North Korean Artillery Attack, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Smoke rising over Yeonpyeong island in South Korea after being hit by North Korean artillery rounds.

From Mop:

[The following are a collection of netizen comments selected by the original poster and included in the original post, without the netizens’ names.]


China should temporarily reduce Diaoyu Islands activity to stop America from using South Korean to provoke North Korea and using Japan to contain China! China should concentrate its efforts, help North Korea, and when the time comes, help North Korea conquer South Korea in one stroke, realizing North and South [Korean] unification!


In this age of peace, it is still better to calmly negotiate, because in wars, those who suffer the most harm are the ordinary common people, while those who gain are only those politicians who stick their hands into the political whirlpool. If a politician really cares about the suffering of the common people, then please don’t adopt a war-like posture, as this kind of behavior will only increase the people’s resentment towards the rulers/government. Valuing one’s own people is the most important task for strengthening one’s political position! I am Chao Yongjun.


China and North Korea are switching from defense to offense. In the first half of the Cheonan Incident, the MD bangzi pissed off the two [China and North Korea]. In the middle, because of the Diaoyu Islands incident and the G20 Summit, everyone took a break. Now we’re entering the second half of the Cheonan Incident, so keep an eye on China and North Korea’s actions.


North Korea is simply niu, this is exactly what power from the barrel of a gun is, and China too should do this to little Japan a few times too.

[#5 was a repeat of #1]


Holding Americans’ thigh dreaming about a reunification, such a ridiculous South Korea.


Whoa, this is getting serious, how can they be playing with fire? And it [the news] is real too. The world is not stable now, it’s dangerous.


Kim II has that little assets and he’s going to go to war with South Korea?
His military doesn’t even have enough to eat.
I suspect that Kim II is just making a fuss, creating a little hostile/nervous atmosphere, making everyone’s economy slide a little.

[I] really suspect that Kim III, this guy is in Hong Kong taking short positions [on stock].

Kim III is in Hong Kong shorting stock,
his father fires some cannons,
father and son work together and get rich.


North Korea: Ballistic missile models include “Scud” (range 300 km), “Laodong-1” [Chinese transliteration, not sure what is the normal English name] (550-600 km) ballistic missile, as well as a few “Nodong-1” and “Nodong-2” missles (range about 1300 km), “Taepodong-1” (range 1500 to 2200 km) and “Taepodong-2” (range 3750 to 6000 km) ballistic missiles.
Korea: 1978 American-made “Nike” large ground to air missiles serve as foundation, successfully developed two kinds of ground to ground ballistic missiles. 1997 America provides South Korean with 111 Block 1 type ground ballistic missiles, range of 165 km. Later, [America] again provides 110 Block IA M39 style missiles, range reaching 300 km, able to reach the Chinese interior from the 38th parallel.


Either there is a serious problem within North Korea [government] or Little Kim’s health is bad, and he is passing power [to his son].
Recently, from the shots fired at the 38th parallel killing South Korean soldiers, to the nuclear sites, and then to the artillery attack, there has been constant escalation, although [I think] it is to get international attention, to create a tense situation. Getting international attention allows it to negotiate prices [get concessions?]; creating tense situations can allow it to shift attention from internal conflicts/problems.
North Korea is indeed a strategic burden for China.


Ultimately, with the help of the People’s Liberation Army led by the great Chinese Communist Party, in the interest of world peace, for the stability and unity of the entire world’s people, from the principle of keeping in mind the interests of the entire universe’s people, it will ultimately be proven through investigation that it was a few North Korean temporary workers who were in the wrong place and at the wrong time firing the wrong cannons and trust the North Korean go-vern-ment will fairly and severely punish these temporary worker scum—-the Korean Peninsula is harmonious, the world is harmonious.

[In China, a lot of accidents and mistakes are often blamed on “temporary workers” so the company or organization itself escapes blame.]


Bastard North Korea, can’t you just stop and be good for a while? You obviously can’t defeat your schoolmate [South Korea] yet today you take a stick and poke your schoolmate, and tomorrow you’ll use your foot to kick to provoke [South Korea]. Bastard North Korea, trying to get other people’s attention, don’t drag in your dad and mom China into it. Every time you are outside bullying your little schoolmates around you, your dad and mom needs to go against its conscience to defend you. Every time you finish taking a shit [cause trouble], it is always China that has to help wipe your ass [clean up the situation]. Don’t you think you’ve caused enough trouble for China? Bastard North Korea.


