North Korean Girls Working in Chinese Restaurant, Reactions

Girls wearing beautiful North Korean nationality cloths


From Sohu:

The North Korean Girls in Chinese Restaurants

In a booked room of the restaurant, North Korean girl Li Zhenzhu carries the bottle of alcohol around pouring drinks for every guest, while Jin Yinyu holds a microphone beside her, singing the previously popular Chinese pop song “Friend” in Cantonese. In the hallway outside the booked room, young girls wearing beautiful North Korean ethnic outfits smile, nod, and greet each passing diner.

It is January 9th and this is a North Korean restaurant in the city of Shenyang. A flock of multi-talented, good-figured girls have crossed the Yalu River from North Korea into China, shuttling back and forth among the extravagant “red lanterns and green wine” [scenes of debauchery/feasting and revelry], facing all kinds of guests with smiling faces.

They don’t have mobile phones, much less know how to go online, saying what’s on the internet are all “bad things”.

They call guests “Mister” or “Miss”, and will actively invite guests to go downstairs from the third floor booked rooms to the first floor lobby, where they enthusiastically recommend the Great Leader-themed commemorative stamps. If the guests complain that they are too expensive, they will also say, “we can lower it a little” [price is negotiable].

When they confronted guests they always smile and greet

Almost all of the girls have a beautiful name: Jin Yinyu, Li Zhenzhu, Jin Jingmei, Pu Meixiang… Most of them are university graduates from North Kore, often quickly and appropriately showing smiles and greetings whenever they encounter a guest.

Waitress wearing gorgeously are particularly dazzling

In the lobby on the first floor, the gorgeously-dressed service staff are dazzling.

The guests  are always attracted by the north Korean girls

The guests on the move [people from different places] are always attracted by these North Korean girls.

North Korea flag  is particularly conspicuous

At the dining table, the North Korea flag is particularly conspicuous against the gorgeous North Korea’s national costume.

Pu Meixiang cut a western cake

Pu Meixiang cut a western-style cake, the creamy fragrance immediately filling the room.

North Korean girl serving motion is precise and standard

The serving of dishes by the North Korean girls are both careful and standardized.

The Korean girls seem to pay attention to the details of service

The North Korean girls seem to pay much a lot of attention to the details of service. When a guest got up to reach a dish, Li Zhenzhu pushed his chair a little forward.

The girls changed cloths and begin a talent show

When the guests are at the height of their drinking, the girls change outfits and begin a talent show.

Jin Yinyuy are singing classical north Korea songs for the guests

With karaoke accompaniment, Jin Yinyu sings classic North Korean songs for the guests.

Accordion performance

The accordion that originated in Europe and was introduced into China and North Korea during the former Soviet Union period remains one of the most common instruments in North Korea.

Girls who will perform other shows are preparing outside the door

While their colleagues sing in the booked room, girls performing other shows are prepared outside the door.

A girl singing Chinese pop songs in Cantonese

A girl holding a guitar wears a shiny necklace around her neck, singing Chinese pop songs in Cantonese.

When the guests are dining, attentive girl take care outside the door

As the guest dine, the attentive girls frequently look in from outside the door to see if there is anything for them to attend to.

Western guitar also is the main instrument of the girls' talent show

The western guitar is also a main instrument in the girls’ talent shows.

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There are a lot of visitors from other places who attracted by its reputation

Among the dining guests, many are tourists who have come based on the restaurant’s reputation/fame.

The girl's body is straight when walking

The North Korean girls seem to have all gone through special training, their carrying their bodies upright and with poise when they walk.

The girl's body is straight when walking

After 9 pm, there will be guests check in succession

After 9pm, guests begin settling and paying their bills, with the average bill in the North Korean restaurant being generally higher than the average Western and Chinese restaurant.

Girls waiting for check are  lining up

At the front desk [cashier], girls line up waiting for the check.

Girls waiting for check are  lining up

Even now when many restaurants are experiencing declining business, this North Korean restaurant’s business doesn’t seem to be affected.

The girls recommend to the guests commemorative stamps

In a corner of the first floor lobby is Korean commemorative stamp sales counter, where the girls will recommend to guests commemorative stamps printed with their Great Leader, with each booklet being between 400-600 RMB. Although North Korea is still a planned economy where the government sets the prices of goods, in China, they have long ago adopted the local customs [when in Rome, do as the Romans do], taking the initiative to suggest to guests that they can bargain on the price.

A male guest present a bouquet to a girl who on a talent show

When male guests present a bouquet of flowers to a girl for her performance, the girl will maintain an appropriate distance.

Guests take a group photos

Whenever guests take group photos as mementos, the girls always maintain their smiles from beginning to end.

Attentive North Korea girl remind guests don't forget the belongings

When the guests have eaten and drank to their heart’s content and settled their bill preparing to leave, the attentive North Korean girls will remind guests to not forget their belongings.

North Korean restaurant is a show field of national costume

Ethnic dress is on display everywhere in the North Korean restaurant.

Girls put down the instruments and start tidying the tables and chairs

As guests in the booked rooms leave one by one, the girls put down their instruments and begin cleaning the tables and chairs.

The girls begin to practice standing onstage

At around 11pm, with guests having already emptied out of the lobby, the girls begin to practice on the performance stage.

Comments from Sohu:

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金波 [搜狐河南省郑州市网友]:

What we’re really looking at is who is going there to eat and who is spending the money. The Committee for Discipline Inspection [anti-corruption authorities] should investigate. There must be problems [incidents of corruption/abuse of power and public funds]. This meal is really expensive.

