“No Car No House” Song, Chinese Leftover Women Version

"No Car No House" Chinese Leftover Women version.

"No Car No House" Chinese Leftover Women version.

The following viral video on has accumulated over 1.5 million views since it was uploaded 2 days ago (on International Women’s Day!) onto popular Chinese online video-sharing website Youku. There are over 5,600 comments in response to it spanning 188 pages, as well as over 20,000 downvotes (vs. over 3,400 upvotes). Not only was it one of the most popular videos on Youku for the day and week, it spread on popular Chinese social networks like RenRen, Pengyou, and QQ, as well as popular Chinese discussion forums. Copies of the video also appear on other popular Chinese video sharing websites like Tudou and 56.

Leftover women (剩女, shèngnǚ) became an official Chinese word in 2007 and refers to women who are older in age (usually the post-70s generation), have higher incomes, and are still unmarried. They tend to have higher expectations of their potential partners.

From Youku:

Eye-popping! A leftover women version of “No Car No House” that will make the leftover men vomit blood

Last year that leftover men version bachelor song “No Car No House” seemed to be very popular, but after watching it, it made me feel very resentful, because isn’t it obviously despising us leftover women!? Men without cars or houses thinking we’re unkind and and we’re hurting their feelings? Haha, be more realistic! Because society is realistic like this! A man who makes money is fulfilling his responsibility, whereas a woman earning money adds to her value! Don’t accuse us of worshipping money [or chasing money, gold-digging], there’s no crime in worshiping money! I made a leftover women version bachelorette song with my fellow sisters, so guys open your eyes and watch closely!

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Lyrics and English translations:

多情的阳光 洒落在你的脸庞
Warm sunshine, shining on your face
看看周围的小伙 个个都挺娘
Looking at the young guys all around, every one of them are very girly

Having a house and a car is what women long for
Marrying the right person is the biggest wish

Asking you if you have a car, asking you if you have a house
My mother will also ask you how much savings you have

假如你没有车 假如你也没有房
If you have no car, if you also have no house
Hurry move aside and don’t block my way

我也有车 我也有房
I also have a car, I also have a house
As well as RMB in the bank

If you guys aren’t even as capable as me
Don’t depend on me, I’m not your mother

你没有车 你没有房
You don’t have a car, you don’t have a house
Don’t expect to get a beauty into bed

Pretending to be poor, you only drive a lousy BMW
Don’t pretend you’re a rich guy who can keep me as his mistress


你没有车 你没有房
You don’t have a car, you don’t have a house
Yet you still want to get married and be a groom

If your life isn’t well off
Why should I accompany you in wandering

You say I am realistic/practical, that I may as well admit
You can call me a gold-digger and I won’t feel hurt

A man after all should be like a man
没车没房 你别想找新娘
Without a car, without a house, forget about finding a bride

"No Car No House" Chinese Leftover Women version."No Car No House" Chinese Leftover Women version.

"No Car No House" Chinese Leftover Women version."No Car No House" Chinese Leftover Women version.

"No Car No House" Chinese Leftover Women version."No Car No House" Chinese Leftover Women version.

"No Car No House" Chinese Leftover Women version."No Car No House" Chinese Leftover Women version.

Comments from Youku:


吐 This kind of woman who only has money in her eyes deserves to become a leftover woman~ How serious do you think a man would treat a woman who only cares for his money?


Where did they find all these er nai [mistresses]?


Actually, even those with money would not find these kind of women, each and every one of them frivolous to the extreme~~~


A fellow brother next to me angrily said after watching: Forget the fact that I already have a house and a good car, even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t pursue these women, their mentality is so ugly; With so many good girls in the world, it isn’t as if they’re all that is left, [they’re] so smug. This brother has a healthy attitude/is a credit to men everywhere.


The lyrics are very realistic. Men, stop deceiving yourselves, go work harder..


A bunch of stupid cunts.


Ugly looks, ugly voices, each and every one of the like whores, and the only one that looks relatively good dresses like a man, a bunch of tone deaf no intelligence stupid cunts making fools of themselves… Even if I had money I wouldn’t give it to your kind of trash to spend. If I had a house, I’d use it to raise a dog than let your kind of trash live in it. If I had a car, I wouldn’t let your kind of trash ride in it either. Even running you over I would think is dirtying my tires. Truly TM disgusting…


Each and every one of you look like shit. Making fools of yourselves… If you want to make a name for yourself, don’t come on Youku. [Instead] find a director to make a show with you in it, and then see if you girls are capable of becoming famous…


无语 On behalf of men, I despise you.


