North Korea Fires On South Korea, Citizens Evacuate

North Korea Fires On South Korea, Citizens Evacuate

North Korea has fired a rocket at the Western part of South Korea, their target probably being the source of an anti-Pyongyang broadcast. This lead to a firefight between the two countries although at present no casualties have been reported. South Korea has already ordered locals to quickly evacuate, and 80 people have already successfully withdrawn. Netizens think that North Korea is NiuBi (牛逼), when they want to do something they just do it impulsively.
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  • haha!good!
    south korean bangzi go eat shit!

    • Guest

      What’s your problem? Why don’t you go eat shit you racist Anti-Korean.

    • Alex Dương


    • Guest

      I can tell you are Taiwanese judging by your attitude and inferiority complex towards Koreans. Why don’t you go eat shit you racist anti-Korean who still lives with his mom and is single.

      • im chinese. idiot!

      • Alex Dương

        O…K…I don’t see how responding to anti-Korean sentiment with anti-Taiwanese sentiment makes the situation any better.

        • mr.wiener

          moron…give him enough rope and be done with him.

      • mr.wiener

        Um …wut?

    • mr.wiener

      Darlin’ given a choice I’d take thesouth over the north any day.

    • Bman

      Why do you always support the bad guys and have trouble with the good guys? I think your good guy-bad guy meter is broken, you should get that checked.

      • i do not see any good guy yet!
        liar, cheater, mfker…too many!
        here i mean foreign guys. coz guys bullshit here most are foreigners.

        • Bman

          We reap what we sow.

          • if so, then there is no good guy would get abused or cheated or killed.

          • Bman

            True that.
            But no use being a pessimistic hater.
            I’ll stick with optimism.

      • who said nk must be on the bad side????
        oh, i know.
        some white guys dream of south korean women so much. maybe just because they feel they are richer.

        • Alex Dương

          who said nk must be on the bad side????

          How many North Koreans want to escape to South Korea? How about the reverse? There’s your answer.

          • still better than become american running dogs.

          • Alex Dương
          • i do not care this!
            i even do not care money much. if not because of snobbish diggers, i would not change into a realist at all.
            even so, i still do not care.
            plus: i did meet several american native gold diggers, try to find a rich shanghainese woman to marry. and i also know a handsome american cheater married a very ugly taiwanese woman for money. then cheat all the time.

          • Alex Dương

            North Korean men are on average, 3 – 8 cm shorter than South Korean men. Why do you think that is? Again, there’s your answer.

          • the wrold nees a different voice.
            wait to see USA gets its karma.

          • Bman

            America keeps the world interesting. Can you imagine no phones cars or ipads? No modern medicines or, well, practically EVERYTHING you have or use has an American origin. I think you should stop using every product you own and just use things from other countries.
            Then in 3 days when you realize you can’t, pay some proper respect to the people who made your life livable.

          • Ajeje Brazov

            actually all those things have european origin.. (except ipad)

          • Bman

            Last I checked, Americans also have a European origin. I didn’t/don’t think I needed to state that in a reply to Silly Bear. I’m merely pointing out the incredible 2-facedness of the average Chinese consumer who hates America yet looks at an iPhone 12 hours a day.

          • Ajeje Brazov

            she is not the average chinese… most chinese don’t have much against US. Most of chinese would sell their own parents to get an american passport

          • Bman

            Yes, for sure. I didn’t mean most Chinese hate America.

            What I meant was:
            “of the Chinese who love to hate America, the average of those haters forgets what America has contributed to their day to day life.”

          • you two, stop talking about me!
            i admit, america never really attacked china. but when i watch these people from iraq, iran, syria…my heart is bleeding.
            i even wish i were a man then go there take a girl to china to marry.

          • Bman

            Why don’t you head over there for awhile and see how long before your opinionated mouth gets you killed in a very painful and shameful way. As a woman, I would think you would be pleading with America to help women who have all the rights of a pig. Shame on you and your ignorance of this world.

          • go away!

          • mistertibbs4u

            The rights of a pig? On average (on both government and executive levels), Chinese women have a higher retention of positions than American women do. Sorry, but the American misogyny is higher on that end.

            Lower level society, the Chinese definitely have many others beat.

