North Korean Navy Warship Sinks, Kim Jong-un Visits Memorial

Kim Jong-un visits the graves/memorial for approximately 30 naval officers and seamen who perished during combat duties.

Kim Jong-un visits the graves/memorial for approximately 30 naval officers and seamen who perished during combat duties.

From NetEase:

North Korean Warship Sinks During Mission, Approximately 30 Lives Lost

Recently, the Japanese National Broadcasting Company (NHK) quoted a North Korean state-run television station report that the commander and approximately 30 servicemen of a North Korean naval warship perished during a combat mission in the middle of October. This led to widespread speculation that the deaths were perhaps the result of a warship sinking during military exercises. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited the graves and laid flowers as a memorial to the officers and soldiers who died.

Global Times Online report — According to a Lianhe Zaobao report on the 3rd quoting from Japan’s NHK, the commander and approximately 30 soldiers of a North Korean navy warship lost their lives in the middle of October. It is suspected to be a result of a warship sinking during military exercises.

The report also stated that from close analysis of photos of Kim Jong-un’s visit [to the graves], the “2013 October 13th, died in battle” seen inscribed on approximately 30 headstones placed side-by-side suggests that approximately 30 men lost their lives at the same time.

Kim Jong-un visits the graves/memorial for approximately 30 naval officers and seamen who perished during combat duties.

The NHK pointed out that North Korean state-run television revealed last night that the commander and soldiers of a navy warship died in the middle of October, and that Kim Jong-un personally directed the construction of the cemetery for the victims.

Additionally, according to South Korean media on November 2nd quoting North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reports, the First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Jong-un visited the graves of the brave warriors of the 790 Unit of the North Korean Navy who died in the line of duty during the military operations.

The North Korean Central News Agency (NCNA) reported the news of the commander and soldiers of the North Korean anti-submarine warship No. 233 dying in the middle of last month during combat duties, but specific details were not made public.

Kim Jong-un visits the graves/memorial for approximately 30 naval officers and seamen who perished during combat duties.

The report stated that after hearing news of the accident, Kin Jong-un ordered that the bodies must all be found and buried with funerals held. He also required that photographs of those servicemen who died in the line of duty be attached to the headstones, and gave detailed instructions regarding the constructions of the graves as well.

The NCNA report claims that after laying flowers and paying his respects to the graves, Kim Jong-un said: “We should be prepared to lay down our lives to protect the motherland, but upon thinking of how these brave warriors have left us at such a young age, it makes for sleepless nights.”

Kim Jung-un also pointed out: “The headstones should be the name of the person buried. It should be my name on these comrades’ headstones. So write my name on them.”

Kim Jung-un said: “On the path of safeguarding one’s country and seas, the revolutionary spirit of these brave warriors who wholeheartedly offered up their precious lives will forever shine on. Guarding their posts even at the last moment, regardless of whether one is an officer or a soldier from the armed forces or the entirety of soldiers and officers of the People’s Army, all should learn from the great achievement of the brave warriors who used their lives to carry out military orders.”

Kim Jong-un visits the graves/memorial for approximately 30 naval officers and seamen who perished during combat duties.

Comments from NetEase:

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网易江苏省网友 ip:117.62.*.*:

The Asian people need an Obama.

网易新疆网友 ip:49.116.*.*:

The existence of the Kim regime truly is a disgrace to the world.

民主觉醒变革者0踏蟹过河 [网易广西梧州市网友]: (responding to above)

Fatty Kim, I’ll help you engrave your name, so quickly go home, your Sol-ju is missing, waiting on the second floor.

正经说话 [网易广东省惠州市网友]:

There is a small book in his hand.

梅毒伟杰夫 [网易广东省广州市网友]: (responding to above)

It’s the selected works of Kim [alluding to “The selected works of Mao Zedong].


