North Korea Calls World to Action: Chop off the Four Limbs of America

North Korea Calls World to Action Chop off the Four Limbs of America

A large meeting commemorating the 65th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War was recently held in Pyonyang, where the North Korean Government denounced America’s crime of destroying the peace 65 years ago.

North Korea’s National Defense Committee called on the world to join the fight against America, and to “chop off America’s four limbs”, saying Asia should cut off its right arm, Africa its left, the Middle East its feet and Europe its neck.

The highest voted netizen comments didn’t take North Korea seriously, saying things like “You don’t even have food to eat and you’ve started making a scene again.” and “San Pangzi [nickname for Kim Jong Un] you’e so silly! If you’ve got the ability, you should go cut America personally…”

Source: Netease

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  • Doge Wallace

    America is doing a good job of destroying itself. Like the rest of the world, Kim sees this too. The end of America is near, China will be back on top after a long hiatus, and the 21st century will be an interesting experience..

    • Alex Dương

      I kinda feel similarly as Israeli politician Yair Lapid, who thinks that Israel is screwed if the Palestinians ever get their act together, but until then, meh. Replace Israel with the U.S. and the Palestinians with China.

      • Amused

        The end of every major power is inevitable I guess man. Seems like all of the world’s politicians are in a never ending race to see who can plow their country into the biggest pile of shit the fastest.

        • Alex Dương

          *Sigh*. I voted third party in the last election because I didn’t want to contribute to the problem. I’m deciding who I can live with in the (likely) event that Rand Paul doesn’t get the GOP nomination.

    • my father always says so, that’s why he dislikes my ex.

    • donscarletti

      China and America are both countries with lots of resources and potential.

      The main difference is that during 1700-1978, China was undergoing a concerted effort to destroy itself and thwart any effort of doing any good for itself. However, since 1978, things have improved greatly.

      America however, was sending explorers to the moon 40 years ago and was at the centre of the computing revolution during the 80s and 90s, whereas it sort of started unraveling throughout Bush Jr’s tenure as president and has only improved ever so slightly during Obama’s.

      However, quite frankly, China still has some serious problems with many aspects with its economy. Take the stock market for example, before it went haywire a few weeks ago, some of those stocks were trading at 100 times annual gross revenue, no wonder the price collapsed! Apartments cost 5 million but only rent for 5,000! They pay themselves off in 80 years, but the rights to the land usage only lasts for 70! The projects that made money during China’s boom: real estate, infrastructure, factories are not turning profits. Expenses are going up, regulation is getting tighter and people aren’t buying like they used to. More and more, state owned corporations are wresting control back of the economy; which is fair enough from a socialist standpoint, but it was private industry in cooperation with government that brought China’s boom. Sure, back in the 90s and 00s, a lot of the deals between private industry and government were based on corrupt practices, but they still made a lot of wealth for the economy. You just don’t see anything making that kind of wealth these days.

      China has a lot of potential, but the road ahead for it is long and hard and many things still have to change for it to reach the point that America has fallen to.

      • Jahar

        The inherent inefficiency in the system is also a major roadblock. I saw a really good video(don’t remember the site) about how in the next 20 years, this is what’s going to force changes here. One key point the guy mentioned was that each dollar of GDP costs China 1.6 times as much energy as in the USA.

    • David

      LMAO you and Alex are delusional. I have been hearing that for 50 years. About both the U.S. and Israel.

      • Alex Dương

        Israeli politicians have been saying for 50 years that if the Palestinians unite and demand the right to vote, Israel is screwed? Really? I don’t think the thought of “winning” via the ballot box was on most Palestinians’ minds in 1965.

  • Amused

    Four limbs? How obviously doesn’t know about our massive man-pole, now does he? Cut off our “four limbs” and we could still bounce around on our stumps, and cock slap his pathetic little slaver ass.
    Oh the horror!!!

  • redlobster

    Leave us at least one limb.

  • WghUk

    Crazy kid. North Korea needs to grow four limbs first before the chopping can begin.

  • Zack Snyder

    Quit a lot of Chinese from the big cities are supporters of America…

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