North Korea’s Third Nuclear Test, Chinese Netizen Reactions

North Korean missiles on display.

One of the top trending topics online in China yesterday…

On Sina Weibo:

#North Korean Nuclear Test#

North Korea conducted third nuclear test, caused magnitude 4.9 earthquake

According to the China Earthquake Administration, there was a magnitude 4.9 earthquake at a depth of 0 km in North Korea (41° 18′ N, 129° E) at 10:57 a.m. on February 12. Shortly afterwards, media reported that the South Korean Department of Defense confirmed that North Korea had conducted a third nuclear test. The United Nation Security Council will convene an emergency meeting regarding this issue.

South Korean expert shows seismic waves from North Korea's third nuclear test.

People watching Korean news about North Korea's third nuclear test.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


After the North Korean nuclear test, we need to react calmly: 1. When everybody opposes one action, it does not mean everybody’s stances and interests have become identical. 2. When someone causes trouble [breaks the rules, acts arbitrarily], it does not mean others can use it as a pretext to cause trouble as well. North Korea should not cause trouble, and neither should the U.S., Japan or South Korea cause trouble. 3. With regards to China-North Korean relations, the Korean peninsula’s situation should be looked at comprehensively and historically, and understood in terms of practicality and development. That China objects to certain actions by North Korea doesn’t mean China-North Korean relations can so easily be overturned.


From 18 minutes onward in the video, the Chinese expert says, “China has made great efforts towards the denuclearization of the North Korean peninsula, such as assembling the Six-Party Talks, providing free venues, providing free coffee and drinks…” Vice-director Ruan Zongze, you’re truly a genius [hilarious]!!


Those people who still think North Korea is our watch dog have IQs lower than dogs.


I’ve always wondered, with a tiny place that closed itself off like North Korea, where did they learn all of their nuclear weapons know-how? Did they figure it out all by themselves?


It’s still the British who had the best reaction to the North Korean nuclear test. One radio listener called BBC 2 and said, “Why is everyone so worried? If North Korea tested one bomb in its own territory, it means it lost one more.”


Some people unbelievably refuse to admit the indisputable fact that the Kim’s Dynasty Country produces and sells drugs, and even claim they don’t know that our China and its three Northeastern provinces in particular, are infested with such drugs! So many families broken and people dead, and so many people sentenced to long jail time or the death penalty in these recent couple of years. We give North Korea free rice and they give us drugs. Those who know the truth, please forward/reshare this.


I wonder if our government will do anything specific in response or to sanction North Korea’s dictator, other than protesting. If nurturing a tiger is to invite a calamity, what about nurturing a mad dog?


The mainland has consistently pressed for Six-Party Talks to get precious time for the Kim family to research and develop nuclear weapons. The problem remains that no one has said anything good about the mainland. Even North Korea who benefited from such shows a despising face [towards China]. Is this spirit of selflessness and devotion [to North Korea] really great [worth it]?


There’s one thing I simply cannot figure out. Big Brother China gives rice, oil, money, guns, and gets beat up all day long wiping this Little Brother’s ass in the international community, yet North Korea chooses the China-North Korean border for its nuclear test, threatening the Chinese people in northeastern China. If Fatty Kim III is that tough and interested in showing off his military strength, screaming all day and night about destroying South Korea and catching Lee Myung-bak, why the fuck didn’t he test it at the 38th parallel?

North Korean missle/rocket launch.

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  • rollin wit 9’s

    Kim Jung-Un giving orders from his sofa again. He’s going to get himself and countrymen into trouble.

    • carmouflagger

      lol NOTHING is gonna happen

      • lacompacida

        Of course nothing will happen. No food, no oil, no money, no cloth, no building supply, no foreign exchange, no travelling, no Coke, no French wine, no brandy, no scotch, no video games. Absolutely nothing will happen in DPRK docks and airports. PRC ships everything by rail, so baijiu will continue to flow.

        • meo fio

          DPRK can threaten to export its nukes if US refuse to give oil and food

          • Hongwu emperor

            That’s the idea. if that is true, NK is very wise. just threaten those US scum to sell nukes to evrey goddamn angry terrorist UNDER HEAVEN , that they will bend backwards to DPRK requests.

          • xiaohouzi

            Yeah, right. NK wise? US sell nukes to every terrorist? What are you smoking?

          • Hongwu Emperor

            I said everything backwards lol!
            And I meant that under the threat of invasion, NK could threaten sell nukes to terrorists. And I bet some of them would like throwing some nice stuff… heheheheeee…

            In fact I don’t give a damn about what NK does as long as it dont involves China… but as NK is a close neighbor, china would obviously need to pay attention at the kims. =)

    • linette lee

      …………Kim Jung-Un giving orders from his sofa again…………

      Is it true North korea has USA target locked with their long range missiles? Hope this crazy Kim dude doesn’t drink too much on new year and press the red button.

