North Korea Rocket Launch ‘Fails’, Chinese Netizen Reactions

North Korea's Unha-3 rocket & satellite splintered into pieces & fell into the Pacific Ocean shortly after launch, leaving some netizens bemused & others sorrowful.

Despite weeks of anticipation and preparation, one minute after North Korea launched their much hyped Unha-3 rocket this morning, the rocket and its weather satellite payload splintered into pieces and fell into the Pacific Ocean with no portion leaving Earth’s atmosphere. The launch and subsequent failure is currently the most searched query on Baidu (up over one million percent) as well as a top trending story on both and NetEase and Youku, where it has accumulated over 30 pages of netizen comments in the past few hours.

From NetEase:

North Korean Official Announces Satellite Launch Failure

April 13th, 6:38am Beijing time, North Korea launched their Unha-3 rocket carrying its payload of the weather satellite Kwangmyongsong-3. At 11am, a North Korean official announced that the satellite failed to enter into its scheduled orbit, and that the launch had resulted in failure. American military officials believed North Korea’s launch was a guided missile test, and not a satellite. Numerous western countries criticized North Korea’s launch as violating various United Nation’s Resolutions, and the UN Security council will convene later today in an emergency session to discuss the ramifications of North Korea’s launch.

From Youku:

Japan and South Korea: North Korean Satellite Launch Fails.

Comments from Youku:


If it wasn’t shot down, it was affected by electromagnetic interference, and fell down.


Shouldn’t been shot down with a laser long ago, North Korea simply launched a target.


Some people are going to be executed, those poor scientists.


North Korea never had the ability to launch a satellite!


North Korea sure is an interesting country.


We’ll probably never see the person that was in charge of Fatty Kim‘s satellite program ever again.


Simply a joke, this kind of ignorant country, wanting guided missiles? Just having artillery is already good enough for them.


Scientists, quick, flee!


Official announcement? [What a] tragedy…


Over 100 media organizations, and no one caught it on video!?!?


Uh-oh, yet another group of people in North Korea will be going to mine coal..




Getting together so many fucking people, and so many foreign media to report on site… and just after launching it, before it is even reported, it’s already declared finished! [The] Kim dynasty is really niubi.

North Korea's Unha-3 rocket & satellite splintered into pieces & fell into the Pacific Ocean shortly after launch, leaving some netizens bemused & others sorrowful.


Kim Jong-un really embarrassed himself… just chosen to become leader, and on the hundredth birthday of his ancestors shoots a big booming rocket into the sea. Originally wanted to just show off, didn’t expect this…. Need not to bother South Korea and Japan now.


Destined to fail! A North Korea supporting by China and a South Korean supported by America, the difference is considerably large!


North Korean TV said: The reason the rocket fell is because Japan, American and South Korea fired interceptor missiles! Shooting down the rocket! Simida, we will retaliate simida! [Note: This commenter’s name is “Fuck America”]


I still strongly support North Korea. I think South Korean citizens also support North Korea in their heart — after all, they’re a family. South Korea is currently under American control, and ultimately is still a subordinate nation.


This is just like a strong start and weak finish. So disappointed…


This nation is crazy. America is right, if a psychopath holds nuclear weapons, it’ll be dangerous.

laonalaiye111 (responding to above):

You’re an idiot. If an idiot has access to commenting, it’ll be dangerous to Youku.

江中一笔 (responding to above):

You’re so smart, why don’t you go live with the three Fatty Kims.


Laughing at North Korea? Remember, China came along the same road that North Korea is on now. North Korea is right now figuring out the path China took, why do we now mock North Korea? (You may say I’m not patriotic, but actually I love my country more than a patriot, don’t be ignorant).


Now that this is finally settled, North Korea can wait for their sanctions.


Does South Korea dare dredge up the wreckage?

错的执着 (responding to above):

They want to dredge it up to see to what degree North Korea’s missile technology has advanced.


A great distraction! Attract a lot of attention with a useless rocket launch to convince the world they do not have long-range missile capabilities. Then they can secretly conduct research. No one will suspect their actual capability! No wonder China hasn’t said anything. They probably have insider information.


I reckon North Korea’s rocket material was from China?


The technology wasn’t mature, why should they put so much resources into it? In the end they just attracted trouble and disgrace. However, they’ll probably just tell the North Korean commoners they already succeeded in the launch.


