No Dereliction of Duty in Police Failure to Stop Murder

Anhui, China - Surveillance footage shows two Chinese police officers failing to stop a man from murdering a young girl.

Anhui, China - Surveillance footage shows two Chinese police officers failing to stop a man from murdering a young girl.

From NetEase:

Investigation Determines the Two Police Officers Who Witnessed Young Girl’s Murder Were Not in Dereliction of Duty

The Beijing News — This reporter just obtained information from the Bengbu city Public Security Bureau that the final determination of a joint Bengbu city Public Security Bureau investigative group is that there was no dereliction of duty and failure to act by the two police officers who witnessed a young girl being killed, that the two police officers will not be punished, and currently are still working as normal; The investigative group will make public the details of the investigation and reasons for the determination that the police officers had not failed in their duty shortly. Bengbu city Public Security Bureau Propaganda Department Section Chief Zhang confirmed to this reporter that the two police officers have not been affected by this incident, and remain in their positions going to work as usual.

August 18th afternoon, Anhui province Bengbu city Yuhui district Macheng town, a 17-year-old young girl was repeatedly stabbed 10 times to death. Two police officers dispatched by the Macheng town police station witnessed the young girl’s murder, and their failure to take effective action was called into question. On the night of the 21st, the Bengbu city Public Security Bureau called an emergency meeting, formed a joint investigative group involving the disciplinary inspection, police supervision, and criminal investigation departments, and launched an investigation into the young girl’s murder and two police officers’ actions.

Comments from NetEase:

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Reporter: Grandpa, hello. I am a television report and would like to ask you several questions. In the past, the peasants [rural residents] all lived lives lower than that of oxes and horses, but how is it nowadays?
Grandpa: Nowadays it’s the same as.
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Reporter: Grandpa, nowadays peasants have become prosperous, all watching televisions, but I hear you can’t change the channel on your family’s television, that it’s the same program no matter how you change the channel?
Grandpa: Yes, later the repairman said it’s fine after 7:30 [Referring to the CCTV prime-time half-hour news program Xinwen Lianbo that used to dominate all television channels at the same time.]
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Reporter: Grandpa, may I ask what do nationalistic films that sing the praises of our outstanding leaders and cadres like Kong Fanshen, Jiao Enlu, Ren Changxia, etc. have in common?
Grandpa: Cadres that attempt to improve the well-being of the ordinary common people all ultimately die.
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Reporter: Grandpa, let’s talk about literature then. What do you know of the Four Great Classical Novels?
Grandpa: Behind government officials is a
Red Mansion.
The children of government officials and the children of the rich all Journey to the West.
Local governments are currently playing Three Kingdoms.
The ordinary common people can only ferment Water Margin [rebellion].
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Grandpa: It is! That day I found a mobile phone on the street, and a text message came through: Bureau Chief Wang, please help me with that matter! Without hesitation, I sent my bank account number over.
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bighuamao [网易浙江省宁波市网友]:

Police don’t even arrest criminals in front of them, they just eat shit [do nothing].

乙支自由卫士 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

The ordinary common people sometimes have a slip of tongue and are heavily sentenced, but when law enforcement neglect their duties, it isn’t considered dereliction of duty?




No matter how large the country is, it is none of the ordinary common people’s business, because no matter how large the country is, there isn’t an inch of territory that belongs to the ordinary common people, while the bigwigs have enormous territory.

sentenced to reeducation through labor, finally getting 1000 yuan in compensation.
A Spaniard leads the national football team to ruin and ultimately leaves China with 76.5 million.
A Railway Ministry minister embezzles several hundred million and ultimately gets a commuted death sentence.
An entrepreneur is secretly executed without his family’s knowledge.
A watermelon vendor is beaten to death in front of his family. Black July.
A singer’s son colludes with others to gang rape a young girl, and after months, there hasn’t even been a ruling.