农林生态 [搜狐北京市网友]:

Are you people certain they are North Korean girls? And not just ethnic Korean girls?

BigBird [搜狐广东省东莞市网友]:

It’s almost Chinese New Year, rent one to bring home out of filial piety to your parents. new_face_08

王东1971在搜狐 [搜狐陕西省网友]:

North Korean women are so beautiful!

老死不相往来1700在搜 [搜狐四川省网友]:

I sincerely want to find this kind of girl.

浪费一生4317在搜狐 [搜狐四川省绵阳市网友]:

Exotic customs.

两颗心 [搜狐广东省深圳市网友]:

Is this a restaurant opened by Chinese people or a restaurant opened by North Korea in China?

搜狐网友74192813 [搜狐黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友]:

This is society, this is life. Different societies will have different people and even a different way of doing things!

疾风落叶 [搜狐河南省新乡市网友]:

They wouldn’t be spies, would they?

清 [搜狐辽宁省鞍山市网友]:

There is no need for excessive publicity of North Korea girls. A good restaurant with standardized procedures and etiquette is normal, [so this is] overly hyped. North Korea being closed off [to the outside world] is more importantly a kind of backwardness, [and thus North Korea is] not worth promoting.

搜狐新闻客户端网友 [搜狐陕西省西安市网友]:

The high-quality [well-mannered, good-charactered] service staff, is there an ulterior motive for it?

思念生了病 [搜狐云南省昆明市网友]:

Coming to China, they finally no longer have to suffer from hunger.

邪魅 [搜狐湖北省武汉市网友]:

[The girls] have an image and dignity, which is worth Chinese people learning from.

持续升温 [搜狐广东省东莞市网友]:

In a luxury Chinese restaurant using a South Korean mobile phone taking photos of North Korean women.

wanglele0313 [搜狐河南省郑州市网友]:

These North Korea girls are indeed so much better looking than those from South Korea. Such good genes they have. Alas alas…… South Korea’s genes are bad, all small eyes and big faces, and that’s why their plastic surgery industry is so developed.

小意境 [搜狐山西省长治市网友]:

Chinese territory only needs Chinese locals to provide service. Don’t let outsiders invade. No matter how good it is, it’s still that of others. Are the smiles of Chinese people not beautiful?

沉沦 [搜狐北京市网友]:

The Leader’s stamps, they can be a little cheaper — the Leader can be very cheap — girl, you don’t understand, the problem is even if you freely gave them away, there still might not be anyone who wants them.

  • Cameron

    How fascinating. The world would be better if everyone dressed as their national stereotype and wore a lapel with their countries flag.

    • mr.wiener

      Hey, it makes them a living so don’t knock it. They probably consider themselves very , very lucky.

    • Alex Dương

      What’s the alternative for these women? Did you think about that?

    • nqk123

      luckier than many women around the globe.

      • Yep…Much better than western girls..At least they don’t have to get preggy by 16 or take depression meds by 20 and see their parents divorce by 21 and then an abusive BF and when a nice guy walks along…she is on her iPhone…never noticing him…

        North Korea is just demonized for western propaganda. They have better nutritious food.

        The world weightlifting champion,Olympic world record holder, the only man to lift thrice his own weight is a North Korean. North Korea qualified for football in 1966 itself much before South Korea, China and rest of Asia and beat Italy….North Koreans have consistently qualified for football in world cup which even China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Hong kong did not even today….

        • David

          LMAO Read the party line much? I bet you have the whole collection of “The great leaders” stamps. Does the government provide you with the made up talking points or do you do it yourself?

        • 5000 years of history

          They have greater incentive to win. If they lose, they are executed by mortar rounds or eaten by 100 dogs.

        • Jahar

          Wow life is really bad for western girls.

        • Peter Pottinger

          hahahaha yea my life here in Canada really sucks compared to north korea!!!!

    • SonofSpermcube

      Which stereotype should I portray, as an American?

      • Ruaraidh

        Fat, loud, socks with sandals and wearing the stars and stripes on no less than two items of clothing at any one time. Optional accessories: military style firearms.

        • miomeinmio

          I’d object, but I’ve met these people and they’ve terrified me.

  • carmouflagger

    Comfy :)

  • Cameron

    Mention of North Korea used to make me think of a nightmare totalitarian state that descends into darkness in the evening, Now it brings to mind a big black middle-aged basketball player singing Happy Birthday to his evil but cuddly little Korean buddy.

    • Cameron

      Whàt a world

  • Ivan Teo

    North Koreans girls look hell lot prettier and natural, at least when compared with the south Koreans.

    • somms

      I believe the old expression is “women from the North, men from the South.”

    • Teacher in China

      I went there a few years ago, and our tour guide was super hot. All the guys on the tour were constantly checking her out and flirting with her, which she handled very gracefully and charmingly. Didn’t see too many other hotties while over there though.

      • PixelPulse

        They usually chose the most attractive ones when working with foreigners.

      • Peter Pottinger

        How much $$ would you have to offer them to bring one home?

        • Teacher in China

          I think that would be almost impossible. I can’t see the government letting one of its people free easily.

    • Kochigachi

      Watching few photos from Internet. Oh I see, you’ve lurking on Korean women, you have Korean fetish?

      • Ivan Teo

        You sound like a faggot.

        • Dick Leigh

          i’m a faggot and you made me lol.

