North Korea Calls World to Action: Chop off the Four Limbs of America

North Korea Calls World to Action Chop off the Four Limbs of America

A large meeting commemorating the 65th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War was recently held in Pyonyang, where the North Korean Government denounced America’s crime of destroying the peace 65 years ago.

North Korea’s National Defense Committee called on the world to join the fight against America, and to “chop off America’s four limbs”, saying Asia should cut off its right arm, Africa its left, the Middle East its feet and Europe its neck.

The highest voted netizen comments didn’t take North Korea seriously, saying things like “You don’t even have food to eat and you’ve started making a scene again.” and “San Pangzi [nickname for Kim Jong Un] you’e so silly! If you’ve got the ability, you should go cut America personally…”

Source: Netease

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