Six people with different fats, do you think all of this has nothing to do with you? Forwarding this is a statement of your attitude, that you will no longer remain negative, no longer be passive. Because the channels we can use are truly limited.
In this day and age, the only people left who truly care about the people’s incomes is the tax bureau, the only people left who truly care about the country’s next generation is the family planning committee, the only people left who truly care about the country’s tomorrow is the weather bureau, the only people left who truly care about the country’s flowers [children, little girls] are school principals, the only people left who “beat the people flat” [original meaning “are united with the people”] are the chengguan
Imagine if the person who threw the infant down on the ground was a drunken migrant worker! Imagine if the male lead in the gang-rape case was the child of a rural farmer! Imagine if the suspect in the Zhu Ling poisoning case was just a villager! These results of these hypotheticals are very obvious. So, when authority/power is placed above the law, the people will eventually lose all guarantees/protection! Only when a society where the law is above authority/power truly arrives can the people have hope!

Only when every single ordinary common person unites together and brings out our courage to fight can thee problems be truly solved. Everything else is passing clouds!

The weapons are in our brains/minds. Any weapon can be our weapon in the fight.

Long live democracy, freedom, justice.

网易山西省太原市手机网友 [芙小小仙子的爹爹爹爹]:

Police are human too, for what reason should they have to court death/commit suicide? How much money are they making off of you?

网易河北省廊坊市手机网友(123.183.*.*): (responding to above)

Then what are police for? What “courting death/committing suicide?” Are police not supposed to protect the people? Fuck!

网易山西省太原市手机网友 [芙小小仙子的爹爹爹爹]: (responding to above)

When a vicious assailant holds a knife, wouldn’t a police officer without any weapon going forward be courting death/committing suicide? Staying calm and calling for backup is the right policy. Police are people too, with wives and children. Protecting the people is indeed what should be done but one should also protect oneself.

网易北京市网友 [tianyaguoke0]: (responding to above)

Stop fucking making excuses, they were simply afraid and didn’t dare get close, and that’s why they had batons but didn’t use dare use them, throwing a plastic basket from afar at that attacker who was “in the process of repeatedly stabbing” [the victim].

网易山西省太原市手机网友 [芙小小仙子的爹爹爹爹]: (responding to above)

Duty neither stipulates that police must court death/commit suicide; does such a high-risk occupation come with high remuneration? Throughout the country, over a thousand police officers lay down their lives each year averaging three police officers sacrificed each day. Throwing oneself into danger unarmed is what should be not be encouraged, whereas improving police equipment and police training should be, but fenqing will always indiscriminately criticize.

网易北京市网友 [tianyaguoke0]: (responding to above)

First, let me express my admiration towards you given your understanding of duty: With such an IQ, your ability to still post comments here is frankly really not easy [surprising]!!
Second, speaking of remuneration, equipment, and training, these are things you should not be saying to the ordinary common people; it doesn’t make sense at all; you should be saying it to the leaders. If you convince them, then you’ll have it all. If not, you can quit, and let those who have the ability and courage to protect the ordinary common people do it; stop occupying the toilet and not shitting [shit or get off the toilet]!

网易山西省太原市手机网友 [芙小小仙子的爹爹爹爹]: (responding to above)

The duty of police officers is to prevent and curb crime. When encountering a crime, they should calmly and rationally deal with it, not just recklessly go throw themselves into danger unarmed; have you watched too many television shows?

网易广东省深圳市手机网友 [ruay2008]: (responding to above)

In this situation, it was within the police’s power to stop the crime, but they didn’t, [so] dereliction of duty.

网易山西省太原市手机网友 [芙小小仙子的爹爹爹爹]: (responding to above)

This has to be evaluated according to the actual circumstances of the scene, what you say [think] doesn’t count.

网易河南省手机网友 [yzq6797]: (responding to above)

You bastard may very well be a police officer or your father is! If you keep a [guard] dog and it doesn’t watch the door, can it still be called a [guard] dog?


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