    • Jahar

      How many North Korean girls have you seen? And South Korean? You think just the average looking girls are sent to this restaurant?

    • SonofSpermcube

      Between surgery and millimeter-thick makeup, store mannequins look more natural than South Korean girls.

      • Dr Sun

        generalize much ?

        That would be like saying between surgery and inch thick makeup, store mannequins look more natural than American girls

        • linette lee

          ummmm……….make up yes, but American girls surgery? Not really. Most young American girls are all natural. When they get over 30 year old then more surgery yes.

          Also most South Korean girls probably didn’t need any surgery to begin with. Nothing wrong with their own natural look. Too much Kpop for them I guess. They are trying to look Kpop, Bad influence. lol.

          • SonofSpermcube

            I’m never going to really understand the eyelid surgery craze. My wife wants to get it. She thinks her eyes are ugly, because they look “small.” But eye surgery is like breast implants…9 times out of 10, it doesn’t look natural. And when she smiles, my wife’s eyes look beautiful. I think natural Asian eyes bring out the “eye smile.”

            OTOH, some people’s eyelids start to sag over their eyes when they get old, and it becomes a problem. That’s when I can totally get behind surgery…fake-looking or not, it’s better to be able to see.

  • Cameron

    Also brings to mind the brilliantly titled Christopher Hitchens essay – North Korea: A Nation of Racist Dwarves

    • Daniel


      • Cameron

        I don’t know

  • . .

    my question is: can you take them to your room?

  • Stefan Xu

    I’ve been to that restaurant, really nice service and good authentic Korean food. It’s located in Koreatown in Shenyang. Biggest Koreatown in China. :)

    • Terrik

      Yeah I’ve been there too. The NK consulate guys show up once in a while too.

    • Stefan Xu

      why are there down-voters? it seems people just down-vote me just for the sake of it…

      • Dr Sun

        it must be your avatar ???

        • Stefan Xu

          whats wrong with my avatar?

          • KamikaziPilot

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          • ex-expat

            pretty much

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            I’m male, look at my avatar.

            People should down-vote you when and if you are being a dick, but not simple down-vote every comment you make for the rest of your life for something you may have said in the past.

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          • Kochigachi

            Nice avatar. lol

          • KamikaziPilot

            The avatar is just the icing on the cake, the main reason is because of your previous postings. Saying things like “I have low self esteem, so I like a submissive girl with lower self esteem to make me feel better”. Things like that. BTW I don’t down vote people based on what they said in the past, I just look at their current post. I like cute things too, look at my avatar, haha.

          • Stefan Xu

            Forget my previous postings, those were just not really true.

          • KamikaziPilot

            Well how am I supposed to know something is true or not, I judge you on what you post, that’s it. It’s hard to take you seriously when you keep saying things like that. BTW I like your avatar now. How about mine?

          • Stefan Xu

            I like your avatar too! William Hung :)

          • linette lee

            I don’t mind guys playing with Dragon ball dolls, police dolls, pirate dolls or GI Joe dolls. But if they play with Hello kitty dolls I would be terrified.

      • Middle_Kingdum

        I was happy to downvote this comment just for the hell of it. :)

    • Guang Xiang

      I would really like to go to North Korea for a tour. Think about it: it’s like one of the most seclusive countries left on this earth, a time-capsule to the past, and a truly socialist country.

    • Terrik

      Xita can also a fairly seedy place. The Koreans blame the Chinese for it, but after visiting Korea a few times, it’s not THAT different…

  • Guest23

    Interesting gimmick though, nice dresses too, though it’s a bit funny with the netizen’s comments about “they’re taking over our jobs” “spies!” and the stamps.

  • catmando1980

    The last girls in the world not checking their phones every few minutes…..

    • Irvin

      I feel you bro! I can’t tell you the amount of dates I went to where the girl just start taking selfies and on the food then posting it on wechat or facebook.

      Annoys the crap outta me, I even once asked if I’m boring them and if they need some time alone with their phones. Now I just whip out my psp vita and tell them yeah I’m bored too.

      • Dr Sun

        damn, you need a make over, or some better chat Irvin, never happens to me.

        • Irvin

          Dude you don’t get it, that’s just how girls in china are, they’re addicted to their phones no matter how good a talker you are.

          I’m just thankful that they don’t play with their phone during sex too.

          • LaoShu

            I rather have them play with the phone when i shag them than they annoy me with demands for presents..

      • linette lee

        hahaha….What’s wrong with loving to chat on facebook and weibo? You are chatting on Chinasmack. Not just girls, boys always have their phone one hand too even driving ok.

  • nqk123

    i guess they’re like the mexican for China.

  • moeimoei

    CS need to check its grammar and spelling….
    anyways…wow…NK really outdone itself in the restaurant business…i’m actually kinda impressed and jealous…

  • Dr Sun

    Any reason why this on Chinasmack, ethnic restaurants are all over china, just like in any country of the world.

    • DavidisDawei

      Chinasmack bought it – Free Advertising….

    • David

      I would assume for the same reason everything else is on China Smack, it was a top trender.

  • DavidisDawei

    Shenyang is in the NorthEast corner of China.
    Is it unusual that these girls would be using Cantonese instead of Mandarin?

    • Jahar

      Most of the good music in China is in Cantonese.

    • North-eastern

      Certainly not. A lot of people I know in Shenyang are fond of Cantonese songs.

      • DavidisDawei

        Thank You

        • North-eastern

          You are welcome.

  • 5000 years of history

    Probobly only vanilla cream. Banana or chocolate is too exotic.