          • Bman

            I was talking about middle Eastern countries where women have no rights, NOT China.
            Please read the comments properly before commenting, thank you.

          • mistertibbs4u

            Even with my misunderstanding, your statement is still ridiculous. As if the agitation of America has nothing to do with the heightened radicalization of the Middle East.

            As if the Shah, Taliban or Sharia law would have been as heavy handed without agitation from the C.I.A. or heavily-lobbied congress persons.

            That’s even post WW2 and pre-70s.

            Point being, comparing China OR the Middle East with American culture, as if other cultures are merely a reflection of their society and not without influence from the very Western “civilization” (i.e. you) that pretends to be offering some sort of “advice” as if it’s not completely hypocritical.

            Don’t worry… you’re welcome.

          • Bman

            So you’re saying that women in the Middle East are treated as property because of America? That raping a woman who doesn’t wear a veil is OK, because of America? Geesh…
            It’s obvious you’re an America hater who really doesn’t believe in a moral high ground. That misplaced anger is for your government, not me.
            So, shoo fly, don’t bother me.

          • mistertibbs4u

            You’re some special kind of idiot. I am an American of heritage that extends AT LEAST to the 1800s.

            From which comments are you getting the feeling that I hate America? On which planet would an American speak for American without question.

            I don’t know dude, sounds kind of COMMUNIST to me… but I hate America, right? *yikes*

            And don’t try that RIDICULOUS EXAGGERATED statement on me… do you think I was born yesterday? Because I’m saying that American aggression or misappropriation of resources such as oil has resulted in the mass of non-zealous Muslims supporting radical Islam, that I believe there was absolutely NO mistreatment of women beforehand?

            That’s primary school-grade logic.

            So, I see you have time for Chinese who are easy to argue with, but a contemporary pointing out your faulty logic…

            It’s the ol’ “shoo fly” credo, huh?


          • Bman

            America hater, have fun. Not reading your trolls.

            Its Saturday, go find something nice to do.

            You seem angry.

            Why do you hide your profile. I did check that.

            America hater, have fun. Not reading your trolls.

          • mistertibbs4u

            It’s not Saturday morning. It’s Friday night.

            You’re the one in China. I’m in the United States.

            I can see I’m winning this argument. You know why? Because you’ve bypassed having a conversation with me, in order to point out my profile is private.

            Well, since you’re not too bright, let me explain how the “profile statement” works.

            If you’re speaking with a person and they’re not making any sense, or they refuse to speak with you at all, then you are free to mention the fact they have a “private profile”, because it’s further evidence that they have no intellect.

            However, if the person you’re speaking with (me) is doing such a great job or representing their point, then for all intents and purposes, I SHOULD BE THE ONE who could point out smaller details.

            You see, “profile privacy” statements are for CLOSERS. The only thing you’re closing are your chances at sounding like you make any sense, since I’m the one making all of the valid points here.

            Do you honestly think you have the upper hand in this conversation?

            Sorry, not going to happen.

          • Bman

            America hater, have fun. Not reading your trolls……

          • mistertibbs4u

            It’s quite clear, who is the one trolling now. You have now lost your credibility.


          • Bman

            America hater, have fun. Not reading your trolls…….

          • mistertibbs4u

            Dude, I’ll be here all day. If you think that repeating the same sentence is going to make me stop replying to you. You’re in for a severe disappointment.

            I just came back from the bar, I’m energized and my netflix queue is full to the brim…

            I foresee a simultaneous “Portlandia” and “Bman troll battle” marathon in my near future.

            #fun #youregoingnowherewiththisargument

          • Vance

            Just so you remember that America is one of a few nations where you can criticize her so severely and, not only not be put into jail for 12 years, but held in high esteem by some other Americans for your free thinking. Women here are most certainly not oppressed here. I know this on a very personal level. What a woman wants, a woman gets here.

          • mistertibbs4u

            I’m sorry… why would I need to remember your comments? I’m an American. What about your comments would I DISAGREE with?

            I’m confused.

            Additionally, I’m confused as to why out of all of the back and forth between Bman and myself… with all of the nonsense he has been typing… you chose to respond to my comments?

            And then you respond using the same logic that I am using towards him?

            Your reply makes absolutely no sense to me. Sorry, I don’t understand why you’re stating the benefits and freedoms of America to an American, who is currently in the United States of America.


