No Dereliction of Duty in Police Failure to Stop Murder

Anhui, China - Surveillance footage shows two Chinese police officers failing to stop a man from murdering a young girl.

Anhui, China - Surveillance footage shows two Chinese police officers failing to stop a man from murdering a young girl.

From NetEase:

Investigation Determines the Two Police Officers Who Witnessed Young Girl’s Murder Were Not in Dereliction of Duty

The Beijing News — This reporter just obtained information from the Bengbu city Public Security Bureau that the final determination of a joint Bengbu city Public Security Bureau investigative group is that there was no dereliction of duty and failure to act by the two police officers who witnessed a young girl being killed, that the two police officers will not be punished, and currently are still working as normal; The investigative group will make public the details of the investigation and reasons for the determination that the police officers had not failed in their duty shortly. Bengbu city Public Security Bureau Propaganda Department Section Chief Zhang confirmed to this reporter that the two police officers have not been affected by this incident, and remain in their positions going to work as usual.

August 18th afternoon, Anhui province Bengbu city Yuhui district Macheng town, a 17-year-old young girl was repeatedly stabbed 10 times to death. Two police officers dispatched by the Macheng town police station witnessed the young girl’s murder, and their failure to take effective action was called into question. On the night of the 21st, the Bengbu city Public Security Bureau called an emergency meeting, formed a joint investigative group involving the disciplinary inspection, police supervision, and criminal investigation departments, and launched an investigation into the young girl’s murder and two police officers’ actions.

Comments from NetEase:

网易美国网友 ip:136.8.*.*:

Reporter: Grandpa, hello. I am a television report and would like to ask you several questions. In the past, the peasants [rural residents] all lived lives lower than that of oxes and horses, but how is it nowadays?
Grandpa: Nowadays it’s the same as.
Reporter: …

Reporter: Grandpa, nowadays peasants have become prosperous, all watching televisions, but I hear you can’t change the channel on your family’s television, that it’s the same program no matter how you change the channel?
Grandpa: Yes, later the repairman said it’s fine after 7:30 [Referring to the CCTV prime-time half-hour news program Xinwen Lianbo that used to dominate all television channels at the same time.]
Reporter: …

Reporter: Grandpa, may I ask what do nationalistic films that sing the praises of our outstanding leaders and cadres like Kong Fanshen, Jiao Enlu, Ren Changxia, etc. have in common?
Grandpa: Cadres that attempt to improve the well-being of the ordinary common people all ultimately die.
Reporter: …

Reporter: Grandpa, let’s talk about literature then. What do you know of the Four Great Classical Novels?
Grandpa: Behind government officials is a
Red Mansion.
The children of government officials and the children of the rich all Journey to the West.
Local governments are currently playing Three Kingdoms.
The ordinary common people can only ferment Water Margin [rebellion].
Reporter: …

Reporter: Grandpa, let’s talk about happy things. I hear the villagers say you recently won 1 million, is that true?
Grandpa: It is! That day I found a mobile phone on the street, and a text message came through: Bureau Chief Wang, please help me with that matter! Without hesitation, I sent my bank account number over.
Reporter: …

Reporter: With that much money, aren’t you afraid of thieves and robbers?
Grandpa: Nope, I’ve donated the money to the Red Cross Society. Forget about thieves and robbers, now the entire world has no idea where the money is.
Reporter: …
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bighuamao [网易浙江省宁波市网友]:

Police don’t even arrest criminals in front of them, they just eat shit [do nothing].

乙支自由卫士 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

The ordinary common people sometimes have a slip of tongue and are heavily sentenced, but when law enforcement neglect their duties, it isn’t considered dereliction of duty?




No matter how large the country is, it is none of the ordinary common people’s business, because no matter how large the country is, there isn’t an inch of territory that belongs to the ordinary common people, while the bigwigs have enormous territory.

sentenced to reeducation through labor, finally getting 1000 yuan in compensation.
A Spaniard leads the national football team to ruin and ultimately leaves China with 76.5 million.
A Railway Ministry minister embezzles several hundred million and ultimately gets a commuted death sentence.
An entrepreneur is secretly executed without his family’s knowledge.
A watermelon vendor is beaten to death in front of his family. Black July.
A singer’s son colludes with others to gang rape a young girl, and after months, there hasn’t even been a ruling.