    • socali

      What about mocha?

  • Freddi BuBu

    How much for suckie suckie?

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      However much NK won goes into 5 dolla

  • KamikaziPilot

    Another indication that Chinese lead very dull lives. A Korean (albeit N. Korean) restaurant opens and it’s news. I’d hate to be a Chinese person living in China. Much rather be any kind of foreigner. At least you’ll get attention (good or bad) and stand out from the crowd and not be another brick in the wall.

    • Jay K.

      pink floyd

      • ponquenet

        yes, they made a song featuring bricks. A gold star!

  • vonskippy

    When they listed the girls schedule, they forgot the part after closing where the girls dictate everything they heard and by whom into a 1970’s era russian tape machine so that it can be sent home to dear leaders intelligence group.

    Who would be dumb enough to support such a business with their patronage?

  • markus peg

    Yeh, clearly they are not from NK, also why and where would they have learnt cantonese?

    The facts just don’t add up, it smells like an advertisement to cater to Chinese guys wet dreams about having a closed off and pretty woman from NK (though i personally don’t see the beauty that others see…)

    • chucky3176

      North Korean government runs many restaurants in China, as well as in other North Korea friendly countries like Cambodia. It’s part of a cash earning venture that also includes illegality like drug dealing and counterfeit money. These girls were picked by the North Korean government. This kind of job is a dream come true for those girls who were fortunate to be picked. Since North Korea has no industries of their own and they are starved for foreign currency, this is their only way to bring in cash. Only one percent of the population live lavishly, the rest live in horrible conditions with no freedom. Approximately 2 million died of starvation from 1994 to 1999. And many more are still dying. Only the approved elite class of people are allowed to live in the North Korean capital city of Pyongyang.

      • Harold Janson

        You fall for propaganda way too easily

        • redwhitedude

          No, these girls must be there as part of an arrangement between the Chinese government and North Korea. Why else would they be there without getting caught? Also ethnic Koreans in China are different from people from North Korea. Anybody who ends up working outside of North Korea official are all selected and their loyalty is double or triple checked. The chinese government has had a very ambiguous position in regards to North Korea they may say things that go along with sanctions on North Korea but they continue to deal with North Korea in violation of the sanctions. It is you that is falling for chinese propaganda way too easily.

  • chucky3176

    Why do these girls have Chinese names in this article?

    Now some real facts that most people in China ignore:

    1) The restaurants are run by North Korean government to earn foreign currency for North Korea’s nuclear missile program, and also to feed the 1% lucky North Koreans who are the elite class of people. The vast majority of North Koreans or 99% of them are divided into 4 classes of people, with the lowest class being estimated as 250,000 North Koreans who are being liquidated in mass concentration camps reminicent of Nazi Germany. Yes, that includes even poison gas to liquidate entire families.

    2) Most North Koreans who cross into China are immediately sold as human sex slaves to Chinese farmers. There are two kinds of these women. There are women who cross into China to look for food and to escape mass starvation, majority of them are sold off to the Chinese by their guides who are typically North Koreans or ethnic Koreans from China . Then there are women who are fooled and lured out of North Korea, only to be sold off to a Chinese farmers for few bucks. The women who are sold off, suffer unimaginable abuses at the hands of their Chinese sex slave masters. Some are shackled, and chained. Some are beaten then raped and getting forcibly pregnant. This is a modern day version of the time when Korean women were sold off as sex slaves for the Japanese military. Yet this type of abuse is still going on in today’s world.

    3) Now those lucky North Koreans able to work in those NK government run restaurants. They are the elite North Korean girls picked for especially for their family background and education. The North Korean girl’s dream is to have a job like this where they are allowed to travel to a different country, earn enough money for their family, and not starve. All they have to do is to shut their mouths, don’t complain, smile all the time, greet their guests, server them, and ooze sexuality with their “natural looking” faces, as the gracious Chinese hosts would say. Don’t ask them questions, because if they say something wrong, they will be shipped back home and they will be executed, along with their family members going back to three generations. This is what happened recently to the 12 dozen girl members who belonged to the elite North Korean entertaining group (they entertain North Korean male elites, including the Dear Leader and Kim Jong Eun himself with sexual services that include mass drunken orgies). One of the group’s member said something wrong about Kim Jong Un’s wife Rhee Seol Ju (who belonged to the same troupe), and the entire group was lined up and gun down by machine guns. Their bodies were ripped to shreds until the bodies literally disintegrated. The members were forced to watch this, while they waited their turn to die horribly.

    Reading all the Chinese netizen comments and comments here, is frankly appalling, and makes my blood boil. There’s not one level of concern for the sufferings of the North Korean people, including these girls who are forced to pimp out their bodies (and they don’t even know it). Sure, China has no freedom of press so many Chinese may not know what’s really going on in North Korea. But the internet where the entire world is connected? Is it just willful ignorance or it’s just that Chinese don’t care about human rights of people who are not Chinese? I’m just trying to understand where Chinese are coming from, because I just don’t understand.

    • SzMach5

      Are these facts that most people in China ignore? Or do the Chinese people just don’t know?
      I must admit, I’ve never heard of the stories you typed in your second and third point. It’d be great if you could provide links to articles so I would learn more. I just previously thought that any North Koreans that crossed into China were immediately deported back to North Korea.
      I wouldn’t blame it too much on the Chinese, their government unfortunately censors the internet too so I don’t think they would know too much about North Korea through the internet either. Not to mention the country North Korea itself is very secretive and mysterious.