          • Vance

            I did not suggest that you remember my comments, many of which you probably would disagree with. I suggested that you remember that one of the reasons America is great and it does work is that there is the freedom to severely criticize this country as a citizen of this country.
            It appeared to me that your comments blame America for the sick actions of the dictators of the world. While we have had some complex political relationships with some of these guys for various reasons, we are not responsible for the way they have treated those under them.

          • mistertibbs4u

            Based on my previous comments, I still don’t get why you would think I need to be reminded that the United States of America is great.

            I think it’s quite clear from my comments that I love my country and AS an American it is my constitutional right to protect its borders, lawfulness and integrity by criticizing anything that goes awry within those borders.

            It sounds like you’re projecting your “ideas” of what black people must “think” onto me. Sorry. I’m not interested.

            And even if you did think in such a way, your logic is bone-chilling.

            Your logic runs like this: anyone who backs a Chinese commenter who happens to be in conflict with a majority of western commenters on a particular thread MUST not appreciate America. That is MORBID.

            Your logic additionally runs as such: I can pull any unresolved conflict out of my bum, just as long as they back my opinions and thoughts.

            Who said we were responsible for complex political relationships? Who told you that I said that. Your projection onto me what you assume I would think is narcissistic. Not once did I assume a person to think something that didn’t fall in line with their previous statements on said thread. This is exactly why I read complete threads before I respond.

            Psychologically speaking, what you’re doing is backing the white foreigner with a foot in his mouth (Bman), by passive aggressively “replying” to me when I’m in the complete right. Whether or not you are aware of it is indeed another story.

            What you SHOULD be doing is directing your “concern” to the guy that actually needs it.

            It’s almost too obvious to not be obvious, you know what I’m saying?

          • Vance

            Most Blacks I know and know of do not espouse the views that you seem to be espousing in this comment string with Bman. I do not know that Bman is White. IF the last couple of avatars he used is his own picture, then yes he is White, but I do not know if that is his pic. Bman and I would not agree on many things. We would both be protesting, but I think he would be protesting with the Occupiers while I would be protesting with the Tea Partiers. While the two groups agree on some things like being against the government bailouts, they are definitely in different camps on many issues. But I do agree with him that while America is not perfect, we are not the cause of many of the world’s problems. No. I think you are espousing the views of the American Liberal. Which is alright. I agree with you that vigilance of the people via voicing disagreements with our leaders and protesting is very important to ensuring a strong America and preserving her freedoms.
            I responded to you because I saw statements like these:
            “As if the agitation of America has nothing to do with the heightened radicalization of the Middle East.

            As if the Shah, Taliban or Sharia law would have been as heavy handed without agitation from the C.I.A. or heavily-lobbied congress persons.”


            “The harmony and peace enjoyed amongst western countries comes at a price of instilling disharmony in other countries…”
            I interpreted these as not having an appreciation for America and the Western way of life. I believe that the disharmony in the world is caused by greedy people in positions of political power oppressing those they rule. I do not believe that disharmony is caused by American and Western prosperity. Maybe sometimes we have befriended some of these leaders, but we are not causing their mistreatment of their subjects.
            That is what lead me to comment.

          • mistertibbs4u

            Where are most blacks you know from? Where did you meet these blacks? I’m an African-American. Not African living in China.

            Where is your home country? Are you British? American? All of these are just a few reasons why you would be so far removed from the majority black sentiments. Not the silly sentiments that are amplified by the media.

            If you don’t believe that America is not the cause of many of the world’s problems… you are not a very historically competent American.

            Do you know NOTHING of the C.I.A. backed overthrows of communist countries? The training of several dictators? That means that we have created these dictators. Do you know NOTHING of the C.I.A. death squads and underground support of rebel coups?

            So basically what you’re saying is holding one’s own country accountable for it’s transgressions is not appreciating that country.

            You don’t sound like a real American. Are you second or third generation American citizen? You sound like a socialist.

            Sorry, I’m a capitalist and will have none of that.

            So funny how Americans are quick to say black men have to be held accountable for their actions, yet some of us hold opinions as archaic as yours.