In a restaurant there was a group of government officials enjoying some delicious food. At this time, there were several beggars at one side watching with wide-open eyes, and their mouths watering. However these officials did not give their leftovers to these beggars because at their feet there were several dogs they kept , and the remaining food was to be fed to them. The beggars were not even able to drink the leftover soup, and what more, the leaders felt uncomfortable looking at these beggars, believing the beggars to be spoiling their mood for drinking and eating, and thus berated them. Here, several westerners came in and upon seeing this they became indignant and suddenly overturned the government leaders’ table. Only then did the leaders think of those several beggars, and said to them: “The imperialists have come again to bully us, you must fight them, and only in this way can the dignity of our nationality be protected.” Upon hearing this, each and every one of the beggars were filled with righteous indignation and shouted loudly: “What the Masters eat and how they treat us is all our own private matter, how dare you commit such outrages, your overturning of the table is a humiliation of our people.” And so, they raised their dog-beating sticks chasing and beating the foreigners. When the foreigners were sent running, the leaders smiled, and loudly shouted: “Bring a new table of food.”………… the second poster is the beggar and even enjoys being so!!!! [Refers to a reply calling 网易江苏省网友 ip:117.62.*.* an “American running dog”, someone who is seen as being overly pro-American.]

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According to statistics, after 1949, China lowered its flag 52 times, and of those 30 times were for government leaders;

17 times were for foreign heads of State (for *$c& godfather Stalin they went as far as to lower it twice!) and for foreign martyrs it was lowered 2 times;

Under intense calls from the public it was lowered three times for Wenchuan, Yushu and Zhouqu!

What is shocking is that after the Great Tangshan earthquake, the United Nations general headquarters lowered their flag for the 240,000 Chinese who perished, whereas our Five-star Red Flag remained flying high.

关注关注他的微博无风也无浪 [网易湖南省益阳市网友]: (responding to above)

We aren’t surprised by who the Five-star Red Flag gets lowered for.

网易加拿大网友 [顶我贴者移民美利坚]:

A short while ago, Kim III [Kim Jung-un] went to the military and distributed fishing gear wanting them to become self-reliant. I reckon these soldiers went out to sea to fish and drownead when their boat capsized.

网易江苏省常州市网友 ip:122.195.*.*: (responding to above)

They were probably on their way to South Korea and attacked and sunk by Fatty Kim III, and he’s just putting on a show of grievance.

  • Probotector

    A waste of some damned fine sailors I’m sure.

    • Guest23

      They are pretty quiet on how the incident happened, and “died in battle” against an enemy they were training against sounds funky to me, quick of them to build a monument considering this happened a month ago, it seems like they are hiding something or their incompetence, damn shame for the lost of life.

      • Probotector

        Any serviceman/woman deserves a memorial, regardless of whether they’re KIA or KIT.

        • Guest23

          Can’t disagree with that, still wondering how they died, because people will put it up to the cliche that the North has faulty equipment, and that’s a pretty fast monument though, don’t know how the families of the dead will have a say of this.

        • Riddler

          And then they call us racist and all kinds of hate attributed to us ‘foreigners’ when we honour their/the dead more then they could ever attempt.

          Up till now I thought we were all partners in crime here on cs, your comment has put you in a different light Sir. Regards.

          • Probotector

            Well I know what it’s like to lose a man in the field. Now, in the case of these sailors, we can disregard government, flag and politics, because no matter how deplorable Kim or the North Korean government is, their armed forces (at least in the lower ranks) are merely following orders, and many more than likely out of fear and coercion rather than fanaticism. These men (I guess they were all men) most likely would have performed their duty honourably, and would have viewed every man next to him as a brother, and would have died to save him. This is how they should be remembered.

          • David


      • YourSupremeCommander

        I posted my thoughts before I saw yours, so I wasn’t copying, aight?

        • Guest23

          We thought of the same thing, no worries though, it really sounds like they are covering up something, that’s my take on that, lots of other theories, but can’t really trust how the NK media with it’s track record though.

    • Riddler

      Here are the reinforcements.

      • cb4242

        Love NK modern technology.

  • Rick in China

    Wonderful sincerity in the photos. Definitely not a photo op / propaganda.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    In less than 3 weeks, they were able to select a site, build, and erect such a large memorial… sounds fishy doesn’t it? I am thinking it was already built months ago, and this “accident” was a planned event to take out all those (or just the people in charge) onboard.