      • Harold Janson

        He can’t help it, he’s literally a useful idiot in every sense of the word, gobbling down baseless propaganda and spouting it around as if it were all gospel truth. Surely, the correct place to turn to for facts about NK is SK tabloids. I can dig up stories of the same color painting the US as a land of impoverished suffering if I so chose, it’s not a pretty sight, but it’s not nearly as hilarious as this idiot wants to believe.

        • chucky3176

          Right “Harold Janson”. And your source that this is all just SK tabloid propaganda?

          • Harold Janson

            Chosun Ilbo, enough said. Sourceless made up stories that are shown to be false over and over and over again, and while legitimate media has caught onto it, apparently, some idiots actually still believe it.

          • chucky3176

            You’re saying that Chosun Ilbo said all the stories are propaganda? lol.

            I read all the Korean publications including Chosun Ilbo. Show me where they say the stories about North Korea are all made up, and stop bull shitting.

          • Harold Janson

            Wow you are thick

          • redwhitedude

            Not as thick as you.

          • Kochigachi

            LOL ESLer you made my day with good laugh. Harold Janson sound like fake name. Nice try.

          • redwhitedude

            Remember mainland chinese news people are all “propaganda workers” this is according to an chinese minister.

          • Kochigachi

            Oh I see, you’re ESLer right? who makes money in Korea and goes to Thailand and Philippine for sex with kids.

        • redwhitedude

          The way I see it, YOU are the idiot here. You can easily dig up north Korean propaganda unfortunately for you it is bound to be in Korean.

        • Wodowsan

          I had a college professor who did visit North Korea. He told me it was the scariest place he ever visited. “It was like one large armed military camp.”
          I recommend you read “Aquariums of Pyongyang” You’ll find that a lot of SxMach5 is saying will be confirmed. I would also recommend you see the documentaries: “The Vice Guide to North Korea”, “Friends of. Kim,” ” Children of the Secret State,” just for a start.

          It has also been international documented in papers from around the world that Kim III did have his ex executed, his uncle killed by dogs, and his holding a Korean-American for merely teaching Christianity. Not just American and South Korean papers.

          On his own State run television Kim III’s regime has declared an end of the cease fire, and made graphic threats of nuclear strikes against S. Korea, Japan, and the U.S..

          Ironically I discovered most Chinese do not even know that the Korean War never ended and it is only a cease fire.

          I had many students in China and Chinese teachers too tell me that the Korean War started when South Korea invaded the North, and the Chinese had won the Korean War. I would ask them “Would you rather live in North Korea or South Korea?” They would always say “South” I would then ask, Do they really think China won the war then? I would not get a reply, but I could see the light go on atop their heads.

          • chucky3176

            All that you said is true, but without nitpicking, that story of Kim executing his uncle by throwing him to hundred hungry wild dogs was indeed made up. It was made up by a Chinese portal site which was then reported in Hong Kong. The uncle was instead executed by a squad of machine guns firing thousands of rounds, which literally made his body ripped into tiny pieces. Right now North Korea is a bloody purge where thousands are being silently arrested then either executed or sent off to concentration camps. We have an entire country in a horrifying Holocaust where even the high officials in NK government are shaking in their boots, afraid of being purged. The younger Kim has been the worst tyrant North Korea has ever seen, even worse than his father and his grandfather. He’s not going to last long because no North Korean officials are going to support him. Many people say North Korea is on its last legs, and reunification of Koreas is near. The fall of North Korea is going to be very sudden and it will be a shock.

          • David

            Not to mention the incredibly high number of NK officials and their families who have deserted to SK in the last month or so.

          • chucky3176

            After the Jang Seok Thaek purge, one of Jang’s right hand man in charge of finances of NK’s foreign overseas business operations (restaurants, drug running, counterfeit currencies, illegal weapons exporting, etc), defected to the South. He had so much hard currency in US dollars with him, when he defected to the South Korean embassy in China, they had to use the trucks to take out all the money. The South Koreans in charge of helping his defection, shook their heads in disbelief.

          • David

            I knew he was loaded down with hard currency, they said it was to “provide for his and the families of other high level defectors” but I had not heard it was that much. I know I do not always agree with Chucky about some things but as a westerner (with no dog in the fight) who has been studying Korea for almost 30 years (including being stationed along the DMZ and living there for years before there were democratic reforms) it is my opinion he is 100% correct on this one. The activities he lists by NK to earn hard currency are basically the same ones the Chinese and Soviet governments used to sanction for the same purposes when they were closed societies. Slave trafficking, drugs, gun running and exporting mercenaries are still things that Cuba does for the same reason. I can not believe so many comments actually supporting NK.

          • redwhitedude

            I bet they engage in heroworship of Mao despite his disastrous Great Leap Forward which in itself would fall under “crime against humanity” for the number of people killed and the mayhem of the “Cultural Revolution”. Sad they have such a distorted view.

      • redwhitedude

        I willing to bet Chinese people do not know. The political leadership in China is very opaque and they are only responsible to themselves since they are not really picked by chinese people. The chinese are known to employ censors so they will delete anything that has to do with this because it paints them in negative light. This isn’t thing that he made up. The tragic thing is that people are not informed of this. Once the truth gets out about this expect relations between china and Korea to be chilled just like it is with Japan now.