          • Vance

            The people in Iraq have the government now that they have chosen and elected. If that government becomes to corrupt or weak, they can choose another. They have this freedom now because the US and her allies beat Saddam Hussein who came to power by force and was oppressing his own people. THey did not want him as their leader. When we left there, ISIS moved in and started trouble. The people of Iran and Syria are oppressed by their own leaders. They have nothing to do with America. OUr Karma is good. When there is a disaster in the world, who is always there with help? Maybe not our government, but the people here act on their own and are always contributing to help those in need.

          • mistertibbs4u

            Um, I beg to differ. Most of those technologies that were used to create those modern inventions were imported from either doctors from the Third Reich, French researchers and British research, handed over to the Americans during the Nazi occupation of France.

            Come to think of it, I haven’t seen much developed post WW2 by an exclusively American team, other than the advent of the microchip or newer computer components.

            And I don’t see America (or Western civilization) paying proper respect to the people who made the lives of its citizens livable.

          • Bman

            Yes, we already addressed the European origins of many products attributed to American companies, as well as the fact that Americans themselves have a European origin. Again, please read all of the comments before replying negatively.
            My original comment was dumbed down to make it accessible to a racist lunatic who hates any and all people.
            Furthermore, I believe the harmony and peace enjoyed amongst western countries IS paying proper respect. If you don’t respect Europeans, you’re probably one of the very few.

          • mistertibbs4u

            No, the problem is that I HAVE read your comments.

            The person with whom you were having a conversation didn’t respond in a way that would properly refute your point and now that I have arrived, I’m doing it correctly.

            So, although I do read the full length of the threads before I reply, I’m not sure what bearing this has in me responding to you with a fresh opinion.

            Again, try not to mention me reading your comments before replying negatively, because I’ve already done that.

            That’s ridiculous. The harmony and peace enjoyed amongst western countries comes at a price of instilling disharmony in other countries, so the idea of telling a non-Western person how they should be or how their society should be behave is hypocritical at best.

            I’m an American and I can understand this.

          • Bman

            America hater, have fun. Not reading your trolls..

          • mistertibbs4u

            Haha, you’re more pathetic than DD bear.

            At least their responses make sense. Are you sure you’re not hitting the hold copy + past routine?

            #american #bornandbred

          • Bman

            America hater, have fun. Not reading your trolls.

          • mistertibbs4u

            Copy and paster, have fun. Not being the top dog in this thread any longer.

            #American #bornandbred #progressive

          • Bman

            America hater, have fun. Not reading your trolls…..

          • mistertibbs4u

            I’ve official broken your brain. (robot voice) Bman syntax not efficient for American conversation…

          • donscarletti

            Why is it that when Americans claim that they invented everything, they go on about things like cars (German invention) and modern medicine (mostly British and French), completely forgetting that America invented the Airplane.

          • Bman

            You’re asking me? Ask an American.
            And fuck off too while you’re at it.

          • Vance

            THat median salary for Chinese in America is significantly higher than the national average. I say no people work harder than Asians. When you put them in the right environment where people are rewarded fro hard work, they do very well.

          • KamikaziPilot

            I just read that one section about income for immigrant Chinese and they stated that the median HOUSEHOLD income headed by a Chinese immigrant is higher than average. To get a more complete picture, I’d like to know the average number of working adults in the average immigrant Chinese household as compared to the average. Not sure Asians work harder, though if you just look at the immigrants to America I can see how you’d come to that conclusion. However, Asians as a whole? Not sure about that. I know Japanese and Koreans have long hours but so do Americans. Not sure about Chinese.

          • mistertibbs4u

            Those numbers are horribly skewed. As an African-American who was born in the San Francisco bay area, I’ve attended and been apart of many Chinese American panels (as a consultant) that wishes to dispel the myth of the “model minority”.

            That is to say, the median household income headed by a Chinese immigrant is higher, because Chinese (along with other Asians) were LEAST LIKELY to live in a non-urban area. Urban areas in the United States on average have higher wages than suburban or rural areas, therefore the concentration of Asian Americans in urban areas is incredibly skewed.

            Add on top of this, the amount of disposable income (including savings) was much lower for Asian-Americans, which has made financial assistance almost unobtainable, due to the stigma of being “the model minority”.

            It is just assumed that because their median household income on average was higher than the national average, they were NOT living paycheck to pay check (urban wage over urban expenses, i.e. San Francisco), when in fact many do.