Six people with different fats, do you think all of this has nothing to do with you? Forwarding this is a statement of your attitude, that you will no longer remain negative, no longer be passive. Because the channels we can use are truly limited.
In this day and age, the only people left who truly care about the people’s incomes is the tax bureau, the only people left who truly care about the country’s next generation is the family planning committee, the only people left who truly care about the country’s tomorrow is the weather bureau, the only people left who truly care about the country’s flowers [children, little girls] are school principals, the only people left who “beat the people flat” [original meaning “are united with the people”] are the chengguan
Imagine if the person who threw the infant down on the ground was a drunken migrant worker! Imagine if the male lead in the gang-rape case was the child of a rural farmer! Imagine if the suspect in the Zhu Ling poisoning case was just a villager! These results of these hypotheticals are very obvious. So, when authority/power is placed above the law, the people will eventually lose all guarantees/protection! Only when a society where the law is above authority/power truly arrives can the people have hope!

Only when every single ordinary common person unites together and brings out our courage to fight can thee problems be truly solved. Everything else is passing clouds!

The weapons are in our brains/minds. Any weapon can be our weapon in the fight.

Long live democracy, freedom, justice.

网易山西省太原市手机网友 [芙小小仙子的爹爹爹爹]:

Police are human too, for what reason should they have to court death/commit suicide? How much money are they making off of you?

网易河北省廊坊市手机网友(123.183.*.*): (responding to above)

Then what are police for? What “courting death/committing suicide?” Are police not supposed to protect the people? Fuck!

网易山西省太原市手机网友 [芙小小仙子的爹爹爹爹]: (responding to above)

When a vicious assailant holds a knife, wouldn’t a police officer without any weapon going forward be courting death/committing suicide? Staying calm and calling for backup is the right policy. Police are people too, with wives and children. Protecting the people is indeed what should be done but one should also protect oneself.

网易北京市网友 [tianyaguoke0]: (responding to above)

Stop fucking making excuses, they were simply afraid and didn’t dare get close, and that’s why they had batons but didn’t use dare use them, throwing a plastic basket from afar at that attacker who was “in the process of repeatedly stabbing” [the victim].

网易山西省太原市手机网友 [芙小小仙子的爹爹爹爹]: (responding to above)

Duty neither stipulates that police must court death/commit suicide; does such a high-risk occupation come with high remuneration? Throughout the country, over a thousand police officers lay down their lives each year averaging three police officers sacrificed each day. Throwing oneself into danger unarmed is what should be not be encouraged, whereas improving police equipment and police training should be, but fenqing will always indiscriminately criticize.

网易北京市网友 [tianyaguoke0]: (responding to above)

First, let me express my admiration towards you given your understanding of duty: With such an IQ, your ability to still post comments here is frankly really not easy [surprising]!!
Second, speaking of remuneration, equipment, and training, these are things you should not be saying to the ordinary common people; it doesn’t make sense at all; you should be saying it to the leaders. If you convince them, then you’ll have it all. If not, you can quit, and let those who have the ability and courage to protect the ordinary common people do it; stop occupying the toilet and not shitting [shit or get off the toilet]!

网易山西省太原市手机网友 [芙小小仙子的爹爹爹爹]: (responding to above)

The duty of police officers is to prevent and curb crime. When encountering a crime, they should calmly and rationally deal with it, not just recklessly go throw themselves into danger unarmed; have you watched too many television shows?

网易广东省深圳市手机网友 [ruay2008]: (responding to above)

In this situation, it was within the police’s power to stop the crime, but they didn’t, [so] dereliction of duty.

网易山西省太原市手机网友 [芙小小仙子的爹爹爹爹]: (responding to above)

This has to be evaluated according to the actual circumstances of the scene, what you say [think] doesn’t count.

网易河南省手机网友 [yzq6797]: (responding to above)

You bastard may very well be a police officer or your father is! If you keep a [guard] dog and it doesn’t watch the door, can it still be called a [guard] dog?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Opalivian

    They need some donuts for motivation.