      • chucky3176

        The going rate for the North Koreans are between 10,000 Chinese Yuan to 30,000 Yuan. The average or ugly looking ones are bought and sold to Chinese farmers for forced marriages. The more pretty ones can cost as much as 50,000 Yuan. An eager Chinese buyer with cash may pay top Yuan for the prettier ones. But a lot of the prettier one are being tricked and trafficked into prostitution houses and bars. Another large group of women who trusted their brokers to guide them out of North Korea, are being sold to sex video chatting places where the group of young women are locked up in a tiny room for all day and all night, forced to video chat online with their internet customers whom many of them are South Korean men. The girls usually tell their customers that they’re Joseonjoks from China chatting from inside South Korea, so the guys probably don’t have a clue that they are talking to North Korean girls. That’s still not an excuse and it tells you that South Koreans aren’t innocent either.

        The number of North Korean women who are being bought and sold in modern day slavery are astronomical over the last decade. So much so that out of 26,000 North Korean defectors who managed to escape North Korea, and who now live in South Korea, 80% of them are women. It is very difficult for North Korean men to escape because the North Korean men are worth less than the North Koren women to the human traffickers.

    • linette lee

      What you are saying about North Korea is like hell is true. How some North Korean women being sold and tricked by human trafficking is true. A lot of them are sold to those old Chinese Korean men who speaks Korean. They live in a community. They need wives.

      But what can the China citizens do? Is not that they don’t care about human rights. These China citizens are not living very good neither because no freedom of speech or equality under the China gov’t. That is why most of these poorer middle class China folks want to leave China. Most of China citizens work like slaves to boost China’s economy for the rich China folks who are in power. Someone has to take down the regime dictator fat kim and remove all his party from power. Who will do it? Not the working class China citizens. So you constantly painting Chinese people as cold and heartless and responsible for North Korean people is just wrong.

      • Middle_Kingdum

        Excusing the Chinese border farmers for trafficking in human slavery by saying “What are they supposed to do? They need wives” is a bit like excusing the Japanese invaders of China who took Chinese women as comfort women by saying”What were they supposed to do? They need to get their jiggy on”.

        • linette lee

          You didn’t read the whole report right. The human trafficking agents are Koreans. They speak Korean and tricked the North Korean girls and sold them to mostly Korean speaking men like those Koreans living in China the Chinese Koreans as wives. I am sure there are also poor
          Chinese peasants buying these girls too. But if caught these girls get ship back to North Korea. And I am not saying it is right. I never said that.

          • chucky3176

            “They speak Korean and tricked the North Korean girls and sold them to mostly Korean speaking men like those Koreans living in China”

            The human traffickers are North Koreans from North Korea, while a few are multi-generation ethnic Koreans with PRC citizenship living in China. But at least 75% of the buyers are the Han Chinese where there shortage of brides due to sex imbalances, especially in the rural areas. I’ve heard testimonials where these girls are locked up all day and forced to get pregnant by Chinese men. Some of them were threatened with deportations if they didn’t obey. Many of them were deported, sent back to North Korea, where they are accused of getting pregnanant with Chinese babies. The North Koreans kill the babies first by beating the stomachs, then beat the mother to pulp. In North Korea, having mixed babies are considered grave sin, punishable by death. Also, all these North Korean/defector pregnancies are causing confusion in South Korean immigration law, because the mother is North Korean (automatic South Korean citizenship), but the child who is born in China with Han Chinese father cannot be considered an automatic South Korean citizen. There have been court battles in South Korea, when North Korean defector mothers had to fight for their children to be able to stay in South Korea. Really sad that they have to go through another ordeal like that.

            Definitely not true that this is not a Chinese problem that this is only a Korean problem, when this type of inhumanity is going on right in China, and Chinese government let this happen without doing anything other then cracking down on North Koreans who are fleeing.

            The attitude of Chinese police are also appalling. They beat these North Korean women, lock them up like rats, abuse them, then hand them back to North Korea.

            There’s a big reason why, if you ask the North Korean defectors in South Korea, why they hate the Chinese with passion. Because they were mistreated beyond words, not just by North Koreans, but also Chinese police.

          • linette lee

            Both North Korea, South Korea, and China are guilty for all these suffering. I knew the China gov’t needs to work harder on cracking down on human trafficking. The China officials and those corrupt China politicians in power are all pigs and disgusting not just to North Koreans but to their own Chinese people too. These China officials corrupt police along with fat kim need to all go die to do the world a favor.

            They need to try to inform the North Korean women about human trafficking and be careful not to get tricked.

          • bairuini

            Chucky, I am working on a piece about North Korean defectors who are women. Could you please provide some extra sources, youtube links, film titles or reading lists? Thanks.

    • maya

      You do know that since China is a communist country that they not only limit their freedom of speech but also of what they are allowed to access and see on the internet so its not a surprise that most people in China do not know of this and that the truth is hidden from them.

      • linette lee

        I think even if the China Chinese know there is nothing they can do about it. China politicians and officials most of them are just as fxcked up as fat Kim. All those people need to be removed from power.

        Human trafficking is also one reason why I will never go live inside China. They kidnap women and children and the China gov’t don’t do anything about it. The China police will not help you. Hong Kong and Taiwan should keep a separate gov’t system away from China gov’t for now. We don’t want to live in terror feeling unsafe.

        • Germandude

          To be fair, human trafficking happens all over the world. Especially between borders of rich countries/areas and poor countries.

          China-North Korea

        • maya

          Hong Kong is going to have it tough keeping their government now that they have been returned to China

    • Barbara Trout

      Too much generalization not based on facts or evidence.