            This assumption works against Chinese immigrants who are at financial risk of having high incomes, only to spend over 70% of that income on the exorbitant living expenses which surround them.

            Whether intentional or unintentional, it’s referred to as “ghetto rich”.

          • KamikaziPilot

            I’m aware of the higher prevalence of Asians in urban areas and it would make sense that their salaries would be higher, as would their living expenses. A good study would be a comparison of these urban asians compared with other urban Americans. I’ve yet to see that kind of study. Also I want to know the average number of working adults in immigrant Chinese households compared to the average American. That would paint a more complete picture.

          • mistertibbs4u

            I remember several of the issues we faced when speaking with urban Asian American families in California specifically were unemployment due to lack of language skills and a higher unemployment rate due to lack of resources from within the family unit.

            That’s why Chinatown and several of the other smaller Asian community collectives were so vital. We even to this day have an at-risk Asian American outreach program that I still contribute to.

          • Alex Dương

            I agree with @KamikaziPilot:disqus that Asians may not necessarily work harder. IMO, this statistic partially reflects self-selection of immigrants (e.g. an uneducated Chinese is not as equally likely to immigrate as a college-educated Chinese).

          • donscarletti

            Better point of reference. First work with an Indian and then visit India.

          • Vance

            LIke a concentrated minority. I have no science on this. I just know that I go to businesses run by Asians and the same person is there no matter what day or time of day I go there. They are there open to close seven days a week. And I have seen this for numerous different people.

          • Jahar

            Just out of curiosity, what makes someone an “American running dog?”

          • Bman

            Curious phrase isn’t it? Does it mean ‘watch ur butt’ because their is an American dog running behind u gonna bite it? That’s my guess.

          • mistertibbs4u

            As a dog owner (loosely according to your avatar), I find it curious that you don’t understand this phrase.

            A “running dog” is a dog that is always running behind its master, willing to go wherever or do whatever the master is willing to tell it to do.

            An “American running dog” is a Chinese person that is not not only has high admiration of the States, but also allows this admiration to take higher precedence over national values, or cultural loyalty.

            Although currently rare, if you’ve been in China for any number of months (or years), you should come across at least two or three of these types of people.

          • Bman

            Lighten up dude, it’s a joke. It’s such a cold war mentality statement that I find it hilarious.
            You know, the whole idea of hating people just because they’re different; I find it a bizarre concept, worthy of ridicule.

          • mistertibbs4u

            “Lighten up”… that’s funny… I guess that’s what the hipsters are telling people whom are intelligent these days.

            Chinasmack’s “food chain” is hilarious.

            First are the publishers of said articles.
            Second are the mostly westerners that (as they should) initiate comments on said articles.
            Third are the locals that are simply practicing their English and are responding to the comments by the Westerners.
            Fourth are commenters such as myself, who just to balance the conversation troll for westerners that are clearly wrong.

            Now, out of all of cogs in this machine, the westerner that trolls the other westerners that troll the Chinese that troll the westerners are the ones that should lighten up, right?

            I think not. I should be able to enjoy myself as well…


          • Bman

            America hater, have fun. Not reading your trolls…

          • mistertibbs4u

            Jesus Christ, you’re not too bright. I’m an American. You must NOT be an American. That is the only summation I can conceive, because it would take someone who came from a non-Democratic country to assume that Americans blindly follow their own country’s doctrine.

            No bro, don’t think so.

            Sorry, where I come from “intelligent response” does not equal “trolls”.

            You just bot burnt, that is all. Please understand the term “troll” before you use it. Had I just been replying to you to get a “rise” out of you, then I would be trolling.

            If I have a general interest in the topic and I am showing your your faults, that is called “a smart ass reply”.

            Learn the difference.

          • Bman

            America hater, have fun. Not reading your trolls….

          • mistertibbs4u

            Brain on infinite loop, hmm?

            Don’t worry. Happens to the best on CS. And that’s not saying much…

          • Bman

            America hater, have fun. Not reading your trolls.

            The sheer number is creepy. Learn some guitar or something…use your time.

          • mistertibbs4u

            Fun fact… I already play the guitar… but thanks!