      • Kai

        Last I recall, NK doesn’t have any long-range missiles capable of reaching the US. I think the larger fear is NK destabilizing the region or selling nuclear tech to people the US doesn’t want it to.

        • bprichard

          But they can attack South Korea and Japan with their nukes, which is a bit troubling. I don’t think they’re suicidal enough to do it though, so you’re probably right about selling the technology being the biggest fear.

          • harvz

            North Korea probably wouldn’t nuke South Korea. They still look at the Korean peninsula at their land. Sure they would go to war and destroy Seoul conventionally if they could, but it’s highly unlikely that they would ever nuke the RoK.

            Japan, on the other hand. I don’t know.

          • bprichard

            You’re probably right. It’s likely a remote possibility, but one never knows when you’re dealing with leaders of such questionable sanity.

          • meo fio

            NK will first attack Japan, then SK will have to make the choice whether to side with the japan or do nothing.

  • vincent

    China should think to itself, with friends like these who needs enemies.

    • Dr Sun

      yeah, it’s about time China woke up about North Korea.

      • Rainer

        China could press Kim Jung-Un by threatening to send all over 100,000 Korean hiding in Northeast China to America.

        • SuperHappyCow

          oh god please dont

      • linette lee

        Nothing to do with friendship. Every country for itself. The country is doing what’s best for its economy and safety. China wants to keep north korea “friendly” and not hostile at its border. If north korea becomes threat to China and hostile, china will nuke it.

        It’s better to stay neutral so prevent war between nations and death. Let each country and their people take care of their own internal problems.

        • AnthonyLudovici

          China won’t nuke NK.

        • Xigua

          you say that, but I bet China would intervene if a North Korea starting going ‘the wrong way’. Official discourse and practice differ somewhat.

        • Jahar

          That’s ridiculous. And it’s generally the explanation of a coward.

        • Dr Sun

          I wonder what the world would look like today if in 1937 when Imperial Japan invaded China and in 1939 when Nazi Germany invaded Poland Britain and the USA had both decided to remain neutral.

        • Micheal Jackson

          You guys have never noticed that virtually every comment from Linette is uneducated, oh wait, Chinese mentality conform, bullshit? why bother to discuss here. Let her live in her dumbster world, maybe she gets hurt waking up one day.

        • Michael Blitz

          China can’t nuke NK. War is about who has more to lose. The reason that SK is not attacking NK is simply because of that. China can’t nuke NK because NK may launch a Nuke towards Shanghai, Beijing or other densely populated areas and with the close proximity between the two countries… China will not be able to block it in time.

  • lacompacida


    • Dr Sun

      ok I tried translating that.

      We have already supplied the venue,coffee and drinks,what else can you say ?

    • Chang Liu

      I don’t know, maybe spike the drinks? Use your imagination.

      • MonkeyMouth

        like they tried with castro! good idea. any takers, ladies????

    • starsky

      you deal with your own Hugo Chavez before complaining about asians

      • Jahar

        Yeah because people whose countries have problems are not allowed to talk about any other countries’ problems.

        • MonkeyMouth

          LOL…. dont get him started…hhaha

        • rusty

          Fauna and Jahar sitting in a tree…

      • MonkeyMouth

        hugo is a hero for his people, man…… look it up. despite how much america demonizes him, he’s cool

  • I realized Chinese call this country “DPRK” which we call North Korea.

    is that because Chinese people respect this country?

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      No because that’s its official name.

      They keep North Korea as an ‘ally’ to act as a buffer between them and the capitalist South, and knowing that if the regime collapses, many, MANY loyalists refugees will come flooding into China, and tear the Chinese infrastructure apart.

      They’ll be China’s illegal Mexican immigrants, only a whole lot more immigrating in at one time.

      • don mario

        yea, they obviously have a agenda with it. being the immoral ‘opportunists’ that they are.

  • Ruaraidh

    North Korea cannot sustain themselves, ultimately some time China is going to pull the plug. Why do the Kims seem so hell bent on expediting this eventuality is beyond me. Maybe the government of North Korea is just institutionalised insanity.

    • linette lee

      Kim family will not give up its power. It will do anything to stay in power even if his people are starving. He will just start eating and cooking the north koreans for food. He will use half of the population as food and he himself will breed with many women. A sicko. He needs to be assassinated. Hired some kungfu ninja and do the job. North korea needs revolution from within with south korea help and intervention. South korea needs to STEP UP on providing food and care for north koreans.

      • Hongwu emperor

        To SOME extent, one thing I can agree with you, things need to be dealt with in a whole different way those stupid inhuman animals are calling upon ”strike north korea” as if it could be done as something easy and without consequences to the korean [north and south] people.

        In fact what I would like is a foreign intervention and Chinajumping in to the rescue killing hundreds of thousands of foreign soldiers [US or NATO or Japan, no matter who as long as someone gets buried in a chinese mass-grave] if possible MILLIONS. but as that stuff will never happen, we can onlly hope the NK people can one day decide or at least reconcile with SK.

        since I defend the korean unity, as they were back in the Joseon period.

