North Korea Rocket Launch ‘Fails’, Chinese Netizen Reactions

North Korea's Unha-3 rocket & satellite splintered into pieces & fell into the Pacific Ocean shortly after launch, leaving some netizens bemused & others sorrowful.

Despite weeks of anticipation and preparation, one minute after North Korea launched their much hyped Unha-3 rocket this morning, the rocket and its weather satellite payload splintered into pieces and fell into the Pacific Ocean with no portion leaving Earth’s atmosphere. The launch and subsequent failure is currently the most searched query on Baidu (up over one million percent) as well as a top trending story on both and NetEase and Youku, where it has accumulated over 30 pages of netizen comments in the past few hours.

From NetEase:

North Korean Official Announces Satellite Launch Failure

April 13th, 6:38am Beijing time, North Korea launched their Unha-3 rocket carrying its payload of the weather satellite Kwangmyongsong-3. At 11am, a North Korean official announced that the satellite failed to enter into its scheduled orbit, and that the launch had resulted in failure. American military officials believed North Korea’s launch was a guided missile test, and not a satellite. Numerous western countries criticized North Korea’s launch as violating various United Nation’s Resolutions, and the UN Security council will convene later today in an emergency session to discuss the ramifications of North Korea’s launch.

From Youku:

Japan and South Korea: North Korean Satellite Launch Fails.

Comments from Youku:


If it wasn’t shot down, it was affected by electromagnetic interference, and fell down.


Shouldn’t been shot down with a laser long ago, North Korea simply launched a target.


Some people are going to be executed, those poor scientists.


North Korea never had the ability to launch a satellite!


North Korea sure is an interesting country.


We’ll probably never see the person that was in charge of Fatty Kim‘s satellite program ever again.


Simply a joke, this kind of ignorant country, wanting guided missiles? Just having artillery is already good enough for them.


Scientists, quick, flee!


Official announcement? [What a] tragedy…


Over 100 media organizations, and no one caught it on video!?!?


Uh-oh, yet another group of people in North Korea will be going to mine coal..




Getting together so many fucking people, and so many foreign media to report on site… and just after launching it, before it is even reported, it’s already declared finished! [The] Kim dynasty is really niubi.

North Korea's Unha-3 rocket & satellite splintered into pieces & fell into the Pacific Ocean shortly after launch, leaving some netizens bemused & others sorrowful.


Kim Jong-un really embarrassed himself… just chosen to become leader, and on the hundredth birthday of his ancestors shoots a big booming rocket into the sea. Originally wanted to just show off, didn’t expect this…. Need not to bother South Korea and Japan now.


Destined to fail! A North Korea supporting by China and a South Korean supported by America, the difference is considerably large!


North Korean TV said: The reason the rocket fell is because Japan, American and South Korea fired interceptor missiles! Shooting down the rocket! Simida, we will retaliate simida! [Note: This commenter’s name is “Fuck America”]


I still strongly support North Korea. I think South Korean citizens also support North Korea in their heart — after all, they’re a family. South Korea is currently under American control, and ultimately is still a subordinate nation.


This is just like a strong start and weak finish. So disappointed…


This nation is crazy. America is right, if a psychopath holds nuclear weapons, it’ll be dangerous.

laonalaiye111 (responding to above):

You’re an idiot. If an idiot has access to commenting, it’ll be dangerous to Youku.

江中一笔 (responding to above):

You’re so smart, why don’t you go live with the three Fatty Kims.


Laughing at North Korea? Remember, China came along the same road that North Korea is on now. North Korea is right now figuring out the path China took, why do we now mock North Korea? (You may say I’m not patriotic, but actually I love my country more than a patriot, don’t be ignorant).


Now that this is finally settled, North Korea can wait for their sanctions.


Does South Korea dare dredge up the wreckage?

错的执着 (responding to above):

They want to dredge it up to see to what degree North Korea’s missile technology has advanced.


A great distraction! Attract a lot of attention with a useless rocket launch to convince the world they do not have long-range missile capabilities. Then they can secretly conduct research. No one will suspect their actual capability! No wonder China hasn’t said anything. They probably have insider information.


I reckon North Korea’s rocket material was from China?


The technology wasn’t mature, why should they put so much resources into it? In the end they just attracted trouble and disgrace. However, they’ll probably just tell the North Korean commoners they already succeeded in the launch.


The satellite was a pretense, the actual purpose was to research long-range missile technology, if you’re able to smoothly send something into outer space, it shows that you’re capable of long-range missile technology. America, Japan and [South] Korea aren’t afraid of satellites, but they’re afraid of long-range missiles, especially Japan.

wwhui121 (responding to above):

That technology was taught to them by China. Do you think our country doesn’t want them to become powerful? We hope North Korea becomes as powerful as Japan, so that we can have another powerful ally.

荫道初雪 (responding to above):

Comrades, do you know that North Korea had diplomatic relations with Taiwan in the past? They can betray us faster than one flips a page, and you think they’ll be your comrade in arms.

Meanwhile, our sister site koreaBANG reports that South Korean netizens weren’t very interested in the North Korean rocket launch.

North Korea's Unha-3 rocket & satellite splintered into pieces & fell into the Pacific Ocean shortly after launch, leaving some netizens bemused & others sorrowful.

Source: NetEase 1, 2, Youku


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