North Korean Girls Working in Chinese Restaurant, Reactions

Girls wearing beautiful North Korean nationality cloths


From Sohu:

The North Korean Girls in Chinese Restaurants

In a booked room of the restaurant, North Korean girl Li Zhenzhu carries the bottle of alcohol around pouring drinks for every guest, while Jin Yinyu holds a microphone beside her, singing the previously popular Chinese pop song “Friend” in Cantonese. In the hallway outside the booked room, young girls wearing beautiful North Korean ethnic outfits smile, nod, and greet each passing diner.

It is January 9th and this is a North Korean restaurant in the city of Shenyang. A flock of multi-talented, good-figured girls have crossed the Yalu River from North Korea into China, shuttling back and forth among the extravagant “red lanterns and green wine” [scenes of debauchery/feasting and revelry], facing all kinds of guests with smiling faces.

They don’t have mobile phones, much less know how to go online, saying what’s on the internet are all “bad things”.

They call guests “Mister” or “Miss”, and will actively invite guests to go downstairs from the third floor booked rooms to the first floor lobby, where they enthusiastically recommend the Great Leader-themed commemorative stamps. If the guests complain that they are too expensive, they will also say, “we can lower it a little” [price is negotiable].

When they confronted guests they always smile and greet

Almost all of the girls have a beautiful name: Jin Yinyu, Li Zhenzhu, Jin Jingmei, Pu Meixiang… Most of them are university graduates from North Kore, often quickly and appropriately showing smiles and greetings whenever they encounter a guest.

Waitress wearing gorgeously are particularly dazzling

In the lobby on the first floor, the gorgeously-dressed service staff are dazzling.

The guests  are always attracted by the north Korean girls

The guests on the move [people from different places] are always attracted by these North Korean girls.

North Korea flag  is particularly conspicuous

At the dining table, the North Korea flag is particularly conspicuous against the gorgeous North Korea’s national costume.

Pu Meixiang cut a western cake

Pu Meixiang cut a western-style cake, the creamy fragrance immediately filling the room.

North Korean girl serving motion is precise and standard

The serving of dishes by the North Korean girls are both careful and standardized.

The Korean girls seem to pay attention to the details of service

The North Korean girls seem to pay much a lot of attention to the details of service. When a guest got up to reach a dish, Li Zhenzhu pushed his chair a little forward.

The girls changed cloths and begin a talent show

When the guests are at the height of their drinking, the girls change outfits and begin a talent show.

Jin Yinyuy are singing classical north Korea songs for the guests

With karaoke accompaniment, Jin Yinyu sings classic North Korean songs for the guests.

Accordion performance

The accordion that originated in Europe and was introduced into China and North Korea during the former Soviet Union period remains one of the most common instruments in North Korea.

Girls who will perform other shows are preparing outside the door

While their colleagues sing in the booked room, girls performing other shows are prepared outside the door.

A girl singing Chinese pop songs in Cantonese

A girl holding a guitar wears a shiny necklace around her neck, singing Chinese pop songs in Cantonese.

When the guests are dining, attentive girl take care outside the door

As the guest dine, the attentive girls frequently look in from outside the door to see if there is anything for them to attend to.

Western guitar also is the main instrument of the girls' talent show

The western guitar is also a main instrument in the girls’ talent shows.

There are a lot of visitors from other places who attracted by its reputation

Among the dining guests, many are tourists who have come based on the restaurant’s reputation/fame.

The girl's body is straight when walking

The North Korean girls seem to have all gone through special training, their carrying their bodies upright and with poise when they walk.

The girl's body is straight when walking

After 9 pm, there will be guests check in succession

After 9pm, guests begin settling and paying their bills, with the average bill in the North Korean restaurant being generally higher than the average Western and Chinese restaurant.

Girls waiting for check are  lining up

At the front desk [cashier], girls line up waiting for the check.

Girls waiting for check are  lining up

Even now when many restaurants are experiencing declining business, this North Korean restaurant’s business doesn’t seem to be affected.

