National People’s Congress: More Toilet Stalls For Women

From Mop and Netease:

Chongqing National People’s Congress deputy suggests adjusting ratio of male-female public restroom stalls

We see it all too often in restaurants, cinemas and shopping centers: Men always have all the time in the world to use the bathroom, while women line up, anxiously waiting for their counterparts. According to Zhang Huayi, a City Level People’s Congress Representative and Fuling District Educational Research Facility Researcher, this is due to an inappropriate number of stalls in public restroom facilities. He suggests that the relevant authorities adjust the number of male and female stalls to a ratio more appropriate for modern society’s needs.

Zhang Huayi says that in the past, public toilets were designed with more male than female stalls. This was during the times when women were thought to be masters of domestic life, and men were in charge of everything outside the family home. Since women didn’t take part in social activities as much as men, public toilets weren’t a problem. As women were released from the role of housewife and began “holding up half of the sky” in society, the problem with public toilets came about. Adding on physiological differences, men can urinate much easier, taking about half as much time as women. Because of this, adjusting the ratio of male-female stalls seems to be even more necessary.

Apparently, the Ministry of Housing had already in 1989 set clear regulations regarding the “Official Standards of the Installation of Municipal Environment Facilities”: In city areas, the ratio of male to female bathrooms should be 2:3. This is done to promote sexual equality, and to decrease the problem of females having to queue to use the bathroom.

“I have inspected several schools. Male and female bathrooms are the same in size, stalls are the same, but men have urinals. Male bathrooms are never crowded, where female bathrooms require queuing.” He suggests that when new public toilets are constructed, the number of female stalls should be increased. The ratio of male/female stalls should be adjusted to 1:2 or 2:3, and these new conditions should be gradually introduced to public areas (particularly in particularly busy areas).

Comments from Mop:


Should be changed, it already changed a few months ago here.


Sometimes I can’t hold it in and I use the men’s toilets.


I suggest we do away with separate males and females restrooms. Wouldn’t everyone going together be more harmonious?


Unisex bathrooms are the only way.

Comments from NetEase:


Glaring furiously at my [NPC] representative. You only know to do is this kind of useless crap researching work.

NetEase User from Zhongshan, Guangdong:

[In reply to the above comment]Looking after the needs of the people starts with solving the smallest of problems.

NetEase User from XiCheng, Beijing:

So many problems in people’s lives you don’t bring up, but you bring up toilet stalls. Fuck.

NetEase User from Shaoguang, Guangdong:

This problem was brought up by a lot of people twenty years ago, but governments of all levels have ignored it.

NetEase User from Shanghai:

So many people think that such an important problem isn’t worth bothering with. I suspect they’re all men.


He’s looking after a problem that exists in people’s lives, what’s wrong with that?
Don’t just stand there talking rubbish or you’ll get a sore back.

NetEase User from Xi’an, Shanxi:

This problem should be fixed.

Men shouldn’t be too quick to oppose (this), when the women in your family go shopping you’ll see it for yourself.

I’m a woman, and no matter if I’m at a shopping center, cinema or restaurant, the line of women at the bathroom is a pitiful sight. Gentlemen, if the women in your family hold a place in your heart, don’t belittle this subject.

[email protected]:

To begin with, this was a really simple problem. If those that used these facilities asked those that provided them for more of them it would have been fine, but those that provided them are retarded. They don’t even know how to engineer according to people’s needs. This simple problem hasn’t been solved, and now needs a “People’s Representative” to go online. That is the real tragedy.


Should toilet bowls be changed to be square shaped or remain round? I ask our Representative for his thoughts.

NetEase User from Fushan, Guangdong:

We should look after women, don’t you know how hard they have it? Men can stand, but women have to squat, no matter what they plan on doing.


This really is important, during the shopping season for American Thanksgiving there were so many people at the shopping center that men’s bathrooms were changed to women’s because the lines were too long…

Although I am a guy I strongly support this proposal. You can’t oppose this just because it’s not of great importance. What’s important to the average person? This is!

Suggested by the National People’s Congress. chinaSMACK personals.


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