    • The John

      Minus the “do”

    • biggj

      I think chinese cops get their motivation from bird seeds.

    • Doughnuts even. :-S

      • biggj

        North America they do things different.

  • mr.wiener

    Though not normally a fan of gangsta rap I felt something by N.W.A would be appropriate:

  • The John

    I said this exactly last night:

    “I bet they will not get punished at all.”

    China’s crime rate is very high. It just seems peaceful. My reason for saying so is that most crime statistics are blocked in this country and since being here I have seen people stabbed and seen several suicides. All not reported. Things such as murder rate and crime rate are considered state secret. But, don’t ask a chinese person. China is a peaceful country.

    In China, people are taught to obey authority or be punished. It starts young. Parents hold money and security over their children’s lives… threatening to cut them off if they don’t follow the family rules. Schools hold fear over children. Police and government hold fear over people…

    How long do we have to wait for Chinese to rise up… We don’t have because they never will. They are not educated to do question authority. They are trained to welcome it and kneel before it. That is why when they get rich, some become tyrants and treat others like dirt. They believe that authority and power is everything.

    Cowardliness is in everything here. No one stands up for what’s right… Those who do are called “lovers of the west” or “traitors.” Truly, this country’s salvation is in the people and not the government.

    I hate what I just wrote because I actually love the Chinese people and appreciate many aspects of their culture. I just feel that in China, everyone is waiting for someone else to save the country… instead of realizing that it is themselves who must do so…

    The pollution, the corruption, the cowardliness will not go away until the make it go away…

    • Jobjed

      The Chinese masses are not up to the challenge of deciding the fate of their country. Put them through a few generations of quality education and THEN maybe they will become fit for a democratic society. Idiotic populations results in idiotic democracies, Egypt learnt this the hard way.

      To quote you; “They are not educated to question authority”. You could have stopped it at “they are not educated”; the average Chinese is incapable for seeing the bigger picture, they lack critical thinking and a patriotic attitude. And who could blame them? They leapfrogged from having 1940s living standards to today in two decades, they don’t understand their responsibilities as a modern population. They don’t understand that mass industrialisation causes mass pollution, they don’t understand mass urbanisation requires the ditching of insanitary habits like spitting or taking a dump on the side of the streets, they don’t understand showing compassion for others and most of all, they don’t understand that their current government, although imperfect, is the best chance they have at achieving a higher standard of living ASAP.

      Don’t take me wrong, I don’t believe the CCP have the right to dictate what the Chinese population can do forever. However, for the time being and given the circumstances, I honestly believe the CCP is doing a better job than a democratic alternative *cough*India*cough*. You can take solace in the fact that the average Chinese won’t even understand the meaning of “government of the people, by the people, for the people”. Until they do, I don’t believe they deserve a democracy.

      • Chernobog

        I honestly believe the CCP is doing a better job than a democratic alternative *cough*India*cough*

        That old line was proven wrong, India,much like China has rich and poor. There would never be democracy, ever, because they squandered what little chance they had when a pig farmers son from the south took charge.

      • Kai

        So the devil’s advocate response would be: Can you trust the CCP government (or those in power) to educate the masses to the point where they can decide the fate of their country? Or can you trust the CCP to declare the masses to have reached the point and then abdicate power or otherwise transition towards free elections?

        Who gets to decide if the people deserve a democracy?

      • andao

        I’m pretty sure ideas like compassion existed in the West far before the 1940s (probably before democracy too). Might be based on religion or something.

        Your line of reasoning is circular. People don’t understand democracy because they don’t have democracy because they don’t understand it. That’s the perfect CCP line because then they never ever have to offer it. If they had any intention of doing so, they’d start with HK instead of moving backwards over there.

        Anyway, waiting for some people to rise up is a non-starter. It’s never happened in any democratic revolution. What happens is that a small subset of rich or powerful people get the idea that they could do better under a democratic system, and they use that influence to make it happen, hijacking the popular sentiment. In China it’s probably most likely to come from big business, like IT, but Huawei and QQ seem to be pretty emasculated by the gov. A few of those real estate developers have made pro democracy statements, so maybe the change will come from them.

