Nosebleed Gate & Nosebleed Brother


2009 chinaSMACK Readers Choice Award Winner: Funniest PostFrom Mop:

This year’s 2009 Internet Investment and Trade Fair was indeed different from usual. What more, what was inconceivable was that the girls were actually unafraid of the cold, still wearing the least possible. Honestly speaking, appreciating half-naked girls in the winter is definitely more stimulating that in the summer. In winter, we are accustomed to seeing women on the streets wearing lots of clothes, with the most exciting thing being one wearing an extremely short skirt, yet disappointingly with stockings underneath [covering the skin]. Me saying all this nonsense is only to build up to one specific topic: I solemnly declare, that the feat of the brother below is definitely forgivable! Accustomed to seeing women wearing so much and then suddenly a half-naked young girl appears, especially one that is absolutely stunning — if one does not have a nosebleed, is he still a hot-blooded young man?!?! The photographs below were taken by me, and everyone is welcome to spread them, but after reposting them, you must leave a comment. Also, please censor/mosiac Nosebleed Brother’s face…I like to share, but I don’t want to suddenly discover that my bicycle tire’s air has been let out and not know why! I am serious, please! … heh heh…

The reason [for all of this] is that there are many sexy beauties in the Internet Investment and Trade Fair. This one is wearing relatively a lot. She’s one that I saw early in the morning, dancing very wildly in the front. How do you feel? Take your time reading on…

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Er…I did get a picture of a pretty girl.


Don’t be impatient, first finish appreciating the pretty girls, we’ll get to the main topic immediately. It is really easy to see the underwear with these, but my dirtiness is not strong enough [to try to take pictures from a low angle to capture the underwear], so in the end I simply changed my position, going behind them to see what I could photograph…


Different scenery, I like, could I be BT?


Like me, this guy here at this time has decided that he wants to take a picture of all of them… Note, pay attention to his nose area.


There it comes down, and if you cannot see, I suggest you go see an optometrist. Nosebleed Brother…er, inspiration hits, I’ve created a new name/internet meme! I really admire him.



An envious scene occurs, how come I didn’t think of this!!! Had I known, I would’ve had a nosebleed too, the MM has been moved by the nosebleed…where did she get the tissue? Hey, I didn’t get a photo of that. Readers, please guess…


Bleed blessedly, bleed, it is not a crime. Could the tissue have come from where she is touching herself…wow, she is even more impressive than Nosebleed Brother. I have discovered yet another big secret of showgirls…(awaiting confirmation)


Apparently it is not an ordinary piece of tissue either! Nosebleed Brother really likes it.


And he sniffs it…reminiscing…


Realizing that people are photographing him…he runs…probably towards the restroom, Nosebleed Brother is very frightened…but what should’ve been captured has already been captured, any more and it would not be suitable for young girls to see…er…

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Comments from Mop:


Nosebleed Brother…


This brother is going to be famous.


Oh, we see red [blood], this guy is a virgin. [Just like seeing red for a girl means she is a virgin]


I always thought seeing a pretty girl and getting a nosebleed was a just a rumor, only seen in cartoons and movies, but today I’ve seen it really does happen…


He probably just came out of the mountains and had never seen a girl before.


This brother needs to learn how to stay calm and cool.


Someone who can rival Brother Chun and Brother Zeng in 2009~


You can really get a nosebleed? (I don’t get it, I thought you get hard down there only). I never believed it in the past, but now I believe it!


Nosebleed Brother, you are my idol/hero.


This is going to be big…
Nosebleed Brother, just you wait to be famous.
What a guy!!!


Don’t be obsessed with sister, sister will make you have a nosebleed.

Have you ever had a nosebleed after seeing a pretty girl, or have you ever met a guy who has?

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  • capt. dude

    he is really nose bleeding?

  • Mike Fish

    I was gonna be a dork and try to be first but then I decided against…

  • Foreign

    First: wow… nosebleeds are real? maybe only in Japan or is it in Chinaland?

    Second: what would feminists say about those girls… shame shame

    Third: maybe the nosebleed is fake

    • Jason

      these kind of fair always occupied by threadbare little showgirl…
      im afraid the nosebleed is true but just as the carl said it’s bad timing

  • fabi

    had to smile.

