North Korean Navy Warship Sinks, Kim Jong-un Visits Memorial

Kim Jong-un visits the graves/memorial for approximately 30 naval officers and seamen who perished during combat duties.

Kim Jong-un visits the graves/memorial for approximately 30 naval officers and seamen who perished during combat duties.

From NetEase:

North Korean Warship Sinks During Mission, Approximately 30 Lives Lost

Recently, the Japanese National Broadcasting Company (NHK) quoted a North Korean state-run television station report that the commander and approximately 30 servicemen of a North Korean naval warship perished during a combat mission in the middle of October. This led to widespread speculation that the deaths were perhaps the result of a warship sinking during military exercises. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited the graves and laid flowers as a memorial to the officers and soldiers who died.

Global Times Online report — According to a Lianhe Zaobao report on the 3rd quoting from Japan’s NHK, the commander and approximately 30 soldiers of a North Korean navy warship lost their lives in the middle of October. It is suspected to be a result of a warship sinking during military exercises.

The report also stated that from close analysis of photos of Kim Jong-un’s visit [to the graves], the “2013 October 13th, died in battle” seen inscribed on approximately 30 headstones placed side-by-side suggests that approximately 30 men lost their lives at the same time.

Kim Jong-un visits the graves/memorial for approximately 30 naval officers and seamen who perished during combat duties.

The NHK pointed out that North Korean state-run television revealed last night that the commander and soldiers of a navy warship died in the middle of October, and that Kim Jong-un personally directed the construction of the cemetery for the victims.

Additionally, according to South Korean media on November 2nd quoting North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reports, the First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Jong-un visited the graves of the brave warriors of the 790 Unit of the North Korean Navy who died in the line of duty during the military operations.

The North Korean Central News Agency (NCNA) reported the news of the commander and soldiers of the North Korean anti-submarine warship No. 233 dying in the middle of last month during combat duties, but specific details were not made public.

Kim Jong-un visits the graves/memorial for approximately 30 naval officers and seamen who perished during combat duties.

The report stated that after hearing news of the accident, Kin Jong-un ordered that the bodies must all be found and buried with funerals held. He also required that photographs of those servicemen who died in the line of duty be attached to the headstones, and gave detailed instructions regarding the constructions of the graves as well.

The NCNA report claims that after laying flowers and paying his respects to the graves, Kim Jong-un said: “We should be prepared to lay down our lives to protect the motherland, but upon thinking of how these brave warriors have left us at such a young age, it makes for sleepless nights.”

Kim Jung-un also pointed out: “The headstones should be the name of the person buried. It should be my name on these comrades’ headstones. So write my name on them.”

Kim Jung-un said: “On the path of safeguarding one’s country and seas, the revolutionary spirit of these brave warriors who wholeheartedly offered up their precious lives will forever shine on. Guarding their posts even at the last moment, regardless of whether one is an officer or a soldier from the armed forces or the entirety of soldiers and officers of the People’s Army, all should learn from the great achievement of the brave warriors who used their lives to carry out military orders.”

Kim Jong-un visits the graves/memorial for approximately 30 naval officers and seamen who perished during combat duties.

Comments from NetEase:

网易江苏省网友 ip:117.62.*.*:

The Asian people need an Obama.

网易新疆网友 ip:49.116.*.*:

The existence of the Kim regime truly is a disgrace to the world.

民主觉醒变革者0踏蟹过河 [网易广西梧州市网友]: (responding to above)

Fatty Kim, I’ll help you engrave your name, so quickly go home, your Sol-ju is missing, waiting on the second floor.

正经说话 [网易广东省惠州市网友]:

There is a small book in his hand.

梅毒伟杰夫 [网易广东省广州市网友]: (responding to above)

It’s the selected works of Kim [alluding to “The selected works of Mao Zedong].


In a restaurant there was a group of government officials enjoying some delicious food. At this time, there were several beggars at one side watching with wide-open eyes, and their mouths watering. However these officials did not give their leftovers to these beggars because at their feet there were several dogs they kept , and the remaining food was to be fed to them. The beggars were not even able to drink the leftover soup, and what more, the leaders felt uncomfortable looking at these beggars, believing the beggars to be spoiling their mood for drinking and eating, and thus berated them. Here, several westerners came in and upon seeing this they became indignant and suddenly overturned the government leaders’ table. Only then did the leaders think of those several beggars, and said to them: “The imperialists have come again to bully us, you must fight them, and only in this way can the dignity of our nationality be protected.” Upon hearing this, each and every one of the beggars were filled with righteous indignation and shouted loudly: “What the Masters eat and how they treat us is all our own private matter, how dare you commit such outrages, your overturning of the table is a humiliation of our people.” And so, they raised their dog-beating sticks chasing and beating the foreigners. When the foreigners were sent running, the leaders smiled, and loudly shouted: “Bring a new table of food.”………… the second poster is the beggar and even enjoys being so!!!! [Refers to a reply calling 网易江苏省网友 ip:117.62.*.* an “American running dog”, someone who is seen as being overly pro-American.]

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网易江苏省苏州市吴江市网友 [月空言周]:

According to statistics, after 1949, China lowered its flag 52 times, and of those 30 times were for government leaders;

17 times were for foreign heads of State (for *$c& godfather Stalin they went as far as to lower it twice!) and for foreign martyrs it was lowered 2 times;

Under intense calls from the public it was lowered three times for Wenchuan, Yushu and Zhouqu!

What is shocking is that after the Great Tangshan earthquake, the United Nations general headquarters lowered their flag for the 240,000 Chinese who perished, whereas our Five-star Red Flag remained flying high.

关注关注他的微博无风也无浪 [网易湖南省益阳市网友]: (responding to above)

We aren’t surprised by who the Five-star Red Flag gets lowered for.

网易加拿大网友 [顶我贴者移民美利坚]:

A short while ago, Kim III [Kim Jung-un] went to the military and distributed fishing gear wanting them to become self-reliant. I reckon these soldiers went out to sea to fish and drownead when their boat capsized.

网易江苏省常州市网友 ip:122.195.*.*: (responding to above)

They were probably on their way to South Korea and attacked and sunk by Fatty Kim III, and he’s just putting on a show of grievance.


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