        • Sp4wnY

          don’t worry. ‘Murica will bring democracy sooner or later.

          • Robert Rou

            But hopefully without the special interest groups, K Street lobbyists, and Citizens United, and all the other things that erode America’s own democracy.

    • Chernobog

      In China, people are taught to obey authority or be punished

      Bully the meek, and fear the bigger bullies. Confucianism based on humanism will never change. There won’t be an arab spring, never, alas.

      • Kai

        Still at the whole Confucianism/humanism thing, eh?

      • Trouse


      • Robert Rou

        Lol what’s wrong with humanism. Plenty of secular humanists out here in the West, perhaps even more than Christians if you look at the stats. Or maybe you’re using words you don’t understand…

    • Today

      So you think a democratic revolution that would probably lead to economic stagnation for a decade( Russia) is going to help china.

      You just make a massive assumption that whatever China presents is just fake and all its outward appearance of peaceful is just a facade? Do you have proof? A few incodents out a country that has 1.5 billion dosent count

      Although i do agree with the fact that chinese, once they get rich treat people like dirt, but i think it is a totally wrong m to think that democracy is going to all of a sudden stop ‘pollution, corruption and cowardliness” and bring them to prosperity. It hasnt for for any of South asia and will not for china (at least for the next decade).

      • Kai

        I interpreted his last line to say these problems won’t go away until they choose to make them go away, juxtaposed against expecting others to solve it for them. In other words, “stop complaining and do something”. To an extend, democracy is a method of empowering people to take action, but I’m not sure The John was saying democracy is going to stop all that all of a sudden, though yes, there are many people out there who do think such a thing or reasonably come across as thinking such a thing.

    • Paul Schoe

      Nice summarized John: “I just feel that in China, everyone is waiting for someone else to save the country… instead of realizing that it is themselves who must do so…“.

    • Robert Rou

      “Cowardliness is in everything here. No one stands up for what’s right…
      Those who do are called “lovers of the west” or “traitors.” Truly, this
      country’s salvation is in the people and not the government.”

      And what about all the (failed) rebellions led by the Chinese before the Revolution? If you wanted to be a “white knight”, where were you during Opium Wars, Unequal Treaties, the days when Shanghai was parcelled up and gangbanged by all vice industries, including prostitution and opium, most of which were monopolized by the Western “businessmen”.

      The thing is the sons and daughters of the revolutions are the heroes of China. These are the men and women that laid their lives on the line for their country to give freedom to their people. Have you done that at all?? And you want China to listen to you?

      Let’s put it another way: if you are some brand-new country bumpkin in 1776 and didn’t like George Washington as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, future 1st President, well… tough titties.

    • dumbledore

      I’ve talking about the perceived safety and lack of reported crimes plenty of times but people always dismiss it because hey, no body has stabbed them to death yet. I’ve known at least 7 foreigners who were the victims of crimes, who after a short talk to the police were sent away without a report being made, simply because the lazy bastards didn’t think they could solve it (based on a 10 minute conversation) and didn’t want to look bad based on the number of unsolved cases they work. That’s China for you. Very little substance, much ado about nothing.

  • Ash

    Don’t the police carry guns or tasers here?

    • the ace of books

      If these police had carried guns, then the resulting number of corpses would have been exactly the same. Didn’t you see their reaction time?

  • biggj

    Well yeah this is how this story played out…did anyone think they would get in trouble or fired??? I am surprise they said the woman was murdered instead of committing suicide.

    It’s kind of like a chef when he gets called to cook something and he just kind throws food in the general direction of the plate without actually doing anything….and then his boss sees nothing wrong with that tells him to keep working.

    • Chernobog

      English teachers again, eh? have you been smoking pot, because seems you are not thinking again before you type. FYI, pal, it is better than being unemployed in the west, and well, Chinese make a lot of money out of it don’t they? Now do you want to get back to the topic, about how this has been swept under the carpet, or do you want to bring it back to those you seem to hate again?

      • biggj

        Hey, you should be proud, I compared teachers to Chinese cops. And I never said all…I said some. Calm down man….and who ever said I hate Chinese English teachers? Most of the foreigners I know in china do that job…and we get along just fine….trust me, I’m not the only one who makes fun of that job…most of the people who do it make fun of it more than me. It’s ok man..why you getting all pissy for? I’m not specifically talking about you am I?