            Let me translate your recent posts: “Damn, this guy is smart… so used to refuting Chinese commenters, didn’t realize this guy is an American. Now I sound even dumber saying he’s an America hater, as he is in America and seems to be proud to be an American. Don’t want to lose argument, so must repeat same sentence over and over. Water level rising above my head… what to do…”

            Interesting pickle, you’re in my friend…

          • Bman

            uh, grow up?

          • mistertibbs4u

            Funny, I was going to say the same thing about you.

            Because we all know repeating the same sentence several times in a row, while the person with whom you’re having a conversation is speaking like a normal person.

            But I should grow up, right?

            #justsayno #tohypocrisy

          • Bman

            America hater, have fun. Not reading your trolls.

            #cantgetadateonfriday #hatersgottahate #smallpenissyndrome

          • mistertibbs4u

            I see your brain is on permanent fart

            #imblack #justcamefromadate #moregirlfriendsthanyou #inchina #evenmoregirlsthanyou #donthavetopay #stopspeakingblackslang #youdontsoundgood #hashtagsarenotyourthing #stopcopying #iwinagain

          • Bman

            America hater, have fun. Not reading your trolls.


          • mistertibbs4u

            You’re an idiot. Of course you’re reading my REPLIES.

            The hilarious part is you sincerely have NOTHING ELSE TO CONTRIBUTE. Your mind is blank and you think you’re going to somehow come out of this conversation unscathed.

            Guess what poster boy… you’re NOT. You thought you were smart. You’re not. And you’ve got your ass handed to you by the likes of me.

            You can only resort to copying my style, because, let’s face… that’s what everyone does.

            #amirite #alwayswinning #tigerblood

            Don’t be afraid to continue to hashtag. Lord knows within the context of this conversation, you have not ONE original bone in your body…


          • Bman

            America hater, have fun. Not reading your trolls.


          • mistertibbs4u

            Interesting… you’ve gone from confident insightful alpha male (in front of Chinese, of course) to a JOKE on Chinasmack in less than two hours…

            You losers are a joke. You come to China, knowing you suck in your own country… you’re surrounded by Chinese (of course whose humility you mistake for weakness) only to be lulled into a sense of self-worth.

            Only to respond to a full-fledged alpha male (who you clearly weren’t ready for) and now look at you. Just as PITIFUL as ever. You’re all the same. From confident to resorting to copying my style. You will never be on my level. Your hashtags suck, by the way. If you’re going to copy something, copy it right.

            How is it that you’re a foreigner, yet you seem to know NOTHING about western culture? You should be ashamed of yourself. #classy


          • Bman

            America hater, have fun. Not reading your trolls.


          • mistertibbs4u

            Apostrophes don’t work in hashtags, dumb ass.

            Why must I be 1000 times cooler than you in every aspect?

            Clearly by your tone, your lack of imagination and your repetition, you are NOT a winner with the ladies.

            For the monumental two seconds that you ACTUALLY discussed the points I raised in the beginning of our back and forth (remember those? when you thought you stood a chance intellectually against me? haha… good times) you showed a lack of intelligence. So you’re NOT a winner of the wits, either.

            You know what that makes you?


            And you have been caught. You are harping on the male member for far too long. You have just confirmed for the entire thread that you are not “packing”. No straight man would harp on something like that unless he (and any women he could manipulate into sleeping with him) was dissatisfied in his own home.

            Don’t worry chump. Things will get better. For the rest of us, all we do is #win, bro. I’m in and out of China and I’m in and out of a lot of other things, not because I necessarily want to be, but after all of the losers clear the air… they can’t help but approach me. I’m pretty sure this is something you know nothing about.

            I don’t think you were genetically built to have words with me.

            “This is what it would be like if Tyson fought an infant….”


          • Alex Dương

            @mistertibbs4u:disqus and @BMan_Eh:disqus, I think this discussion has run its course.

          • donscarletti

            Don’t ruin the freak show for everyone else! Either troll one of them or just stay silent.

          • Alex Dương


            That would go against the Hippopotamus Oath.

          • mistertibbs4u

            Yes, I agree. He hasn’t made any sense since the beginning.

          • Bman

            I didn’t take the time to make sense with you because you didn’t seem to read my initial rebuttals, and instead decided to just talk over me instead of to me.