        • BraveNewWorld

          It’s interesting to hear commenters making statements suggesting that hopefully NK people can “decide” their fate. I think we all hope that is true. But what some forget is that they are under a dictatorship and by definition do NOT decide their fate. It’s similar in China, of course no where near as bad anymore. China didn’t ask for a western/Soviet style dictatorship that Mao and others brought in. They were beaten and starved and forced to accept it. Today, the Chinese people did not decide that Xi Jinping should represent them. People in Anhui or Shandong don’t vote for governors and representatives to reflect their interests. Such is the nature of a dicatorship.
          Does that mean it’s always proper for other countries to go in and “fix things?” Of course not. Sometimes it is. In Libya, a massacre was prevented by intervention. Genocides have been prevented and some have occurred.
          In any event, while it isn’t always proper for other countries to “fix things” it would be improper of us (and perhaps insulting to some) to pretend that the North Korean people have freedom to decide such things.
          The same in China–many say outsiders can’t understand China and shouldn’t discuss measures to improve life there because it is the will of the Chinese people. Of course, it isn’t the will of the Chinese people, but the will of the corrupt bureaucrats and their friends and families running the country. Controlling education and the media (ideas taken from the West–the Soviets) has been useful in teaching Chinese to think a certain way–but as we see in many Weibo posts, it can’t last forever.
          I look forward to the day that Chinese and North Korean people can choose their destiny.

          • linette lee

            North korean people don’t have the freedom to fight for their independence but south koreans do. South and North are one.

          • Hongwu emperor

            If south koreans are so brave why they don’t jump on the 1st occasion to war with north korea?? unless they will have to ban cell-phones, and other crap to actually make the solldiers FIGHT…

        • xiaohouzi

          What do you mean, you would like to see China killing hundreds of thousands of foreign soldiers??? Are you a racist, nationalist pig? How would you like it if that happened to Chinese soldiers? Do you have any family members in the military?

          • Hongwu emperor

            Because it would shut up the mouth of those guys always crying for ‘attack NK!!’. bodies on the floor usually resolves the matter, and would drive back to the helllhole were foreign troops came from. simply.

            that’s no nationalism, smply the reality. Like the fascists always say, the fight for ‘living space’ one day or another will become a reality. [and believe in me, I HATE non-traditional ideologies such as democracy,fascism,commie,etc]

      • BraveNewWorld

        Linette, this is from your previous post:

        “It’s better to stay neutral so prevent war between nations and death. Let each country and their people take care of their own internal problems.”

        Apparently, you do want South Korea to intervene in the internal affairs of North Korea.

        It’s worth examining the whole “meddling in internal affairs” meme more closely. This is a message that ccp leaders love to drill into the minds of Chinese. Is it more because it is morally correct not to intervene or simply because it is a better policy? I think it isn’t necessarily either one. I think it has more to do with a corrupt regime, that has starved and killed its own people in the past and continues to abuse them today, not wanting its crimes exposed inside or outside of its country.

        Of course, China has never really stayed neutral in the past, and has gladly meddled in the affairs of Vietnam, Cambodia, the Koreas, Burma. It certainly meddles in the most personal internal affairs of its own people (just ask the prisoners of thought and people in Tibet and Hong Kong).

        Whether you care to admit it or not, China helped create the monster in North Korea. And through its international role it has enabled North Korea to commit the most heinous crimes against its own people, supporting it the whole time. China has a responsbility not only to Chinese, whose own well-being is threatened by the terrible Kim regime, but also North Koreans and the entire globe. I’m sure you appreciate that the business of managing a country and its international relations carries more responsibility than your every day job.

        Sometimes turning your head and allowing someone to be killed is just as bad as killing them yourself, particularly when you were the one feeding the killer. China needs to accepts its international responsibilities and to quit hiding behind sanctimonious policy statements that reflect half-hearted values that China would readily throw in the trash, as history has shown.

        • linette lee

          Do you think if South korea invade north korea with military force without USA involvement, will China intervene. I am interested in your answer. All I need is a yes or no answer.

          • linette lee

            ……….Apparently, you do want South Korea to intervene in the internal affairs of North Korea……………..

            South and North belongs to the same people koreans. They need to work together to take care of THEIR own affair. They will unite at one point sooner of later.

            I think USA and China will do them a favor if both stay neutral and out of it as much as possible. I have faith in south korea. They will prevail. They have better military technologies sold to them by usa. They can win if they take more initiation and action. Unfortunately to bring down this North korea regime military action is required. And I don’t want to see Chinese or Americans killing Koreans. The Koreans will be resentful after the war is over toward the Chinese or Americans. Maybe the koreans can do it at minimal casualties. They are brothers and sisters by blood. War is just terrible.

          • BraveNewWorld

            The United States supplying weapons is by definition NOT staying neutral. So you also want the U.S. to intervene. I’m glad that you recognize that the North Korean regime is dangerous and that responsible countries should work together to prevent this dangerous regime from harming Koreans and the greater world.

