North Korea’s Third Nuclear Test, Chinese Netizen Reactions

North Korean missles on display.

North Korean missiles on display.

One of the top trending topics online in China yesterday…

On Sina Weibo:

#North Korean Nuclear Test#

North Korea conducted third nuclear test, caused magnitude 4.9 earthquake

According to the China Earthquake Administration, there was a magnitude 4.9 earthquake at a depth of 0 km in North Korea (41° 18′ N, 129° E) at 10:57 a.m. on February 12. Shortly afterwards, media reported that the South Korean Department of Defense confirmed that North Korea had conducted a third nuclear test. The United Nation Security Council will convene an emergency meeting regarding this issue.

South Korean expert shows seismic waves from North Korea's third nuclear test.

People watching Korean news about North Korea's third nuclear test.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


After the North Korean nuclear test, we need to react calmly: 1. When everybody opposes one action, it does not mean everybody’s stances and interests have become identical. 2. When someone causes trouble [breaks the rules, acts arbitrarily], it does not mean others can use it as a pretext to cause trouble as well. North Korea should not cause trouble, and neither should the U.S., Japan or South Korea cause trouble. 3. With regards to China-North Korean relations, the Korean peninsula’s situation should be looked at comprehensively and historically, and understood in terms of practicality and development. That China objects to certain actions by North Korea doesn’t mean China-North Korean relations can so easily be overturned.


From 18 minutes onward in the video, the Chinese expert says, “China has made great efforts towards the denuclearization of the North Korean peninsula, such as assembling the Six-Party Talks, providing free venues, providing free coffee and drinks…” Vice-director Ruan Zongze, you’re truly a genius [hilarious]!!


Those people who still think North Korea is our watch dog have IQs lower than dogs.


I’ve always wondered, with a tiny place that closed itself off like North Korea, where did they learn all of their nuclear weapons know-how? Did they figure it out all by themselves?


It’s still the British who had the best reaction to the North Korean nuclear test. One radio listener called BBC 2 and said, “Why is everyone so worried? If North Korea tested one bomb in its own territory, it means it lost one more.”


Some people unbelievably refuse to admit the indisputable fact that the Kim’s Dynasty Country produces and sells drugs, and even claim they don’t know that our China and its three Northeastern provinces in particular, are infested with such drugs! So many families broken and people dead, and so many people sentenced to long jail time or the death penalty in these recent couple of years. We give North Korea free rice and they give us drugs. Those who know the truth, please forward/reshare this.


I wonder if our government will do anything specific in response or to sanction North Korea’s dictator, other than protesting. If nurturing a tiger is to invite a calamity, what about nurturing a mad dog?


The mainland has consistently pressed for Six-Party Talks to get precious time for the Kim family to research and develop nuclear weapons. The problem remains that no one has said anything good about the mainland. Even North Korea who benefited from such shows a despising face [towards China]. Is this spirit of selflessness and devotion [to North Korea] really great [worth it]?


There’s one thing I simply cannot figure out. Big Brother China gives rice, oil, money, guns, and gets beat up all day long wiping this Little Brother’s ass in the international community, yet North Korea chooses the China-North Korean border for its nuclear test, threatening the Chinese people in northeastern China. If Fatty Kim III is that tough and interested in showing off his military strength, screaming all day and night about destroying South Korea and catching Lee Myung-bak, why the fuck didn’t he test it at the 38th parallel?

North Korean missle/rocket launch.


Written by Cecilia Miao


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