NOTICE: Commenting Temporarily Disabled (UPDATED)


We’re temporarily disabling commenting on chinaSMACK to run some tests. Articles can still be read, but new comments can’t be posted. Please check back later.

October 7th @ 10:30pm Note:

There has been some confusion, about commenting being allowed for some but not others. This is not the case, and the confusion may stem from the timestamp of this post:

  • Commenting was first disabled ~3:45am on October 5th, which is when this notice was posted.
  • Commenting was re-enabled about 11 hours later at ~2:30pm on October 5th. This notice was taken down.
  • Commenting remained open until ~1:30am October 7th, or ~35 hours. During that time, ~440 new comments were made.
  • Commenting was again disabled at ~1:30am Otober 7th, and this notice was reposted.

We hope this clears up any confusion, apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

October 11th @ 2:50am Update:

Commenting has been re-enabled. Click here For a full overview »


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