  • Ivan Teo

    All communist think alike – stupid.

    • the ace of books

      Actually, I’ll take this as a serious comment and not as the insult it was probably intended, and answers it accordingly.

      Incorrect. There’s huge differences between Chinese Communism and Soviet Communism, and both of those from the DPRK system, which is technically (technically!) socialist rather than communist. (Socialism =/= communism, but we’ll get to that.)

      Soviet Communism was (note: WAS!) based on the specific philosophies and ideas of a certain few men, and on the Russian interpretation of them. Soviet communism ended up manifesting itself as a centrally-organized but far-reaching, nigh-imperial power that, TBH, screwed up a dozen other countries in the region. But that’s “all in the past” now – Russia’s technically a republic now (though it’s really a game of shuffle-Putin-and-Medvedev-around).

      Chinese Communism ain’t hardly even communist – the economic model and social behavior is so far from the original concept of Marx and Engels that it can be, and is called, “communism with Chinese characteristics”. China doesn’t try Spreading The Good Word about communism nowadays, preferring to focus on building itself up and make itself look good to the world.

      There are, I’ll note, similarities between the way the two systems used to run. They were both focused on praising and raising the lower classes, whilst not genuinely doing anything about them. Production and on-paper-development, in both, were prioritized over genuine development. But at this point, in this day and age, things have changed so drastically in both countries that you can’t, in real life, call either “communist”.

      Finally: Socialism and Communism: I’ll quote this website:

      From each according to his ability, to each according to his deeds (socialism).
      From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs (communism).

      IE: the big difference is the extent, enforceability, and, let’s face it, politics of it. There’s plenty of socialist countries around the world. Various ones work variously well – some succeed magnificently (Sweden), and some fail so hard (oh Romania). But there’s only a few countries around the world that are genuinely Communist, and fewer of those are workeable.

      And a last note: North Korea is socialist on paper, sure. But its focus is military, with everything else left by the wayside. That’s not according to The People’s needs or to the people’s deeds – that’s according to the governing body’s whims, because they’re going by the adage “the best defense is a good offense.

      TL;DR: No, all communists do not think alike, and it is straight-up ignorant to make such a statement.

      • Probotector

        Are you a Communist?

        • the ace of books

          Nope. Eastern European, so I’ve experienced this stuff familially since the 80’s, and have personal experience with stuff the Soviets did.

          • cb4242

            Thanks for the info. Ace, liked it. Helped a lot.

          • the ace of books

            Sure, no prob! Glad I could help!

          • Probotector

            What’s your other half? Just curious.

      • Marquis_de_Sade

        Soviet Communism was (note: WAS!) based on the specific philosophies and
        ideas of a certain few men, and on the Russian interpretation of them.
        Soviet communism ended up manifesting itself as a centrally-organized
        but far-reaching, nigh-imperial power that, TBH, screwed up a dozen
        other countries in the region. But that’s “all in the past” now –
        Russia’s technically a republic now (though it’s really a game of

        True, but Mao also practised international socialism didn’t he? Aiding the africans and all?

        Gorbachev himself wanted the party to keep control of a new union of sovereign republics and is currently running some one would foundation thing in America.

        Medvedev and Putin are also still communists. Putin was with the KGB no less. Very good post my man!

        • Tova Rischi

          Medvedev and Putin aren’t communists, they’re United Russia. The
          party is officially centrist, but runs nominally free market policies and supports social conservatism. They’d be at
          home with American Republicans, though slighty less tea party in
          exchange for three hundred times the corruption. And both Putin and Medvedev speak
          openly about not repeating the mistakes of the past, often when
          deflecting pleas to preserve social economy ideas (welfare, etc.) as
          they gut them and sell the organs to their cronies. About the only thing
          not at risk for privatization is the military, and even that’s
          debatable seeing as he basically gave Chechnya to a murderous whackjob in exchange for money and to save some political face.