I think it is the incited by the west [I don’t think this means “the West” but I am not sure who it is referring to]. The west needs to develop dialogue with America more than the north. The north takes the west’s food, comes out and fires a few cannons, then says let’s have Six Party Talks. In the end, the west and America achieve another bunch of “trade” agreements. The West’s pressure is gone, and the rabble continue enjoying inflation expectations.


Little Kim obviously has nothing to lose.
If American dares to bomb North Korea,
North Korea will flatten Seoul.
Seoul is not 60 km away from the 38th parallel.
Little Kim is vicious/daring enough.
At worst, just go into the mountains and fight a guerrilla war.
He has the courage of [don’t know who/what 太俎 is].
I approve/comment!


I think in the current situation of the Kim family completely siding/aligning with China, this instance of the northern bangzi artillery attack must’ve been been done with China being previously notified, and it is even possible that it was with China’s encouragement, the benefits being:

1. After America’s 600 billion quantitative easing, international hot money is eying China. If war happens on the Korean Peninsula, this hot money will think twice about entering China.

2. Domestic inflation has recently been out of control, so the go-vern-ment purposely slowing down the economy, lowering prices, especially the prices of international raw materials/commodities like oil, soybeans, and copper, which are 3 commodities that China relies mainly on imports, and are the three main sources of imported inflation. So if North Korea starts a war, the US Dollar must appreciate significantly, and these 3 commodities will necessarily drop in price significantly, contributing to a drop in prices across the board domestically [in China].

3. China’s current industrial rise has already reached a critical point. At the top, its direct competitors are Japan, Korea, and Europe. Through a North Korean war, it will throw Korea into chaos, disrupt Japan, and massively help the rise and global competitiveness of China’s domestic electronics, microchip, IT, automotive, and shipbuilding industries.
In short, as long as China does not directly deploy troops [get militarily involved], the benefits/advantages are many, and no matter how hot the flames of war burn, it will still first destroy Korea, and then destroy Japan, taking out these two forever wild wolves [no matter how well you treat it, it will never remember your kindness and be dangerous to you].

Firefighters clean up after North Korean artillery hits a South Korean island.

From KDS:

South and North Korea war breaks out!!!!!!!!!!

One of South Korea’s islands have been shelled by North Korean artillery, buildings were damaged, South Korea has fire back.

Will a full-on war happen?

Comments from KDS:


It has been many years since they’ve fought, it’s definitely time for a competition [for them to test each other]. emoticon


Good, let Fatty Kim and North Korea be wiped from the globe. emoticon


A full-on war is impossible. From the [South] Korean point of view, without America’s permission, they will not attack on their own; Even if it is a counterattack, the scale is also very limited. From the North Korean point of view, the probability of proactive provocation must be big, but they will not overestimate their abilities and be reckless, at most small-scale.


Starting a war during the Asian Games? Truly not giving the Heavenly Kingdom face. emoticonFatty III’s [Kim Jong-un] sure has some balls [sure is brave/daring].


The Heavenly Kingdom must not help Fatty Kim, with this kind of rogue state, you never know when they’re going to turn around and bite you too.


Even though it is again North Korean who is causing trouble first, it feels like it is America that really needs this kind of war.


MMD, The Gulf of Aden aliens are about to attack us, and we’re still having internal conflicts [among humans]. emoticonemoticonemoticon


All America lacks is a fire-starting opportunity [a trigger]. If they don’t deal with TG [the government], after a few more years, they won’t even be able to repay the interest on their national debt, so Fatty Kim doing this is detestable, clearly intent on dragging us under the water.


Does South Korea dare? Seoul is completely within North Korea’s artillery range. Without China’s approval, would America dare intervene?


As long as North Korea does not deploy ground forces and invade, South Korea would not dare start a full-scale war. What they’re afraid of are the tens of thousands of artillery aimed at Seoul, so if fighting breaks out, one attack, and South Korea is demolished, no suspense at all. The United States also doesn’t have the guts right now. Wait until they have finished their business in Iraq and Afghanistan and then see. Of course, they also have to see what China thinks, and consider the cost to South Korea.

A South Korean man walks around destroyed houses one day after North Korea's artillery attack on Yeonpyeong Island, South Korea, Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010.  Rescuers found the burned bodies Wednesday of two islanders killed in the attack _ the first civilian deaths from a skirmish that marked a dramatic escalation of tensions between the rival Koreas.  (AP Photo/Yonhap, Park Ji-ho)  KOREA OUT

Some more translated Chinese reactions (only 3 are Chinese netizens) from China Real Time Report.

A South Korean man carries a shovel in the rubble of a building destroyed by North Korean artillery shells.

Little Fatty Kim. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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