            War is terrible. So is the starvation of up to 10% of North Koreans. Imprisonment, labor camps, and executions of innocent people are terrible as well. We must avoid war at all costs. Responsible countries should work together to encourage the dictatorship to change in a good way and war should always be a last resort. It’s time for China to be responsible.

          • quake

            so the south will volunteer to be the first to be nuked?

          • BraveNewWorld

            Sorry, I don’t understand the point you are trying to make.

          • linette lee

            No countries want to be nuked. Not China and not America.

          • linette lee

            ……….responsible countries should work together to prevent this dangerous regime from harming Koreans…………..

            But you make it sounds like every countries are responsible except the Koreans themselves. Stop putting all the responsibility on China and usa.

            There is no way to get rid of this evil nk regime without using some kind of military force. You mean to tell me if China stop providing food and utility to NK, the evil regime will fall apart? I doubt that will happen even without china support. The NK army will eat anything that’s edible including humans.

          • BraveNewWorld


            I was simply pointing out that first you state countries should remain neutral, but then you want South Korea to act with technology provided by the U.S. Essentially, you were disagreeing with yourself. You want U.S. intervention. And as I noted before, anything China does will affect the Korean peninsula. China can increase its support for North Korea, keep the current level, or reduce its support.

            I’m not putting “all” the responsbility on everyone. I’m simply using logic combined with value for human life. It’s easy for you to tell North Koreans to just fix things themselves. I’m assuming you don’t live on less than a dollar a day, are not starving, are not abjectly poor. I’m assuming if you were around during the Great Leap Forward, starving in the countryside, you would find it quite cold-hearted for other, richer nations to turn their heads and tell you “good luck!”

            According to your original “non-meddling” logic, if South Korea were some other country with a different culture, North Korean families would be totally on their own. Fortunately, there are people out there who are not comfortable turning their heads while people die, and realize that by helping those people they can also help and protect people in their own countries. Starving and abused people give rise to violent governments.

            It certainly is possible to shift from influence by the corrupt PRC regime, as we are seeing to some degree in Burma, but it is obviously more challenging with the highly isolated, extreme dictatorship in North Korea.

            One of my guesses was that North Korea would become a softer less murderous dictatorship, like in China, which would certainly be better for many North Koreans; however, many human rights issues would remain.

          • linette lee

            I am saying is best usa and china don’t get into war with each other or with the koreans. China and usa don’t get “physically” involved. Stay out of this war.

            So how do you want to take down this evil regime without using military force. How long will it take to wait for NK crumble by itself. Another 30 yrs?

          • rusty

            You could try another 30 guys…

          • linette lee

            you want to be one of them? dumb ass.

          • BraveNewWorld

            The point is you can not be “physically involved” but still contribute greatly to peace and human rights. China is heavily involved in North Korea and its policies will affect the Koreas down the line.
            I’m not smart enough to tell you when exactly it would crumble. But I hope that as China continues to weaken its ties to North Korea, it can join the rest of the world in urging North Korea to change its ways.

          • BraveNewWorld

            I think it would be easier for you to simply make your point rather than use a complicated question like that to make a point.

            In what situation would South Korea attack North Korea with no U.S. involvement? SK has already had casualties related to NK skirmishes without it erupting to full-scale war. In other words, SK has been quite restrained.
            Moreover, one would expect, given that NK is a nuclear state and SK is not (please correct me I’m wrong), SK is highly unlikely to unilaterally attack the North.
            A more relevant question would be–if NK attacked SK, would the PRC keep supporing NK? Interestingly, given the lack of sanity in NK and recent weakening of relations with China, the PRC might finally step up and take responsibility (and stop supplying the North with materials that sustain the regime). But even THAT is intervening! It would be a change in policy in reaction to the circumstances on the ground. And that intervention–by China–would be the right thing to do.
            The world is not as simple as the CCP wants you to believe. No matter what China does, it will have a measurable effect on the Korean peninsula. It’s critical that China takes responsbility and does the right thing.
            The CCP also likes for you to believe that right and wrong are completely subjective and differ from country to country. Sorry CCP, that is patently false. Human rights are not western values. They are universal values.

          • linette lee

            You think NK will invade SK? I doubt that will ever happen. And I very much doubt Nk has more advance military technology weapons than SK.

      • Jahar

        You just made up a reason to call him a sicko, then said he should die because of it.

        • Hongwu emperor


  • Chang Liu

    I am sure NK will eventually get rid of its horrid regime, it is a matter of when and what way will it happen. I wish all the best to the people of North Korea, they have suffered enough.

    • don mario

      doesnt seem like they are too interested in doing that.

      • xiaohouzi

        If they had any idea how their lives could be and were fit, they just might try to overthrow their government and it’s likely that S. Korea will help them. The problem for them is that they’ve either been brainwashed and/or have no clue what life is like in other countries.