  • carl

    I didn’t think that could actually.

    Must just be bad timing…

    But funny as hell.

  • Jason

    I wish him joy of it! If I were him, !@#$%^&*()

  • Austere

    Happen to be a genetically susceptible , sensitive person. Its like “Right person at the right time doing right thing.”!

  • zammo hung

    fckuing lame. 6 hotties on stage and he takes photos of a guy with a nosebleed :(

    I’d most like to bury my beef bayonet into her 2nd from the right.

    • VeerLeft

      They can all get it.

    • Kai

      All of them can be skewered, but not so keen on the far left one. I’m partial to third from left though.


    that’s what you get when your daily dosis of cocaine is cut with melamine

  • Annoy

    First thing, it is normal to see girls with that attire in fairs, to get a nosebleed, in winter time, I think it is normal too, but to cope the two events together, we have a hilarious moment.

  • Does everyone realise that in asian comic books whenever a guy sees a hot girl he gets a nosebleed?

    • 水溶C100

      No, I didn’t get it…

    • zammo hung

      It wasnt a trope i was familiar with.

      I dont read perverted japanese comics

      And i dont have to so long as ChinaSmack Personals exists.

      • too yellow

        finally checked that personals site, some outrageous and quite entertaining profiles in there.

        • Kai

          Outrageous and quite entertaining, eh? So it’s like chinaSMACK in general?

    • GAC

      I also had no idea where the nosebleed business was coming from. Maybe I’ll check TV Tropes.

      It still brings up a lot of questions.

  • anne

    Haha I thought that stuff only happened in perverted Asian comics.

  • Pusan Pusan

    These models are of Korean descend.

    • Xav

      Actually you can keep all of them…definitely not so hot…

    • I’m not 100% sure of this but I think they look from north China.
      China has also a lot of ethnicities. I think people from outside are used to imagine chinese people with just one look like a squared face and tiny little eyes which isn’t true.

      Chinese people, correct me if I’m wrong about this.

  • Fauna please tell us what the Chinamen are saying about Tiger Woods, the story has all the ingredients of a classic Chinasmack post.

  • Chen

    If I am that guy, I’ll look for a doc to scan my head. Not all nose bleed are caused by the blood rush when looking at girls.

  • C.Bratton

    I’m happy for this kid. He was finally able to stop playing his computer games and be around real people. If you’ve ever been to CES or E3, you see a lot of this stuff.

  • Dband

    My friend actually got a nosebleed once too after seeing such a thing.

  • JMoneyMonkey

    I was always under the impression that there are only a few reasons for nose bleeds thin/weak blood vessels in the nose, bad liver, high blood pressure, and cancer of the nose.

    Didn’t realize that you can get them from looking at pretty girls. Is this like a tolerance thing…kinda like alcohol?

  • whichone

    LOL, unreal. What’s next, giant, single drop sweat that appear on the corner of your head whenever an awkward situation arises?

    The ladies must be flattered.

  • The John


  • 谁是可爱

    What is coming out of brother’s nose is not blood, but loneliness.

  • Wow, it is really a show-stopping show!

  • Gregory

    it is a super English group which can be loaded 500 people,where there are lotta people who are from differrent countries,QQ group:53364315,we are waiting for your coming,or another advanced group 31440026,

    • Mercator

      Fauna, have you considered setting up a chinaSMACK QQ group?

  • G0ld

    The scene was not hot enough. Only a Tissue… Its a freaking nose bleed! Gotta make drama and make people go nuts! Where the mei mei sees the guy nose bleed. She then digs her hand into her panties and pulls out her tampon. She Goes up to the nose bleeding guy and says to him “Here! You need this tampon more than I do!”

  • FL

    Asian people are really different from us.

  • 太坏了

    Could it be she gave him a maxi pad?

  • Typhoon

    i seriously didn’t know this could actually happen in real life. pretty funny though

  • Shanghairocks

    CIA conspiracy, haven’t you seen “The Box” ?


  • lol, this is news for me, this brother needs to calm down xD but hey they are really hot

  • MonkeyMouth

    Ketamine Brother

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