Ugh!!! Apart from being dumbfounded there is only being more dumbfounded! Work hard, men shouldn’t use not working hard as an excuse for not having money or a car! However, one should still be cautious against this kind of transaction-style relationship! Jia you! After we’ve established our foundations [career, assets], let’s find the most pure-hearted most beautiful girls under the sky!!!


…I laughed.


Each and every one of them looking like dog farts, demanding this demanding that.


We don’t marry you, we only play you. 搞笑


吐 [It’s] 38 Day [International Women’s Day], so I’m not going to bicker/bother with them.


Sigh, I too don’t have a car or a house, and the saddest thing is, I also don’t have any RMB.
Fuck, happy bachelorhood.

指间杀戮 :

Though there isn’t anything really inappropriate/improper about wanting a man to have a car and a house, you have to give men some time. It isn’t that easy to have a car and house before 30 for a man without background [a wealthy or powerful family/connections].


Without a car or house, one can’t afford to find this kind of woman. With a car and a house, one can’t help but look down on this kind of woman.

abc168666: (responding to ADOへ跑跑)

Yes, I very much agree.


Women after 30 are worn-out lousy leftovers, those with money would only look for 17 or 18-year-olds. 搞笑


Oh fuck! Am I in the wrong place? Isn’t this Jurassic Park? There are dinosaurs running everywhere!


I don’t have a car nor a house, but I have a woman, who happens to be better than you girls, why is this? Is it because you girls aren’t good enough? Because money is too important for you girls?


The most tragic thing for a man is: The woman who will soon be your wife in the past gave her body to another man in who knows what 40 kuai per night [RMB] motel and now she’s run to you asking for a 10,000 [RMB] per square meter house and a 200,000 [RMB] car before she marries you!!!! Some of you women (read carefully that I said some of you women) should ask yourselves if you are worthy of being someone’s wife, are virtuous enough, if you will support your husband and raise the children, if you are a loving wife and a good mother, see if you are worthy of the that house and car!!!!


When I bought my car and house, they were all new and never used before. Which one amongst you haven’t been used before? Those that have been used before, don’t have so many demands… Brothers who support me, give me a ding.


What kind of women are these? Give a little equality and they’ve become like this! I say women in the old days were better. Sigh.

And there’s even an androgynous one.


Men with money are not free ATMs, much less dummies. Most gold-diggers end up being playthings for wealthy men. When they become old (after 30) and [their looks] decline, just don’t go complain that men are ruthless. because no man would have real feelings for a gold-digger. Women must not mistake men’s sexual desire for love. Men value “justice”, and if your wealth wasn’t earned through hard work, how can you talk about “justice”? One can’t have their cake and eat it too, unless you’re stunningly beautiful, the best in the world. Men shouldn’t blame women for chasing money, because chasing money is not a crime; Women too should not hate men for seducing and discarding women, for being lustful, because playing women is not wrong, and in transactions of sex and money, men and women are equal/fair.


无语 Money isn’t the foundation for happiness, it is just a living necessity only. Even though I don’t have money and am not a rich man, but as long as I have the love of my family, the friendship of my friends, and the love of my lover., then that is enough! Having these things is happiness! Wealth is created through intelligence and hard work, and excessive luxury is not necessary! (Also remember that no matter how rich one is, they still rely on the peasants/farmers for their survival. Why? Because I trust that no matter how wealthy someone is, they wouldn’t go eat money when they’re hungry, right?)


after watching this, I really threw up the breakfast I just ate, really.
I originally wanted to go the toilet to take a shit but all of a sudden I don’t have the urge anymore.
The stuffy nose from a cold that has been troubling me the past few days also suddenly cleared up.
Finally, if I may offer some advice to you bunch of dinosaurs (even dinosaurs are more beautiful than you girls): I can drive any lousy car to the front of a university and there will immediately be beautiful girls throwing themselves at me.
You girls want a car and a house, at least first go get some plastic surgery.


Holy fuck, I almost threw up. Are these women? Look at yourselves and you want cars and houses? You would be lucky to have anyone want you at all. Don’t block us manly men’s way~~ I’m in a nightmare…


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"No Car No House" Chinese Leftover Women version.

Leftover women and men. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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