I am a pediatrician, please open your eyes wide and see:
1. Incubators have max temperature limits, and the highest temperature is 40℃, so there is absolutely no way the baby was baked to death.
2. Look at the state of the baby’s dead body, it’s very likely that she got septicemia, DIC. Of course, for this situation to happen tot he baby while it was in the hospital for over 10 days, we can’t rule out the possibility of a nosocomial infection, which can cause the baby’s death within a hours. What more, nosocomial infections are unavoidable. NICU hospital infections are controlled to under 10%, and the rates of of hospital infections in China is similar to that in western countries, or even lower. Maybe it has something to do with the excessive use of antibiotics in China. Ultimately, the reason is related to individual physique. Some people are simply more susceptible to pathogens, which is why some people never get sick, but you get sick.

3. With the parents so crazy, do you think the doctors and nurses are stupid? Let’s first put aside who is right or who is wrong, who at the scene wouldn’t be heavily beaten by the family? And what more, [it could be that] after being beaten, [it turns out] they were wrongly beaten, so might as well first flee [from getting beaten].
4. The media and the general public, stop making a fuss, [because] ultimately it is you will be the ones who lose!!! At least, this Quanzhou hospital will not have people taking care of newborns who needs to be treated right now, not because the doctors don’t want to, but because they have no energy to do so, as most of their energy will be spent dealing with this incident. Besides, with the press blindly making an uproar about it, government leaders won’t be happy, and they’ll be rectified. I think the other doctors in their department can take a little break.
5. Nowadays, children having to wait 2-3 hours to see a doctor in Beijing is considered normal. Some can’t even get their turns to see a doctor after waiting overnight. Nowadays what is particularly serious is that some children with pneumonia, sepsis etc. who should stay in the hospital can’t be hospitalized. The more serious and complicated the illness of a child, the more impossible it is for a hospital to receive him. The reason is very simple, under this kind of environment, no hospital is willing to bring trouble to themselves.

6. The pediatrics department is not profitable in this economic society. Pediatricians are paid the least among all physicians, because few people choose this career, and it is also the most tiring job, while the pediatrics department is very risky. After this many years of so-called public hospitals being responsible for independently managing profit and loss, all hospitals have chosen to cut back on pediatrics. Now the problems are already showing.
7. I have been a doctor for 8 years, graduated from Beijing University of Medicine. At the time, only the top students could study medicine, but as families who have children taking the gaokao college entrance exams might have noticed that, firstly, very few people want to study medicine, and secondly, there are fewer and fewer medical students, [universities] have to “select generals out of dwarves” [make do with what students they have], which means the quality [of the doctors coming out] probably isn’t assured. So far, half of my classmates have switched jobs and are no longer working in the clinical field, quite a few of them could have become famous doctors in the future, which is quite a pity. But it doesn’t matter, excellent people are also excellent in other professions. This is actually a loss for patients.
8. I don’t know if you guys have ever encountered difficulties in seeing a doctor. Perhaps some people haven’t had this kind of experience. But with you people being so pushy towards doctors, will it have to come to there not being any doctors to see you when you’re sick before you will reflect on yourselves?

网易广东省佛山市手机网友 ip: 112.96.*.*: (responding to above)

How much did he pay you? There are no waves without wind…. wu mao

网易日本网友 [xiaoxiaomm3] : (responding to “ip:218.11.*.*”)

What the first floor [网易河北省邢台市网友] said sounded clear and logical. Do you dare tell us which hospital you are at?

网易山东省青岛市手机网友 [flyman0086]: (responding to “ip:218.11.*.*”)

You will have children, too. What you said sounded reasonable, but why does the doctor refuse to produce the medical records to prove it?

网易浙江省杭州市手机网友 [子虚乌有的乌有之乡]: (responding to above)

Today’s reporters just want to attract eyeballs. “Incubator roasts baby”, such fucking sensational. You really think it’s an oven? No incubators can cause burn injuries. The power [of incubators] is too far off.

网易江西省南昌市网友 [living_wei]: (responding to “ip:218.11.*.*”)

According to the first floor, the highest temperature 40℃ can’t burn people to death??? Dehydration alone can kill you. With temperatures so high now, why are people still using incubators??? Asking for a scientific explanation…

网易浙江省台州市网友 [wuhaowuhao12] :(responding to above)

To make money. Incubators are charged by the hour.

网易上海市手机网友 ip:180.171.*.* :

With hospitals these days, I too am at a loss for words. Because of my cousin’s irregular menstrual periods, I accompanied her to the hospital to get it checked. The doctor didn’t even check her before directly asking, “keep it or have an abortion?” which freaked my sister out. Completely speechless, clearly it was just an endocrine disorder.

网易广东省东莞市手机网友 ip:113.80.*.* :

The hospital has no virtue. The incubator had a problem. No matter what, a healthy baby is gone, which means there’s a problem.


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