The satellite was a pretense, the actual purpose was to research long-range missile technology, if you’re able to smoothly send something into outer space, it shows that you’re capable of long-range missile technology. America, Japan and [South] Korea aren’t afraid of satellites, but they’re afraid of long-range missiles, especially Japan.

wwhui121 (responding to above):

That technology was taught to them by China. Do you think our country doesn’t want them to become powerful? We hope North Korea becomes as powerful as Japan, so that we can have another powerful ally.

荫道初雪 (responding to above):

Comrades, do you know that North Korea had diplomatic relations with Taiwan in the past? They can betray us faster than one flips a page, and you think they’ll be your comrade in arms.

Meanwhile, our sister site koreaBANG reports that South Korean netizens weren’t very interested in the North Korean rocket launch.

North Korea's Unha-3 rocket & satellite splintered into pieces & fell into the Pacific Ocean shortly after launch, leaving some netizens bemused & others sorrowful.

Source: NetEase 1, 2, Youku

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Written by Joel

Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.

  • ac

    The rocket didn’t go sofa

  • blues

    The emergency UN meeting is probably just watching a youtube video of the rocket shattering on a large projector and laughing their arses off.

    • Ding Ding Ding!!!

      We have a winner!

    • Interested

      This is perfect accident since Japan was ready to launch intercept which can lead to real war. China also disapprove the test.

      Accident? really?

      • Brett Hunan

        Interested in trolling-

        Label me a hypocrite… I dont feel bad about the rocket scientists. Before the launch they got all the food vouchers they needed to feed themselves and their families.

        No, I dont feel sorrow for them. I do however feel bad for North Koreans in general. Most cant feed themselves and the $850 million it cost to build the launch site and launch the rocket could be fed very well for probably 9 months of the year with that kind of money.

    • Stacy

      Hahahaha! Amen to that brother!

  • Brett Hunan

    Lol North Korea is so funny sometimes.

    I guess I am glad it didnt work. Possibly nuclear tests to follow.

    Netizens 100% correct that those responsible for the rocket lauch will disappear. Most likely to be shot with mortars following in the footsteps of those generals that opposed Jong Un. I almost feel a little sorry for them.

    • Interested

      Poor Jews worked and died in Nazi camps certainly would not receive any sympathy from you either. Otherwise, that is double standard.

      • Why does every retard on this site bring up Jews and Nazi’s.

        If you were intelligent you would be able to think of something more contemporary to discuss (there are plenty of examples out there.)

        I very much doubt anyone on this site was involved with or perhaps even alive when those things happened… oh and btw it happened… get over it.

        16 million people died in the congo over the last 20 years, they get my sympathy but what fucking good is that?

        USE BRAIN

        • Brett Hunan

          Just read over the disparity article (that you lacked to comment on) and you can see even more of these morons.

          • that was one of many articles on my mind when I wrote the above comment. I tried to hold my tongue as long as I could…

          • Interested

            Making fun of white morons even more fun than smacking china.

            It is pleasure to make white trashes upset.

          • I dont think you understand me or the concept of this website. Its certainly not here to ‘smack china’ as you put it. I for one love China.

            And look, you brought race into the spotlight. Now we all see what you are… a pathetic narrow minded troll.

        • donscarletti

          You want us to talk about how the Mau Mau uprising was put down instead? Ever asked daddy or grandpa about that? Embakasi Prison was apparently known as Kenya’s Belsen and thousands died in concentration camps, or tortured to death in police stations at a level of sadism approaching what the Mau Mau themselves were doing.

          But then again, what about the Mau Mau? How many did they kill? At least 100,000, maybe 300,000. We know they killed a lot of their fellow Kikuyu but nobody knows how many because they were just angry animals with knives, they didn’t write anything down. The Kenyan colonists and British we would expect more from, but they killed, tortured, starved and packed prisoners anyway.

          So there you go. A huge difference in standards. The Holocaust merely stands out for its size, efficiency, organisation and thoroughness. Its cruelty hardly stands out against other events, but it was perpetrated by smart, educated and hardworking people who should have known better.

          • …and what does that have to do with me?

            I am 26 years old ffs.

          • Oh and your knowledge of history is pretty poor.

            I suggest you ask a few black Kenyans what they think about the Mau mau. I’ll be sitting here with my notepad and pen keeping a tally of how many different answers you get.