            Your initial defense of DD Bear, a well known racist, lead me to believe you are racist as well, something that I do not respect nor give time to. After that I tuned you out. I have a family to care for, and your comments that I read were upsetting.

            Being an African American, I would think that racism would be something you would equally despise.
            However, your attacks on me seem to point to some issues you may have had with supposed alpha white males you have met. Sorry to hear that. But your barking up the wrong tree here. The only people I have issues with are haters, racists and oppressors, and I do my best to help anyone whenever I can. That’s who I am.

            If my being white somehow makes that impossible to believe, so be it. I’ve learned to live with stereotypes and racism since being in Asia all these years. I hear the mumbling and see the looks. It sucks to be an outsider in the country you call home. It also sucks to be attacked on the internet by a black man because I was toying with the local Chinese racist.

            So perhaps you justly hate me; my knowledge of history isn’t perfect, sometimes I can be impatient when attacked, and yes, I am white. As for me, I decided long ago never to hate people. But what you did; trolling me so viciously like that, that’s something that I hope you’re some day ashamed of. Until then, continue to believe that I’m the bad guy. I live in China, I got used to it.

          • mistertibbs4u

            “Your initial defense of DD Bear, a well known racist, lead me to believe you are racist as well, something that I do not respect nor give time to.”

            Give me a break… you’re a Westerner and THIS is the best you can reply with? Do you know how many known Westerners who are clearly racist on these comment boards that occasionally are supported by “decent foreigners”, none of whom are grilled or even questioned?

            You’re going to need to do better than that, dude.

            No one hates you. You’re not that important. Even in your obvious loss in this argument, as opposed to having had your ass handed to you by an alpha black male (an alpha white male in China? ummm… no.), your thought process is that I’ve somehow I’ve had issues?

            Give it a rest and take a chill pill. Foreigners come here to troll Chinese commenters, and then get butt hurt when the tide flows the other way?

            No dice.

          • Bman

            Hey, I tried to be nice to you for my own peace of mind.
            Yes, the truth was the best I could reply with. Sorry if you expected something more…wounded. More bitter. More confrontational. Sorry about that.

            I don’t travel the comment board circuit, but I’ll assume you spend A LOT of time spreading your trolls, sorry… thoughts. So I’ll trust you that some westerners are racist. Brilliant observation I might add. You grilled them good I bet.

            I understand that I’m not important. Unlike you, random internet troll. You’re so important that your long internet fingers make it all the way over here to China to not just educate the Chinese, but also lowly westerners like myself, who simply cannot have normal relationships or find a job in our own country. People like me are in desperate need of your help. This makes you very important. Vital, I daresay. Freakin’ indispensable! (say that last part in your head with a Chris Farley down by the river style, it’s awesome).

            I don’t recall you handing me an ass. I did see you stay up way too late trying. Sorry I couldn’t keep up, I guess I’m just not as keen on “winning” these internet competitions as you are. I didn’t even know you could win. Me and the wifey had better things to do.

            Did I see you on that show, bully beatdown? I love the host, he’s an interesting guy.

            Oh, and if you were TRULY an alpha male, wouldn’t you be doing something to really assert your superiority? Like, with people who deserve it. Maybe people in your real life. You know, back in America. Thanks btw for setting me straight on that. You’re an American alpha black male who trolls Chinese internet sites to ass-kick westerners who argue with the local Chinese too much for your liking. Got it. But you gotta read that out loud, dude. It sounds ridiculous. You’re an alpha male internet basher! How cool are you? lol

            Anyway, thanks for setting me straight. I will concede that you won the internet troll thingy. You obviously are gonna go postal if you don’t win, so to save your neighbors, let’s just say that I’m broken, beat, crumbled and very very humbled.

            But I must say I’m a bit grossed out by you wanting to hand-le my ass so much. If I say I have gay friends will you prove I’m homophobic by pointing out that some comment boards on the internet are patrolled by homophobic westerners?

            Sigh, lay some more beatin’ on me for that crack, I deserve it. But I hope you remember I took the time to write you a lovely letter.
            You da man! Alpha man!

        • Bman

          Huh? Girls? Grow up.
          North Korea is an evil dictatorship that makes its people pray to their little leader and kills them if they say the wrong words. They have little food or money (you should empathize with that). It is a place filled with fear and hatred that should not be allowed in this day and age. Perhaps you can go live there if you think it’s such a good place.