  • Hang Em Man

    Beautiful girls in beautiful dresses can just hypnotize the customers into staying and paying more and more. Wow…. Wish they could work in my kitchen.

  • Ryo Saeba

    I’m more curious at how they got there in the first place.

  • Surfeit

    The Chuckle Brother that got away!

  • Kochigachi

    Fugly Chinese male no wonder no Chinese women wants to have sex with Chinese males. Most of them flock to S.Korea, Japan, Taiwan & U.S, Canada. Too bad.

  • Kochigachi

    Funny how Chinese media turned Korean names into Chinese names. Do they have any respect for Korean?

    • Mony Xie

      Are you fucking kidding me?

      • redwhitedude

        What is there to kid about?

        • Mony Xie

          How exactly did the media “turn” those names into Chinese? Those Chinese names are on their nameplates!

          • redwhitedude

            Their name plate has Korean names.

  • North-eastern

    I have been to many of these North Korean restaurants in Shenyang. The food is sure expensive, but I must admit I have never seen, anywhere else in China, such polite staff. That’s one thing that attracts Chinese customers a lot.

    These people are not illegals, they did not sneak into China. They are here as a part of mutual arrangements between two governments. Most of these NK girls working in these restaurants are not from poor families (if it might surprise you).

    • Terrik

      They also widely vary in their interactions with customers. In the restaurant shown in this article, the N. Korean waitresses could almost be called flirtatious (speaking in Chinese). Generally very friendly, talkative and pleasant. Of course, they also asked questions like “Can you marry foreigners in your country?”

      Then there’s other places, like the one in Shanghai, which was relatively cold and humorless. I brought an American friend of mine who’s been living in Korea for years and speaks excellent Korean down to this place–he asked for ssome soy sauce to put on one of his dishes and the waitresses got nervous and went to get their manager. The manager returned with the bottle and told him in a very serious tone in Korean, “We do not do this,” applied a small amount and left with the bottle.

      • chucky3176

        Frankly I would never frequent a restaurant that is run by North Korean government who then uses that money to prop up the North Korean elite’s lavish lifestyle and suppress the North Korean people, but that’s just me. Next time ask the girls why Kim Jong Un is so fat while his poor people are starving to death. I guarantee you, they will give you a very strange reaction.

  • SonofSpermcube

    I went to a NK restaurant near Chaoyangmen. It was awful. The service was bad by any standards but Chinese, the decor and waitresses uniforms looked like it was deliberately designed to be drably anachronistic. The bulgogi was dry and stringy. But hey, I met my first North Koreans (whom I were certain were from the North). They even spoke a North Korean dialect.

    • chucky3176

      If you were expecting South Korean style cuisine, you should know the northern cuisine is very different. We have many recent North Korean defectors living in South Korea and many of them have difficulty adapting to food because the styles are so different. The biggest complaint that northerners have is that southern food is too sweet. The staple grain of North Koreans is not rice (unlike all of Asia), it’s corn. Even the basic food like kimchi, the way they make them is also entirely different from the south.

      The waitresses you saw were hand picked by the North Korean state. Many are probably graduates of Kim Il Sung University (they are top elites, Havard of North Korea), and they have to have the minimum standard of beauty to be picked. Their families are also elites of North Korea. So these are educated girls with families with connections to high officials in North Korea. Often, the parents of these girls have paid bribe money to get their daughters into this job. Once they get it, these girls must undergo plastic surgery to get double eye lid surgeries for $17 to $20, usually done by some quack in a home in Pyongyang. The double eye lid surgery is by the order of the North Korean government, as one of the essentials before allowed to leave for China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Middle East, or wherever there are North Korean government run restaurants. That’s how fucked up North Korea is at the moment, where their Havard graduates dream of working in a restaurant serving food overseas, forced to smile their fake smiles, working all day and night while being watched constantly. They can’t go out to travel and they are watched for what they do and what they say by the North Korean secret police, 24 hours by 7 days. I can’t imagine the hell these girls have to go through but I can also imagine that many of them really think they are lucky. You won’t find them trying to escape either because they know if they do, their entire family, all relatives, plus the entire future generation of their families back home would be purged and sent to concentration camps where they will be tortured, and starved to death slowly.

      If you frequent these places, you are helping the North Korean government stay in power with your money.

      • SonofSpermcube

        I didn’t know it was that bad; it’s hard to tell what’s sensationalism and what’s real, though.

        How can I know which restaurants are run by the North Korean state and which aren’t? I mean, with the 70s Communist decor I can be pretty sure about that one, though I wasn’t certain the people were northerners until I heard them say numbers (seoi neoi vs set net), but generally how would you tell a Korean-Chinese, NK-expat (are there any legal North Koreans in China not connected to the NK government?) or SK restaurant apart?

        2/3 of the Korean restaurants in Beijing are named “Hanrasan” or some variant thereof, as was the one I went to, so that’s not any help.

        • chucky3176

          Good point which I didn’t think about. So how do you know if the restaurants are run by North Korean government or by ethnic minority Koreans living in PRC as Chinese citizens. I can certainly see the confusion that may occur that you point out. Even the accents between North Korean and Joseonjoks (ethnic Koreans in China) are pretty similar sounding to me, although I’m told by my North Korean defector friends that they are different. It’s hard to say, other then maybe if you see North Korean flags in the restaurant, or when you see unusually attractive women in Korean traditional dress (instead of the usual middle aged Korean women serving you)? Hard to say, but I’m sure there are enough subtle differences that you can pick out if you looked for them.