        How do you think people at McDonald’s feel when you make fun of that job? You think that job is bullshit don’t you?

        • 二奶头发

          And I’ve seen some English teachers in china throw cardboard boxes too!

        • maja

          Thruth be told, English teachers in China are often ASKED to go easy and just play the part, so the Chinese collegues will not have to compare with different standards…. still, many just play along with the environment way too much. Doeas this deserves some jokes? If you value your job, not so much…

          • biggj

            They get told not to work hard?? What kind of job ask you to just look like you know what you are doing? And that is what is funny about it.

  • the ace of books

    the two police officers have not been affected by this incident

    Ah, they won’t? That’s good. I had been so very worried about these poor innocent bystanders, and whether they will suffer the indignities of being blamed for something they could not possibly have done a thing about. I am extremely glad to hear that they’ve been vindicated, and that they will continue in their jobs, secure in their knowledge that they were in the right not to act, and that it was not worth a little 麻烦 to try to save a life. Truly, god’s in his heaven and all’s right with the world.

    • mr.wiener

      Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

      • 二奶头发

        hey mr. wiener just found a good story

        夫妻抱婴儿地铁内小便引众怒 丈夫飞踹女乘客

        it’s got a video too.

        • biggj

          Does this have to do with pissing?

          • 二奶头发

            yep big argument on a subway after this guy’s little baby pissed everywhere.

          • moldavidian

            Great parenting skills. At least the guy has fancy blue pants, a gold necklace, left earring and big hair. Classy. Is this the future of China?

          • biggj

            I like how at the end everyone just starts calling someone…who are they calling?? What the fuck are they doing.

          • moldavidian

            Calling their mommies?

          • maja

            I wish…

          • vincent_t

            did you guys notice the wife murmured: if you are a guy, just fight them by yourself, no point to call your friend.
            Check the video again

          • Guang Xiang

            They are calling for backup, a common tactic to make one’s balls feel bigger.

            Which gives me an app idea for China: a one click app that pings your location to all your mates that a scrap is going down.

          • 二奶头发

            SHANGHAI GANGSTA! 100 kuai in his pocket and a baby full of urine ready to go!

        • mr.wiener

          Always good to have a story involving “peeing” and “subway”.

      • 二奶头发

        Also the guy who threw the baby in beijing last month was in the news again. he wants the death penalty. They showed pictures of him behind bars etc.

        • Kai

          Yeah, Peter has done that story and is awaiting editing. Fauna mentioned the subway pissing video yesterday. Those who can’t read Chinese can expect them over the next day or so I think.

        • Guang Xiang

          二奶头发 for president! Thanks for the stories

    • Jahar

      The girl in the video can now rest in peace, knowing they can live a normal life.

  • 二奶头发

    STOP! or I’ll throw a cardboard box at you!

    • moldavidian

      Heavens, NO! Anything but that!!!

    • Trouse

      your face swollen, can you stab it? haha

  • slob

    “…the police officers had not failed in their duty shortly.”
    Dear Chinese people, you now have permission according to your govt. system to do little in your jobs and it will be considered doing your job.
    If you’re a policeman, throw cardboard at crazy maniacs, you’re doing your job.
    If you’re a fireman, drive past and hurl a water balloon then leave, you’re doing your job.
    If you’re a mailman, throw the mail at the letter box, you’re doing your job.
    If you’re a teacher, go to class and read the book out loud, you’re doing your job.
    If you’re an official, sit in the office and browse the net, you’re doing your job.
    If you’re a secretary, just answer one call a day then redirect the rest, you’re doing your job.
    If you’re a labourer, pick up one brick, you’re doing your job.
    If you’re a doctor, write out prescriptions regardless of their problems, you’re doing your job.
    Congratulations China. Your government has just turned you all into the laziest people in the world and you have permission to do so. They said it’s OK!

    • biggj

      If you’re a prostitute, bite a guys cock and then leave the room, you’re doing your job.

      • the ace of books

        Hey, some dudes are into that.