            Nevertheless, when it comes to white people it seems black Kenyans have far less a problem than you do, which is strange seeing as your not Kenyan. Thats why I love Kenya, such an accepting culture at heart.

            peace bru.

          • donscarletti

            So the Mau Mau killed far more black people than the whites did, that well known and is why the black people you ask are glad that they are gone. Does being better than a Mau Mau make one good?

            The issue is not that the revolt was put down, it was
            1) The reliance on torture to extract information, often over-zealously leading to the death of the suspect before any information could be gathered.
            2) Poorly sanitised concentration camps allowed the rampant spread of disease.
            3) The use of forced labour amongst suspects and staggering number of judicial executions.

          • Fuck me your pathetic.

            Your answering what you wanted me to write, not what I actually wrote. So let me answer you anyway.

            “So the Mau Mau killed far more black people than the whites did” – I did not say that, but bring it up if you wish.

            “that well known and is why the black people you ask are glad that they are gone.” – Black people??? You talk like black people are a united race… fucking total sheer ignorance on your part. Africa is fucked, absolutely fucked and for the wide variety of war, murder and terror that has raged on this continent over thousands it has been fighting between ‘various groups’ – not white on black and certainly would not phrase it as black on black – thats far too simplistic and disconnected from the truth. You obviously have never met any African blacks, friendly as they are to most white outsiders, their hatred for each other knows no bounds… it goes back thousands of years… way beyond colonial times and back to a more tribal era.

            “Does being better than a Mau Mau make one good?” – who the fuck said that? I said I am 26 years old, therefore the mau mau, the british colonialists and the rest of the people involved at that time have nothing to do with me or any of the black kenyans. We are getting on fine without you’re interference.

            And then you go on to make some points, again not sure why? I didnt say anything about the mau mau or the british. I am 26, we are over it… its our country… now why cant you outsiders get over it?

          • donscarletti

            “I am 26, we are over it… its our country… now why cant you outsiders get over it?”

            Consider yourself trolled young man. Now, lets get back to talking about Nazis.

          • Brett Hunan

            SP I am at a loss for how this discussion ended. Don are you admitting you dont know anythinf you are arguing and are just trying to troll SP?…. Its as if you think you succeeded in doing so.

            I never really paid any attention to you before but you certainly made a reputation for yourself over the last 36 hours.

          • donscarletti

            The treatment of the Mau Mau uprising was a famous event for not just the brutality of the Mau Mau, but the brutality that the Kenyan colonists put it down with. The latter is documented well in British Army records, the former can only be reconstructed through population statistics. Lots of people know about it.

            The troll is that it has nothing to do with this story, and I was obviously just bringing it up to get a response out of ShanPao in an effort to express why talking about the holocaust as being bad is a lot easier than arbitrarily picking an issue that has not become so black and white in people’s minds.

            Apparently you still have taken personal issue with me over this Mao Anying thing. You think a 28 year old man, who had not to my knowledge been involved in purges or brutality being killed by napalm is a fantastic thing, because of his potential to be involved in dynastic leadership should history have gone another way. You are quite within your rights to think that, what I don’t get is somehow you’re now treating me as the great Satan for pointing out that this is the case of the life of an innocent man being taken for the greater good and not a great big fucking “yahoo, we got him!” moment. You want to believe I am somehow regretting his death, then you are wrong, but death is not a beautiful thing.

        • Nyancat

          I think some of these nutjobs that comment for e.g. ‘Interested’, ‘Pada’ are all the same person, showing a clear lack of english skills and making insults that make no sense whatsoever, smacking china? Wtf?!

  • jeffli

    Hmmmm…… wonder who’s technology they were using? hmmmm?

    Standing in the corner of the lab I hear “gheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

    Mr. Kim bong dong or what ever the young guy who reckons himself the beloved leader these days yelling “Yo! Yo Homies! who f***ed up?”
    then pointing at the ‘foreign expert’ from a neighbouring friendly country screaming:
    “the next F***in’ rocket we make you and your F***kin’ family with their camels and sisters are going up in it you grinning little baastaard!”
    from the same lab corner we hear the foreign expert – “gheeeeeeeeee /pick nose, sniff/ gheeeeee” as he goes online to book the next ticket to Beijing and go back to work at Chinas Aerospace Universty.