The girls recommend to the guests commemorative stamps

In a corner of the first floor lobby is Korean commemorative stamp sales counter, where the girls will recommend to guests commemorative stamps printed with their Great Leader, with each booklet being between 400-600 RMB. Although North Korea is still a planned economy where the government sets the prices of goods, in China, they have long ago adopted the local customs [when in Rome, do as the Romans do], taking the initiative to suggest to guests that they can bargain on the price.

A male guest present a bouquet to a girl who on a talent show

When male guests present a bouquet of flowers to a girl for her performance, the girl will maintain an appropriate distance.

Guests take a group photos

Whenever guests take group photos as mementos, the girls always maintain their smiles from beginning to end.

Attentive North Korea girl remind guests don't forget the belongings

When the guests have eaten and drank to their heart’s content and settled their bill preparing to leave, the attentive North Korean girls will remind guests to not forget their belongings.

North Korean restaurant is a show field of national costume

Ethnic dress is on display everywhere in the North Korean restaurant.

Girls put down the instruments and start tidying the tables and chairs

As guests in the booked rooms leave one by one, the girls put down their instruments and begin cleaning the tables and chairs.

The girls begin to practice standing onstage

At around 11pm, with guests having already emptied out of the lobby, the girls begin to practice on the performance stage.

Comments from Sohu:

金波 [搜狐河南省郑州市网友]:

What we’re really looking at is who is going there to eat and who is spending the money. The Committee for Discipline Inspection [anti-corruption authorities] should investigate. There must be problems [incidents of corruption/abuse of power and public funds]. This meal is really expensive.

农林生态 [搜狐北京市网友]:

Are you people certain they are North Korean girls? And not just ethnic Korean girls?

BigBird [搜狐广东省东莞市网友]:

It’s almost Chinese New Year, rent one to bring home out of filial piety to your parents. new_face_08

王东1971在搜狐 [搜狐陕西省网友]:

North Korean women are so beautiful!

老死不相往来1700在搜 [搜狐四川省网友]:

I sincerely want to find this kind of girl.

浪费一生4317在搜狐 [搜狐四川省绵阳市网友]:

Exotic customs.

两颗心 [搜狐广东省深圳市网友]:

Is this a restaurant opened by Chinese people or a restaurant opened by North Korea in China?

搜狐网友74192813 [搜狐黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友]:

This is society, this is life. Different societies will have different people and even a different way of doing things!

疾风落叶 [搜狐河南省新乡市网友]:

They wouldn’t be spies, would they?

清 [搜狐辽宁省鞍山市网友]:

There is no need for excessive publicity of North Korea girls. A good restaurant with standardized procedures and etiquette is normal, [so this is] overly hyped. North Korea being closed off [to the outside world] is more importantly a kind of backwardness, [and thus North Korea is] not worth promoting.

搜狐新闻客户端网友 [搜狐陕西省西安市网友]:

The high-quality [well-mannered, good-charactered] service staff, is there an ulterior motive for it?

思念生了病 [搜狐云南省昆明市网友]:

Coming to China, they finally no longer have to suffer from hunger.

邪魅 [搜狐湖北省武汉市网友]:

[The girls] have an image and dignity, which is worth Chinese people learning from.

持续升温 [搜狐广东省东莞市网友]:

In a luxury Chinese restaurant using a South Korean mobile phone taking photos of North Korean women.

wanglele0313 [搜狐河南省郑州市网友]:

These North Korea girls are indeed so much better looking than those from South Korea. Such good genes they have. Alas alas…… South Korea’s genes are bad, all small eyes and big faces, and that’s why their plastic surgery industry is so developed.

小意境 [搜狐山西省长治市网友]:

Chinese territory only needs Chinese locals to provide service. Don’t let outsiders invade. No matter how good it is, it’s still that of others. Are the smiles of Chinese people not beautiful?

沉沦 [搜狐北京市网友]:

The Leader’s stamps, they can be a little cheaper — the Leader can be very cheap — girl, you don’t understand, the problem is even if you freely gave them away, there still might not be anyone who wants them.


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