      • Nick in Beijing

        If you’re a janitor/cleaner, just throw a square of tissue paper on that puddle of piss on the floor and leave. You’re doing your job.

  • OMG

    Is there any news regarding the trial of Bo Xilai? His trial will definitely be interesting to see…

    • biggj

      Yeah, I was just reading about that. He “admits some responsibility”….. so far that makes him the bravest Chinese man alive. I’ve never seen a Chinese take any responsibility before. So this is a first.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Hey man, his bank account is at least in the hundreds of millions, if not much much more, but they only questioned him for 5, so business is quite as usual.

        • biggj

          For sure, this is just some bullshit anyway. He will get convicted of whatever and get his body double to serve the sentence and that will be that. Than go buy a French vineyard and kick back and stay drunk and have sex with kinky little French bitches and live happily ever after, the end.

      • Kai

        Dude, I know you know better from our past conversations and I know you’re just being loose with your words, but you do know there are Chinese people reading this site right? Your consistent hyperbole gets unpleasant, precisely because I know you know better. Come on, man, you don’t like it when Chinese people do it, so try not doing it yourself. It just adds to the cycle of hate.

        • biggj

          Sure, I will admit it’s not the nicest thing to say….It’s not far off from the truth. Chinese culture sees face is the one of the most important things. So if face is more important than anything else then admitting you’re wrong is not an option….because that would be loosing face. So it’s always a surprise to me when a Chinese person does admit wrong doings. So I will be the first to admit was I said was a huge exaggeration…some truth to it though.

          • Kai

            Come on, dude, don’t tell me you don’t honestly see what’s so offensive about uttering: “the bravest Chinese man alive” and “never seen a Chinese take any responsibility before”.

            And you comment like this consistently (do you need me to pull up a list of your past comments?). Would you talk like this in the presence of Chinese people in real life? Would you honestly not be irked if someone made similar comments but about white people or black people or whatever?

            I know what you mean, dude, what you’re intending to say. That’s why I acknowledge it as hyperbole. But you also know that there are Chinese people, nationality or ethnicity, here on cS and you’re being inconsiderate and insensitve with your speech. They don’t deserve that. They don’t deserve having an identity they were born with and can’t disassociate from being categorically insulted and put down in your comments every day just because you were born of a different nationality and ethnicity and don’t normally identify with them but see them as just another object to be ridiculed.

            Do that on a site where more people who share your beliefs without questioning them and you won’t get this response. But you’re on a site that is run by a bunch of Chinese people who are open-mindedly trying to share a part of their culture and society honestly, warts and all, and you’re just slapping them in the face for it, justifying everyone who calls them race-traitors as a foreigner who can’t be bothered to be tactful. You know this, man. You know this is also a site that is read by Chinese people. You may feel safe in the majority of vocal commenters being people sharing your background and opinions, but do you really not feel it is wrong of you to be so careless and insensitive to all the Chinese people who don’t deserve to tarred with your broad brushstrokes?

            The occasional hyperbole and generalization is perhaps unavoidable, especially in the heat of the moment or a knee-jerk reaction, but dude, you do this too often and we know you know better because you acknowledge and apologize for it whenever someone challenges you. But at some point, it’d be good if you tried harder to avoid the bad habit. Don’t you owe your Chinese friends the effort, to be conscious of how your speech might needlessly offend them when you’re entirely capable of expressing your point without offending them?

            I’m trying to reason with you because you’re a pretty cool guy otherwise. I hope you can see and empathize with my point. It’s one thing for the random hater to do a driveby on the site leaving knee-jerk hate but you’re a regular commenter who should and has shown that he does actually know better.

          • Guest

            Very impressed Kai! Hopefully we will see these kinds of responses from you in the near future. This site has been filled with everlasting hate and glad to see someone work to improve the quality here for all readers.

          • The John

            I am with Kai on this one!