  • Bruce Tutty

    KCNA reported on the 18th March…

    “O Hi Dok, vice-minister of Post and Telecommunications, said thanks to the patriotic devotion of leader Kim Jong Il the space technology of the DPRK has reached a high stage and a scientific and technological foundation has been laid for launching the above-said satellite.

    Hwang Chol Phung, a department director of the ministry, said the satellite launch will fully demonstrate the dignity and honor of Kim Il Sung’s nation and Kim Jong Il’s Korea”

    I agreed with that, they certainly showed demonstrated that baby to bits!..a perfect display of the dignity and honour of the Kim’s…Fallen.

  • But… But the rocket was a testament to the glorious revolutionary ‘juche’ ideology of the Beloved leaders, how could it fail with the complete support of the entire patriotic people’s party?

    It must be the American running dogs of Japan and South Korea guided by the hand of Imperialistic American pigs.


    Scary how close a joke like is to some actual comments I’ve seen…

    • Bruce Tutty

      True, but then at least nobody said it failed due to evil spirits.

    • donscarletti

      A rocket to North Korea is the same as a rocket is to the US, Soviet Union/Russia, China or the ESA:

      An 70 metre high fire spewing object in the shape of a penis, which also goes to space sometimes.

      Never forget that.

      • Nyancat

        Looks like the north koreans have a premature ejaculation problem in their rocket testing project.

      • pervertt

        You haven’t been watching nma world, have you?

        Here’s their take on the North Korean succession:

  • Bruce Tutty

    The netizens above don’t seem to be aware of just how primitive this ‘missle’ was.

  • Big Ears Tututoo.

    His Dong…. is down.

  • Brett Hunan

    Funny this article is featured on chinaSMACK and not koreaBANG.

    I still stand by my opinion that the best thing to ever happen to China was the death of Mao’s son. 1 bullet is all it takes to end the Kim dynasty.

    • Interested

      Any death in your family is happiness for every body.

      • If Mao’s son had not have died, you would not be reading this website right now.

        On account of endless reasons… such as no-one giving a fuck about China.

        • Interested

          I would certainly give a fuck at least to your mama.

    • donscarletti

      No bullet, Mao Anying was killed by napalm dropped by a South African bomber. I fear this may make you feel even happier to read.

      • Brett Hunan

        Don spaghetti~ really? I’ve been here a long time and haven’t really ever seen you this thick before.

        • donscarletti

          Despite the probable present had it not happened, to my knowledge Mao Anying himself had not done anything to deserve death and napalm is a terrible way to die.

          Kim Jong-Un is also a young man who is not responsible for his father’s sins, napalm is still a terrible way to die, but history shows that it works.

          • Brett Hunan

            Whats wrong with your head? It is good that Maos son dies so that there could be no family dictatorship like North Korea.

            Hmmmmm who would I rather have leading my country? HJT or Maos grandson? tough question.

          • anon

            Yeah, donscarletti and pervertt both missed what you were trying to say with the bullet thing, though I don’t think it was that “thick” to mistake your comment as suggesting you thought Mao’s son was also killed by a bullet. In any case, I do think they bring up an interesting philosophical point that highlights some of our cognitive dissonance.

            Many of us (including Chinese netizens) on one hand say the death of Mao’s son was the best thing to have happened to China, on the assumption that Mao’s son would’ve carried on his disastrous leadership. donscarletti and pervertt are both saying we can’t know what Mao Anying would’ve done, so its technically illogical and irrational to celebrate his death.

            It’s a sins of the father thing. Should the descendants of someone be punished for the sins of their ancestors? Think of the slippery slope that could very well be.

            However, there’s another angle to this. A lot of descendants or heirs are killed (or their deaths are celebrated) not necessarily because people think they’ll be like their parents, but because their survival is an obstacle to usurping power for themselves.

        • pervertt

          Brett – If you want to make a point convincingly, you’d do better than fling insults at others who have responded politely to your comments. You might have, for example, quoted JK Galbraith who is on record as saying:

          “”I know it sounds somewhat Machiavellian and evil, to think that you could send a squad in to take out somebody like Osama bin Laden, or to take out the head of North Korea, but isn’t it better to do something like that, to take out Milosevic, to take out Saddam Hussein, rather than to spend billions of dollars on a war that harms innocent civilians and destroys the infrastructure of a country?”