        • Chang Liu

          Yeah I the Totality of NK experience means that it is very unlikely it will happen as it is right now. I think it was Tocqueville who said that the greatest danger to a despotic regime is when it attempts to reform.

  • dim mak

    If NK got itself into a fight tomorrow I’d say China should just sit back and watch

    They obviously don’t value our relationship or they would’ve cut the juche crap already and heeded China’s advice – get a real economy

    NK is just lucky there’s a subset of old guards in the military that still believe NK is a valuable buffer state in case the americans try to invade us through south korea

    Too bad young ppl are waking up and realizing how stupid that scenario is

    • Hongwu emperor

      Yeah, I bet China wuold rush in to the NK defense like back in the 50s…
      We’re each day getting more distant from the paradox of toughness we used to be…

      • Hongwu emperor

        Sorry, mean’t ”wouldn’t rush…”

      • Apothis

        “Paradox of toughness we used to be” When exactly was that?

        • Hongwu emperor

          When the chinese stomped in the grounds of korea and attacked the americans to defend NK. paradox of toughness in fact would be everytime before the shitty gunpowder-based warfare, but if you manage to killl you enemy that’s the goal of war lol

  • Erick

    Well, keep your friends close, your enemies closer.

  • Gay Azn Boi
    • YourSupremeCommander

      Now can someone dub that with gangnam style?

      • Gay Azn Boi

        If I hear gangnam style one more time……

        • hun

          Seriously man, its like the style of viet nam gangs. really annoying now.

        • MonkeyMouth

          you prefer ‘gangmen’ style.. haha…. (just playin, dude)

          • Gay Azn Boi

            I actually do like it :p

  • s445566

    I think we all, someone of us, anybody just take a deep breath and strike into North-Korea, destroy it and the people get their freedom, away from their misery. Get rid of that chubby idiot with all weapons. One last pain in the ass left, do something.

    • BigCAD

      The major issue which falls in to ROK and US strategic planning is that of the repercussions for Seoul. If things did kick off North Korea wiould lose, for this their is no doubt. However before this can take place Seoul would receive heavy damage from conventional and even catostrophic damage from nuclear weaponry due to its proximity to the border. With 50% of the South Korean population living within Seouls confines no one wishes to be responsible for stirring up that bee’s nest.

      • linette lee

        ……………… receive heavy damage from conventional and even catostrophic damage from nuclear weaponry…………….

        Neither does China wants to receive heavy damage. China better stay out of this war and let the koreans north and south work it out maybe in a peaceful negotiation if they can.

        • BraveNewWorld

          As I’ve tried to explain in several comments above, China is deeply involved in the Korean peninsula and has been for years. How much of North Korea’s imports come from China–50%? The dictatorship has been sustained by China. The question isn’t whether or not China should get involved. It already is. The question is how will China manage its involvment in a way to promote peace and the human rights of all involved.

          • linette lee

            Are you Korean? Or American?

          • BraveNewWorld


          • linette lee

            You don’t think this whole 30,000 american soldiers stationed in SK is doing more damage than good to NK and SK relationship or China and SK relationship? You think after korea war there is still need for usa soldiers to stationed inside SK? Most Americans want to see US withdraw their usa troops out of sk. USA and China is a barrier that keeps SK and NK from reuniting. USa needs to leave sk and China needs to stop or provide less foods and supplies to Nk. The Nk dictatorship will not change its way. It will never change its way unless the kim family is removed from its power. The only way is by military force and it should be done by the sk using the more advance weapons they got from usA The sooner the better for the suffering Nk people. And I doubt those freaking nuke missiles from nk even work. If sk and nk want to reunite, this is the only way. Or they can wait another 30 years and see what happen.

          • BraveNewWorld

            I think technically, the war is not over, correct? In any event, I don’t believe U.S. soldiers leaving South Korea would fix problems on the peninsula. The fact of the matter is, if you really want unification you have to acknowledge that the resulting system will have to more closely resemble South Korea, which has been massively more succesful than North Korea. Unfortunately, for decades China has been on the wrong side.
            How would you suggest responsible countries handle North Korea if South Korea were a different country–i.e. not Korean, different language and culture? I’m just curious because you seem to buy into the CCP “don’t meddle in internal affairs” talking point.

        • rusty

          Linette is an expert in receipting heavy damage. So it’s got to make sense.

          • linette lee

            you dumbass. What happen? You are not getting laid?

          • M88

            Talking to Linette Lee (nationalistic Taiwanese?) is like talking to a wall, she constantly contradicts herself and obviously lacks adequate reading comprehension ability in English. Then when she’s frustrated because other people are correctly calling her out on her nonsensical statements, she calls people “dumba–” and asks if they “are not getting laid?”

    • Hongwu emperor

      Before that, DPRK has the ability of razing to the ground much of SK, specially Seoul. like BigCAD said, 50% of the populace living there so things wouldnt be so easy like some shitheads say.