          • biggj

            (BiggJ puts baby powder on his hand and then slaps John)

            “SLAP” hahah

          • biggj

            Alright well, if it will make all the chinese happy and not so upset, I won’t make fun of chinese people any more. hahaha I know I say some bullshit…but it’s just that,bullshit. I’m not wishing death on the chinese or It’s just some smart ass remarks…. Just for laughs”although I did forget to but a :) at the end of that comment”

            The comment that we are talking about has nothing to do with the story, but lets say it did. The article is about chinese police not doing their job. What kind of comment will come from that? China is blah blah…chinese people don’t blah blah. Chinese are cowards blah blah…It’s just cause and effect. I take responsibility for what I said. ANd I know it’s not PC or nice or whatever…but comments like the one I post are mild compared to a lot of people on here. At least mine are not out of pure hate. They are just sarcastic bullshit.

          • Kai

            Ideally you’d see restraint with certain smart-ass remarks as simple human consideration and not just some sort of obligation to “political correctness”, that you can think of this in terms of “yeah, I wouldn’t like that done to me” (the golden rule) instead of “someone’s picking on me for not being PC”.

            Yes, there are a lot of comments that are much worse. As I alluded to previously, a lot of them are drive-by comments, left by people just passing by who don’t understand or care what the site is about, who aren’t regular commenters, aren’t part of the community, and are certainly ignorant or otherwise unrepetent assholes. There are also some trolls who make such comments as well, who we moderate when they’ve used up our goodwill and benefit of the doubt. I’ve had fun conversations with you. You’re not a bad guy. I’m just saying I think you wouldn’t like these smart ass comments either if they were directed at other people or yourself day in and day out, so you have a chance to stop or at least not contribute to the cycle of hate and casual racism.

            Look, we all probably indulge in some casual racism depending on context and especially who we are around and how much we trust them to not take our jokes too seriously. Our environment does guide what we think we can get away with. I know a lot of people look at the other comments and commenters on cS and have similar conclusions as you about what the environment is here. I suppose I may be part of a vocal minority who wants to change what another vocal minority has made this comments section into, in hopes of making the comments section more palatable and ultimately useful to what I hope to be the less vocal majority. There is such a thing as a commenting community becoming insular. Everyone struggling to shape the community’s norms and atmosphere towards their ideals is the only way we can keep it meaningfully “open”.

    • 二奶头发

      no but there is a funny news story about a guy who went to the hospital because he couldn’t get an erection he was cured and now he claims he’s had an erection for one month.
      男子自称被医院治成阳痿 勃起1个月疲软后半生

    • Kai

      There’s lot of news especially because the government wants there to be lots of news about it. As for Chinese netizen comments, Fauna says all the really senstive stuff isn’t surviving the censors. My own surveying reveals there’s a bit of criticism being allowed, but it’s still somewhat obvious that online commentary is being shaped more than usual. For an example of a glaring example of such, see:

      • OMG

        This case with Bo is really going to rip up a storm in China or is it going to be a whimper and become a quiet part of the CCP history of shame? What’s your opinion Kai?

        • Kai

          If i had to lean towards either of those, I’d lean towards the latter. It’s more upper-level political intrigue than something that has an obvious and direct impact on the ordinary Chinese citizen. There are just so many ways for the ordinary Chinese person to cynically dismiss it as relevant to themselves.

          • OMG

            Thanks for your insight Kai, I think it’s also quite sad that this issue might become irrelevant to the ordinary citizens of China, because a lot of them are good ol’ ordinary folks who thought of the world of the CCP and taught them about how the US is their enemy (my own opinion ______) yet, their top leaders’ children study and live in the US…this is a very insulting and funny fact…well, I do hope all the best for the ordinary folks of China…I think they need it.

          • Kai

            If the tomes of translated Chinese netizens comments on cS are any indication, I’d say Chinese netizens are generally quite aware and understandably prickly about so many of their government leaders having their children (wives, family, etc.) studying or living abroad, often with permanent residency. The irony of this phenomenon despite the government having a history of anti-American propaganda is definitely not lost on them as it is isn’t with us.

            Still, Bo Xilai’s trial isn’t really about this sort of hypocrisy, either superficially in terms of what he’s being charged and prosecuted with or with what I think most Chinese people suspect his arrest and trial is really about: Variations of political intrique and power struggle.

