Non-Market-Savvy Investor Earns 300,000 RMB In One Day

Non-Market-Savvy Investor Earns 300,000 RMB In One Day
Recently an investor who earned 300,000 in one day “playing the market” confessed that she doesn’t understand it. The respectable feat was done during a period in which only 7 stocks managed to see an increase in share price. She said that she buys when others buy and sell when they sell. However, rather than dabble in multiple stocks, she prefers to “focus on just one stock”. Some netizens found the story enticing, with others finding the whole situation very amusing considering other investors have lost far more.

Source: Netease

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  • tomcat

    Having had the Shanghai crash I assume we are going to see more and more of these stories trying to convince people that it really is not that bad. Of course the Chinese sheep will follow until the wolf gets in the sheep-pen again..

  • Amused

    Title should read “Old lady gets lucky”.

  • Dannisi

    I think I’m just to quote myself from this article:
    “Even when the Shanghai stock market has fallen 30% in 3 weeks? I think the government needed some positive propaganda because they are scared as hell that everyone loses faith in the Chinese stock market.”

  • Jahar

    For her to gain so much in one day is preposterous. Unless she invested a huge amount. This is the second such story I’ve heard in as many days. I’m wondering why they are all appearing when others have lost so much. Couldn’t be the government trying to manipulate the market could it?

  • Foreign Devil

    She either invested a huge amount in a regular company or invested a less huge amount in a penny stock that went off the charts. . but do they even have penny stocks in Shanghai index?

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