      DPRK is ready to fight to the death, and that may involve striking SK or sending a ‘gift’ [a cool, well placed chem/nuke bomb] to the masses of Japan… so what the Americans deem as a ‘libertarian’ attitude would only result in a horrible bloodshed for any country involved.

    • s445566

      response for belowers

      Yes, quite accurate knowledge i guess, i wouldn’t want any harm to the the people of north-korea or south-korea but i’m afraid it’s gonna happen whether you like or not. Well, i wouldn’t want to call this war, but in the end in which war there won’t be casualties. China should have stopped their what ever support a long time ago, and mainly China, but partly Russia as well. This reminds me of time when our great leader MAO supported POL-POT in Cambodia and its khemer revolution-army back in the days. Makes me sick. Even still these days north-korea has many paths going under leading straight to Soul which rest of the world is pretty much unawared of. Maybe we have to use more diplomatic ways to handle this and indeed i don’t mean politics which is not gonna work as we’ve seen, but i mean stricly just…pure cut-off action and when they are most vulnerable as it gets, MAYBE MAYBE after that quick conquest by nearest…in this case south-korea, which will be so sweet to them.

  • BraveNewWorld

    North Korea is a prime example of one of China’s most foolish foreign policies. Would one rather have a stable neighbor with a robust economy and a citizenry living well enough such that they have little stomach for war, or an unstable dictatorship with a starving populace, beat up and put in labor camps, thereby posing the threat of a massive migration in the event the unstable dictatorship collapses? Not to mention the threat of a nuclear accident due to gross incompetence or nuclear war due to gross stupidity.
    Cold war is over China. The U.S. and Chinese economies are interdependent. The American people have little taste for sending their children marching from the Koreas into China. A much more realistic threat is starving, uneducated North Koreans marching into China.

    • Hongwu emperor

      Because that policy was back in the day where China wanted to raze the entire **cking ”first-world” populace with nukes [heck! even Mao said that] and burn the whole crap to the ground and enslave the sh** out of japan,etc.

      It would be a pleasure watching all of that burn BUT things changed and…

      Now, with China’s ”all I want is money, rainbows and gay pride stuff” policy, getting around herself allies like NK is very dangerous, and rather useless for a money-bent non-warlike regime like the current chinese one.

    • meo fio

      It’s not foolish, it’s like a gun pressed against japan’s head

      • BraveNewWorld

        It is demonstrably foolish (please consider the reasons I listed). China is beginning to realize this and has finally come around and is beginning to adjust its policy on North Korea. Don’t forget the gun is also pointing at innocent North Koreans (who in the future are unlikely to forget China’s support of its murderous regime, kind of like Burmese haven’t forgotten China’s support of its prior military leadership).

        As I mentioned, a nuclear accident or NK-induced nuclear conflict could harm innocent Chinese (even if they were not the target).
        Fortunately, China is beginning to readjust its foolish policy.

        • meo fio

          If the north korean regime ends, north koreans will be treated like second-class slaves by south koreans, so I doubt they will hate chinese that much.

          • Zhegezhege

            Your premise is not entirely unreasonable, meo fio and I’ll indulge you. If NK’s 20 million plus poor, desperate, military-trained people are suddenly allowed freedom of travel in SK, you are talking about possibly the biggest peace-time crime wave in history. So, if the NK regime collapses tomorrow, then SK would probably not immediately open the floodgates, fallen Berlin Wall style, for security reasons. And that would probably cause at least some resentment amongst some North Koreans.

            However, it would be stupid to try to argue that they are better off now, hungry while their cartoon character bad guy leaders blow the national wealth on Hennessy, publicity stunts and killer toys from the 1950s than they would be labouring for Foxconn and the Chaebols while the SK government figures out when they’d feel comfortable re-unifying properly.

            And as for hating the Chinese, well, they probably won’t hate the Chinese people. But once they’ve heard the other side’s version of history (i.e. the less politicised version that doesn’t have crucial facts missing or altered), they probably won’t be thrilled with the Mainland Chinese government, either.

          • meo fio

            working sweatshop jobs making toys for south koreans will breed resentment amongst north koreans, envy is a powerful force. I think even SK does not want to see NK government collapse. They would prefer NK government reform and modernize on its own like Chinese government did. However chinese government was able to reform and modernize because Nixon choose rapprochement with china. While SK has choose the path of hostility.

          • Zhegezhege

            No huge disagreements here, but I think it’s a bit silly to liken SK to an explosive barrel. It can feel a bit xenophobic at times but it’s a fairly well-functioning place overall.

            And meo fio, they wouldn’t just be working sweatshop jobs for the South Koreans, they’d be doing it for everyone. And yes it would breed resentment, just like it does in the PRC’s factory cities, but that is the least-bad scenario for the North Koreans after the situation their crap government has put them in where they have nothing to offer the outside world except cheap-cheap-cheap labour and peculiar tourist attractions, neither of which are being used efficiently at the moment.