      • OMG

        Oh and it’ll be cool if someone can dig up some dirty laundry about Bo’s son, Bo Gua Gua, I’m pretty sure he’s the white glove for his mom and dad, just like ROC’s ex president, Chen Shui-bien. I heard his son is trying to legally overstay his student visa in the US to prevent deportation, but I’m pretty sure that the US is more than willing to keep a disenchanted and disgraced ex top CCP member’s son as an “asset” I’m sure Xi’s daughter might be in the same position too

        • Kai

          Meh, if such dirty laundry takes the Chinese internet by storm, there’s a reasonable chance cS will end up translating it.

          • OMG

            Looking forward to that day…just another thing…since most of the top CCP leaders’ kids are all overseas in the West…do you think these host countries’ intelligence agencies know about their activities?

          • Kai

            If the border/immigration and intelligence agencies of these host countries aren’t aware of who these kids are and possibly keeping tabs on the riskier individuals, they’d be doing a piss poor job.

            If you’re suggesting these kids are all overseas for nefarious reasons along the lines of espionage or whatever, I’d have to say that’s a bit too conspiratorial for me absent more persuasive evidence. I’d say the vast majority of government officials who have kids overseas are either figuring out how to abscond with whatever wealth they’ve accumulated within China/through their positions or genuinely believe an overseas education and experience grooms their children for the future.

  • I don’t remember seeing them take a nap or smoke a single cigarette. Pretty sure that was a dereliction of duty.

  • The Enlightened One

    What a surprise! Nothing. The Chinese government is good are ignoring and hiding from their problems. Let’s switch the girl to being a government official’s daughter and see if they get NOTHING.

    • Chernobog

      are you serpentza?

  • Nationalist

    My dog is habitually derelict regarding his duties. He barks and barks, but won’t bite. I’m sick of my shit getting stolen.

  • Jimi

    FUckinG POlice Man!!

  • Paul Mooney 慕亦仁

    What pussies those police are. The cops don’t have the courage of the chengguan. But they’re brave in dealing with lawyers, scholars, and the children of dissidents–people who can’t fight back.

  • Repatriated

    Pretty sure headlines would have been different in the US.

    Probably would have gone something like this:

    Policeman injured while SAVING 17 year old girl.
    Xiao xiao dong attacked his girlfriend as he saw the fuzz come on the scene. Immediately, Joe Smith rushed and subdued the knife wielding asshat, without giving a second thought to his own safety.

    Courage is NOT saying any of the following: I was slow, I could have, I should have, now thinking about it…throwing a box was stupid.

    • biggj

      You need to change “Immediately, Joe Smith rushed and subdued the knife wielding asshat, without giving a second thought to his own safety.”
      “Immediately, Joe smith shot the man who died at the scene.”

      But yeah, at least the girl is still alive.

      • SixAces

        And no paper boxes were damaged in the process.

  • a dog doesn’t eat another dog….

  • Karze
  • anthony321

    china put us overseas chinese’s reputation to shame

  • mattman_183

    What’s the big fuss? These guys did exactly as they were trained. It was only murder, not something serious that required urgent action like government protests.

  • Mighty曹

    Ball-less Chinese Police Officer Employment Opportunity
    Duty Requirement: Must be able to respond to a crime scene on a timely manner and act as an eyewitness. Must be able to ignore public’s plea to intervene during a commission of a crime. If necessary, must demonstrate ability to toss flattened cardboard boxes.
    Physical Requirement: Must undergo surgery to remove both testicles.
    Salary: Minimum wage with leads to collect bribes.

  • SixAces

    Well technically, they didn’t fail to act… like pussies.
    I know, I know it is easy for anyone of us to rail on them for being such pussies. But it is their duty and it is what they signed up for. Oh right, this is China we’re talking about. I’m a bit shocked they weren’t presented medals for their quick thinking!

  • Little Smerf

    No dereliction in duty, only in China. In other countries, they would be considered cowards. But it’s OK to be a cowardly police in China, because that’s normal.

  • Cauffiel


  • RagnarDanneskjold

    It would have been the same result in America, though the cop might be more likely to receive a punishment such as unpaid leave. Police are not legally responsible if they fail to help you. People in the U.S. have sued the police on this issue and lost.

  • Konga76

    Simply put, Chinese police are absolutely worthless.

    • Probotector

      The female ones are nice to look at.