          • chucky3176

            By the way these are not sensationalism. They are true testimonials from thousands of defectors, including some North Koreans whom I have heard speak, as well as the confirmations from the international human rights organizations. They all pretty much agree the horrible abuses that’s going on at this moment. I think once North Korea’s regime collapse, you will see even more horrible things uncovered that are buried now.

  • mei mei

    omg these girls are pretty and the 1st one look like Yuri (snsd)

  • redwhitedude

    If they are trying to flee the country and get caught they will be sent back. This is different.

  • Dick Leigh

    I’ve heard about these kind of restaurants before. In Wuxi, there’s a big south korean population and I was repeatedly warned by them that if you see girls in a restaurant dressed in fancy korean clothing, it’s probably a north korean run restaurant and the girls there are basically slaves.

    I wonder if they have more freedom in China, or less?

  • ponquenet

    such investigative reporting
    so deep

  • Gerhana

    I dont know if they are really North Korean girls or is this just a clever advertisement for an exotic ‘theme’ restaurant?

    • Trista

      Have you seen the untamed thickness of their eyebrows?
      They are indeed authentic North Korean women.

      • Gerhana

        now that you mention, it does look like a pair of caterpillar living up there

  • ScottLoar

    North Korea is far removed from being a ridiculous, anachronistic joke. I recommend you read Escape from Camp 14 by Blaine Harden (ISBN 978-0-670-02332-5) and see the facts are more horrific than imaginings. Those camps have existed twice longer than Stalin’s gulags and twelve times longer than the Nazi concentration camps. And it continues.

  • chucky3176

    It was confirmed by South Korean intelligence. North Korea is not completely sealed off to the outside world as everyone thinks it is. The authorities are being broken down slowly with control eroding as information from the outside world penetrates North Korea more and more. The execution was confirmed by one of the high ranking North Korean official who relayed the information through a cell phone. There are millions of cell phones and there is a high network of informants in the north, who are relaying what’s going on in the North. It was the same South Korean intelligence, getting tipped off that Jang, who is the uncle of Kim Jong Un, was purged – even before the North Koreans announced it. Then there are thousands of testimonials from North Korean defectors, not just ordinary starving citizens, but also high ranking officials who have defected to South Korea, with much needed information. All these facts are not being generated in some person’s imagination.

  • linette lee

    hahahaha…….lol. Dai lou

    • Peter Pottinger

      Whats Dai lou ?

      • linette lee

        I think he meant 大佬 dai lao big brother or the boss.

        • Peter Pottinger

          hah ah! The Bosses!!

  • don mario

    great, a new monkey in a cage for chinese people to come gawk at.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    To who? The handsome SK man?

  • Peter Pottinger

    Wow some good looking girls! Any of them want to come to Canada? lol

  • Better on their feet than on their backs – but the pimps get their cuts.

  • redwhitedude

    Yea, but they should be written in Korean. They don’t want to pass themselves as chinese. That is inconsiderate for whomever wrote the article. And no, I don’t have a track record of bitching over chinese.

    • Eidolon

      No, they shouldn’t. Do English articles write 김정일 instead of Kim Jong-il? No, they don’t. Names are written so that the readers are capable of reading them. Chinese papers do not use hangeul because virtually no one knows how to read them. What you, KochiGachi, and chucky are bitching about is irrelevant and an expression of petty nationalism.

      • redwhitedude

        I meant write it out as Kim Jong-il instead of the phonetic spelling for chinese pronounciation. Do you write out vietnamese names as pronounced in chinese or in vietnamese?

        • Eidolon

          “Funny how Chinese media turned Korean names into Chinese names. Do they have any respect for Korean?”

          This is the jingoist comment you were supporting. Is Chinasmack a member of the Chinese media now?

          • redwhitedude

            Considering the reputation that Chinese media has gotten. I’d say yea. If you want to turn this into who is prochina and antichina be my guest.

          • Eidolon

            Nice deflection. First you three accuse the Chinese media of transcribing NK names in Chinese in a Chinese language newspaper. Then when challenged, you switch the accusation to Chinasmack’s romanization. Then when I direct you to the fact that you were complaining about the Chinese media, not Chinasmack, you deflect the issue towards the reputation of Chinese media.

            Obviously, Korean nationalists are never wrong, which is why Chinese media doesn’t give a fuck about your sensibilities.

  • redwhitedude

    Chinese know what the Chinese government wants them to know. It seems like in China people are brought up to think that South Korea started the Korean War.

    As to Zimbabwe, I”m sure the average Chinese doesn’t give a dam about them either. Why should the average Chinese care about Zimbabwe it isn’t relevant to them either.

  • That’s marvelous

    I’ve been to a few of these North-Korean restaurants in Shanghai and Beijing. The food is good and service too. Some of the women working there are just gorgeous (more so than on these pictures).

    I also went there a few times with my (south-)Korean girlfriend. In the place in Shanghai (around Hongqiao) the waitress was doing the bbq-ing for us at our table, so there was a lot of time for my gf to chat with her in Korean. She was very open and talkative. Some questions or remarks she didnt want to talk about so she simply said “is that so?” or “i see”.

    Her logic was unbeatable: For them it’s better to live in North than in South Korea. True if you are elite. Living in South must be a nightmare.

    She was curious how we met (I’m European), and did become quite envious when my gf told her she could just fly to Europe to study for a year.

  • dumdum

    Be sure to check the plastic surgeries in north korea kinda interesting topic