          Remember that before the USSR
          fell, pretty much every job was government-involved; likewise, with
          universal mandatory conscription, government picking your jobs, and the fact that nationalism crosses
          all political lines, conservatives as well as progressives, liberals as
          well as statists, etc etc were involved with the government. The former
          KGB now is part of virtually all parts of Russian Society.

        • the ace of books

          He technically did, but there’s a real question of why he did it. He he might have been grooming around for other possible conversions, he might have been looking to ally, he might have been looking for resources, or, Occam’s Razor, he might just have been looking to aid them. Considering it was Mao, and (whatever else one might say of him) he was capable at large-scale organization, I’d say there had to be non-Occam reasons that he was doing so.

          I haven’t looked into Gorbachev recently. Wikipedia leads me to believe he’s mellowed out in his old age, but I dont’ keep tabs on the man, so I couldn’t say.

          Yes, Putin’s former KGB, but I don’t think the mindset has left him. With the way Russia’s being run right now, it’s sort of a mix of “remember the good old days!” and “but modernity!”. Medvedev’s mades some inroads in a different direction than Putin (a litttle), but he’s still dependant on Putin for power, and, being a pragmatic, isn’t going to rock the boat.

          Thanks! Glad you like it!

          • Klove


            He runs some kind of organisation in America now. He is still banging on about his one world NWO stuff, uniting the world without communism, he couldn’t save the USSR, even as a capitalist union, so I doubt he has much chance, lol. Yes he seems to have mellowed out though.

            I’d agree the mindset has not left him, but then here you have a man who called the collapse of the soviet union a tragedy, and restored stalinist symbols to the moscow metro. You are right, they are seeking modernity, but also harking back to the good old days. Putin himself had the anthem changed to the melody of the soviet anthem, just with new nationalistic lyrics. Keep posting man!!!

  • chosan

    No Chinese born in CHina ever uses the word Asian. Most likely said by a liberal democrat westerner or at least someone born in Singapore or Hong KOng.

    • Marquis_de_Sade

      Get stuffed body!!!

    • Riddler

      Never ever ever? Is it like, forbidden?

  • markus peg

    Kim’s [real] conscience looks like…

    • YourSupremeCommander

      You mad bro?

      • markus peg

        Your right, this is my future now and i have dragged you into it.

        • Marquis_de_Sade

          horrible photo

          • jin

            well hes not exactly handsome.

        • Riddler

          A little morbid bro. Why would you do that? Hope you alright there man. Seriously.

          • markus peg

            As you said “Seriously” i thought i would inform you [just in case] Thanks for your concern, genuine or not, YourSupremeCommander
            said “You mad bro?” as if Kim was out to kill me for giving him the troll face,
            hence our display pictures on the tombstone. =]

          • Riddler

            It was serious concern, genuine for real. But thanks for the explanation, got worried there for a moment.

      • Marquis_de_Sade

        get lost confucian gambit!!!!

    • Riddler

      And his real face like this..

      • the ace of books

        Okay, now that’s just funny.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Why do I get the feeling ‘died in battle’ meant they were trying to defect and Kimmy had to sink them?

    Wouldn’t surprise me if he really did that and called them martyrs to cover it up.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      “Traitors” would serve a better purpose though, to teach anyone who tries to do the same a lesson on how they treat defectors

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        But at the same time, ‘martyr’ is even more of an ego boost, something that I’d expect from the North Koreans and the ‘we are so awesome, here is why’ mindset.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Traitors might be useful, but being as how openly this was shown, martyr would inspire more national love of the military. If they were published as traitors it would have the effect of undermining faith in the system. Martyrs defending the system inspires pride and feelings of attachment.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Because North Korea has been called out for photoshopping pictures before. It seems their knowledge only extends to the clone stamp tool and not much else.

    If this is shopped, they must have gotten outside help. Or maybe looked up a tutorial on Imperialist Aggressor Tube

  • Riddler


    • TheSOP

      We should hook them up!

  • Riddler
    • DavidisDawei


  • the ace of books

    Combat mission? Died in battle? In the line of duty?

    My god, North Korea, you’re straight-up faceless. There is a good and solid reason the world don’t think much of you, and this right here’s it. How can a country think only of itself like this? How is it possible that a country tries to present itself to the world behaving like this?