          Note that Mr Galbraith recommended the bullet for the tyrant, not the tyrant’s offspring. The Mao dynasty is a matter of conjecture. Nobody knows what really would have happened if Mao Anying had survived the Korean war. To say that Anying’s death is the best thing that happened to China is not logical, for it assumes that Anying would have succeeded his father and that he would have continued his father’s disastrous legacy.

          And for what it is worth, Mao Anying was taken out by a ‘lucky’ strike from a South African bomber. Not that it would have made much difference to history if he had been felled by a bullet instead.

          • donscarletti

            Our leaders do not support a policy of decapitation, it endangers leaders.

          • Brett Hunan

            I didnt say he was taken out by a bullet. Just that 1 bullet could end him….. Good lecture, dad.

    • Brett Hunan

      Funny thing is…. if anything does happen to the Supreme Leader, it would most likely happen from the colder side of the 38th parallel. Those generals sure dont like the little guy.

      • wrong! the risk of being put on trial for war crimes by south korea is too great, they will end up fighting to the end with kim jong un
        like i said before chinese only attack other asians

        • he said the colder side dude… thats north…


        • DonnieD


          • japan victimizes white people, especially rape of white girls very frequently

          • donscarletti

            A bit of that happened in Singapore and Jakarta 70 years ago, but not since then. I imagine American servicemen did similar things three years later, hopefully people can get over that period sometime.

    • anon

      Why? The reactions are by Chinese people, not Koreans. And koreaBANG has their own article, featuring Korean reactions.

      • Brett Hunan

        Just recently posted. It didn’t come out until (what felt like) long after this chinaSMACK version did. I meant I was surprised that it hadn’t been featured on koreaBANG earlier.

  • DonnieD

    When a room full of VCR players and ‘Boom boxes’ is seen as new in a media center at their university in 2011, it is no wonder this launch failed.

  • Ben

    That is what they get for trying to launch a rocket on Friday the 13th

  • manusan
  • whichone

    You guys all have it wrong, it wasn’t a rocket, it was a giant firework display to celebrate 100 years of technological…hardiness.


  • Shanghairen

    At least North Korea still has trendy internet bars.

  • A gawd-dang Mongolian

    The launch did not fail! It exceeded expectations, and now is running on th epower of the Juche to travel at FTL speeds across the galaxy!

  • Castro

    new moniker for DPRK top dog:

    ‘Oh, Dear’ Leader

  • vonskippy

    Ring, ring: it’s the 1960’s calling…



    What a pathetic bunch of isolated morons.

  • Hello

    Come on guys…we all know its not a failed launch…they were afraid of all the pressure and took an excuse of saying there was a problem… maybe they dont have the technology yet…?

  • notorious

    didn’t america give north korea 1.5 million pounds of food in exchange for not doing any more nuclear or missle tests? and they are doing it again? America cares too much about people, which is a good thing but at the same time our country is helping this guy being evil.

    • coala banana

      america cares too much about people ? :-))))

      you naive and self-righteous americans really crack me up !

      of all the countries your country invaded, how many turned into a democracy ? lets see….hmmmm…just one ?..colombia ? thats the only one which comes to mind right now, and its veeery questionable to call them a democratic country…..

      how is that for a resume over the last 70 years ?

      but hey, i give you right, america cares tooooooooooo much about other people and countries….doubt that you will understand that….

      • notorious

        i agree, america has fucked over and destabilized many 3rd world countries, the latest casualty being iraq for example. i hate to say this but iraq people were better off when saddam was alive, at least they weren’t being ripped apart and tortured by different factions there. america plays its politics but it also doesn’t understand, even our government at the highest level. i don’t know if they really believe they are helping or if they are consciously fucking them over. but what other reason could there be for giving north korea food?

        Yes, americans are a bit sanctimonious in believing that our government is trying to help other countries. because that’s what we want to do and what we want to believe. no one wants to b elieve that the country they live in is doing evil.

        • coala banana

          hmmmm, you make some light progress…..but what reason for giving NK food ???? are you kidding ???

          enemies are necessary ! how else to justify expenditures and policies which make corporations even richer then they already are ? how else to justify to keep the military in south korea ? without NK it would be hard to do so, same for japan….less influence in the region. So this is a strategic and diplomatic issue, nothing else….

          americans, well most of them, are kinda strange folks, they are lied all over again and again, and they always fall for the same BS. Its no surprise that 90% of you guys still believe in baby jesus, and half of them in the second coming of christ. When someone can believe such crap, he/she can believe anything else too…..your news channels don’t inform, they create public opinion !