            There’s a long and ongoing debate about how unification would work in practice, but I think it’s probably realistic to say that the South Korean elites consider potentially administering the North at short notice as part of their role in the world. Consequently, they have serious and considered plans for setting up a loyal government up there, appeasing any resentful North Koreans and increasing the standard of living quickly to get them on side.

            As for “SK chose the path of hostility”, please don’t be absurd. Saying the South chose the path of hostility is like saying “after I repeatedly punched him in the face, that guy was hostile enough to call me an asshole!”

          • Hongwu Emperor

            modern-style globalization is another plain crap that needs to be burnt to the ground also!

          • Zhegezhege

            It’s definitely unfair and, even in rule of law countries with relatively free journalism, uncensored Internet and democratic elections inevitably creates massive wealth gaps.

            But there is no plausible alternative.

          • kale

            Very intriguing arguments.One must also not neglect the psychological aspects.. Researches have been carried out about the social environment if and ever the Koreas unite and to tell u it doesn’t look pretty. The prejudice which almost everyone bares for another race (usually between india vs pakistan will be hard to overcome. I just hope things work Thanx to you guys for your opinion on the conflict and I do believe a peaceful solution will turn up!

          • Michael Bliz

            That’s because China never attacked the U.S., NK however has attacked South Korea so many times that trust is no longer an option. SK has extended a warm policy towards NK during the Kim DJ and Roh MH administration. 10yrs SK has given free aid and support to NK however, it has been proven that during those years NK has been using the aid to develop nuclear and ballistic capabilities.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Besides, an massive influex of over 20m. people would not benefit SK… would rather bankrupt it. and the crime wave would surely destroy commerce there, disrupt the flow of things,etc etc making them put martial law, chaos, etc etc.

            it would be throwing a flaming spark in a already explosive barrel.

          • HaakonKL

            Yes, just like the Germans put the easterners into slave labour camps, right?

  • cray

    Interesting to see those comments are written by somewhat reasonable people.

  • ddd

    If China ever decides to bomb NK, I hope they leave no one alive, it would be much easier that way.

  • [email protected]

    100 bucks says America will give N Korea an ultimatum. Cease nuclear testing, or face a full-blown invasion. It would be seriously hypocritical for America not to, since Iraq was invaded under the suspicion of weapons of mass destruction, and here is little N Korea with its Honey Boo Boo president actually testing WMD blatently, openly. Where is it going to go? Somewhere badly for a lot of poor, ignorant N Koreans methinks.

    • Hongwu emperor

      And America invades DPRK, and Kim can threaten to nuke anything nearby you
      know? its not wise to attack a country that actually HAS nukes, before things below the parallel starts to… you know? die! :X

      Besides, shouldnt the american president worried about running his country and avoiding an economic collapse? yeah, I think so.

    • don mario

      dont know about that, but usa have made some kind of plan to focus milatary on asia now. so, if things get messy something has to go down eventually.

    • MonkeyMouth

      no dude… america knew all along there were no ‘wmd’ in iraq. they invaded for the sole reason to keep the middle east unstable. iraq wasnt letting them put in drone airfields, like they got to put in saudi arabia, etc. america has no interest in NK at all, s nothing is going to happen.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    First of all, Fat Kim (all 3 of them) would not dare to do any of this crap if it wasn’t for big brother China secretly giving them the ok to do so.

    Secondly, if you think China and US will go to war over this… you are really this dense aren’t you? No one (US or CHINA) will want to fire the first shot as it will mean total destruction for both their countries. Why would they?

    Thirdly, Uncle Sam is in Afghan and Iraq because of the $$$ that’s under their ground. Do you see the Marines dropping boots in Syria? What’s of interest under NK’s ground? NOTHING. You think Uncle Sam will drop boots simply to “defend freedom”?? LOL, get real people.

    Lastly, Fat Kim is just pushing buttons around in order to pressure the world to give him more aid, to make him more fat. Do you people seriously think he would launch an attack on SK and find himself dead the week after? There’s too much of the Big Macs and KFC and Cristal and caviar for him to enjoy, he aint stupid.

    • linette lee

      Fat kims are not giving up their power because of caviar, and USA and China are not spending money to fight this war. What to do?

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Just like the last 60 or so years, scratch the itch here and there and call it a day. Or call the Gay AZN Boy, maybe he can offer something to calm the Fat Kim with.

        • mr.wiener

          He doesn’t like asian guys.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            For someone with the ‘azn’ word in his nickname, its something quite dumb. or he just likes laowai then!

    • MonkeyMouth

      exactly…. good post

  • thmswhnr

    Consider that less than 40 years ago, North Korea was roughly as wealthy on a per-capita basis as the South, if not slightly better off. Since 1960, South Korea has gone from a Sub-Saharan African level of development to one on par with the Western world (see “20-50 club”). In the same span of time, the DPRK stagnated until the fall of the USSR, and then deteriorated into the famine-stricken poverty of the past 20 years.