    “The headstones should be the name of the person buried. It should be my name on these comrades’ headstones. So write my name on them.”

    Melodramatic, yet arrogant. I have almost no words.

    I really, really wanna know what modern-day North Koreans think about this regime, and its people. The government seems so independent of the citizenry over there that it’s almost laughable – only it’s really, really not.


    A couple of the Chinese comments here are painful – esp the one with the Chiense, Japanese, Korean, and Running Dog one. Mostly it’s the premise that an American would take a shit on the street – projection, much?

    Plus cacophagy is never fun to think about. :c

    • lonetrey / Dan

      NorthKoreaBang? The Bang would be taken in a different light though.

      How crazy would it be it we had an insider reporting about NK though?

      • the ace of books

        I’d read the hell out of that.

  • Foreign Devil

    They didn’t die defending their country. .they died because you sent them out there in a tin can with heads full of glory.

  • TheSOP

    The wumao’s attempt to be whitty in responding to the beggar story was pathetic. The more American “running dogs” China has the better their soceity will become.

    • mr.wiener

      The humor of it went over my head.

  • Riddler

    No. He doesn’t.

  • Riddler

    Not sure about chinese people supporting them, i would imagine its only the government. Like american and british people don’t support the saudi and other despotic ruling families in the middle east. But the governments do.

  • cb4242

    Oh, you’re saying they don’t???

  • Riddler

    No it wasn’t twat. That word has an unknown origin. While we are at it, how about the word ‘china’? Where does that originate? You won’t like the answer to this one. Were you chosen to embarrass yourself?

    • mr.wiener

      porcelain? People used to call China “Cathay” didn’t they?

      • Kai

        Relevant to the discussion:

        So “Asia” isn’t entirely “unknown” and there’s not really much to not like about where the name “China” came from.

        Chinese certainly use the word “Asia” or “Asian” and I’m still not clear what the “point” of the word’s invention in the “Roman” language is.

        @a12fbaa3b7a83c60ff97736460c0ea99:disqus @disqus_DXLnFboeHi:disqus

      • Riddler

        I think cathay was more hk? Not sure on this one. Also wiki is not synonymous with either research nor accuracy. Although there may be some information on there which is correct.

        • Kai

          No, it definitely isn’t synonymous but it nevertheless often provides citations and incorporates a sort of peer review system, which I think makes it a significantly better starting point for discussion than unsubstantiated hearsay.

          • Riddler

            -unsubstantiated hearsay is pretty much what wiki is.

          • Kai

            Wikipedia is imperfect just as no reference material assembled by humans can ever be perfect. There are legitimate criticisms of its model but it is dishonest to categorically dismiss it.

            If there is something on Wikipedia that rings false, present contrary information and substantiate it with compelling evidence instead of trying to dismiss it in a roundabout way by vaguely calling into question the entire medium.

            Wikipedia entries often provide footnotes to primary sources. Some entries are of course better footnoted than others. Unlike unsubstantiated hearsay, at least you can investigate the sources for statements in Wikipedia. Wikipedia’s crowd-sourced model has pros and cons, but they’re similar to the pros and cons between democracy and autocracy. Pick your poison.

            I maintain it is a significantly better starting point for discussion than unsubstantiated hearsay, which–by definition–is a pretty lousy starting point. I maintain the entries I provided were relevant, and so far uncontested, so I don’t think I’ve done the discussion a disservice.

          • Riddler

            OK cool.

          • DavidisDawei

            You raise a great point.
            If some entity took control of the internet, (which of course would never happen), what percentage of sheeple would believe whatever they “Googled” or read online without question?

          • Riddler

            1.5 billion? :-)

  • Riddler

    Excuse me? Was that an outburst? Do you like, jump out of your sleep and yell ‘KINGDOM OF QIN’!!!!

    Explain yourself.

  • Paul Schoe

    but can’t comprehend that the Kim family aren’t godlike

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Why not just upload it to mediafire and post the link? Or does Chinasmack not allow that?