North Korea Responds to Dark Satellite Photo, Chinese Reactions

Satellite photo of North Korea at night, showing a patch of darkness next to brightly lit China and South Korea.

Satellite photo of North Korea at night, showing a patch of darkness next to brightly lit China and South Korea.

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North Korea Responds to Satellite Photo Showing North Korea As a Patch of Darkness: Light Does Not Reflect [Our Society’s] Nature

China News Service February 3 report — North Korean official media published a report on the 3rd stating that some countries often use satellite photos to criticize North Korea’s “lack of light” and being “a patch of darkness at night”, but that the nature/essence of a society is not reflected in dazzling lights. North Korea is currently on the path of happiness, and this is definitely without doubt.

The report claims that just like this cold winter season, North Korea as before confronts self-discipline. “We cannot yet undo our waistband”. However, “the hearts and faces of the North Korean people are all bright, and the homeland is younger with each passing day”. North Korea is opening the doors to its revival.


The report also claims that under Kim Jong-un’s leadership, North Korea’s economy has made obvious accomplishments, such as the successful construction of the Pyongyang kindergarten, satellite scientist residential area, the waterpark, etc. and that North Korea is currently on the path of happiness.

The report points out that on “the issue of eating/food”, a huge change has occurred in North Korea. The North Korean government has encouraged various economic bodies to take the initiative, that rural peasants have begun to use new techniques/technology, and that the once desolate farms have become warm cities.

The report stresses that while North Korea does not have sparkling lights, it has a society that is completely without political pollution; while it is not very rich, it has beautiful social customs. In its situation of confrontation with “imperialist” countries, that the North Korean people can live as it currently does is already very blessed.

(Original title: North Korean Media Responds to Satellite Photos Showing North Korea As a Patch of Darkness: Light Does Not Reflect Society’s Nature)

Comments from NetEase:

fallfall [网易黑龙江省齐齐哈尔市网友]:

Just shows that North Korea cares for the planet. It doesn’t even need to participate in whatever Earth Hour.

老二有点软 [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

Such familiar bold rhetoric, of a bright future, a revival of a people, a well-off society. Sweet, our lives are like honey.

洪磊牌外交复读机 [网易广东省手机网友]:

This is an impressively shameless response.

笑看卢布崩盘 [网易湖北省鄂州市网友]:

Just a little dark.

黄易幕后大老板 [内涵老鸟]:

Now this is true environmental protection, without smog or pollution, treasuring the planet, and Kim Jong-un leading the way.

教训毛棍俄杂人渣 [网易福建省福州市网友]:

The very same rhetoric I read in political textbooks when I was small.

疯一一一一子 [网易山东省网友]:

Kim Jong-un is leading the North Korean people as they run forward on the road of happiness.

网易北京市手机网友 ip:114.254.*.*

Lights off 365 days of the year, a night of missing you! [Alludes to a Chinese pop song.]

婁山關 [内涵大师]:

An entire country pulls the circuit breaker,
so millions of homes need not flip a switch,
to look more at the stars and eat less,
as conservation and environment protection is the model to follow. [Original Chinese is a rhyming poem.]

网易天津市网友 ip:125.39.*.*


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