          Regarding the middle east: fuck em all !!! I wouldn’t have a problem when the US would nuke the whole area, incl. israel…..all cave and desert people which kill each others for their religious believes…fuck em all ! Built a big fucking fence around the middle east, and don’t let anyone out, let them fight it out with each others….stop aid to israel ( and i say that as a half jew), its a fascist regime down there, not better then the nazis. Fuck them all, nuke them, to show them that there is no god which will come to protect their useless dirty assholes.

          Afghanistan is pointless, dirty beduins, still living in the bronze age, according to bronze age myths and tribe systems…fuck their fucking cults and rites. Stop that faggit BS, invading and spending money. The only good reason for invading a country is to steal ALL their resources and kill the ones which opposes you, enslave the rest and let them work for you…..

          • mr. wiener

            North Korea and Afghanistan don’t have any resources. Their only value is strategic. Israel and the “Holy land” too for that matter.

        • Chad

          Iraq isn’t the latest. Syria is. Libya before that. The US funded opposition activists with millions of dollars in Syria. Wikileaks revealed that. The US bombed the crap out of Libya long with NATO. Common knowledge.

          • coala banana

            arab spring my ass, the whole world was better of with Mubarak, Gaddhafi and Co……now, lets see what we will get, a bunch of Muslim Brotherhood regimes….fuck all the media with their biased coverage ! I don’t believe them shit ! Has anyone seen pics of the Syrian “freedom fighters” ??? fuck ! a bunch of islamic fundamentalists ! ski masks over the head, the Quaran in one hand and a Kalashnikov in the other. This is the fucking opposition.

            I guess this is what the west in fact wants: dumb ass regimes, religiously motivated, which has never developed any further since the bronze age. Its about destabilizing the whole fucking region and creating new potential enemies in the future.

            Saddam has threatened to switch from the US$ to Euro as the leading currency, and look what has happened to Iraq. Now they like to play the same games with Iran, after they fucked them over for the last 60 years. Putting their puppet, the Shah of persia into position, then provoking a war between Iran and iraq with 1 million deaths, supporting the Iraq and Saddam to attack Iran.

            Its all about destabilizing the middle east and supporting Israel…how many times did we hear it at the UN when it comes to resolutions about Israel: 143 votes YES, 1 vote NO (USA)

            But i think this time, they will eat shit. Iran is not Iraq. This fuckers are ready. Can’t wait that they attack them, to see what will happening. Dumb fucks killing and shooting at each other, thats entertaining !

            Fucking american hypocrites, building monuments just for their fucking soldiers. 65 thousand americans died in Vietnam and they make a big fucking deal out of it, and no one seems to mention and remember the 2 million Vietnamese which lost their lives, being attacked by a foreign power….

            Ron Paul, the ONLY american politician with some common sense ! The rest, a bunch of fucking liars and cheaters.

    • quill

      this is a satellite launching not a missile test let alone nuclear test.
      the the test itself was planed before the agreement with US.

  • Trayvon

    DPRK needs some really smart black rocket engineers.

  • quill

    way to go for north korea, but even the US at the initial stage had only 5 success out of 12 trial, and sovyet had only 1 success out of 5 trial.

  • Mop

    >North Korea simply launched a target.

    Oh god, my sides.

  • Trayvon

    Isn’t it good for Mau Mau to be dead? King Leopold killed 60 million in the Congo, and no one ever missed them. In fact, the world is a better place as a result.

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    Is it just me or is this very staged. Come on, a crane?

  • The Enlightened One


    Heads are gonna roll!

    I love how the “I am never wrong!” Asian complex is going to swing in full effect and they are going to say they meant to do it and it was a complete success. The experts already thought so as well. North Korea… what a bunch of ass hats…

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  • SojuNDaegu

    Millions of starving North Korean’s and this idiot wants to shoot a rocket off. When are the people going to stand up against this oppressive regime?

  • SojuNDaegu

    Starving people in N. Korea and this regime spends billions to shoot a missile into the ocean. Well done N. Korea, idiots….

  • Ming

    In truth, I favor Korea generally because of the ancient history, such as the Ming-Joseon Dynasty ties, but this is just a disgrace, not only to Korea and China, but to all of Asia, honestly…it WOULD honestly be better if Seoul and Tokyo had shot the rocket down, because an outright failure is simply humiliating…