          • i do not need you to write to me, let alone blahblah so much as bullshit.
            you just keep wearing your green hat well.

          • Bman

            I am not writing to you. I am replying to your dumb comments. Though you definitely need to learn some things.
            Green is just a color. Do you also believe in fairies and dragons, or just some silly superstitions?

          • what kinda dumb ass would choose to wear a green hat???

          • Bman

            Someone who doesn’t follow silly Chinese superstitions.

          • it’s not superstition!
            when a wife cheats on her husband, we say that man is wearing green hat.

          • Bman

            I know. I’m not Chinese; as every person who stares at me and calls me laowai or gweilo reminds me. So what’s your point?

          • no any point, i do not need you to reply me.

          • Bman

            If you don’t want me to reply, shut up and stop leaving me comments :) Or can you? You Americans always have to have the last word :D

          • how many times i have to tell you?
            i am chinese girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LostLaowai

      You just made my shitlist. Enjoy.

      • you are another bangzi!

        • LostLaowai

          Wrong, far from it.

          • i do not care, but you have no right to use my avatar before get my permission!

          • LostLaowai

            Take me to the Chinese supreme court. Thank you for cooperation!

          • stupid donkey!

          • LostLaowai

            Might be hung like one.

          • what do you mean???

  • Necrogodomega

    Is North Korea really hoping to start a fight? I mean what would that accomplish except the complete abolishment of their country?

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    This is nothing special. The North beats its chest, hurls a rock at the South then dares them to hit back because the Leader’s been hitting the liquor way too hard. Then he sobers up, realizes how dumb he was, then tries to smooth things over again. Until he gets soused again…

  • donscarletti

    H (29730顶/Likes)


    North Korea is such an awesome (arrogant) country, when it’s in the mood to attack (fuck) South Korea it just attacks (fucks).

    猫头鹰 (24874顶/Likes)


    North Korea has no food, it has to create a military provocation to make South Korea, America and Japan come to negotiating table in order to beg for food.

    齐天 (8732顶/Likes)


    If it were not for America, North Korea would control the Korean peninsula in a week.

    全国民主联盟 (10416顶/Likes)


    Sure enough, the South Korean Democratic government is good.

    落幕 (14140顶/Likes)


    Beans are boiled by burning beanstalks, the beans cry inside the pot, they grew from the same stem, how can they fry each other so violently (reference to romance of the three kingdoms, referring to Cao Cao’s sons Cao Pi and Cao Zhi).


    真不敢相信朝鲜还有炮弹 确定不是炮么

    I don’t dare to believe that North Korea still has cannonballs. Sure they aren’t firecrackers?



    Insane! Not living a happy life, just want to fight.



    Say I’m a hooligan, who’s posturing do I fear?



    If there was no America, North Korea would sort out South Korea in a minute, but the people are suffering, like back in the days of civil war.



    North Korea, this lunatic has gotten sicker.

    • Jahar

      I like how some of them are only concerned with who would win if the US wasn’t there. If it weren’t for China, the north would have been long gone.

    • Teacher in China

      Nice! Thanks for these! Hopefully, you will have time to do more for future articles :)

  • vonskippy

    “80 people have already successfully withdrawn.”

    So they’re taking it REALLY REALLY seriously eh?

    I wonder if Fatty Kim knows the rest of the world just laughs at everything he does.

  • James

    All i know is, i want to be Fatty Kim’s best friend and get the VIP treatment like Dennis Rodman. Livin’ the life…

    • Bman

      Yes, and getting those awesome VIP country leading promotions his cousins and uncles get…oh, uh, wait, he shot them all.

      • James

        the problem is they got complacent and stopped kissing royal ass

        • Bman

          Haha, true that. But can you just imagine if you had to suck up to that little SOB every day…wouldn’t you just start to think of ways to permanently demote him. I mean, any normal human would. You’d be a South Korean and American hero, probably win a Nobel AND be Prime Minister of thefreshly minted New Korea. I’ll have to think on the name a bit.

        • It is a growing problem everywhere in the world. Political leaders believe they are better than the average citizen. It is You use a good analogy.. Fatty Kim’s family believes they have birthrights and maybe even deities.

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