Non-Mainstream Post-90s Generation “Fei Zhu Liu” Fashion

Alternative fashions of the post-90s generation.

Alternative fashions of the post-90s generation.

From NetEase:

Chinese and foreign post-90s generation fei zhu liu photographed on the streets. An unusual of aesthetic.

[What is “fei zhu liu“?]

Some may have been posted before.

Post-90s generation alternative fashion sense.

Post-90s generation alternative fashion sense.

Chinese & Japanese post-90s generation alternative fashion sense.

Chinese post-90s generation non-mainstream hairstyles.

Chinese "fei zhu liu".

Chinese "anti-mainstream" fashion.

Chinese male "FZL".

Chinese male "fei zhu liu".

Young Chinese guys wearing black lipstick.

Non-Japanese girls showing crazy Japanese fashion.

Japanese youth fashion.

Young Asian fashion?

Crazy fashion.

Alternative fashion of young Asians.

Fashion styles of young people.

Post-90s generation fashion sense.

Post-90s generation fashion.

Post-90s generation fashion or cosplayers?

A lot of hair accessories.

Young Asian fashion.

Red hair.

McDonalds fan.

Comments from NetEase:


TMD scared the shit out of me, are they people?


They really have socialist characteristics!


Don’t they know that others look at them as if they were looking at monsters?




This shows that our society is becoming more and more tolerant, and that’s good.


There will always be mental retards!!!


These days there are a lot of SB in certain hair salons who do [their hair] like this…truly SB.


They are all rubbish….throw them out of the country.


Um, I’m also a Post-90s kid but I’m not like them either.


Jia you then, China’s future…


In summary, the uglier a person is, the more willing they are to make themselves alternative/out of ordinary, [because] it helps them attract other people’s attention, remember this! People who make themselves look like this are all hopelessly ugly~~~~aliens~~


So scary, if its not coloured patterns its piercings, doesn’t it hurt? This truly is out of the ordinary.


This I’m guessing is [actually] little Japan.


Kao, why didn’t Journey to the West hire them [to be actors]?

They can easily go film Journey to the West, and they won’t have to use makeup for the monsters in it.

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