    Geopolitically, China has its reasons to help sustain the Kim dynasty, and those reasons are the main things guiding China’s current policy. Economically, though, North Korea accounted for over 5 billion USD in trade with China (in 2011), while the South accounted for 223 billion. By this metric, South Korea is 40 times more valuable to China than the North.

    I know it’s difficult to put a dollar value on national security, but I would think that the prospect of a stable, united Korea with a sizable population and high potential for trade/investment/growth might make it enticing for China give up supporting the Kims. A China-friendly Korea could then provide a buffer against Japan, for whom the Chinese and Koreans have some shared historical resentment.

    • linette lee

      China is not worrying about Japan. It’s the USA stationed in south korea.

      • thmswhnr

        As a realistic geopolitical threat, now, no, they’re not worrying about Japan. But with the domestic population? Japan is the mortal enemy.

        The Chinese government isn’t exactly chosen by its people, but its continued rule depends on the people supporting their actions. A big part of the current definition of 爱国 means “hates Japan”, so this could be a justifiable action with regard to the people, as well as positive in the long term for overall stability and growth.

        With the US pivot to Asia, though, it’s unlikely the Yanks will be leaving anytime soon, though.

      • Jahar

        Sure, because those marines in South Korea are just itching to attack China.

        • xiaohouzi

          Yes. The Marinese in South Korea must be so bored and would love some excitement. Do any of you know any of them?

          • Hongwu emperor

            These guys are probably bored as hell, and surely wanting to GTFO of korean peninsula/japan. the problem is, they are in the army and the government has bases there so…

            In fact if NK do major sh*t, US will stay away and watch. and support the winner lol.

            Wars are bad for the economy, and I’m sure US isn’t wanting to waste it on just another stupid one.

      • Michael Blitz

        South Korea would probably ask the US to leave its land once Nk has been neutralized. The US would have no excuse to stay

        • Hongwu Emperor

          The us has no true interest there, unless there’s extremely high risk or war or nuking in their allies.
          And WHAT guarantee that SK can ask the US to go? they can simply point the middle finger and say ‘now you’re occupied, b*tch!’ like they did to Japan, unless they put up some very heavy resistance post war.

  • the ace of books

    I like the first Chinese comment, and I think it’s a pretty good explanation of why China’s stance on NK is what it is. “Looking at the problem comprehensively and historically” is not only a very Chinese way of doing things, it is also a look into why policies are the ways they are. (I’ll add, some Western countries do this, some don’t – some take past shared histories into consideration, some forget anything more than a certain number of years ago.)

    • robert1965h8

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • erw

    I hope one day North Korea nuke China.

    • rusty

      You should get out now, just in case ^^

    • Liang

      Mainland, yes, but not Hong Kong or Taiwan, please.

  • s443644

    Hmm i wonder who deleted my messages, two. Did i say something rude, inappropriate…i guess i did.

  • Maceuk

    All other countries are trying to dismantle the bombs and these idiots are still trying to create one. They have money to develop and create nuclear bombs, they build big statues of their precious leader and even change the coat he wears on it but the people are starving to the point off cannibalism. What a disgusting mess that countries in, Kim Jong-un needs a good slap. He lives large while the rest of the country goes hungry outragous!

    • carmouflagger

      “All other countries are trying to dismantle the bombs”
      Say what? O.o

  • David

    China is a selfish country. This is what it deserves! Let China sleep soundly on the nuke pillow!

  • Cleo

    if dprk is our enemy, why do we allow such baby photos of the new leader? Why aren’t we using photos that make him look menacing like Taro Aso?

  • El Puma R.

    It is all a stage to keep us talking without knowing it’s a stage. Today US can kill anyone with a Drone while China eats and pollutes the world from inside out but wait, we should worry about some fat shorty who happens to play A-bomb trigger with his daddy’s friends.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      And remember that both stuff are crap, both polluting stuff with stupid factories and killing people with retard drones. both useless,nasty stuff needs to be burnt down!

  • Michael Blitz

    It is my belief that NK will fall, ironically, because it now has nuclear capabilities. NK’s biggest cash cow was not the nuke but rather the development of the Nuke. All the countries surrounding NK has sent aid to NK to stop them from developing both the Nuke and ballistic missiles that can carry the Nuke. However, NK’s recent technological achievements have made such aid impossible. Now NK has a nuke that it cannot use. If it uses it on any nation their country will fall within the next week. Which explains them testing more and more weaponry. They are trying to strengthen their sales pitch. Only problem is that no one is listening.
    In short, NK has a loaded gun with a single bullet, and everyone is waiting for them to commit suicide.

  • Mahdi Hassan

    One more reason to eliminate Chinese dogs once and for ALL. Free East Turkestan!

  • Yang Jiansheng

    I totally dislike this website.
    The translation is like done by fucking idiot.
    really confusing
    My mind does not know how to interpret their words. It is English, at least appear to be, but in Chinese language way. What fuck is this?

  • Kim should be careful before launching the missile and make sure that it doesn’t fall in his backyard.

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